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Jets-Bills: Some Leftover Pings

Posted by Randy Lange on October 2, 2007 – 5:04 pm

Some random Radar thoughts while spending Tuesday rewatching the Sunday video:

Ian Eagle’s become a very recognizable voice for Green & White fans. By my informal count, since 1998, Ian has done the CBS-TV play-by-play on 22 Jets games (and the Jets are 13-9 in those games). Throw in at least 16 preseason Jets games he has called for WCBS and Birdie’s exposure rivals the 38 games Phil Simms has called as an analyst for CBS (35 regular-season, three preseason) in the last 10 seasons.

And what perhaps comes through is that Eagle is from the New York area. He called every sporting event held at Syracuse University for four years (I exaggerate), moved on to WFAN Radio in New York and then to CBS, has been doing New Jersey Nets play-by-play since 1995 and lives in North Jersey. And he knows his Jets.

That came through with his call of Chad Pennington’s 16-yard fake-spike pass to Laveranues Coles as time was running down in the first half. No sooner was the ball out of Pennington’s hands than Eagle pronounced: "And Chad pulls a Marino!"

It would take a Jets aficionado to make that instantaneous connection. Dan Marino, of course, fake-spiked Aaron Glenn and the 1994 Jets with his fourth TD pass of the day to Mark Ingram, leading the Dolphins to their 28-24 comeback win at the Meadowlands.

If only Pennington-to-Coles over Jabari Greer had the same effect. Alas, all the 2007 Jets got out of their fake spike was a Mike Nugent 37-yard field goal that clanged off the right upright, the result of a deceptive burst of Buffalo wind on the otherwise picture-perfect day in western New York.

Brick Upon Further Review

Solomon Wilcots has become a semi-fixture in the TV booth at Jets games, having worked 17 Jets games since 2001, all with Eagle. He’s getting strong in his analysis, as he showed in detailing why several Bills plays worked so well against the Jets’ defense.

But I don’t go along with Wilcots’ instant analysis of the holding penalty on tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson during the Jets’ last TD drive as the game clock slipped under six minutes to play. Here’s the exchange after

Eagle: "And that’s D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Second penalty against the second-year pro this afternoon."

Wilcots: "He. Has. Struggled … working against Aaron Schobel."

Here’s my take on that take. Two holding penalties are obviously not a good stat for any QB’s blindside protector. (And it was two holds; the Bills play-by-play crew misheard first-year ref John Parry’s announcement and listed the hold on Anthony Clement.)

But other than that, Brick didn’t do badly in protecting Pennington from the charge of talented DE Aaron Schobel. The Bills’ one sack occurred when Clement yielded Chris Kelsay’s second-quarter bull rush. Only one of the four tackles at/behind the line were on Brick, and that one only partially.

It wasn’t a perfect day, but it was far from the disaster some fans, perhaps taking their cue from Wilcots’ instant assessment, seemed to think it was. As one beatwriter with a critical eye told me today, "Hey, against Schobel, that’s the price of doing business."

QB Stuff

Here’s an interesting factoid from the game, proving nothing one way or another but intended to upset any Pennington bashers out there, especially compared to the perceived downfield passing game presented by Buffalo rookie QB Trent Edwards:

Pennington completed five passes in which the ball traveled 14 yards in the air (from line of scrimmage to established catch) — two to Jerricho Cotchery (28 yards, 22 in the air; 28 yards, 17 in the air), two to Laveranues Coles (18 yards, 18 in the air; 16 yards, 14 in the air), and one to Brad Smith (26 yards, 26 in the air).

Edwards completed one pass in which the ball went 14 yards, to Lee Evans (22 yards, 20 in the air).

And finally this: the Elias Sports Bureau tells me that Edwards became the 10th QB to make his NFL starting debut against the Jets since 1980. The Jets’ record in those games: 6-4. Here’s the list (home teams in CAPS, *replacement game):

  Season QB, Team Final Score
  1981 Dave Krieg, Seattle SEATTLE, 27-23
  1983 Tony Eason, New England JETS, 26-3
  1986 Jim Kelly, Buffalo Jets, 28-24
  1986 Gale Gilbert, Seattle Jets, 38-7
  1987 Kevin Sweeney, Dallas Dallas, 38-24*
  1987 Frank Seurer, Kansas City Jets, 16-9
  1995 Mark Brunell, Jacksonville JETS, 27-10
  1995 Steve McNair, Houston HOUSTON, 23-6
  2004 Carson Palmer, Cincinnati JETS, 31-24
  2007 Trent Edwards, Buffalo BILLS, 17-14

