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Kyle Wilson, New Starter, Recent Tweeter

Posted by Randy Lange on August 9, 2010 – 3:29 pm

This morning’s back-to-work-after-the-scrimmage practice at SUNY Cortland was just another day at the office for rookie CB Kyle Wilson, starter for the New York Jets.

“Yeah, I was still with the ones this morning,” Wilson said of lining up at right corner with the first defense. “They kind of tell me as they go over it each day. You just find out daily. But any time I’m out there, everything’s the same for me. I get out there and try to compete and make plays, whatever group I’m in.”

Wilson also got the start for the first drive of Saturday’s Green & White scrum and for the ones’ first drive of the second half of the scrimmage. Needless to say, part of the ascendance of the first-rounder from Boise State is due to Darrelle Revis’ camp absence. Part also is because he has been getting these first-team reps ahead of third-year man Dwight Lowery.

But Lowery, as head coach Rex Ryan said at his midday news conference, had a little something to do with that flip-flop in the depth chart.

“Dwight is the one who said Kyle ought to be starting. That was interesting,” Ryan said. “It surprised us. He never told me, he told Dennis [Thurman, DBs coach]. Yes, it surprises me. But he sees that [Wilson] needs the work, he needs the reps. Lowery does so much for us. He’s been learning safety, nickel, dime, “x,” corner. He’s doing all that. He’s going to play like a starter anyway.

“That just shows you this is a team. These guys know. You see Tony Richardson, he’s competing with the kid from Kentucky [John Conner]. … That’s the beauty of this game. You see guys helping these guys out. That’s when you know you have the right guys on your team.”

Wilson is starting to make more plays from his new spot on the depth chart. This morning No. 20 came up big on No. 10, Santonio Holmes, swatting away a comeback route from Mark Sanchez.

As Jets followers know, Wilson was elated enough to tweet the signing of his rookie contract with the Jets — complete with 10 exclamation points — early in the morning that the Jets bused up to Cortland. He hasn’t hit up his Tweetahs (Dustin Keller terminology) yet on his starting status, but he’s aware that had he been a senior this season at Boise State, he wouldn’t be tweeting anything.

“Yeah, my dad told me about that,” he said of Broncos head coach Chris Petersen’s edict to this year’s championship-minded team about no in-season tweeting. “That’s the big thing over there. They eliminate all the distractions. They all have one goal. Whatever it takes, they’re all for it.”

Wilson said he’s only been on the social networking necessity for the last few months and is still learning the ropes. Through the magic of Twitter we can attest that he appears to be right on, with modest numbers of 2,550 followers and 76 tweets.

The rookie also said that while the Jets don’t have any Twitter bans in place, they don’t need any.

“Obviously it’s not a problem on the team,” he said. “We’re going to do whatever it takes to win.”

Rex Cetera

After the morning practice, Ryan offered a couple of superlatives, one about his team and one about a certain No. 50.

“Today was our best practice since we’ve been here,” the coach said. “The tempo was lively, guys were bangin’ into each other. Probably a few too many dropped passes, but the guys were eager to get back out there. Sometimes when you give them a day off, they’ll come back and say, ‘Ahhhh.’ This team responded. It was excellent to see.”

Also excellent was Vernon Gholston’s practice. The third-year man and first-year DE also impressed the boss.

“That’s as excited as I’ve ever been about Vernon at today’s practice,” Rex said. “It was almost like ‘I can do this.’ Somebody has to ask him what he had for breakfast and he needs to keep eating it.”

Next for the coach: “I want to see him string some together.” Will this afternoon’s special-teams-only practice count? Maybe. Rex said Mike Westhoff challenged him in the teams meetings.

Also, TE Dustin Keller had his best practice of camp. Reporter Chris Ryan talked with Keller about his day and his season and that story will be live later today. … Nick Folk finished practice 5-for-5 on FG tries from 36 to 41 yards out, all from the hold of backup QB Mark Brunell.

