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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Sanchez, Jets Pay a Price, Will Rely on Resiliency

Posted by Eric Allen on December 7, 2010 – 12:43 am

After three quarters of the 2010 season, quarterback Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets own a 9-3 record as midnight hits on this frigid Massachusetts evening. Despite Monday’s one-sided outcome in the battle of AFC heavyweights, the Jets remain in contention for division title and have a tremendous opportunity to return the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Their 45-3 defeat at the hands of the Patriots in Foxboro halted a four-game win streak. And the lopsided margin will only count as one loss.

“You’d be surprised that there were guys that were really positive in the locker room,” said Sanchez, the second-year passer who completed 17 of 33 for 164 yards but threw three second-half interceptions that all produced Patriots touchdowns. “And that’s encouraging because we are a resilient group.”

“You would never imagine this, but you’d be surprised how are excited guys are just to get back on the field and this Miami game can’t come soon enough. So hats off to New England — they did a great job.”

Sanchez wasn’t diminishing the size of the defeat.

“This was a good old-fashioned butt-kicking,” he said after increasing his Foxboro turnover total to eight (seven INTs, one fumble) in two games at Gillette Stadium. “There are no two ways about it. I have to play better. Especially down the stretch, I need to make better decisions. When you’re playing an explosive offense like that, you can’t just give it to them. That’s what I did and we obviously paid for it.”

After so much buildup for a matchup of 9-2 clubs, the visitors suffered through a disastrous opening 15 minutes that we won’t overanalyze in this space. It didn’t snow on Gillette Stadium, but the Jets couldn’t get out of the way of repeated flurries and they just never got off the ropes on the big stage.

New York’s AFC representative never seemed to recover after Nick Folk badly missed a 53-yard field goal attempt that would have actually knotted things, 3-3, eight minutes into the ballgame. The Jets couldn’t get off the field three plays later as Tom Brady went to Wes Welker for 14 yards on third-and-7.

Then just two plays after that conversion, Eric Smith knocked down TE Rob Gronkowski for a 36-yard pass infraction on Brady’s heave to the rookie. That set up the law firm — BenJarvus Green-Ellis — for a 1-yard score and it was 10-0.

The snowball continued to roll the Patriots way as the Jets not only followed with a three-and-out but Steve Weatherford, who has had a tremendous season to date, misfied on a 12-yard boot. And even after S James Ihedigbo sacked Brady for a 12-yard loss, the Pats were able to score for a third time despite a third-and-22. They made if fourth-and-manageable as Brady went to Deion Branch for 19 and then the same pair finished things off on a 25-yard scoring hookup.

It was 17-0 and there still was a minute on the first quarter game clock. The Jets actually had a few promising moments, but they seemingly were always followed by trips on ice. Down 24-3 at the break,  Sanchez led the Green & White down the field but any hopes of a comeback attempt ended when he was picked off by rookie LB Brandon Spikes. And the snowball became an absolute avalanche from there as the Jets suffered an unsightly loss.

“Early on we just didn’t start well,” said No. 6. “They started awfully fast and instead of fighting to come back like we normally do, I threw some bad balls.”

One game does not make a season. The Patriots were clearly the better team in a clash for the division lead, but the Green & White have a full fourth quarter of football to tackle. That starts Sunday at New Meadowlands Stadium as the Dolphins, 6-6 overall but 5-1 on the road, pay a visit.

Then the Jets will embark on one of the most difficult two-game December road swings in franchise history as they’ll visit the 9-3 Steelers on Dec. 19 followed by the 9-3 Bears on Dec. 26. The Bills come to New Jersey on Jan. 2 as the regular season reaches a conclusion on Jan. 2.

“There is nothing to bring back this night. There is nothing to bring back 9-2 and start over,” Sanchez said.  “It’s just getting to win No. 10 and the best way we can do that is go out and beat Miami at home.”

The fact of the matter is plenty of football remains. This was about as painful a regular-season loss as you will experience, but the Jets can’t let it define their season. No matter how bad it looked, they still can be an excellent football team and achieve great things.

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141 Responses to “Sanchez, Jets Pay a Price, Will Rely on Resiliency”

  1. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve seen guys get cut for plays that weren’t half as bad as Smith’s pass int, which tells us something about our S’s. Outside of late in the game against bad teams, our O looks like a hybrid of Rex’s ignorance and Schotty’s arrogance, and it’s an ugly thing to behold. Every Wildcat down with Smith came off like a busted play. Did I tell you Schotty wouldn’t be able to get the WRs into the game? He calls plays as if an INT in the first quarter would bring down the franchise, then MS gets frustrated and throws INTs anyway. I’m no longer so worried about holding on to Holmes and Edwards because if it keeps up like this on O, plenty of other guys will either leave, want to, or be asked to.

  2. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I guess another silver lining is that with Diggs’ ankle injury, somebody at Florham Park might realize that we should be looking for DBs around the league that we can pick up, not worrying about Coles retiring as a Jet. I’m sure he had a wonderful time watching from the bench tonight.

  3. By Fish Hunters on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I’m done.

  4. By dougmc on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Hope we didn’t loose Ihedigbo as well as the game. Defense needs to get after QB much bettter.Kicking game is horrible. Play calling and execution is weak. I thought we would have grown into this by now. Line backers and nickelbacks cannot cover anyone underneath. Running game looked good, but we need to set the pass up with the run and not be so predictable. Use the no huddle after we get in a groove or see what opposition D is doing. It was Tom Brady and Belichek but we need to take teams out of the game with dominating line play. Take the ball when you win the coin toss and hopefully start with a lead and make them catch up. Run the table from here on in…Pick up your jocks and LET’S GO ! J-E-T-S…JETSJETSJETS…!!!

  5. By Fish Hunters on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    You guys need to look at the real picture. Those dramatic OT wins were a mirage. The Pats just exposed you as an average team; that’s going nowhere. I am so infuriated! The rest of the league took immense pleasure in the beat down ya’ll just got. Respect? You had a chance to “earn” some instead of demanding what you haven’t earned with your mouth. Shut up, and try to play some “respectable” football. Utter, complete and total embarrasment. Nothing is going to remove this stench.

  6. By Fish Hunters on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    This was your Superbowl and you laid a big fat egg. Can’t spin this one Randy. Nothing to say. Don’t talk to me about a lot of football left. They suffered a humiliating loss in the most important game since SB III. Humiliating!!!

  7. By Jetlag on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Compared to last year at this time, the Jets are a worse team. There is no sense of urgency until the end of close games when they’re behind. There is a severe lack of discipline in many instances and many lapses of concentration. The only consistent bright spot is the run defense. Shottenheimer ought to forget about the wildcat plays when it’s 3rd down and the team needs a 1st. We need to focus more on the run again and run blocking, we have some great weapons in that area that have become underutilized. I blame the coaches for not having the team ready to play, they play too loose and need a tighter rein. The blitzes need to be more effective, too.

  8. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Fish Hunters, I feel your pain but there IS a lot of football left, as we learned last year after the ATL loss. There just may not be much of the kind of football we’ve been playing left. No more Hard Knocks-type hype. No more Rex putting the bulls-eye on the team’s back, which the two holy Joes (Namath and Klecko) have spoken out against, and who’s gonna question them? Maybe no more Schotty as OC if an O with this many weapons keeps looking like it’s summer camp. No more dreaming about Brad Smith winning the SB with glorified bootlegs when we’ve got a $50 million-QB who needs to step it up faster than this. And no more old guys instead of draft picks, as MJV’s said many times.

