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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


STS*: Bellore Tackling the Pros with Relish

Posted by Randy Lange on October 15, 2011 – 9:49 am

Updated, 2:40 p.m. ET

Nick Bellore bundled 472 tackles in his career as a Central Michigan linebacker, third-most in Chippewas history. It should be no surprise that he’s showing his tackling skills at the next level.

“I’m confident in my abilities,” the free agent rookie said this week about establishing himself on the Jets’ special teams. “I knew that no matter where I went after the lockout, I was going there to play. Obviously some things are out of your control, but the Jets have given me a great opportunity here and I’ve been able to make the best of it.”

Bellore has yet to display his LB skills in the regular season, but his tackling remains sharp. His 11 tackles on kick coverage, from the video breakdown by coaches Mike Westhoff and Ben Kotwica, lead the Jets heading into Monday’s very important return to MetLife Stadium to play the Dolphins.

He’s taken down other teams’ punt returners and kickoff returners, with the latter being in particular danger from a Bellore wrapup. His solo tackle in Game 2 started the Jaguars at their 15 after a Nick Folk kickoff, and an assist the next week at Oakland gave the Raiders the same starting spot. He’s been one of the main contributors to the kickoff coverage unit, which is second in the NFL in opponents’ return average (18.0) and third in opponents’ average drive start (19.5).

“Every week I learn something new, a few techniques, little stuff that you can’t necessarily get from reading the playbook, just by experience,” Bellore said. “I’ve got to be ready to play defense, but I’m going to be playing a lot of snaps on special teams, so just learning what the opponent does, what I have to do, how to best use my techniques. so it is a little different from college, but it’s something I’ve embraced and I really enjoy.”

Something he doesn’t enjoy as much is getting flagged, which is what happened when he shoved Wes Welker at the Patriots 41 on the boundary on a punt return at the top of the second quarter last Sunday. Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards.

The shame of it was that Bellore’s hit shouldn’t have been penalized. Welker was striding toward the Jets sideline but his left foot had not yet touched down when Bellore made contact. No. 83 was still inbounds.

Yet this was another one of those pro learning experiences for the young man from Whitefish Bay, Wis. There are no replay challenges on penalties. Welker is legendarily elusive but sure appeared to be heading out of bounds. Was the reward worth the risk?

“Things like that will happen when you’re trying to play fast and make a play,” Bellore said. “Obviously, I’ll learn as I get older. Some things you’ve just got to kind of let go and maybe don’t hit him there. It was a bang-bang play and you can’t be committing penalties like that, especially at that part of the field. … There’s really nothing gained in that, so I know now.”

Bellore’s postgraduate work continues. Next class: Monday night.

Saturday Injury Updates

With a Monday night game come Saturday injury reports. The Jets listed four players as out for the Dolphins: DT Ropati Pitoitua (knee), CB Isaiah Trufant (hamstring), CB Donald Strickland (concussion) and WR Logan Payne (wrist). Pitoitua and Trufant didn’t practice today, Strickland was limited. C Nick Mangold was also limited and is listed as questionable. The eight other Jets on the injury list were full participants in practice and are listed as probable.

For Miami, four players were limited at practice in South Florida and are questionable for the game: CB Nolan Carroll (hamstring), S Chris Clemons (hamstring), RB Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and TE Will Yeatman (shoulder). CB Vontae Davis (hamstring) practiced full and is probable. 

*Special Teams Saturday

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43 Responses to “STS*: Bellore Tackling the Pros with Relish”

  1. By GaryC on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    maybe bellore can be another offerdahl who had a good career with dolphins and also went to central michigan.

  2. By Christopher on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    We could definitely use Bellore’s tackling, there have been so many missed tackles lately and I’m sorry, but Bart Scott is not getting to job done.

    I also see comments from Pettine like Devito had his best game of the year, well when I watched the replay, especially early on, Devito missed some tackles inside the red zone that led to NE’s first TD. He had a decent game, but still you cannot miss tackles.

    2nd down and 2 at the 19, Devito can make the tackle and force 3rd down, but he misses and it goes for 8 yards. Next play, 1st and 10 at the 11, Devito misses a tackle, would have stopped him for no gain, instead it goes for 8. Next play, TD, NE ran it right at us and we couldn’t stop it.

  3. By Christopher on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    The defensive players should all get together and send a thank you card to Sanchez and Shotty, because the defense is getting off easy with all the problems on offense. However, the defense is not playing all that well either.

    To argue the other side though, if the offense could do more than go 3 and out, maybe the defense would not get worn down and play better.

    Only unit playing well is special teams, but that is no surprise. Westhoff is a no nonsense coach, and very smart, if the whole Rex Ryan thing doesn’t work out I really hope they give Westhoff his shot at HC, he has earned it.