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52 Responses to “Jets-Bills: Some Leftover Pings”

  1. By Darrell on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Randy, you’re setting up a straw man here with the comparison to Edwards. Who cares how Chad lines up against Edwards. I only care how he stacks up against Kellen Clemens. We know Chad’s upside. We’ve seen quite enough of it, frankly. I, for one, would like to know what our young QB’s upside is. I’m not ‘bashing’, I just think Chad has already taken us as far as he is going to.

  2. By Anthony on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I love Chad, but his longest completion (28 yards) is the lowest among the league’s starting QBs.

  3. By Jake on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Darrell, look at the Jets Stats in case you were wondering, CP has a passer rating of 105.8 part of it on a bad ankle & KC has a 60.2 passer rating enough said. CP is rated 3rd in the AFC among starters with that rating. Say what you wish but he is the guts of this team take him out and be prepared for an implosion. We have 2 problems O.LINE & D.LINE I don’t know if it is talent,scheme, chemistry?

  4. By Jake on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I am so tired of all the blame going to the quarterback. did nobody see the missed FG after a perfectly executed drive, anyone notice the 9 penalties, anyone notice that if you throw out TJ long of 12 yds he avged. 2 YPC if you throw out LW long 9 and TJ long of 12 we avged 2.3YPC anyone notice CP threw for 84% of our O., that the Bills held the ball 5 Minutes longer than us.

  5. By jim on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    chad will be fine. All they need to do is take the handcuffs off. I watched 4 games and the jets predictable play calling is sickening. They need to play to win not to lose. Its time to face the music mr. mangini the 3-4 is not cutting it… The jets are not a running team period the end. Let the pass open up your running game.

  6. By Jake on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Has anyone noticed that we can’t stop the run and if we did score quick it would only allow the other team to use time of posession to wear our D down. anyone stop to think that is why the coaches are trying to control the ball via the short pass because we can’t run and the O.Line can’t provide time to throw deep. Why is D. Barnes not playing every snap? What did Tutt do? CP is our best hope!!!

  7. By Badnewzz on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Chad is not going to do it! Its time for Clemens! My four year old can complete the short yardage passes that Chad is completing. His numbers look good because they are 2-3 yard passes. Make all the excuses you want for him but he was in a position to win that game! The defense is not sharp but they came thru when needed. I don’t care who is running the ball, with no down field threat, no chanc

  8. By Ira on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Randy, Two plays really stand out. 1st on the Cotchery reverse Clarke missed a block and thats why Cotchery had to take it so wide and got nothing. 2nd Chad didn’t see Baker on the last play. Baker had cut underneath McCareins and was wide open on the 32 near the sideline. The pass should have gone to him. It would have set up a 49 yd FG which wouid’ve benn within Nugent’s range.

  9. By badnewzz on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I agree with Darrell! Not bashing CP but he doesn’t get it done. I am a big TJ fan but he is not going to do much without the defense having to worry about a pass threat over 10 yards. Not going to happen with CP. This was Buffalo!!! Chicago turned it around a few years ago after starting 1-3. I guess there’s a chance but I don’t think it happens with CP. D not playing well but were in the game!

  10. By Ira on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I agreee with you about some of your points. Barnes needs to play. They ran the ball the best vs the Fish when Barnes played.Until they can establish a running game Chad will not be able to use the play action which he thrives in. A lot of his longer passes vs the Bills came on play action. Chad still gives us the best chance to win if everybody around him does their job.

  11. By jared on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Randy I think you do a great job so dont take this wrong.T. Edwards 22/28 234 1 1 , he didnt need to stretch the field. Hes a rook starting his first game.Throw in the fact they ran 28 times and won the time of possession battle, you gain clarity on why. Chad was playing against a depleted d and no matter how you spin it (ie. 14 yrd baseline), his weak arm was vividly apparent .

  12. By Dunnie on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Randy … I think the thing that is getting lost in the muck here is that the Bills are a SEVERELY depleted team. We got beat by a team led by a QB in his FIRST START ever !. We are hurting – anyone who thinks anything else is in for a very very very long season. We need to stretch the field more on O … I did think the D did a great job against Lynch though. I’m torn on the Chad/Kellen thing.

