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LB Thomas (Achilles) Will Miss Rest of Season

Posted by Randy Lange on October 3, 2011 – 5:51 pm

Updated, 6:55 p.m. ET

Rex Ryan didn’t sugarcoat the latest injury to his Jets team.

“The unfortunate news is about Bryan Thomas being lost for the season with an Achilles injury,” Ryan said at the top of this evening’s news conference at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “That’s obviously going to be a huge loss to us.”

The Jets earlier in the afternoon announced that the 10th-year linebacker would sit out the rest of the season after injuring his left Achilles tendon midway through the first quarter of Sunday night’s loss in Baltimore.

Thomas got hurt the play after Joe Flacco and Ray Rice teamed up for a 52-yard reception to the Jets 27. on the play, Flacco dropped back to try to find Anquan Boldin in the end zone. Thomas was rushing off the Jets’ left end out of a three-point stance against Ravens RT Michael Oher.

Thomas was engaged with Oher but no other players were in the neighborhood when he planted his left leg to try to get around Oher to Flacco. He went down on the M&T Stadium turf, was examined on the field by the Jets’ trainers and medical staff and then on the sideline. He didn’t return to the game.

The immediate concern is how the Jets will replace “B.T.” in their defense. He’d been remarkably durable through his first nine seasons after being selected in the first round (22nd overall) of the 2002 draft. He had missed only three games in his Jets career and in the previous five seasons he had played in all 16 regular-season games with at least 12 starts each year.

“I think we’ll have a combination of guys fighting for that job,” Ryan said. “Josh Mauga’s been crosstrained for that. You can use four defensive lineman if you need to. If [Jamaal] Westerman steps up and plays that way, maybe it’s him. But I’m not ready to anoint anybody the starter.”

Westerman replaced Thomas in the base defense last night. Another outside ‘backer who got some playing time and will be in the combination appears to be Aaron Maybin, who got his first pro sack in his third season, in the process forcing a Joe Flacco fumble that the Jets recovered.

“Forget about what happened in the past. When we had him, he flashed pass-rush ability,” Ryan said. “We were intrigued by him. He never really knew the defense, but when we had the opportunity we brought him back and he did make a couple of nice plays in that game.”

Garrett McIntyre, an NFL rookie but with CFL pass-rushing experience, is another possibility, although he suffered a concussion against the Ravens and will be evaluated later this week. And Ryan wouldn’t rule out GM Mike Tannenbaum and the front office bringing in another player. As Ryan said, “We’ve got options here.”

“I’ll Never Lose Confidence”

The options are welcome for the Jets’ next opponent, the Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Many are worried about the Jets’ confidence and ability to withstand the Patriots attack after the 34-17 loss in Baltimore. Ryan confirmed again today that the Ravens “really gave it to us up front … they beat us to the punch,” but he said he remained confident for the Pats game and beyond.

“We’ve got three-quarters of the regular season to play,” he said. “There’s one goal we have and this franchise is going to chase, as simple as that. We’re 2-2, a game behind the leaders in our division. We haven’t played a division game yet. Is it going to be easy? No, of course not. I’ve always said it’s not easy making the playoffs. I think we’ll be there, there’s no doubt. I would never lose confidence. As long as I’m coaching, I’ll never lose confidence.”

But to keep defenses at bay better than they did the Ravens, Ryan acknowledged several times that one thing required is an improved running game.

“It is something we have to be able to do. It’s no great secret. We have to be able to run the ball better. That hasn’t changed,” he said, adding of perhaps getting caught up in trying to have Mark Sanchez throw the ball more this year, “That’s a possibility. We expected to throw the ball more this year, there’s no doubt. But how often are we going to run it when you run the ball for 38 yards and you’re not having success?”

Rex was asked if he was concerned by the condition of his team at the quarter pole and by a demeanor after the game and today that some said was “subdued.”

“I’m bothered by the fact that I think we’re a better football team than we’re playing right now,” he said. “We’re not executing the way I thought we’d execute. That’s something on us as coaches, on me. That’s why I’m subdued. But there’s probably a little more fire burning inside me than I’m letting on.”

He let his offensive players feel that fire in remarks to the team about the ground game. And his next task is to get the Jets fired up this week for another big road test and their first AFC East game of the season at the 3-1 Patriots.

Rex Cetera

Thomas becomes the third Jet ticketed for injured reserve this season. TE Jeff Cumberland also injured his Achilles at Oakland last week and OL Rob Thomas injured his ankle in the preseason opener at Houston. Both were placed on IR early last week. … The Jets’ 150 yards of offense was low but not an all-time low. But subtract out the penalty yards and their 105 drive yards were high on the low list. The only other game with less drive yardage since 1984 was the “Bubby Brister shovel pass game” at Carolina. The Jets had 103 drive yards that game.

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86 Responses to “LB Thomas (Achilles) Will Miss Rest of Season”

  1. By GaryC on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    I mean really, did you expect the jets to get to the afc championship three years in a row, even the patriots didn’t do that.hopefully the smoking mirrors didn’t crack and we don’t get seven more years of bad luck.A beautiful segway, maybe jets can deal revis to colts who also will have a lousy year and get the no 1 pick and get Andrew Luck of Stanford,who might be top pick in this years draft.

