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‘Still Hard to Fathom’ but Jets Must Move Forward

Posted by Randy Lange on November 18, 2011 – 4:46 pm

These are the times that try our souls.

There was legitimate optimism that the Jets could go a mile high and come back down the mountain with a healing victory over the Broncos. No question it would be a challenge and that the schedule did the Jets no favors in this one. But there was no loss of faith in the locker room.

The optimism for me continued during the Thursday. After the first quarter the feeling had drained a bit as the Jets again couldn’t score a touchdown in the opening 15 minutes.

After the second quarter and on into the first five minutes of the third, the thought was that this was going to be ugly, perhaps a “Son of Shrek” game, but that the Green & White would escape with Denver with a W.

With six minutes to play, the Jets defense staring into Denver’s end zone 5 yards away and the Broncos staring at the Jets’ EZ 95 yards away in the other direction, it all looked doable.

“Yeah,” guard Matt Slauson admitted afterward, “we thought the game was in hand.”

But Tim Tebow and the Jets’ own mistakes caught up to them in that last drive. If this endgame scenario didn’t involve the Green Team, it would have been something to observe the latest chapter in the Legend of Timmy T.

“It’s still really hard to fathom,” head coach Rex Ryan said today at the top of his morning conference call with the team’s reporters. “It really is.”

The hardest part to comprehend was how well the Jets’ defense played for 54 minutes and yet how relentlessly the Broncos moved the field on it in the next five minutes. Consider that until that final drive, the D had forced seven consecutive punts by the Broncos, including six three-and-outs. Consider that before that drive, the home team was averaging a healthy drive start of its own 38, including five starts in Jets territory, and had three points to show for it.

Consider that from the second play of the first series through the 11th series, the defense had yielded 101 drive yards to Denver, before yielding 95 on its final 12 snaps.

Denver’s final play, that 20-yard Tebow dash for the end zone that virtually sealed the Jets’ fate with 58 seconds left, involved an all-out blitz call that Ryan would like to have back.

“Hindsight behind 20-20, obviously, we would’ve done something, anything but that,” the coach said today. “But at the time, you make several calls in a game. At that time, we had pressured him. We thought they were going to do really what they did. They ran verticals in the passing game, so we wanted to pressure it, and quite honestly, he made a great play. If you had to do it over again, of course you would’ve called something else, knowing the result.”

Offensively, of course, there was Slauson’s 1-yard return of Bilal Powell’s fumble for a touchdown. The guard became one of only three or four offensive linemen to ever score a touchdown of any kind for the franchise. There was guard Randy Rasmussen’s end zone recovery in the 1972 season opener against Miami, and famously tackle Jumbo Elliott’s TD catch in the Monday Night Miracle vs. those same Dolphins in 2000.

Then there was the asterisk for Trevor Matich’s game-winning touchdown grab from Ken O’Brien in a 28-21 win at New England in November 1991. I starred it because while Matich was a backup center-guard-tackle in his two Jets seasons of 1990-91, he was also a backup TE, and in that role, having traded in his lineman’s uniform No. 64 for a tight end’s 46 a month earlier, made his 3-yard catch with 57 seconds left to lift the Jets that day.

Normally an O-lineman scoring six is a good omen — since 2000, NFL teams are 22-4 when they get such a contribution from the trenches. But when your OL scores your team’s only touchdown, that’s not so good. Slauson seemed pleased that he had made a little history, but he said it was a sad because the play meant nothing in the shadows of this loss.

The locker rooms inside Sports Authority Field at Mile High are larger than most in the NFL, accentuating the grim quiet of the Jets’ postgame activities. Some players declined comment, others talked in hushed tones, then sat with serious demeanors, contemplating what had just transpired.

“I feel terrible. I feel like garbage,” DT Sione Pouha said. “But we’ve gotta bounce back, man.”

“We’re never going to stop believing,” said Slauson.

Nor should they. Fans are upset, and rightly so. And they are joined by the players, members of the front office, and humble Web editors. But the Jets can’t and won’t throw in the towel for several reasons. For one, there is still enough talent, minus mistakes, to win games on this team. For another, as NFL Network’s Rich Eisen recently told Dennis Miller on his radio show, “Things can change so very quickly in the NFL.” The Jets of ’02 (2-5 start, 7-2 finish, AFC East title) and ’09 (4-6 start, 5-1 finish, AFC Wild Card) are one of many examples of that, as, at the moment, are the Tebow Broncos.

The road to the playoffs is steeper than ever. Since the current playoff landscape was introduced in 2002, teams that have started 5-5 have reached the postseason 13 times while missing out 29 times (.310). However, teams that got to 5-5 via two or more consecutive losses, as the Jets have, have only reached the playoffs three of 11 times. (Baltimore, with Ryan as D-Line coach, did it in ’03, Washington in ’05 and ’07).

“I’m looking forward to the preparation and everything, because I think we can get better,” Ryan said. “We have a resilient team. We’re going to be in this thing. We’re going to be shoulder to shoulder, with coaches, players and everybody, and we’re going to try to find a way to get this done.”

But let’s not put the cart before the horse for the Jets. They can talk about the P-word, playoffs, all they want, because as Ryan rightly said, “Our playoffs start right now.” But to dwell on the enormity of the task is counterproductive. Another NFL truism is this: The Jets now have six one-game seasons ahead of them. Play the one in front of you, win it, move on to the next. And in that way they will show to all of us, and to themselves, what kind of season 2011 will be.

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141 Responses to “‘Still Hard to Fathom’ but Jets Must Move Forward”

  1. By kirby m on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Worst performance I can remember. Only one that comes close is the mud bowl, Miami, thirty years ago. Could not have picked a worse way to lose a game, maybe a season.

  2. By RileyLemm on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Tim Tebow is a winner. It isnt that the Jets played horribley, the fact is Tim Tebow will win games. He is 4-1 in his five 2011 starts. If the game is close in the 4th quarter he can win the game. He is close to the worst for most the game, but in the last 5 minutes he is as good as anyone. The jets are just the latest team to fall victim to Mr. Tebow.

  3. By joe on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Joe Willie hit the nail on the head ,Rex has got them believing that they are a whole lot better than they actually are

  4. By robertpapalia on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    this team will not make the playoffs. they are not that good. let sanchez finish out the season and then plan the next year. peyton manning as far as I am concern should be an option for the jets going forward next year. then and only then can we start talking super bowl.

  5. By bill on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    This team will never go anywhere with Brian Schottenheimer as OC. Every qb in his system has done better as soon as they left. We can only wonder how Mark would play with a real NFL OC.

    Blitzing Tebow. My dog knows not to call that. What was Rex thinking. And Smith just charged in ignoring the edge. And the play was how long? 7-8 seconds? And the defensive backs can react to the ball? It was 20+ yard run and there were no Jets in the frame. They all stood around and watched him score. It was ridiculous. It almost looked like they wanted Tebow to score. I am disgusted with this team.

  6. By Gmany3k on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    it is REX Ryan who is going through the growing pains and with him are some of the players who can’t get over the hump . its time for the staff to rethink their game plans for the next 10 days .lets see what they decide to do next.

  7. By joe on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    REX you dont need to tell us fans how great your team is SHOW US WITH A SUPERBOWL (what you have PROMISED FOR YEARS )Do you want to be a football coach or a TV -movie actor .Is the attention your drawing to this team (with your mouth and antics )worth the distraction its creating.Bellichick,Tomlin,Dungy, Coughlin ect dont do Hardknocks or movies .They also dont do guarantees they win SUPERBOWLS.

  8. By wayne on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    A better word for how Tebow moved the ball on Jets D would be ‘effortlessly’. It was only three days ago when I said I thought it would be unfathomable that they would lose this game. I’m fathoming quite well now thank you………..Again, Jets thrive on chaos and turmoil so I wouldn’t put it past them to win 5 and get in. Wouldn’t put a bet on it, but it would be interesting to see……Giants game is a loss as far as I can see it…..Jets can’t deal with pass rush of any kind. Giants have the best. Hopefully Giants won’t need that game. But alas, there are 5 games before that.

