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Some of Our Plans Moving Forward into 2012

Posted by Randy Lange on January 5, 2012 – 6:25 pm

The Jets’ offseason started a whole lot sooner than any of us wanted. And this past week has been, to say the least, interesting.

We’ll continue to monitor the Green & White scene, writing about developments as we can, and of course posting as many of your comments on all Jets matters as we can.

In the meantime we’ll look forward to the 2012 season, which won’t start for the NFL until March but has started for the Jets now. We’ll bring you player features as those players become available here at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, through videos, stories and blogs, slideshows, or all of the above. We’ll visit with the team’s alumni throughout the offseason and see what their thoughts are for their team going forward.

We’ll have a number of other features for the fans. One coming up will be a Select Al Pereira’s Best Jets Action Shot of 2011. We’ll present you with about 20 of the best shots from Pereira, our staff photographer, from all games this past season and ask you to vote for the top four and then, in a separate vote, pick the best of the best photo. We’ll be getting Al’s images up to speed a week from Monday. Keep an eye out for that.

In the short term, besides Jets news, we’ll be doing capsules on each of this season’s playoff games, complete with a section we call “Jet Fuel,” citing Green & White connections to the current teams in the postseason. Andrew LeRay wrote up Saturday’s two capsules — Bengals-Texans and Lions-Saints — that went live on newyorkjets.com this afternoon. Eric Allen and I will have the capsules for the Sunday games — Falcons-Giants and Steelers-Broncos — live tomorrow during the day.

And in the coming weeks and months, we’ll bring you exclusive features, from our staff and from the personnel people at Real Football Services, on the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine workouts, the Jets position by position vis-a-vis the free agency signing period, the draft, and the Jets’ offseason training program, their OTAs and minicamp all to come.

Player Procedures

The Jets have confirmed surgical procedures for four players following the rigors of ’11. Surgeries have already been performed on DT Mike DeVito (shoulder), S Eric Smith (knee) and G Matt Slauson (shoulder). And a surgery is scheduled for DL Marcus Dixon (shoulder).

Bart’s Fine

And as you may have heard earlier today in a tweet from us or from your favorite Green & White news outlet, the Jets issued a statement through a team spokesman: “Bart Scott was fined $10,000 by the team for his obscene gesture to a member of the media. Bart’s actions were inappropriate and unacceptable.”

Why at Seattle?

When the NFL officially announced the 2012 opponents for all teams earlier this week, several of you asked the question: Why are the Jets at Seattle again after they just went to the Pacific Northwest four years ago?

The short answer is that, as we explained a year ago regarding yet another Jets trip to Oakland in ’11, the NFL has tweaked its scheduling rotation as it regards all teams in both conferences playing the AFC West and NFC West teams.

For the longer answer (if you’re of strong constitution), let’s reflect on 2008, when the Jets made four West Coast trips, to Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. How did that happen? For starters, it began with the way, since the divisional realignment in 2002, that teams in one division are scheduled to play teams in every other division.

It was and still mostly is alphabetical.

For instance, in ’05 when it was the AFC East’s year to play the AFC West, Buffalo and Miami played home against Denver and Kansas City and away at Oakland and San Diego, while the (New York) Jets and New England played home vs. OAK and SD and at DEN and KC. In ’08, the home and away sites for all teams were flipped.

With this rotation, every AFCE team would play one home game and one away game against every AFCW team every six years.

Similarly, in ’04 it was the AFC East vs. the NFC West, so BUF and MIA were home for ARZ and STL and at SF and SEA, while the NYJ and NE were at ARZ and STL (Saint Louis, spelled out) and home vs. SF and SEA.

The problem: Every 12 years, the AFC East would play the AFC West and NFC West in the same season at the same sites. And so every 12 years, the stars and divisions would align and the Jets and Patriots would either have home games against four West Coast teams. And then 12 years later they’d both have four West Coast games in the same season.

That sounds like not so big a deal, once every quarter of a century. But in different years the same West Coast problem also hit all the Eastern Time Zone teams in the two North and two South divisions as well.

The NFL, which clearly likes the eight divisions and the rotation concept, wanted to break up the scheduling imbalance that resulted every year that an Eastern team found itself on the road for four West Coast trips.

The solution was to reorder the Western divisions. That began in 2009, when in the AFC West, Denver was paired no longer with Kansas City but with Oakland and KC was newly coupled with San Diego, while in the NFC West, it was Arizona-San Francisco and St. Louis-Seattle.

All Eastern TZ teams are affected, so with this new wrinkle, no Eastern team will ever have more than two West Coast trips in a season.

In 2012, with the AFCE and NFCW once again scheduled to play, it’s the first year of the Jets going on the road to play St. Louis and Seattle while staying at home for Arizona and San Francisco.

So why at Seattle? It’s because of this new rotation formula. But it was going to be either at Seattle or at San Francisco in 2012. And Arizona, almost as long a road trip, will be at the Jets’ home for two consecutive cycles (’08, ’12) for the same reason.

One more good thing: Unofficially speaking, if the Jets play Oakland in ’13 because the teams finish in the same position in their respective divisions, the game will be at the Jets. And in ’14, when it’s AFC East vs. AFC West again, the Jets-Raiders game also is set for MetLife Stadium. Possibly two consecutive home games vs. the Raiders. Who’d’ve thunk it?

Told you it was a long answer.

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255 Responses to “Some of Our Plans Moving Forward into 2012”

  1. By scjoe on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    Interesting Randy, not very fair, but interesting. If Al Davis were still alive he probably would have sued the NFL for having to come play in NY two years in a row. But all in all I respect Al for what he has done over the years, especially in the early years of the AFL.

  2. By wayne on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    Well, well, well. The New York Jets took a stand……………..against a player most likely not to return…..Way to man up.Rexy’s parenting skills will be on full display in 2012…………………….So will Tannenbaum’s talent evaluating abilities………Boys, pray the schedule is as weak as it looks.

  3. By Ray H. on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    As a Jets fan since forever, and will be to the end, as much as I like Sanchez ( it would have been nice to have a latino QB win the Superbowl ) I feel he’s taking his job for granted. He’s got a monopoly in his position so he doesn’t have to improve. The Jets should get themselves a worthy successor for the position so Sanchez would have to earn his spot every game. Make him try harder and cut out those endorsements until he deserves them. Rex should also be more realistic about team skill and performance. He should go back to what got him in the playoffs originally and perfect the ground and pound game.

  4. By joe on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    PLANS TO MOVE FORWARD .The last game we played in (which was a must win against a 5 win team)our qb completed more balls to the opposing teams interior defencive lineman than he did to his own wr who happened to win a sb mvp award winner inn the prime of his career.If we dont have a qb ANY OTHER PLANS PALE BY COMPARASION.

  5. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, I stand corrected: In the final NFL Total QBR ratings, Sanchez comes in 30th, ahead of only Bradford, Tebow, Painter, and Gabbert. To put it in some perspective, Mark’s 33.6 put him behind guys who lost the starting job like Kolb and rookies like Ponder, to say nothing of star rookies like Dalton. The leader, Rodgers, stands at 85.2. Add this to MS’s 22 out of 32 in the traditional QB ratings, his huge number of turnovers, the pts scored off those turnovers, and his failure to show up in the last 3 games, all of which we needed to win, and I don’t see how anyone can possibly say he “got better” this yr. And then there’s the neat trick of throwing 2 picks in one game to the same defensive lineman…

  6. By Karan on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Tannenbaum, you wanna see faster growth from Mark? It’s simple, get rid of Schottenheimer.

  7. By TehJungleman on Jan 5, 2012 | Reply

    While it seems nobody talked about that here, I believe that the fact that McElroy spoke up about selfishness in the locker is more more reason to develop him. Even if he didn’t actually do much for the Jets, I do think Kris Jenkins has a great point when he says that Sanchez is more of a crowd pleaser than an actual leader. It doesn’t feel like Sanchez actually tries to take control of the locker room, so much as, he tries to be nice with everyone, and this obviously doesn’t work. I just fervently hope that at the very least, McElroy doesn’t get bullied and cut because of that remark, because it speaks volumes of his potential as the leader that Sanchez will never be.

  8. By Christopher on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    With the 16th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft….the New York Jets select Cordy Glenn, Georgia

  9. By Tom Spicer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Eli in his 4th year in the NFL it was his 3rd full year as a starter (the 1st year he sat behind Kurt Warner for most of the season) the Giants won the Super Bowl this year it was 2008. Eli was 1 unlike popular opinon a GAME MANAGER! 2 his stats were
    Eli 56.1% 3,336 yards 24 TDS & 27 TURNOVERS
    Mark 56.7% 3,474 yards 32 TDS & 26 TURNOVERS

  10. By fred on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    all I know is that I wasn’t one who asked why Seattle but I know now to not ask about any west coast trips !

  11. By IRA on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Randy, First of all thanks for another season of Jets coverage. As always its one of the best reads there is for Jets info and facts.
    Too bad about that Oak scenario. I kind of enjoy going out there to that historical stadium which leads me to this opinion.
    This will be one of the biggest offseasons this team has had to have in quite some time. Lots of spots to fill and upgrade and i am not convinced yet it can be done in one offseason.
    Getting back to that McElory garbage well i am old school and played ball in school. And believe me i don’t care who you are the crap that goes on for ALL teams MUST stay in the locker room. Sorry thats just how i feel. I guess that’s unrealistic in todays world with the media and twitter.