  13. By Joey J on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I loved Pennington from the very start of his career– Losing to Buffalo has changed everything for me. As a Jets Fan I get excited when he completes a 20 yard pass…. THIS IS WRONG !! Every NFL QB routinely completes 20 yarders and its no cause for celebrating. WE NEED a REAL ARM… I’m sorry Chad, but thanks for the memories.”

  14. By Drew on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Jake… I have been one of Chad’s biggest supporters of the last 4 years but the fact is he had a bad game. This is one game Chad and the coaches have to take a major hit. I praise Chad for all of his skills but he did not manage the game or play well enough to win. I do not care what his stats say. Also what is the deal with all of the delay penalties lately?? That falls completely on Chad..

  15. By Drew on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    Randy… Wilcots is a known Jet hater. Just listen to his show on Sirius. He picks the Jets to go 4-12 and finish last in the East. He actually complimented Chad more than I thought he would…. Brick has had a pretty good start but not too many people care after Sunday. That Bills game totally ruined me.. I wish were not playing the Giants this week. If we lose Sunday I will need a day off Monday

  16. By Drew on Oct 2, 2007 | Reply

    I keep reading that the Jets did not run the ball because the “great” Bills defense was sending extra guys to stop it but…….we could not throw the ball downfield because the “awesome” Bills defense was playing a deep zone?? Can someone tell the damn truth already? The Bills were HORRIBLE before Sunday. Even the Bills fans are laughing at us Jet fans. I hope this feeling will pass by Friday!

  17. By CHEPS13 on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Jake i did notice the 105 passer rating ,but i also noticed the 2 crucial INTs the season is probably over so lets bring in KELLON !SO WHAT if youre passer rating is high DINKS AND DONKS dont win games we get no respect from apposing DBs because CHAD cant go DEEP!I love chad but i love the JETS more time to sit him ,hell be a fine back-up!MANGINI wake up 3-4 STINKS!Hey JETS WHERES THE FIRE!

  18. By john on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Again, too much focus on CP. If the Jets drop the next few games, Clemens will be starting in Nov anyway. Maybe already as of next week in the Giants sack CP 12 times. D-FENSE is biggest issue all year – no pass rush, if they want to stop the run thay have to scheme the whole defense to do so instead of playing man-up, secondary making no plays.Put some pressure on Sutton – that is our #1 issue

  19. By Ira on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Everybody keeps saying well just stretch the field. Sure when D’s are playing you 2 deep because they don’t respect your running game its not easy. Especially with the type of QB Chad is. He is a short to medium range QB . Teams are forcing Chad to take what they give him. If they can’t get the running game going then this is not going to work.Lets see what they draw up this week for the Giants.

  20. By Joe on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Chad can be a Super Bowl winning QB, but he needs a running game (to play-action fake) and a better than average defense. He has neither with the Jets. I have always admired Chad’s play, but I believe that he has no chance of taking us to the promised land with the current cast (and coaches). If/when we do get the talent, Chad’s skills will have started to slip. TRADE CHAD NOW!

  21. By Joe on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    If we trade Chad now, we can get maximum value for him. I believe the Bears would give up a 1st or 2nd round pick in a heart beat. Chad is great, but just can’t win with the kind of team the Jets have. A quick release/strong arm QB has a much better chance of winning with the Jets’ current roster. By the time we do get the right talent, the Chad era will be over anyway. ERIC/MIKE – TRADE CHAD NOW!

  22. By Darrell on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Jake, Clemens hasn’t had enough time under center to even give us a reasonable sample to measure against Chad. One start doesn’t make a career sample. Like I said, I’m not a Chad basher, (heck, I’m wearing Chad’s jersey most Sundays) but Kellen was a second round pick. One we moved up to get. This coaching staff obviously saw something they liked. Kellen is the future, let’s see what he’s got.

  23. By SHA on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    its sad to say but I do believe that this is a case of, “The same old Jets”. They looked horrible, defense is embarrassing, and the play calling on offense is sickly. I love my Jets but i think i have done a disservice to my nieces and nephews by making them Jet fans, because we just don’t got “it”.

  24. By BIG "D" on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply


  25. By Ira on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Randy, Good article about all the Jets -Giants games. My 2 favorites were 74 and 93. What a great day up in the Yale bowl. That misty day in 93 besides that last goal line stand M.Jones had a goaline FF and the Jets recovered. Randy was the Giant RB Hampton or Tillman?