A Tweet-Out to Jets Nation

We at are happy that there is no Twitter ban organizationally because then I couldn’t tell you this: this morning just passed 30,000 followers. This is not quite in Sanchez territory but considering where we started, it’s darned impressive to this old pterodactyl.

Eric Allen and I began tweeting from Coach Ryan’s first veteran rookie minicamp on April 17, 2009, with all of 74 followers, and we’ve been chirping the developments on and off the field, at practices and games, ever since.

It hasn’t been just EA and me. Jared Winley, director of public relations, has been a mover and shaker in developing the organization’s Twitter profile and Laura Clemente, our social networking guru, has been tireless in responding to all the folks who respond to our tweets. And our Internet reporters have been big contributors, led by Nick Gallo, our Twittering machine at training camp.

You have to have a large team to show the 40,000 percent growth that has shown in about 16 months. Thanks again.

Two New Jets on the Roster

Two new Jets are on the field today. Tackle Adam Tadisch (6’6″, 326) from North Dakota State was signed last night and practiced this morning, wearing No. 76. And today the Jets got back to 80 on their active roster by signing LB Tim Knicky (6’4″, 235), an undrafted free agent rookie out of Stephen F. Austin waived by the Packers on June 18. LB Kevin Basped and T Aaron Kia were released Sunday.

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58 Responses to “Kyle Wilson, New Starter, Recent Tweeter”

  1. By 37 year fan on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Jets management is meeting with Revis agents right now . Hopefully something good is coming …….

  2. By uncle joe on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    So,Revis’ new contract proposal that his agent gave the Jets some three days ago that the Jets still have not answered back on along with Wilson starting and covering SANTONIO HOLMES rather well meens that the Jets will PLAY HARD BALL and Revis will have to crack or sit for the next three years,or four years after tomorrow where he loses another year towards free agency.Mr. T should now say to Revis “CheckMate”

  3. By Arte Old School on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    RR said it was great to see this mornings practice because the D woke up after MS & company had some big plays in the scrimmage. I LOVE the fact that this year’s new and improved ‘O’ can make the ‘D’ even better. Thi is the best Jet team EVER!! Our scrimmages and practices are going to be more competitive than most of our regular season games!! Let’s Get with Our Jets NOW! This is our time JET NATION!! Was there for the 37-0 shellacking of the Bungals (last game at Giant Stadium) and I just made reservations to fly in from LA to The New Meadowland’s Stadium for opening night of MNF vs. RR’s old team (1-0). Aml staying for the Patsies game, too, as in 2-0 !!!! Sky’s the limit for us this year, or should I say SuperSky baby!! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS..

  4. By 37 year fan on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    I knew V.G. would find himself . Keep it up bro ,… we’re all pullin’ for ya . LOL

  5. By scjoe on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    It is great to hear about Gholston, he may just break out this season and Rex’s patience will have paid off. I have mixed emotions about Wilson playing the RCB position when he should be taking a lot of reps playing against the slot receiver. Thank you again DR! Anyone at the practice see anything of interest from Pitoitua? How about Wright, the other reserve DE?

  6. By CCY on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    The PM (ST) practices obviously don’t get the same coverage as the O vs D spectacles, but I’m curious.

    How is Lance Laury fitting into the scheme? Who is holding for PK’s (both punters? Brunell?).

  7. By Randy Lange on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    CCY, Lance Laury seems to be fitting into Mike Westhoff’s scheme really well. He’s a smart, tough ST player. Steve Weatherford had been holding for Nick Folk but this morning Mark Brunell was the holder. Rex: “Steve’s holding, but we still need a backup guy. The ideal guy would be Brad Smith. He does everything else. But he’s not comfortable with it.”

  8. By Performing on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Basped showed something the first two days. But gone now.
    Keep Leonhard & Wilson returning punts with McNight
    there for emergencies. In “foul’ weather, have only Leonhard.

    So Kyle Wilson is working with the 1st “D”. hmmmmmm……….
    And Rex said Vernon Gholston had an incredible practice.
    Rex also said the stimulus package worked well.

