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Pouha Has a Phrase for This: All Men Up

Posted by Randy Lange on September 15, 2010 – 11:58 am

These are the times that try fans’ souls. I’m talking of course about the days between a tough opening night loss and the prep time for a tough foe ahead. It looks bleak. It feels crummy.

That’s what I loathe and love about the game of football. The waiting is the hardest part (thanks, Tom). While the team’s outside world reacts with anger and indecision, the players and coaches tighten their pads, double their chinstraps and get ready to get after it one more week.

And one thing I’ve learned over the more years than I can count (really, I’m getting old) about this game is that things turn around quickly. What looks bleak and weak after one game can become sleek and chic in the weeks ahead.

The Jets started 0-3 in 1981, finished 10-5-1 and made the playoffs. They lost the ’82 opener at home to Miami, 45-28, and proceeded to the AFC Championship Game. They opened ’85 with a 31-0 loss to the Raiders in La-La land and again fashioned a playoff season. From 0-2 in ’98 they went to 12-4 and were ahead of the Broncos with 23½ minutes to play for a ticket to Super Bowl XXXIII. They fell to Peyton and the Colts, 45-24, at home in their ’01 opener and made the playoffs. Let’s not even bring up the 1-4 start in ’02.

It might be said that the Jets seem to like to start in a small hole, or let’s count up how many Super Bowls in the above seasons that the Green & White reached. And a 10-9 loss to fall to 0-1 is not the preferred way to make it to this year’s dance.

But these are the cards the Jets have been dealt, it is what it is (thanks, LC), and any other phrase you’d want to come up with. In Rex we trust as the team gears up in an hour or so for today’s practice, the first of the week before the Patriots come calling at New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday.

To get us through the day, here are a few lingering thoughts on the game past and the games ahead.


Somewhat lost in the Kris Jenkins injury and later developments was Sione Pouha’s milestone contribution to the Jets’ early success against the Ravens. His first fumble recovery on the strip sack of Joe Flacco set up the Jets’ first points in their new stadium, then his second on the Willis McGahee fumble turned the Birds away on the brink of entering the red zone.

Thus Pouha became the first Jet to recover two opponent fumbles in the same game (never mind the same quarter) since Bobby Houston in 1995 and the first Jets D-lineman to do the same since Bill Pickel in ’93. “Big Bo” was happy to hear about the distinctions.

“You have to hustle to the ball, man,” he told me. “My first one, I had a double-cut — the guard cut me and the center came out on top. So all I know is keep fighting, keep fighting. The guys got there and did what they did, got the ball out, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“The second one was more of a pursuit play. I think I tried to get a double slip and all I know is just run to the ball. The ball’s a magnet for the Jets defense. Everyone’s magnetized toward the ball — get there as quick and as fast as you can. You never know what’s going to happen. Know what I mean?”

We sure do, and that applies equally to the pain of Big Jenks’ second catastrophic injury to his left knee in 11 months. Pouha captured the defense’s mentality when talking about the loss of No. 77 again.

“He was disappointed that he wasn’t out there with us,” Pouha said of talking with his “brother” several times that night. “I was just giving him assurance, letting him know I was there. After he went out, it was just all men up. That was the rotation. It was pretty much just dig in your gut, give it all you’ve got.”

That’s what it is again for the D-line, and Bo and Mike DeVito are in the forefront once again.

Green Day Again?

It has been reported today that to help the troops, the Jets have reached out to and have signed seventh-year free agent Howard Green, who pitched in on the DL rotation before and Jenkins’ injury last year and began this season with the Redskins. We can’t confirm the signing yet, but we’d say there’s a good chance No. 95 could be at practice in a short while.

Top Ten Still

Rankings are a dime a dozen but rankings over time attest to a certain excellence. Despite the back end issues Monday, the Jets D yielded 282 yards to the Ravens and that pegs them 10th overall in the NFL’s yardage rankings this week. And that means for the 82nd time in the past 83 regular-season weeks, the Rex Ryan/Mike Pettine defense is a top-10 D. And the run defense is tied for third with the defense of a former Jets head coach, Pete Carroll’s Seahawks.

