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Ryan Already Looking Ahead to Pats on Dec. 6

Posted by Eric Allen on November 26, 2010 – 2:40 pm

As far as regular-season games go, next week’s Jets-Patriots clash up in Foxboro, Mass., will be about as big as it gets.

“It’s the marquee game of the year. Both teams are 9-2. It’s not going to get much bigger than that, and the fact that it’s a divisional game,” said Jets head coach Rex Ryan on a conference call with reporters this morning. “I guess the only way it could be better is if it was the last game of the regular season, but this is pretty good right here. Obviously the team that wins is going to have to play fantastic and we’re just hoping it’s us.”

The only other team in the NFL with two losses is the Atlanta Falcons and neither of these teams has to worry about the Birds now or perhaps at any point in 2011. The Ravens and Steelers are both are 7-3 while the Jaguars, Colts and Chiefs own 6-4 marks. And they all are looking up at the AFC East’s best.

“It’s going to be, in my opinion, the best two teams in football that are going to be squaring off against each other and we’ll see what happens on the field,” said Ryan, who also indicated there is “a good possibility” that WR Jerricho Cotchery (groin) and CBs Marquice Cole (hamstring) and Dwight Lowery (concussion) will return to action in Week 13.

While the eventual winner of the AFCE will most likely secure one of the top two seeds for the postseason and earn a bye, the division runnerup is staring at a fifth seed and a trip to the AFC South or AFC West winner on wild-card weekend.

The Jets have won eight straight regular-season games away from home and their last loss came to the Pats in Foxboro on Nov. 22, 2009. In the worst Jets outing of the Ryan era, shaky rookie QB Mark Sanchez had five turnovers while Tom Brady carved up the Green & White secondary for 310 yards and Wes Welker had 15 receptions for 192 yards.

“That was a brutal performance — not just by Mark but our defense. We couldn’t stop a nosebleed with our defense in the first half of that game either,” said Ryan. “It was bad on a lot of accounts, but we know Mark is a totally different guy. He has a great command of our offense and he does a great job of recognizing coverages.

“Now with Bill Belichick, a lot of times you can prepare for certain things and still not get it. He is a very multiple guy on defense and we are going to be challenged like crazy by him.”

On the other side of the ledger, the Patriots’ offense is a buzzsaw right now as they’re averaging 30 points a contest. Former Jet Danny Woodhead is performing well, but the Pats’ story starts with Brady.

“I’ve got a ton of respect for Danny Woodhead. I’ve always thought that he was a terrific player, but I think the main guy you have to game-plan is Tom Brady. That’s the guy,” said Ryan of the future Hall of Famer completing 66 percent of his passes with 23 TDs and four INTs. “Danny’s doing a great job. Brady’s smart, he’ll throw it to open receivers, and we have to do a great job of stopping all of their weapons. Woodhead is clearly doing a great job and the other kid with all the names [BenJarvus Green-Ellis] is running the ball pretty well also.”

But the Jets, who held the Patriots to 14 points in their Week 2 win, are yielding just 17 points a game and they statistically just played their best game of the season in the Thanksgiving triumph over the Bengals.

“If this group communicates and we don’t have mental mistakes, then we’re going to be tough for anybody to move the ball against,” Ryan said of the unit that tallied three sacks and two interceptions against Cincinnati. “I understand New England is moving it up and down the field against everybody, but we’ll see. I have confidence that won’t be the case this week.”

Referring to Belichick as “the best coach” in football, Ryan is already geared up for the matchup that is 10 days away. It should be noted that he owns a 2-1 mark against Belichick since taking over and the Jets advanced further in the postseason last year than the Patriots. But the Jets boss wants a Super Bowl and we’re going to find out a lot about them on Dec. 6.

Nobody can question whether the Jets are a good football team. But if they go up to New England and end the Pats’ 25-game regular-season home win streak, little question will remain who’s the best team in the division and the favorite to represent the AFC in Dallas.

“We have the same record and we beat them once. I don’t know if we’re looked at in that light, but that’s OK because the great thing is we get to prove it on Monday Night Football in their place,” he said. “We’ll see. I know I feel confident in this football team, I know everybody in our locker room believes we’ll win.”

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100 Responses to “Ryan Already Looking Ahead to Pats on Dec. 6”

  1. By davetharave on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Eric, it is no longer a question of IF .. Brad Smith MUST be on the field for more snaps. His presence makes the defense have to plan for any and all uses of his DIVERSE arsenal, and his SKILLS are now in the range of GAME ALTERING. He can run, catch and throw . . I will say it here, he may be the KEY element to putting this team over the top for a SUPER BOWL RUN !!

  2. By IRA on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    This is going to be a great game. Sure the Pats and Brady are clicking but the Jets just came off of their best half of defensive play all year. These games are usually classic. I really would put AC on Hernandez. Maybe even Revis at times. But like these past few games going back to 06 when the Jets have success and win they were able to rattle Brady and it will take the same this coming Monday Night.

  3. By IRA on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    EA, Correct me if i am wrong but i believe Brady’s last regular season homes loss was aginst Chad and the Jets in 06?

  4. By Randy Lange on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Ira, that’s correct.

  5. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    This is it Fellas …..This is ALI vs. Frazier …..THIS IS OUR YEAR …..THIS IS OUR TIME …..This Chance , is what we have EARNED …. NOW GO OUT TO GILLETTE STADIUM AND TAKE IT ……..TAKE IT .

  6. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    We win this week , that momentum will carry us to Pittsburgh ,…. and then The Superbowl .