    I’m happy as any Jet fan that LT looks this graceful and quick. Hopefully his “Hammy’s” hold up after the weather gets colder.

    If Brian Schottenheimer puts in a play or two with antonio cromartie at WR, you’ll get no objections from me.

    Heard Mike T. And Revis team were at Roscoe diner.
    Predict next meeting place to be at the McDonald’s in Hancock New York.
    I’m already there hiding behind a tray of fries.

    Are you ready for some football…………………

  9. By Damone on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    This is really starting to drive me crazy.What is going on with this Revis situation.This is getting ridicoulous AND IT’S US JETS FAN WHO ONCE AGAIN MAY HAVE TO SUFFER!!!WHY NOW WHEN WE ARE SO CLOSE!!

  10. By mike on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    I think we need @ sign revis and the player who are on their last season

  11. By Kaya on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Plain and simple Revis is a greedy. My God I never thought that this guy would full of himself.

  12. By Kaya on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Looking at the Stat of Both Revis and Nnamdi – I see how Nnamdi did not deserved that type of contract. In 7 yrs this guy has not done anything to get paid like that. Al Davis was/is off his rockers to give this guy that type of money. Mark my words that if Nnamdi not produce and he won’t he will be the first to get cut next season. if there a season next yr.

  13. By john on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    We NEED to sign Revis to complete the puzzle. I’m not saying it can’t be done without him but all JETS fans would be a lot more comfortable with him. Please find a way for it to work.

  14. By Andre on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    i really think vg has found himself. the measureables were always there , now he s got the intellectual part down. he was a DE in college so he’s a natural. not too get crazy but I de be happy with a presence ,anchor and 6-8 sacks this year from him and grow from there. Guys don t forget 24 was 2nd in the DPOY last year and should have won over woodson. he is unique. lets not talk about “hardball” “sitting out the year” etc. lets just hope it gets resolved and he gets back out there. no reason to take sides because it’s not our money to spend and we’ re not in 24’s shoes. we re all jets fans so lets hope it get resolved and we push toward the SB.

  15. By JustinianP on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    PAY HIM!!!!

  16. By IRA on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Wilson is going to get some very good reps now. I am looking forward to watching him play in a real game Monday Night. Best news is that Folk continues to be steady. It has to be giving him confidence.
    Revis will get done before the opener and he will be in the lineup 9/13.

  17. By Roger on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Time to move passed Revis and move on. He’s lost my respect with his selfishness. Mangold and Harris honor their contracts without grumbling. Look to the waiver wire or RFA list for a backup DB and stay with what we have. Let Revis sit home and lose out on his career. Shame on him. I just threw away the Revis jersey I bought last fall.

  18. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    I’m not gonna get to excided about V-G Rex said last season same thing then he played like someone hazed him and tied his shoelaces together .. I know thats Rex being Rex supporting his players but this one I have to see to believe .. Yes Wilson getting Revis time best news all week that means either Revis rejected another offer or Mike Woody Rex and company are done and going to let it play out maybe trade his butt to Detroit or better yet call Al Davis bet he’ll grant Revis his wish …Trade his CB and a #1 or players for Revis then in theory he’ll be highest paid CB …

  19. By Fish Hunters on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve had enough of the Greedy Mr Revis. Lets trade the dude and be done with it. He’s got tremendous trade value!

    @Justin, we can’t JUST pay him man. There is NO guarantee we’d win a bowl with or without him. You can’t just destroy the cap and go for one bowl and that’s it. You have to have sustained excellence and you only do that by wisely managing your cap.

    SEE YA Mr. Revis!

  20. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Andre, I’m not pickin’ on ya but your comment here’s the same as yours on the Mangold story and “hardball” is the ONLY way Revis is gonna stay a Jet for very long. Look at what he’s done with the other approaches so far! It’s not our money to spend and none of us know what the team can really afford, that’s true, I always say that. But this nonsense about guaranteed money has to stop, the guy’s already made a fortune and if he’s going to fret about getting a season-ending injury in the face of the kind of deals he’s turning down, guess what? HE’S NOT AS TOUGH AS WE THOUGHT! Good move on the jersey, Roger, I wish they’d stop selling the damn things on this site. Kissing butt on this guy obviously doesn’t work. But then it never works on anybody and never has.

