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AMANDA C.: Full Schedule of a Crew Member

Posted by jetsflightcrew on January 4, 2010 – 9:57 am

Hey, Jets fans, it’s Amanda C. from the New York Jets Flight Crew. This is my first year on the team and I have to say it has been quite a journey.

Being an NFL cheerleader becomes a big part of your life and schedule. From practicing three times a week, going to games and doing appearances, it takes a lot of hard work and professionalism. Many girls on the team have full-time jobs or are going to school as well. Therefore, it proves that we have to learn how to manage everything at once. The Flight Crew are dedicated women with high ambitions and goals.

In addition to being a Flight Crew member, I am going to graduate school at Kean University to become a school counselor. I am also a dance teacher at two dance studios while working other side jobs. In the hectic schedule that most of us have, it is important to find time also for family and friends. In continuing my dance career, I can now place being a New York Jets Cheerleader as one of my top accomplishments.

My other top accomplishment would have to be when I was on season 2 of "Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew." My crew, Sass X 7, was formed by Rutgers University’s dance team members and we auditioned thinking we would not go so far. Just to be picked out of the thousands that tried out was an honor in and of itself.

In the end we made it through three episodes and were able to return for the finale. Although we were misinterpreted as cheerleaders instead of technically trained dancers, our experience was amazing and I would do it all over again. We got to meet amazing people such as Tabitha and Napoleon, choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance," Mario Lopez, Randy Jackson himself, and other celebrities.

The crews on the show became so close because we were around each other every day all day. We supported one another and tried to entertain each other to help forget that we were in a competition. When eliminated, it was very hard to say goodbye and wait to come back and dance on that stage again.

I cannot even describe the feeling of dancing on the stage. I was a huge fan of season 1 and when I had the chance to dance with a live studio audience and cameras all around, I had to sit back and realize what I was a part of. It is almost like walking out of the tunnel for a Jets game for the first time.

I am so blessed that I have been able to have such experiences. Through the show with Sass X 7, I had appearances on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," at the movie premiere of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Keanu Reeves, and other school events. With the Jets I have been able to make appearances at the Wall Street tree lighting, the opening of the USS New York, and the Marty Lyons Christmas party. It is such an honor to be part of some of these events where we get to appreciate others and help out.

Thanks, Jets fans, for being supportive and I wish you the best New Year!

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One Response to “AMANDA C.: Full Schedule of a Crew Member”

  1. By Jim on Jan 4, 2010 | Reply

    Amanda, hard work always pays big dividends. I hope you and the rest of the Crew find continued success in all your endeavors. Thank you, and if you would, thank all of the Crew for what you do. You’re all a bright spot on a shining season!

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