  7. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Freudian slip,….., in that article ,… when you say …..Triumph over The Patriots…..

  8. By charliejet on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Poise, execution, and no penalties. GO JETS J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS.

  9. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t know about you, but , I’m pretty d@mn sick of hearing how good The Patriots are…..

  10. By dan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    New England will be in for a big surprise they have only seen a taste of what our offense can do and thats air it out my hats off to the Pats but you will be watching us in dallas loud and proud

  11. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    We Absolutely have got to get out to an Early lead …..Take the crowd out of the game …….Then we can start pinning our ears back on Defense ….and Attack Brady …Attack him some more ….And then even more ….Jam those recievers off the line …..Don’t let him have that crappy little quick slant ……I would love to see us drop a 40 Burger on them at home .

  12. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Would love to see some Jets no huddle in the first quarter….. hurry up to the line ….don’t let Bellichek send subs in on defense ….Get them back on their heels …. Attack …..

  13. By 37 year fan on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Attack them where they are unprepared ,…..Appear where unexpected……

  14. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hope the players are as ready for this game as Rex he will fire them up if Brady and the Pats win this game it will be from bad officiating stupid penalties missed FGs dropped passes .. I believe they learned from the 2 previous come back wins in OT and then last 10 seconds game you guys don’t relize the important of that expeience ..short of brady scoring 20 or 30 in the 1st Quarter don’t see them taking us GO JETS

  15. By jim on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    brady killer jets jets jetssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  16. By Westcoast GangGreen on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    WOW !! 37year fan, i feel you excitement in your posts. What JET fan cant be pumped up for this one. Sick of all the PAT talk, it’s the our time GO… JETS..

  17. By Guido911 on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Is there any word on the Jets looking for a new kicker?????

  18. By Matt on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully the Jets can go off on a pathetic Pats defense. I think the Jets have won a lot of close games because they just haven’t opened up the playbook all the way. The Jets are going to uncork an offensive juggernaut of Monday night.

  19. By charliejet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    I’m sure Rex must have called his brother Rob in Cleveland after that 34-14 shellacking for any tips or game films or whatever………. After losing to the Ryan bothers defenses both teams Jets and Cleveland used finesse (ON DEFENSE) mixing in blitzes on various downs often flooding the defensive backfield with crazy coverages. Mangini was actually pulling defensive lineman off the line to stuff NE’s cross routes and slants or crossing patterns and it worked often confusing Brady.Jets did NOT blitz that much against NE earlier this year often picking and choosing thier blitzes. There is more than one way to beat Brady CONFUSE then throw some disguised blitzes and on occasion throw the whole kitchen sink at him.

  20. By charliejet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    As diversified and good as he is…..Brad Smith is NOT the answer to the Jets for this game or any game. Not taking anything away from Brad but some fans are putting all their eggs in one basket. One player alone will not carry this team. Forget 2006, 2008 that was then – this is now. Correct me if I’m wrong but Detroit had over 400 total yards against NE’s defense – is that right? NE defense is suspect and I think we can have good solid game against them. More so than when NE plays against our defense. If it is a low scoring game say 17-14, 14-10 something like that we take it. High scoring shootout? Sanchez is not quit there yet and Brady’s experience kicks in plus the home field doesn’t help us too much.GO JETS! BEAT NE.

  21. By charliejet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Poise, Execution, No mistakes, Red zone walk away with 7 points NOT 3.

    We will be alright.

    ONE………..GAME……….. AT………..A………….TIME


  22. By charliejet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Danny Woodhead is fast, fleeting – low to the ground no doubt. Blow on him and he falls to the ground.


  23. By coat on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    this game all ready has me all riled up it is HUGE –it’s gonna be a long week of waiting for us Randy and company please give us as much material as possible we’re gonna be starved for it –this is one of those games where statements are made and attention is grabbed, if you come out of this a winner you are the team to beat—–LETS DO THIS

  24. By Randy Lange on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    coat, we will do our best.

  25. By Jets_Overrated on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Jets are a solid team but overrated. Aside from beating the Pats in NY early in the year when the Pats had Moss (who hurt the team more than helped), who have the Jets beat??? Whereas the Pats have beating some of the best teams this year and on the road.

    I’ll take Brady over Sanchez any day. The Jets are in for a rude awakening.

  26. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Well, those of us who’ve been saying that we draft for S next year — and I believe that includes Frank, scjoe, and several others — are certainly being proven right by this game’s match-ups. With something big on the line, we seem to finally be admitting that Leonhard is too small for some of the primary duties of his position. Of course, saying anything against Leonhard is like saying something against Woodhead for some on this site, so I’ll balance it out: I don’t really think Leonhard, Pool, or E Smith are all that great at S and I’m not expecting 2 of them to be starting next year. One of them might even be gone if our pass D doesn’t improve enough to get us deep into the playoffs.

  27. By lawrence biviano on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    This game will be the calling card for the Jets. Win and it sets it all up for where they’re going. All is not lost if they don’t, but they indeed will win, as the Pats d is nearly non existent vs a good offensive team, and will have trouble stopping our run, and hopefully Shotty will have a good game plan.
    Our D, really showed their best all year in 2nd half vs Cincy. We’ll be coming on strong at Brady. Secondary coverage will force Brady to hold on to the ball a lil’ more than he’d like. I can see many dump-offs, but it won’t be enough. The Pats will be the ones making the mistakes as they’ll get frustrated.
    Jets 37, Pats 20. Book it.