  21. By 37 year fan on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Strike what I said on the Revis Front . It’s not looking good. Very disappointing .

  22. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    CONT. As I read this clip did anyone notice what i did players helping each other lowery offering Wilson his playing time putting team ahead of self Mangold and Harris in camp putting team ahead of self not whinning or complaining about last year of their contracts Mark Brunell holding Nick Folk hitting FG’s TE D-K going full speed ..Football season open for business every team has signed all their players in camp ready to go with one exception only one REVIS

  23. By Joe P. on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Revis had the best defensive year of any Jet player that I can remember since Joe Klecko. He’s a rare talent and should be paid for those skills. I would love to know the specifics of what has been offered to Revis, relative to the ridiculous contract that Al Davis gave NA. In my humble opinion, he should be paid more than the next tier of CB’s (Bailey, etc…), but the NA contract is absurd. It’s a potentially short career, so I understand wanting to get paid. However, the Jets should not give in and cut a deal that will hurt the team for years to come. There’s some stupid GM out there who wants to give Revis $15mm per year. I say make one final offer and when his shark agents turn it down, trade him for 2 number one draft picks.

  24. By doug mott on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    why would he do this to a team that has the potential to be 1 of the all time great defenses? darrel take ur fair share of the pie but dont starve the rest of the team while ur eatin ur slice

  25. By commentman on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    great to see that Lowery can give up his starting spot and give it to Wilson because he wants him to get more practice, Lowery is a unselfish player who definitely has starter talent, great to see the team working together like that, can someone tell me if I have all the Jets, i dont know any other way to find out- I’m following, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie, Damien Woody, Braylon Edwards, Darrelle Revis, David Clowney, Woody Johnson, Dustin Keller, Nick Mangold, Mark Sanchez, Kyle Wilson, and of course the New York Jets, can someone tell me if I am missing anyone, thanks!!

  26. By Doug on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Why would Woody have to buy a PSL ?

    (just funnin) Go Jets !

  27. By Evan on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    If Revis wants to be the highest paid CB in the league so badly, he can go play for Oakland. 5 years, 60 mil, 30 guaranteed.

  28. By Performing on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Mike Jet Vet, you are on target with RR words about VG.
    Same old, same old. It has been “show me” time for two years.
    This week I watched this guy in every drill he was in and he hates contact.

  29. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Actually, 37 year, I don’t find the news from the famous Roscoe Diner all that disappointing. Hopefully it’s a step toward closure one way or another. If this is supposed to be such a great year for our D, and Bart Scott keeps saying it is, we probably can’t afford the disruption of Revis deciding three or four games in that he wants to play for less money after all. If everybody wasn’t talking constantly about winning the big one this year, I’d say let DR sit, maybe we win it all or come close without him and he gets some perspective. But since everyone seems to be expecting something like 15-1, maybe we ought to unload him in August. We could easily get a good corner and at least one high pick for him. And get rid of a lot of bad attitude at the same time, while also making a statement about how the team is work in the Rex era. I like the point on ESPN today that Johnson and Mr. T might’ve told Rex that saying DR would start if he showed up one day before opening day was, to put it mildly, incredibly stupid. Rex really shows non-existent business instincts sometimes. It’s hard to believe any guy who wants to be such a great coach could also be such a weak poker player.

  30. By Sean on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Few things are ever ‘simple’, but this one is getting there. If Revis and camp are asking for more per year than NA, we should trade Revis now while the market for him is at its peak. I love the guy as a player, but if he’s not willing to be here for 12-13 mil per year… well, he’s not helping the team by sitting out. If there’s a team willing, trade him for 2 #1’s or a #1 and a few other early round picks. As great as Revis is, this game is still 11 on 11… and while he did allow us to play some VERY aggressive schemes last year, there’s nothing that says he would continue on that streak, nor that we would need him to. Remember, this is year two in the system for most of the players… there’s a very good chance that many of them will be playing faster this year than they did last.