  4. By Clarke W. Griswald on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    ” I’ve been on the hotseat for 6 years”,because your offenses have never been any good and you know what? He’s got a point, most coaches don’t last 6 years, when they don’t produce. I’m surprised he didn’t laugh in everyones face and flip them the bird. He’s letting us all know, he’s a monster, and he isn’t going anywhere. If the Jets tank the rest of the season and get Andrew Luck… He’ll be here to ruin that young man’s career and the next one, and the next one….

  5. By Christopher on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Dear Rex,

    Please take a moment to review a quote from your brother, Rob:

    “If you need more help from another coach, you’ve got the wrong coach here”

    He was referring to himself needing help from you (Rex), but take a deeper look. Is Rob calling out Shotty too? I’m sure he is aware that you (Rex) brought in Tom Moore to “help” Shotty, right?

    Do the right thing and fire Shotty, or at least take over the play calling. I’m sure you (Rex) could do a better job calling the plays than Shotty, or give the play calling to Sanchez, let him truely be the leader on offense.

  6. By scjoe on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    If we lose this game to the Dolphins, and especially if they light up our D with their pathetic offense, maybe it is time to start thinking about rebuilding that LB group and give Bellore, McIntyre.Mauga and Maybin more playing time along with Harris and Westerman. The addition of youth and speed certainly will not hurt anything.

  7. By scjoe on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Lets see, the Jets are thin at the WR position. The Broncos have a pro bowl caliber WR on the trade block. The compensation shouldn’t be more then a 4th or 5th rd pick. The salary (1.3 mil) shouldn’t be to much of a deterrent, he is only 30 years old (if you want to try to extend that deal or franchise him for 2012) or choose between him and Plax. I don’t see a down side here. Anybody?

  8. By Gregg from CA on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Well, Christopher, I agree with you about the defense – all the talk about them having a bounceback two weeks ago was a head scratcher, because I kept seeing the 4 and 5 yard running plays keeping drives going. Fair point about them wearing down, though, so until everyone eliminates the excuses for each other, I guess we won’t know.

    About giving Mark the play calling, I’m not 100% convinced that he’s not the one undermining Schotty’s effectiveness. I hear an awful lot of “KILL KILL KILL” at the line, and yet it usually leads to a failed 3rd down conversion. In contrast, it feels like everytime Brady stands up from center, the next play is a backbreaker.

  9. By Gregg from CA on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Oh, sorry! For a second, I forgot this story was about Bellore.

    Glad to hear two things: that Randy agrees that this was one of the several NON-penalties in NE, and that Bellore recognizes that reality trumps rightness every time. When in doubt, pull back on the sideline, or at least angle upfield to take away the re-entrance lane.

  10. By wayne on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Don’t care what they’re saying, OC’s gone if this thing ends ugly………….They said Mason wasn’t traded because of his mouth and after the first Holmes popoff, they said it was dealt with and wouldn’t happen anymore……….Bigger question would be, is this thing gettin’ away from the piped piper? You’ve got a captain causing division, but you can’t discipline him because you might lose a guy you just gave big dough to. Talk, don’t talk. Which one is it? Good example of why it’s best to have your players shut up and play.

  11. By IRA on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    Good to read that Bellore’s peanalty was a bad call. It looked that way to me but what can you do. Somehow they need to add some speed to the LB group. Maybe Bellore should get a shot. Wouldn’t be surprised if a LB is added before the trading deadline this Tuesday.

  12. By bass53 on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    honestly i think rex is like his dad.. knows how to stop and confuse offenses.. not run them.. tom moore has alot of experience.. but he didnt call plays in indy like he will have to here.. guy named manning is the only qb that is the shot caller in the modern game.. closest thing to unitas.. here,s a thought.. our offensive line coach Callahan ran some extremely potent offenses in oakland as a coordinator and coach.. he has head coach experience and is familiar with the already installed system.. the problems aren’t so much the plays in the play book .its the play calling.schotty is to predictable and plays into the strength of the opponent.. and doesn’t attack their weakness..

  13. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

    What is this I’ve read about Holmes comments on the O line were said in a closed press session and were off the record and then leaked out? Has “Anything to Cause Trouble for the Jets” Cimini fooled me again?

  14. By melbournematt on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    Good point Christopher.

    I hadn’t considered Rob might be calling Schotty out on that one, and I agree with your assessment 100%

  15. By Tom Spicer on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    I read that Miami has the 2nd worst pass D in the NFL. Does anyone want to bet the we run the ball al day this week when we should be passing?

  16. By Tom Spicer on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    The Jets may want to consider activating hulking, 350-pound rookie Kenrick Ellis on game days, because they’re showing no ability to stop the run. This was a problem even before New York left only 3-4 defenders in the box at New England last week. In the past four games, opposing tailbacks have creamed the Jets for 568 yards and five rushing touchdowns on 123 carries (4.62 YPC). No team in football has allowed more rushing scores (8) on the season. We cant stop the run & the O line cant run block or protect the QB. This is getting ugly & if we lose this week the season is OVER!