  28. By Daniel Keiderling on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    I think if we would put Revis on Welker and AC on Branch or maybe sometimes Hernandez. Then i think we could stop the rest of the teams passing game with Wilson and our safeties. Then to stop there rushing attack we should just play like we have all year and i think we could shut it down and then throw in some blitz packages and we can stop them!!! For offense we should use Brad Smith more and also throw more to Holmes who can make there young corners pay!! I think if we get out to a fast start maybe no huddle for a bit we can win this one because whoever wins this one basically has the division!!! I think it will be close but WE WILL WIN.
    what would you think?

  29. By charliejet on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    JUST HAVING FUN WITH THIS – But picture the JETS coming out like OREGON with the”hurry -up game”. No time in between plays just GO! GO! GO! the entire game.
    TOTAL CONFUSION on N.E. anyway like I said just having fun.

    GO JETS!!!


  30. By PAjetsfan on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Two key things we need to do to win against the Pats:
    1. Increase our touchdown production by improving in red zone situations and taking better advantage of good field position.

    2. Like the first game we played against them, defensive pressure, our pass rushers need to be explosive and I have a good feeling they will.

    We do those two things and we will control the game, GO JETS!!!

  31. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    BB having 10 days to prep.and come up with a gameplan is a little scary,I still think the only way we take it is to have a rushing attack like we havent seen yet this year,I know NE is formidable against the run and not the pass,but if we can pound on em and own the T.o.P,remember without moss they dont go deep downfield (unless thier is blown coverage)so they are back to dinking & dunking more time consuming Off.so if we can run the ball and score Td’s in the red zone this will make them have to advert out of thier plan,which will have Brady holding onto it longer and playing into our D’s hands,if we play mistake free and not have to play the Refs as well which is a BIG IF our talent should win out.Sp.teams will also play a huge role..

  32. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Im concerned about Folk not only on the Fg att’s but his kickoffs were terrible Vs Cinci,giving the opp. a running start from the 15-20 in this game v ne will be hazardous,we need to make them have to go 70-80 yrds to score on our D,Shayne graham is not Gostowski so if a drive of thiers just stalls or we get them to kick a FG,he struggles from 40 and beyond,so get ready to see BB go for it on 4th down numerous times if they are around the 35-30 yard lines,making them uncomfortable is the key.Having Lowery back will be huge as well so Smith or Pool wont have to be manned up as much on the Te’s.I dont see them blitzing much,so Mark should have time its all going to depend on him finding the wr that finds the soft spot in thier mixed zones.

  33. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Im not into trying to predict a winner or score for this one,it will be the Jets toughest test of the yr.with them playing well and being at home where they just dont lose 25 in row..Wow.with us not being able to string together complete games is a very scary factor in this one.I think that should be a major focus in these 10days of prep.finding a way to do just that getting all 3 phases firing at the same time ,we were close v Houston,till 4th qtr collapse,If we can we will win,not saying we cant win if we dont ,but our chances become real slim there not going to give us a thing Brady has only thrown like 4 ints and the 2 backs dont cough it up
    I know they’ll be ready,so we must be to,I think we will.

  34. By jay on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Last time Pats lost at home was against Farve and the Jets, two years ago.

  35. By Jets John on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    As a fan in the UK I’ve been up at all hours watching every Jets game this year and wow, it’s been frustrating but ultimately rewarding. I loved, LOVED beating those smug ****s earlier in the season and NEED us to win this one too. I HATE the Pats. Just hate them.

    I think we need to be careful when blitzing, as much as I hate to say it, Brady’s a great QB and will find a way to get the pass off. We might always hold them to 5 yards per completion but that’s all they need. We need to take Welker out of the game, give him to Revis and force them to go deep. By that time the rush should be smashing Bradys smug face in.

  36. By davetharave on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Rex .. wanna win this game ?? Get Brad Smith on the field for more plays. This guy is hitting his peak right now and gives defenses a headache trying to figure out 1) how to cover him while trying to cover all the other Jet offensive weapons and 2) what possible trick play might be coming because he is on the field. Charliejet . . Brad Smith can ABSOLUTELY be the difference maker now and in the playoffs . . running, catching, throwing. Diverting attention from Holmes, Edwards, LT and Keller . . . running back kicks. Hell, he’s such a great athlete I’d put him in the secondary as well. I think Rex and the crew know this and are coming up with more schemes for 12/6 that include Brad. I say .. we want more BS !!

  37. By Ray on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    ’64 Tom, let me be one of those that chimes in on Leonhard’s side. First I don’t think if we had the proper safety across from him, his duties would be more in line with his capabilities. But because Pool is not doing his job as well as he should, Leonhard is trying to pick up the slack and he’s not good enough for that. And now we are going to add Smith to the mix? He’s a clone of Leonhard and two Leonhard’s back there = trouble. Smith against Watson was a disaster and NE’s TEs are not Cincy’s. Smith and Leonhard do way more than just play safety, so that makes Pool the odd man out.

  38. By IRA on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    So the SpyGate story lives just int time for the Jets/Pats game this week. An employee of the Broncos was busted today for video taping a portion of the 49er’s practice while in London prior tho their game between each other.Oh btw its the same guy that taped the Jets game in 06 at the Meadowlands. BB and most of his former workers are all the same.

  39. By jetta on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    im so ramped up over this game that i cant sleep correctly….this is the big test for us and i really believe that we will see a much more improved team in the jets…. execution and lights out in this game i cant wait…GO JETS!!!

