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Brad Smith Inactive, Drew Coleman Active

Posted by Randy Lange on January 16, 2011 – 3:30 pm

We’re less than 90 minutes away from the next great Jets-Patriots battle. And all of Jets Nations hopes, prays, expects — knows — that this game’s outcome will be different than the teams’ Dec. 6 unclose shave at Gillette Stadium.

The Jets have done everything they can to turn that night’s 45-3 embarrassment into a wonderful playoff win in what head coach Rex Ryan has called “the second biggest game in Jets history.”

There is tough injury news contained in the Jets’ just released inactive list, however: Brad Smith has been deactivated. The very valuable kickoff returner, special teams standout and Seminole pointman suffered a groin pull last Saturday night at Indianapolis, was limited in practice and will not be on the field to take on the Patriots.

That’s a difficult loss, but the Jets will carry on. Antonio Cromartie was seen moments ago warming up by tearing down the left sideline, each stride just inches inbounds. Perhaps he’s preparing for the hoped-for few kickoff returns the Jets will have to field today.

As for the Seminole, which Ryan and OC Brian Schottenheimer have said is an important part of what the Jets do on offense, there’s no indication if that won’t be used today or if there is a new wrinkle to take its place.

But Drew Coleman, the other injured player whose availability wasn’t certain on Friday, will be active, as will 28-year-old rookie Isaiah Trufant, who could be making his NFL debut. With the Jets again playing light on the DL, it would appear the defensive approach vs. Tom Brady and company will be heavy in the coverage area.

As Ryan has said, the week was spent implementing a game plan for both sides of the ball that “removed the gray” from responsibilities, something Ryan felt he and his staff didn’t do enough of back in December, and will enable the Jets to play with maximum aggressiveness.

And the coach as always did a few things that may not make a huge difference, but taken together may have helped provide the right atmosphere for the team to enter this game. Ryan brought in Jets icon Dennis Byrd to speak to the team last night and to attend the game today. WR Braylon Edwards among others noted how inspirational his message was and perhaps helped the Jets get that extra little edge in focus.

The detail work perhaps has even extended to the selection of today’s game uniforms. Because the Patriots are wearing their home blue jerseys, the Jets have to wear white tops. But their pants today will be green.

White and green may not sound weird, but it is Ryan’s least favorite sartorial combo for his team — the Jets have worn it only once before in his two years at the helm, for last year’s Game 5 loss at Miami.

However, the last time the Jets won at New England, on Thursday night in 2008, their uniforms that night were white jerseys and green pants. Does it mean anything? Probably not. Probably not.

A Weather Eye

At the moment, the weather appears to be rather benign for Foxboro, Mass., on a Sunday afternoon in mid-January. Temps are in the low to mid 30s and it’s been mostly sunny all afternoon. However, the winds, now calm, could whip up to 20 mph, and the wind chill will definitely drop as late afternoon turns into evening.

Nick Folk seemed to be hitting his long field goals well, even into the closed end of Gillette Stadium, toward which he missed back on Dec. 6.


Besides Smith, these are the Jets inactives: FB John Conner, DE Vernon Gholston, TEs Matt Mulligan and Jeff Cumberland, and DTs Jarron Gilbert and Marcus Dixon. Kellen Clemens is again the third QB.

Among the 45 Jets active players, then, are RB Joe McKnight and Trufant. Both were inactive for the Colts game last week.

The Patriots’ inactives: WR Taylor Price, RBs Fred Taylor and Thomas Clayton, CB Tony Carter, LB Marques Murrell (the former Jet), OL Rich Ohrnberger, T Mark LeVoir and DL Myron Pryor. The Pats do not list a third QB. All six of the players listed as limited in Friday’s practice and questionable for this game are in fact active.

Jets Captains

Today’s gameday captains: RB LaDainian Tomlinson, S James Ihedigbo, FB Tony Richardson, LB David Harris, DT Mike DeVito and C Nick Mangold. A nice mix of big names and Massachusetts connections.


Today’s referee is Bill Leavy. This is Leavy’s 12th Jets game as ref since his first in 2001, “the Shrek Game” at Carolina. Leavy also worked this year’s Bills game at Buffalo. And he’s presided over two Jets playoff games — the 2004 AFC Divisional Round overtime loss at Pittsburgh and the 2009 Wild Card Game at Cincinnati.

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30 Responses to “Brad Smith Inactive, Drew Coleman Active”

  1. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    As devastated as I am about Smith not playing, I gotta say it, you guys wouldn’t respect me if I didn’t: Wouldn’t it be something if Sanchez, allowed to work up a rhythm and freed of the Wildcat, responded with his best game ever? What the heck, for a game this big I refuse to see anything but in the most optimistic way. I wouldn’t mind seeing LT cross everybody up on a run to the right with a TD pass, though, he’s certainly done it before…

  2. By Ablity Mouwon on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    if anyone is watching the bears game..their defense are playing out of their minds, very, very physical with the WR..that’s how we need to play..drew coleman should be a star specail team let kyle wilson play….let play physical, hard and let it all out..if we do that i wont be mad if we lose

  3. By Walt on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    All I can say is during the draft if one of the marqee quarterbacks is available when the jets select they had better grab him.It might even make sence to trade up to get one of them the need is so desperate.As the saying goes if we only had a quarterback.The jets receivers are to good to have to put up with this guy.

