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UW’s Locker Has Some Familiar Connections

Posted by Eric Allen on February 25, 2011 – 7:53 pm

The Jets aren’t in need of a quarterback, but one of the most prolific passers in franchise history is assisting heralded Washington prospect Jake Locker. ‪

Ken O’Brien, who called signals for the Green & White from 1984-92, is mentoring Locker as the draft nears.

‪“It’s going great,” Locker told newyorkjets.com today. “He’s an awesome guy. He knows what he’s talking about on the field. He’s very encouraging and is very smart in the game of football. He works with Athletes First, the agency I signed with. So I’ve had the opportunity to work with him now for a couple of months and it’s been a great experience for me.”

‪The 50-year-old O’Brien finished his career with the Eagles in 1993, but that was only after he threw for 124 scoring strikes and 24,386 yards with New York’s AFC representative. Kenny O’s best statistical season came in 1985 when he hit on 60.9 percent of his passes for 3,888 yards with 25 TDs and eight INTs. A talented pocket passer, O’Brien is helping the athletic Locker with his mechanics.

‪“A little fundamentals, shortening the stride and being consistent where the ball is coming out — the little things that make a big difference,” Locker said. “He’s been a pleasure to work with. He’s very encouraging and pushes me every day.” ‪

There is another Locker connection to the Jets. Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian taught Mark Sanchez in college when he was Pete Carroll’s offensive coordinator at USC.

‪“We ran a lot of the same concepts they ran when Mark was at SC,” said Locker, a 6’3”, 230-pounder who threw for 17 TDs last season. “We were able to watch the film of that and kind of see how he had success in that offense. He was somebody who was on in our film room quite a bit.” ‪

Ellard Hoping for the Trifecta

The Jets would like to re-sign their talented trio of unrestricted free agent wide receivers — Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith — and WR coach Henry Ellard would feel fortunate if that triple does occur. ‪

“What they bring to the team is amazing — their playmaking ability,” he told newyorkjets.com. “Not only that, but the character, especially in a Brad Smith, who does a little bit of everything for us, sometimes you don’t appreciate that until it’s gone.

‪“To be able to get everybody back, I’ll tell you what, I would be a happy guy for sure because it makes my job coaching a lot easier.”

‪In his first 12 games as a Jet, Holmes caught 52 balls and scored six times in the regular season. Edwards benefited from his first full offseason with the Jets, averaging a team-high 17.1 yards a reception and also pacing the club with seven touchdowns. 

‪“Being together for an extended period of time, you can’t help but get better,” Ellard said of the continuity. “Going through the games and the playoffs, you get better in all those situations. Mark has gotten a lot better from the experience.”

Smith caught a career-low four passes, but he was used frequently in the Seminole formation, rushing for a career-high 299 yards, and added two scores on kickoff returns.

“The guys just work hard. The more you do it, the more comfortable you are in the system so the more you react and start to make plays,” Ellard said.

‪“And Santonio is just special. Just watching him you can’t help but get excited.”

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34 Responses to “UW’s Locker Has Some Familiar Connections”

  1. By carl on Feb 25, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Randy ,what do u think about CBA?Goin Down Toilet?Greed!! I think I”m gonna be cheerin more at my kids game than a Jet game this year! Randy want to start workin out? Maybe we could make the “Scab” Team? You could be the quarterback, maybe I could be the running back?We gotta talk to Woody about this! Or we could watch Womens football ! I bet they play for the love of it! Go Womens Football!!!!

  2. By GaryC on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    If kenny o’brien had the offensive line that the jets have now he might have been remembered as an excellent quarterback instead of the guy the jets took instead of Marino.too bad he played with the bobsey twins, criswell and cadigan.

  3. By scjoe on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Nice to hear a little about what Ken O’Brien is doing these days, I was a fan of his and I always thought he got a bad rap during his Jet career. Sure, he was kind of a statue in the pocket, but so is Brady. EA, you mentioned his TD total, and I always felt Ken was a pretty accurate passer, what was his final TD to INT ratio as a Jet and what was his career completion percentage as a Jet?

  4. By Randy Lange on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    scjoe, speaking for EA, who is en route back to the New York/New Jersey area from the combine, Ken O’Brien’s TDs-to-INTs margin as Jets QB was 124 to 95 and his Jets career completion rate was 58.8 percent.