  9. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    smart move having folk kick a 53 yard field goal.rex continues to have way too much confidence in his aged defense. shotty’s offense sure made the patriots look like the 32 ranked; ha.when tomlinson retires in a couple of years I want to see rex’s face when woodhead continues to become a thorn in his side.Oh yeah, another McCourty interception.next draft, all defense, all the time. and still shotty must go. Belichek took him to school last night.

  10. By charliejet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    No “aughta – coulda and shouda”

    We lost plain and simple………



  11. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


  12. By Marcus on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been following the Jets for 30 years and last night may very well be my last game. Why should I keep watching something that claims to be competitive when it clearly isn’t. Things haven’t changed at all in 10 years, Patriots are generally much better than everyone. Why would I continue to do this? Why should I care about scraping our way into the playoffs just to lose to the Pats? Why bother when it looks like the Patriots will continue to do this for at least another 5 years minimum. This is league and pretending its competitive is a waste of my time. I’m done. Hey Woody, you just lost my money.

  13. By sameoldjet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets will never win SuperBowl as long as Scotty is the offense coach. His play calls are complex and easy to read. Scotty is absolutely not a creative coach. You can put Tom Brady in the jets offense and same old result. I don’t see Jets let Scotty go this season but I hope they will next season and someone else has to dial some new plays. There are just too many good weapons on the jets to just score 3 point. Teams able to decode jets offense plays.. Jets will win 2 of their last 4.

  14. By Frank on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What a disgrace. Tommy 64 and Spicer you got what you wished for and clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I have been saying it for the last 2 years that Leonhard is the heart and soul and leader of the D and it was proven last night. The secondary was a disaster without him back there. What else is there to say about Sanchez take away Holmes during that stretch of luck against the leagues bottom feeders and he becomes a complete disaster. Sorry but Sanchez is awful and clearly is not going to lead this team anywhere. I hate to say it but this team is worst than the 9-7 team last year just a lot more lucky. Rex needs to spend more time getting the team prepared to play rather than for his skits at his press conferences.

  15. By Frank on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    By the way the worst aspect of this game is the team quit on Rex. I can’t even remember the last time I turned a game off well before it was over must have been the Kotite years.

  16. By Fish Hunters on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Bill Cowher anyone? At least his teams show up and play. His teams don’t have lapses in concentration from fooling around all the time when they should be working. He doesn’t “talk” a big game, he shows it on the field!

  17. By Runningeasy on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Humiliating and embarrassing. There is no other way top describe it. Little Danny Woodhead spanked the entire jets organization. We really did not belong on the same field as the Patriots.

  18. By Matt on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    At 9-3 the season certainly isn’t over. But the Jets have conditioned me to think that this is the beginning of a 5 game losing skid. The 6-6 fins who are out of the playoffs will likely throw the kitchen sink at the Jets because they are trying to hold on to there own jobs. Rex’s mouth costs the Jets yet again. When you think the culture is finally going to maybe change, the SAME OLD JETS rear their ugly head and let you know they can still let you down after a huge build up. I could take a close loss, but not a blowout. When Rex Ryan says ‘the Jets are built to beat the Pats’ the Pats just go ahead and change and run a new offense. The Jags of Colts would certainly do better than the Jets in the playoffs anyway.

  19. By Pats Rule on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I am so, so sorry jets fans. Those meanies in New England had no right smacking you around like that. Don’t worry, you are still Superbowl Champs. Ryan called it 1st before anybody else, so that still counts. Don’t let this shellacking change a thing. Even though the Pats are the best team on the field, you still win the Superbowl thanks to your genius coaches insightfulness.
    How about a resounding jets cheer? No? Ummm, OK.

  20. By DM on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    jetlag: Well said, I put a lot of blame on the coaches. As much as I like Rex, he has to instill more discipline into this team and get the team ready to play,,,and Shotty, he continues to be too conservative in the first quarter and the wildcat doesn’t work all the time. We desperately need to address the pass rush situation The coaching staff needs to go back to square 1 and fix these problems. Maybe this butt whooping will wake the team up and motivate them to play up to their abilities. Pitt and Chicago are tough, but they sure aren’t unbeatable. Let’s hope something good can come from this debacle….this loss makes me sick to my stomach.

  21. By thomas gallai on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    i have been a jet fan for so long and i really bought into Rex telling us this team was ready to knock off the pats. How stupid of me to think that this team was anything but average. Sanchez keeps saying he has to get better but he never does. I have a feeling this team will lose the next 3 and miss the playoffs. What about Rex and players saying that they owe the fans an appalogy. I am just lost for words after a game like this I thought we were past this.

  22. By russ on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    They were not prepared for the Pat offense and jim leonhard loss sealed the deal…the Jets have no first down offense so everything else is based on a two down offense…..Ryan disputing ball placement and kicking a 53 yard fg attempt was all pats needed to getgame secured…..But thru all this the team will fight back…he is not a loser…Go get em Rex

  23. By bestjets on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    what is the injury update on harris taylor and ihedigbo and anyone else

  24. By Randy Lange on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    bestjets, the only injury Rex Ryan mentioned after the game was that James Ihedigbo had an ankle injury and couldn’t have played on it. He didn’t mention David Harris or Jason Taylor. He’ll update the injuries at today’s news conference at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, which is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m.

  25. By SouthernJet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Shott needs to go!! His conservative 5 yrd passing game is killing an explosive offense. Now that McDaniels is available the Jets should do all they can to bring him in as the OC. We also need to draft a true pass rusher and safety help. As a life long Jets fan, it is getting more and more fustrating to see how a collapse seems to be on the horizon.

  26. By Pats Fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Let this be a lesson learned for the Jets. Never run their mouths with all this and that, trash talk. At the end of the day let your football playing do the talking. Not only did the Jets face humiliating loss, they also get scrutinized for their words that they couldn’t back up. All talk no action. Patriots are far from the best overall but at the end of the day it’s the passion for football and team work that wins games. Jets need to get themselves straight because after that game any respect their fans had for them is on the brink of vanishing.

  27. By Gmany3k on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I think Haglar got his revenge .

  28. By carl on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    How To Lose To N.England: 1 games start with coaching ,Jets got out coached! 2 Give Tom time he will shred you! 3 Marks eyes gave the game away!Young Mark you have the ablity, it all comes down to the mind!Whats up with Monday night and N.England?4 Defense wins championships! Jets had none!! 5 The play calling was horrible both sides of the ball !! Last year the Jets got lucky. Now they have some tough games ahead.Lets see how they bounce back?Must Win Division!!!! Go Jets!!!!!!( coaching note: if Chad Pennington retires Rex pick him up he’ll win you a Superbowl as a coach)

  29. By steven on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I give up. Same Old Jets. The ground and pound was better. At least if you ground and pound you keep Brady off the field. But I believed in the Ryan Defense which means it doesn’t matter if Brady gets on the field. So nobody can cover Welker; How SICK. You know what they’re gonna do and you still can’t stope them; How SICK. Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady. Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom Brady.Mark Sanchez needs to learn from Tom

  30. By Vinny on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Defense looked confused all night. brady had time to write his christmas list back there, hopefully he asked for his old haircut back. Kicking is horrible, (Westhoff please bring someone else in) And The O: I quote “We couldn’t stop em so we made up for it by not scoring any points”

  31. By BLINKA posts, no one heeds on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    To my former teamates, fans and readers:

    Maybe now you realize that it’s over. It’s not just one game:

    1. We only beat poor teams
    2. Absolutely no one on defense, except for Revis, scares anybody. But no one cares………no responses to my posts.
    3. Patriots are better, younger and have a ton of draft picks, how grim. Sorry, but it will be a long time before we win a division.
    4. We will be 10-6
    5. 2010 draft looks like it may be a waste. How can they afford that when the patriots do it with undrafted Woodhead and others.
    6. JETS will definitely lose to Steelers and Bears and scratch out one against against Dolphins or Bills but I’m not sure. If they lose to the Fish, they will lose out, 9-7.
    7. Am I wrong?

