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Ihedigbo (Knee, Ankle) Uncertain; Coles to Depart

Posted by Eric Allen on December 7, 2010 – 3:46 pm

Laveranues Coles’ return to the Jets was short, James Ihedigbo might be out for a while and Nick Folk isn’t going anywhere. That was the news Rex Ryan delivered today to the media as the Jets began to move forward following their 45-3 loss to the Patriots Monday night in Foxboro, Mass.

Coles, who was released this summer after attempting a Green & White comeback, officially signed a contract on Saturday and traveled with the team to New England. He was inactive for the Jets’ divisional clash and Ihedigbo’s health status means it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be released.

“We lost a Jet [S Jim Leonhard] and I wanted to bring a Jet in at that time,” said Ryan of the weekend addition of the 32-year-old Coles. “I would have liked to have had LC here. But now we’re going to have to let him go because of the fact our safety situation is the way it is. The uncertainty of Dig being out, we’ll probably have to bring a safety in.”

After losing Leonhard in Friday’s practice to a season-ending fractured tibia, the Jets’ safety numbers continued to diminish in Week 13 because the hard-hitting Ihedigbo injured both his MCL and ankle on a long Patriots pass play midway through the third quarter.

”Obviously you don’t feel real good about it, but I don’t know the extent [of the injury] right now,” said Ryan as Ihedigbo was to get an MRI to determine his condition.

The 6’1”, 214-pound Ihedigbo has racked up three sacks this season and he is one of Mike Westhoff’s most valuable performers. His 22 special-teams stops rank second on the club and he paced the Jets with 26 ST tackles in 2009.

Folk, who badly mis-hit a 53-yard field goal in the opening quarter against the Pats, will remain the Jets’ kicker heading into Week 14. Folk has now converted on 72 percent of his field goal attempts (23 of 32) this season but has hit on just seven of his past 13 overall.

“You always get the spot where you feel comfortable that he can make the kick. He never missed a kick in warmups,” said Ryan, who also called Folk “our guy.” Folk actually nailed a 58-yarder into that same end in pregame.

“Was that a long field goal? Absolutely. We did think we had the wind at our back. You know, he just mis-hit it. We’re obviously not going to attempt a kick we don’t think we’re going a make.”

The 9-3 Jets have a short week to get the Patriots loss behind them as they’re still very much in the race for a division title and they’re also on the inside track for a playoff berth.

“Everything we talked about is still attainable. We have a quarter of our season left. So we’re far from pressing the panic button,” said Ryan. “Did we play terrible? Absolutely. Was it the worst performance I’ve ever been around? Yup, sure was. You have to give the opponents credit. They went out and earned it. They did everything right — everything.”

The 6-6 Dolphins will be in town Sunday as the Jets look to sweep their division rivals and move to 4-1 in the AFCE.

“They’re coming in here with slim playoff chances. They’ve got to beat us,” Ryan said. “It’s as simple as that. Right now we’re three games up on them with a win over them. You guys know better than I do — I’m not good in playoff scenarios. But I know one thing: We’re going to get their best shot.”

The Jets are now 1-3 against teams with over-.500 records and they’re 8-0 against clubs either at .500, such as Miami, or below.

“As long as I’ve been in the league, they always say you win the games you’re supposed to win and you split with the really good teams. That generally will get you — it’s a formula  — to win 12 games. That’s always been a formula,” said Ryan.

The Jets still have a shot at 12 or even 13 wins, but they have to get to No. 10 first against the Dolphins.

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53 Responses to “Ihedigbo (Knee, Ankle) Uncertain; Coles to Depart”

  1. By Doug aka BIGD on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    im so disgusted

  2. By Carmine Vincent on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What a tough loss but were still a 9-3 team. They need to get back to the running game and how bout giving speedy Joe McKnight some more playing time!! Leon Washington was traded for his draft pick. We need a fast Woodhead type player on offense to go with L.T and the bulldozing Shonn Greene. Im tired of defending the Jets in nfl.com forums now lol Everyone is acting like were 0-12

  3. By rc on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Seems like it’s starting to come apart…
    problems at safety… Coles is in then he’s out….
    It’s not looking good……. nobody looked like they were supposed to be there (in New England) last night….
    Let’s face it, the teams they beat weren’t really that good…
    Sure they beat New England earlier, but that was the second game of the season the Pats have had a few changes since then…..

