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A Fun Morning Spent Playing with ‘Our Airplane’

Posted by Randy Lange on June 14, 2011 – 10:45 am

There are blue Mondays, to be sure, but yesterday provided a different kind of start to the new work week — a very upbeat JetBlue Monday for a good number of us from the Green & White.

The day began with an unusual wakeup call for me, at 3:45 a.m. (Following a midnight lights-out after the Mavs beat the Heat — tough one, but duty called.) Less than an hour later we were on the tarmac at Newark Liberty International Airport, in fact sharing the tarmac with one big, bouncing, beautiful JetBlue plane, the one that reads NY JETS in green and white on both sides.

This was a multipurpose airport appointment. For myself and legendary Jets lensman, Al Pereira, our goal was to snap the impressive flying machine every which way we could think of in regard to the design plans for the 2011 Yearbook. We’ll leave the details of our camera angles to your imagination until such time that the annual yearbook is available.

Also on hand: Multimedia men Chris Ubbens and Alex Darcey worked the video cameras for footage that you’ll see on an edition of “Jets Flight Plan” in the fall.

With all the cameras on site, this was a photo op waiting to happen. And who should be on the scene but four members of the Jets Flight Crew: Jessica S., Nicole, Brittany and Lindsey.

This was no easy gig for the Crew. They were dressed in their summer outfits, which wouldn’t have been bad except for the fairly cold early-morning breeze whipping across the airport. Further, Lindsey was doing this appearance on no sleep at all, having come over in the wee hours from work. Nicole, conversely, got some sleep, but had to go immediately from the shoot to work and then tonight on to the Flight Crew’s practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center.

No problem. All four shook out the cobwebs and brought an energy to the site that you can sense from Al’s photos.

Additional energy? How about a couple of prizewinners? Robert and Rebecca Naeder from Staten Island, N.Y., were the winners of a one-day Jets Facebook contest to come see the shoot.

“We’re big Jets fans and this was something not everybody gets to do,” said Rebecca.

“I’ve been a Jets fan my whole life,” said Robert, wearing the No. 24 jersey of his favorite Jet, Darrelle Revis. “Me and my dad went to the playoff game in Pittsburgh.”

This trip wasn’t as far but had a lot of moving parts. Bringing all the details together from the Jets side was Jeff Fernandez, senior director of new business, one purpose of whose was to underscore the relationship between the Jets and JetBlue.

“This plane is just a perfect tool to celebrate our partnership,” Fernandez said. “We have a lot of great partners, and these guys at JetBlue top the list. They love to have fun with stuff, and we’re the only sports franchise in New York that they have a relationship with.”

A number of JetBlue representatives participated in the morning’s events, including Alex Battaglia (vice president, airports), Rick Pineda (coordinator, national sponsorships), Eva Capous (manager, corporate communications), Louie Bermudez (ground operations supervisor), Jessica Wallace (inflight crewmember), Andrew Paul (flight operations crewmember) and Anthony Williams (airport operations crewmember).

Ubbens wound up the shoot filming Battaglia doing a little walk-and-talk toward the cockpit, a segment which concluded with JetBlue personnel, Flight Crew and Facebook winners in the leather-backed seats around him providing a cabin-rattling “J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!” chant.

We’ve introduced you to the Jets plane before, last September. Its first flight was to take the team to Denver for the October meeting with the Broncos. The next team flight was for the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh. And late last month it was the sky chariot of choice to bring director Denise Garvey and selected Flight Crew members to Aruba for this year’s third calendar photo shoot.

More often the Airbus 320 isn’t a Jets charter, taking folks around the Northeast, Southeast and Caribbean, normally four flights a day, to 52 cities so far in 10 countries. At a 150-passenger capacity per trip, it has now transported 23,000 more than a stadiumful of people.

Many of those fliers are of course Jets fans. Many on the ground may also get a source of pride from seeing NY JETS, as big as a plane, streak by in green and white. Many others, needless to say, are Patriots, Dolphins and Bills fans and are not similarly moved by seeing or flying on the Jets plane.

For those folks, all we can say is we bet you can’t wait to see some shows on a possible Jets channel on the satellite TV screens at each seat.

Maybe that channel’s already been started. Yesterday, as luck would have it, the TVs were on when we were on board and a clip of Rex Ryan wearing his Yankees jersey at a recent Yankees-Indians game popped up on one screen.

A crowning and appropriate touch to an unusual morning.

Photos of the JetBlue Jets Plane

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11 Responses to “A Fun Morning Spent Playing with ‘Our Airplane’”

  1. By wayne on Jun 14, 2011 | Reply

    Plaxico Burress anyone? Ira? TSpice?……..LOL……Somebody is coming……

  2. By Alex.G on Jun 14, 2011 | Reply

    Plax to the Gang ??? I like that, and I think Sanchez will as well although my heart is set on Holmes and Edwards Plax sounds more inviting then Moss.. I hope the Patriots don’t snag him.

  3. By IRA on Jun 14, 2011 | Reply

    wayne, You know i have been talking about Plax and Moss since Feb. Hope i am wrong on both but it is what it is.

  4. By IRA on Jun 15, 2011 | Reply

    Kirwan has his OL rankings out today. Of course mangold and Brick are right at the top and Mangold could be the #1 OL in the league. One thing is for sure the Jets have had the best center in the league now for the past 14 seasons. Starting with Mawae in 97 to 05 and Mangold 06 to present.
    One thing that bugs me about Kirwan’s list is that Moore once again gets no respect.
    Randy your thoughts on Moore’s lack of respect?

  5. By Randy Lange on Jun 15, 2011 | Reply

    Ira, like Rex Ryan has said, you probably have to look no further than Brandon Moore’s “pedigree,” which is that he began his NFL career as an undrafted defensive lineman. He’s also on a line anchored by two now perennial Pro Bowlers in Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson. And he’s stuck behind some established guards. Last year’s three guards on the AFC roster were starters Kris Dielman (four-time PB) and Logan Mankins (three-time PB, once All-Pro first-team) and backup Brian Waters (five-time PB, twice All-Pro first-team). But Brandon’s time will come.

  6. By IRA on Jun 15, 2011 | Reply

    Randy, Its long overdue. He has been playing at a Pro Bowl level the past 3 years.

  7. By BGB on Jun 15, 2011 | Reply

    Watch Jay Glazers MMA piece on NFL.com. Kind of disappointed not to see any of our guys there. Does Clay Matthews really need to get better? I know are linebackers and DB’s certainly could use an edge like this.

  8. By Jimmer on Jun 15, 2011 | Reply

    Moore is a great run-blocker, I think his pass blocking is still suspect. In 2009 he was flat out poor in pass protection. He improved in 2010, but not enough to get past the aforementioned gaurds.
    BGB, if Matthews gets better, he’ll be a HOF’er before he retires.

  9. By IRA on Jun 16, 2011 | Reply

    Moore ranked #2 in pass protection last year and was excellent in 09 too. In matter of fact the unit ranked 8th while giving up 28 sacks. The Giants and Colts were tied for 1st with only allowing 16 sacks.

  10. By scjoe on Jun 16, 2011 | Reply

    Lets be honest about our O-Line, Mangold is great, no question, Brick may be above average, the rest are average at best! Now, is there room for improvement based on who is on the roster and their ages? Absolutely! Lets get the season going and find out for sure,

  11. By GaryC on Jun 17, 2011 | Reply

    like I have stated, which Ira hates to hear.the more this strike lingers, the better chance slauson is playing tackle and ducasse will be at guard.

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