  32. By steven on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    The Jets make so many mistakes and get so many penalties and miss so many field goals and throw so many interceptions and “just miss” so many third downs by a foot, there are so many quality athletes, it kind of looks strange. You make a good play and oops, there is a penalty. You get to the 8 yard line and are about to score and oops there’s another interception. You have me believing in the team and oops SAME OLD JETS. Not only do you lose but you lose BIG. That is the true mark of the SOJ. Can’t wait until Kris Jenkins gets back and you’ve drafted a TRUE pass rusher. If you are going to lose you might as well put two people on Welker and Blitz every play. At least Brady will have less time and Welker will never get open, OOPS SOJ

  33. By Viveca Elworthy on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    New England is a superior organization. They are building from the ground up. The jets try to buy a team with other teams malcontents or castoff. Some of it worked but is a temporary fix, not a building block for the future. The Patriots always have more draftpicks than us. Why? Because they think ahead. Next year they will be down right scary. Two number ones, two number twos, two number threes to a team that most likely is the Superball winner. Tired of us mouthing off when we haven’t done anything!
    Ryan is a great motivator, but not a great headcoach. Schottenheimer much too predictable, Sanchez still a work in progress, the kicker is horrible, so are the safties. The draftpicks have not panned out. No passrusher!!

  34. By Allen 0"dane on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Special teams – Defense – Offense – Coaching..We got outplayed and outcoached in every phase of that game. Nick folk 53 yard field goal?,.. come on..Punt it. The Jets gave NE half the field for half of those points. Sanchez had no fire..You saw it in his eyes. I Knew Bill was going to do that to us. He kept quiet, let Rex do all the talking while He (Bill B.) was up 14hrs a day planning this. He is a Ruthless man. He ran up the score to rub it in Rex’s face. I am telling you Rex needs to take over the defensive play calling. Shotty needs to stop thinking we are the Chargers of Old. We played right into NE hands. The Jets had a chance to make a statement. AFC East still goes thru NE..sighhhhhhhh

  35. By KevinFan '65 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    The biggest game of the year and we laid the biggest royal egg. I saw no fire at all in defense which you would have thought they would set the tone since we always defer the kick. Absolutely dead. I kind of miss Rhoades from last year…he was a trash talking get in your face player…even before game started. Where is our leader ol “Great Scott”. That is problem I see on this defense this year….no leader…no one to get in the others face and tell them to pick it up. Rex said never experienced something like this (in the score)…exactly…because he had Ray Lewis and he wouldn’t stand for it either…seeing his teammates playing lousey…he would be on them so quick to pick it up…Where is our Leader…Who is..???

  36. By Dave Reiner on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    This loss is pretty much entirely the fault of the defense. We are horrible at pass defense. Probably among the worst in the NFL. We have no pass rush, and the safeties can’t cover. We are an average team, just been lucky up to now. What was Ryan thinking when he wasted a challenge on 4th and 1 on the first drive from their own 30? Looks like we’ll finish 10-6 and will limp into the playoffs at best. Really sad.

    Sanchez will never be a great QB. He’s too short, too small, and isn’t tough enough. Sometimes he just looks scared out there.

  37. By P Cook on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    For all of you who are packing your bags and looking for another bandwagon to jump on, dont let the door hit you on your way out. Anyone who knows anything about this game knows that EVERY team gets humbled once in a while. No team has immunity from getting beat up, including the Patriots. The Jets need their fans to rally behind them in the same way they undoubtedly will on Sunday against Miami. Times like this define championship teams, how many times you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get back to kickin the hell out people. For those who say you are done, its been a pleasure to have you as a fairweather fan but your support is no longer welcome. Rex says its time to go back to work and I believe him. See you on 2/6 in Dallas!

  38. By jack on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I keep telling myself it is just a game. But I didn’t sleep last night. I remember when Miami beat us 45 to 3 back in 1986. And even after all these years that have past, I still feel just as bad. I bought into the hype thinking that this could be our year, and I only have myself to blame. Honestly, the Jets cannot beat this team. Barring Brady getting hurt, The Pats are most likely going to the superbowl, and will win again. How it pains me to write those words, they are true. I think Mark is still very young, and the pressure most be enourmous. But Schotty has to do a better job with the play selection. And a good start would be beating the Dolphins, I hope very badly.

  39. By 37 year fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Pearl Harbor hits twice this year…..

  40. By Viveca Elworthy on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What bothered me the worst in this nightmare game against New England, was to see little Danny Woodhead run circles around our defense. it’s ridiculous to say that a player with his skillset couldn’t have been used in any capacity by the Jets. We keep marginal players like Vernon Gohlston , but let go of a guy with heart, speed, great hands, who can do it all.

  41. By Luis from Olathe KS on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    This game was lost in the very first offensive drive, we should punt the ball not a field goal attempt, bad coach decision in a game of this caliber, it allowed a domino effect. Also It is ok to bench Sanchez in the fourth quarter or before when his performance is poor and the game is out of reach, other players are bench for less, maybe coaches should stop favoritism and think more about the team.

  42. By Pats Rule on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Blinka, you asked if you are wrong, no, you are right!!

    Russ, your last line was the funniest thing I ever read. I am rolling on the floor laughing.

  43. By 37 year fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What doesn’t kill you , makes you stronger …….

  44. By russ on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Viveca you said it all….

  45. By Hack on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    The part you forget is that the over time wins still count as wins. And as for the team is going no where I highly doubt that. Yes this game was bad I will be the first to admit it was terrible. However the play was competitive till they gave up and decided they had decided that the game was over. and as to remove the stench look back on your team who’s coach whom will probably go into the hall of fame (and somewhat rightfully so) will still also have those “stench marks” of being accused and admitted to cheating not once but twice. I still have faith the jets will get through this and whatever else comes there way

  46. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Frank, there’s not too much in last night’s game I would wish for, except maybe more evidence that Schotty has to go and Rex doesn’t know much about offense. We can’t score under Schotty two years in a row against almost anybody, I’ll fire him on that basis, plain and simple. And while I like a lot of what Leonhard does, he would’ve looked right at home in that game, getting beat all over the place. How many times have I said Sanchez and Rex get three years? I don’t see the brass giving up on them now but next year will be make-or-break. As Viveca says, I’d always rather do it mostly with the draft but I often hear more talk on this site about picking up has-been vets. Well, have fun with that.

  47. By Fish Hunters on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Where is the APOLOGY to the FANS??? Rex, you need to get off the skids and coach the team man. Don’t go blaming the Pats for running up the score. Blame yourself for not having the guys prepared. Did you see them QUIT. They QUIT. They did not play 60 minutes. They QUIT!!! Please just SHUT your mouth and PROVE it on the FIELD.

  48. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Frank, You dont know what you are talking about like always Jim Leonnard is not that heart & soul of the D. Tell that to Shaun Ellis, David Harris & Bart Scott. Please Leonard is a average saftey at best he got RAN OVER in the run game & BURNT in pass game. If he played the Jets still would have lost. GET A CLUE!

  49. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Blinka, I for one miss your witty if at times genuinely weird posts (“Because Blinka Loves Talking About Himself in the Third Person”.) But while your totally negative predictions might be right, what good are they? I can understand saying cut, trade, or fire this guy or that guy, even if I don’t get folks who think you can build Rome (that is, an SB powerhouse) in a day. But when folks say they’re gonna stop rooting for the team, well, I know it’s tempting sometimes but somehow I’ve never been able to do it. Maybe it’s ’cause usually things make sense in the end, like McDaniels destroying DEN and getting fired for it. In the darkest moments, I’ll dream of the Jets with a new QB, HC, OC, and other new guys before I’ll abandon the team.