  31. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Here’s a typical comment from a story about Revis on the NFL website, this one from a Vikings fan. I’ve eliminated a word that Randy wouldn’t have printed:”Revis is a complete —–. What is to be gained from all this? Bad reputation and even worse, loss of money. The Jets are going to play hardball and Revis is going to lose. The owner is much richer than Revis and he can get a new guy just as easily as he could give Revis a new contract. Prepare to fall far from grace, Revis…” Hard to argue with too much of that, even if I don’t think it’s about who has more money, the owner or the player. It’s about players who are already incredibly wealthy showing at least some concern for the team. I’d like to know how many Jets really buy it in their hearts that DR “love his teammates,” as his agent said today. He’s sure not acting that way.

  32. By Jeff on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    For the $$$ revis wants they could pay mangold and harris. I say trade him, they drafted wilson in the first round for a reason.

  33. By Ruben C. on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    we need revis. we cnt play defense without him…

  34. By IRA on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Congrats to Mike Westhoff. Year after year his special teams are always one of the best especially on kickoff returns. His schemes are brilliant. Just look at Mizzo,Leon,Morton,Bates,Carter,Miller,and Yeast. They all have had huge success with Westhoff.
    GO JETS!!!!

  35. By originaljetfan on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    better get on this bus before it leaves, fans have short memories either way and if you don’t play and help win the Superbowl, you will be a hated member of a team that owns you for 3 more years. Every Revis jersey will be on the clearance rack, and kiss any endorsment money goodbye forever..

    On the other hand, sign, get on the field, win this thing and fans will support you with everything they have for a long term contract. You can only lose by a hold out. Play like a Jet , Darrelle and get on the field.

  36. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply


  37. By Fish Hunters on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Another thing that Mr. Revis doesn’t get. The longer this drags on the greater damage he suffers to his reputation. He used to be a “NY Darling” that means Madison avenue. $$$$ and high profile gigs. If he’s not careful he’ll blow more money then he’s trying to get from the Jets. Getting traded to K.C. or Seattle or Green Bay won’t do nearly as much as being a STAR in NY! Holding out and having affect the fortunes of his team will have the SAME negative effect on his marketability. Just dumb. Or as Forrests’ mom would say; stupid is as stupid does!

  38. By Fish Hunters on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    For you guys who say we can’t win and play defense without him I say this…We’ve had him for three years. What did we win before Rex got here? What was Revis before Rex got here? Get a grip people. Rex is the defensive mastermind who’s had #1 defenses before without a corner of Revis’ ability. He’ll continue to do the same. The other factor is our Offense! It’s gonna be better and score more points this year. That will help the defense out!

  39. By marko on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Woody should not give in to Revis. He has three years left on his contract. A contract that he held out on as a rookie. Iif Woody decides to give in, it should be based on performance and if he gets hurt, he gets nothing. The risk has to come from both sides if Revis is looking for top dollar. The Jets don’t need him. Their defense is one of the best in th NFL with or without him.

  40. By wayne on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets cannot sell the farm to keep this guy Revis, they just can not. Best case, they get to keep them all, but that’s in a perfect world, where there is no salarycap.Leon W. overpriced himself and made it impossible for team to sign him and Revis could be doing the very same thing….If i’m correct, wasn’t Mr Revis in that secondary that Peyton took apart?…..I have nothing agains these guys getting paid.They constitute two third of every NFL organization, they are both product and employee, they should get paid their worth.How do you balance that against team.I don’t know.Want my team to win, but have nothing against these guys getting paid,Is there a middle here? We’ll see.

  41. By Shaolin515 on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply


    Amen Brother!!!