  9. By coltrain on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    A little perspective:

    A Thursday night game is always tough.
    A T-night game after a Sunday NIGHT game is ridiculous.
    A T-night game after a S-night game on the ROAD is absurd.
    A T-night game after a S-night game on the ROAD, going halfway
    across the country to Denver in the mile-high air with no chance
    to adapt is just beyond beyond.
    Somebody at the NFL Schedule-Maker’s Office deserves a pink slip.

    Hari Kari is not advised at the present time.

  10. By Jersey Joe on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    I’m not sure what is more disturbing, the : embarrassing loss, poor offensive execution, pick six, O-line botched assignments, unreliable punter and kicker, etc (could fill the page here) OR Rex looking and sounding more like Homer Simpson every week – Clueless ! I don’t think it will be long before he starts to lose this team if he doesn’t dismiss Shotty ! Isn’t Tom Moore on staff as an adviser? Let him take over OC duties down the stretch with JOB #1 being fix the O-line #2 work on MS footwork and reads #3 Teach and develop two tight-ends to BLOCK first then get out into their pass routes. It should be made clear to Sanchez that he will be auditioning for the Starting job over the next six weeks! Erik Smith take a seat on the bench!

  11. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    I’m moved by your sincerity, Randy, but I reject both the premise of this piece and Rex’s cluelessness. It’s not “hard to fathom” at all. When you don’t score pts, you lose. When you ask your D to do everything and your O to do nothing, you lose. When every pre-season your O looks inept, you lose. When your high-priced QB can’t make throws that I see high-school QBs in Southern Cal make, you lose. When you fail to take control of your whole team as a HC 3 yrs in, you lose. I could go on and on but I’m done complaining about Rex, Schotty, and Sanchez. They’re the three-headed monster that’s holding back the better talent we have. “Better the year before than the yr after,” as Parcells so wisely said. The change of direction starts 1/2/12.

  12. By Griff on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    FIRE BRIAN SHOTTENHEIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. By Clarke W. Griswald on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself to the group. My name is Clarke Griswald… and I am a recovering Sanchez apologist. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve made an excuse for Sanchez, I almost slipped the other day to my cousin, who is a Giants fan, but I caught myself. Maybe Tom 64 can be my sponsor?

  14. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    A quote from Woody, who also said Sanchez “isn’t playing good football now”: “I don’t think the coaching staff trusts him to take that next step as the QB in this O. I don’t understand it, because it’s his 3rd season in the O.” I’m a bit surprised to hear so frank a public statement, one even Jerry Jones might not make. But of course I’m not surprised that any owner would talk this way at this pt. What surprises me most is the cavernous gap between Woody’s grasp of things and Rex’s, but even then only to a pt. Like I said the other day about the Jets as a business and MS as an investment, none of the nonsense Rex spouts will mean a thing in the final analysis. When your boss says he “doesn’t understand” what you’re doing, GET A CLUE, PAL!

  15. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Clarke, like I just said to the similarly (to you) repentent Spicer on the story before this, I too fell victim to the Big Rex Hype Machine on Sanchez. I never liked the guy at USC and was amazed anyone would even talk of picking him so high until Favre split, Rex started blathering, and the ride seemed worth it. I think Jersey Joe’s plan for the rest of the season to basically be an audition for MS for the starting job is inspired, but even then the job shouldn’t be handed to him. Frankly, if you were Woody and you had the power to tell your coaches and players (the ones you’re keeping, that is) that you’d just gotten P Manning (assuming he’s healthy), how could you NOT do it? Assuming you wanna hold onto your BETTER players, that is…

  16. By Howie D on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Dear Santa:

    Following, is my wish list:

    A New OC
    A New QB Coach
    A Pass Rusher
    Replace Wayne Hunter
    A Better SS
    A Better FS

    You know I’ve been faithful and deserve these gifts. Thanks.

  17. By tommy ohio on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    why did MS pick six for his number …..kinda funny huh!!?

  18. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    RileyLemm, Tebow’s a competitor and a great athlete, in an NFL that used FBs to run that would be his natural position, if not that TE. But 3 of the teams he’s beaten are MIA, KC, and now us, who’ve looked like 3 of the worst teams in the league in that time. Gmany3k, thanks for reminding us about Rex’s growth curve. As I started saying late last yr and this summer when I realized the guy had no clue on O, he’s the problem just as much as Sanchez. His blanket praise for Sanchez, Smith, and so on is ridiculous, the talk of a fan not a coach. I’m getting very hungry for a tight-lipped coach who evaluates the team and looks to make it better, not one who carries on before the press like an enthusiastic ball boy. Luckily Woody’s not buying it.

  19. By joe on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    And while were at it i definately think Mike T deserves to stand up and take a bow for all the wonderful hall of fame talent he has acquired thru the NFL draft recently. Besides Mark Sanchez(who he traded up to get ) Kellen Clemons,Vern Gholsten ,Kyle Wilson ,Vlad Duccasse are all prime examples of your keen eye for NFL talent.Millions of dollars of Mr Johnsons money was spent to evaluate ,draft (first or second ) and sign all the above the past few with fantastic results.

  20. By Christopher on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Calling the all out blitz on Tebow was “the stupidest thing in football history.”

    Let’s see if they can top that one next week.

  21. By bill on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Give it a rest with the Tebow is a winner garbage. He’s a horrible QB that has no business playing QB in the NFL. He’d be a good TE or running back. As it is the Jets lost the game, Tebow did not win it. I’m tired of hearing about this guy. He had the good fortune of playing a team that has no offense. I can’t remember when the Jets had a good offense. It’s been at least 6 years. Hey, isn’t that when Schotty got here? Must be a coincedence.

  22. By Row on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    Rex, your defense is soft. Rex, your defense is soft. Rex, your defense is soft. At least watching the Rams play here in St. Louis, I see everyone flying around and hitting people. All week I would practice the run out of the I with NO MOTION and a serious TE if not another OL. I would just run drills where people including the safeties tackle a ball carrier like Greene. Go Jets

  23. By ColoJETfan on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    I,m tired of making excuses for this wreck of a team. They are an absolute embassment and don’t deserve their fans loyalty. Everytime they look like they may have something going for them they find a new way to embaress themselves. I live in Colorado and am so glad I didn’t wast my time and money to go to Mile High and see that pathetic effort Thurs night. What a joke this team has become.

  24. By ColoJETfan on Nov 18, 2011 | Reply

    If Sanchez doesn’t throw the Pick-6 Tebow would have not had the opportunity. Mistakes by the Jets are what lost this game.

  25. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I stand badly corrected: The quote I read from “Woody”, which I didn’t read on the actual Cimini article but on a blog, was from our former lineman, not our owner. That explains the curious outspokenness of such a statement. Damien Woody has actually been shooting off his mouth about the Jets quite a bit, so there’s nothing to see there. Instead I’ll revert back to Gregg from CA’s pt about the 2014 SB. It’s hard to believe that any owner will be content to limp along like this until then and sit on the sidelines for the big one. So I think Jersey Joe’s audition scenario for Sanchez from now until next summer stands. All Rex’s talk about what a great QB MS is won’t mean a thing if he doesn’t quickly show that this is not the real him.

  26. By worrell on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I often wondered why we did not bring back the players from the last two season, we let go #89 Jericho C for Anthony Mason who we no longer have on the team, Brad Smith which was a nice weapon, our offensive line seem to be folks who are still playing college ball, this QB need some protection boys it’s been time to “MAN UP” the way these guys are playing i can assure you Standford or USC would give this team a serious run for there money,,i’ve been a long time Jets fan from 1978, not as long as others but by golly i am tired of loosing, if the team was a lady i think i would be in line to start dating someone else!!! can we put a better offense on the field? at least the defense shows up to the party.

  27. By Karan on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    What did I say? I knew Denver was going to win this one. Our offensive needs help, please for gods sake, fire brian schottenheimer. How many games must we lose to realize this? I hear rumors about getting Manning for Sanchez not year, I hope it is not true. I still believe in Sanchez, don’t worry about your naysayers man, but I do admit you must play better.