  50. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    SCjoe, Yes Mark played like garbage but the D gave up 45 POINTS! 45 THEY COULD NOT STOP A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM! PASS THE BLAME AROUND EVERYBODY WAS BAD!

  51. By ICO on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Well it looks like the Pats made us say UGG. But on a positive note, #10 had a decent night, and Joe McNight did not fumble the ball ;-). The Jets were setup so that we could beat Indianapolis, but now it seems that everyone can beat Indianapolis. The draft has helped the Pats and will probably continue to do so. I hate the Pats and the only thing I hate more than the Pats is Wes Welker (How is this guy getting open?). We will definitely be at least 10 and 6 but maybe we will be 11 and 5. I think we make the playoffs either way. We need to finish the regular season strong. BELIEVE!!!

  52. By FIRE SCHOTTY! on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Schotty is awful. Axe him.

  53. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    When I was a child Marino & the Dolphins were the best. As a teenager Jim Kelly & the Bills ruled the AFC east & now as a man Tom Brady & the Pats are the best team in the AFC east. I am just sitting hear thinking when will the Jets EVER have there time? At one point in my life will the Jets EVER be the best team in there division & not for 1 year but for like a 5 to 10 year run?

  54. By Tony on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I will never give up on the Jets but they need to come up with some solution to this problem that happens year after year….

  55. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Carucci, who I don’t always like, has a sane, reality-checking piece today on just how good the Jets really are. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Rex’s constant talk about the SB has done us a bit of good, and I can’t believe that’s the main reason 21% of NFL players say they want to play for him. It certainly hasn’t done any good for most people on this site, who now seem crushed that we’re not SB-caliber overnight. I got pilloried last year and this year for saying that what we’re actually doing is rebuilding, but I still think that’s true. The number of aging and often overrated vets we’ve got are one big reason we’re not executing that well even against the weakest teams.

  56. By THUNDER LIPS on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    well hate to say it but New England will reign in the AFC East for another 10 years to come at least. They are better and younger than the Jets and have a boat load of draft picks. This game confirms that this team is NOT that good. I and a few others have been saying it all a long. No discipline, overconfident, and lucky … yup hate to say it … lucky ,,, whoever said it here is 100% correct … last years team was head and shoulders above this squad.

  57. By rlou24 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    WOW where to begin. I’m no coach but there are things this staff is not getting. 1st how in the world do you let Folk attempt a 53 yard field goal with that swirling wind? You punt it or go for it on 4th down. 2nd the OC is clueless he runs the same offense every week. (please no more wildcat) 3rd stop only rushing 3 defenders when u are playing elite QB’S. The only why to beat the elite is confusing them not droping 8 into coverage and giving Brady all day to throw. 4th Stop holding onto to players just because they are from big schools. (Veron, Mcknight) Every jet fan seen that woodhead was the real deal. Why did they let this guy go when every fan was begging the jets to keep him. Rex is not who we thought he was.

  58. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Iv’e been hinting at it for 6 weeks now ,when the convo of are we really playing down to the comp.and then turning it on late and taking the victory, OR, what I was leaning towards is WERE JUST NOT THAT GOOD,its been there for everyone to see well before that game last night,and for some of you to say that another DEC.collapse is not possible are obvioulsy in your first yr of rooting for this team(get off the bandwagon now)history shows that its more likely to happen than not,anywhere near that performance last night and we wont win any of the final 4 ,I dont know if an above average effort will win 3 of the final 4,Steve young said it best last night,good teams can lose just not lose 45-3 to your rival in the biggest game of the year ..

  59. By Jets2010 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Look, I’m still a very confident fan. What concerns me is that we have struggled against the superior teams and haven’t been able to get anything going offensively again any of them. However, wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago where New England got blown out by Cleveland. These loses happen. The Jets are still sitting pretty and will come back with fire, emotion, and passion. They are very mad after this embarrassment. I’ve already moved on and I’m ready for the Phins. Everyone stay positive. NE has to play Green Bay and Chicago back-to-back, not a given that they are going to win either game. I think they lose to both. One lose by the Pats and one win by the Jets and everything is ties again and we still hold tiebreakers.

  60. By Jets2010 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    It’s time to make a stand, pick themselves up and show what they are made of. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. Go get em’ boys. I still believe and always will.

  61. By THUNDER LIPS on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    and here;s a hint. Now I am in no way saying that Mangini is anything special but look at what he did with both the Jets and Browns when he beat the Pats. He confused the offense by showing all wierd kind of fronts. 1 lineman down … etc. and with that we and the Browns got to the QB and beat the Pats. Not a bad idea right? No, Rex is so overconfident about this defense that his pride gets in the way and he refuses to accept the fact that they are not that good and need to get creative. well look what happens. this could be the beginning of the end.

  62. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    cont….with 10 days to get ready for that game ,and you played scared ,blind,and THROUGHLY outcoached,Schotty STUNK not having Mark try to get after that horrid secondary from the opening snap in the no-huddle ,all we did was draw or check down ,then again Mark couldn’t hit the side of a barn ,bad QB play and Playcalling Ive gotten used to ,but the Defense playing so scared ,and what was that display of tackling ,Cromartie might just be the worst tackler in NFL but the whole D stunk at it last night ,so what was it?did they quit (sure looked like it) what does that say about this team the truth maybe,not the smoke&mirrors banter we get from Rex and Bart,my pride says wont happen but my heart & mind says the collapse is coming ,

  63. By Pranit on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Schotty is the worst OC in the NFL…..How a ground&pound team doesn’t run the ball on a 3rd & 1 is beyond me? …How can a 2 yard slant (based on how Sanchize is playing) be justified in that situation? …He is a terrible play caller…He randomly will decide to stick in Brad Smith? Why?….whats a good time to do it? ..he has no clue…

    And what about Sanchize? He keeps reminding us that he is just an average QB who got very lucky the last few weeks…His arm-strenght is so ordinary…Did you see Tom Brady? He can zip the ball….Where as Sanshize sends floaters down the middle, ready to kill his recievers…

    The defense….had much better expectations…but rushing 3 on a 3rd & 22…wow…wow….wow


  64. By Pranit on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    This showing was a result of the best practise they have had this year??????…sure, now blame it all on Leonard…No body on the defense wants to make a tackle (desides maybe harris, scott & revis)…

    Cromartie is such a softie…he can only cover well against slow tall recievers…Someone like welker, branch burn him every time…He can’t tackle or be physical…We need physical players…

    I know Eric Smith is horrible, but at least he stick his nose into every tackle…

    And Kyle Wilson…another upcoming bust…he is so soft…Why was he drafted so high when he can’t cover or tackle?

  65. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Attempting a 53 yard field goal with 25 mph winds was such a terrible call. NE marched right down the field and make it 10-0 at that point. I perrsonally think they should have taken the ball in the opening kickoff. Lots of very bad calls in this game. The defense looked absolutely horrible, and like I said before, Eric Smith is very below average for a safety. They neeed somebody like Ed Reed from the Ravens back there. Smith had a costly pass interference penalty that lead to another NE touchdown.

  66. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    And they do not have a very good pass rusher. Remember everyone, the teams the Jets were barely getting by were below average teams, now they play the Patriots and get blownout. More than disappointing for people who are real Jets fans. Looks like another wild card on the road playoff team unless NE starts losing at least 2 of their next 4 home games and the Jets win out, which doesn’t really seem too likely. So yes, the Jets potentially can finish 12-4 and play on the road as a wild card playoff team which would be pretty pathetic.