The passing offense, on the other hand, netted 60 yards, which is 32nd and last in the NFL. The last time the Jets’ passing game was ranked last was after the opening week in 1996, when they were 30th in a 30-team league.

Flag Fight

Antonio Cromartie’s first game as a Jet had its ups but also a few downs. The pick and 66-yard return against Flacco? Up. The four penalties for 43 yards. Down.

Cromartie became the first Jet since tackle Jason Fabini to have four penalties marked off against him in a game. Fabini’s flag day came 10 years and 10 days before Cromartie’s night, when J-Fab was hit with four penalties for 35 yards in the ’00 opener at Green Bay. His infractions taht game: illegal use of hands, false start and two trips.

Three times in the last decade a Jet was flagged three times in a game: Santana Moss in 2002 at New England, Fabini in ’03 vs. Miami (all three penalties coming against current Jets LB Jason Taylor), and Darrelle Revis in January’s playoff game at Cincinnati.

One other thought for “Cro”: most such large penalty games, at least in recent Jets history, have come early in the year, and then decent seasons unfurl for those individuals. Cromartie’s a fine corner and games with much less yellow for him are ahead.

Sack Is Changed

Update, 2 p.m.: This afternoon Elias Sports Bureau issued a change in the scoring of the crushing sack of Joe Flacco 2:33 into the game. Even though Shaun Ellis and Bryan Thomas converged almost together for a Raven sandwich, Ellis got there a split second sooner to punch the ball loose from Flacco’s grasp. The play originally was scored a half-sack for each Jet but the revised ruling is a full sack for Ellis.

That is significant for “Big Katt” watchers, since Ellis now has 69.0 career sacks. It puts him nine sacks away from overtaking Ring of Honor D-lineman Joe Klecko for second place on the Jets’ all-time sack list. Klecko is at 77.5 and leader Mark Gastineau is at 107.5.

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40 Responses to “Pouha Has a Phrase for This: All Men Up”

  1. By TONY GARCIA on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    its time to buckle tackle next foe,move on from their shotty has to open up playbook and mark has to play as if his life depended on it. go jets fan since 1968.

  2. By scjoe on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    All those facts are true Randy, 1981, 1982, 1998, etc. BUT, unless Mark Sanchez becomes at least an average QB any time soon, that will not happen this year. All of the other pieces are in place, no doubt! The defense is solid even with out Jenkins. It is the offense that is the problem with this team right now and that begins with the QB. It is still a QB driven league. Factor in what Greene did on Monday night and you have a two headed monster on the offensive side of the ball. If the running game can not protect Sanchez, like it did in the 2nd half of the season last year, trouble is ahead. I think we have witnessed that Sanchez, at this point, just does not have what it takes to lead a team to where they want to go.

  3. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Good for Pouha, I’m sure he’ll step up like he did last year. Guys and gals, I’ve read every new post on this site this morning and I have a thought that might help everyone deal with that awful first game. One of the biggest problems we have is the insane expectations that Rex, with the cooperation of the front office, has put on this team from the second the game against the Colts ended. Any remotely sane coach would’ve looked at last year and said, “Hmm, a team that wasn’t even picked to go 8-8 gets to the AFC championship, has a shot at winning it, and all with a rookie QB and without a few key players. Not bad, let’s build on that.” Instead we got a constant barrage of predictions, claims that whoever or whatever, right down to our practice facility, was “the best in the league,” bluster about what you gotta be “man enough” to do (where I come from men act, not talk), and more. We stupidly put cameras into the locker rooms of a NEW, REBUILDING TEAM and shined a spotlight on every problem we had from Revis to McKnight to Gholston to others. I’m not even sure it’s possible to pull back from this nonsense this year or ever with a coach like Rex and MVJ, that’s my problem with him. NOT ONE TEAM that won impressively last week has been going around talking about the Super Bowl, what men they are, and so on. I’m starting to feel nostalgic for the days when we were hoping we’d get Cowher, a guy who you could trust to just shut his mouth and coach the team. I don’t like to make predictions of scores, records, and all that re what Randy says about how things can turn around fast. I’ll just say that if Rex, Sanchez, and Schotty don’t turn it around by the end of this year, they can all take a walk. They’re either blowing the potential we have or we don’t have, with this roster, as much potential as we thought. And all you TJ fans chill out, Monday he had his usual 11 for 39 with a long of 10, meaning without it he was 10 for 29. McKnight can do as well as that no problem.