  40. By scjoe on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    I agree about the safety position 64tom, whats worse is, this NE game is about as bad a match up for the Jets as there could be. There strength on offense (TEs, and slot receivers) is our weakness on defense, and that has a lot to do with the play of the safeties. You can only scheme so much, at some point bad match ups will beat you. For the Jets to win this game they will absolutely have to play mistake free, in all phases. As we all know, football is a game of match ups, I see positive ones for NE, not so many for the Jets. Yea, I know I will get a few of those responses like “go root for NE, or go root for the Giants, but I am only pointing out the reality of the situation. I AM a Jet fan!!

  41. By bullfrogg on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    I hope we pay off the refs this time. They usually side with the pats- (probably cuz they give’em boston baked beans before the game). Maybe some NY Strip Steak?? That should fend off about 6 absurd calls on the field. lol..

  42. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    charliejet, your clear-eyed take on Smith and Woodhead is a rare thing. Ray, I’m not all for or against Leonhard or anyone else, but no matter who’s next to him he’s not quite big enough to cover some of these WRs and TEs and tough as he is, he doesn’t seem to have the kind of awesome technique and attack that allows Revis to make up for the height difference.

  43. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Another thing I would ask you to consider about Smith and how we use him, MJV, though this is more about Schotty than BS’s talent. Yeah, he pulls off some big plays on O, plays that would easily be figured out if you tried to run ‘em five times a game. But how many times does he come in just as Sanchez has gotten us near the 50 and get nothing, completely killing momentum? Sad truth is, the Wildcat stuff as more than a change of pace is for losers, you won’t see NE, PIT, or even CHI beating us with it, much less anyone going to the SB with it. When Rex says MS is gonna be here at QB for ten years, he never adds, “But we’re gradually going to ask him to share the position with Brad Smith.”

  44. By IRA on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Smith and AC and Revis will rotate with the TE’s. Having Lowery back this week is big. He too can play a TE if they choose to go that way. I beleive in Rex and he has now 8 days to come up with a plan or two.
    Jets 31- Pats 28
    GO JETS!!!!

  45. By Kingdaddee on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Rex better start looking for a kicker….SOON!

  46. By Row on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Leonhard isn’t too small, he’s just never in the right place. I do like the one legal hit he put on the WR in the end zone. It was about the first one I’ve seen. He must learn to hit WR’s over the middle. Smith is barely adequate. It’s time to see a change. Poole, someone. What’s funny is there was no salary cap and Atogwe was a FA. Go Jets..

  47. By Ray on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hey be real here ’64 Tom… I’m in no way gonna compare Leonhard to Revis. I don’t know many CORNERBACKS who have the kind of talent that Revis has, so obviously Leonhard isn’t in that neighborhood. But what I AM saying is that Leonhard’s shortcomings are magnified by having a less than adequate FS paired with him. I didn’t know a whole hell of a lot about him when he got here, but I didn’t hear about people picking on him when he had Ed Reed back there with him. No doubt he is limited, but you think we can draft someone to step in and do all the things he does?

  48. By charliejet on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    So I guess what you are saying davetherave is that Smith would be good for 200 or more yards per game that would include guaranteed victories against NE, PITT,
    CHI, MIAMI, BUFF not to mention a couple of touchdowns (per game) and lets put him on defense too because he is good for a couple of interceptions(per game) as well. No my friend Smith is not the answer. Good smart football, mistake free and and COMMUNICATION especially in the defensive backfield will win games – not a single player.

  49. By charliejet on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    ’64 Tom – I think you and I often see this team “through the same eyes” Lord knows we have been around long enough to watch them. If I recall right Ryan said when he first came here, he was NOT that big on Eric Smith himself. But what he did like about Smith was his football intelligence and that he is familiar with all the positions in the backfield. Coaches often see things or take into consideration what we don’t. Still Smith doesn’t inspire intimidation. Nor the finesse of a Revis. But unless that pass rush picks up a bit I see a glaring hole in the intermediate to long range
    pass right in the middle of that Jet secondary. Defensive line MUST step it up a notch if we are to compete with NE.

  50. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    I didn’t say you were comparing Revis’ skills with Leonhard’s, Ray, I was just saying that a 5′ 8″ S better have the kind of skills that a 5’10” CB needs to cover guys in this league, and Leonhard doesn’t seem to have ‘em. As for drafting someone, some of the S’s drafted last year seem to be developing at a surprising pace, but that’s not the point. Sanchez might not be doing as well yet as, say, some middling vets we coulda picked up, either, but you gotta start somewhere. Slauson’s doing okay this year and should be better next year, so we were smart to bite the bullet and let Faneca go. I don’t want to be having the same conversation with you in 3 years about our S’s so sometimes you just gotta draft somebody and take a shot.

  51. By Michelle Jet Fan on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply


  52. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    No trickery by blitzing 90% loading the secondary with 8 DB’S especially with a secondary we all yes me included don’t believe can handle it will beat Brady and little they have been through to many games as big and as we all know much bigger then this one but a combination of all three can .. What is this get down on Smiths week both have played great games and contriuted I believe just as much if not more then anyone on the team E-Smith made as many or more tackles then anyone in Cincy game we know what B-Smith did guess thats why they say opinions are like (blank) everyone has them SMASH THE PATIES GO JETS

  53. By Ray on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Row what games are you watching? Why do you think Rex brought him here? Because he’s not only in the right place, but he makes sure everyone else in the backfield is also… which Rhodes couldn’t seem to grasp, thus we dumped him on AZ.