  67. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    UNBELIEVEABLE ..are you guys living on mars I know the game plan wasn’t the greatest blaming coaching sounds like your having a hissy fit hello coaches didn’t give up 45 players did. I was fooled myself on believing look all along the Defence mostly 30 and over the hill gang ..next you guys still thinking ground and pound or one big name player with nothing more to play for believe is our way to a SB got the answer to that crap & need a reality check Pats D- are last in most categories we made them look like 85 Bears..How bout all the missed tackles yac lack of execution was the main problem.. forget bears and Steelers they have far better Defence we will lose to Miami Bears Steelers and Bills might be dogfight I’m very disappointed

  68. By Norcal Gang Green on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    JET fans, please remember the Pats got their butts handed to them by Cleveland and came back. Now it is our time to come back. Don’t leave them hanging.

  69. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    CONT. as a result of our brain trust genius picking up all these once were very good players but those days were gone be4 they arrived Players is coming to bite us in the butts and going down like flies HOW CAN A 3 MAN RUSH from a team with their stats able to pressure & sack M-S Hboth D-O LInes loss that game positively.Riddle me this WHY IS JENKS V-G COLES & McKnight still on this roster WHY.. Moss got dropped like a bad Habit that’s little Bill sending a Direct message to his team after his lost to us get on Board or be gone it worked that’s what makes great coaches..Not writing on buses next SB Champs or wiping players backsides & tears when they don’t execute this garbage is getting like me and our D way to old to bare anymore

  70. By Christopher on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Viveca, you bring up Gholston….you know why the Jets hold on to him? Because if we let him go, New England will pick him up and make him a pro bowler. Just like Danny Woodhead. It’s our system….it is horrible. If we kept Danny and had him play he would have done nothing out there and we would all be wondering why he is on the field, and even on the roster.

  71. By jennybaby on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Something tells me that everyone complaining about how we’re such a bad team were the same ones saying the same thing last year… until we picked it up and ended in the AFC Championship. Keep blowing hot air, the real fans know that one bad showing isn’t the undoing of an entire team. Even the best teams get blown out sometimes. We didn’t show up to play. Why? Who knows. Maybe the D couldn’t get it together with the loss of JL. Mark Sanchez looked like he was battling nerves as soon as SNY’s SportsNite showed him walking on the field.

    You all want 16-0 seasons, and they just don’t happen. Was it a bad game? Yes. Did I turn it off in the 3rd? Absolutely. But am I going to discredit a team that’s 9-3 (NO MATTER HOW THEY GOT THERE)? No.

  72. By scjoe on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I am not to sure that the outcome would have been any different should Leonard not have gotten hurt Frank, 64tom, I hear you loud and clear on that terrible job of pass coverage in the end zone by Smith, a high school kid could not have played it any worse, and for a lot less money. So, aside from a pass rusher or two, a safety or two, a place kicker and a punter,( we are all good. But you want to know what bothered me most, well, maybe not THE most, because there were so many things, but the fact that the D quit in the 2nd half, they had to have quit because there just is no way they are THAT inept. Or, maybe all it takes to totally confuse a “pro” defense these days is just a constant change of offensive personal! Pretty sad thought ha?

  73. By General Custer on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Last night’s game reminded me of Little Big Horn. I thought my troops were ready & could handle anything. If you want to be considered a serious SB contender, you have to be able to beat teams like the Pats & Steelers IN THEIR OWN STADUIMS!

  74. By IRA on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Nothing to say. Move on and lets see how they bounce back this week. You must put this behind you. Brady was great last night.

  75. By Megan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    P Cook you could not have said it better! Seriously lets get back on our feet, the Jets played terrible last night as we all know but you cant quit on your team like this. Losses happen, we just need to get back up and show them that this won’t keep us down and that we are a championship team. I have been a Jet fan a very long time too and as discouraging as it is I am still a huge fan and could not and would not pack up and leave my team like this. J-E-T-S!

  76. By DOUG 1960 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    So, we split with the pats this year.It was their perfect day when all the stars aligned in their favor. The hype on this game was way overblown. Jets are 9-3 and headin for the playoffs. They’ll be peaking at the right time just like last year only better.

  77. By IRA on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    And congrats to Danny. He had a great night. Too bad it was against us.

  78. By scjoe on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t have my crystal ball in front of me right now, I don’t know what Sanchez will bring to the table 2 or 3 years down the road. I do know that at this point, including pre season, regular season and post season he has started more then 30 pro games. I have not seen very much improvement. Forget the obvious, the INTs. the accuracy just is not there, that is a major concern, reading defenses seems to be another major stumbling block along with his decision making. At some point, maybe not right now, but at some point you will begin to see the “experts” out there start to throw out the “B” word.

  79. By RR on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Losing the game , that could be expected. To lose in this manner? Unacceptable. It looked like they had no idea what was going on. Gee, Brady is going to throw to Welker and Woodhead? Who’da thunk it? The defense looked slow and confused. And the offense, for all their weapons looks overmatched. And this against the last ranked defense. They couldn’t throw or run. Cutting Faneca and Woodhead is haunting them big time. Are we to believe that all those receivers, plus Keller, plus LT out of the backfield couldn’t find some space? How could the NE offense looks so efficient and ours look so baffled and overmatched? What were they doing these past ten days? embarrassing and ugly and they should be ashamed for not even competing?

  80. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Now we know why the Jets like Rodney Dangerfield get no respect Pats stock pile draft picks we give them away along with 1/2 our team then add insult to injury the picks they make always pan out ours just pan for gold therefore respect is simply taboo around here. Harris Taylor Diggs and leonhard hurting feel like I wasted a life time rooting and hoping for a losing organization that just never gets it P.S. don’t be surprised if we pay 300 million next year for another over the hill underachieving gold digger in A-Haynesworth perfect example of greed in the NFL pay the man $100 million and get nothing but attitude and disrespect & yet again no draft picks to speak of for the Jets way to go SOJ

  81. By BS on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Amen Southern Jet. We need better athletes on D. Our team speed is horrible as you can see a huge diff between ours vs the Ravens/Steelers classic Sun nite. Where has Westerman been? B.Thomas been invisible since opener & C.Pace not playing well. Plus safeties make no impact. Let’s hope this was the much needed wakeup call this team needed….stop talking about the Super Bowl & start by playing a full 60 min against the fish.

  82. By nytitan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    You may be right I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this trend happen more then once.
    Why the hell is Belichek coaching football? He should running our military.

  83. By Jordan P on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    As a huge Jets fan, I am actually happy that someone exploited our defense. Our pass rush was poor as always and it backfired. Sanchez had a bad game, but we need to keep our heads up and fight we are still 9-3. We will see the PATS again in the playoffs and we need to be ready. This week of practice is extremely important because the dolphins are good. I am still optimistic about this team and they need to get rid of this game. Whether losing 45-3 or losing 21-20 on a last second field goal, they are still 9-3. Everyone needs to wake up because that was a slap in the face and I think that we will be ready. Just like last year, we need to run run run and let sanchez make the right plays like he did in the playoffs. We will win the next 4!

  84. By Jordan P on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I am confident in this team. We are 1-3 against teams with winning records. We still have 2 games against teams who are both 9-3 and our away. Although last night was supposed to be a “statement” game, these next two are more important and are the most critical games of Rex’s head coaching career aside from the playoffs. We have one goal and that is a superbowl and we are almost at the playoffs again and we will fight and hopefully get to that goal in Dallas because we have the talent to get there, we just need the chemistry and confidence.

  85. By tommyohio on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    to carl …did I read that right did you say hire penney to help coach? After last nights game!Thats all we need is his blank stair at the field. Thats why we alwas loose, stupid thinking!