  2. By walt on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    As i see it the loss of rob turner by injury really hurt the jets.He was a key member of the jets ground and pound offence being used as an extra lineman for blocking purposes.He was also useful in giving the Quarterback a little more time to throw.Then when Mangold got hurt the jets had to use a rookie Baxter to replace him instead of Rob.I think we should use Baxter as an additional lineman to help with blocking if Mangold is ready to go.I think that Tomlinson is our best receiver anyhow.

  3. By steven on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    I may not know what I’m talking about but I’ll say it anyway. Maybe we could insert one of our other defensive tackles like kenrick ellis and let Mo Wilkerson pass the rusher. He would stop the run and get some sacks

  4. By steven on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    Jaron Gilbert is 288 lbs and can run a 4.7 forty. That’s big and fast for a DE

  5. By sal on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    Just great whats next, maybe Taylor will want out of Miami, They just let too many go and got to little in return, How in the world did Philly pull off thier off season moves, would have gone after Joseph instead of Cro! Jenkins would of been a good pick up too!

  6. By sal on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    wasnt serious about Taylor. They are just lacking depth, and thinking what , do we have a bunch of kickers on the sideline! Any impact players other than starters and Joe Mac!, he is another one that has to act more like a man, and not a surfer! He can ask ricky Williams how that worked for his career, still playing, but a waist of talent!

  7. By nujet57 on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    If Rex is so worried about LBs..why doesn’t he give Adalius Thomas or even Channing Crowder. I think the Jets desperately need to get back to Ground and Pound and try to bring back Richardson. Connor has not thrown to many good blocks yet. I also want to see the Oline worked on another week without Mangold could spell diaster.

  8. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    It’s no fun saying it much less seeing it but Rex is flailing. He’s like a politician who’s sinking in the polls so he thinks he needs a grand, new vision every other day. So now it’s “back to ground and pound,” whatever that means — we sure never did it inside the 10 — when we don’t have the OL for it, don’ t have the D for it, and it won’t work anyway ’cause it wasn’t such a great idea in the 1st place. (We’re really gonna get to the SB on 18 passes a game.) Rex needs to have a long talk with someone who wants him to succeed but can be objective — not his dad, not his brother, not anyone in the New York press, not Joe Namath. The obvious choice is Tom Moore but of course, that conversation should take place for another big reason too.

  9. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Another point on politics, but of the Jets variety: I don’t think the O is close to quitting on Rex, but it’s starting to look to me like the O may be quitting on Schotty. The WRs look like they simply don’t expect the ball to get to them, especially anywhere past 8 yds like wayne says. Star players who’ve been successful in the spotlight may have big egos, but it’s a mistake to think what they say is always driven only by that. A guy like Holmes surely has great instincts for when something’s nearing the breaking pt. He wouldn’t say what he did about Sanchez yesterday without knowing that a shake-up of some kind will have to come pretty soon. After all, right now every team in the NFL would kill to get him but few would take Shotty or MS.

  10. By Karan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Here’s a fun fact! Philip Rivers turned into a better quarterback once Schottenheimer left San Deigo!

  11. By Karan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Randy, can you send a word in to the coaching staff that the fans have had enough of Schottenheimer?

  12. By Jimmer on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Please with sugar on top. Use the roster spot for Damien Woody. He will only come out of retirement for the JETS.
    Losing BT hurts, he never had to come off the field. But I think we can cover that one much better than putting Sanchez on IR as well.

  13. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    For those of us who want to get smarter in watching this team, this is a good time to recall how our O looked the last two pre-seasons. Both yrs it looked pathetic. Both yrs we were told that didn’t matter. We were even assured, including by some on this site, that we were purposely playing it “vanilla” for fear of other teams getting wise to us. I think it’s safe to say now that such talk was utter nonsense. Our O looks lousy in the pre-season because it often looks lousy in the regular season. It was fascinating when (GaryC will kill me for mentioning him) Clowney tweeted last night on Jane McManus’ Twitter that he was shocked that he was able to call all the plays in the Ravens’ game even though he left the team a full yr ago yesterday.

  14. By IRA on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Oh Randy the Bubby game. Sam Mills’ return was almost half the yardage the Jets ofense had. Those were some bad days.
    Now getting to BT i have always been a big supporter of him while others were always looking to move on from him. Well just watch now how they miss him. He has always been there to do the dirty work and it will be missed. On the flip side the D will be faster with Westerman or maybin playing the outside. I have been disappointed so far with Westermans’ production in the pass rush. Maybin i am not surprised with. They should’ve never cut him earlier. Anyway i don’t buy they won’t replace BT with a veteran and especially with this being Pats week i think Banta Cain would be a perfect fit if he is available.
    GO JETS!!!!