  42. By Jack on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    He was the best last year but if he is going to put money ahead of team he’s not right for the Jets. He let greed rear its ugly head when he was a rookie and demanded an extended contract. So they put the silver spoon in his mouth just to have him spit it out. Maybe last years performance was a fluke. He is great in man coverage but he’s not so great in zone coverage and the couple times I saw him blitz he looked out of control. He needs Rex’s style of defense in order to excel. He’s obviously negotiating off of last years performance so maybe we should get rid of him while his trade value is at it’s probable highest and some other unsuspecting organization can be played like he’s playing the Jets right now.So as far as I’m concerned the number 24 Jersey is reserved for Johnny Sample and Freeman McNeil.

  43. By Doug on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    You guys that complain about Revis are off your ROCKER, who’s the kid who played running back for us last year that left everything on the field, got busted up and the jets did not do anything to take care of him! The jets have the top cb in the league and he’s arguably the best player in the league. Pay him his fmv!

  44. By Ray on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Ruben C, we can’t play defense without Revis???? Really? As for Lowery, I’ve always had a good feeling about this guy and every time you write something about him I like him more and more. He plays any role they ask him to, never complains. Always mans up and is the first to tell you if he didn’t play well. He’s a ball hawk, I think eventually your going to see him starting as a safety and he’ll be a good one. He’s the kind of guy I always want on our team.

  45. By charliejet on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    One one hand we say that we have a top rated defensive team then we say that same team can’t do it without Revis. If we are so “top rated”, then with or without Revis we do it i.e. the team is so strong that it compensates for a lost player. Suppose no contract dispute and Revis got injured – out for the year. What then
    “O.K seasons lost” – I don’t think so not with this team. How many championship teams have had their losses in players – key players and went on to win that we just don’t remember about. If this team is as Super as we think it is, then it overcomes the “adversity” and wins – and I think they will. “64Tom” I liked the term used in reference to Revis “extortion”. Let Revis sit out the year…….. GO JETS!!!

  46. By Fish Hunters on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    @Doug, that was Leon Washington. He had an offer on the table with 10 million guaranteed. He talked about revolutionizing the position but failed to realize that returners are a dime a dozen and scat back running backs are too. He wanted more like Revis does and choose to gamble. The key here is we still made it to the AFC title game without him. We can win a Superbowl without Revis.

    What happened to the Cowboy and 49er dynasties? They took a long time to learn to deal with the salary cap. Fortunately, we’ve got a firm grasp on how to deal with it. Unless Revis alters his position he’s probably played his last down with the Jets.

  47. By Big O on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    I am riding with my man “Jets Fan since 64 Tom” Revis makes me sick with the ego battle he is facing!!! nobody is worth 100 million dollars, if he took 35 million he would have been straight but he wants to emulate an Al Davis cornerback that isnt worth squat! Revis this is a team thing, I dont care how good you think you are, with an attitude like that….homeboy you can hit the road as far as I’m concerned, and I dont care if we dont make the Superbowl because of it!!!

  48. By Bob on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    We really need to trade Revis. He is such a disappointment with his excessive greed. Very good player but only interested in his money. When we use the excellent draft choices we get for Revis we need to be smart and not take any players that have signed with Revis’ current agent or that are relatives of his uncle. Go Jets. Goodbye Darrelle.

  49. By Andre on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    ok first of all there is no cap this year. so lets stop worrying about cap numbers. next i’m starting to come around to trading revis. two number 1 picks and myabe a 3 would ease the loss of some of our other guys that have impending free agency. we picked up two really good corners in the off season so we may be able to do well. i think we’ll be able to shut down alot of passing games and win most games. we won t have the best corner in the league to go one on one with brandon marshall, moss, wayne , vincent jackson and the rest. of the elite WR….and WIN. look for the safties to help out deep which leads to alot more plays like tony gonzales did to beat the jets last year. alot of TEs having big games. so while i think we will be able to beat most teams and maybe have the top D again, and be set for the future with extra picks, and be able to give the money we were gonna give revis to mangold, harris, edwards, and holmes essentially making a better team in years to come…..i am sick of “YEARS TO COME”. i wanna win NOW. we NEED revis to win the superbowl,to match up with 3 reciever sets and win because our best corner is better than best receiever and wilson will be beter than their 3rd WR. while we have this group together we need revis. so while i m aboard with trading him i would rather give him a year deal at least so we could win this year. then tender him next year so if we lose him we get 2 number ones anyway.