  4. By IRA on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Randy, While many seem ready to jump ship its good to read some realistic stuff. If they can beat the Pats this week all will be good in Jets land again. Nobody will be calling for anybodies job like fire this guy or that guy. Its one week and game at a time.
    Pouha was a great find for the Jets and will get the job done along with his other DL. Smart move to resign Green.

  5. By Vincent on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    I know Cro is a very good CB, but the gripe is that he just kept making the same undisciplined mistakes over and over. I found myself yelling at the TV wanting Cro to be pulled just to give him some time to cool off.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Wilson is a good rookie CB and though small, he will some day be a great CB. The guy is already playing ahead of where many rookies would be in their first game against a tough opponent. That said, he needs help and some relief from the onslaught he will face every week as the result of playing opposite Revis. Yes, against the Ravens he was given a hard time and made mistakes, but they were no worse than Cro who is not a rookie in his first game.

  6. By Scott on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    We were great last year with jenkins out and I don’t foresee a drop off this year. The run defense was stout and if the secondary comes along just a little better this again should be the number one D-although the Ravens might argue with that.

  7. By Anthony on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    As upset as I was from Monday, I am ready for Sunday its time to get ready for a War. I hate the Patriots…Like R. Balboa said “It ain’t about how hard you hit in life its about how hard you get hit and move forward…thats how winning is done..” NOW lets take it to them ..Remember Brady said he “HATES” the Jets.. We can’t play that in our house…J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS>>>

  8. By scjoe on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Ira, the eternal optimist! I wish I could be as optimistic after that “offensive” offensive performance Monday night. We have seen Mark Sanchez for more then one season now, yes, he did have a “pretty good” not great post season last year, but I would classify that more of a manage the game type situation then a great performance. I agree with you, it was just one game, but you can’t ignore the signs. Managing the game is just not good enough in this day and age in the NFL! Just running the ball 30 times a game may not even get us to where we were last season, we witnessed that Monday night. The QB has to step up, period! If he does not they have to find someone else who can, sixth overall pick or not. I was not in favor of the move to select him, but since he became a Jet I supported him, I guess I also bought in to the hype from Rex of how hard he had worked and how much he has improved during the off season, but if it don’t translate to wins in the regular season, what good is it really? Guess I am getting really impatient, after all it has been more then 40 long years since we have smelled real success.

  9. By Performing on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    We should have signed D’Brick to a one year contract.

    3rd down defensive holding on Cromartie was just awful.

    Keller potential first down would not have made a difference but he has got to stretch for the first down with the ball and cannot assume anything.

    Ray Lewis played like he was 24. He not only got into the head of Sanchez but mine also.

    Notice that Devito just missed getting a safety. I thought that was one of the biggest plays of the game. And it was passed right over by the announcers.

    Kudos to Sean Ellis, Bryan Thomas and Jim Leonhard (except 3rd down pass to Heap). These three played their hearts out.

    “Three And Out” By Rich Cimini will be available at Barnes & Noble next month.

    Mike Westoff must be taken to task a little of this loss. What on earth is he thinking putting Braylon Edwards on ST? I have loved Westy over the years but with last year’s Miami loss, Monday night’s game and loving this guy Larry Taylor-Westy seems to have lost something on his fastball. Could be time for a change in 2011.

    Wes Welker is licking his chops. He can’t wait to see Kyle Wilson.
    And Wilson should be nowhere near returning punts until the fourth game.

    That’ll teach you guys to give female reporters a hard time.