  26. By pat maio on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Ever notice that when a team isn’t doing well the interviews go something like this: “We’re a confident team, we’ll turn it around, too much talent in this locker room, I know the character of these guys.” All teams/players say the same thing. Also…
    Play calling on O & D has gotten too conservative.
    Arm strength? There are more QB with strong arms that are losers than there are winners!

  27. By Marejet on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Why do the JETS only seem to come to life when time is running out? They need to act like that for the WHOLE game! I love Chad and am not coming down on him like so many others are, but maybe he should be pumped up in the beginning of the game!! Or half!! I still believe in Chad!! But, these nail-biters are killing me!!

  28. By pat maio on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Question for Randy:
    Do you have any research about all the QBs in the NFL regarding their completions, wins etc?
    Maybe we can put this strong arm/weak arm discussion to bed. I personally don’t judge a QB by his arm strength. There are too many factors involved.
    Thanks for your help….

  29. By Randy Lange on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Ira, Lewis Tillman carried 17 times for 70 yards for the Giants in ’93, but FB Brad Baxter matched that for the Jets with 19 for 71 and the game’s only TD.

  30. By Randy Lange on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Pat, I’m a Chad fan but I have no correlation on that. Maybe I can work up a chart matching yards/attempt and winning percentage.

  31. By CEDRIC on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    I’m not feel Wilcox, he actually has the Jets going 3-13, so when he calls the game I feel he’s not genuine. Chad is a Great Guy but his Reign has to end now, 1 complete season, high passer rate, worse arm in the league. By the way you cant win game by signing a RB for 20 million and then only give him the ball 12 times. We have no identity as a team.

  32. By evan on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Im inclined to agree with the no identity comment. We need to be a rush/pass 50-50 kind of team. T.Jones will and should set the identity because he is good enough, and a dominant run game will control T.O.P (and rest the D), set up play-action (which is our QB’s forte), and demoralize and ware down the opposing D.We will be fine- I am still confident, but we need to run the ball and play toughD

  33. By Troy on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Just take a few shots downfield even if thier not successful,it will change the way the D is calling plays,Cb’s wont be able to just sit and jump these short routes, im tired of hearing that Chad cant throw the deep ball,he threw a 55 yrd strike to s moss 04 playoff game at SD with a torn rotator cuff,thats healed now he threw 2-3 deep balls against tenn last year that were all caught.let him TRY

  34. By Jets1087 on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Chad CAN throw the deep ball as he has shown in previous seasons, the reason the Jets dont throw it deep is beacuse they dont have a downfield runner, speed guy, all our WR’s are medium to short routes, I mean come on a 3 year old would know that, but that doesnt mean we cant try, hell throw one up, (not to McCareins tho) but throw one up to Coles or Cotchery and I bet they make the Catch!!!

  35. By Rob on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Well, one thing us Jets fans cannot complain about is ‘consistancy’. We are consistantly letting teams run us over and consistantly lacking pass rush. Offense has been off and on but our D has been consistant.

  36. By cactus hugger on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Since the dawn of the age of Mangini I’ve been reading about different personnel packages for different situations. Why doesn’t that apply to the QB?
    The Cardinals have been able to beat superior teams by doing the unexpected. Relying only on Pennington makes the Jets predictable, hence beatable.

  37. By Jets1087 on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    I agree with stretching the field and no its not because Chad cant, its because Shotty wont. Im sure the plays are there but they never or rarely ulitise them, they should, even if its incomplete or way off, it does change the game in the eyes of a CB. I bet you they will against the Giants, Shotty feeling the heat from Mangini, I see Coles having 2 Td’s before halftime, 1 on a deep route.

  38. By Ira on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Take a good look around the league. Except for the Pats and Colts you really can’t tell what going to happen. Did anybody even give the Chiefs a chance vs the Chargers. Same with the Browns and Lions. This league has turned into 1 game at a time week for week and you never know whats going to happen. Guess Eric is right. Just focus on one game at a time. Now lets go beat the Giants. GO JETS!

  39. By Drew on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Ira..I am totally confused. Why would the Bills play a deep zone against Chad?He is a short-medium passer? It is a ridiculous gameplan. If they did and still stopped the run with 7 the Jets are in serious trouble…..I am not one of these guys who needs Chad to throw deep every play but B-Schott’s gamplan leaves Chad out to dry on this loss. The Bills totally dictated our play calling.