  12. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Something weird is up with this McElroy story. The consensus of guys in the football media is he may have killed not only his career as a Jet but his career in the NFL with what he said. That seems impossibly reckless for a guy as apparently smart as McElroy has been to date but even if he’s actually NOT smart in behavioral ways, why would he throw out a dream of being an NFL QB that he’s had all his life? No, I suspect either he was told that he’s not in the Jets’ future plans or…he senses an opportunity to in fact be in the Jets’ future plans and opening his mouth is the first shot he’s fired in a presumed battle with Sanchez for the job. I’m not saying this is a great strategy but that it has to be just that, some kind of strategy…

  13. By GaryC on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    one thing about McElroy telling it like it was,I don’t want to hear anybody in the jet organization that it needed to be kept within the clubhouse,It was out of the clubhouse when Holmes and Hunter were arguing in the huddle.

  14. By IRA on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Just looking at some #’s from last years team compared to this years. Well two #’s stand out. TO ratio in 2010 +9 in 2011 -3 and the biggest was running the ball. Basically 100 carries less this year than last and that is due to their approach with the offense this year and trailing in games. To the life of me i just don’t understand why they changed their way of thinking on offense heading into this season. Plus the depth on D this year was nowhere near that of 2010.
    Well for this weekend i have Cin, NO, Pitt and Atl winning.
    Can’t believe this time last year we were getting ready to beat P. Manning and the Colts and a year later both teams are out the Colts go 2-14 and now there is talk Manning could be a Jet.
    You can’t make it up.

  15. By IRA on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Guess i am on a roll and going through withdrawal today with no Jet game this week.
    Getting back to last year and while they still were a run first team it was more balanced than the 607 times they ran the ball in 09.
    Keller had 55-687-5 TD’s, Edwards 53-904-7 TD’s and the big # was 17.1 per catch, Holmes in 12 games 52-746-6 TD’s projected over 16 games 68-972-8 and lets not forget about J-Co 41-433-2 TD’s and thats not even factoring in Greene and LT who combined for 68-488. Now please tell me why you would break that up. They should’ve kept that in place and signed Joseph for 10 mill less than they paid Cro. And if they had patience they could’ve got Edwards for just about the same they got Plax for. Sorry i will never understand this.

  16. By Mark@Jets Realty on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    In past drafts the Jets have traded up successfully getting:Harris,Revis,Keller,Sanchez(?), etc. Unlike the Pats who trade down and accumulate picks. The problematic issue is that this catches up to you eventually and you end up short with the lack of depth. Mike T, (who stunk in last 2 drafts) does well working the phones getting free agents after the draft ie. Westerman,DeVito,Josh Baker etc. Hating to copy anything the Pats do, but it is obvious as it has been forever in the NFL, you build through the draft. I say to try and leverage our pick trade down some spots and accumulate draft picks. Pats have so many draft picks that BB can afford to miss like he does a lot. For every Gronkowski he pks, he picks 3 or 4 stinkers!

  17. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    You’re a little late to the party on signing J-Co, Holmes, and Edwards, Ira, all you had to say last yr was you couldn’t see the Jets spending that much money on WRs. And the fact is, Rex and Schotty’s eagerness to “air it out” this yr was the right decision, since “ground and pound” is no longer taken seriously in the NFL. No running team, for instance, will come close to winning the SB this yr. Which segues, Spicer, into your Eli/Sanchez comparison. While I agree with you that Eli wasn’t much more polished that yr than MS is now, you ignore that the NFL has gotten much more pass-happy since the Giants beat the Pats. The next edition of the Jets should be geared to that reality, not to the NFL past…though good luck telling that to Rex…

  18. By Frank on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Ira the answer to your last post its simple and its called REX RYAN!
    He imploded this team this year he owns this mess…he created it and to be perfectly honest this year was worse than the 4-12 Mangini debacle since Rex had a healthy team and his “elite” QB the entire year.
    Rex created this mess and he is not qualified to get us out. As a matter of fact if the Colts done roll over for us in 2009 we would have been 8-8 at best and no playoffs. I said it last year there were big problems and my exact words were it was “fools gold” to believe we had some kind of elite team or elite coach no we got lucky and the luck has run out. Rex gets and F.

  19. By SCfromNY on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I’m sorry if I keep repeating myself but comparing Sanchez to Eli and Brees is apples and oranges. Their stats may be similar to each other but more importantly is how they arrived at them. In between the problems they were able to throw deep and actually lead a receiver for some YAC. You need to be able to run the ball BUT you win by passing. Six of the QBs in the playoffs have heavy passing numbers, one is very accurate, and one is a NFL produced flash in the pan. The Jets could bring back Cotchery and Edwards for a huge upgrade over this years receivers. PLEASE have Rex stop telling his mediocre players they are great when they need to be pushed instead.

  20. By IRA on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    J- Co was under contract and they let him go due to the respect they have for him. He didn’t like what they were planning and he wasn’t part of it and wanted out. I think they missed him the most as a leader. Kerley showed he could be a very good slot WR.
    Agree the NFL has become pass happy and it will turn into Arena Football real soon. Too bad. But with the defense having issues better they controlled the ball and kept the D off the field as much as possible.

  21. By dave on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s just be honest about one thing – with a legitimate right tackle and someone who can cover a tight end, we are in the playoffs right now licking our chops to play a QBless Houston Texans.

  22. By Frank on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Ira I want nothing to do with Manning. He opted to go back for his senior year at Tennessee instead of playing for us under Parcells so the heck with him. He is finished anyway and is not a clutch QB like his brother Eli.
    By the way nice try on your picks sorry dude but the Giants are on a roll at home they will demolish the Falcons.
    Rex and his big mouth should learn something from big brother…that is how you build an organization and Coughlin made a big change in his approach several years ago and it paid off. Rex says he is staying the same good luck!

  23. By Gary-SeasonTicketHolder on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Do not release McElroy!! He’s a QB of the future. He’s made his case and proven he’s ready to take leadership. He doesn’t try to appease everyone. I think Mark will step it up next season, but McElroy could help with leadership that this locker room needs! DON’T RELEASE McElroy

  24. By price on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    everything is mark’s fualt, he can’t stop the run, he can’t stop the pass, and he can’t make sh stop being a cancer, and he’s only 25

  25. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Wish list for next year:
    Backup QB to push Sanchez: Flynn-Orton-Campbell-Garrard
    RB: Forte-Lynch-Hillis (Greene is not a starter)
    WR: Wayne-welker-Colston-Garcon
    DE: Abraham-Mathis
    LB: E.J.Henderson-J.Johnson
    S: Lowery- Landry
    OL: Bell-Nicks-Gaithers

    All these players are going to be available vis free agents

    Hope Mike T. and Rex Fix the holes we have and draft well for the future.

  26. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, I just don’t think it’s possible to control the ball to the degree that was previously possible in the NFL. And Rex’s combination of stubbornness and cluelessness — I’m not trying to be offensive with that second word, I just really don’t know what else to call it — is largely what leads me to agree with Frank. In 3 yrs Rex has done some good things, gotten some big breaks, and made some really big mistakes. I will go on the record right now as saying that he’ll never be a great NFL coach unless he goes through some kind of life-changing experience and completely revamps his view of the game as well as his management style. Since he’s always telling us how he’s “not gonna change,” though, I think we’d do better to just unload him.

  27. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Oh and The OC from greenbay or the saints wouldn’t hurt either.
    And Jacksonville DC is worth a look.
    Not sold on Mike P.

  28. By IRA on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    frank, Last years team was real good and i knew walking out of Heinz Field last year they weren’t getting back three years in a row due to the fact they were going to turn over their roster with the 19 free agents they had. Listen no excuses plenty of blame goes around to all but the Jets have had a good run since 08 even though they collpased 08 and 011. Now its time to rebuild this team the right way through the draft and some free agent signings. I want to see them get back to the playoffs if possible next year and then the year after be ready for a SB run. Too many holes to fill in one offseason. This is a two year project and they need a strong draft. Please no patchwork jobs and then other leaks will pop up.
    GO JETS!!!!

  29. By Jim on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Building blocks! It only took three years to see it all come crashing down! Chemistry? Try physics. And Mr. Johnson can’t recognize the chemistry and stands by and watches his team self-destruct? I thought he knew better.

  30. By Chicago Bob on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    We still have enough talent on “O” to be effective however they do need to tweak a few things – beginning with the offensive staff. For years the bulk of the talent has been on the “O” yet the “D” consistently outperforms them. By the time we pick, there will be an opportunity to pick an OLB or a DL that can create some pressure and maybe get a safety in round 2. Pitt & Balt are no offensive juggernauts however they are always competitive due to the strength of their defenses – continue and build your “D”. One thing about Wayne Hunter, he is not a starting OT however he can still be utilized in short yardage run situations – give him credit for being the one to tell Holmes to take a hike, at least the guy knows how to be a team player.

  31. By Steve on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    What the Jets need on this team is a “Tough Guy.” A pass rushing Tough Guy. Then someone to fine tune to be a huge threat on offense. Then have Sanchez (since he is staying), throw between the numbers and sidelines. He needs accuracy practice all off season. Run-screen- first down passing. Heck it is only 100 yards whats the problem?

  32. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    64 re: the McElroy story, it will hurt his career with the Jets and with the NFL in general ONLY if he turns out to be less the stellar. If he turns in to the next Tom Brady he will not have that problem. Welcome to the NFL!

  33. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, once again, with all the stats you put out there so often comparing Sanchez to other QBs both today and of the past, I have to ask this question, actually I did ask already but not sure you responded. Stats aside, exactly what do you see in MS that so many people, both fans and in the general sports media don’t see as far as this player ever turning it around? Remember, I said stats aside. What do you see in the other intangibles, besides stats that lead to your decision?