    As frustrating as the whole game was, seeing Schottenheimer and Sanchez looking at each other very puzzled and confused in the last 2 minutes was embarrassing.

    John McEnroe prayed for the rain delay at the Open just so he didn’t have to watch the Jets.

    In the regular season:
    2009 Saints had five games with 300+ passing yards. (2010 SB Champs)
    2008 Steelers had one game with 300+ passing yards.(2009 SB Champs)
    2007 Giants had two games with 300+ passing yards. (2008 SB Champs)
    2006 Colts had six games with 300+ passing yards. (2007 SB Champs)
    The Jets haven’t had one game with 300+ yards since Dec. 17, 2006.
    You must have a QB open it up to get to the Superbowl!

    The people at the Mets-Pirates game saw a real game Monday. And the home team won!

    Watch Brady pass 40-50 times this week.

    Keep talking Rex.

    “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”
    Jimi Hendrix

  10. By scjoe on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    I posted the week before game #1 what would most of us think if Revis directly costs us this game because of his selfish holdout. Well, he may not have cost us that game directly, but he sure did indirectly. Rex did not put him on Boldin the entire game because he knew he was not in football shape yet, we saw how that worked out. We are not even sure if he will be in “football shape” this week with Moss coming in. There was no need for this to happen, he could have been in camp (just like Nick Mangold) and still negotiated his multi million dollar ransom. Stay tuned for part ll of the effects of the Darrelle Revis ransom.

  11. By ALEX.G on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    we need to get behind our guys and show them we support them and stand side by side with them.I know I will even wore my Jets Sanchez shirt to the Gym Tuesday after work. as one we should Bring the noise and rock that staduim like it’s never been rocked. lioke Pouha said it’s time to Man up!. our defense was lights out, anyone saying any different simpoly don’t like the JETS !!!! they need to Brady out of his Game .

  12. By Pranit on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    very dissapointed overall to say the least in the offense. If Schotty is protecting Sanchez then he has to stop now. If Sanchez is scared then the Jets are on a different ride alltogether. Rex, when will you know what you have in Sanchize if you don’t let him throw (assuming schotty is holding him back). If we can’t win with Sanchez throwing then we can never win any other way; running the ball only gets you so far.

  13. By Frank on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Considering the D was on the field for 40 minutes gave up 10 points had 14 penalties and only gave up 280 plus yards is tremendous. We don’t need anyone to replace Jenkins enough of the nonsense our run defense got better when he went down last year everyone is living in his pre-Jet past. Devito, Pouha and Kroul who I love will do well and if Gholston can give us something even better. When Pace returns we even have Taylor on the edge I like who we have. By the way I thought Taylor played great the other night as did B Thomas.
    The problem yet again is a QB who is atrocious and not worthy of starting in this league. We got lucky during the playoff run and he played well enough to win he is NOT a franchise QB he is not even a middle of the pack QB who if we had one could lead us to a championship. One more game of this nonsense then we need to play someone else.

  14. By Kondor on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Problem here was two fold, coaching from Schott and Rex. Sanchez looked scared cuase his coaches were scared to let him play. This team needs to have a good passing game to go with the run. Look at the 70’s Steelers. That team had Bradshaw and receivers that made plays to go along with Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier. That Steeler defense in my book is still the best defense in football history. Anyway, point is there has to be a good enough passing game to supplement the run game and stout defense.

  15. By ddh on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Everything I saw on monday night is correctable without a need to replace anyone,
    its kind of like building an engine, sometimes you need to adjust a few things, timing, carb ect. , and yes it is just one game and what difference does it make if was the first or tenth game they lost. Now, they do have a real tough start this season, and its not the best time to need tweaking, but the talent is there, and when its running right their going to run over opponents literally. Imo the ravens didn’t beat the jets they beat themselves, some ravens shouldnt be talkin like they shut up the trash talkers, they won by one point, and most of those points they scored were gifts cause their O couldn’t move the ball with any consistency on their own. flacco threw up some passes for grabs and got very lucky.