  4. By rc on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe Belichick will take Coles….

  5. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Eric, what’s this “mis-hit” stuff? That’s the most dishonest euphemism I’ve heard since “jobs saved or created.” Carmine, nice one on McKnight, even if MJV will have me arrested for saying his name without spitting. Fact is we have no idea how he’d do if he actually played but I doubt he’d fumble every game and he sure looks fast. Clearly this team isn’t interested in 3rd RBs whether they’re named Woodhead or McKnight. And by the way, Leon’s 20 for 64 on SEA, which went out and got another premier RB rather than keep using him in the backfield. Since we currently have in Smith the best KR in the NFL, I don’t think we lost too much when we let Leon go. Not this year, anyway, and as we all know, the brass decided this is an SB-or-bust year.

  6. By Row on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Diggs is a big loss, especially if he’s not coming back. I really enjoyed his “pop.” There are few I’ve seen besides Elam that would just go out there and knock some heads. I really thought Pryce was the new NT after the safety, but we have no answer up the middle against the run. I think the Pats watched the film on the Jet secondary and made it work. I am eager to see what happens this week. Go Jets

  7. By 37 year fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Randy , ….Any chance you could add online grief counsellors to the new web site for Jets Fans ?

  8. By Frank on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Last year defense made up for sanchez deficiencies. This year defense not as good, sanchez still not either. Spells trouble! This is the core issue. He cant read defenses, plays too fast, and makes terrible decisions. Its unfortunate because offensively we have a world of talent we just dont have the point man. Back to ground n pound play action with one read. We,ll see were that can take us

  9. By harry-o on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    so the jets haven’t beat a good team since their first win. with that said, they win over the fins and bills and loose to the bears and steelers down the stretch. so …. they finish 11-5 is that so bad.
    the pats probably finsh 14-2 anyway. the post season is where the jets will make their mark again.

  10. By CincyJetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Look on the upside Jets fans… The Patriots just showed off their offensive gameplan in “the game of the year”… I wonder what the Bears & Packers (statistically 2 of the best scoring defenses in the NFL) have in store for the Patriots after they exposed their offense in a big way? And what will the Jets coaching staff take from the next 2 Patriots games? A lot more than the Patriots will get out of their massacre! In a way… I look at it as Ryan just played Belicheck at his own game. Remember the 2007 Patriots? How dominant they were… beating the Giants in the regular season to go 16-0… then losing to that same New York team in the Super Bowl? Looks very reminiscent this year!

  11. By Marcus on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Any Jet fan saying they aren’t nervous at the prospect of a 9 and 7 collapse has not been paying attention for the last 30 years. I welcome a lockout next year, we deserve a year without the heartache.

  12. By the real t.o. on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    im hurt bad by last night but i agree with CINCYJETS FAN….i figure 11-5 at worst….but trust in rex guys….hes turned this team around alot more seriously than what we need right now.WE COULDNT BEAT SENECA WALLACE AND SEATTLE!!!!..ANND.what if chicago dont take the game seriously if they lock their division too? bills will try to kill us but maybe the bears will take plays off to get ready for the playoffs and we pull 12-4 too….so many things can happen. people are cut everyday from squads and rex and tannenbaum can figure it out personnel wise…

  13. By the real t.o. on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    by seneca wallace and seattle, i mean the year BEFORE rex btw. we re gonna be hard to handle even if this aint our year…things have certainly looked up and the guard will change…its hard to sweep a HOF coach and QB. but in the playoffs…anything goes….and cincy jet fans right…..think of what we can learn from this game…..we needed our butts handed to us to wake up and realize the D aint as good as last years by long shot and sanchez has gotta stop rushing himself…he looked like a deer in the headlights after his jaw got rocked…but hes gonna be great…its only year 2 for him. he needed this like he needed it last year to be sharp for playoff time… i believe still….and I STILL LOATHE THE PATS AND BOSTON!!! MORE THAN EVER!!

  14. By jet80 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Agree with a lot of people on here. Rex talks soo highly of the D but they havent done much this year,Offense has been winning us these games besides this last one. No pressure to the QB at all unless we get lucky with a blitz once in awhile.that worked last year and now teams have it figured out. No talent off the edge,and Super star revis is just looking ok. AC had a bad game and safety was a concern before the season started.Jim was are best and was limited in ability what does that say?and digs out will be huge.smith is so inconsistant,he and the secondary besides Revis doesnt know how to hold on to a INT. Is wilson that bad already?Lets hope maybe Lowery can show up big at safety. And why havent we signed Chauncey back.will need him

  15. By scjoe on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Great point by Rex in his presser. Remember the 85 Bears going down to Miami undefeated and getting blown out by the fish? Well, guess what? That was their only defeat of the year and they went on to win the SB and won it big, against guess who by the way?? Our own lovable pats! So, that should give all of us who are feeling so down right about now a little encouragement. If that ain’t enough consider this, it is a copy cat league and I am sure teams took a good look at last nights blooper of a game, but problem is, the 4 remaining teams on the schedule do not have the QB, the TEs or the WRs to come even close to what NE did.

