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Ryan Urges Caution: Tough Game Ahead

Posted by Randy Lange on October 28, 2009 – 4:43 pm

Rex Ryan quoted a certain Miami running back in the opening remarks to his news conference today. If you thought there was a subtle message there, you’re probably right.

"As Ronnie Brown said, the tougher 11 guys will win on the field and will get the job done," Ryan said following today’s first practice of the week for Sunday’s home rematch against the Dolphins.

Asked what he meant by using that remark, Rex was ready.

"That’s a great quote. Obviously, they must’ve felt they were the tougher team that Monday night," Ryan said, referring to the 31-27 ‘Fins win three games ago. "And we’ll see who the tougher team is this time.

"I think it’s a great statement. I think he’s dead-on," Rex continued. "I don’t have the silver tongue like he does. I respect Ronnie Brown. I think he’s a heck of a football player, he and his partner, Ricky Williams. I couldn’t agree with him more on his statement."

There is no question Ryan appreciated the Dolphins’ showing against his defense in primetime: 151 rushing yards, 262 passing yards, 23 first downs, 31 points. If anyone missed his grudging admiration at the time, he repeated his sentiment today:

"Other than struggling to stop the run and the pass … those would be the two areas I think we need to improve in. That wasn’t our day."

But unless I miss my guess, I’d say Ryan’s message was: We respect you. But you won’t be the only tough team on the Meadowlands turf on Sunday.

On the Miami Wildcat, he said, "Whether it was the scheme, the execution, whatever it was, they got the job done. So we’ll see what happens."

On QB Chad Henne, he replied, "Hey, they threw the ball for 250 yards. That’s the number that really jumps out at you." But, he noted, "This is Henne’s first NFL start away from his home stadium. We’ll see how that works out for him. This is a difficult place to play."

The bottom line, if Rex needed to underscore it, is that Miami had the NFL’s rushing offense when they played the Jets. Now the Dolphins are No. 2 — and the Jets are No. 1.

"If you like old-fashioned football, this is a game you don’t want to miss," said the Jets’ head coach. "If you want to see an aerial circus and all stuff like that, you’ll probably have to go to a different game."

Rex’s closing point was that had  the Jets lost a difficult Monday night game on the road to Minnesota or Chicago, the chance for payback wouldn’t come for four years.

"The great thing about this one is it’s right now. It’s happening right now," he said. "They’ve only played one game, and they get us again, so we’ll see. Every man in that room I’m sure felt — I know I did, that I wanted this opportunity again. 

"Now sometimes be careful what you wish for. Ronnie Brown hit it on the head, and I think we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out who has the tougher 11. And I’m OK with that."

Washington Crossing the Country

Ryan said Leon Washington is expected to return to North Jersey tonight from Northern California, where he’s been since undergoing successful surgery after suffering his broken leg against the Raiders.

"He can’t wait to get back, start rehabbing and get back with the guys, getting ready for next season," the coach said. "He’s got a great mindset. That’s why I think he’s going to recover from this. I think he’s going to be as good as new when he hits the field next year."

And Ryan said he doesn’t doubt that Washington will put the pads on again.

"This guy’s a tough guy. That’s why I have confidence in Leon. We’ve got the right guys here with John [Mellody, head athletic trainer] and Sal [Alosi, head strength and conditioning coach]. I have great faith in our trainers and our strength coach and our program. I believe he’ll be back. There’s no question in my mind that Leon will do what it takes to get back and to be 100 percent."

Health Watch

Today’s official injury report for both teams is now live, but Ryan as always read off his list at his news conference right after practice.

The good news is that wide receivers Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith were limited at practice. The bad news is that WR David Clowney did not practice.

Both Cotchery and Smith "looked good on the practice field," Ryan said, adding that

Clowney (ankle), G Brandon Moore (foot) and CB Lito Sheppard (quadriceps) were all DNPs today. But Ryan said of that threesome, "I’d say Lito’s the one I probably have the biggest concerns with right now."

Cotchery (hamstring), Smith (quad), DE Shaun Ellis (knee/ankle), LB Bart Scott (knee) and T Damien Woody (foot) were all limited. LBs David Harris (wrist) and Bryan Thomas (wrist) and CB Donald Strickland (ankle) all participated fully.