  15. By IRA on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Randy, The Jets this week getting only 38 yds rushing i would think that has to be one of the least amount they have had in a single game?
    Glad to hear they are looking at TE’s. Quietly Harstock is really missed. Mulligan is not the same blocker that Harstock was and that is another reason the Jets are having trouble running the ball and giving Sanchez time to throw.
    I looked back at the 07 saeson when they had OL issues. Even that team had more yds rushing the 1st four games than this team does. While there are some talent issues and chemistry issues with the OL i do believe the league has caught up the their blocking schemes in the run game. While i have said Powell deserves some time i now think McKnight must get some carries.

  16. By Randy Lange on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Ira, 38 yards is tied for the 24th lowest rushing yardage total in a game in franchise history.

  17. By sports27 on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Can anyone say Carson Palmer he’s there J_E_T_S go get himmm….

  18. By GaryC on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    jet fan tom, that player rears his ugly head again,clowney.to tell you the truth with burress and mason not stretching the field maybe even clowney would help at this point, heaven forbid.speaking of training camp,I always found it interesting when the jet defense would always come up with these intercepts in camp even though you didn’t see a lot of it during the games.jet offense even makes their defense look like a bunch of night train lanes.

  19. By Maurice on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Just like Karan said “Randy, can you send a word in to the coaching staff that the fans have had enough of Schottenheimer?”
    D has always being great under Rex Ryan, but with players like Burress, Holmes, Mason, LT and Keller the offense must perform and bring a lot more to the team. Sanchez may not be Brady or Brees, and the OL is nothing like the Patriots OL but they have to be able to make some big plays. They have the playmakers, they have to be able to use them.
    I still believe that Ryan can turn things around, but he has to impose himself as THE BOSS. No more Schottenheimer.

  20. By uncle joe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Maybin is AWESOME

  21. By uncle joe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Ira,nice call on Bant-Cain. If anyone asked which you would rather have, beat Oak & Balt lose to NE or lose the first two a beat NE I would sign up for the latter any day of the week and twice on SUNDAY. Keep ya head up JetsNation it ain’t who starts out the fastest it’s who lasts the longest!

  22. By Tom Spicer on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    As per Randys stats & todays New York Post page 58 Mark Sanchez was hit 10 times bye the Ravens & at least 3 of them where him getting blasted in the back nto ready for it. Meanwhile he is taking this beating with a broken nose. Let me ask you this how many time do you think Mark was pressured 15 mabye 20? You cant play football like that. Joe Namatah also on page 58 of todays post said our O line is “SCARY BAD”. Mike Francessa the biggest Jet hater of them all said on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the best the Jet O line is a 2 & that they quit on there QB.

  23. By Alex.G on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    I love all the lets do this, lets do that, change him, sign him, why not him. relax, one poster said it spot on, did you really expect them to go back to the AFC Championship a 3rd year and especially with all the changes, losses, additions, and lack of depth???? A good eagles team is going through the same nightmare as us they tried buying a superbowl like us and it’s blowing up in our face. they should have kept their team of last year period. it’s gonna be either a turn around season and they get on track or the wheels just fall off and they are stuck as a par 500 football team, and Maybe then Rex can keep his mouth shut rebuild and win instead of predict. Go jets

  24. By Karan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    The problem with this team is NOT Sanchez, the problem with this team IS the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

  25. By 38 year fan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Losing Bryan Thomas at this point is really bad …But seeing Vlad Ducasse in on the line , is even worse . Schotty’s schemes don’t work, we need a proven , experienced offensive coordinator…and we at least have got to be able to get a snap off….Back to basic fundamentals . Like pee wee football…

  26. By GaryC on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    I am beginning to believe the only way burress and mason will get down the field this year is if both invest in a hoveround.

  27. By IRA on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    The running game will be fixed even with the trouble the OL has been having. looked at some stats and i was very surprised to see these. Greene’s splits so far 29 carries for a 4.5 per carry avg in the first half of games.In the 2nd halfs 22 carries for 1.2 yds per. Also attemps 1-10 his avg is 3.6 per. Attemps 11-20 it goes down to 1.2.
    I see this as two fold. The coaching staff is not countering with adjustments that teams are making in the 2nd half and second is that Greene is a better complementary RB than a feature RB. Time to get McKnight, Powell or even LT involved besdies Greene. This has to be a running attack by committee.

  28. By Jimmer on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Alex g-We so did not try to buy a championship. We let go of players that still had something in the tank. We cut people to save money. Exactly who did we spend a ton of money on that wasn’t here last year? Nobody. D-Wood and S. Ellis still had a year or 2 left. They were let go to save money. We have 20M in our starting cb’s. Somethings gotta give.

  29. By ddh on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Trying to pin point problems is like trying pick up a venomous snake with heads at both ends, in other words catch-22. If Shotty were a musician he may be considered tone deaf, cause he cant keep the rhythm going. There are times hes dead on, but a halftime adjustment and hes lost the beat and the offense shows it, so its either Shotty or MS, some folks saw fear in Marks eyes before game time, maybe he just wasn’t sold on the game plan, if Custer’s men knew the plan they may have had the same look. Perhaps if a defensive mind were to call/pick the plays, just saying, I don’t want to be bit either.