  28. By Purpleflash on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I only got to see the game from mid third quarter on, but what I saw was that Sanchez was getting killed with pressure back there. Once again, that offensive line is not getting the job done in pass blocking (or run blocking, for that matter. And the Tight-ends are not blocking well either (Ben Hartsock, where are you?). Where in the world is the deep ball? (Braylon Edwards, I think you are missed). The Jets early on replaced about 8 or 9 guys from last years team that really contributed…and I think that that perhaps is why we can say that this team is not as good as last years). With the Jets losses having come against so many teams they have lost the tie breaker for, they will have to win at least 5 of the last six.

  29. By TimChinaJets on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Tear apart Rex and the team all you want, but to drag Homer Simpson through the muck is a bit too low for my sensibilities.

  30. By punchie on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Wayne hunter does not have the right mindset to play as a starter. he never wants to correct his mistakes and acts like hes never wrong,watch his facial expressions when he gives away stupid penaltys and starts waveing team members off.

  31. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Speaking of curious statements, Reckless Rex strikes again: How can this guy NOT KNOW it’s in NO ONE’S interest for him to say, “Mark is going to be our QB for as long as I’m here, which I hope is a long, long time”? This doesn’t motivate MS to get better. It sure doesn’t motivate the players who are no doubt losing faith in him to feel that good about MS’s chances of getting better or their coach’s, well, grip on reality. Most of all, it doesn’t give Rex himself any wiggle room on making changes in the lineup, in strategy, in the roster. It’s basically just a ignorant bully’s taunt, rooted in pure anger and ego. I don’t see us winning a championship with a HC whose kneejerk response to trouble is to deny that anything could ever be wrong.

  32. By russ on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Rules for Rex
    1 You cant say Super Bowl unless you win a dvision title.
    2 Arthur Murray can no longer coach the Defensive line; its not about dancing with your partner.
    3 Offensive Line must stop thinking the oppostion are lepers and cant be touched.
    4 Mike Tannenbaum..most of your picks are not worthy of NFL status …

  33. By Jimmer on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I suspect Tom Moore was hired to have him evaluate the talent offense this year. If there was an off-season, he would have been the OC. He will have everything he needs for next year. He will probably want LT back, and he’ll want better OL to protect Sanchez. He’s not gonna ask for any skill players not already on the team. The only plays he’s inserted are red-zone plays. And we’ve seen marked improvement there from years past.

  34. By steven on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    FRONT LINE/QUARTERBACK; WEAKNESS. McElroy is a better quarterback than Sanchez. He’ll take the job next year. But what good is a Great Quarterback if the line doesn’t protect him? He will just get hurt and be put on IR. And even with good pass protection and 6’5 TIGHT ENDS, if he throws interceptions, LOSER. PASS RUSH; WEAKNESS. What good is an excellent secondary without a pass rush? The opposing quarterback has plenty of time to find an open receiver. No matter how good the front three is, no matter how good the secondary is, without a pass rush there is no SAFETY.
    FRONT LINE, QUARTERBACK, PASS RUSH AND WEAKNESSES FOR THIS TEAM. I hope the Jets are smart in the next draft.

  35. By Steven on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Pass Rush with Guys that can run over tackles to get to the quarterback.

    When is Dwight Freeney’s contract up? Need I say more?

    Don’t have time to say more; Time is running out. SOJ

  36. By Frank on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    64 I want nothing to do with Manning healthy or not and Jason Campbell you got to be kidding. We had the chance to get Cutler who was 26 and coming off 2 pro bowls it took two ones to make that happen not Revis and TanWoody dropped the ball big time! If we had Cutler when we had the #1 D and #1 rushing offense two years ago we win the Suoerbowl. Instead they draft Sanchise-Not on a Superbowl ready team we go 9-7 with Sanchise-Not losing 4 games by himself rated 28th in the league and still manged the AFC Championship game. By the way that was the first time in the history of the NFL a team leading the NFL in defense and rushing didn’t get to the Superbowl. I hated the pick and what we gave up by the way Elam is awesome in Dallas this year.

  37. By Frank on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Sanchise-Not has the rest of the season to get his act together otherwise he definitely gets challenged by McElroy let’s see what he’s got and then see what shakes out after the season with other QB’s.

  38. By troy on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Give Favre a call ,he knows the offense at least, the QB play couldn’t be any worse,I could see him coming in for the remaining 6 maybe playoffs I’d sign up

  39. By Rich on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    It’s certainly not hard to fathom this team having lost 5 games and being fortunate to have won two others. Tannenbaum has done a lousy job drafting after two excellent drafts. He and Ryan vastly overrated this team’s talents. They’ll need to upgrade at left guard and right tackle and give McElroy a shot at QB to turnaround the offense. McElroy has already shown more potential than Sanchez. They should find a pass rushing defensive end and switch to a 4-3 defense next season. They’ll also need to upgrade at safety. I didn’t think this team had much chance at making the playoffs before the season, but they could be a legitimate contender next year if they have the guts to make the right moves in the off-season.

  40. By ColoJetfan on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    We need to stop patting the defense on the back as well. This team is bad all the way around. Not even taking into account that final drive, Tebow (and every other QB the Jets have played against this season) had all kinds of time to dance around back there with litterally no pressure from a pass rush while Sanchez is running for his life. The only reason Tebow didn’t pick apart the Jets from the air is that he has a lousy trowing arm (see Tom Brady). This team will be lucky to finish 8-8.

  41. By anthony costa on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    For the owners and front office , PLEASE get peyton manning. Shore up the offensive line , keep everything else the same. Sanchez is the 28th rated QB just ahead of sam bradford. He will never read defensive audibles and he is very nervous in the pocket. His accuracy is sketchy. I feel the owners made a very hasty desision signing him to a huge contract. Another concern is we do need a better running back core next year. There has to be major changes including rex hitting the road. Bill cowher new head coach, manning new QB, and one very talented Rb and the jets will fly high into the super bowl. It had been almost 43 years without a superbowl win. Management dont seem to care. We are doomed wiith sexy rexy

  42. By DGC on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    So much is wrong, night games like this keep a fan from ever sleeping. This TE
    Mulligan has been getting beat and missing blocks for weeks. Does anyone on
    staff watch the film ! He is an awfull blocker.
    Rex you need to “get real” you must act, you had every right to sit a beaten up
    Sanchez down and give the ball to someone or anyone else. The commentators
    can see that Sanchez has lost all confidence, why can’t you. And Schotty…neither
    he nor Sanchez have shown any growth, alone or as a team. The play calling is
    horrible, at times criminal, we never ever take a shot long…ever. The O line must
    be addressed, opponents come right thru, and on D 7 guys are all blocked.

  43. By Karan on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Two players the Jets should have never gotten rid of: Ben Hartsock and Damien Woody. Wayne Hunter and Matt Mulligan are not getting the job done. We now realize how valuable those two were. It is also unfortunate we lost Rob Turner for the season, he was a pretty darn good blocker.

  44. By Clarke W. Griswald on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I think after this season we’ll see a lot of big trades from Tannenbaum. This team has too many problems, to address all of them in the draft. then again, maybe not.

  45. By carl on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Randy, can give me an idea what the total weight of the O line in 09,10, and 11? Also the weight of the D line in those same years? Jets nation are we gonna make playoffs?Man I thought we would be better than that !! Shotty needs to go !! Rex if no playoffs this year, you need to figure this teams identity for next year!!Get the horses to carry out the mission!!! Hopefully the Jets make playoff. Go Jets!!!

  46. By scjoe on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    couldn’t agree more Bill, Tim Tebow may be a great story but he is not an NFL QB. To lose to him is nothing less then a disgrace. I wrote in a previous post last week that if the Jets get any kind of offense early in this game it will be a blow out, but if they don’t put points up and let Denver dictate how they run their offense they can lose. Well, they didn’t put points up early, they did let Denver dictate how to run their offense and they did lose. MS claimed he was embarrassed by losing to Tebow heads up, he should be.

  47. By SteveO on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Why are we losing with so much talent? No excuse Mark, you are not a rookie anymore. I think Shottie and Mark have to go.