  34. By Kevin65fan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    To Mr. T and Rex….Better decide NOW on Schotty….this may go on to long…and to think he is going to get an interview for a HC is crazy thinking. Heis NOT. what has he done….average total offense since he is here in high teens and twenties amongst 32 teams…never in top 10 except for rushing the ball. People out there getting interviewed left and right…but NO schotty. And then you fire him…what ya gonna get…the bottom of the barrell of OC’s. Gotta move on this…like NOW….

  35. By kleckofan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Well, I finally got censored on here, I guess cancer is the one taboo subject for stand-up comedians and locker room cancer is the same here. Anyway, the NFL rules will not allow a ball control team to win anymore; sure you can take five-seven minutes driving for a TD (or have to settle for a FG) then a true passing QB will put it in the endzone in two minutes. The pressure to be perfect for extended time becomes impossible. I’d take Howdy Doody Eli over suave GQ immediately and forever…I’ve heard Archie say that of the two (sons) he believes Eli is the better true passer. Sanchez cannot be a leader because to lead you must exude confidence, he doesn’t…says all the right things, then doesn’t do them.

  36. By Kevin65fan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    So true Kleckofan….every week MS sounds like a broken record…”Have to analyze and breakdown our mistakes…and correct them.” Every week…and oh yea…”Must have better ball control”…sounds like a robot or he is just clicking on a tape recorder and lip-synching. Just doesn’t get it. Take a long look in the mirror MS …and i don’t mean flexing your biceps…look deep into your own mind…while in California, seek out Joe Montana…talk to him…how did he overcome the so-called short comings that i have. You need a different frame of mind…or else Mac is going to destroy you in next camp and pre-season.

  37. By Karan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Jets are cheap, they won’t get rid of Schottenheimer. We will have a crumbling season again in 2012.

  38. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Frank, to say Peyton went back to Ten for his senior year not to play for Parcells is wrong. He went back for his senior year to graduate, it didn’t matter who had the #1 overall pick. Do you really believe he preferred playing in Indianapolis over playing in NY? Remember his brother Eli and his draft day charade? If the NY Jets can somehow obtain Peytons services for a couple of years, you do it! That is of course only if winning is important to them, because I can not see them not winning with Peyton Manning under center.

  39. By Christopher on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I will say, before the season even began, let Holmes go and keep Edwards, sure Edwards got hurt, but he wanted to be a Jet and Holmes showed his pouting during last years conference game.

    If Sanchez wants to be a QB in this league after next year, he needs to stop partying and start learning his position, work on his accuracy, stop being afraid, and become a leader. Currently he is none of the above, except he like to party.

  40. By Steve on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I think everyone is over reacting to what McElroy said… What did he say that wasn’t already known to everyone? It’s not like he named names, but I’m sure most Jet fans can deduce who those selfish player are… If this organization holds this against him, then how can they justify keeping Holmes? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they can’t dump him because of his contract and the fact that no other team in the league would trade for him. I hope the so called changes to come are ones that will make Jet fans proud of this team. I’ve been a fan since this organization came into existence, and can live with bad seasons, but what went on in the locker room this season made it the most disappointing season ever…

  41. By Gregory Beaumont on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with Karan. Get rid of Shotty for good. The play calling is just plain stupid. All short passes, with runs up the center. If he tries a trick play like the pass by Kerley, and it works, he then goes back to conservative stupid football. I heard after one of the games that this team is not built to pass the ball and should get it’s ground and pound going. COME ON. With recievers like Holmes, Buress, Keller, and Kerley we are not built to pass. That is completely ridiculous.

  42. By Christopher on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    The entire defense should all chip in and get something really nice for Sanchez. Because if Sanchez played better this year we would all be talking about how the defense regressed this year and that is suppose to be Rex’s bread and butter.

    In all honesty this year is a direct result of trader Mike’s failure to address key areas, like O-line depth, RT, safety, and linebacker. If I was Woody Johnson, he would have been fired right after the Miami game.

  43. By GaryC on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, agree also about keeping in house,it brought to mind when I was on my high school team for a while,the captains told everyone out of the locker except the one guy who did not conform to standards,all of a sudden you heard the lockers banging and everyone knew what was going on.that is what should of been done to holmes and probably bart scott too,but you and I know today the cuckoos run the nest.But somebody had to do something because I am not sure rex would have.

  44. By Chicago Bob on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I know people want to see more offensive talent drafted however if you look at 3 of the 4 quality teams that made the playoffs in the AFC, 3 of them have defenses who have allowed the opposition to an average of less than 20 points a game. Pittsburgh (14), Houston (17) and Baltimore (16). New England is the only exception however with Brady at QB, they can basically outscore the opposition – especially when you consider only 2 of their 10 opponents held the opposition to less than 20 points a game and one of them was Miami with 19.5. It has been proven year after year – you beat N.E. by putting pressure on Brady & not trying to outscore them – work on improving our front 7 – using high picks to bring in “O” talent isn’t going to stop Brady

  45. By GaryC on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    the jet drafting has been so bad I wonder when they drafted McElroy they thought they were getting Van McElroy who played safety for raiders and would help that position.

  46. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    One comment on the Jets FO. How can a GM come out at this point in time and proclaim exactly who the starting QB will be in 2012? WHAT IF….they acquire a QB during the off season who totally and completely out shines MS? On that note, how do you go out and “acquire” another QB with that QB knowing he has no chance at the starting job? What if, he is already on the roster? (McElroy) Does that mean he has no real chance of competing for the starting job? Is this really the best way for a team to adhere to the philosophy that “the best players play?” I say no! I say the GM and the HC have a decision to make and it shouldn’t be decided now! So in the best interest of the team, don’t say it.

  47. By fred on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Like many other Jet fans on this site this years wildcard games w/o the Jets is brutal Last yr at this time I had my house decorated with banners, Flags, Spotlights & this yr a dull lamp post. Ira you are dead on that this is a fix that will require two years to do it correctly – addng Peyton Manning is a step in the wrong direction plus why in the world would he choose NY. He has never played in cold weather & is not gonna start now at 35 or 36 & with a couple of neck surgeries

  48. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, what I see looking at the current crop of playoff teams for the most part, is outstanding offenses. In GB, NE, NO, and Detroit as well, you have 4 of the top 5 offenses in the league and 6 out of the top 10 over all, with Pitt and Houston being 12 and 13. The NFL has changed, once upon a time you could use the old phrase that defense wins championships, not any more. I give you the NE Patriots ,#32 in total defense with b/u WRs playing the corner position, but #2 in total offense.Also see GB and Detroit. On this same note though, want to know who I believe has the best balance of all? stats notwithstanding. How about the Cinn Bengals?

  49. By scjoe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    In the “something to think about category” with all the negative happenings during the 2011 Jets season, with all of the mishaps on game day, and during the week for that matter, and with all of the negative pub from everyone, fans, sports media, and ex Jets players included, lets put it all into perspective, the NY Jets would have been in the playoffs for the third straight year had it not been for a 58 yard FG by Miami after an INT and a blown 2 pt conversion by the Houston Texans. You can also add in stopping Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos for a full 60 min instead of the 58+ minutes. Just maybe, not as much of a “mess” as people tend to believe.

  50. By Jimmer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, thanks for those Eli stats. I remember the Giant fans and press were calling him a bust. Another collosal bust I recall was that guy in Tampa Bay after 5 years. Something like Steve Young or something like that.

  51. By Gabriel on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I am Happy for Greg McElroy to say something. It shows he has guts and knows a problem when he sees it. Thats embrassing for Mark Sanchez if a rookie seventh round pick on injure reserve acts like a leader by seeing a problem and commenting on it instead of ignoring it. He wasnt saying names or blaming anyone he was merely stating that the locker room was toxic with selfish people. Missing the playoffs was the greatest thing ever for this team. This team will improve big time next year and I hope that does happen. Greg McElroy maybe our Franchise QB and we don’t even know it yet, Come on Mark Sanchez improve next year! Go Jets!

  52. By Jimmer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Many McElroy comments here. It needed to be said that it was not just Holmes, but others as well. We’ve let the good ones go and kept the bad cause they might make a few more plays, albeit, selfishly.
    I don’t think McElroy will be cut for what he said. The day before this incident, Tanny was praising his developement. He has that instinct to win. The kid has lost 1 game since he started high school. He probably never has seen selfishness on a team before. There is no “I” in team, but there is in selfish.

  53. By Jimmer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Rex insisting on getting Mason foced J-Co to leave. The guy went from starter to 4th WR by catching everything thrown at him. MS loved JC BE and DK. Kerley he was able to grow with. We played too much with F/A, and wasted players and money on it. Now we have no JC, BE and will soon be in salary cap misery after cutting Holmes.
    We could have JC and BE, a real RT, maybe a better LG, AND someone that could cover a TE. All to keep SH and bring in Mason. Very minor ruptures can be devestating. Even with Shotty, we would have made the playoffs.

  54. By Jimmer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    On defense this year, we did better than the O. Wilkerson is not the NE killer that SE was, but, he did show some flashes. I’ll call it even. Bo is not Jenks, but we haven’t really had him for a while. Devito stayed, and improved.
    LB-Why we did nothing in the draft or F/A is, in hindsight, dumb.
    ST, the guys did great in the Playoffs last year. But we let all of the good depth leave. We let them go for the final 4 rule, which came down to money. We had to get enough to sign Asomugha(sp), which we never got, thank god. But by the time he signed with Philly, there was nobody in the ST position that could help us. I for one am glad we got Cro back, even though we overpaid.