  30. By uncle joe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    It’s gonna be a 210 yard running day Sunday,you watch. Keep Brady off the field and run right over them. You people righting off my team at 2-2 and the BEST Owner,GM,Coach and website in Football should switch to another team,you don’t deserve this one!

  31. By bruce on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Achilles tendon tear comment in the NJ Start Leger. Rex Ryan is quoted as saying “I don’t understand how these Achilles injuries keep popping up.
    He should know there are antibiotics that increase the risk of this injury. Was Thomas or any player with it taking a quinolone antibiotic ?

  32. By Jimmer on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    ddh, you can’t blame shotty over the OL being at a high school level. That even goes over Rex’s head. Rex might get a sack on Sanchex this year. It’s that bad. It was bad with Mangold against Dallas too. Expansion teams have better qb protection. I remember seeing qb’s should have an average of 3.7 seconds to throw the ball. Has Sanchez had that long once, without being on a rollout?

  33. By GaryC on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    alexG, I posted that about the afc championship game three years in a row and it is true,In this day and age of the nfl wanting parity,it is wishful thinking about getting to 3 straight championships,with todays player if a team gets to 3 championships the egos eventually takeover preventing dynasties.

  34. By Pranit on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    We just don’t have a replacement on the current roster for BT.

  35. By Howie D on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Did I hear a quote from Matt Slauson that “Joe Namath doesn’t mean anything to me”? If so, Slauson should be grateful to have Namath around. Until he wins a Superbowl he should consider Namath’s comments good advice. Us fans have been yelling similar comments to the brass to no avail. Namath has to credentials to speak with authority and we might be better off if we accept some objective criticism from someone who has been there and done more than that.

  36. By harry-o on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    win sunday and the last two games are forgotten.
    jets may look done but unless brady sticks a folk in them jets still cook’n.

  37. By 10and6jets on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    I would like to see us stick with the OLB’s we have. Not only do we have several, but it would be ideal and perfect timing to find out that we have a diamond in the rough already on the roster. We would have needed a replacement for BT next year, so it would be great to fix that hole now. Ideally, if we could fill that spot and draft a OLB in the 1st next year he could sit behind Pace for one year before starting opposite whoever stepped up for BT. Think about it, McIntyre showed pass-rush ability and is my favorite to win the job. Mauga has really played well despite the coaches never talking him up, he just produced. Maybin and Westerman may not be long-term fixes, but they’ll make it interesting with their speed.

  38. By THUNDER LIPS on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Uncle Joe, nobody’s writing these guys off … just pointing out a few things that need to be addressed. personally i think Rex/tanny needs to chill with the ego trip and SB talk. they need to admit that they put all their eggs in one basket during the FA period and it hurt. they coud have picked up 2 ol vets as backups/starters, and still got everyone they have today. Now i feel that they are unwilling to do this because it demonstrates at least in part that they messed up. confidence is good, and ego that causes denial and lack of remedial action is very bad. Swallow your pride, address the Oline, and get your heads out of the clouds and onto the field ready to play ball. With proper adjustments we can win at Gillete this weekend

  39. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Agree on RB by committee, Ira, use of more backs is something we shoulda tried last yr but again, the Jet Fear of Rookies largely kept that from happening. Disgraceful for Rex to admit today that he didn’t believe in McKnight last summer, because it shows he’s got ADD when it comes to new players. You draft a guy like that, you shouldn’t be giving up on him 4 months later no matter what. uncle joe, I admire your optimism. I’m not qualified to judge our owner but I see no evidence we have anything close to the best GM and HC in football. Actually, those two guys seem confused in their approach, picking up old vets here, over-investing absurdly in young guys (Baxter) there. And sticking with an OC who’s a proven failure.

  40. By nytitan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    I think Tannenbaum is at fault here. I’d take Edwards ( knows the system) over Burress, J-Co or B. Smith over Mason, they also know the system. There seems to be no continuity between them and MS. Also MT’s evaluation of the talent @ the o-line was waaay off. Also Lowery or Strickland? I don’t get it. Hard to watch!

  41. By scjoe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Just got back from spending one week at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The sea food was great, watching the Jets debacle up close and personal was torture! This is what I concluded..Mark Sanchez has more issues with his accuracy and his decision making then I ever gave him credit for. To watch how far off the mark some of his throws are is ridicules. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the sole reason for the outcome of that nightmare I witnessed up close and personal, but he certainly was a large part of it. Another is Shonn Greene. Greene has absolutely no explosion and no vision, he is not the answer at RB. Just as Hunter is not the answer at RT…cont….

  42. By scjoe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    What is also very obvious watching this team in person as opposed to on the big screen is there lack of speed on defense, especially at LB and safety. On offense there needs to be a change of philosophy and, as we all can see, some personal changes as well. I truly hope and pray that T/Rex will replace BT on the roster with the best available O lineman from someones practice squad rather then another OLB. You can call all of this looking at the glass half empty if you like, but do your own research and ask yourself if the above is not based on fact.
    PS…The offensive play calling can not and will not work based on the offensive personal on this team.