  5. By wayne on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Every time I hear the name Kenny O’brien it causes an awful reaction in me I call DanMarinoma…I blackout and get this recurring nightmare. Something to do with a spike.What were they thinking..Really, what were they thinking on that draft day….Wish him well, but never were a fan .As for Rex’s guarantees: Yeah, it’ll be the Jets second SB championship in a row.Today, delivery isn’t that important, just the promise.That will make all Jets faithful warm and fuzzy. Pass the plate somebdy..Personally I’m waiting for the financial and personnel gymnastics to unfold, before booking any trips……..Guys love Rexxy and all, but I will say it .And twice on sunday….GUYS WANT TO GET PAID… And why shouldn’t they? Because of the fans?

  6. By IRA on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Hey from Coach Ellard’s lips to God’s ears. That would be a tremendous job if they can bring back all three. I just think Mizzou is going to get a better offer from another team and just might move on. I just can’t see them paying him 4-5 mill per. Not that he doesn’t deserve it but i would be shocked if they do.

  7. By Danny Mastrodonato on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Sanchez is going to have a monster season this year if there is not lockout. If they keep both wideouts or draft one it will be a great year for Sanchez!!

  8. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    Hey,Elam, Trunsnik, Stuckey and LEON WASHINGTON are all Free Agents,,,,just saying! I think Ryan would LOVE to have at least Trunsnik back. Jenkins’ little brother in Green Bay is a Free Agent too. Or being that we pick 30th this year and will probably pick this high next year too ( which is like a low 2nd round pick) would it be wise to get the best player in the draft which would be,HANDS DOWN, the Raven’s Franchised NT,,,just saying

  9. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    And being that Brodney Pool had e pedestrian season and is a free agent, does anybody else see Ryan making a strong push for Ravens’ Safety Laudry?,,,Just saying

  10. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    And being that Kyle Wilson looks like a smaller virsion of Gholston,we MUST resign Cromartie.He cost us a second round pick! He and Edwards keep saying they want to stay. Holmes hasn’t said anything and has dropped his share of passes this year. The Steelers are Legendary in their evaluation of players and if they were gonna just cut this guy until the Jets came along then that should tell you something.DO NOT OVER PAY FOR THIS GUY.

  11. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Ira, I’m starting again! GET ME MY 6’6″ TE. Ryan said he wants to get better in the Red Zone.A giant TE instantly makes that goal attainable. A huge TE that has great hands and can block will be their at 30,take him.TRADE KELLER NOW,he is too short and also has dropped his share of passes this year.He has I think,a year left on his contract and we will not be able to afford him.He is not the next DALLAS CLARK,ship him for a 2 or a 3 while you still can.

  12. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    Lastly, Rex Ryan denying the Titans and Raiders from talking to our assistants is Awesome. Answering that he did it because he is devoted to doing whatever is best for The New York Jets is even better.All our years of bad coaches is OK now because it all lead us to getting the BEST.Loved in his Combine interview when he said that the Ryans were the only coaches to beat the Patriots last year.

  13. By Mike Jet Vet on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    All well said ..with one exception yes B-E and S-H are very good receivers I agree glad to have both, thing is you can go all across this league team for team even this years draft and find many very good receivers … You’ll find very few Brad Smith types who can catch pass run return kicks doing it all at the pro level with durability and success .. Ken O’Brien he certainly had size for the position smart kid, good arm, accurate, but as someone said a statue in the pocket plus he wasn’t mobile enough a Chad penny type …I was wondering what ever happened to him glad to hear he’s still involved in football teaching the Kids hes a man of good character

  14. By Tom Spicer on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    The Jets need to address the NT spot in the draft Jenkins is 32 has had 3 major knee injurys & may not be back. While Pouha did a good job filling in he does not have the size to be a NT. Rexs plan was to have him start at end I remember last year in the Raven game the starting ends were Ellis & Pouha. If we would have had Ellis & Pouha at the ends & Jenkins healthy at the nose all year that would have been a dominate line. Anyway if we address the OLB & NT in the draft I think with Ellis & Pouha at end. Smith, Pool, Leonahard, Ihedigbo who all missed parts of the season with injusrys & Lowery who played well despite moving there midseason. We will be fine in those spots I would really like the Jets to take 1 of these 3 guys.