  54. By scjoe on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Ira, I don’t think we will see this happen, but I like Revis on Welker, Cro on Hernandez or Gronkowski, if both are in we go to Lowery, that will account for a large part of the NE offense, problem will be with Branch, but I think a Coleman/ Wilson combination will win that battle. But, if they can’t get a reasonable amount of pressure on Brady, none of it will matter.

  55. By Ray on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t want to be talking about a safety in 3 three years either, but if we get a better FS then I don’t think Leonhard will be an issue. If we can upgrade I’m all for it, but we could do ALOT worse than Jim Leonhard. If they waste an early pick on a safety and don’t concentrate on the DL I will not be happy. You can name anyone you want, if the DL doesn’t get better, our db’s and safeties will always struggle.

  56. By scjoe on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    64tom, I think Ray made a great point about not hearing about any Leonard shortcomings while playing in Baltimore along side of Reed, lets not forget about their pass rush while we are revisiting them as well. With me, I like his skills, I am not crazy about his size (especially for a safety) but I think if he did it in Baltimore, he should be able to do it here in a very similar system, given the right personal.

  57. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Ray and scjoe, no doubt a real pass rush would change things, and it also seems likely that Leonhard’s having to do some of Pool’s job. That said, Rex wouldn’t criticize Leonhard for anything — but he might just get rid of him some day. I hope some of you folks have noticed how Rex will praise a guy to the hilt and then cut him inexplicably, like…Woodhead. Part of what I don’t like about Rex is what seems to be his pattern of talking without thinking. MJV, gimme a break with B Smith, he’s not gonna get 53 yards on end-arounds five times a game. And I notice his name didn’t come up much on this site when we won four games in a row by way of Sanchez throwing to Holmes and Edwards, which we need to do in every quarter, not just the 4th.

  58. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    I have my thoughts on leonard same as everyone here what I believe some are missing, Rex didn’t bring him here believing he’s a great cover guy matter of fact more then likely knowing it he was bought in to teach leadership word ethic building and showing these guys what it takes in getting to a SB the Rex way..OH BTW back to my thoughts he may not be a great cover guy fastest tallest even smartest but still brings more to the table in heart guts and knowledge of the position then lots of guys out there GO JETS

  59. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    By the way, charliejet, nothing against our honorable colleagues, like MJV whom I mostly agree with but not quite on B Smith. But let me say again, only half-jokingly, that I think New Yorkers are often prone to ’60s Yankees Disease. You know that one, the team’s terrible, has no chance of going anywhere, so you just root for one or two guys (see also “Bobby Murcer Derangement Syndrome”). I don’t see it that way. I’d have no problem trading Holmes and Edwards if we got, say, Wallace and Fitzgerald. I’m not friends or family with these guys and they’re all making a fortune, so I just want the players at every position that will help us win the big one. And right now we don’t even have a full-time position for B Smith, Woodhead, and the like.

  60. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    P.S. It should really be called Late ’60s/Early ’70 Yankees Disease, though you could see it all coming in that embarrassing sweep at the hands of the Dodgers in ’63. But more seriously, some Jets fans don’t seem to have woken up to the fact that we don’t have to just root for Chad or Leon or Revis anymore, we actually have most of what we need to become a force in the NFL for years.

  61. By Tom Spicer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Ah back from vacation just in time to stop the madness SCJOE you are comical Mark throws for 331 yards & 3 TD’S & all you can do is come on this site & talk about 2 bad passes he has? Than you have the audacity to come hear & say you have issue with guys that defend Mark? Really mabye they should have issue with you & your negative NANCY CRAP!

  62. By Tom Spicer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Frank, Lets go over our history briefly time & time again I have proved that you have no idea what you are talking about & I will do it again. But first a quick recap Gholston I said would be a bust you said he would be a stud guess what BUST YOU ARE WRONG! Next McFadden I said he would be a stud you said he would be a bust. Well he is tearing up the NFL right now on a team with no QB, no WR’S, no O line, no D & a crazy person for a GM. So again YOU ARE WRONG! You said Mark was the reason we lost to the Colts LOL are you high seriously he had one of his best games vs them GET A CLUE! The fact that we had a like 14 point lead but the D gave up a TD with less than 2 mins. left in the half & than in the 2nd half couldnt STOP A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM

  63. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    My god Tom64 your so clouded with all your ridiculous comparison analysis Yankee disease BObby Murcer New York fans SOUNDS LIKE A LITTLEyou have more tales then asop lately how bout giving me a break if you actually my friend took the time to decipher my message you might just might realize its more about respect for the players then the actual player as I said many times I have no man crushes (S-H) or Favorites don’t gush for anyone just give the same respect for effort and accomplishments as I criticized those who don’t just so happens ITS been B -Smith as of late I hope that’s clears up your misunderstanding of what I’m trying to say about him or any player that helps us win not complain about giving them time got it friend .. GO JET

  64. By Tom Spicer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    DO WITH IT! Next you said Mark should have in the high 20’s in TD’S with the team that we have really? Manning 20 TD’S with Wanye & Garcon. Palmer 19 with Owens & Ochocinco. Rodgers 19 with Jennings & Driver. The MVP so far Rivers has 23. So are Braylon & Holmes both Jerry Rice in his prime? Is every top QB in the NFL underperforming? Or do you just not know what you are talking about? I will answer that for you YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Everytime Mark doesnt throw for 300 yards you come on the site & say he is getting worse. Well Steve Young, Trent Diler, Mike Golic, Boomer Esiason, The guys on NFL playbook, The guys on ESPN & the guys on NFL total network all say his is getting better. Do you know more then these guys?