  43. By Another Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    I agree Uncle Joe ! it is a long season and I think things will get fixed..No real dominant teams in the AFC east is a plus. Team Captains need to step up and show leadership..and please Tone, stop celebrating every catch! No doubt Thomas will be missed..His Jet career has ended????

  44. By scjoe on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Ira, the running game will be fixed when a change is made at the RB position. Shonn Greene’s roll should not be any more then a change of pace at that spot. If McKnight is not the answer (after given a chance) then that position should be moved up to one which is a high priority in the 2012 draft. And I mean in the draft, NOT in free agency.

  45. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    If they are in fact switching to more 4 man fronts, I’m hoping they activate Kenrick Ellis, or what I should say is I hope he’s ready to play. Let’s go Jets release the beast.

    P.S. Fire Schottenheimer yesterday.

  46. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Oh and everyone was on the Santonio Holmes wagon, except a select few of us. For what he is getting paid, we’re getting robbed. Only Schottenheimer could make Santonio Holmes, look like David Clowney. I don’t get it, there aren’t many, if any, other Darelle Revis’ out there, yet our best weapons disappear every week.

    P.S. Fire Schottenheimer yesterday.

  47. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    and I’m tired of hearing about the defense. They held Baltimore to 10 points, so all we needed was for the offense to hang 13 on them, instead of spotting them 30. In Green bay there defense isn’t always 100% stout, but there offense allows the D to have a bad game here and there. RANDY, in Brian Schottenheimers tenure with the Jets, what was there highest statistical ranking in overall offense? Have we ever cracked the top ten? But that’s not his fault, it was Pennington, Brett Farve and now Marks fault.

  48. By GaryC on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    like I said in one of my previous posts, if greene is fortunate he might,and that is a mighty big if,could be like mike alstott,nothing great,just solid,but again not worth moving up in the draft to select,top of the second round.

  49. By GaryC on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    have to agree with the post as to why holmes has to celebrate every catch,I mean you are making millions to do something, like catch the ball.or with shotty’s offense is he just in shock when he receives a pass.

  50. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    If we ran the ball on Sunday like it was 2009 we would’ve won the game. I feel like Rex has Ravenitis and his fear is contagious in the locker room. That’s why mark looked so scared from before the first snap. Rex loves the Ravens so much, he had Mark playing like a raven. If we play Baltimore again this year, the Ravens should make shotty and mark there team captains.

    P.S. fire Schottenheimer yesterday

  51. By russ on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Sorry for Thomas ..he wont be back…Carson Palmer is a great idea for the Jets…but this team looks like it has spent it all…aging recvers making noise instead of catches and running backs that need tunnels to run into,, are not exactly Playoff calibre…but perhaps with turner and mangold back after the 15 of October… we might make a run..

  52. By BillsJets on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Here’s how we are going to beat the Patriots, We’re not going to change a damn thing. We’re going to go into this game like a bunch of wild out of control pack of hungry wolves, who haven’t been fed for a whole week, We’re gonna put Revis on that short “s” Welker, We’re gonna blitz like there’s no tomorrow, We’re gonna let Sanchez fall back in the Shotgun formation, sending everyone out for a pass, no more ground and pound, and We’re gonna throw the damn ball all over the field, and if Sanchez gets in trouble, then he better duck his head and run like the wind, it’s time to inflict some serious pain on the Pats, let Calvin Pace run after Brady like a posessed demon. Let’s go Jets!!!

  53. By ddh on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    jimmer, I am not laying it all at shottys feet,but most of it. but its like I said its catch 22, there appears to to many hands in this stew, and its leaving a bad after taste. When JC left the Jets, it should have been a warning you’ve heard of “red skies in morning”? We now have different HC, QB, WRs, RBs, and still the same problems from when Chad was here, yeah one O. lineman made the difference then too, cause Mr.T wouldn’t pay the few dollars to keep him, so after how many years now, and here we are, back at where we started. Except now we know who its not, and that leaves only Shotty left.
    Its got to be the time to make a change, step out of the circle, stop this endless loop.

  54. By TMac on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    When ESPN and the NY media quit on the Jets, then you’ll know it’s time to pack it up and turn out the lights. Yep, Mr. GQ is just that folks…a pretty boy who ain’t got it. Not now, not ever!

  55. By ddh on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    And lets not forget the injuries caused by an offensive scheme that shrinks the field down to less than ten yards, and allows D’s to load the box, yeah we can recycle the same old excuses from yrs ago and end up with the same results we have today. I believe Wayne Crebet was a victim of of this loaded box, and Chad took his beatings also, as well as Curtis Martin, lets not go down that road again, We’ve changed so much and the more we’ve changed the more it stayed the same, Shotty is all that’s left to change.