  48. By Ken on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    What needs fixing:
    HUNTER – have been a fan since he started & explained his poor play so far on the mindset created by the beating he got from Ware. But after Thurs night, he’s just not fast enough.
    SMITH – can’t read the offense, is too small to be on a TE, slow, & lacks judgement on whether to make a play or go for a knock-out blow.
    MULLIGAN – surely we can get a TE that can catch, block & run?!
    PACE – sorry, but he’s an under-performer.
    SANCHEZ – no more excuses. 3rd year & he still plays scared. Can’t carry the team the few times it is required. (Caveat below, SCHOTTY)
    SCHOTTY – the reason Mangini failed and was fired. Schemes have no relevance to the player talent he has. Gotten worse since Rex lets him do what he wants. MUST GO.

  49. By Jon on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I can’t believe im saying this but i seriously hope the Jets don’t make the playoffs, maybe rex will realize that the defense has been carrying this team for the past 2 years. We have no offense. Honestly i wouldn’t mind starting Greg Mckelroy, or maybe even trading for Peyton Manning, although i think that second one is highly unlikely. We need to change the look of our offense.

  50. By Isaac on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply


  51. By Isaac on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    We should all sign a petition or get some billboards started. Our voices can make a difference, look what happened in Denver, the coaches heard the fans and made Tebow QB, now they keep winning. We should all do the same and have a big poster that says, TOM MOORE for OC!! SAY BYE-BYE TO SCHOTTENHEIMER!

  52. By joe on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Teboew couldnt hit the ocean standing on the beach.It will be very interesting to see how he fears against an NFL DEFENCE that can run .(I want to see him try to come down the line against a team like Pitts that has safteys like Clark and Polumu.Mr Ray Lewis of the Ravens would salivate if he tried that high school crap against them.We of course allow him to go 90 yards for the win

  53. By GaryC on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply


  54. By GaryC on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Rex thinks his team can get better, that is a far cry from when the season started and Rex blustered about this being his best team,I guess he thought Burress would catch a super bowl touchdown for him too.Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

  55. By Jimmyjey on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    What is clear is that this team was not at all prepared after the lockout. The team alos lost a lot of key players. I still think the whole Mason thing was the stupidest football move ever (Rex). You let go a JCo leave because he didn’t want to be a fourth behind Mason. Nice move.. He was a security blanket for MS and was clutch. Kerley still has a year or so. You also forgot to think about the aging linebacking core in the draft and the current guys who are supposed to step up are not there. Rex, stop talking and fix your offense or get someone to fix your offense, becuase between you and Schotty you haven’t. Post lockout grades F.

  56. By harry-o on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I think we all know where this season is going.
    All the above mentioned solutions (real good ones too) to the Jets problems are all next season’s wish list. Is there a quick fix right now? Probably not.
    O.K. Rex the magic act is over, no more smoke and mirrors, the illusion no longer exists. Win the next four games and you’ll have my attention wild card or not.
    Good luck the rest of the way gang green. As for me , I’m out at 5-5 I ‘d rather be outdoors on a Sunday in south Florida than subject myself to the current state of this season’s team. Highlights will have to do for now.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  57. By IRA on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    To me this is one of the worst losses in Jets history. Its right up there with the Spike Game for sure. Its still hard to believe that they let a one dimensional team with a QB who can’t complete many passes march 95 yds to the winning score.You can’t make it up. No excuses for this loss its on the players and coaches. Clock issues, players not making plays and some real bad calls by the coaches.
    Only thing i can say is they have 6 games left and hope when they face the Fish something is on the line. Really i have no idea what to expect next week i can only hope for the best.
    I will however support and hope for the best and if they fail i will go down with the ship too. Can’t ever give up on my Jets.
    GO JETS!!!!!

  58. By IRA on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Biggest mistake they made was getting involved in the Asomugha dance. They should’ve signed Joseph and then they could’ve resigned Edwards who was their only deep threat, and if they wanted to bring in Plax they still could’ve signed him too. Harstock was a must not sure what they saw in Mulligan except for the fact they saved some money, and Woody i would’ve signed to at least compete with Hunter over the summer.
    Joseph got a 5 yr deal for 23.5 guaranteed Cro got a 4 yr deal for 32 mill. This set the tone for some very questionable roster moves this off season.

  59. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Frank, I don’t usually go for moves like for Favre or Manning but as Rich says, this team ain’t far away. With a confident, consistent QB and a few other key pickups, and of course a new OC, we could be right back in it next yr. As for Campbell, he’s obviously not that great but do you watch anyone but the Jets? Campbell, Hasselbeck, and all these other middling QBs, not to mention promising young ones like Newton and Dalton, make us look like we’re playing some backup! Clarke, I think you’re right about a big shakeup after the season, you can’t talk like Rex has for 3 yrs and then go backward like this. NO ONE, least of all ticket holders, is gonna buy this slop from Rex about “He’s an outstanding QB.” Good one on the Carnack joke, GaryC.

  60. By joe on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    If they dont make the playoffs Rex will no doubt make a token move to suffice everyone and SCOTTY will be gone.The problem here goes deeper than Shotty because the talent on this team is no where near that of a SUPERBOWL TEAM.Something also must be done with the drafts as we cant afford any more Clemens,Gholstens,Wilsons Duccassse ect

  61. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    anthony costa, Cowher was the guy I wanted before they hired Rex but I was told he didn’t want to go to a team that wasn’t close to winning it all, and I think he might’ve said himself that he wasn’t into rebuilding a team. Well, with a new QB and a few key pickups, we’re close to winning to it all or at least a lot closer than we were 3 yrs ago. A big problem with the Sanchez worship, which I’m glad to see is waning, is that it gives rise to this bizarre idea that everything around him is wrong — Holmes isn’t a deep threat, Mangold’s our only good lineman, Revis is a “same old Jet” player ’cause he didn’t tackle Tebow, etc. Actually, all those guys and everybody else would perform a lot better if they thought the team could score any pts.

  62. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Hey, have you guys and gals heard this joke yet? When Tebow goes to Heaven, he gets onto the practice field and sees Jesus rolling right (Jesus being right-handed) and throwing all the way back across the field to complete a pass to St. Peter on the left sideline. Stunned, Tebow says to Jesus, “My coaches always told me I should never do that!” St. Peter tells him, “Yeah, but Jesus over here thinks he’s Aaron Rodgers.”

  63. By GaryC on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    please people, if Alex Smith can win, Sanchez can win.look around at the more obvious weaknesses in the entire organization.

  64. By Christopher on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Why makes everyone think Rex will be here next year? He is quickly punching his ticket out of town.

    I really think Sanchez is a major part of the problem, but I have to wonder how much of it is because os Shotty, and how much of it is Rex telling Sanchez he cannot turn the ball over, so he gets too careful with the ball, second guessing himself all the time.

  65. By jet75 on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I have boxed up 30 plus years of my Jets shirts, posters, etc. and sent them to the Jets main office. I have requested that they reimburse me for my hard earned money as they cannot give me 3 hours of my week for thirty or so years back. It is the least they can do. I am now officially a Giants fan until they fire Schotty and make lots of changes. These last two games have showed us all what we already knew but didn’t want to admit. This team is horrible and has been since 1970. Goodbye Jets, I wish I could say it’s been fun.

  66. By Row on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    I am gonna go out on a limb and take the blame off of Schottenheimer. Schotty doesn’t have the authority to make personnel moves. TJ ripped off 1400+ in 14ish games with 14 TD’s and Leon was making history with his 60+ yard runs with Schotty. The Jets now have no pulling tackle, a guard who’s blown off the line regularly, a below average FB, and no blocking TE. Greene has a tendency to seek contact which just doesn’t work right now. Sanchez is blowing the screens, playaction throws, come backs and slants; which are the easiest high percentage throws a QB can make.. Stick to the script guys. Without a big line-up and an extra lineman, I see a lot of the same regardless of the playcalling. Burress was a good signing.. Powell was a good pick. The offense is regressing because of a regressing QB. What more can you ask of Schotty? Nothing. Just win and think out of the box.. Go Jets 10 wins

  67. By viveca on Nov 19, 2011 | Reply

    Howie D….adding to your wish list…A stud running back! If we’re going to ground and pound we need someone more explosive and durable than Shonn Greene. Also this is most likely Tomlison’s last season and Powell doesn’t show enough to be counted on.
    I look at the stats after all games and we’re almost never on the list. Stats don’t always tell the story, but it’s obvious that we need more impact players, both on offense and defense. We have many needs and should go for best player available in the draft..

