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Folk Continues to Kick Up a Storm

Posted by Randy Lange on August 22, 2010 – 8:20 pm

Nick Folk was a quick out from the visitors’ locker room at Bank of America Stadium after the Saturday night game but in advance of talking with reporters after Monday’s practice back at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, he should get credit for his 3-for-3 night of kicking field goals, which supplied all the Jets’ points in their 9-3 win over the Panthers.

Long-snapper Tanner Purdum thinks it’s just a matter of his kicker, like the Young Rascals more than four decades earlier, groovin’.

“It’s more a rhythm, where we’re confident in each other,” Purdum said of the operation of his snapping to holder Steve Weatherford for Folk’s kick. “It’s more relaxed and we know what we’re going to get out of each other.

“To me, Nick looked confident, smooth and relaxed. He looked like himself. He’s getting into a pretty good groove.”

Of course, no grooves count until Sept. 13 and beyond, but just consider that Folk became the first Jets placekicker to hit a pair of 40-yard field goals in one preseason game since John Hall, who was unconscious in the 2001 preseason finale at Philly, hitting from 59, 47, 41 and 33 yards and missing only a 50-yard try that night.

One more trend of note is Folk’s kickoffs. He’s had nine in two preseason games, with seven reaching the end zone (kickoffs to the goal line are considered in the EZ) and two touchbacks. Opponents’ average drive start after his nine KOs is their 18.3-yard line. So Folk is averaging an inside-the-20 every time he kicks off.

A lot of things go into this kind of number, such as the Jets’ coverage team and opponents’ backup returners having some difficulty running east and west, such as the Panthers’ Mike Goodson, who ran every direction before being tackled by Bo Smith at the Carolina 4 in the fourth quarter.

But the trends have been positive for a while, which is why Rex Ryan said after the game, “No surprise. He’s been nailing the ball.”

Jets-Panthers Final Notes

Here are a few more not terribly important but nevertheless neat additional summer nuggets on Saturday night’s win at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. What do they mean? You make the call.

■ The Jets’ 112 yards of offense was their least in a preseason game since they gained 109 in their 15-14 road loss to the Giants in 2005. That’s the fewest yards from scrimmage in a preseason win in at least 20 years, and the Green & White have never won a regular-season or playoff game in their history with less than 145 yards.

■ The Panthers’ 175 yards of offense was the least allowed by the Jets in a preseason game since the 1990 summer opener, when the Eagles were held to 172 in the 17-6 Jets victory.

■ This was the Jets’ first preseason game in which the opponents never led since the ’05 preseason-opening 10-3 win over Detroit.

■ The Jets offense had eight three-and-out series at Carolina. That’s the most in a preseason game in at least the last 10 years, which is as far back as I’ve charted that stat. As for games that count, the Jets have never had more than seven three-and-outs in a game all the way back to the 1986 AFC Divisional Game at Cleveland, when they racked up nine such drives in the 23-20 overtime loss to the Browns.

Advisory to Fans Attending Monday’s Practice

It always seems to rain when the Jets open a practice up to the fans, and Monday’s training camp practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center is no exception. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain in the North Jersey area today.

Fans are still invited to attend the practice, with the gates opening at 10 a.m. as well as Jets Shop and Jets Fest, and practice beginning around 11:50 a.m. But be advised that due to recent work on the grass fields at the complex, the area could be muddy, so you should wear the appropriate shoes and pants.

Also, with some thunderstorms forecast for tonight and showers for tomorrow morning, please check with newyorkjets.com for any changes to the practice schedules for Monday and Tuesday.

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20 Responses to “Folk Continues to Kick Up a Storm”

  1. By scjoe on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Randy, did I hear correctly that Pitoitua is out for the season? I hope that is not the case. I think I can sum up Saturdays game by saying “if it were not the Jets playing in this game I would have turned it off early in the third quarter, before it put me to sleep completely!” (;-) But as a few of my fellow Jet fans have stated, it is still pre season and almost everything is in place to have a really successful regular season, so let’s just hope there are no more significant injuries in the last two pre season games and all the kinks are worked out. Go Jets!!!

  2. By Randy Lange on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    scjoe, Rex Ryan said after the game that Ropati Pitoitua “is probably done for the year” from an Achilles’ tendon injury. We’ll get an update later today.

  3. By OldRogue on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    As always Randy, good info and a great perspective. I certainly hope that Folk remains in his “groove.”

  4. By Mo on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Randy! Rumors are flying around that Revis and the Jets have come to terms on a new countract TBA this week, likely Wednesday. Have you heard anything along these lines?

  5. By Randy Lange on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Mo, we’ve heard nothing new about Darrelle Revis yet this morning.

  6. By Christopher on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Folk has been a pleasant surprise this preseason, hope it continues into the regular season. The lack of offense (especially by Sanchez and Brunell) is a big concern. I know they are running basic plays, but still Clemens has looked the best so far. I hope they don’t let him go. Brunell should be the 3rd QB and let O’Connell go.

  7. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Obviously, having gotten used to Feely’s consistency over the last few years, I wanna see Folk do it in the regular season before I get too excited. But once again, here’s a situation in which the Jets got rid of two-thirds of an established unit — Feely and Dearth, and three-thirds if you count Clemens holding — and may have been right all along. May have known something we don’t. And if the guys who work with the players don’t know lots of somethings we don’t, why are we sitting up here and they’re coaching down there?