  17. By jorge on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    jets need a true nose tacle a guy that takes out two o line man and in that frees up the lbs for a 3-4 defence but speed and youth is the need at lbs

  18. By GaryC on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    just checking the football scores and Jordy Nelson has a 93 yard catch for touchdown, and to the people who said Plastico was better,I don’t know if he could run 93 yards with no one on the field.

  19. By Karan on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    I’m not bettin’ against you, Tom Spicer. Schotty’s going to blow it again.

  20. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    Agree both about the need to pass tomorrow and to stop the run in general, Spicer.

  21. By kw65fan on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    one down…thanks Giants….one to go…GO Cowboys…!!!!

  22. By GaryC on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    jet fan tom, won’t it be ironic if the great receiving corp that you lavished such praise on before the season of Holmes,Plastico and Stone Mason is the reason this season gets sabotaged with dissension,for the peace and quiet days of edwards, cotchery and BRAD SMITH.As the saying goes you reap what you sew.

  23. By walt on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    i do not think that holmes comments about the offensive line are at all heilpful.All I could think of is what is this guy thinking.First of all the jets offensive line is not the worst line in the NFL.Secondly these guys are professionals they definately know they have to improve their play and I am sure they are trying to.His comments can only result in hurt feelings and resentment.Holmes should restrict himself to making efforts to improve his own play which has not been awe inspiring thus far this season and keeping the morale of his teamates up.

  24. By scjoe on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    Just finished watching Brady calmly move the ball down the field and getting it in to the EZ for the win and not leaving any time on the clock,after not having a very good day against the Dallas D. Oh how I wish we had a guy who could do that on a consistent basis as this guy does. Forget the stats, forget everything else, he just wins.

  25. By scjoe on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    GaryC, you take one play in one game and make a determination like that? Did you take in to consideration who they were playing? C’mon man!

  26. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    Hardly know where to start with your post, GaryC, but (a) I was the guy who kept saying we had to sign Holmes, Edwards, and J-Co, even when Ira was saying it was impossible (b) Turns out J-Co never wanted to be #3 and asked out in December (c) BE shoulda taken less $ to stay, now he’s nowhere (d) It’s laughable to suggest Smith was ever a factor at WR and Kerley’s already had a better game than Smith ever had for us (e) If you wanna trade McKnight’s 45-yd avg on KR for Smith’s 22 — or less, he had one for 21 today — go ahead (f) It’s inconceivable to me that SH is talking this way without somebody’s approval, he’s not a rookie or a maniac. (g) When the line can protect Sanchez and he can throw accurately, we’ll revisit the Plax question.

  27. By BLINKA posts, no one heeds on Oct 16, 2011 | Reply

    How’s this for bitterness:

    Brady starts to fade in 2 three years, but wait…Dolphins win Luck draft and he becomes a star in two years. If I’m lucky I’ll see a division title in 15 years

  28. By Christopher on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Gregg from CA…where in CA..I’m in Lincoln, CA.

    Only reason I suggest Sanchez calls the plays is to see what we really have. Do we have a guy who can really lead this team? It’s a little extreme, yeah, because he really is only a game manager, no matter how much we all want different. Only thing Sanchez does have is the ability to come back in the 4th quarter, which is a very key ability you cannot teach.

    Still, Sanchez needs a good O-line, a decent running game, and a strong defense in order to be that game manager. When one of those 3 areas break down, Sanchez cannot put the team on his back and win a game like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc…Dare I say Matt Moore? The Jets have a way of turning opposing QBs into Joe Montana.

  29. By IRA on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Garrett was clearly spooked by the previous games Romo blew. Still he played right into the hands of BB. You can’t expect to just run out of the I-form and jam it down the Pats throats to get 1st downs. At least spread them out and if you want to run you keep the Pats’ D guessing. You just knew if Brady got the ball back 1 more time he would find a way.
    One ting is clear the Boys run basically the same D as the Jets do. Thing is they have much more speed that the Jets don’t.
    Schwartz and Harbaugh both need to be fined. Bad example set by both.

  30. By IRA on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Also that Pats win really stinks after watching Digs and Ellis make the tackles to stop the Boys on their 1st and 2nd down plays before Brady got the ball back. Digs has played very well up there and still think the Jets made a mistake letting him go. It was all about saving money. Maybe some of his emotion and leadership could’ve helped too during this 3 week span.
    They will right the ship tonight and hope they can get it going and catch up.
    GO JETS!!!!