  16. By Tom Spicer on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Even thou we will miss Jenkins the D will be fine Pouha & Green will get the job done at NT. Devito will do well vs the run at DE but I think on passing downs we should take him out & give Gholston a shot. Rex has already said Revis will follow Moss this week but with that being said who is going to cover Welker in the slot? I do not want to see Wilson covering Welker he will eat us alive. I would rather have Revis on Welker, Cromartie on Moss with saftey help over the top & Wilson on the outside covering the 3rd WR.

  17. By Tom Spicer on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    On O we we have to do a better job up front on the O line D Brick, Woody & Slauson we eatin alive by the Raven front Sanchez had no time. We have to take at least 2 shots deep to Braylon every game just to keep the D honest. Sanchez needs to step up be careful with the ball but at the same time dont check down on every play. We have the players with in Braylon, Keller, Cotchery & LT for him to be able to get the job done something we didnt have most of last year. Schotty your play calling has been average at best over the years. All that pre snap shifting fools no one & only makes it harder for Sanchez to develope he has to many things behind him to worry about just give him 2 plays line guys up without all the shifting & let him read the D & call the better play of the 2.

  18. By IRA on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    scjoe, I am not overlooking anything. We all saw what happened Monday night. I think they played it way too close to the vest and it cost them. Now this week is different. This is the week you want to run the ball down the throats of the Pats and keep Brady off the field. The Jets must have the ball for at least 35 minutes this week. I expect a 21-17 type game as long as there aren’t a lot of turnovers. I think the Jets can bounce back and win. My major concern is who will cover Welker. Last year in Foxboro he caught 15 passes for 192 yds. That can’t happen again.

  19. By Roger on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Did the Revis (Mevis) holdout affect the pass defense? DEFINITELY. All training camp Cromartie played at LCB learning different angle moves (instead of his experience at RCB), Wilson had to play RCB instead of the Nickel he was expected to play, Then along come Revis with 4 days to spare. Now Cromartie goes back to RCB having not practiced there, Wilson reverts to Nickel and Revis sits in LCB. I believe Mevis holdout hurt all 3 positions and we paid for it.
    Sanchez was doing too many checkoffs at the line of scrimmage. Flacco didn’t change the plays and he started 5 yds back and dropped off to 12 yds so we couldn’t catch up to him. Sanchez started in a short drop (3 yds not even shotgun depth) and then dropped back only 3 steps more, no wonder the pass rush was on him quickly.

  20. By Peter on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    If BIG mouth **(REX RYAN)** would learn NOT to TRASH talk about how the JETS are going to kick EVERY ones butt, it would not be this bad. Of course people would be upset about the loss to the Ravens. REX RYAN there is big difference in saying that your team is a GOOD team and that you have confidence in your team, compared to the REX RYAN way of saying the JETS are going to KICK every ones BUTT!

    But if REX RYAN is going to talk about the JETS and say things like the JETS are going to KICK every ones BUTT, then HE and the JETS have to expect the fall out if the JETS cannot back up all the BIG talk from REX RYAN!

    Message to REX RYAN, SHUT UP and just play! REX RYAN, you end up putting MORE pressure on the Jets players with all your BIG talk.

  21. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Ira, I love ya but cut the bull. If Sanchez won the next three games with 300 yards passing each, it would barely make up for how he’s looked so far overall as a Jet. As many are saying above, if he’s not good enough by now to throw the ball 30 times a game without Rex, Jets fans, and the New York press terrified that he might throw five interceptions, guess what? He’s not good enough. If Rex and Schotty really can’t do better than this on O, they’re not good enough. Like I said earlier, they don’t even stick with the ground and pound nonsense, the closer they get to the goal line the more they abandon that approach. I don’t know why Joe Willie singled out Slauson and Edwards today the way he did but what he said about how we’re not even shooting on O is totally true, and all Rex’s bull about the Super Bowl, believing in these guys, and so on means nothing. What I believe is that RIGHT NOW, we have the worst QB and the worst O in the NFL. So Row, don’t tell me I’m not persuadable in the face of facts. Sanchez has to step up immediately. The only place I differ with you is on KC, who’s not the answer either. P.S. to Performing: Nice passing stats and Hendrix quote.