  68. By NC on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    First time I’ve checked the site since Thursday. Plenty of angry fan comments here. Understandable. The offense is awful. Flat out unwatchable. I don’t know what the answer is there, Some new players, I suspect, and a new OC. And there’s no pass rush. Brady had about an hour to throw the ball on each play in the Pats game. One thing I can’t understand is why Tannenbaum and Ryan haven’t gotten a go-to pass rusher for the Jets. Someone who’s “The Man.” I know they’re not easy to find, but every Super Bowl team has one, and the Jets need one badly. The front three and the blitz packages just aren’t getting it done. Need a safety too.

  69. By IRA on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Sad part about this season so far is that they should’ve been able to beat the Raiders and Broncos and be sitting at 7-3. They were in control of both games and gave them away. Football is very much like life . What comes around goes around and last year they got the breaks by beating Den,Cle,Det and Hou. This year so far they are not making plays to win games they should.

  70. By jay on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply


  71. By jay on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    where is the paper , ill sign

  72. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Randy, this is too funny! 2 stories on McElroy in 3 days? Is this supposed to make us feel better about the future? The timing seems just a little convenient or at least curious! Well, I say bring it on, it’s nice to feel we may already have realistic options on the current roster, even if at one pt the more recent piece seems to imply that McElroy has a lot of familiarity with back-up roles. On the other hand, that same piece refers to him waiting to be “in the starting lineup,” so that’s fair enough. And one thing is beyond dispute: Anyone who reads this more recent article will no longer wonder why me and scjoe said that McElroy is already one of the smartest players in the NFL.

  73. By Rick Rosselli on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Rex, should wake and see the real picture, why is he so hell bent on Sanchez and stop saying he is the QB that he is staying with. Yes, the O line need to have changes.And the defense need some also Speed ends.He will change he mind when Woody starts seeing the real picture. Not saying McElroy is the answer, but would love to see him again in the pre season against Sanchez. I am petty sure all of you know what happened when Bledsoe got hurt and Brady came in. I have a feeling that McElroy may do a better job. Let’s See, For this season is over……And the Play-offs REX, they started two weeks ago..

  74. By Frank on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Griswald the absolute last thing I want Tanwoody doing is going for the quick fix in free agency and trades. It only works when you are adding one or two pieces not building a team. The Redskins and this year the Eagles prove that doesn’t work. At this point we have too many holes to fill…thank god we did not waste money on Asomugha what was stupid was not keeping our own players like Braylon and Cotchery both young guys. Instead we waste tons of money on guys like Scott, Pace and Jenkins to name a few who have not been impact players…could have drafted better for the same results and less money and without wasting picks!

  75. By Dennis on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply


  76. By GaryC on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    After years with Shotty Sr. you would think Jr. would know how to get the ball to the tightend,I mean Gates has got a few pro bowls under his belt.Was he there at those classes.

  77. By anthony costa on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    All boils down to poor manangement, scouting , front office. Give bill cowher full reins of the team and build a winner. A good example is belicheck and how his team keeps winning despite there lack of safeties and defense. He has a nack of getting the most out of each player and is a great coach. I do however hate the patriots with a passion.

  78. By GaryC on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    With thanksgiving approaching, jets should show kindness to the rest of the league and hand out some personnel to the playoff teams in return for some picks and then have parcells do the grocery shopping for talent.

  79. By Frank on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Ira I said it last week the team looked dead and after the loss I was afraid it would have the “spike game” affect and it sured looked that way on Thursday night. I hate to say it but this team is playing without any fire or emotion sound familiar? It happened to Mangini. TanWoody has dumped too much leadership over the side the last two years and it’s coming home to roost. Rex giving the Captain to Sanchise-Not and Holmes shows how clueless he is. Guys like Mangold and Cotchery before they dumped him were the role models and leaders. Holmes???? seriously look how that has back fired. Sanchise-Not the 28th rated QB you call “elite” and name a captain? This is a disfunctional team you have a bunch of loose cannons everywhere.

  80. By Frank on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    The bottom line is the next 6 games will define Rex and Sanchise-Not. Are we going 5-1 or 1-5 the rest of the way?

  81. By joe on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Iam telling you guys as long as Rex and Mike T are here Sanchez is the QB.They staked everything on him when they traded up to get him.(lol how would they tell Woody they were wrong and wasted over 50 million dollars of his money ect )

  82. By joe on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    As far as free agent stuff in football history dictates you MUST build from the draft (Steelers Packers never sign big dollar free agents )and accordingly must build around a QB .Should you make a mistake and draft the wrong guy it sets the franchise back 5 years .(LOL ask the Raiders)

  83. By scjoe on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    The answer at QB for next year is on the GB roster (Matt Flynn) and he will not cost the house. Will you see that happen? Absolutely not! There is this little thing called politics and Rex is already preparing us with his comical praising of Sanchez. As for Manning? Well, that will never happen either, see reason above, but if it did the Jets would be instant favorites for at least the next three years if Manning is truly healthy. Don’t mistake a Manning trade for that Favre trade.

  84. By IRA on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Well with all the complaining going on as long as Tenn loses this afternoon the Jets are not in bad shape for a WC run IF they can get their act together. Watching some of these games it really is eye opening how out of whack the offense is right now. Well they have 6 games to get it right and they need to play their best ball starting next week. Put the Bills out of their misery and move on. Cincy still has Cle, Pitt, Hou, Stl, Ari, and Balt. They are going to win 10 unless they drop one to a bad team. If the Jets don’t get in we will see 3 teams from the AFC North in the playoffs.

  85. By joe on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    I just got done watching the Bengal Raven game (Andy Dalton in particular )This kid is a rookie with no mini camps etc (strike )In his 9th game they allow-give, trust him with more responsibility to do doings (throw downfield)than our coaches do with Sanchez

  86. By wayne on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Please with the Peyton Manning talk…….If he’s even healthy, can you imagine what Jets would have to give up to get him……Tannenbaum has left the draft cupboards empty anyways………Peyton would also want no part of playing behind that disaster of an offensive line……………..I have been a Sanchez detractor since draft day, but Jets had a lead 5 min to go. Unless y’all want him to play defense as well, this one falls on the other side of the ball…..Jets aren’t trading for a QB so jet use to GQ. Have issues with Tannenbaum. Giants seem to be able to find and develop a bunch of WR talent for instance, Jets can’t find one with looking at another team’s roster. Why is that Mike T?

  87. By joeyjets12fla on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    funny thing i was looking up Mcelroy this morning, i forgot what put him on IR then i read the article on him this afternoon. sounds like a gusty player, i’m biting my tongue saying this, but i think it’s time for some competition. Sanchez need a fire under his rump. in year 3 with 2 conference champion games under his belt the mistakes look worst then his rookie year. i don’t know if it’s to much to fast or that there is no competition or maybe no one mentored him. anyway something needs to happen. I GUESS I’M JUST VENTING.

  88. By Karan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Um no to McElroy, YES to Sanchize

  89. By Karan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    All we can do now is hope for 6 straight wins and keep hoping Cincy losses because you know Baltimore will make it. Keep hoping Chargers, Raiders, Bengals, Bills keep losing and I hope we keep winning. I actually like Tebow, I hope the kid makes it to the playoffs by winning his division. I would love to see him play in crunch time, He’ll be up for the challenge, guys a winner. Other than that, AFC playoff picture should look like NE winning the division, i hate saying that. I actually respect the Steelers and it looks like they should win, I hope Denver wins their division and Houston deserves to win, it might be hard though because Schaub is out. As for the wild card, I’ll take my jets and baltimore.