  4. By wayne on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply


  5. By sal on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Offensive play calling to run out the clock has been terrible

  6. By Christopher on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply


  7. By Mike Jet Vet on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Who said it all week MJV I know this team like the back of my hand told you all they won’t be denied YES YES YES .. HEY WAYNE AND FRANK lets hear what you have to say about Rex and Shcotty now I called it all year .Tom64 hope you’ll be a better man and admit Shcotty is a very good OC Sanchez was off the mark most of the 1st half Folf missing a FG this should have been a rout

  8. By Mike Jet Vet on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    CONT. can’t wait to see little bill and Brady’s faces and excuses .. Rex and schotty take the NY Jets to back to back AFC championships they will be the best tamdum in the league again I will say like before no doubt in my mind

  9. By Jets1/12/1969 on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, Walt, great call on the quarterback comment. 3tds no int passer rating 127+, 4-1 in playoffs all on the road. Please give me more of your amazing wisdom.

  10. By scjoe on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply


  11. By Jimmer on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    After the calls yesterday favoring the favored, I’m suprised the refs called a fair game.
    E.Smith is a keeper, so is BE. I know Harris is the #1 priority, but please, we gotta keep these 2. Smith and Lowery have made so many key plays this season, they’re not starters today, but they can both be starters in this defense. Maybe not elsewhere, but they work here.

  12. By GaryC on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    to those who wanted to trade cotchery after the season look at yourself in the mirror,Ellis played his best game of his career, these players of today still don’t understand the moment of the game, like cromartie falling on the onside kick or greene just taking a knee like jones drew did against the jets.All in all a great defensive effort and hope it carries over to Big Ben.

  13. By GaryC on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    by the way, when did jets put that wildcat in for tomlinson,10 minutes after it was decided smith would not play.scrap it if smith doesn’t run it.

  14. By Jimmer on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    We can win despite average QB play. Even BB knows that now. BB was outcoached, no matter what anyone says. Amazing how the Pats can’t win huge games since spygate! And people think BB should be in the hall of fame. Maybe the hall of shame! I guess it was the camcorder that won those SB’s. Will the NFL put the asterisk next to those years yet?
    LT, BE and SG are the skill players on offense, and they have been. I’ll keep LT over holmes anyday for next year if it comes down to cap money. I’ll say the same for BE. Holmes CAN be a dominant player, but he let’s me down more often than he makes those great plays. Cotchery had a very bad year, but has better hands than holmes. Can Sanchez win us the big one?

  15. By Ablity Mouwon on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    i have to say sorry to drew coleman…he played a great great game…sorry man..great win..there are many hurt pats fan right now

  16. By tommyohio on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    got into pats chatroom on their website they locked me out hahaha love it

  17. By Jimmer on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Mike T., please, please, please give Ellis a contract that lets him retire a JET. Seeing one of the best Jets of all time play in some other uniform would break my heart. After his play today, you know he wants the JETS to win, and he’s giving it his all! He may be older, but, let a true JET retire where he started.
    Not many players get the chance like that anymore, give him that shot. He looked like a HOF player today. HE PLAYS LIKE A JET!

  18. By Tom Spicer on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Mark may not have the best QB rating, the best completion percentage or be the most accurate QB in the NFL but you know what he is our QB the New York Jet QB & I will take him just the way he is. playoff wins vs Carson Palmer at the Bengals, vs Phil Rivers at the Chargers, vs Peyon Manning at the Colts & vs Tom Brady at the Pats. 4 road playoff wins in 2 years & 2 years in the NFL & 2 AFC championship games.

  19. By Mike Jet Vet on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    I said We are better then NE they weren’t playoff hardened we were and it showed today . we didn’t even play our best game and still stopped the so called best QB and team in the league.. Now guess who back tracking their remarks about the Pats being so good we don’t stand a chance (everyone) but us few now its well they weren’t really that good give me a break these minions all should be fired for bias .Best of all I got my wish to See T-Brady and Little Bill worm their way though the pressers.. again to Wayne and Frank lets hear about Rex bragging bringing down the team & still eat crow GoJets

  20. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Make ya a deal, MJV, I’ll take Schotty for another yr if you admit it’s RIP for the Wildcat, we need it like we need a buncha turnovers. HOW MANY TIMES have I said that stupid Wildcat jive disrupts Sanchez’s rhythm, which is about the DUMBEST thing you can do with a young QB? Jimmer stop with the “Same old Jets”/”I must be dreaming mindset,” if a game like this doesn’t show you why we need SH, BE, and J-Co, nuthin’ will. And stop with the angry New York fan reflex to pit players, and fans, vs. each other even after THIS WIN! GaryC, I wanna keep J-Co but no doubt the O’s way better with SH and BE starting and he’s one of the only good players we could afford to lose. Actually, I think we need a 4th good WR like Clowney was s’posed to be.