  16. By scjoe on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    point well taken harry-0 if the Jets win only 2 of the last 4 and preferably those 2 being Miami (at home) and Buffalo (at home) that should easily make them the 5 seed. Not quite where they wanted to be, but take a look back at their recent history, all 3 losses after long lay offs (season opener, after bye week, and after Thurs-to following Sunday game) not to mention the fact they play better on the road then they “normally” do at home, Monday nights debacle notwithstanding! So, lets everybody get back on the same page, get behind our Jets, who ALL of us would ever abandon regardless of what we say after an ugly loss.

  17. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Yeah Right Cincy Jet fan then the alarm clock rang let me get some of what your taking

  18. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Where ya been, Row, rooting for Alexander and the Rams? At least Bradford comes out swinging (and throwing) most of the time, I’ll say that. I agree with you completely about “no answer up the middle against the run” but that’s an understatement, I don’t get why our D line gets blown out so totally so often. This was already bad when QBs like Fitzpatrick and McCoy ran for lots of yards on us but now it’s just ridiculous. As for lightening LT’s load, Row, it’s hard to tell from where we sit if he’s slowing down or not and remember, he’s never been all that healthy in December. But don’t worry, we’ll let him or just about anybody else go in ’11 if we limp into the playoffs and lose much less fail to get in. Nature of the beast in today’s NFL.

  19. By Ed on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    What a collapse! here’s my take of the Jets season so far, can we agree that the defense has played slightly above average this season? yes, Could’ve been better if they had a pass rusher. How about the offense? in my opinion the Jets weakness lies with the offense. I hate to say this cause I like Schotty but, it’s obvious, he is not ready for that position. The Jets have an incredible offensive roster yet they have had a hard time scoring against teams this season. Patriots are ranked 32 in defense and the Jets can only score 3 points. Schottys play calling and plays in general does not coincide with the talent on the team. they need to revamp the whole offensive playbook, or bye bye Super Bowl.

  20. By Ed on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    To follow up my previous post, why didn’t they go deep often having Holmes and Edwards?? even if you throw an interception, you spread the defense and have the Pats worried about getting burned deep allowing the run to work. The first deep ball thrown came in the 3rd qtr. to Edwards which was underthrown and intercepted. Why did’nt they continue to run more often, the Pats could’nt stop the run, only those called down the middle. Schottys play calling is predictable. You got to give the Pats credit, they know how to draft players, RIGHT NOW, Devin McCourty is making kyle wilson look like Vernon Gholston.

  21. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Did anybody read the story about Holmes addressing the team after the game and saying that to be a champion you have to absorb these kinds of losses? That sounds like leadership to me, usually after a game like that no one wants to say a thing. If these are the “high-priced players” that you’re always griping about, MJV, I think you might open your mind a little. First of all some of them, like Holmes, deserve their price and we’d be nuts not to pay them it next year. But I also don’t know where you and others get the idea that the only good guys on a team always have to be undersized free agents or walk-ons with “heart,” “desire,” etc.. You still need a few guys with championship-caliber skills and if they’re leaders as well, even better.

  22. By Brad on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    is it me or is it always the downfall of the jets to have mediocracy in the qb position for the last decade..let compare sanchez to the rest of the team.The defense has been solidly formittable this season again, letting up 45 points not so great but when your offense fails to put points on the board no one wants to go out there and play..all im saying is when both sides of this team play you can win games, that so called “resiliency” was not an option monday night because sanchez is a total flop, hes comfortable in a no huddle situation because he thinks it will give him a better chance on one set def, which obviously shows his lack of ability to read a def, if he doesnt shape up by the end of this season, i think he is hopeless.

  23. By IRA on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Randy, I would really like to know how the Jets feel about their business partners the Giants and them allowing the Fish come in early this week so they can practice in the cold to get ready for the Jets this Sunday? Its not Super Bowl week. If the Fish want to come East let them find their own practice field at some hig school. Not the Giants practice facilty. If i were Woody i would be livid with the Giants.