  15. By Tom Spicer on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    I really want the best pass rushing OLB we can find in the 1st round. Round 3 our next pick I would like Kenrick Ellis (HAMPTON) 338 LBS the guy is a monster he had 94 tackles at DT. 94 tackles those are Linebacker numbers he was a man among boys this is the guy I want. If the Jets dont take him I would like to target Jerrell Powe (MISSISSIPPI) in the 4th round 330 lbs very quick for his size. Finally if the Jets cant get a pass rusher in the 1st Phil Taylor (BAYLOR) 337 LBS. We need to target 1 of these 3 guys for 2 reasons you cant properly run a 3-4 without a true NT & we need the guy to replace Jenkins either this year or down the road.

  16. By scjoe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    Kind of agree with uncle joe on Keller. I don’t think he is the answer at TE. I don’t see the mis matches that were supposed to be created, he is not a great blocker, and yes, he has dropped his share of passes. I would love to get a couple of picks for him, see what Cumberland has to offer, and take a TE in the bottom rounds, or an undrafted FA. I think the prototypical TE is the answer for what we are doing.

  17. By wayne on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    When I hear about players like Dave Duerson and a man like Wesley Walker’s(my favorite Jet WR) physical challenges after the cheering stops, I don’t for one moment envy or resent these men(THE PLAYERS!) for getting every penny and more. In more instances than not the drugs they have to take after they’re done is even more deadly than the game…..I KNOW THIS PERSONALLY………………That being said I heart the owners who are soooooooo concerned about player safety are about to cut off players’ health insurance in March although it’s paid up until April……….All because NINE BILLION ISN’T ENOUGH…..Fan don’t matter, because they know, no matter they serve you, you’ll moan and whine……….then pay it…………..18 games anyone?

  18. By GaryC on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    to the people who are looking for that tall tightend,you got rudolph from notre dame coming out,I keep hearing people say the jets have the 30th pick, I believe they select 29th.that one spot can mean alot especially if they are thinking of Moore the safety from Ucla.the guy I liked Houston from georgia ran a 4.64 40 at 270 pounds at combine but needs to lose 10 pounds if he is going to be outside backer in the three four.

  19. By Randy Lange on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    GaryC, the NFL released its first-round draft order on Feb. 22 that shows the Jets drafting 30th overall, behind the Bears at 29th. The reason for that is that the Bears had a weaker strength of schedule (121-135, .473) than did the Jets (126-130, .492) in the 2010 regular season.

  20. By Row on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    I think Atogwe is probably the best option out there at safety. I stated that he would be released earlier and, as planned, the Rams released him a few weeks ago. He should be the newest Jet. As for Sanchez and needing a drafted WR, absolutely not. I think he’s already peaked in his pro career. Defenses have figured him out. A spell back who’s better than Greene would be nice, but I would spend the entire draft on DL and some hefty linebackers. Anyone know whether Pryce is gonna come back? Go Jets

  21. By uncle joe on Feb 28, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks scjoe, I also think that instead of being persecuted Cromartie should be rewarded for the things he said. He called Brady what all New York Jet fans call him, and is there any football fan right now who isn’t saying exactly what he said about the Players Union and the Owners. The ones that will lose this battle is us.Also read that Team Websites will be stopped during the lockout,PLEASE SAY IT AIN’T SO RANDY.

  22. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Woody, Jenkins, Taylor, and of course VG, ALL GONE! Thanks for your service, guys, especially the first 2 but do some of you folks see what I mean about Rex not being sentimental? uncle joe, great to have you back but when was the last time a Jet WR put on a show like SH did in those 5 games? And you must not be reading what the coaches say about him, Ellard just today. MJV, Smith caught 4 passes last yr and dropped 2, that ain’t success at catching. I’m struggling to pay attention to the combine while the owners, players, and of course Goodell are still wasting time, but I like that the Jets, as usual, are moving forward aggressively, as with Lynn’s remarks on McKnight and Conner. They shouldn’t be moving forward on ticket prices, though.

  23. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    wayne, Walker might be my favorite Jet WR of all time, too, though it’s always hard to pick between him, Maynard, and Sauer and with Caster and Chrebet not far behind. But what have you heard about Walker’s physical struggles these days? That’s disturbing to me to hear because in addition to averaging 20 yds per catch even in yrs when he was hurt, he was never a complainer and somehow accomplished all that he did while legally blind in one eye. Please fill me in when you can.