  55. By joe on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    SC from NY everything IS A STATE TO SPICER and thats why 99% of the time HES WRONG .I HAVE TOLD HIM A MILLION TIMES IN absolutely NO WAY CAN YOU USE STATS TO PROVE ONE QBS BETTER THAN ANOTHER .Terry bradshaw played in the same era as Ken Anderson .In EVERY STAT POSSIBLE ANDERSONS NUMBERS ARE WAY BETTER THAN BRADSHAW but BRADSHAW was the way better qb .Bradshaw was a first ballot HOF while Anderson has beeen rejected 10 times

  56. By MiIKE on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply


    Signing Mason. Mistake
    Long term deal with SH. Mistake
    Letting Brad Smith go. Mistake
    Letting Shawn Ellis go Mistake
    Signing Cro long term instead of Jonathon Joseph Mistake
    Letting Hunter play RT Mistake
    Cotchery gone Mistake
    Letting Rex talk so much HUGE MISTAKE

    Bright Spots:

    Kyle Wilson played better

    Seems like more bad than good.

    Anybody disagree?????????????????????

  57. By GaryC on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    To Scjoe, Frank is right, I made the same comment awhile back that Manning did not want to play for Parcells,and don’t give me that he wanted to get his degree,he could get that anytime.Not everyone wants to play in new york,and remember one thing about Manning, he choked in a lot of games at Tennessee before being drafted,He might not of been ready to hear Parcells if he messed up with Jets,He grew up in the south and the big city could have been a bit intimidating,not everyone can handle it.

  58. By dave who goes back 2 the polo grounds on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    is mcElroy a goner?…thx 4 your info randy all year…i’m curious- what did the jets have- 14/15 1st rounders? did they lead the league in that category- do u have stats on that?…over/under was 10 for the season- 8,5 to 1 2 win the super bowl…5.5-1 to win the afc, at least i had them in 1969 at 8-1 against baltimore-lol/thx

  59. By Jimmer on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Milke, Was Joseph even available at that point?
    You did get the rest right though.
    Lots of my friends are really down on Wilson, but the guy spends 50% of his time blitzing! The guy needs gallons of 5hr energy per game. If he simply played CB, I think he’s gonna be a keeper.
    McKnight, all praise to him, he went from being the next Reggie Bush, to Lawrence Phillips in a heartbeat. The kid sucked it up and became a man.
    Wilkerson, he needs more time in the weight room. He has some moves, but he gets pushed around. I have more faith in Ellis after 1 yr. That dude is all man.

  60. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Sure I disagree, MilKE, J-Co wanted out in December, Brad Smith is worthless outside of KR under the Westhoff system, and signing Holmes might’ve proved brilliant if we’d had a QB who could throw to him, but he’s messed it all up now. kleckofan, you nailed it on long drives vs. explosiveness just like you nailed it, scjoe, on how D no longer wins championships. Sure you have to have a good D but what wins the SB is a QB and an O that can come back and score, like both AZ and PIT did in their SB and it’s been that way ever since. I don’t agree about the playoffs, scjoe, ’cause we wouldn’t have gone anywhere but you’re also right about Spicer’s hiding behind Sanchez’s mediocre stats when so many other things about him are clearly sub-par.

  61. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, it seems obvious by now neither Mr T nor Rex know how much to say or not say publicly. As you pt out, to say “Mark is the starter” and then admit we’re looking to add a QB makes no sense, it’s just Mr T’s way of leaving himself wiggle room. For all we know, Mr T and Rex have completely given up on MS but know they can’t just say that, maybe not even to Woody. So maybe the back-door way to get rid of him is to pick up a guy like Campbell or Orton who doesn’t look like the starter, then profess shock when that guy beats MS out for the job. This kind of coded language and behavior is par for the course in corporate life (and of course in government), no one just comes out and says what they’re really thinking…except maybe Rex…?

  62. By Karan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t believe LT is thinking retirement :(. Come back one more season man, have too much respect for you. He’s a great and humble athlete, one of the best, truly will be missed. I still see a little life in those legs, more than Shonn Greene, that’s for sure. He shouldn’t retire, not right now. Let’s boost our O-line and get this man back to 2010 form and even better, that is if he’s re-signed. Please, LT, do come back, us fans love you. Whatever your decision is, we all wish you the back, but do come back! :D

  63. By Karan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Please Shahid Khan, I beg of ya, give Brian Schottenheimer the head coaching job in Jax, please, please, please, please. It would benefit both sides a lot and I mean a lot.

  64. By Karan on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    *the best

  65. By Frank on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe…your the one doesn’t know what you are talking about. Peyton as a junior was the consensus #1 pick and we had it. His control freak father absolutely did not want Peyton playing for Parcells who was notoriously rough on his rookies and especially the QB. There was no reason for him to go back his senior year.

  66. By richard on Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Ok First…worst OC in the league. Jets had 2 plays over 40 yards all year, 2 really.
    Scotty has got to go…calls a high school game. Rex has to wise up and shut up. HiS defense gave up long drives all year… Mark is not the answer, his head is to big for his talent. He can’t win a game on his own. All super Bowl champs have a QB that will carry them down the stretch in a big game. Not ours. Offense is winning games in the NFL right now, that’s why the Jets aren’t…GM, well his job should also be put on the line

  67. By Chicago Bob on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, I do not disagree with your logic however I was talking about AFC teams and not NFC as you have mentioned and only trying to show what it takes to be a dominant team in the AFC at this time. If you have listened closely to a lot of football talk lately, the experts are saying that the offensive play has gotten out of control due to the rules restrictions on the defense and it appears that we will see a number of changes in the rules within a few years that will allow defenses to play on an equal level with offenses. In regards to the Cincinnati Bengals, they are the San Diego Chargers of their division and will never win a championship as long as Marvin Lewis is coach.

  68. By joeyjets12fla on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    the one story that kinda mkaes sense is the one about mason being cut and the o struggled because of it. battles are won in the trenches if they were trying to make a transition to pass more and mangold goes down and you cut mason almost at the same time it makes sense. not that he didn’t deserve to be cut. go back to the shula and marino days, shula changed his whole philosophy on offence and although the passing game exploded the run game went down the tubes regardless who was in the backfield. now fast forword we tried to pass went back to the run pass again run again. think about it the o-line is the one place you need consistency. our consistency win 2 loose 3, win 3 loose 2 win 3 loose 3. pick a plan and stay with it.

  69. By wayne on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if some of you boys are on Tannenbaum’s payroll too……Carrying on about 4th and 5th round finds. Where are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders after all these years……Why hasn’t he been able to retain the few players he’s been successful picking? Why is the team not developing talent?

  70. By C. J. on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s face it Jet fans, we all know Mark Sanchez is not the answer at QB. Not once in his three seasons has he had even one game where he looks like a great NFL quarterback. 3 interceptions to linemen in Miami should be his last game as a Jet (see Richard Todd). We’ve got to go after Manning or Flynn or draft a QB. Let’s not waste season after season waiting for Sanchez to turn the corner (see Ken O’Brien). We all know the truth – he never will.

  71. By MiIKE on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Jimmer. They waited to long to get Naumbi Asoughmha and they missed out, thank god because he is the most overrated CB in the league and is on the downside of is career. Joseph however would’ve been cheaper than Cro. Resigning Cro was the only option left.

  72. By MiIKE on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    There are a lot of really good players on this team to build around here. Making big FA signings and trying to bye your way a SB has only proven to fail. Green Bay’s only real significant addition was Woodson but he had played there for a few years before they won. Steelers don’t sign big time FA and they win. Saints sign Brees but know-body thought he would turn out to be what he is. And finally the Colts stay away from FA too. I know everybody would love to see a SB but it’s overpaying guys like Favre, Pace, Scott, Taylor, Faneca, Woody, and Sheppard was a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong Some of those were huge parts of the success over the last few years especially Woody and Faneca.

  73. By cgb on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Did anyone else notice last week when santonio came out of the game the jets went right down the field and scored. I dont think that was just a coincedence. In contrast, when LT came in the game late he picked up the offense ,and had some good runs.

  74. By cgb on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    joeyjets12fla, your on the right path when you talk of the o-line being the real problem. Weather your passing or running it all starts up front. In rex’s style of playing football this is extremely important. We better address these positions on the o-line and d-line pass rusher, along with speed in the linebacker position.

  75. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, that’s the funniest excuse for Sanchez yet:The NFL’s gonna roll back the rules so that the D has the advantage, so it’s okay for the Jets to have a lousy QB. Actually, I don’t hear much talk about tilting the balance to D and I devour info on the NFL. What I hear is record profits, record attendance, record popularity for the NFL even among people who don’t follow sports in an era in which O rules. Besides, you could never change the rules enough to make this yr’s MS elite. Look at the 1st 10 or 12 SB’s, with the possible exception of the 1st 2 in which the AFL teams were overmatched in some ways, the teams that won were the teams with the elite QBs and by the Montana era, that was even more true. WE NEED A REAL HC AND QB ASAP!

  76. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe, Cant do it today on Tuesday I will answer your question in detail.

  77. By Mark@Jets Realty on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Jets Future:
    1) Rid of Westoff & Schotty
    2) Plan beyond MS-Horrid down field vision. Bad football IQ not knowing passing lanes. Gets rattles and it carries over from one play to next and one game to next.
    Lacks leadership qualities.
    3) Get Josh Baker, M.Dixon, Kerley on field more.-
    4) Play count for K. Wilson. Talent but ran out of gas.
    5) Rex must do more offense or else!
    6) Need 2 new RB’s with Greene who can prosper in NFL. McNight not answer.
    7) Maybin is only a 3rd dn situational player-but sign him up!
    8)All are down on Smith. Can excel as 3rd dn situational player.Great hitter!