  22. By jetsfan987 on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    I wish people would stop blaming sanchez!! yes he wasnt the best qb monday nite, but it was definitly not all his fault. yes he threw the ball sooner than he had to 1/2 the time but lets look at what he was put up against. half the time he got to throw the ball were obvious throwing plays were the ravens were ready for it. thier was also some key drops like cotcherys. Sanchez can definitly lead the offense, they just have to take the reigns off him and actaully let him throw more than just on third downs whens its obvious and the D is ready for it!!

  23. By Steve on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Nah…I don’t buy it…….yet. This team has to put up a string of dominant wins to prove Monday was a fluke. Why? Because they have been shooting their mouths off, thats why. It is pretty quiet too on the blogesphere (Twitter) there Nick!!!

  24. By GaryC on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    looking at keller getting blasted by lewis reminds me when the jets threw 5 yard slants to Al Toon and ruined his career.remember Greg LLoyd standing over him.Sanchez and Schotty need to run laps if they throw anymore passes less than 10 yards.the jets throw flare passes to Greene which isn’t his strenght yet in exhibition season they run Mcknight up the middle when he is the one who should get the flares, screens and be split wide.

  25. By Christopher on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    All I know is if the Jets lose this game, which say what you want, but it is a MUST WIN now, then we can all dig out our paper bags we wore at the end of the Walton years, it will get that bad. I’ll hold off until I see the performance this week, but good, bad, or ugly, we must win.

  26. By MrJetGreen on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    That’s right, We gotta make sure the BIGG KATT gets his credit when due. We need the BIGG KATT to be fired up next week and put the whammy to Tommy Brady.

  27. By brady hater on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Randy do you know of any events going on before or at half time at the game sunday I can’t find any info on the web site and its my first trip to the new jets home

  28. By Randy Lange on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    brady hater, we will have our “Off the Field at the Jets-Patriots Game” preview of the fan experience for Sunday’s game up on the site as soon as we can on Thursday.

  29. By IRA on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    You are entitled to your opinion. But you need to chill out man. It was only one game. This team is not built for ground and pound right now. They have changed their way by making the changes they did with the offense. Clearly their plan was to throw more this year and now they have a problem because it looks right now has if they are afraid to get Sanchez hurt because of the the LG spot. I just can’t believe they maybe made the same mistake with the same position two times. Please lets all wait and see how these next few weeks play out. I still think they will look like a different team this week. They have to. GO JETS!!!!!

  30. By fred on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    Look I was at that game Monday & it was a pathetic performance by the off. & 3rd down defence, but my wife has not removed the laces of my shoes. I’m all to familar with past Jet teams & how they dug out from various holes to go to the playoffs but this year WILL be different. Win 3 out of 4 ea. month of the season & we are not driving anywhere in Jan . Now, of course they have their work cut out for them but if the penalty yards are reduced by 75% & the passing game contributes Something the Jets will beat the pats. Don’t be surprised if on 3rd down that Revis covers Welker & Moss is doubled

  31. By Tom from Bricktown on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    o.k. here we go. N.E. 24 JETS 13. 17-0 N.E. at half
    Sanchez 6-17 91 yds. Brunnell 9-20 121 yds 1 TD 2 int
    Brady 19-25 295 1 TD 1 PICK
    Tomlinson,Greene,combined 18-65yds no fumbles.WOW
    Injuries; none, no effort no injuries
    penalties; 9-90 yds,
    how are those $10.00 ham and cheese sandwiches.
    J E T S jets, jets, jets

  32. By Mike Jet Vet on Sep 15, 2010 | Reply

    CONT. Tom 64 my freind just a follow up to my last comment Both defences on the feild # 1 and 2 in the league may I add monday night inspired and designed by this man you plus others mock as a big mouth you know me I don’t give quarter to any player coach owner unless I BELIEVE HIS WORTH charactor morals Etc.THIS MAN IS THE BEST AT WHAT HE DOES and proves it year in and year out..if anyone can prove different lets hear it the man has guts .. like his players will tell you if ever they were in a fight Rex is their man thats respect earned not imagined