  65. By Tom Spicer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Finally congrats on your 1 completion % stat hear are some stats for you. 17 & 9 as a starter 2nd best in the history of the Jets. 9 & 2 this year leading the league with the best record. Coming into this week 6th in total TD’S, 3rd least amonut of turnovers & 12 in passing yards. GO AWAY GIANT FAN GO AWAY!

  66. By Jimmer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    As Mike Jet Vet brought up earlier, penalties. We do commit so many, that even calls where there was no penalty, we get called on. We’re the poster children of playing FB the way it’s supposed to be played. But with all the hype from preseason/hbo, we have bullseyes on our backs. The Patriots have this aura that they can do no wrong. They are not a clean and perky FB team. They are just a team. But, if we get a sack, who knows what the refs will call on us to help NE? Illegal tackle?
    We get so many bad calls, I want the commish at the game with a camera on him the whole time. It’s no longer about the game, it’s about the pretty boys!

  67. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Row, do you know that with today’s STL win over DEN, Alexander is so far 9 for 168 and a TD? And that’s really only in two games, I don’t think he’s played much if at all in any others. What do you think happened here? The guy obviously has talent and deep-threat ability and only STL was willing to take a chance on him, and only then in the last days of summer. I have to wonder why back when we were screwing around with Clowney and Coles we couldn’t have at least had this guy in camp for a few days. I’ll tell you one thing, B Smith’s never had two games like that at WR!

  68. By Jimmer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Poole doesn’t seem to be an upgrade over KR, plain and simple. KR and RP are both zone players, and not much else. Not that I’m giving out any secrets, but we can’t cover a TE to save our lives. It doesn’t end there, our LB’s have an issue as well. If these 2 positions aren’t shored up in the draft or F/A, I’m not a happy guy.

  69. By Row on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Yes Ray, Rex brought Leonhard here to run/call the defense. And that’s all he’s really done. One pick this year and an unbelievable amount of tackles. The problem is he rarely ever provides safety help for the corners, and I can remember numerous plays near the goal line where he just didn’t make the tackle, surrendering the TD. There is a reason receivers tear the Jets apart in the middle of the field.
    Away from the subject. I just wanted to mention DX had a big 100 yard game today vs the Broncos.. Everyone told me I was crazy for lobbying for him to come here.
    Can’t argue with results though, Rex has done nothing but win and that’s what we want! Go Jets

  70. By IRA on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    You guys are kidding me about Leonhard. All he does is make big play after big play. I can see Revis on Welker at times maybe even most of the game. How they covered welker last year in Foxboro sure didn’t work. Rex is going to have to come up with a look that Brady and BB have not seen yet.
    If anybody would’ve told me that Woodhead would have 4 TD’s for the Pats and Greene 1 TD in August i would have told them they were nuts. Very happy for Danny and his new contract. He worked real hard and deserves it. Too bad its for the Pats. Reality is the Jets have had trouble getting everybody touches and turning their ground and pound game into a normal running attack and a 50/50 split pass/rush ratio.

  71. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    MJV, sometimes I get the feeling that you’re mostly talking about “heart” and “guts” alone in evaluating some of our players, so let’s talk about that. First of all, I believe just about anyone in the NFL has a lot of guts. Second, isn’t it possible to overrate those qualities, especially in the absence of others? Leonhard has ‘em but I think I could slip free of him on a route, he can’t cover bigger guys (and I’m only 5’11”), and it’s killing us at times. And do you only consider the “heart” of guys who need a break or more snaps, like Woodhead and B Smith? Do you really think Sanchez, for instance, doesn’t have as much heart as any Jet? And do you think it’s possible to play as great as Holmes has for years without heart? Just askin’…

  72. By IRA on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    Woodhead is a bettter fit in the Pats O sorry to say. 64 rushes for 344 yds and 3 TD’s and 24 catches for 230 yds and 1 TD. Just hope this week he is a non factor.
    After watching the Bears beat Mia earlier and then the Eagles today that game is going to be a very hard game to win in Chicago. And what about the Bills almost beating the Steelers today. You just don’t know from week to week. Thing i like about this year as a Jets fan is that you don’t have to watch the scores because we are chasing other teams. At 9-2 just keep winning your games and we will be making our on road to Dallas.
    GO JETS!!!!

  73. By Jimmer on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    To: Jets Fan Since ’64 Tom,
    Wait one minute on that Woodhead comment. If you watched “Hard Knocks” you would know Woodhead was the only guy Rex trusted with the ball in his hands. Rex wanted DW as the 3rd RB. He was forced to roster him as a WR just to keep him. But the numbers at real WR spots forced an issue above Rex. If Rex had total roster control DW would still be here, and DW does know this. We drafted a guy that DW was better than, but we’re not allowed to cut draft picks over F/A’s.
    I agreed with Rex when it happened, and it might doom us one day. If a guy can’t play for you, why keep him? Woodhead was a “Rex” guy!

  74. By IRA on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    In the Jets win over the Pats in week #2 Tate,Moss,Welker[6-38-1 TD}and Edelman all combined for 10 catches -99 yds [big key no YAC] and 2 TD’s. That is real good and they switched off on coverage a lot. I think the Pats will come out and try to establish their running game early.They have been able to run the ball better lately and BB knows the Jets will be in nickel and dime packages so he will test the Jets DL and LB’s to see if they can stop the run. This is going to be some chessmatch considering how well each team knows each other.