  40. By garrtye14 on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    We wish to start Kellen over Chad?First thing we must do is prepare ourselves
    for some brilliant work from the quarterback position,and some awesome
    “Rookie”mistakes!We must write off the rest of the season and adopt a “paternal”attitude concerning The Jets and envision the future.
    Keep two things in mind,however,Joe Montana,like “Chad”,didn’t
    have a great arm,but ,like “Chad”,was very smart

  41. By Derick on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    I hate Phil Simms…He never has anything good to say about the Jets…of course that is because he’s a Giant…I wish he’d keep his biased opinions to himself.

  42. By Doug on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    Can anyone please tell me what happened to the pass rush. I am a die hard fan, a former season ticket holder and a NFL ticket subscriber. I find myself going ballistic when the jets are on defense because THERE IS NO PRESSURE PUT ON THE QUARTERBACK…….. What has happened? Mr. Mangini seems to be having a bit of a problem with picking personnel….

  43. By Aaron on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    i agree with everyone so far but, without a running game, we cant win with the schedule we have, and with the teams coming up, our offensive line needs to step it up n make holes for T.Jones to run through, then we cud do some play action passes etc. i just cant understand how our running game is so deplorable

  44. By Kaya on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    I still have confidence that the Jets will turn things around. Yes, the Offense play calling has been to conservative and the Defense has struggled in certain area. But this nonsense for changing the alignment to 4-3 and calling for Chad to sit down is just a bit out of order here. We need to stick together and keep on rooting!! GO JETS!!!

  45. By Doug on Oct 3, 2007 | Reply

    With Mangini’s committment to the run, why on earth would Barnes be inactive for 2 games??

  46. By Mloria on Oct 4, 2007 | Reply

    You guys want to know what is wrong with this team. One thing. No offense, I don’t care if you have Peyton throwing it and LT running it, will be any good without a solid offensive line. We had that last year and that is why we went 10-6. The defense was just as shaky last year, so I don’t want to hear it. Once again, why didn’t we give Kendall that extra money. He held that line together.

  47. By eric on Oct 4, 2007 | Reply

    Outside of Broadway Joe, Chad is the best QB we have ever had. I have suffered through the Todd and O’brien era’s, the hype on Nagel, Matt Robinson situation, Pat ryan, Foley, and the rest. Those who think Clemens is better than Chad don’t know what they’re talking about. MAYBE he will be, MAYBE we will be that lucky. Re: any team, Chad would improve or match every QB in this league excepting indy

  48. By cactus hugger on Oct 4, 2007 | Reply

    I would like to see more imaginative use of the talent the Jets have. For example, I’d love to see them run a series of downs using Clemmens, Brad Smith, and Washington in the backfield. With that group you could have either BS or KC line up behind center, shift out in the middle of the count, leaving the other in a shotgun formation.

  49. By Najy on Oct 4, 2007 | Reply

    Chad plays his heart out for the Jets every week, without a doubt. He his smart, a solid leader, and an extremely accurate passer. However, in my opinion, I physically think that he cannot get the job done because of his arm strength. We need to make the defense defend every inch of the field, including 20+yds down field and that will help open up the run.

  50. By Dave h on Oct 6, 2007 | Reply

    Im not crazy about the 3-4 defense, but their keeping them in the game, the problem is the ” TEASPOON” offense, too many completions for so little yards. the jets have way too much talent in its recieving core not to open up the defense and allow a much more productive running game. chads good but he needs to be more aggressive down field , hes got an arm he needs to use it !!

  51. By russ on Oct 6, 2007 | Reply

    This team is and has been ill prepared all season…Pretending you have an Offensive line that can pass protect and sweep defenses and a Defensive line that gets trapped all season by every team is nothing more than poor coaching and preparation……Parcells for what ever reason always honored and respected line man first we have forgotten what Weeb and Walt M always had first good lines

  52. By David on Oct 7, 2007 | Reply

    I seriously love Pennington and he does play his heart out every week but I can’t help but notice his costly interceptions. He threw some stupid short passes at the end of the Bills game. I have seen him throw down field and he needs to do that more, especially with someone so fast like Coles and Cotchery. The defense is probably the most dissappointing and weakest in the whole league. But NYJ rok

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