  24. By IRA on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I would be shocked if Digs plays this week. I just hope he is not out for the next 2-4 weeks. This is another big loss. Down 2 safties know the Jets will sign E. Cook who was an ok ST player during camp. He is a hard hitter but this is a huge dropoff especially since Digs was starting to get more time in passing situations. With a secondary that has been shakey all season now down 2 players everybody is going to have to step up their game.
    As for that 53 yd FG attempt on Monday Night. I was against it and Rex shouldve known what happens when you give a QB like Brady a short field. He made the same mistake in Indy last year when he had Feely try a long FG and he gave Manning a short field.PLus kicking 3′s against those guys are is not good.

  25. By Nyjetsjon on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Just curious… Why don’t the Jets have any interest in signing Ken Hamlin?

  26. By Fish Hunters on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I’d second that IRA. Woody needs to have a serious talk with the Giants. And if that didn’t work then I’d make a PUBLIC offer to all NFC teams who play the Giants to come use our facilities to prepare. Roll out the red-carpet!

    This loss wouldn’t be so bad if the game was competitive. But we got beat down in ALL phases of the game. They looked like a pee-wee team. We got out-coached. We are near the worst in the league in penalties. We barely beat teams with a losing record. We got lucky several times. This is unacceptable. Completely and totally unacceptable.

    Where’s Bill Cowher??? It’s time to move on. Rex is too stubborn. Too prideful. Pride ALWAYS precedes a fall. Always.

  27. By IRA on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I am still happy the Jets are 9-3 at this time of the year. One thing i am not happy about is that they have gotten away from their bread and butter which was the running game and you don’t have to be a coach to know thats the main reason they are horrible in the redzone. Last year they totaled 607 attempts – 2756 yds and 21 TD’s on the ground. This year as of now 396-1781-9. Problem is last year they avg 37 carries per game compared to 24 this year. And when you have struggled all year on D thats one of the answers on how stop other teams. Keep their QB’s off the field.

  28. By Fish Hunters on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    When something isn’t working you gotta try something else. Rex keeps going man when man isn’t working. Sanchez ain’t gettin better. Every week it’s the same thing. Completion percentage near 50%. That ain’t gonna get it done in this league. We really are a 7-5 or 6-6 team. With all the talent this team has we should have beat Detroit, Clevland, Houston by bunches not just eek out a win.

    The team isn’t getting better. They got a bunch worse. They were sloppy. Sanchez was sloppy. We have no-one on the defensive line that can win their individual battles. 3 of our 4 rookies this year are non-contributors. There are some serious issues here.

  29. By wayne on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I said it when everyone was giddy, talking, “dallas here we come”….: I told u N.E. was not done. Peter King gettin’ caught up in the moment called Sanchez an “elite QB”.Pete’s got no credibility with me. Is Mark going to be one?, i’m not gonna say no. But how many INTs did opponents drop this year? I would say as many as his number of TDs. Jets got an HC that you guys get giddy about because u r still suffering from Mangini itis. Rex talks like he’s actually playing the game. This isnt MMA Rex…..The guy i wanted is in St. Loo. They will probably make POs. But a team that can’t exploit its opponents weaknesses, is a poorly coached team. Again NE has the 32nd ranked D.No Schot that “Schotty” is back in 2011.NO SCHOT.

  30. By Jim on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets are very much in the race for the division title? Sorry, but you missed the starting gun. The Patriots win over the Jets all but secured their division title. The Patriots win out and the Jets go on the road in the playoffs. Just don’t let this be another win and we’re in finish!

  31. By Tom Spicer on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    What a classless orginzation the Giants are by letting the Dolphins practice at there facility to get used to the weather. The NFL should do something about this. WHAT HAPPENED TO HAVING A HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE! How would the Giants & there fans feel if the Cowboys were good & both the Giants & the Cowboys were fighting for a playoff spot in late December & we let the Cowboys come hear early & use our facility to get used to the weather & the winds for the kickers & the punters. The Giants are a disgrace!