  78. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, I am not hiding behind anything I know that it is a process that takes years & if the Jets let Mark go for a Orton or a Cambell they would be making BIG MISTAKE in that they would be getting a OK QB with no upside not a franchise QB vs getting a guy who just turned 25 not even 2 months ago that has the upside to be elite & worst case will be a Orton or a Cambell. So why bother getting a guy liek that unless they are getting a Brees, Peyton type guy it is a mistake. Not to mention I think he will go somewhere else develope & we will look like FOOLS for letting him go. I hope the Jet managemnet is smart enough to not do that. But we are talking about the guys who were on the cusp of winning a title 7 let go of there right tackle & 2

  79. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    very good WRS who were young, could strecth the filed & were building good chemisrty with the QB at the end of last year.

  80. By ArtSoCal on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    If MS is going to start next season, he seriously needs to see a shrink over the off season. No joke, it is an integral part of sports medicine. He is even doubting himself by now. There were too many distractions for this guy who failed his fan base. Perhaps he was an escaping from the “zoo in the locker room,” but does he really want to play the good old game of football? He can’t be wearing his emotions on his sleeve, fueling his opponents, demoralizing his team. He needs a new OC (!!!pass protection!!!), QB coach and a WR coach (Guys need to get open and stay open, a lot of times MS had to direct traffic with his hands before throwing a completion.). On YouTube, you can see MS (USC) throwing long TD passes from mid-field. I honestly wish MS the best if he can get his psyche together for 1 final try. I agree with all, he needs to compete for the job.

  81. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, When did I say Mark was better then anyone that I compared him to? I am & have only tried to show how he has done in his 3rd year vs guy like Eli.

  82. By scjoe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, whatever took place more then ten years ago with Peyton and Parcells is nothing more then ancient history. This is 2012, the NY Jets need an immediate upgrade at the QB position, Manning is a definite and immediate upgrade, IF he is available. IF he decides he wants to play in NY, IF he is healthy, and IF, the NY Jets conclude that winning should take precedence over cost. Now, neither I nor you or Frank know the answer to any of those IFs. I am addressing this as a fan on the outside looking in and if all of those IFs turn out to be positive THAT is the answer for calendar year 2012 and beyond. I could care less about 1998

  83. By Frank on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Karan enough of the Shotty bashing and you seriously have no idea what you are talking about just like the rest of the Sanchez apologists blaming Shotty of Sanchez poor QB play. Rex is the problem he is the one that wanted Sanchez to air it out in the beginning of the year..he proclaimed Mason was gonna catch 90 passes. Then Rex decided we are gonna ground and pound again when the passing fancy blew up in his face. Then he proclaimed we are gonna run the wildcat again. Rex coaching by the seat of his pants and Shotty doing what he was told to do. I have more organizational structure and philosphy with my coaching staff on our 11 and under team!!!!!!!!!
    Shotty is a class act and a team player thats why there is no rush to dump him.

  84. By Frank on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    It’s Shotty’s fault Sanchez couldn’t hit the side of a super tanker on passes over 40 yards. He completed exactly TWO over 40 in 550 plus pass attempts that is horrendous!!!!!! Management shortened the passing game and he still only completed 56% of his passes that is atrocious!!!!!!! They don’t want him throwing deep because his turnovers ratchet up exponentially. He is a turnover machine and they did all they could to reduce the turnovers and make him more successful the only result was 26 TD’s and great red zone production. His comebacks were all against teams we should have dominated and won handily. We did not beat a single team with a winning record not one!!!!! He has not dominated a single game since joining the NFL not a single one

  85. By Frank on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    and all you Sanchez apologists want to blame Shotty???? Shotty is not fumbling and bumbling the ball all over the place. Shotty can’t fix his accuracy issues, pocket presence, situational awareness, etc. Who in the world throws 2 int’s to s defensive lineman in the same game???? No good QB does that. Three years in the league and he has been consistantly below average that is not acceptable!!!!!!!! The total QBR was 30 that’s right 30 out of 34. Even with all the internal problems the QB play created much of the problem and we could be in the playoffs if Sanchez doesn’t play like a rookie in a few of our games. Even worse McElroy showed more leadership calling out the poison in the lockeroom than Sanchez.

  86. By scjoe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, I hear what you are saying about the rule restrictions, although personally I believe that has been blown way out of proportion. In any era, before the rule restrictions or after them, there are QBs who are going to consistently beat coverages and beat defenses, no matter what rules are in effect, then there will be those who consistently struggle regardless of what rules are in place. Some of it may be attributed to coaching, some just the superiority of the QB. It is no coincidence when you look at those top QBs today all of their respective teams are in the hunt. That said, it is hard to argue with your point about selecting a defensive player high.

  87. By Westcoast GangGreen on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Nation go to espnnewyork.com and take your Rich Cimini trashem/takem vote on Jet personal from owner to players coaches ,defense , offense , special teams ect ect submit and look at the percentages of what all Jet fans think..

  88. By Jack on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    There are only a few very simple things the jets need to do in the offseason and if Mike Tannenbaum cant realize these few things that thousands of fans have for a while then there is a serious problem. Wayne Hunter is the sorriest excuse for a right tackle i have ever seen. Get a safety. Eric Smith doesnt cut it and Jim leonard needs help big time. Draft a running back. This year’s class is amazing and seriously the jets should consider moving up to get Trent Richardson or LaMichael James its really a given. I love shonn greene but he is a complimentary back at best. GET MARK SANCHEZ THE HELL OUT OF HERE HE IS THE ONLY THING HOLDING OUR FRANCHISE BACK PERIOD. And make Bryan Thomas a captain if hes back the guy deserves it, really.

  89. By scjoe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    I read a newspaper article just a few minutes ago that probably says it all about the Mark Sanchez issue in NY. It stated, how can this player be considered a franchise QB when there are so many within the sport who don’t even feel he should be the starting QB? That says a lot. It says a lot because of where he was drafted and what he is being payed. You would expect a franchise QB with that criteria. I don’t know the long term answer, I don’t think anyone knows. I know it has been three whole seasons in the same system and it don’t look very encouraging from where I am sitting. Is it the system or is it the QB? If I had to choose one at this point I would say the QB.

  90. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    All this talk of Mcelroy stepping up & Mark not is GARBAGE! Holmes did not show up for a mettign & Mark confronted him about it like a leader should but he kept it in house! Bradon Moore & Wayne Hunter said something in the media than WAAAAYYY after the fact Mcelroy says something please Mark addressed it the way it should have been adressed. Mcelroy gets no props for being the 4th guy to the party PLEASE!

  91. By scjoe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Westcoast, I took the poll earlier and my responses were right in line with the majority on every player with the exception of LT. That said, I don’t think for a moment there will be that kind of turnover on this team next season. The salary cap and the sheer politics will prevent that.

  92. By SOCALJETFAN on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    I am a huge JETS fan here in California,where I’m surounded by The Raider Nation,and The Chargers fans,first of all I just wanted to say that I think they should get Mark Sanchez better protection in the OFFENSIVE-LINE,they need to bring back Braylon Edwards if he is still available,Lot of more JETS fans I’m starting to notice here in Southern California,due to SANCHEZ,I mean he is the reason I started following The Jets when he came out from USC.Like Bart Scott said ( CAN’T WAIT) That’s how I feel about the upcoming 2012 season.GO JETS…

  93. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Frank, Do you really think Schotty is a good OC? Favre lights it up the year before he comes to us. Has a bad year with us. Than 1 year later lights it up for the Vikings & before you try to say he was hurt for us. If he was that hurt he should have sat out. Also here is another one Chad the year he leaves us he has a career year. I watch the games & many MANY other guys have said the same thing they can call out his plays right before they run every time.

  94. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Rex is a good DC & could be a good head coach but he if he is going to be a hands off guy & let his OC have total control of the O. He needs to have a experienced guy with a proven track record Schotty was no more than a QB coach on his dads team before being hired as the OC for the Jets. Sorry being the QB coach when your dad is the head coach is questionable at best. There are proven guys out there Todd Haley, Mike Martz for example. Also on our on staff Tom Moore & Bill Callahan.

  95. By joe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    SPICER TO SHOW US WHAT SANCHEZ has done in his third year verses other QBs your using STATS ARE YOU NOT.For the hundreth time SPICER you cant use stats to SHOW COMPARE ect one QB against ANOTHER .Ken Anderson played in the same era as Terry Bradshaw .In almost every possible statistical category ANDERSONS NUMBERS WERE MUCH MUCH BETTER than BRADSHAW The stats SHOW CLEARLY ANDERSON WAS BETTER(your exact response was i only tried to show what he has done in his 3rd year verses others )Every time ANDERSON is rejected for the HOF i wonder why the football writers DONT take into account all the stats (LIKE YOU DO SPICER )WHICH SHOW HIM CLEARLY BETTER

  96. By joe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    SOCALJETSFAN LOL i think its fairly safe to say there are alot of JET FANS in the NY NJ METRO AREA that wish Mark Sanchez stayed at USC to continue his education further.