  90. By Kevin65Fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    2012…2012…2012…WE WANT MAC…WE WANT MAC…I can here the chants now. Nice article here by Andrew LeRay on McElroy…a kid that studies as a backup…a kid that learns and absorbs until he gets his chance…then BANG. Champ as a senior in High School…Champ in Junior year at ‘Bama with national title…even better in senior year. All i can say is that if Sanchez does not improve these last six games and show the leadership that we all heard he has at the beginning of the year…he is in stiff competition next year and hopefully with a NEW OC. And guess who will be studying hard and picking it up faster…Mr. Greg McElroy.

  91. By Jimmer on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Anyone posting SOJ are nothing but fair weather fans anyway. It makes me sick to even see your posts.

  92. By Jimmer on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Although it seems that 9-7 might be the best we can expect, and team confidence has been shaken, most players will be back. As I’ve posted before, Shotty pretty much ended Penningtons right shoulder. If Sanchez can survive the season intact, and gets under a new system, then I’ll pass judgement on him. Some are posting about Sanchez having the deer in headlights look. Guess what, I’ve seen that look in Brady’s eyes too. When you’re forced to do the chuck-n-duck, you’ll have that look.

  93. By Jimmer on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    McElroy, hmm. He did show an uncanny ability to go threw his reads like very few qb’s. He has a serious edge on Sanchez on that one. But I’ve been around long enough to know b/u qb’s are always the rage here. I remember people saying Clemmons was great. I personally loved Ratliff. Where are they now? McElroy will seriously get a shot in training camp. But until the OL can protect any QB, keep the stretcher handy.
    Sanchez seems to be playing with hand behind his back(due to the system). We always have hook routes on the 3 & 4 receivers, so they’re always covered. And the WR’s only seem to have 2-3 routes in the playbook. Rex should come up with a gameplan against the Jets, then he might see how easy they are to defend.

  94. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    I’ll give you credit, Ira, you said all along that we should keep Woody around for a a yr so unless he physically couldn’t do it, losing him was a mistake. But it’s also a mistake to imply Holmes isn’t a deep threat, Lance Alworth wouldn’t be a deep threat with the QB, OC, and HC we have now. I agree with some of your pts, Row, but not about TJ, who’s averaging about 2 yds this yr and barely plays, or Leon when scatbacks are a dime a dozen, as I think scjoe once said. Christopher and GaryC, I agree that it’s not all on Sanchez, of course, and that we have a lot of holes. But a QB who’s on his way to elite status would be showing a lot more than MS is now, would be looking like one of the bright spots instead of one of the biggest problems.

  95. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    And I agree with you too, Frank, Scott, Pace, but especially Jenkins weren’t the greatest moves and I don’t want to see any more moves of that kind. The first two were more understandable given the times at which we got them, but every time Jenkins opens his big mouth on TV, all I can think of is he barely did a thing for us considering what we paid him and how much we hoped he’d bring. What I want to see most of all, though — except for real competition for Sanchez, of course — is Smith and Leonhard fighting for spots on the roster as opposed to their ludicrously elevated status at the moment, i.e as starters.

  96. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Some folks are baffled over Rex’s undying loyalty to Sanchez. While I think it’s unwise on Rex’s part, I’m not surprised by it and not just because of the Jets’ possible reluctance to admit they made a mistake. Simply put, when you have little knowledge of or experience with something, you’re not gonna be too confident about making big moves in that area. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Jimi Hendrix were never too worried about where their next sidemen were coming from, and some of their sidemen were astounding. But they were masters of their fields and knew they could make their sounds work with whoever came next. Rex has never been a HC, never been in charge of an O and still isn’t, so MS looks like Bill Evans or Mitch Mitchell to him.

  97. By 38 year fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Schotty must go . I hate to go negative but, it’s true . We should be beating the raiders , patriots , and now denver ? we are losing to bad teams . We need to shake things up . And also as a side note , we should try and make a deal for Lienart …just in case

  98. By 38 year fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    We need an experienced winner at offensive coordinator . Someone who has a proven track record to RESHAPE THIS OFFENSE FROM THE GROUND UP ….

  99. By 38 year fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    We do not have the ability to create drives . Where is our go to plays that are always good ? We don’t have the bread and butter stuff that can keep the offense on the field .

  100. By 38 year fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    I am serious about this ….If we ran the offense in No Huddle with Sanchez calling the plays , for the rest of the year , .. I think we would be doing better .

  101. By 38 year fan on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    Woody , PLEASE do something .

  102. By paul pgfig01 on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    @ every one who said fire Shoty I agree and there are many good post on the problems the Jets have too many to list. This team has no chance of making the playoffs. The Jets would have to play perfect on all side of the ball including coaching which hasnt happened and will not untill changes are made.

  103. By IRA on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    It all goes back to the OL. Is Greene a feature back? Probably not i think he is more effective as a complimentary RB. Add those two together and its a big reason why Sanchez has struggled.

  104. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Ira and Karan, I see you hoping against hope and sure, if enough other teams lose we might get into the playoffs. But you guys know darn well that we don’t look like a playoff team, much less one that will do anything in the playoffs. 38 year, I like your pt about how our O has no go-to plays and needs the hand of a proven OC. What people tend to forget about Schotty is that his time here has amounted to one big experiment, one that has never quite paid off. With pt-scoring our biggest problem all 3 of Rex’s yrs, he can’t afford a guy like that. Once again, though, I’ll say it: If Rex is holding Schotty and Sanchez back or Schotty’s only calling what he thinks MS can execute, that’s different. But all 3 of them gotta step up or out!

  105. By joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    wow, i just read the story on greg mcelroy and before this, i was thinking he was just another clemens, who people think hes gonna be a good starter one day but really isnt. but this article really made me beleive in him, if he can read a defence the way they say he does, that would definately make up for his lack of an arm. im not saying hes gonna be a starter next year, but he will definately give sanchez a little competition, lighting a fire under him, hopefully. he is probably gonna be a wakeup call for sanchez knowing his job is on the line, and if things dont work out with mark, i will be pretty comforatible with having mcelroy being qb. but again, im not giving up faith on sanchez! i gave up faith on shottenheimer!

  106. By IRA on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Please lets not start to hear P. Manning talk. Of course we will. Guess what he has never won in the NorhtEast after Oct end of story.
    Real problem OL and that they are on pace to run the ball 432 times this year compared to 565 times in Rex’s first two seasons.

  107. By tsalley on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    2 glaring issues that will fix most of the problems.
    1. Jets no longer have the talent to run a 3-4 offense. D-Line is not getting any pass rush so we get picked apart. Sione is okay, and we have no legitimate pass rushers at all.

    2. O-Line is awful. If MS has time in the pocket we’d score mre points. Broncos put a legitimate pass rusher over Hunter because he’s terrible and they know it. Every week a team’s best rusher has been over Hunter. Brick is getting beat too often as well. Our guards cannot pull and make consistant blocks. Since this doesn’t happen, Green and Tomlinson cannot run the ball, this means MS has to throw more all while trying not to get sacked.

  108. By wayne on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Aw, the backup QB, the most beloved man on a football team……Must looked that much better when he’s injured and on IR……Chad could read a defense like a Rhodes Scholar, but what good did it do him with that popgun arm………McElroy will be a very good backup. I’d take him over Brunell right now, but he is not the man to replace GQ…….Guy must be young, big and possess a studly arm……Maybe even compete with GQ for photo opps…….This might get GQ fired up enough to take his game to another level……For those who say Mr. Sanchez’s arm is strong enough, checkout that last pass against DEN………..Silver lining: GQ’s regression means OC goes……Must feed angry denizens. Offering of sacrifice.

  109. By wayne on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    I predicted it well before season that this would be the year GQ would earn every penny he’s getting. No QB. NO QB would be playing very well under these conditions. And so I’m not ready to pull the plug on him yet….The options are not very appealing…………You can’t bring a kid in and ask a bunch of vets with baggage to follow him….BAD FORMULA, MIKE TANNENBAUM………….Problem is I don’t see how they change course now when the so called easy fix is just a big FA pick away. AND WE CONTINUE ON THIS MISERABLE RIDE TOWARD 50YRS OF WAITING………..Because Mike T’s not sure what he’s doing he’s allowed Eric and now Rex to talk him into shortsighted moves………………..GET SOMEONE TO BUILD A TEAM. FROM PIT OR GB. PLEASE.