  32. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    sjcoe ..there it is you hit the ball right out the park without even realizing it..Losses after Long layoffs how about any layoff my point being players or coaches alike learned nothing or adjusted nothing from either one bad sign from both.. Next. again I agree about maybe beating only Miami and Bills we’re not beating Bears and Steelers with this defence getting maybe just maybe a 5th seed, even if we miraculously win out and miraculously Pats fall on their faces we would have a week off and play a game at home so my next point being with this team layoff and home game is double trouble sorry to say can’t trust them with that luxury for any other team its a blessing some predicament huh ..NO REST FOR THE WEARY Jet Fans

  33. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Tom64 is that the same S-H that got suspended 4 games for lack of discipline plus showed no dedication to team and might I add family where was his leadership then my friend tigers never change their stripes ,Thanks Tom64 but no thanks Think I’ll stick with my heart sole and guts guys you can keep yours

  34. By 37 year fan on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    We need REVENGE , In a big , Big way ……

  35. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    CONT. Tom64 incase you use as an excuse he wasn’t yet on the team on that offence he’s my answer in life the saying go’s you only have one change to make a 1st impression well that’s where my impression of S-H came from and how I formed my opinion again my friend my mind is always wide open this is the main reason I alway stick up for the little guy with all heart and guts and not the high profile gold diggers someone has to very few here do that’s the trouble with the world today ..I believe in fair and balanced try it my friend is dones a mind and body good

  36. By IRA on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    While the Jets SHOULD give the Fish a beat down this week they better stay mad and hungry. Henne has had his best games vs the Jets. In 3 games his QB rating is 103 and he has 5 TD’s and only one INT. Plus his record is 2-1 vs Rex. Henning also i think really understands Rex’s D and thats why Henne has had success vs the Jets. I expect them to try and use Bess as the Pats did with Woodhead and Welker plus fasano could give the Jets headaches too. Plus Williams catching the ball out of the backfield is another thing to keep an eye on. With all that said after the beat down the Jets took they better come out smoking.
    GO JETS!!!!

  37. By paul on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t help wonder what we might be able to get from the likes of Gholston, Scott, Ellis, Pryce, to just name a few. Players we have who aren’t playing football, just collecting checks worth millions! Everyone wants to blame our secondary for the Monday night fiasco, but it was actually an inept quarterback and a defense who is incapable of pressuring an opposing quarterback. Need a safety..trade Gholston please! End of the year we loose him anyway…Jets aren’t going to give him a big contract with his numbers…hmmm maybe they will!

  38. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Yes a beat down on Miami would be ok but to hear some say we need that for some sort of redemption NOT! for me again I will say and sorry guys your out of your ever loving minds. all the blowouts in the world short of at the very least us winning the division which BTW none of us believe will happen can never truly wash the stench and bad taste in our mouths from that total beatdown we took in that oh so important game in Foxboro …like I heard someone say only thing they got right was wearing the right uniforms how sad but true is that

  39. By danny on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Ira great points about getting back to ground and pound, trying to make it easier for our D. I also agree about the going for the 53 yarder early in the pats game. It was similar to what happened last year against the pats in gilette sanchez threw a pick 6 on the jets first drive when it was 3-0 pats and we spotted them 10 points, but this time instead of sanchez doing the spotting it was rex. that changed the whole preplexity of the game. I don’t think any team in the nfl would have beat Tom brady that night so its not that big of a deal but it bothers me that rex does not admit that he was in the wrong in that situation. I still believe in this team and im even more annoyed by the fans that complain about every little thing when we lose.

  40. By Davide E. on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Calmn down folks. This is still a pretty gosh darn good football team. I don’t buy the philosophy that we should beat ‘weaker’ teams in bunches. That only looks good on paper..like in a math class where you got your formulas and your algebra. What matters is you WIN.That’s it.One point more than the other team. No one remembers this stuff 3, 4 years from now. JETS forever.

  41. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    MJV, the Holmes I see seems as concerned about the team as any Jet. The rest of what you’re saying baffles me. If your mind is so open, what’s all this about 1st impressions? Players get graded every play, every week, every year, the staff’s impressions of them are changing constantly. By your thinking we should’ve cut Woodhead the day he played terribly on ST in the 2-TD KR game vs. MIA. As for “high-profile gold diggers,” I don’t know what you’re talking about. Practically everyone on any NFL team is making big $ in my eyes, it’s not 1937. If you think the Pats aren’t paying guys big $, dream on. And if you’re so concerned about heart, guts, justice, etc., tell me how you justify the lifelong pampering of Schotty Sr.’s little golden boy?