  33. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 16, 2010 | Reply

    Ira, you show a pattern of making generalized excuses for specific problems. “It was only one game” — no, it was, like all games this year and many last year, another one in which we had absolutely nothing on O. “This team is not built for ground and pound right now” — evasive talk that dances around the question of why ANY team that claims to have any running game at all can’t or won’t run the ball in the red zone, going back to that second MIA game last year. “…they are afraid to get Sanchez hurt because of the LG spot” — you could say a similar thing about any team that’s starting a rookie. (Isn’t McCourty starting for the Pats? I wonder if we’ll throw at him, or throw at all?) I’m a moderate voice compared to people who want to cut McKnight, bench Wilson, or wanted to trade Revis ASAP. All I want is for the offense to make the effort to play like they’re in the NFL circa 1970 or face the consequences in 2011. We all saw this coming in the pre-season and you might remember me saying that the starting O should’ve played in the 4th exhib game because it had shown zero so far. Schotty should’ve been fired last year over the weak O but wasn’t, maybe because he and Rex were too busy predicting a 15-1 season. So it’s not wrong for people to start demanding that the O, and the people who coach it, show up this year. I also said that “Hard Knocks” was a huge mistake, which should be obvious to all by now. I doubt that you or anyone else expected to read reports that Rex had “lost control of the team” after a hugely embarrassing season opener.

  34. By Otis R. Needleman on Sep 16, 2010 | Reply

    Hey, folks, cut Rex some slack. Believe Rex’s talk about the Super Bowl was his way of motivating the troops. If you don’t aim for a lofty goal, why try anything at all? Having said that, the offense really does need to ramp it up quickly, because the defense can’t be on the field the entire game, and the defense shouldn’t be relied upon to score points. GO JETS!

  35. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 16, 2010 | Reply

    I’m with you on no quarter, MJV, and I’m giving Rex none on offense, this same problem cost us big time last year. Like I said, I already wanted Schotty gone last year and I still don’t understand why Rex didn’t bring in his own OC in the off-season, it’s not as if Schotty has this stellar record with respect to Jets QBs or the Jets putting points on the board. Frankly, he’s just about the biggest recipient of nepotism in the NFL that I’ve ever seen, from the way Rex fawns over him to the way he’s treated by the press. So I have to wonder if Rex even has a clue about O, so far it doesn’t look like it. He may just be the best on D and the worst on O.

  36. By RyGuy on Sep 16, 2010 | Reply

    I did not enjoy screaming at the tv watching kyle wilson and cromartie get eaten up with mental mistakes, and penalties that easily couldve been avoided, they need to be disciplined. If these corners dont step up their game, it will be a long long season.

  37. By Christopher on Sep 16, 2010 | Reply

    RyGuy, I’m with you on the discipline, but fact is those mistakes all fall back on Rex, and Jets management. 1, if they got the Revis deal done earlier, he is in camp and Revis is covering Boldin. If that had happened I firmly believe the Jets win. I know Westhoff was firm in their decision to block the field goal that led to a running into the kicker penalty, but when you have a 6 point lead, the worst thing that could happen is the opponent scores a TD and takes that 1 point lead (assuming they make the extra point). When the opponent decides to go for a field goal and only cut the lead in half, it is a better result.

    Think about it (at the end of the game, say 5 minutes or less), if the score is 6-0 and you need to score to win, if it happens you lose by 1, but if the score is 6-3, they may more or less play for the FG and take it to overtime.

    There was NO reason to try to block that kick. That play doesn’t get called, and the score went to 6-3, maybe the Jets win. I say maybe because at the end of the game, Baltimore plays it differently and probably kicks a FG to tie it up. We’ll never know, but the “secret weapon” Westoff was so giddy about totally backfired because, AGAIN, the playcalling was inappropriate for the game situation.

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