  86. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    “Did the Jets miss Jim Leonhard, sidelined with a shattered shinbone? You bet they did. Eric Smith committed a colossal blunder on the Pats’ second series, a terrible interference on an underthrown ball, and that set a quick, ugly tone for all that followed.” Quote from the NY Post. But Smith is not the only reason why the Jets got destroyed last night. Basically they played scared the entire game. They failed to actually HIT BRADY like they should have. You can’t just pressure a QB, you have to HIT THE QB. Brady is not a tough QB at all. He always tosses the ball away and is scared to get hit. Farve was much tougher than Brady will ever be. You can’t play scared against a bully like NE. They should have went into the game very angry.

  87. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    What a huge error to let Leon Washington go. They could have used him last night on punt returns and kickoffs. I don’t blame Sanchez at all for last night’s loss because he is only in his 2nd year as QB. There were some dropped balls also. Edwards dropped a very important 3rd down pass and Holmes dropped a pass as well. You cannot make those types of mistakes in these types of games. Not against a team like NE. Sickening feeling actually how they got blownout that bad. NE is not even that great either. They will have a very difficult time against the Bears in Chicago this week. Hopefully the Bears win and the Jets beat the Dolphins, but there are many things that need to be corrected with the Jets.

  88. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    To Blinka, I am one with tom64 who continually say the jets need to keep draft choices which they don’t.they sign over the hills like taylor, pryce.Age in a player only means injuries later in the year.Jets will need to revamp the college scouting of their team.any team can hit with revis, mangold,keller but it is lower rounds and the college free agents that make the team.

  89. By gv25 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Remember that in 1986 we didn’t win another regular season game. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself again. Ijuries decimated that team as well.

  90. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I completely disagree that Sanchez will never be a great QB. The only reason why they were 9-2 going into thta game is because he brought them back from behind on many games before this one. The Patriots were obviously trying to run up the score as much as possible to embarrass the Jets which unfortunately they successfully achieved. Ryan should have had his team go into that game angry, and they looked scared the entire game. Huge error Coach Ryan, huge error.

  91. By Anne on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    That was a real butt kicking by the Patriots. What happened to the “so called” best defense in the league? Maybe don’t talk about yourselves so much, and quit the bragging of what you are going to do. You certainly did nothing last night, and I can’t wait to see what happens on the road. Could end up 9 and 7.
    Watch the Fish on Sunday, don’t forget they play well on the road.

  92. By Peter on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I am a JETS fans for more than 40 years. The JETS have to show that they can beat PLAYOFF teams! That is the ISSUE here! The JETS 9-3 record is suspicious when all the wins have been against teams that are NOT playoff teams, or against teams that have LOSING records. And the PATRIOTS are a BETTER team NOW. So don’t ell me about the JETS beating the PATRIOTS earlier. The JETS have TROUBLE beating NON PLAYOFF teams with LOSING records to help get them this 9-3 record. And the JETS cannot beat PLAYOFF teams with a WINNING record like the RAVENS, PACKERS, PATRIOTS. The JETS have show that they can bet PLAYOFF team like the STEELERS and the BEARS. The JETS 9-3 record is SUSPICIOUS!!!
    The JETS EMBARRASSED themselves to rest of the NATION

  93. By taliesen on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    all these coments sound like they are coming from frustrated Red Sox fans !!! until ’04 of course…….don’t worry, miracles happen !
    Pats fan

  94. By JetsFan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Peter is 100 percent correct and Rex Ryan is 100 percent wrong. I’m still in disbelief that they got beat that bad. I can’t really remember when they got blownout that bad by a Patriots team that really is not even that great. Yes, the Jets have a 9-3 record against teams that are non-playoff teams. It’s obvious and sad at the same time. They are very far from a Superbowl team this year. Unless and hopefully the Patriots lose at least 3 of their next 4 games, the Jets will end up in the playoffs once again as a wild card road playoff team and we all know that wild card road playoff teams eventually get knocked out of the playoffs. They never even really threw the ball deep against the Patriots, which was shocking.

  95. By charliejet on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Somebody gotta say it. Yea OK we got beat – beat real bad. But I will never give up on my Jets. If some of you are so disgusted then give me your tickets OK. I would not want any of you as teammates – you would just give up. Yea gotta respect Rex – he’s hurtin’ believe me he is hurtin’ it was a bad bad night thats for sure. But a handful of people on this blog still believe in this team. good for them. Typical, typical fickle fan. You know what I guarantee if the score was 45-3 for us some of you would STILL BE NOT SATISFIED. We are hurting and humiliated. If you are that mad, then go to the patriots OK? Become patriots fans. Suck it up Jets – one form of redemption kick Miami’s but finish strong a drool for another crack at NE!!!

  96. By Ken1967 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a fan for way to long and a season ticket holder since 1970. I truly bought into Rex’s defense, ground and pound and purchased a PSL. What I witnessed is the “Same Old Jets” who cannot make it in the big games. They never adjusted on defense as a team but rather were just a bunch of “Look at Me I’m a Star” types. Why, why didn’t we play man for man on every down and jamb every receive right at the line and blitz 2 guys to stop the MVP’s Welker, Woodhead and Brady plus those no-name tight ends. No, Rex wants to show us he’s the Defensive Genius but he’s not because he hasn’t learned from his mistakes. This was exactly what Peyton Manning did to the Jets in the AFC title game just 7 games earlier. I’m done with these losers!

  97. By Briguyintampa on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Been a long time since I have been to this website. I cant believe these comments… Noone is above a buttkicking. You all act like we just got eliminated from the playoffs. It is one loss!!! Rex needs to take it and learn from it. There are lessons to be taught out of this game. Yeah we got worked hard in every facet of the game. We will get up, we will fight and we will have a chance to redeem ourselves in the playoffs if we do that. I dont see Rex quitting like most of the posters here. gimee a break.

  98. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    The way were playing right now ,the only winnable game left seems to be the Bills in the finale , who would of thunk it 2-3 weeks ago that the Buffalo game will probably be a must win to get in and thats only if someone like Indy or SD or Oak or Miami dont run off 4 straight and get to 10 wins as well then were probably sitting at home. Lets be honest we are just not that good,Mark is really struggling the weather will be like it was last night the rest of the way out.our D is average at best,where the hell is B.Thomas,C.Pace, DeVito,Big Kat,J.T. and were thin as can get at S now that Digbo is out,only the Jets can screw up 9-2 ,such a horrendous bleak reality.I wish I was wrong so bad??

  99. By Jets1/12/1969 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Living down here in SC and being a Clemson Tiger fan, it was like watching the Tigers typical performance- work so hard to be in a great position going into a “big game” and when the whistle blows there is no fire. Very uninspired from the start from top to bottom. Thought the defense would come out swinging but then……… nothing. This wasn’t one thing or person, it was the whole ball of wax.

  100. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I thought the green bay game was supposed to be the wakeup call.Next year jets need to move cromartie to free safety, his tackling inabilities will be less noticeable.

  101. By GIL on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Been A long time since I posted but I gotta say I am dishearted that some of the veteran fans on this site are giving up, I read these posts everyday and granted i really wanted to punch my tv in watching tom brady pretty much destroy our team but to come in here and read these posts from you guys is really sickening I mean I’ve been a jets fan since I could understand the game which was 5 and I am 30 now passed down from my father, and through the bad times cause there was really no good times only a few we as fans have endured and yeah they did play like the “same old jets” but we as fans should hold ourselves up and take the shellacking with them, and for some of you to say this is the start of a skid are not loyal,

  102. By fred rosenberg on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Bottom line … we lost because the TEAM wasn’t prepared…the coaches
    are to blame for that, but the real culprits are the guys in the trenches
    who seem to believe their press clippings. I’m in Fins land as I write this,
    and I can only say that our Jets better come to play on Sunday or we’ll be
    playing a funeral dirge for the season.