  31. By GaryC on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    scjoe, it is not only one play with Nelson, truthfully, what is Burress really going to give you.One of the main priorities next year will get that big physical wideout that a lot of teams have, jets not being one of them.Truthfully Burress is nothing more than a stop gap until something better comes along.His Super Bowl winning catch was awhile ago and guys in their mid 30’s don’t get better unless their going against corners who are just as old,how many yards after the catch is he giving you.

  32. By GaryC on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Please, stop rooting for the giants, if the jets are good enough they will beat bills in their two games and the patriots.stop hoping for outside help.If jets win their games they are in playoffs.

  33. By IRA on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Pettine said Ellis will be active tonight. They will need him i expect a heavy dose of the Fish trying to run the ball. The Jets must get out of the gate early and put the Fish away early. You don’t want to let a 0-4 team hang around come the 2nd half especially the 4th qt.

  34. By GaryC on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    jet fan tom, don’t wait to long to revisit the Plax question, how long do you think he has to go.

  35. By scjoe on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    GaryC, Honestly, I don’t think it is about what Burress can bring, but what the QB AND the play calling brings. I don’t think it would matter if we had a BE, a Plax, a Jordy Nelson or a Calvin Johnson out there if the plays are not designed and executed to the point they need to be. Point given, do you think Burress would succeed in NE? Why do you think there is talk by the WRs about that very issue?

  36. By kw65fan on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Please, stop with your moronic comments. If the Jets are to win their division..or even make the playoffs…I will be rooting for the Giants to beat NE…I will be rooting for Dallas to beat the Bills…I will be rooting for Philly to beat NE …and i will be rooting for anybody else on NE and the Bills schedule.

    For us, it is just win…no excuses…starting tonight. Oh yea, I will be rooting for Miami to beat bills and Pats…I’ll be rooting for Washington, I;ll be …….

  37. By GaryC on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    kw65fan, you must be for the bailouts of the banks too.as al davis use to say,just win baby and everything takes care of itself.

  38. By GaryC on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    scjoe your point will be made if ocho cinco becomes a big part of the patriots.

  39. By Jet Fan Tom Since '64 on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    We all knew Plax and Mason were just for this yr, GaryC. Or at least I knew it when I was telling you Kerley was gonna be eased into a more significant role at WR this yr in order to become the starting slot guy next yr. Oh yeah, I forgot, you couldn’t hear me because you were too busy railing about trading up for him in the lower rounds back when “all” he was doing for the 1st few wks was a better job than Leonhard at returning punts. Anyway, I agree with scjoe about the QB, the O line, and the play-calling with respect to Plax, Holmes, and anybody else. How soon we forget how terrified we all were of Holmes, Edwards, Plax, Moss, or anyone else of consequence at WR going to NE. Funny, nobody cared much about Brady throwing to Brad Smith…

  40. By Hans on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    I really hope Kerley breaks out of his shell tonight and that We give Kenrick Ellis a lot of reps. If Ellis proves useful, he might bump Pouha to the outside and bump Devito to the back.

  41. By Gregg from CA on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    Ah, north of Roseville, eh Christopher? I’m in Modesto – most of a two hour drive away.

    I think of myself as a diagnostician, problem sover, whatever you want to call it. The first steps in determining a problem are to reduce or remove the variables, and then isolate the areas of the system that are malfunctioning. That’s where the uncertainty comes in between Schotty and Sanchez, because you don’t know when the play being run is the one that was called. I wrote a play tracking program for my son’s highschool that recorded formations, what was run out of the formation, down and distance, field position, and results. The key was in having the booth coach tell me exactly which play was called. Here, we don’t know…

  42. By Gregg from CA on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    …(cont) so it’s impossible to judge whether the KILL play was right for the formation or situation, or perhaps just a panic move out of something that Mark didn’t think would work.

    It’s like the old joke about two people pedalling a two-seater up a steep hill: They get to the top and the first says “Man that was a steep hill!” and the second says “Yeah, if I hadn’t kept the brakes on, we might have rolled back down!”.

    Or, put more simply, “Too many chefs spoil the playcalling soup”

  43. By Ed in Tucson on Oct 17, 2011 | Reply

    The Jets’ D problems are a bit like the early Mangini yrs. We had/have the personnel for a 4-3 D but are/were running a 3-4. From what I’ve seen, we have lined up in a 4-3 a bit. Maybe we should make it our base D until we get a behemoth to play NT. Does anybody else remember when that position was called Nose Guard?
    Now to raise some blood pressures:) Brad Smith & the way he ran the Mizzou would really help our struggling O. Buffalo’s O has an accurate QB that leads his receivers in stride thus their running game has room to move; that’s why BS hasn’t gotten much PT there. The 1st downs & morale lift that he gave us 2 yrs ago when MS slumped badly, kept us close enough to make POs. Let’s get McKnight involved, maybe he can turn the corner.

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