Frank Comments from Rex

Ryan was asked about the Great Hot Dog controversy involving Mark Sanchez. "First off, everybody thought it was my hot dog," the coach said. "I was disappointed. To me, he certainly wasn’t meaning it in a disrespectful way. … I’m an old-school football guy. You’re playing a great game. I know you’re hungry. Leave that to the fans. You can go into the locker room and eat afterwards. Hey, that’s not the biggest mistake he’s ever going to make."

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28 Responses to “Ryan Urges Caution: Tough Game Ahead”

  1. By Row on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    With the money invested in Sanchez, he could afford to eat before the game. I don’t care about the hot dog. We have to be more physical then Miami, drive Henne crazy. Bring people up, make VG play down, show some stunts. Flipping the LB’s last week was genius. With the wildcat, play a nickel and have Smith be the CB on who gets the snap. He’s our biggest safety. Run, run, run some more. Go Jets

  2. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    At this point I have to wonder what’s going on with the injury report — taking no chances re the Favre thing, sticking it to Goodell re the Favre thing, taking no chances with rushing guys back in, trying to fool the opposition, or all of the above. Statistically this may not be that many more injuries than in other years but to look at specific positions and see virtually all guys hurt is weird.

  3. By Charlie 30 Year Jet fan on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    WHO CARES….about a HOT DOG. I am so tired of people trying to be politically correct . He was hungry…he ate a hot dog …again, why the fuss ? In fact, to show his support, I would have every fan in the meadowlands AND the Jets team have a hot dog before the game…and eat it right in front of the camera

  4. By AlexUpstate on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Charlie you’ve hit the bull’s eye on this one. WHO CARES? And WHY?! Great idea for the fans.

  5. By 36 year fan on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    64 ,…….I’m with ya. It seems like this years injuries are crazy. Is it really bad luck ,or seemingly worse than it really is. Definately a tough year .

  6. By 36 year fan on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Parcells is right now devising every diabolical plot he can dream up to defeat us. We must bring our absolute ” A ” game on Sunday. We are going up against a Giant . Do not underestimate a legend.

  7. By Jimmer on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hot Dogs? Please. He isn’t the first player to eat on the sidelines, just that he’s in NY. But we need to man up this week. No playing the last team with the ball wins nonsense. Be it a 1-5-5 a 5-1-5 I don’t care if it’s a 4-5-3, outplay the fishes line. Corner blitzes will disrupt the wildcat, but that’s not what beat us last time. Getting off blocks is the #1 priority this week.

  8. By Frank on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Rex needs to play 5 down lineman against the wildcat and have Scott and Harris free to make tackles with Rhodes cheating on the strong side. We can’t have the phins lineman creating the line of scrimmage 3 yards downfield which is what happened in the first game. Not having Lito is killing us I feel more comfortable with Lito and Revis one on one and Leonhard playing centerfield.

  9. By scjoe on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    What is going to be key in this game is the pass protection. I just don’t see us running for 300+ this week. They are starting two rookie corners, but it won’t matter if MS don’t have time to throw the ball. If he does have the time, this should be a mismatch. I for one, have not been overly impressed with the pass protection for Sanchez so far. Give him the protection and he will excel!

  10. By Ira on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Besides the season ending injury to Leon last week that win was really costly. Plenty of players really got banged up and its good the bye is coming after we beat the Dolphins. Rex’s message is perfect. Be the more physical team this week. The Jets got pushed all over the field 3 weeks ago. It won’t happen again. Figures J-Co gets back and now Clowney could be out. Hope the injury bug is done.

  11. By Ira on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Please enough already about the hotdog non-story. Nobody made a big deal when McGahee had a ham sandwich and ran all over the Jets.The media made way too much of nothing.

  12. By uncle joe on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    The only reason we lost that first meeting is missed tackles,two of Miami’s touchdowns were off of missed tackles by Lehnard and Scott,another TD was from Ginn (who can’t catch & is losing playing time because of it) burning Revis.Three things don’t happen.It was an off day for us,it happens and like Ryan said,the beauty of it is we get to redeem ourselves at HOME three weeks later!