  110. By IRA on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Tom, All i know is that we see more than ever this league is week to week.One week you look great others you struggle. All i know is i want another shot at the Pats. I don’t care if we play ourselves into the playoffs or back in. Please give me just 1 more chance at the Pats.

  111. By Frank on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Ira I said it last year when everyone was making ridiculous projections for Greene that he was not a #1 back. He was injury prone coming out of college and it continues. The more I think about it Rex is married to Sanchise-Not because I am certain he lobbied hard for the kid. I said it before Rex might be a good D-Coordinator but he is absolutely clueless with personel. Look at the track record since he got here there has been a steadly decline in the quality of our personel both in free agency and in the draft. Scott, Leonhard, Mason, Conner that we know of, Holmes? Who made him look bad when coaching the Ravens the love affair with Asomugha…jetting Cotchery, Edwards and the others…..TanWoody needs to shut the door on his input.

  112. By Frank on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    By the way watching the Giants/Eagles game Asomugha got burned yet again by Cruz for a TD. I have watched several Eagles games and he is not even in the same hemisphere as Revis he is more like Cromartie. Also Weatherford continues to boom his punts and dropping balls left and right inside the 20. He had one go 69 yards that punting sure could have helped us this year. Connoly was a huge mistake and cost us 3 points in the Broncos game with his 13 yard punt.

  113. By DGC on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Anyone ever have a car that was on it’s last legs, and you had to get somewhere and it was your only hope ? That’s what this feels like. We can get out on the road and start moving along…..seems fine , even the a/c is working, then..

    WE need major repairs or a complete new car. Until that happens, we might
    not make it to granny’s house this year.

  114. By ISHINELIGHT on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    look seriously…sanchez is having problems throwing the long ball..he usually over throws,,,,,,,, put mccelroy in…………..sanchez needs to see how it feels on the sideline for a couple of quarters.ummm maybe a agame or two

  115. By harry-o on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    two wild cards
    six teams ( steelers , bengals , titans , broncos, jets, bills )
    best senario
    ravens and raiders win their division ( they win tie w/ jets)
    steelers take first wild card w/ 12 wins ( lose tie w/ ravens )
    broncos lose 4 of 6 w/ tough schedule
    jets take out bills next week
    bengals can win 4 more …easy ( 10wins )
    jets need 11wins and some help w/ titans
    seems that every week is a single game elimination week, lose and your out.
    the jets are not playing well but neither are the teams they have to face.
    just being hopeful thats all.

  116. By Chicago Bob on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Once again, the lack of “O” puts all the pressure on “D” and special teams to win. It is STAGGERING how much this “O” has underachieved over the years regardless of the talent. You can blame Sanchez or the OL, it is Schotty’s “O” and IT AINT WORKING and hasn’t shown any consistency since he got here. There have been spurts however it is time to move on. I cannot blame the defense for being upset having to watch this house of horrors EVERY game. Sanchez is not improving so there is only one thing to do and that is to move on without Schotty – look at how much Alex Smith has improved under Harbaugh and this was done with a short time frame due to the lockout. Best guess is Callahan is given O.C. – may want to consider Sparano as OL coach

  117. By scjoe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Those of you criticizing any Manning rumors, especially those who think the cost would be to high, I ask you this…What was the cost for Sanchez? In retrospect was that to high? I would take my chances with Manning on this team in a heartbeat and I don’t understand how any Jet fan who wants that championship as much as I do can say otherwise. Of course it is all speculatory right now, but I don’t quite understand the criticism.

  118. By scjoe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Jimmer, refresh my memory, exactly who ever said the Kellen Clemens was a “great” QB as you indicated on your post above? Because I can’t even recall anyone saying this guy was an average QB.

  119. By john on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Rex was hired as the head coach not just the defensive coordinator. Sanchez is an average to below average qb. The O-line is horrible. No pass rush for how many years now? Shotty is so predictable it’s insane. He should have been fired last year but Rex is afraid to take on more offensive responsibility. Let the kid call his own plays – they can’t do any worse. I just hope Mcelroy gets better for next year for the next great qb controversy! I can’t wait.

  120. By scjoe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Continuing along on the QB issue. Take a good long look at the QB position for the NY Jets and the NE Pats. There is a good argument that their #3 is an upgrade to our #1. That tells you all you need to know. At this point in time I feel more strongly then ever before that Mark Sanchez is not the long term answer for this team. Whatever feathers I rattle so be it!

  121. By Jimmer on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Wayne, Chad’s arm wasn’t THAT bad coming out of College. It wasn’t until the 1st big injury that it was shot. The second one made him totally useless. I lay that on Shotty.
    64 Tom, every head coach at one point or another was never a HC. Didka was never even a co-ordinator, but still won a SB. Rex is all about defense, he will never run an offense, and I’ll bet my Noel Redding autographed Bass on that.

  122. By jetsfan80 on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Again, Sanchez INT kills us. The O has got to score more and quit giving points to the other team with costly turnovers.

    This one’s on the D as well, though. I agree with comments made above that the players on defense would elevate their play if they felt MS and the O gave us a chance to win. Only problem is, we had a chance to win if the D had showed up that last drive. 95 yds? Are you kidding me? The D’s level of play on that drive had nothing to do with their lack of faith in MS and the O. It had everything to do with defensive discipline, or the lack thereof.

    Go win out, Jets. Your backs are officially against the wall..maybe even through the wall at this point! Jobs are likely on the line from here on out.

  123. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Jimmer, Redding always wanted to play lead in a band like the Small Faces but he couldn’t even hold his own with guys like Marriott, Ron Wood, and Frampton, much less Hendrix. Rex won’t be a real HC until he can hold his own on O as well as D, 3 yrs of stagnation on O have proven that. Ira, it’s week to week for the also-rans and yeah, the Jets might limp in. It’s not week to week for the dominant teams and that what I wanna see in Green and White on O AND D. jetsfan80, that was me who said the D would play better if the O could score and no sane Jet fan can deny it. John, I agree with your whole post and scjoe, the whole problem is that mediocrity both historical and recent make some think that asking for upgrades = “rattling feathers.”

  124. By coltrain on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    I’ll identify Sanchez’ biggest problem for y’all:

    How many times do you hear either of the following from Mr. Wischusen’s game call on the radio (yes, I prefer listening to Mr. W while watching):

    1. “Sanchez, looks left, throws left…”
    2. “Sanchez, looks right, throws right…”

    Nearly every pass play, really.
    Unless that’s just how Mr. W calls them.
    But interestingly, I don’t hear that description from Mr. W as often when the JESTS defense is on the field… I’m just sayin’…

  125. By Jimmer on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    scjoe, I don’t know if anyone on this site said it. But my friends did. People on this site were saying he was the QB in waiting which is pretty close. Which was my point. Numerous people(on this site) are now saying McElroy is the QB in waiting. BUT, going on to ur second post, blaming Sanchez is way too easy. If Sanchez had the protection and calls Brady gets, his numbers would be inflated too.
    I’m not throwing the kid under the bus until I see him behind a decent line, and at minimum, average OC. Remember, Steve Young was one of the biggest busts until he landed in SF. I’m giving the kid 1 year under a decent OC before I call him a bust.