  75. By Ray on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    I’m with ya Tom, like I said I’m all for an upgrade, even with Leonhard who I would call one of my favorites. But until an UPGRADE shows up, not a draft pick with alot of potential, but a definite upgrade, I am more than happy with Leonhard.
    And Ex, your right Rex brought Leonhard here, not just to bring a winning attitude, but so he had a teacher on the field to direct the backs to where they should be…. which makes Row’s comment that much more ridiculous.

  76. By Smitty on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    This game will be a close one it will take an entire team effort to win. but with the team we have and I’m sure all would agree its far better than the team that last beat the pats at home, that was the 06 Jets led by one arm Chad. It may come down to one play the one we as fans have been yelling at our TV’s for all season Brad Smith passes to Mark Sanchez for the TD. Lets face it no one ever covers the guy out there. I would run the flea flicker and hit him wide open for the score!!
    Any how go JETS

  77. By Smitty on Nov 28, 2010 | Reply

    I read that we should worry about the Bears and Pitt, but I for one an happy to see them winning let them keep right on winning, I rather play a content beast than a hungry one. See its the hungry ones that find ways to win and there is no one more hungry than JET FANS, well maybe just REXY

  78. By scjoe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Spicer, I think it is you who is trying to be the stand up comic here. TWO bad passes I talk about? Are you kidding me? Two bad passes in what drive is the question. This guy has more inaccurate passes, by far, then any other QB in the league, and that has nothing to do with how long he has been playing. All you have to do is look at his completion percentage to see that, don’t take my word for it. I don’t know which games you are watching, a 6 year old can point that out. He is INACCURATE Tom. PERIOD! If you can’t admit that as being true you know absolutely nothing about the game of football.

  79. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    MJV, I was mostly joking, I don’t mean YOU’RE suffering from Bobby Murcer Derangement Syndrome. But after 42 years of mediocrity I AM RUTHLESS about keeping and cutting guys, I’d have learned nothing if I wasn’t. And I don’t think it’s Smith who won those games that Holmes dominated — speaking of which, Row, we didn’t say we shouldn’t give Alexander a shot, we just didn’t see WR as a pressing need for us and SH and BE have proven it’s not. Jimmer, TWO YEARS IN A ROW Rex raved about Woodhead and cut him days later. If he can’t control THAT roster move, he speak with forked tongue. Good for Woodhead for performing on NE in the face of that kind of treatment. I hear ya, Ray, but I think a draft pick could still work at S for us.

  80. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    And hey MJV, don’t say I never said anything nice, if also something realistic, about Smith: I notice he’s averaging more than Leon on KRs and probably more consistently, too, since Leon has the 2 long TDs and Smith only 1. So if we’d kept Leon, who’s clearly not ready to play RB again yet, and he returned kicks, what would Smith be doing for us now? Not specifically to you, MJV, but where is there room for Leon and Woodhead to return kicks when we’re breaking in Wilson on that, drafted McKnight for that, and we read that they’d like to try Cromartie at that? One mark of a good team is that some of the guys it cuts end up playing well on other teams. Overall, I think we’ve kept the right guys.

  81. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    P.S. to Spicer: No denying that McFadden seems to have found himself this year, but it’s neither fair nor accurate to say the Raiders have no WRs. Murphy is actually one of the best later-round picks they’ve made in many years and Heyward-Bey looks like a real WR this season. Both will eventually do very well when the team gets its QB situation straightened out, and Schielen has promise, too. WR, in fact, seems to be one of the few things the Raiders have gotten right lately.

  82. By David on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t know if anyone realized but the Browns slaughtered the Pats, and guess which team is very similar to the Browns but a lot better – yup, us. Both us and the Browns have great running games, awesome defenses, and I’m positive our passing game has evolved to be top ten in the league. I think we have a great opportunity because we can finally expose the Patriots for what they really are – a stupid, lame, short passing, and a bad defense having team that the media LOVES. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets for life

  83. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    scjoe..you may be right but I’ll say we need our best on welker Eldelman Hernandez and keep one eye on Woodhead gronk we can handle that leaves Branch, Cro or Revis need to cover him knowing little Bill and Brady as I do if anyone believes the run game will be their priority or affective against us for that matter I believe is only fooling themselfs..Ira is right on point about Woodhead and leonard Jimmer you as well..Tom64 finally we’re on the same page again except for you not seeing I did give them all the credit they deserved yes even your guy S-H –M-S heart and guts no doubt my problem with you was (((not)) giving any to unsung guys complaining giving them playing time its not right and unfair in my eyes thats all it was about period

  84. By IRA on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    As we all know the Jets offense has had trouble getting off to a good start in the 1st QT of games. They have scored a total of 26 pts in 11 games so far this year in the 1st QT compared to the 2nd QT 80-3rd 69 and 4th- 80. The D has only allowd 20 – 1st QT pts all year and 33 3rd QT pts. But 2nd and 4th they have given up 65 and 69. Sure coaches make adjustments and so on but the Jets must get off to better starts by putting up more pts in the 1st QT.
    Maybe this week they can jump on the Pats early.
    GO JETS!!!!