  97. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe, To answer your question (stats aside) I see a QB who was the #1 rated high school player in the nation who went to college & was redshirted cause Leinhart was going for 3 straight national titles. After that is should have been his team he was the best QB on the roster Carroll played his vetrean guy John David Botty for 2 years even thou Mark was clearly better than him. Instead of sulking or being a quiter like Holmes he waited his turn. Also he did not go the route of Joe Flacco & transfer to another school cause he had a little competition he did the right think he waited. Once he got his shot he dominated you tube a click on him it will show you his highlights they are GREAT it 5 mins of nothing but bombs. So to those who say

  98. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    he cant go long its silly to be honest. Also his highlights compared to Mcelroys Mark looks like Beverley Hills compared to the projects REALLY! He just turned 25 in November he is a baby he is not even close to his full potential. For example Romo, Rodgers, Schaub & Cassell all sat 3 years. Hasselbeck & Rivers al sat 2 years. Brady, Brees, Eli, Cutler, Vick & Palmer all sat a year before they started playing. Plus all of these guys played there full eligability at there schools prior to coming out. So Mark is 2 to 6 years younger than all of the above guys at this point in there careers. Logic would tell you that he is not even close to his peak. Year 1 he clearly was not ready. In year 2 he made significant strides. In year 3 cause we did

  99. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    not make the playoffs guys think he regressed which is not the case every year he has gotten better. Every year he has been with us the team around him got worse. From Jones year 1 to LT year 2 to Greene this year. Our running game has gotten worse every year. The O line was terrible this year everyone discounts it but it is a fact. Mark got hammered this year all year. I think Brick had his career worst year many around here have said HOW DID HE MAKE THE PRO BOWL? It was just off of name he was routenly beat by the better ends. Dumerville, Carter, Cole, Paul, Hali & Taylor eat him for lunch. Slauson is average at best, Mangold missed 3 games & was limited in a few others, Moore had hip surgery & didnt seem to be the punishing run blocker

  100. By joe on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer THE ONLY THING SANCHEZ led the NFL in is MOST INTERCEPTION THROWN BY A QB TO INTERIOR D LINEMAN.All your boy wanted to do by the last game was pick up his check and get out of town (THE CREW OF JETS JOURNAL had a field day with the fact that SANCHEZ took the loss and playoff elimination so non chalantly ) Of course your on here trying to convilute and obscure THE FACT THAT FOR 50 MILLION DOLLARS THE NY JETS HAVE GOT THEMSELVES ONE OF THE WORST RATED QB IN THE NFL

  101. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, another yr like this from MS without at least some temporary relief will surely cost Mr T and Rex their jobs, but they’re not ready to start all over by drafting a QB high. I honestly think what they’re likely to do is bring in some vet who looks unthreatening to MS, like Campbell or Orton, and give MS 1 more yr. Lots of people started to wonder if we woulda won more games with Brunell and next yr Mr T and Rex will be able to put a vet in for MS, win some games, and at least take the position we’re not so bad. Campbell was having his best yr with OAK. Then in MS’s 5th contract yr, Jet fans will have patience if the FO says it’s either one of those vets, McElroy, or somebody new. What they want to avoid is another yr like this one.

  102. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    he had been in years past. Wayne Hunter & Matt Mulligan DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING. My wife knows there terrible for gods sake. I think we need a proven OC who can teach Mark & if it doesnt work under a new OC with a better protectiong then you know its the QB. Fans have hated Schotty WAY before Mark got here. Also Mark lost 2 very good WRS this year who were in there prime, were building chemistry with him & could strecth the field. Braylon last year was WAY better than Plax at this point in his career & Cotchery is WAY better then Kerley while Kerley may one day be good it will takes years before he is in the same class as Jerrico. When teams find a good QB they are suppose to surrond him with weapons the Jets did the excat opposite

  103. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Finally as far as Mark himself he can make all the throws, he is smart, altletic, very young, a hard worker & a good person. Despite the fact that MR.T dropped the ball & the team around him is worse he still got better. If you look at Marks 3rd year vs the 3rd year of all the other good QBS in the NFL his numbers are pretty good for example he beats ELI in everyone stat there is despite getting sacked more. Let me ask you this if we had Woddy, Braylon & Cotchery do you not think his 56.7% is not 60%, his 3,474 yards is not 4,000, his 26 TD passes & 32 total TDS are not 30 TD passes & 36 total TDS. Picks down from 18 to 13 like last year & fumbles down from 8 to 1 like last year I DO! Get him a proven OC, a right tackle, a WR who

  104. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for all that stuff about Sanchez, Frank, it’s all true and that’s partly why I’m telling Spicer how a vet QB will allow Mr T and Rex to work damage control next yr. Everybody who follows pro football — well, almost everybody except some folks on this site who are wallowing in denial — knows that if MS hadn’t flat-out lost several games all by himself this yr we’d be in the playoffs now, despite all the other problems we had. And hey Spice, may I suggest a New Year’s resolution for ya? Start reading the new QBR ratings and learn to understand them. They measure a lot of intangibles that don’t show up in the old QB rating system, which is why they land MS 30th out of 34.

  105. By Tom Spicer on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    is a deep threat & a upgrade from Plax plus the current cast we have I think he will excel.

  106. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    The first two guys mentioned for the OC job if Schotty leaves are the guy who brought the Wildcat to the NFL and the OC for the team that finished dead last on O last yr? Tell me they’re making this up! I’m all for some kind of 50th anniversary celebration of the ’62 Mets this yr, but I don’t see why it has to take place in the form of a team re-enactment at Florham Park…

  107. By Karan on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    We should totally go for Mike Martz, I can’t believe Jets are eyeing Sparano and Jacksonvilles OC, they were worse than us! Get a decent OC at least, that is if Schottenheimers gone.

  108. By Rich in New Mexico on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply

    I see a huge amount of criticism of Sanchez, but folks you have got to realize that you can’t throw deep when you do not get the time for the receivers to run their routes and you end up rushing throws or getting sacked because your O-line cannot block. You also cannot use much play action without a running game. You cannot have a running game if the O-line does not open holes to run through. All of your better teams have good to great O-lines, they allow the offense to score, they allow the defense to stay off the field and they generate the positive turnover ratios. We need help with our O-line and a consistent pass rush from our D-line, which IMO should be a 4-3 base defense. This year we need to draft lineman only.

  109. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I sure do feel bad for these teams with so-called “elite QBs,” like NO. All those long passes! Doesn’t their D get tired of going back out on the field after their O scores at will over and over to put the game out of reach? Why don’t play they that nice, no-risk “ground and pound” like we do, taking 8 or 9 minutes to miss a FG and then letting the other team score a TD in 2 plays anyway? I sure hope that Brees guy doesn’t ever get any ideas like playing for the Jets, he’d never fit into our O whereby no passes over 10 yds are allowed, even in 2-minute drills, even when we’re trailing by 2 TDs in the 4th qtr. NOT! Wake up, Jet fans, that’s the kind of QB and the kind of O you need to have any shot of going all the way in the NFL these days.

  110. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    And hey Spicer, before you try to write off Dalton because he had a bad game vs. HOU, keep in mind that Jet fans have nothing to crow about when it comes to QBs and O’s. Yates, a 5th-round pick, had a nicely controlled game, the kind Sanchez had more of before he started fumbling and getting picked off more often. And with his 40-yd TD to Johnson alone, Yates had, in one game, 50% of the amount of 40-yd plays as our QB did all season. If you wanna complain about something, complain about why we can’t get serious and draft for D like HOU did even when, as Blinka keeps saying, we have only one bona fide great player on D, one or two very good ones, a few fair ones, and a whole lot of scrubs including three of the worst safetys in the league.

  111. By bill on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    McElroy wants out, obviously. That’s why he said what he said. He’s too smart for it to be any other way. And the Jets FO is just dumb enouigh to oblige him.

    Hey’ let’s trade up again next draft Tanny. Yeah sarcasm. Stay where you are and pick the best OT available.

    Sanchez is struggling because there’s no protection, and likely Schotty is hurting his growth too. Schotty has a terrible record with QB performance. Nobody seems to do well in his garbage offensive scheme. Going on 7 years of abysmal offensive performance. Give another extension Woody. Maybe he’ll return the compromising photos, or whatever he’s using to blackmail you to keep his job. It’s the only conclusion I can draw. Why else would you keep the worst OC in the league?

  112. By joeyjets12fla on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    watching the games yesterday convinced me we also need a back that can get some yardage. our backs all of them need a hole you can drive a mack truck through.sometimes you have to find a whole or hit the line and come out the other side with positive yards. have you noticed the sacks and picks keep happening late in the games. i said it earlier in the season the o-line is exhausted late in games. besides the baltimore n.e. 2 and the phillie game we we’re right there to win all the other 5 we lost. what’s wrong with a hurry up for 3 or 4 snaps to put them on there heals,open up with play action for more then 15 yards. we improved the red zone scoring and now we can’t move between the 20s. next is the d and special teams.

  113. By TonyR on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Watching Drew Brees last night it occurred to me that Sanchez will never be on that level, not even close. Why can’t the Green and White get a impact signal caller like Brees. Better get a viable backup for Sanchez and bench him if he ever turns in a performance as putrid as the one he turned in against the Dolphins.

  114. By joeyjets12fla on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe i agree with you about not knowing the answer with sanchez. but not about 3 years in the same system. this year was not the same system. to much back and forth.first it’s pass heavy then run heavy, you never knew from week to week what the o was going the do. then you have an o-line that can’t block for which ever way you were going to play. rex to involved with the o,who knows. rex not invloved enough on the d, i don’t know that either, but something has to change. my big concern is if westie says, enough is enough.and as much as the special teams were sub par this year they are our staple,not much to tweek there. hey maybe their is something about Cortland. i just hate waiting……………..