  126. By joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    OK guys say Mike and and Rex were to call Woody and tell hinm they blew it with Sanchez (WASTED 50 million plus of his money )and Woody went for the Bama kid .(Carben copy of Chad p)All the elITE guys today have the arm to throw the ball down field THIS KID THROWS FLOATERS.(THATS WHY HE WAS DRAFTED WHEN HE WAS )a cabable back up maybe Super Bowl calaber starter in the Manning Brees Rothesburger Brady mold no way.Draft positions are based upon physical abilitys for a reason

  127. By joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    ps as far as P Manning in a trade hes not going to be a Colt to trade.In order for the Colts to keep him to then trade him they MUST pay him 28 million dollars .It makes more sense to cut him after the season than to pay him 28 million (a draft choice is not worth that kind of money

  128. By joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    If your the Colts you cant keep Payton and draft Luck (way too costly) If you give Manning the money and then try to trade him you never get the 28 million back (.Guys hes 36 coming off a major neck-back surgery NO ONE WILL GIVE UP A FIRST ROUNDER AND WANT TO PAY THAT TYPE OF MONEY =too much of a gamble

  129. By Jersey Joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    I think a good OC/Quarterback coach could make something out of Sanchez – Jets have neither but here’s what I’d do. More designed roll-outs and moving pockets to the right and left. If anything he throws pretty well on those plays – dial in about 6-8 per game. Trim back on the short 3 step drops – Teams have figured out that Mark does not throw well off his back foot -more often than not I see him running back right into a sack – with deeper 5-7 step drops if pressure comes off the edge (typical) the natural reaction for a QB is to step UP into the pocket – Even Sanchez, when he steps into the throw his mechanics are better, his accuracy improves. Sanchez did not make it this far on his GQ looks alone (lol) cont.

  130. By anthony costa on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Ever notice how sanchez does not see the deep open man downfield??? The Oposing defense knows he is not a deep threat as he plain ol just does not antisipate the wide out deep. So take notice how he constantly dumps screens and 7 yard passing plays. All the teams have him figured out, So they play all linbackers close to the line and safties 7 feet behind them. This way they can drop back or blitz and its very hard to read that type of defense. If sanchez could stretch the field he would be much more effective. He never will possess that esential quality. I would take sam bradford or cassil over him any day.


  131. By Jersey Joe on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    We have all seen MS making some big time throws in games over the last 3 years we just want more of those – when the play isn’t there he is developing the habit of forcing the ball into coverage – Tuck the ball and run or throw it away! Wonder if they can use P.Turner in the TE position – looks like he has pretty good hands and athletic ability but might be a step slow as a wide-out. Hopefully O-line help (left guard/right tackle) comes in the draft this year – solid protection in the pocket can make an average QB look like a Good one !

  132. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Actually, Jimmer, Row thought Clemens was a great QB, saying he “knew how to win” and should start over Sanchez. I never quite knew which KC he was talking about, the one I saw in college and on the Jets was clearly not an NFL QB. McElroy, on the other hand, has everything but the big arm and while some like Ben R come with that, others like Brady grow into it, so I’m open to seeing how he does. And let’s keep in mind that MS had probably the best O line in the NFL for the run AND protection his 1st 2 yrs and he made EXACTLY the same mistakes he’s making this yr, sometimes worse and sometimes not as bad. That’s why he can’t just be handed the job next yr. And if next yr Rex is still talking SB instead of rebuilding, we might need a vet QB.

  133. By Dan on Nov 21, 2011 | Reply

    Its all about coaching the talent…. then scheme. Rex does if well on defense, but on offense, it aint happening!!!! We’ve been screaming about Schotty and Co. forever. Something must change. Look at Mr. Palko or Planko or whatever his name is, Im watching him as I type this and the dude has more control of his offense than Sanchez has had all year. Sanchez looks confused, pouts like a little kid, is not sharp…..brutal. In cruch time, his record shows that he has success, but overall as many of you have said – he aint the guy.

  134. By scjoe on Nov 22, 2011 | Reply

    Jimmer, I am not a huge fan of shotty myself, but I have watched Sanchez now for 50+ NFL games (pre season reg season and post season) every minute of every game, and if I had to choose between the play calling and the on field execution by Sanchez as being the reason this offense is so lifeless I would go with the on field execution in a heartbeat. We have to remember one thing, during that Favre debacle (before he got injured) this same offense with the same OC was putting up points. So, as bad as shotty’s play calling is at times it would look world class if the execution was any better on the field.

  135. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 22, 2011 | Reply

    joe, somebody told me that Manning’s neck is so serious that the slightest further injury could result in spinal cord paralysis, so he might be done. tony, you hit it on the head on Sanchez with these checkdowns, pretty soon he’s gonna be throwing ‘em behind the line for losses, that’s how much of the field he’s giving away/the D’s are taking away. scjoe, no accident GaryC wants us as HC and OC, my take on MS vs. Schotty as the problem is much like yours. At this pt MS looks so pathetic at times, sees so little of the field, throws so inaccurately on passes of all kinds that it’s almost like Schotty deserves another chance, not MS. I still don’t like how Schotty calls the game for the most part but it seems likely he’s working around MS.

  136. By Chicago Bob on Nov 22, 2011 | Reply

    It just may be Sanchez however before we bury him, at least give him the opportunity to learn under a new O.C. and system. If you recall, Rex initially did not want Schotty – he wanted to bring Hue Jackson along with him from the Ravens but he declined. We need to at least give him the opportunity to work with someone else before we call it a wasted pick. Like I have been saying, people were ready to bury Alex Smith and look at how he has turned around his career under a quality staff with the 49ers. What we really need to focus on is finding replacements for Slauson, Hunter, E. Smith, Devito (great heart, no pash rush ability) and a right OLB who can get to the QB. This could be the best thing to happen to this team – get a reality check.

  137. By Row on Nov 23, 2011 | Reply

    Clemens won every game he started for a Sanchez injury. If he would have had 2 years with a top 5 running game, I will guarantee you he would have done better than #6. But that is irrelevant. Honestly, even at this point he is the best back-up for this team. When they had a ”competition”, Sanchez and Clemens had nearly identical stats in preseason. But to the point, I wanna see more Powell and LT. Sanchez had plenty of time with a good OL. Anyone remember Marc Bulger? He lost more games than most QB’s in this decade with almost the identical cast as Warner. 3 years is enough. Put up or shut up. This should be a blowout game vs the Bills. Go Jets

  138. By jetsfan80 on Nov 23, 2011 | Reply

    ’64 Tom, you are nuts. These men are professional football players on defense (the offense is debatable…lol) and you really think that any doubt that they may have in Sanchez and the O’s ability to score points affected their defensive intensity on the Broncos last drive of the game starting on the Denver 5 with the green and white up 13-10. The D didn’t show up that drive, period. Neither #6 or the O had any effect on that! Happy Thanksgiving guys. Go JETS!

  139. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 23, 2011 | Reply

    Row, is that a joke? Clemens limped thru the TB game for Sanchez and that’s it. jetsfan80, what’s nuts is thinking people in any job aren’t human beings, subject to all the usual human emotions and dynamics. (The guys in Washington are “professional politicians,” too, how’s their track record?) I’m sure there’s an awful lot of unrest and unhappiness on the Jets D about the awful O. I guess you forgot (I mentioned it a few weeks ago) Revis’s remark about how the most important piece re the team’s progress this yr was MS, a way of saying if he can’t lead the O, we won’t win. The other day he said “We don’t have Steve Young, we have to win with the guys we have,” leaving the door wide open to a reporter asking who he WOULD like to have at QB.

  140. By jetsfan80 on Nov 23, 2011 | Reply

    Clemens? He was definitely not the answer. ’64 Tom, the O didn’t score nearly as many pts as they should have, but the D could have won that game last week by stopping Denver somewhere in the middle of that 95 yard drive, regardless of how the O had played up until that point. They had what any defense in the NFL would want in the last few minutes of the game…a lead with the opposing offense backed up near their own goal line.

  141. By Grgo Buva on Nov 28, 2011 | Reply

    Furthermore I’m a fan for 31 years and I’m fed up with this Schottenheimer loser mentality offense! I’m not the only fan who thinks this way, 82% of most polls from Jets fans want Schotty gone’ I see the way the WR’s are moping around on the field’ I played for many years and I know that look of frustration that I see from the offensive players, forget about keeping the guys happy’ just go back to what the offense has been ranked for the past 6 seasons, that should tell you all you need to know!!!. I want to win’ Rex you are a winner!!! Don’t let this loser mentality bring this team down! Please fire this offensive coordinator! I beg of you!!!!!!!! J-E-T-S jets jets jets!!!

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