  56. By sal on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    you want the past go ahead and trade Revis. Most everyone thought the same when jenks went down. Dont think for a minute Thomas is far worse the loosing Revis, must be a colts fan

  57. By sal on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Let teams run all they want, they didnt loose last week because of the D.or because of the run game of baltimore there are alot of teams that would like the Jets secondary. Dont let this change the issue with the run game and offense and defense not putting a combined effort in two weeks, not like it is week 10. We will see what they are made of in Foxboro!!
    I would like them to run 3 or 4 back rotation, save LT and Green for season and get the ball out of sanchezes hands, and let him pick his spots, until he finds his stride and keep him upright a llittle more than of late

  58. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks for the sober, serious, up-close-and-personal report, scjoe. Everything you say makes sense to me. Thunder Lips, it would be a big step forward if we actually let Mauga, Westerman, Bellore, Maybin,and McIntyre try to fill BT’s shoes rather than panic and pick up some mediocre vet. This is totally different than panicking and picking up some mediocre UFA, like we did in Baxter, in the face of losing the best C in the NFL. Another Tom, I suspect Tone is celebrating because the ball gets to him so infrequently. Maybe it’s something he needs to do to remind himself that he’s still a guy capable of about 70 catches for 1,300 yds or so when on a team with a consistent QB and a decent OC. nytitan, the Lowery/Strickland thing baffles me too.

  59. By Wesley on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    BT has been one of the most durable NFL Players in the entire league through 10 Hard Fought and Tough Playing NFL Years! I hope the Jets continue trying to find ways to get BT back on the Jets Defense asap! He’s been a tremendous leader in the clubhouse and on the field consistently all throughout his Ten Year Professional Career; not too mention he has been a key transitional leader ALL throughout the multiple Jets Organization hurdles and transitions the storied NFL Organization has faded over BT’s Ten Years being with the Jets since being drafted in the 1st round! In fact, Bryan Thomas may be the first 1st Round Draft Pick that has truly been a quality investment for the Organization, and we all know the Jets have made some very suspect 1st Round Draft choices who have been very painful to look back and grade the draft picks and dollars wasted on several busted choices! i.e Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp???

  60. By Wesley on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    At least, BT has been accountable, dependable, and consistent in his entire NY Jets Career as #99 (prior than Jets having a 1 year love affair with a lifetime Dolphin ??? Jason Taylor, and as #58 these past 2 seasons…) I hope Mr Johnson, Mike T, and Rex Ryan “Greatest Coach NY Jets Have Ever Had”… I hope these three Master minds finds a way too get BT back on the Jets Defense asap, and for the following seasons to come! He’s a Class Act, and He’s Money on the field where he earns and has earned his NFL paycheck every week for the past 10 years!

    I hope Bryan Gets better asap, and I am looking forward to seeing him bring home a Super Bowl Victory like ALL 1st Round Draft choices are hired too do for their NFL Organization paying them the Money!

    Go Jets!

  61. By Karan on Oct 4, 2011 | Reply

    Jets should really promote Tom Moore or Bill Callahan as the offensive playcallers.

  62. By harry-o on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    heard sanchez is banged up and may not play anyone out there know anything bout this seems the website is last to know again

  63. By IRA on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    I felt going into the season they tinkered with the roster too much. But it is what it is and hope they can get this headed in the right direction. And this week would be the perfect game to start. can they beat the Pats? of course the Pats D stinks and if Mark has some time he will play a very good game. Holmes will get more involved and the running game should show some form of life if Callahan can work some magic this week. Problem is getting to Brady. I wrote Maybin would make a few plays if he played and he did. He will this week too. I guess they will go with more 4-3 looks. I think this game is going down to the wire. Its time for the Jets to play with intensity and a sense of urgency.
    GO JETS!!!!!

  64. By Eli Rodriguez on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Tom moore will take over after a lost to the pats. Mcelroy should compete for the starting job next year. The receivers look pretty upset so before a munity begin let’s do something fast. Start Maybin, he’s hungry.

  65. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    harry-o, where did you hear Sanchez might not play? That would really shake things up, not because I’m afraid Brunell would play worse than him but because I’m pretty sure he’d play better. He’s no Hall of Famer but his experience would undoubtedly hold him in good stead in the face of our OL problems, and he’s simply much more used to running an O. Right now MS looks like he can’t remember who the WRs are. Of course, if Brunell did well vs the Pats — much less won the game — it would be very hard to pull him the next wk. Either way, anything along these lines really opens up the question of whether MS should automatically be the starter next yr, where McElroy fits in, etc. Couple of us saw this coming, so I can’t say I’ll be surprised…

  66. By THUNDER LIPS on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Jet Fan’64 …Im not suggesting we pick up an OLB. I agree that we should try our younger speeder LB’s. this team is afraid to give the young guys a chance. What i was referring to was the Oline and how it was not addressed during Free Agency. There were some good Vet OL guys that we could have grabbed but REx wanted Namdhi and that was it. there was no forethought into depth on the oline and there should have been especially knowing then that Ducasse is a bust. now, there is no one left (ohara maybe) and Hunter looks like he is completely lost out there. you might as well replace him with a good blocking Tight ENd. Keller was blocking better than him the past 2 weeks.