  42. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    wayne, you get my award for Best Post of the Day for your comment about our failure to exploit opponents’ weaknesses. I don’t understand how the Schotty defenders (make that apologists) can gloss over that one. How can a team with this much talent on O, even with Sanchez’s problems and a line that’s not protecting him that well, fail to score points against almost anybody? I have an eerie feeling that if we traded Sanchez to, say, the Skins for McNabb, he’d immediately blossom into a whole new player. As for what will happen if guys like Holmes and Edwards end up on other teams next year or after a strike year, that’s the no-brainer of the century…

  43. By Steve O on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    You can’t beat teams like NE with field goals. You need to go for a TD all the time.

  44. By Steve O on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe we can still trade Sanchez with McCoy

  45. By Mr.Green on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply


  46. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    paul, some fans express their disgust at a time like this by saying they’re not rooting for the Jets anymore. I express it by looking forward to rooting for different Jets. If we lose early in the playoffs much less don’t make it in, I think Schotty will be fired the next morning. I think the guys on D you mentioned will be gone just as quick. Indeed, like in Denver, I think Woody and Mr. T may seriously rethink their boy wonder HC, putting an end to all this absurd praise for mediocre loudmouths like Scott. A mediocre third year for Rex and Sanchez is likely to be their last chance and one thing I’ll say about Mr. T., he ain’t slow to make changes when we’re on the wrong track. Right now, 9-3 or not, we’re very much on the wrong track.

  47. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Tom64 I’m not really into debating you but whew umm uhh let me say again like so many times be4 I hate to discredit your analigy on my posts again..For anyone with a understanding of the writen word sorry english writen word ISAID ON MANY OCCATIONS I HAVE NO FAV’s and also said many times I’m no Schotty fan or any one player or coach I give my honest opinion about the plays players or coaches pertaining to their week to week performance on (and off) the field sorry again my friend.. my point also was where was S-H locker room speaches be4 last weeks imbarressment to little to late in my eyes

  48. By davetharave on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    We say we’re gonna emphasize the running game EVERY week and then we don’t. Why don’t we see Shonn Greene until midway through the second quarter ? We have a bi-polar running attack (LT, slash and dash, SG, ground and pound) but we only show one side of it for too long. ANYBODY knows Folk wasn’t gonna make that 53 yarder, pooch punt and pin them back deep. Kotite would have known better in that situation. The offense presented a picture of TOTAL PREDICTABILITY to the Patsies until the game was almost over. Everyone forgets Mark Sanchez is still a second year QB. Defense is definitely not as good as last year. We’re still 9-3, there’s time to get it together.

  49. By Nyjetsjon on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I have three quick points for people before everyone goes off the deep end. First, the Jets are 1-3 with any kind of extra rest between games. The rest of the season does not contain any extra rest so we should be good to go. With that, I am not really interested in having a first round playoff bye.

    Second, if Minnesota, Cleveland, and Houston beat the Jets they would all have .500 records and if Miami beat the Jets they would have a winning record. The Jets are keeping teams down.

    Lastly, does anyone remember when Favre was our quaterback and the team peaked with those big wins in the middle of the season. There is still a lot of football left and we have definately not peaked yet.

    So, relax. Let haters talk. We’ll be fine.

  50. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Hey MJV, I don’t want to get carried away either but the guy who told us the other day we had to bow down to the Great God Woodhead, told me that McKnight was “my boy,” and ridiculed me for daring the criticize an OC who can’t put points on the board sure sounded like he had fan favorites, and sure sounded like a Schotty apologist. But okay, let’s move on, but you fought in a war and more power to ya, so let me warn ya: I give guys their shot, like I say about Rex and Sanchez for three years, but once I see the kill shot, I take it.And I’d get rid of a lot of guys on this team in the off-season, no matter what happens from here on out this season.

  51. By Frank on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    What planet r u people from where u think we are gonna BEAT DOWN the fish. Has everyone been watching the same team I have? Were not playing well in any phase. Im as big a homer as the next guy but if u really look at it we havent played well in a long time. Offense out of sink for a while now, bad kicker, and now it seems its carried over to the D. Im very concerned about this game as well as the rest of the season. Hard to run on the fish, sanchez playing badly, fish play well on the road, and lets pray it doesnt come down to a kick.. That being said a beat down would be awesome. I just dont think were playing well enough

  52. By Die-hard Jets Fan Bill on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets can prove they are NOT the “same old Jets” by using this embarrassing game as motivation to beat on future opponents. That is what the Pats did after Cleveland embarrased them

    Bring it up a notch, Jets. GO GO GO!!!!!

  53. By keith basso on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    please let brad smith play in the dime package instead of drew coleman…..

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