  115. By GaryC on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe, one last point on Manning to the jets,Do you really believe he would want to compete in the same city as Eli,don’t know if the manning clan would be for that.

  116. By GaryC on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Hope the jets do more searching than these two for coordinator,what is this a deal between jaguars and jets, your bad coordinator for ours,what has jacksonville done and what did Arizona State do.what is this a compensatory hiring between the two teams,if you take ours, we’lll take yours.Better get out there Tanny and search the bushes, pros and college for the best alternative.

  117. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer and others, I think you’re getting carried away with sacks as an excuse for Sanchez. First of all as Cimini says, he walked into at least 5 of them. Second, Cutler was sacked about 20 times more a yr ago and while he had a tough yr, he didn’t regress like Sanchez did this yr. And Spice, what highlight reel for MS at USC are you watching? I saw just about every game he played at USC and his “bombs” were almost always floaters, EXACTLY the kind of passes you can take 5 or 6 seconds to throw in college that aren’t good enough for the NFL. MS’s arm strength has definitely gotten better since then but that and a lot of his game has to get better, and to blame it all on the OL is false. He often throws terribly with perfect protection.

  118. By Frank on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Spicer you know what you don’t do? You don’t trade up in the draft giving away picks and players for a one hit wonder in college ball. That is GM management and understanding 101. When you have a 26 year old 2 time pro bowler available you trade the picks for him!!!!!!!! A PROVEN COMMODITY! You and some of the other critisized me when I was screaming for TanWoody to make that trade and if we did we would have won a Superbowl the last two years. Instead we have a QB who absolutely stunk it up. He played well in spurts but hurt this team over the last 3 years. The guys who keep saying Shotty held back the deep ball its because Sanchez can’t make the throws!!! Only those who actually see the game unfold pick this up!!!!!

  119. By Frank on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    And while I am on the subject I was also screaming for Jared Allen when the Cheifs were unloading him as well. Spicer and others including our long lost friend Drew critisized me yet again for wanting to get him. We could have had the best pass rusher in the NFL and an elite QB on our roster during the last few years and things would have been significantly better. Instead we waste several picks on Sanchez, Jenkins and Edwards and we have zero to show for it!!!!!!!!!!
    You trade picks for elite players and known commodities!!!!!!!!!! Especially at QB!!!! Otherwise use the draft wisely and pick the best player available regardless of need. That is how you build a winning organization!!!!!!!!

  120. By Chicago Bob on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    To Karan and any others out there who think Mike Martz is the answer – Bears fans called for his head for a couple of years. Martz is an egotistical maniac. He will not let his QB’s audible and almost got Jay Cutler killed. Look at the amount of sacks the Bears gave up thru his regime – up until finally Cutler had enough and went ballistic one day on the field earlier this year and yelled an expletive right in Martz direction. From then on, Cutler basically called his own plays and up until he got hurt, the Bears offense flourished and they were a lock for the playoffs – Lovie Smith saw how much Cutler and the offense improved and gave Martz his walking papers – don’t be surprised if you do not see him land another O.C. gig again in the NFL

  121. By Chicago Bob on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    After watching the two games yesterday and having a chance to take in the offensive schemes provided by all four teams, I can help but wonder what in the world Rex and Mike T. were thinking when they gave Schotty an extension – what possessed them to think some other team was going to come after him and how much difficulty they would have finding a replacement. With Reggie McKenzie being hired by Oakland, don’t be surprised if you start hearing Hue Jackson’s name bounced around as a possible O.C. for Rex – it sounds like it may not work out between the two of them and Hue might be one and done. When Rex was hired by the Jets, he wanted to bring Jackson along as his O.C. however he decided to remain in Baltimore.

  122. By MiIKE on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Jets have so many needs right now:

    If Scott is out than we have know choice but to take a MLB in round one. Mauga is a nice player but is not there yet.
    2) Hunter needs to be replace.
    3) A huge blocking TE that can set the edge on passing downs and also be used a a FB in situations.
    4) Obviously a big WR if they don’t resign Plax.Maybe Dwayne Bowe.
    5) Maybe the biggest need is a downfield WR. Manningham is a FA

    Players to stay away from:

    Reggie Wayne average without Manning
    Marquis Colston average without Brees
    Braylon Edwards
    Anybody over 29

  123. By ROY23 on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    i’m gonna make this short & simple. i read a lot of u calling for B.S (O.C)’S HEAD!!! M.S has been in this system for 3 yrs.now… why aren’t u’s calling for his??? Now i’ve been a Jets fan as long as i can remember. I suffered through the Coslet & Kotite yrs. And believe me we as Jets fans suffered. our problem started with free agency or should i say the lack of. look how many WR. we let go. didn’t go after a DE. or a pass rushing LB. PHILLY picked up 2 DE’s!!! WE NEED A GOOD PASSRUSHING DE. AND A QB. AND RB GREENE HAS BEEN THE SO CALLED GUY THE PAST 2 YRS. LOOK AT HIS NUMBERS… LT CAN STILL PLAY RYAN PREFERS NOT 2 FEATURE HIM LAST YR. BUT HE HAD OVER 9 HUNDRED YARDS IN 2010. I THINK GREG MCELROY WILL BE A GOOD QB IN THE NFL.

  124. By ROY23 on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply


  125. By 38 year fan on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Even if we had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice ,…we still have schotty running it ..I hope we find someone new .

  126. By Karan on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Hahha, clearly your blind Frank, Schotty is the problem, i just can’t believe your defending him.

  127. By Westcoast GangGreen on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Nation, You guys can keep saying this and that about the Jets. But, no one is going anywhere next season accept it. One thing all of you can agree on is the offense had no chemistry all season long, period ! Whether it was Schotty not trusting MS to throw vertical or excuting the offense, or MS having no confidence in the o-line, or the weak running game,injuries, or recievers not selling their play rts, because they knew the QB wasn’t going to get them the ball anyway, or just the poor preperation from the coaching staff on a weekly. Regardless, maybe this horrible underachieving season is what the Jets needed. Some say it the OC fault, some say MS, some Rex’s and Mr T fault. Unless they all get on the same page and execute ….

  128. By Westcoast GangGreen on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    …as a team where gonna get alot of the same next season. Yes there will be a few tweaks here and there, but, the core will be the same. Like scjoe stated the salary cap and politics always plays a part. Rumors had it the Jets were looking into possibly looking at Turner or J McDaniels “IF” Shotty gets HC job. I think J McDaniels whould’ve been a good change, Brady speaks highly of him. and no way in hell were Bill B and Kraft going let him come to the Jets, that’s why N.E hired him so quick. Bill B never brings his ex coaces back after they leave, Ask Mangini. McDaniels is crative and agressive, but no longer available if Shotty gets the Job. Again, what im saying is that the core is all coming back and Mr T, Rex , MS and Schotty all…

  129. By Westcoast GangGreen on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    … are going to have to do their best at whay they do for the Jets to have any success. I mean coaching, teaching, executing and drafting.. Jet Nation next season will be huge or Woody is going to blow it up!!!! Go J-E-T-S…

  130. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, that was a lot to digest. There are some points I agree with 100%, RT being one of them, a sub par running game being another, not even going on the defensive side of the ball. BUT, you help me make my point with your analogy, and my point about Sanchez is that he can be a capable QB with an above average O Line and an above average running game, we have neither, that said he just is not capable of carrying a team with his arm and his QB skills like a Payton, Brady or Brees, and I use those three only because they are the first to enter any football fans mind when you talk about “elite” QBs, there are others to who are more capable then MS to carry a team (Stafford) In a nutshell that is my problem with MS….

  131. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    To continue Spicer, the fact that MS was chosen where he was chosen and payed what he is being paid you would expect him to carry the team should the need arise, he didn’t. Make no mistake, I am not saying he is a bust, at least not yet, I am just saying as a Jet fan, a LONG time Jet fan, there are better options at the QB position then MS. You know I have gone on record here before as saying I am a NY Jet fan, not so much a fan of any one player, so there is no loyalty to anyone except the NY Jets. I watched Dalton play yesterday, and yes he didn’t have a great game, but I see in him in his first season some intangibles that MS still don’t have in yr #3.

  132. By IRA on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    The clock is ticking on Holmes. What will they do? If healthy i would sign Edwards in a heartbeat.

  133. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    joeyjetsfla. Actually the system is exactly the same this year as it was the past two seasons, even beyond. Some of the players have been replaced and that might have hurt a little, but the play calling, the formations and the protections are exactly the same, that is what I meant by being the same system. Some believe that MS can thrive in a new system with a new OC. Although I may agree that a change is needed at the OC spot, I am not 100% sure in my mind that it would benefit MS as much as some are lead to believe. There are some “intangibles” that you just can not teach a QB. I happen to believe that is what is falling in to play here.

  134. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, one last comment on Peyton for me as well, and once again the “if” factor comes in to play. If the Colts select Luck #1 overall I see Peyton being dealt, at this point no one knows what the asking price will be or what his health status would be, that aside, some, like you, believe it would not be a good move, I happen to think it would be a great move, but let’s consider some alternatives, how about Payton being dealt to Miami? Don’t you think that would make them an instant SB contender? and make that two in the same division. In my mind IF he is dealt and both the Jets AND Miami are in the running you better go out and do what you have to do to get him here, not there.