  85. By Ed in Tucson on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Time of possession is the key to victory. We need long, sustained scoring drives that produce 7 pts. The best defense is keeping Brady on the bench. Until MS can consistently hit his target. in stride, on 3rd down, I would rather give the ball to BS, who knows how to make something out of nothing.
    The Pats will probably stack the box, challenging MS to throw deep. We could burn them with an RB/WR option pass on 1st down. If, for example, BS connects with SH on a long scoring pass during our first possession, the Pats would have to lay back a bit, opening up running lanes for LT/SG. After a play like that, BS would be able to use a pump fake to momentarily freeze the D, that’s all he needs to move the chains.

  86. By jim on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    guys and girls,we need a better kicking game.the kick offs are awfull.we need to stop giving away good field position.

  87. By IRA on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    The KO’s the other night were not bad. They were kicking high and shorter to give their coverage team more time to get down and cover the kick. Scott burnt the Jets in the playoffs last year on the opening KO and had a big return early in the game. Folk does have a strong leg and thats the least of their kicking problems. I am more concerned about the 73 % FG % instead.

  88. By IRA on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Getting back to Woodhead and what a perfect fit he is for the Pats. After yesterdays games the top 50 running backs J. Charles is #1 in yds per carry at 6 yds pre carry. Who is #2 ? Woodhead at 5.4 yrs per carry.

  89. By scjoe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    There are many keys to victory in this game, but one I think that has been overlooked so far is giving Sanchez time to pass, to me he looks really scary back there in the face of a rush, especially up the middle, so I think the play of Mangold, Moore, and Slauson will be key. Ira, you are right about getting off to a slow start, and I think getting off to a fast start in this game should also be put on that growing list of “keys” I believe you can throw out all past precedence”s in this game,(home win streaks, road win streaks etc.) with the time both teams have to get ready both teams “should” be more then prepared. All things considered a Pats lose is more critical to them then a Jet loss is to us.

  90. By scjoe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    64tom, on those Oakland WRs, lets not forget Ford either. As for McFadden, how about those numbers yesterday? 8 carries for 2 yards??? Hardly a “stud” as some have mentioned.

  91. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    That works for me, MJV, there’s certainly many unsung guys on a roster this strong. And like I say, you’re gonna lose a few good guys now and then, I might be bigger on Woodhead as a Jet RB had Rex showed the slightest interest in him along those lines this year. scjoe, Sanchez may look scary in the face of a rush at times, but he’s become a pretty good scrambler in the face of our mediocre pass protection. He’s also really good on that rollout to the left and then the pass to Keller, which we don’t seem to be doing much anymore since Schotty called it on that big 3rd and 1 early in the year against NE, I think it was. (Oh sorry, the last thing Schotty needs is encouragement to pass on 3rd and 1…)

  92. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Yup, scjoe, Ford looks good for the Raiders, too. If only they could get/decide on a QB, the failure to do will probably cost Cable his job more than punching out that guy. Yesterday the whole team, including McFadden, had nothing going on. Their loss to PIT was one of those classic “separation” games that shows the Raiders aren’t playoff material, as might also be true of…the Colts?

  93. By Ray on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Row do you think maybe he provides little safety help deep because he is usually the one blitzing? And while I can remember plays of him getting beat I can also remember him making a whole bunch of plays where he DIDN’T. The problem for you Row is that you loved Rhodes and you feel Leonhard is why he isn’t here, but in reality, Rhodes is gone because he was too self centered to buy into this system.
    As for Alexander, ’64 Tom said it all… he’s been in the injured list far more than he’s been on the field and that will be the story of his whole career. Teams don’t want to invest time and money in those guys (ala Kevin Basped).

  94. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Ray, your memory appears to be astounding, last summer Alexander’s history of injuries is exactly what I said to Row and even I didn’t remember that until I read your post just now. Given that we had AA coming off an injury and Clowney fighting to make the team, I guess we didn’t want to try out any more WRs. In general we don’t seem at the moment to be too interested in guys who are needing longer periods to recover from injuries (Leon, Basped), which is one reason I’m sure Jenks will be gone. Don’t be surprised if Pace is, too, if he doesn’t finish the year strong, pass rushers are obviously what we need most next year.

  95. By Tom Spicer on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    scjoe, He had a bad game & still averages 122 total yards per game good for 3rd best in the NFL. YEA OK!

  96. By scjoe on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Spicer, OH, he had a bad game, and you pointed that out, you know, just like I do with certain players at certain times, usually after they have a “bad game” so what makes you so different then me? Yea, OK!

  97. By Fit2Lead on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    N.E Defense is a joke. Holmes did not play the 1st game. McCourty and Arrington cannot cover Holmes. Keller will have a bigger game then the 1st game because Holmes and Edwards will stretch the field for him. N.E. wide receiver doesn’t strike fear into me; their big strike guy is gone (Moss). If I were the Jets I would keep Revis and Cromartie inside. I think you can place Coleman and Lowery out wide with safety help.

  98. By Gmany3k on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    Snow on game day its going to be ground & pound with a a few sprinkles of TD’s Tp J-co ,Holmes and Keller . with smith throwing it to Edwards .

  99. By Daniel Keiderling on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets should get Jeff Reed, Matt Stover, or mabey John Carney instead of Nick Folk! GO JETS!!!!!!!!

  100. By Jets John on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    There’s a lot of talk about our defense here and rightly so, it’s important to stop Brady but I think the key to this game will be our offense. NE have looked shaky against a lot of teams this year and if we can move the ball well like we have done occasionally then I think we’ll win regardless of what Brady does. What I’m worried about is having another one of those games where we only get first downs for five mins of the second quarter. We NEED to hold onto it and move it down the field, even if it’s just for FGs at times.

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