  67. By carl on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Identity is what this team is lacking! Marty ball or Buddy, ball which one?Shotty you blew it on the play calling aginst the Ravens! I said last week that Mcnight and Maybin would have a good game .Keep it goin with them !Go Jets!!!!

  68. By GaryC on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    sorry,not a colts fan, just stating you need many players to win a superbowl, and the most important positions are closest to the ball,O LINE, D LINE,QUARTERBACK, RUNNING BACK,not corner.you win by taking chances,not sitting on your hands,do you have a revis island t-shirt,In ten years you could use it for washing your car.no one player is bigger than the organization,but some do not follow college football so they don’t know whose out there.did you know revis returned punts when he played at Pitt.revis has the most value for picks.you must be one of those closet giant fans who always wants ohara or seubert.

  69. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Ira and Arte, what’s with your predictions this yr? Mehta reports Jets pass on Banta-Cain and O’Hara. While I don’t want the former and would like the latter, I can understand not picking up O’Hara now if Mangold’s ready to play again. Having already lost Wood, promoted Hunter without adding depth, and then reacted slowly and poorly to Turner’s injury and NM’s 2 injuries, what’s the big deal about a vet backup C now? If Mangold goes down a 3rd time, you may as well write off the season. I think Rex knows that the mistakes were made in August and September and that’s why he sounds so adrift, rudderless, with nothing to say but cliches. Whoever posted the other day that his own job is gonna be on the line if he keeps this up was right.

  70. By Frank on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Some observations…BT was the most consistant player of all the LB’s and will be missed. He was certainly their best pass defender. Westerman has done absolutely nothing and Maybin is not the answer he is a pass rusher PLEASE don’t change that. Mauga and Bellore deserve the chance . Rex doesn’t have a clue when it comes to talent evaluation and should not be included in that discussion in the front office. I was the biggest Mangini critic but there is no question the team drafted and acquired better talent during his tenure.
    Sanchez is the weak link on the offense and it won’t matter who the OC is. The OC is not throwing INT’s and fumbling the ball and making poor reads and adjustments.

  71. By Frank on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Sanchez QB ranking has been consistant for the 2 1/4 plus years he is here at or near the bottom of all starting QB’s!!!!! He has no pocket presence and clearly is not smart enough to make the proper adjsutments and reads at the line of scrimmage. Teams are putting 6-8 defenders on the line and we do not have enough blockers to run the ball!!!!!!!!!! Sanchez has to make the adjustment at the line and make the D pay for this and he AINT getting it done. No defense would get away with that against a good QB. Last year he had Edwards, Holmes, Keller and LT catching passes out of the backfield and he had 17 TDs….Does anyone think that would happen with any good QB??????? He should have thrown at least 25-30 TDs if he was AVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. By sal on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Good point nutjet57, Connor hardly resembles the terminator he has been tagged by Rex, Put him in along with the other 3, maybe he needs the time, as save the other backs in the process, remember it wasnt long ago Thomas was not consistant, great at times but rex first job was getting him to playall out consistantly, which he has. Westerman wants no part of the run D, from what i saw, cant tackle standing up waitin on the runner, They will find someone to sign, did it last year.Palmer would be a great back up , but contract w/ Cincy wont let that happen, this year Rex will have to yank sanchez to get his attention, didnt do it before, it may be time to try it if he comes out like a good pitcher, just not having it that day, problem is who i

  73. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Frank, it’s hard for some Jet fans to believe it but yeah, what I liked from Sanders and the ESPN guys was their disbelief that any team with our O weapons can’t score pts. You’ll recall that was the issue last yr when we had Edwards and J-Co and the yr before when we got Edwards and were still trying Clowney and Woodhead. So it is as long as Schotty’s OC. At least with Sanchez he’s done very well at times, but this is a key yr for him. Along those lines, Eli R, I agree with everything you say, if MS doesn’t turn it around he might find himself going up against McElroy AND another QB next yr, as the current situation is ridiculous. Agree with everything you say in your last post too, Thunder Lips, sorry for my confusion on the earlier one.

  74. By GaryC on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    To Frank, keen observation on jets acquiring talent while the Mangenius was here,always thought he got the shaft,maybe from his buddy tannenbaum,the almighty Favre continued to play while his arm hurt and mangini took the hit.maybe the mangenius should of went to the gms job and have him do the hiring of head coach and head the draft.so the guy had the personality of a pea, so does belichek and it didn’t hurt patriots.

  75. By IRA on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    If O’Hara was healthy somebody by now would’ve signed him. See that the Steelers resigned Starks. For now the big mistake they made was not signing a veteran OL after Turner went down. I would’ve signed some veteran if there was one avalable. No way they could have felt good about their depth after Turner. Banta Cain i think is still in the mix.