  21. By Ray on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    I can’t even begin to put into words how great this feels. Talk about having the warm and fuzzies…. If Sanchez is the “weak link” on this team then I gues we really are a pretty damn good team!! Keep telliing a team they don’t have a chance and, well, I guess you find out what kind of heart they have. Kudos to Rex again, for realizing that he doesn’t have to blitz non-stop to have an effective gameplan. 5 Sacks? Are you kidding me? Where did that come from? Oh, and since people like to keep track… McCourty…. burned by Edwards….again. I stand by my comment before, a good rookie, but still a rookie and he gets beat as much as he makes plays.

  22. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    I remember you on McCourty, Ray, and I bet you remember some of us have been saying that it’s a heck of a lot easier to play D, and especially to get INTs, when your O stakes you a 2-TD lead in the 1st qtr most every game. So today NE’s O doesn’t get off the ground and guess what? Their D is revealed to be completely mediocre, wrecked by 3 great WRs on a team whose QB is really just learning what it’s all about. I notice even some Boston sportswriters are talking about how the Patriots bought into all this overconfidence in their D based on their O — and by the way, they’re also saying the BJGE and Woodhead aren’t the kind of “game-changing” RBs they need! I’ll have to make sure I tell that to Joe McKnight next time I run into him…

  23. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    guys let cool it on mccourty, most of the jets catches were on the other side of field,the edwards touchdown was a great throw and catch, mccourty was right there, butler and arrington were the guys who were getting burnt.if wilson had the year mccourty had tannenbaum would have been praised as a great seer of talent.

  24. By charliejet on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    Rex Ryan is really growing as a coach. Ryan who is “dyed green” in blitzing turned his defense around and used more finesse in coverage and really mixed it up-Ryan adapted and adjusted GREAT JOB REX you also are maturing and becoming a complete coach. Mark Sanchez is maturing right in front of us 129 QB rating for this game awesome! Mark starts slow then gets better as the game progresses. Forget Pittsburgh for one day – enjoy the victory for today.

  25. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    GaryC, McCourty had a good rookie yr, better in the second half than the first. Nothing like Suh, by the way, who was a monster from the first time he took the field. But he’s not God, the Pats’ secondary are not Gods, and it was shameful the way guys who should’ve known better, like Cowher, gave the Jets zero chance in this game. As for Wilson, we’ll find out more about what he can do next yr. That’s hard to do when you freak out after an opening-game loss and bench the guy for practically the whole yr. By Week 4 he was barely playing, may as well have been inactive.

  26. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    jet fan tom,you are comparing suh to mccourty,one guy was drafted second and the other at the end of the round.Look I hope wilson plays as good as mccourty but just because he is on new england you can’t knock the guy.how many guys make pro bowl their first year considering new england doesn’t have pass rush, and seeing that the patriots were so far ahead in their games he was getting thrown at a lot.

  27. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    I’M not comparing McCourty to Suh, GaryC, the Patriot-crazy/Bill-and-Brady-walk-on-water press is, so let’s set the record straight on who should be Rookie of the Year. I’m not knocking McCourty just because he’s on NE, not me, the guy who wrote on Saturday night to a Boston sportswriter that I love the old Parilli/Cappelletti Pats, love that they became great, but just don’t love ‘em when we gotta play ‘em. I’m telling you I watched McCourty play weak early on, better later on, but often MUCH better because his team had won the game by the half, like with us last time. So since there are folks on this site who demanded that McKnight be cut before Week 1, I’m just sticking up for our most recent #1 pick long enough to see what he can do.

  28. By Ablity Mouwon on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    @ Jet Fan Since ’64 Tom, the only reason the wildcard didnt work in that game is cause brad was out. Dont see the wildcat as a trick play anymore for us, were not trying to trick anyone, its just like another running play and it is very very effective when it works well and didn’t you hear the boardcast in the colts game; they spend a whole day preparing for plays that we only run about 3 times a game; if you can get another team to throw a entire day away to study the wildcat, you just gain an avantage

  29. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    jet fan tom,agree there with suh over mccourty,detroits defense actually became respectable this year because of Suh.all the more reason jets are going to need a front seven dominator this year.

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    I won’t say anything against Smith’s athleticism or the way he runs the Wildcat, Ablity. My main problem with it is actually when Schotty calls it — usually around 2nd and 6, top of the 2nd qtr, and right after Sanchez has put together his first few good plays of the game. This is sheer idiocy and I can’t imagine how Schotty sells Rex on it, why Rex forces Schotty into it, or whatever the problem is. We’ve lost a game on a Wildcat fumble, killed momentum with it time after time, and slowed our young QB’s command of the O with it. So yeah, it works once in awhile and once in awhile is about as much as I wanna see it, if that. I do agree that if we’re gonna keep running it, Smith should be allowed to throw the ball once in awhile.

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