  24. By IRA on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    uncle joe,
    Welcome back dude.You came back blazing. Keller is a stud and he is not their redzone problems. If anything he is one of their major pieces of this very good team that will contend again for a title in 2011. They need to run the ball better in the redzone thats the deal. I would like to see Cumberland get a chance as an option he has the size and hands. He must improve his blocking first.
    Well not official yet by the Jets but VG, DW, JT and KJ are cut. Sure they need help at NT. I think if they can’t address that in the draft [i believe they will] then if KJ is healthy whenever camp starts he will be given a shot at a comeback for league minimum.
    GO JETS!!!!

  25. By Tom Spicer on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Jenkins, Taylor, Woody & Gholston cut. Hunter filled in well for Woody so I do not see much of a drop off but with these moves now more then ever we need to focus on the front 7 of the D in the draft. Specifically OLB, NT & DE I guess as of now our starting unit is OLB Pace 30 & Thomas 32. NT Pouha 32 & DE Ellis 35 & Devito 27 NOT GOOD who out of this group is getting more than 5 sacks?

  26. By THUNDER LIPS on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Woody and Jenks should be resigned at League minimums with incentives. We also get Pitouia back this year as well. We need to address the big nose tackle and the pass rusher in free agency/draft if it ever comes to be.

  27. By GaryC on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    thanks randy for update on jets drafting position.I believe the nfl network kept posting that the jets had the 29th position.

  28. By scjoe on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Ira, I still have to go with uncle joe re:Keller, you say he is a stud, in what way? Where were the mismatches that were supposed to be created? I didn’t see many materialize. I think in a system like Indy he would be irreplaceable, but in NY not at all. You mentioned the running game in the red zone, Keller does not help in that area, a prototypical TE (Cumberland?) may, although he needs to improve his blocking as well. Maybe, just maybe, it is a function OF the way he has been used, but either way, a prototypical TE would be a better fit for what we do. As for the cuts? I hope cutting KJ don’t come back to bite, the rest don’t really matter.

  29. By Mike Jet Vet on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Like I said Big Jenks V-G no brainer 2B gone the Woody move makes sense, Taylor I’d like to see him here one more year but 36 is pushing the envelope GL big man wish you the best ..Time to revamp the D-line Trader Mike go get us a big fast DE/OLB …Still think Ellis best days are behind and sorry to say I can’t remember to many really good days from him, I still wish he went in that trade to Falcons instead of Big John A..Also I’d like to see somewhere in this draft a good backup QB Safety can come in later rounds

  30. By uncle joe on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks Tom 64 and Ira. Ira, you just said they need to run the ball better and you would like to see Cumberland because he is tall. That means that Keller is too small and can’t block and is a liability in the red zone.If we keep Keller because he is a WR in a SHORT TE’s body why don’t we just use a WR? it’s not like he breaks tackles! Ryan is an Old School Coach who runs the ball and a Hybrid TE has no place on this team, get something for him now while you still can.

  31. By scjoe on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    MJV, there will be no serviceable safety’s in the later rounds in this draft. I think the best thing they can do is hope Moore (UCLA) is available at 30. He offers an immediate upgrade at safety, he has all the tools. We all know by now that the draft is a crap shoot (Gholston) but if Moore can be half the player that Reed or Palamula is, we will be in very good shape in the secondary. Sure a DE/OLB is needed, but in this draft that is the strength, where safety is not.

  32. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Ira, run the ball better in the red zone = fire Schotty. uncle joe, of course there will be no team websites during a lockout, anything resembling free speech bothers Goodell as much as it does the Middle Eastern dictators. Heck, he doesn’t even like us using our team colors on the site! May he flee to Switzerland with his ill-gotten gains just as soon as all those other clowns.

  33. By Mike Jet Vet on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Scjoe all due respect no way we take a safety @30 we have depth at safety albeit not great depth but depth none the less, our immediate need is DE/OLB we have no real depth with all 30 somethings across the D-line, in a perfect world yeah safety is priority but we just have to many issues we’ll get by with what we have or though FA’s not @30 my friend no way no how

  34. By scjoe on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    MJV, Never say never! I think safety is a real need on this team, sure we have depth there, but as you say, no quality depth. I agree 100% about the need for a stud DE/OLB but this draft has a lot of depth at those positions, and lets not forget the return of Pitoitua who Rex was extremely high on last camp, I know he will not be the pass rushing specialist we are looking for, but with his size and athleticism he will tie up 2 blockers his share of the time, and that is huge in the 3-4. A guy like Moore who can fly around the field and has good ball skills would upgrade this D as much as anything.

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