  103. By GIL on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Cont and to sit there and bash your team instead of critiquing them is poor taste because they are very much still in the playoff picture and can very much handle the 4 teams on the schedule IF THEY PUT THE WORK IN and I for one will the lose yesterday stings like hell but I will be rooting my *** off for this time like I have since I was a youngin and so will my sons we will get to the playoffs and hopefully handle business BUT IT IS UP TO THE COACHES, PLAYERS AND THE ORGANIZATION to get ready and Rex will handle business cause he can feel the heat from his words and doesn’t want to be the laughing stock of the NFL for losing out on the PLAYOFFS, now we as fans have a choice are we in or if you choose to be out dont come back when they

  104. By GIL on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    CONT do rebound cause you wasnt a fan anyways and they rebound cause they have to even if they need to bleed for it. Randy I thank you for posting my message and from one military vet to a journalist vet I appreciate all your work you are a pleasure I thank you again and for all the true jet fans I will not call out names because you know who you are I also thank you for your words even when they are good critizism but I know that you have been through this before so I know its from the heart GO J E T S JETS JETS JETS WE WILL OVERCOME

  105. By Damone on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply


  106. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    MJV, I’m happy to see you intelligently spewing forth the many reasons we got blown out rather than fixating on one or two guys. We have a lot of guys on both sides of the ball who aren’t cutting it and I still say we have a bad combo at the helm of the O, an HC who thinks it’s 1960 and an OC who gets lost in all kinds of trickery that seems to have little to do with how football games are actually played, much less won. GaryC, it’ll be a sea change for some folks on this site when they finally accept that you don’t win an SB with older cast-offs but with young guys you draft, groom, and believe in for at least a few years.

  107. By Jack in NH on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    I am a longstanding Pats fan who for the first time checked out your website. Believe me, all sports fans feel like you do, at some point. The Pats stunk for a long time but we now have an owner and a coach who REALLY want to win. Every owner and coach say it. But some owners just want to make money, and some coaches want either a job or a name. Of course there is nothing we fans can do about anything, except complain, but I hope for the fans sake that your team starts to build through the draft, and that your coach is more than just talk. It is hard to know, as we are not privie to all the info. BB was fired in Cleveland. All teams need a good long and short term plan. Short term plans do not work, and youngish teams tend to do well

  108. By DOUG 1960 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Winning against any NFL team isn’t so easy..this is the NFL. Last I checked, CLEVELAND, the other pats loss besides the JETS, is 5-7. Hey, the jets came out flat and a had a bad game, and the pats had everything go their way. Anyone who knows anything about football has seen how things can snowball. It happens, so get over it. This team has shown me a lot this year and will take this as a lesson toward sweet redemption.

  109. By Row on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Well, first off I would like to mention that the Patriots have the worst ranked passing defense in the NFL. The real Mark Sanchez really stepped up on Monday. I just don’t understand why anyone would keep him in after such a poor performance. Week by week he throws a pick (7 in a row). Enough said. I think everyone wanted him pulled.
    For some reason LT has been sat because of some type of black balling or just plain bad coaching. He won games for us earlier, now he’s lucky to make the field. I think someone upstairs is setting him up for his release after this season. (Just like TJ)
    The Fins will run this weekend. Someone has to stop it. Play strictly nickel with Lowery at S, Wilson playing man at nickelback. Do not blitz the safety.

  110. By CKnight sec.325 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    i can’t believe everyone is giving up like this. what a bunch of fair weather fans. Was this a huge loss? yes, but the season is far from over. the patriots could easily lose to the bears next week, we beat the fish, and we are back in the same position we were in after week 12. We should make the playoffs which is an entire new season. show some gumption and stick with your team guys. pathetic

  111. By 37 year fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    It feels like we Lost a thousand games all in one . …..We’ ll be back ,…..WE WILL BE BACK .

  112. By 37 year fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    ” Not until you’ve travelled through the deepest valleys ,….can you trully appreciate the highest mountain tops . ” – Nixon .

  113. By sal on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Albert hjaynesworth, plain and simple. Divito /puha are not doing it like last year. Call Washington and get him

  114. By rlou24 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    To charliejet: listen every fan on this blog is 100 percent correct for complaining about that game. To call us typical fickle fan is crazy and an insult to all life long jet fans. If you are not angry with the palyers and coaching staff then kudos to you. . I think what all us fans want is Accountability for the players and coaching staff performing as bad as there are. Again if you are happy with the way this team is playing with all this talent then kudos to you. Don’t mean to attack you charliejets just want to see this team play better thats all. I will not give up on this team, but things have got to CHANGE.

  115. By Viveca Elworthy on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    We’re all behind our Jets! That doesn’t mean that we aren’t furious to see them play like they did last night. I like Rex but wish he would tone it down. If you must brag, you’ve better back it up, if you can’t you only make a fool of yourself. Also, why give opposing teams extra incentive?
    Stop collecting big name players on their last leg. Build through the draft. Get rid of players who can’t play even if they’re high draft picks. We’re a good team, but not as talented as we’re led to believe. There are lots of holes on our roster.Stop talking Super Ball and concentrate on making the playoff!!

  116. By Westcoast GangGreen on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Jet Nation, just turn the page and move on. Gil your wrong about vet fans on this site are giving up, like you and everybody its just frustrating that they rip our hearts out on the big games. But, thats why we keep coming back on the hope that one year we will witness it all… Heck even Joe Namaths ring has to be tarnished by now, thats how long its been for true Jet fans-FRUSTRATING.! About for the pass rush everyone talks about. This is where we miss a player like Kris Jenkins, his physical game, he always pushed the center into pulling guards, into backfield and disrupted offenses for our defense to go in for the kill, thats the presure the Jets miss the most. the players who replaced him our good but just dont have his strenght.!!

  117. By patswinagain on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    jetsfan suck it up yeah brady isnt tuff !? not nearly as tuff as farve? sounds like sour grapes maybe you and your SAME OLD jets stop talking about how your the best when all you did was win a few playoff games last year big deal.thats a losers mentality.honestly the jets are just starting to bore everyone with this stupid attitude .buy the why the not so tuff brady has THREE Rings and just spanked your jets ….PEACE

  118. By Jets Fan on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Brady needed to be KNOCKED OUT OF THE GAME! That should have been the goal from the start. You cannot just put light pressure on a wimpy QB who is afraid to get hit. You have to plant him into the ground. Unfortunately Ryan failed to get that message across to his defense last night. Goal should have been to KNOCK OUT TOM BRADY! He’s a bully and a bully needs to be attacked the entire game. So sickening to see him in the post conference just laughing about what happened. Next time they play, just KNOCK OUT TOM BRADY AND GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES!!

  119. By GIL on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    Westcoast, I appreciate your comment but when I come to this website to view the articles and read the posts of my fellow jets fans I understand that I will read alot of frustrating comments and rightfully so, but to read some of the guys saying the season is in the toilet is just ridiculous, I mean just if and I mean if we lose the next game then the comments will be justified but after one horrible game and yes I mean HORRENDOUS come on…. Also shotty needs to tighten his game planning my 12 year old was actually calling the plays they were going to run just out of the formation they were set at if a 12 yr old can do that what do u think bill was thinking????? bottom line they need to start playing with the intensity of us fans

  120. By Fish Hunters on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    That game made me sooooo angry with this team. This was the hated Patriots in a huge, huge game. They basically put us over their knee and spanked the tar outta us. They told us kid, you ain’t even in our league. To top it off Sexy Rexy is bragging like he’s won a million Superbowls. Guess he hasn’t been part of the rivalry. Where is the Apology Rex? Stop being DEFIANT and start getting this right.