  8. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    This should make you feel better, Row, the Rams signed Danario Alexander. It should also show you what kind of team can give him a real shot, i.e. not one like ours on which promising WRs like Clowney, Allison, Smith, and even Taylor and Henry are fighting for playing time in the face of our Big 3. Hey, if you folks read Lombardi’s story on Jackson’s holdout on the NFL site, all you have to do is substitute “Revis” for “Jackson” and it reads almost exactly the same way. Except for the Chargers apparently deciding that Jackson is “replaceable,” whereas I don’t think the Jets are sure about that, at least not this year, with Revis. Anyway, I guess you guys heard about Cowlishaw saying Revis has agreed to terms and the signing will be announced Wednesday. Interestingly, Schefter did NOT say he had info to the contrary but rather that he doubted a signing would come that soon. Cowlishaw says the person who told him this “has never been wrong,” so maybe this entire sorry episode will soon be behind us. Maybe Mangold’s playing it like a champ had some effect on Revis. Bob Glauber in Newsday today writes what is probably the first sane column I’ve seen on the Revis holdout, saying that his bargaining position is weak and increasingly unpopular. As the kids say, like, DUH!!!

  9. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Row, Kansas City Star.com reports that “Thomas Jones has been outplayed as a runner by both Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster this pre-season,” not that this came as any surprise to me or anyone else who’s honest about where TJ is at in his career at the moment, especially when up against a real beast like Charles and a hot prospect like McCluster. What’s more, when you told us how Jones was allegedly outplaying Greene the other night, you forgot to mention that TJ fumbled on his first carry on the Chiefs’ first possession and the Bucs recovered. If you’re going to keep trying to trash the Jets, at least be a little more even-handed about it. Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re the guy who thinks Clemens is better than Sanchez…

  10. By IRA on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Randy, Good point about Folk’s kickoffs. We haven’t had that in years since Hall played. Feely was real good but its starting to look like Folk will replace him.
    Good news this morning about Mangold. Now lets go get the Revis deal done.
    GO JETS!!!!

  11. By IRA on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    My bad i just realized that Washington had a FF and that his fumble was questionable. If the Jets had any reviews left i think they would’ve thrown the red flag on that play. I think Washington is going to make this team.

  12. By wayne on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    The jury is still out on Sanchez and i understand hes ony played one season, but want to hear accountability,want to see growth. He can’t continue to make the same bonehead mistakes he made last year. We know he likes the perks that come with the position. The million $$ question is still unanswered…..can he handle the job?…As for the preseason,why grown men, who have seen tens of presseaon games before panic after a couple of preseason games?,i’lll never know……They’ve given Mark a lot of weapons, but if he’s still showing the same poor judgment and execution, they’re gonna need those extra RBs because it’s gonna be ground and pound and a bunch of 9 – 3 games this yr. They’ll need to decide early in the season how they’re gonna ride.

  13. By wayne on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Love Rex and his ability to inspire guys to play hard.It was while watch the Ravens play a couple of years prior to his arrival, i noticed that they would add some unknown guy to the defensive unit and they would always sellout on every play.Every guy theyd put on the field would fly around.In fact I was the first guy on this site to mention Jim Leonard. At the time i didnt know his namer so i called him number 36 for the Ravens.This guys was just flying around.And i wanted a coach for my favorite team who could get no name players to play that way.Takes a special coach to do that.I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE LOUDMOUTH APPROACH THOUGH.Every NFL team is shooting for the SB.Why put a target on your chest? That i don’t get.Hope it doesnt backfire.

  14. By IRA on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Sanchez will be just fine. Don’t go by what you saw Saturday Night. Of course time will tell but i have no concerns at all about him. I do however about the depth at RB. I want to see more of Washington and McKnight these next 2 games. Remember they aren’t going to show much except for some basic stuff which they didn’t execute this past game.

  15. By russ on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    the 2nd game of year is always about finding what you got in the bank…the bench players showcase….since the offense was not showing much the team continued to keep its defense inspired.

  16. By IRA on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply


  17. By GaryC on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Jet fan Tom, how many more years is Clowney and Allison going to be promising.Also with Ropati done for year the jets are seriously lacking beef up front. Only Jenkins,Pouha, DeVito have the 300 plus pounds needed to stop opposing teams run game.Jets have too many defensive end, linebacker types.maybe a deal of one of these types to bring in more beef might be suitable.

  18. By JetsRexKILL on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    GaryC,,,,great point!…i doubt we can even count on Jenkins staying healthy the whole year……Mr T is usually 2 steps ahead of everyone…..im sure somethings in the works

  19. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    GaryC, I think Allison maybe gets a little more slack because of being out for all of last year and because he looks okay returning punts, but I think it’s his last “promising year” as well as Clowney’s. There would be nothing wrong with keeping SH, J-Co, BE, Smith, and Coles, keeping Taylor instead of Henry on the practice squad, and just drafting another WR next year. I was just trying to give Row some props while also reminding him that we’re not exactly starving for an undrafted WR who was recently hurt who ends up signing two games into the pre-season with the hometown team.

  20. By JP on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Very nice stats, Randy – Don’t like hearing that our O played that badly on paper but you got to know the truth to see what you are working with.

    Looking forward to this weeks game! Keep up the great work!

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