  50. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks, charliejet and Big O, I like your ideas, too. Andre, I don’t know about trading Revis either. Like I say, if this is supposed to be the team that’s gonna excel for years, we should be able to do a year without him and see if he changes his tune. What’s DEN supposed to do now that Dumervil’s out for the year, take their toys and go home? We can’t do that either for any reason, injuries, contract disputes, or whatever. And Fish Hunters, I think you’ve really got it down about both Leon and managing the cap. Which reminds me, to all you TJ mourners, it’ll be a long time before you see him catch a pass and go 70 yards for a TD with it. 7 yards is about all defenders need to catch up with TJ at this stage of his career.

  51. By Matt on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hear you ’64. I was pretty mad about the loss if TJ… The guy did exactly what was asked of him… But two downhill runners without a screen game or check down doesn’t make sense; especially with a young QB. A Leon Washington trade and a good preseason for LT later and it all makes sense.

    Returning to DR… Lowery is really going to have to step up, or a guy like Cole, if there is no DR. I feel Lowery has had his chance and he is not up to the challenge put on the CBs in Ryan’s Scheme. He adds great depth as a reliever but as a No. 1? I thought Safety was going to be his playmaking possition. He won’t get the chance with DR sitting out for the year.

  52. By Dug on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    from now on ,I’m spelling my name Dug. I don’t want my posts confused with
    anyone supporting Revis’ selfishness ! May we enjoy this season with or without Revis ! Go Jets !

  53. By charliejet on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hey I got it -trade trade Darrelle Revis for for NNAMDI ASOMUGHA! Nnamdi is
    better and cheaper !! Warren Sapp said it best on NFL total access about Revis
    “As good as he is – you can’t hold your team mates hostage” GO JETS!

  54. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Matt, good points about moving on from TJ and Leon, which I’m sure we can do. If Rex is already talking about keeping both T-Rich and Conner, you can be sure he’s not ignoring the running game. And yeah, one of the things that bothers me most about what Revis is doing, and why I keep referring to his selfishness, is that it keeps Lowery from getting his full shot this summer at S, like you say. charliejet, thanks for the update from Sapp, it’s nice to hear that somebody in the media gets it on DR’s weird demands. There were some posts on the NFL site last night from a few guys who claimed to have seen Jets players tweeting that DR “is back,” but I see no news of that this morning…

  55. By charliejet on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Weak point for 2009 defense was the pass rush. With addition of Jason Taylor and from what we are hearing Vernon Gholston seems to be finding his rhythm at Defensive End (where he belongs) if indeed VG does have a bust out year, and using JT in certain down situations this is should make it a little “easier” for the defensive backs. In other words an improved pass rush my negate the fact that Darrell Revis is not in the back field and should help out Kyle Wilson. Ryan has been giving little hints about VG during his press conference hopefully good things to come our way. GO JETS!!! GO JET FANS!!!

  56. By lcookjets on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    sign Revis….Get his deal done already… If this were any other franchise he would have been signed and in training camp by now. He has proven that he is the BEST corner in the league and pay him as such..Do the JETS manaagement truly want to win a super bowl? I can see it now, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning picking on the side that once was known as revis island.. get er done Woody and Tannenbaum!!!

  57. By Rick on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    Someone needs to hold the door for Revis and make sure he uses it on his way out. He’s trying to hold the Jets hostage and that’s not the right way to do. Nobody is that good and certainly doesn’t deserve the kind of money he wants. What happened to “playing for the game of football?”

  58. By William Washington on Jan 23, 2011 | Reply

    What is the matter with them they don’t want to win and that’s disappointing to us fans who watched them all season i thought that they wanted it i guess not.

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