  121. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Jack in NH, I appreciate your civil post and your refusal to gloat. I particularly appreciate it because while I always want to beat the Pats, Bills, and Dolphins, I don’t “hate” any of those teams. My football loyalties go even deeper than the Jets — at least, when the Jets are out of the running — back to the old AFL, without which the NFL wouldn’t be anything like what it is today on a dozen levels. I love the Pats going back to the days of Parilli, Capelletti, Buoniconti, Burton and many others — I just want the Jets to beat them every time they play and finish ahead of them every year. Congratulations on the Pats’ improvement over this season but watch out for us in the post-season!

  122. By charliejet on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    riou24…. I thought things DID change already you know new coach (NEW PHILOSOPHY), new talent, new names hmmmmmmmmm? Mavbe if you read what I said backward it would make better sense to you. Selective hearing and reading seem to go hand in hand here. We got beat – plain and simple. Stop being angry, shake off the dust, get up and FIGHT! FIGHT let the anger and frustration pour onto the field. This was the only and granted so far most important game of the year ok? But truth be told it was the ONLY game we did get blown out of. It was like we were spooked or just played scared internally not because NE intimidated us. We choked. Don’t get angry get even. We should be drooling for a playoff shot at NE – let that be a rally cry. Go Jets.

  123. By joe on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    I’m sorry, but Shottenheimer needs to go. The two minute offense is the strongest offensive package the Jets have, and he either refuses to use it the whole game, or fails to recognize its strength. We made so many last minute victories because of that two minute offense. The plays he calls during the rest of the game obviously aren’t working, yet he continues to call them. Get rid of him. Bring in Josh McDaniels as a new coordinator if you have to.

  124. By BLINKA posts, no one heeds on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Jet fan ’64:
    If you read my column, youwould know that never have I called for anyone’s firing or NEVER said I am jumping ship.

    But you touched on it on your last post, the defense has only one great player, Revis. The rest are old and slow. The defensive line is HORRIBLE. Rex’s teams in Baltimore had several tremendous players. Not this team. Why the negativity….because this organization must start to rebuild around Sanchez and Revis and stop the superbowl or bust mentality. WE DON”T HAVE THE PLAYERS…UNDERSTAND THE WORDS?

  125. By Tom Spicer on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    ROW, Like always you are clueless bench Mark? Do we have a better QB on the roster? Peyton Manning has 11 picks in the last 3 games more than mark has on the year should they bench him?

  126. By Rick on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Josh Freeman?

  127. By Kentric on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    It was one game folks. The Jets were stale and the Patriots hit on all cylinders. One game does not a season make. The Jets can still win the division – although, with the way the Patriots have been playing it isn’t likely. The Jets will most assuredly make the playoffs and yet most posters here are mailing in the season. If you’re a fan for 30 years (as one poster stated), you’ve obviously seen worse. Let the season play out before you give up on the team.

  128. By nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    GIL ,you ask why the veteran Jet fans are worried and ready to throw in the towel, well lets just remember we’ve seen this movie unfold countless times ,its not that we stop rooting or jump ship its just the fact we’ve been devasted by this orgz. for years after glimmers of hope,(you know they say the defin.of insane is doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results) well once again Ive seen this team tailspin after loses like this over & over with the same results.We’ve seen this coming for 5-6 weeks now with struggling to put away bad teams,they have to get to 10 wins,a win this week would be paramount in turning things around,I just dont see it,

  129. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    “Stop the Superbowl or bust mentality” is a statement I couldn’t agree with more, Blinka. It’s not only a desperate, short-sighted approach but at this point, it’s an embarrassing one. But embarrassment is not my main concern, Rex and Schotty’s failure to get results is. Yeah, yeah, I know we’re 9-3 and that I’ve said myself that we should be happy with that, but a blowout like this reinforces my worst fears about those close games against bad teams. Hey, it could be worse, we could be the Bills, but I’m definitely not happy with the Rex/Schotty leadership and, of course, with those players we don’t have, Blinka.

  130. By Anthony on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    ““Stop the Superbowl or bust mentality” is a statement I couldn’t agree with more” me too. I love Rex, but – he is going to have a short shelf life with this kind of talking. I mean if they don’t win it this year, how much longer does he have? I think he will gain some perspective with experience – at least I hope so! I still believe this team is one of the top teams in football and has a good chance to make a playoff run again – but – it won’t be at home. And personally I have never been a fan of Schotty, either when the Jets win or lose. I don’t like all the extra stuff that goes on. They have a superior line, they could have run all day on the Pats. Do it – do what you do best.

  131. By BLINKA posts, no one heeds on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    You too do not heed. It’s not “just one game” It’s also Denver, Detroit, Browns, Texans and Bengals. Those games we were lucky to win.

    The next three games will TELL THE TRUTH!! Who is with Ol’ 54???

  132. By Pat Patriot on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply


    Reading your comments is as much fun as watching Monday Night!

  133. By Tom Spicer on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Pat Patriot, Win a title without cheating then come talk to me. After you were not allowed to cheat anymore how many superbowls have you won? ZERO thats how many! How many years has it been since you won one 7 THATS HOW MANY TAKE A WALK!

  134. By BLINKA posts, no one heeds on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Pat:
    Your team is great but what could possibly be more pathetic than posting on another team’s message board?

    let us all say together……………GET A LIFE!

  135. By JetsFan on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully they take out their anger on the Dolphins this weekend win convincingly. Miami is not a cold weather football team. Sanchez is tough, I can say that. He is not afraid to scramble around and keep plays alive and elude defenders. He’s done that a lot this year which has impressed me a lot. What has not impressed me is how easy important passes have been dropped this year by his receivers. The receivers are all veterans and need to start playing like veterans. You cannot drop important 3rd down passes in those types of games. Edwards should ashamed at himself for dropping that pass. Those are the types of plays that change the momentum in a game. And a 53 yard field goal attempt with 25 mph winds? That was crazy stupid.

  136. By Row on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Spicer, you have to send a message and benching the golden boy would definitely do just that. There is no reason to risk an injury to a starter after we’re down 35-3 in the fourth. He threw three straight picks.

  137. By Die-hard Jets Fan Bill on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Horrible game. The Jets’ response to the humiliating defeat is a character test. If they get tough like the Pats did after Cleveland manhandled them, great things can happen. If they fall apart, then it is the “same old Jets.”

    Talking won’t hack it. Players & coaches need to get tough and take it out on the remaining opponents. Let’s GO Jets!

  138. By Jets Fan Since '64 Tom on Dec 8, 2010 | Reply

    Firing Schotty would send a message, too, Row, and I think you’ll see that message sent if this inept offense proves to be our undoing — or one big reason for our undoing — the rest of this year.

  139. By Tom Spicer on Dec 9, 2010 | Reply

    Row, I miss understood you point if you think he should have gotten benched once the game was out of hand to teach him a lesson fine mabye that would have worked I dont know. But I thought you meant permanatly

  140. By paul pgfig01 on Dec 9, 2010 | Reply

    FIRE SHOTY!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! SOJ if your a true fan you can see the train wreck coming. The Jets have to start rebuilding and Rex has to become humble I like his bravado but enough talk more show. I glad were still in the hunt but being a fan since 1979 I am not surprised about the MNF game. The real test is the next four games if I see them back in the playoffs then nothing will change for years. I don’t see any fight in them no emotion thats the mistakes that were made. They got rid of players with heart and fight except for LT I saw no emotion flat and I almost hope they will lose the next four games just so they fire Shotty. I know this would hurt but in the long run this would be the best start from scratch. well see Go Jets still 9-3

  141. By paul pgfig01 on Dec 9, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry I forgot to mention Holmes plays with heart these two players aren’t enough I hope for the best but I HATE SHOTTY!!!!!!

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