  76. By Frank on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    64 what is telling about not picking up O’Hara or any other OL is that the staff believes they have the talent on the line and THAT is not the problem. Baxter has done a good job replacing Mangold. There are at leat 11 QB’s that have more sacks than Sanchez yet have better QB ratings. I do not want to hear another word about our OL. We couldn’t run the ball when Mangold was playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. By Tom Spicer on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Frank, Just so I understand this there were 9 QB’S in the entire NFL who had more than 25 TD passes last year. According to you if Mark was average he would have 25 to 30 TD passes. So are there only 9 QBS who are average or better in the whole NFL? So out of 32 teams only 9 teams have a average or better QBs? Really! Only 4 QBS had over 32 TD’S. Mark had 20 TDS in his 2nd year last year in 15 games the one game he did not play was a blowout to the Bills where Brunell & Clemens combined for 3 TDS Mark could have easily matched that. Meanwhile EVERYONE in America but you can see that our O line is terrible & no matter who the QB is they would not have done well behind that line.Despite having a terrible O line who got dominated by the Ravens

  78. By Tom Spicer on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    gave up 4 sacks to the Boys & 4 sacks to the Raiders. In 3 out of his 4 games he still had ratings of 88, 85 & 93, still completed 59, 70 & 61 percent of his passes, still had 2 TDS, 2 TDS & 3 TDS, still threw for 335, 369 & 182 (in 3 quarters). I think it is safe to say that you are WRONG like always.

  79. By 10and6jets on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    First, IMO calling Ducasse a bust is a little premature. Westerman is in his third year and is not producing and he is not foreign and didn’t come from a division II school. I think Ducasse deserves time in the jumbo package this season and a full off-season to earn the starting RT job. We’ll obviously draft someone to compete, but he still has a chance. Next, I am curious why BT hasn’t been put on IR yet. Does anyone know if there is any other option other than trading him, which we would be very unlikely? I also think we should avoid bringing in a OLB. Though I think Westerman should be slid down the depth chart and play primarily ST. McIntyre desrves a chance when he’s back from concussion, as well as Mauga.

  80. By 10and6jets on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    (cont.) It is important that we see what we have in terms of long-term help at OLB. BT is done and Pace has one more good year in him after this. I think if no one on the roster can take over for BT next year, we need to draft two OLB. Otherwise, say someone steps up with BT gone we can take someone in the draft to compete and if he’s not ready he can sit for a year before taking over for Pace. Westerman should be cut. Maybin definitely deserves a chance. I was worried Brady would shift someone to the slot if he sees Maybin in the OLB spot though and try to burn us for a TD. I think it would be best to use him as a DE in a 4-man front with Wilk., Bo, and Devito (or Ellis). Go JETS!

  81. By carl on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    BillsJets I like the way you think!! The best place for Tom Brady on his Butt! Go Jets!!!!

  82. By Tom Spicer on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Correction to what I wrote above it was a typo only 4 QBS have more than 32 TDS last year not 32.

  83. By Tom Spicer on Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Frank, Not sure where you get your stats from only 7 guys have been sacked more than Mark NOT 11. Lets go over those 7. 6 of those 7 have been sacked less than 4 more times than him. What does that tell you BAD O LINE PERIOD END OF STORY! Cutler who you say has a terrible line has only been sacked 4 more times than him & he is the 2nd most sacked QB in the game & he has 2 games one where he was sacked 5 times & 6 1 where he was sacked 6 times. In your above post you said you dont want to hear another word about the O line. Well everybody in America EVEN Rex Ryan himself has said the O line has not played well this is a fact THAT CAN NOT BE DISPUTED! YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN!

  84. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 6, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, are there actually people out there clamoring for Manginey? I honestly think the 08 Jets were for real, Jenkins was a monster that season. Everyone says Favre cost him his job, but what about Gholston? I think a lot factored into his firing and i’m glad he’s gone (just ask Cleveland). People are saying “Mangini drafted better” well, Mangini is 3 years removed, his draft picks have had the time to grow. Look at Kyle Wilson he’s coming around (you can’t expect another Revis, he’s not a top 15 pick.) and Mcknight I think is a jack of all trades, although as long as we have Shotty, he’ll never see the field on offense. Then we have Mo Wilkerson holding down the position Ellis left, removing the sting of losing him to the Pats.

  85. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 6, 2011 | Reply

    I kind of like Rex’s draft picks, a few (Ducasse) don’t look spectacular, but look at every teams draft, no one hits on every pick. Not even the almighty Belicheck. People are crying about Greene, but they currently have two running backs, two different styles. One is elusive, one is a bruiser, plain and simple. The Ravens were in the backfield so fast I kept thinking they had to be offsides. How can we blame Greene for that? and the games before that he went unused.

    P.S. Fire Schottenheimer yesterday.

  86. By sal on Oct 7, 2011 | Reply

    Is Woody willing to come back? If so why the wait,saw it an earlier post. If its true, they need to get one decent player or back up, same thing on the D line one decent starter or back up, Rex has not had the swagger all season, as in the past. I hope its not because of what he has to work with. I would like to know his real feelings toward sanchez, and now that I’am thinking about it one decent starter or back up @ QB. What his name not only looks old, but looks like he dont want any part of coming in a getting pounded like a tomato stake!

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