  13. By Ira on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Cedric Peerman was cut by the Browns. I think the Jets should sign him to their PS. He played for Groh at Virginia and was a good RB plus he returned kicks. He would give the Jets some insurance at the RB spot.

  14. By Ira on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Frank, Sorry i would like to see Lito also but Lowery is playing well. He got them the ball back to put them in position to win the game. uncle joe, Yes they didn’t tackle well vs the Dolphins but we lost the game at the line of scrimmage on both sides. That won’t happen this week. GO JETS!!!!

  15. By Frankie on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    I know our running game has been amazing but the fins have two rookie corners starting. Sanchez needs to take some shots down field and get us an early lead. Cotchery and Edwards will be able to find the open field.

  16. By Tom Spicer on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    I think the Jets should play a 4-4 with Ellis & Douglas at the DE’S, Pohua & Devito/Green at the DT’s. Scott, Harris, Pace & Thomas at LB’S. The secondary CB’S Revis & who ever is healthy Lito/Strickland/Lowery & Rhodes at Saftey. Stuff the run & dare them to pass our corners will be 1 on 1 alot but I think we can handle them. Last game we were in the 3-4 & they had formations with no WR’S they

  17. By Tom Spicer on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    they had 2 TE’S & a extra OL man we need to line it up like high school football & stuff there high school O. Revis 1 on 1 with there best WR & the other corner gets help from Rhodes when they dont have a TE out on a pattern. We will crush there run & on passsing plays we will have at least 4 guys rushing the passer & every play & we could come with some blitzes out of no where J-E-T-S jets jets

  18. By Frank on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Ira my point is I am more comfortable with Lito playing man to man than Lowery. Its feast or famine with Lowery he has a tendancy to get burned and we can’t afford any mistakes against the Phins. Lowery has played better than last year. Spicer did you see the first game? They were putting 7 guys on the line of scrimmage a 4 man front won’t cut it and Rex tried that in the first game.

  19. By Anthony on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    This is a do or die game to me. I feel like the rest of the season has a lot riding on this game. The Dolphins and there HS offense needs to be played like a HS offense. Let pound the ball and beat them with REAL SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL not gimmick smash mouth football. Lets show the fins what they a really are….OVERRATED>>>J-E-T-S…

  20. By scjoe on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Frank…In defense of Lowery, I believe he is a very good corner who lacks break away speed. That being said, Rex/Pettine need to be very careful who they match him up with. Aside from Ginn, if he plays, Miami don’t have a WR with break away speed, so he should be fine. What I am wondering is, why not give Carroll a chance in the base D. He has the speed.

  21. By Tom Spicer on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Frank, a 4-4 puts 8 men at the line 4 D lineman & 4 LB’S.

  22. By Ira on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Its really very simple. Go back to the Jets/Bills game in98. The Jets had a LB spy ofn Flutie and follow him all over like a box in one in hoops. Same approach towards the WC. Put a LB on Brown and let a safety follow Rickey. Its really not a big deal. Our CB’s can be left alone. Believe me Revis will not get beat again by Ginn or any other Dolphin.

  23. By Old Rogue on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Tired of the hot dog story? Then quit posting about it.

  24. By AOKP on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    bart needs to have a big game, i want to see more bite than barking this time…and they should play some 4-3 this game as well to help combat the wildcat…hey Randy have the jets ever considered wearing the old 80’s uni’s? the ones with the all green helmet, i woud love to see them in those sometime

  25. By OriginalJetFan on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Wildcat will become a tame Tabby, I,m that confident in Rex’s ability to adapt this D . And with pace a few games under his belt we’ll be fine. Offense I predict not 300 but 200+ due to getting backs past the stacked box. Also , Sanches will be 14-24 but with 260 yds and 2 TD’s with Jericho , Edwards and Clowney all out there therey will have to play them or the run,, they can’t do both.

  26. By doc mike on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    Lets step it up D this week!!! Down with the wilcat and the fins!!!

  27. By Bnice80 on Oct 29, 2009 | Reply

    I def think they should bring back those mid-nineties unis..those were awesome,much better than the teams anyway

  28. By RockNMouth on Oct 30, 2009 | Reply

    Can someone please lay out the Dolphin QB when he lines up at wide receiver? Don’t tell me Ronnie Lott would have let the Dolphins get away with this

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