  135. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Like a lot of you, I was shocked to see the short list of OCs the Jets have lined up to “possibly” replace Shotty. Sparano from Miami? How did that offense pan out over the past few years? How about the guy from Jax? They sure had a dynamic offense the past few years didn’t they? C’mon man! If that aint going from the frying pan into the fire what is? Some here have mentioned the name Mike Martz, my take on that one, be careful what you wish for.

  136. By No one cares what Blinks thinks on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    More bitterness and now depression watching the Giants win.

    solid front office not drafring busts. When will we learn?

  137. By Frank on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Ira I agree wholeheartedly sign Edwards he is young and he did well here. I also think after a year like this he can be had for a reasonable price. As for Holmes I hate to say it but they are stuck with him the only option is if TanWoody can trade him to get him off our books. Cutting him is too costly to our cap.
    Karan Sanchez is the problem not Shotty. Sanchez rankings tell the story and as I said earlier anyone who watches the entire field and understands the nuances of the game and how it’s called Sanchez is awful. Personally I don’t really care if they replace Shotty but there is no one out there who would be an upgrade. We have Callahan, Moore and Cavanugh in addition to Shotty all helping Sanchez WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!!!!!!!!

  138. By oasus on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Karan, Shotty may be a bad OC, but YOU are blind if you aren’t willing to admit Sanchez is part of the problem. I find it hard to believe Randy let that comment slide but my comment about Alex Smith didn’t make it.

  139. By Tom Spicer on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Frank, I have never said I would not have taken Cutler or Allen & I was the one screaming to bring Braylon back, I also have said all year that MR.T blew it this off season by letting Woody, braylon & Cotchery go I have only said this about 1,000,000 times. So I am not excatly sure why you are saying this to me I pretty much agree with everythign you said.

  140. By Charliejet on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Schotty is the reincarnation of Joe Walton – – Walton was gone after 7 seasons

  141. By Charliejet on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    So between Sanchez and Holmes 95 million dollars worth of arguing. That’s alotaa’

  142. By GaryC on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe,so deal for Manning to keep him away from Miami, that sounds like when red sox fans say sign this guy to keep him away from the yankees,how did the favre signing work out.Try fixing the infrastructure of this team and stop throwing spitballs to see if they stick.Burress and Holmes haven’t made a super bowl winning catch for us either like many on this site thought they would.

  143. By wayne on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Tim Tebow, LION HEAAAART!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE HE PUT UP MORE THAN 13 POINTS TONITE. Go get New England. If GQ is serious about becoming an NFL caliber QB, he’ll get bigger and stronger. Particularly because of where he plays…..He does look fit enough for one of those cute, all white photo shoots, but in the last couple of games he looked a little small….So what he bounces up, how bout standing up to the rush and delivering the ball like a big strong northeastern QB? GQ, you wanna be fit for the society pages or do you want to be respected by your peers????? I KNOW, I KNOW, IT’S ONLY HIS 4TH YEAR(COMING). How anyone can use that excuse with what rookie QBs are doing round the league is amazing.

  144. By wayne on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Brian Schottenheimer IS part of the problem…..Too many QBs have floundered thru his tenure for him to get off. He did ‘t do anything for Brees and Phillips either. Other than being Marty’s son and jumping to head of class without paying dues most guys would, what has he done to warrant any high praise. That he’s being mentioned for HC position now, that’s just Jets throwing out propaganda hoping someone as gullible as they are will jump at the bate and get them out of a foolish contract. Another mistake by “Mr” T. Or maybe they’re keeping him around to be the fall guy next year.

  145. By No one cares what Blinks thinks on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Karen let me shock you and a few others……………………:

    Shotty not the problem. This team this year was put together arrogantly. I know it is corny but players of character win. A bad seed can ruin everything.

    And having someone who can evaluate talent wont hurt. Giant draft players, their top picks make an impact. look at our top picks over the last few years. Folks, we have a huge front office problem. Where is Ellis, What is Ducase

    So bitter that the giants may pull it off again while my years tick on with no glory.

  146. By wayne on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I guess there’s nothing else to do……………….What exactly do the Jets have that Colts would want for Peyton Manning? FIVE DRAFT PICK? OR IS THAT SIX?……………….YOU BOYS MUST THINK SANTA LIVES IN INDIANAPOLIS.

  147. By cgb on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    looking at the two possibilities on the jets short list for shotty’s replacement, makes me want shotty back. coach sparano, and the jags OC are they kidding me. I keep saying who is calling the shots for the jets,if its tanny woody needs to step in soon and make some changes ,before the jets FO bury’s this team for another 10yrs and we waste the talent we have on the team now.

  148. By cgb on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I still think shotty gets no head coaching job, and therefore according to rex will be back. I still believe mark S. can get the job done ,for alot of the same reasons spicer talks about. I myself have talked about the same dysfunctional FO decisions the jets have been making the last 2yrs, and especially last year.As bad as the jets played this year, they still were in the playoff hunt until the last game. What im saying is that if the jets fix some major holes on this team OL, DL, RB, ST, COVER THE EDGE LINEBACKERS,PASS RUSHING DL.,pass receiving TE. I know this is probably to much to fix in 1 yr.,but if we address top 3 on this list we will be among the leagues best next yr.providing rex and staff coach team first mentality.

  149. By cgb on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I dont expect any QB in the league to carry their team for any length of time to significantly impact any season scjoe, as you mentioned in a previous post, It doesn’t work that way ,we are not playing fantasy football here. This is a team sport and sooner or later other players make play’s and the team wins or loses. So do not believe that the brady’s,brees’s, and all the other top rated QB’s in this league can carry their team.

  150. By Jet24 on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I’m happy the Jets are looking to hire sparano as OC he made matt moore look good. I think the jets will get Trent Richardson from Alabama and we need to get a RT in FA, We won’t be able to trade or cut holmes so him MS and I hope sparano have a meeting and hopefully will make holmes like NY again . Also we should resign burress the guy helped us in the red zone so much.We also need depth at saftey he should be a guy thats a ball hawk and can cover the TE

  151. By SOCALJETFAN on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe,you aint no JETS FAN,you’ve done nothing but criticise everything The JETS orginization is trying to do and get done…

  152. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    By the way, Spice, I stand corrected: My Bears fan buddy at the sports bar (whose son plays for the Jaguars) reminded me yesterday that Cutler was sacked FIFTY-NINE TIMES LAST YEAR — that’s 28 MORE THAN SANCHEZ this year! And it’s funny, I don’t recall anyone saying that gave Cutler the right to start throwing multiple picks to defensive lineman. In fact, nobody even gave Cutler a break when he got knocked out of the playoff game, instead they accused him of faking it. But now two of Mr T’s boasts for MS are that “he wants to get better” (who doesn’t?) and that he can play hurt…without going into, of course, how badly he plays sometimes even when he’s healthy…

  153. By joeyjets12fla on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    you know in hind sight i wish our record was worst then it was. no, not for the draft,but i remember all last year everyone saying take the training wheels off MS. point being if we were playing for nothing i would have like to see rex say just throw the ball and keep throwing until you get it right. man watching houston and cinci play with yates and dalton and i keep thinking why not us.

  154. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    And mention of Cutler reminds me, Frank, bravo to you for speaking out on picking up Jenkins, which was a move I hated at the time and was right about. The guy was too old, too fat, and too injury-prone from the day we got him and we barely got any production out of him. May there be no more free agents like him on the Jets anytime soon. Funny to see Tebow and DEN attacking PIT’s aging secondary more aggressively than we woulda, but that’s how behind the times our O has fallen. Sure, I’d like to see how DEN woulda done vs. a healthy Ben with Mendenhall but when even the Broncos can rack up more long passes in one game than we have in a yr, you can see why so many folks around the league don’t think Sanchez even deserves to start.

  155. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that it didn’t help the Steelers a bit to have to play without Ryan Clark at S, their leading tackler, because of, incredibly, a rare blood disorder that prevents him from playing in the high altitude at Denver. Sounds like the kind of thing (Weatherford’s heart problem, K Ellis’ legal problem) that would happen to the Jets…

  156. By IRA on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Sparano has no OC experience he was an OL coach for the Cowboys and jumped right into the HC job in Miami. I can see Sparano taking over the OL coaching job and them making Callahan the OC. That would be a smart move.
    Loved seeing J-Co catch that TD last night. Would love to see the Jets get him back. He had a 1 year contract with Pitt and just maybe he would like to finish out his career with the team he started with. They sure could use a player/person like J-Co back in the locker room.
    Martz would be suicide. Give me a break. They need to go back to what they did running the ball and passing the way they did in 09 and 010.

  157. By Johnny Jet from Jersey on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Guys, You want to get this team back on track…FIRE TANNENBAUM! He made this mess, and it’s time for Woody to fix it. Answer me a few questions….Who made the Vernon Gohlston pick (bust)? Who picked Ducausse (bust)? Who let Thomas Jones go? Who let Cotchery go? Who let Shaun Ellis go to the Pats? And the biggest bonehead move of all……..WHO LET BRAD SMITH SIGn WITH THE BILLS? Need I say more.

    It’s not Rex or Shotty or and of the coaching staff. Just look upstairs for the problem. Come on Woody, you know in your heart what has to be done, now do it.

  158. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Boy, it was sure nice to see BIG receivers with SPEED,making catches all weekend.watching the jets I thought that was a lost art.

  159. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    some players follow god, some follow al capone, different strokes for different folks.

  160. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    MONK, MARSHALL, LOTT,FAVRE,PARCELLS,HOLMES,BURRESS,just a short list of candidates who were brought in to relive their super bowl magic with the jets,Too bad we are waiting for that lightning to strike twice.

  161. By Tom Spicer on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, You talk about me comparing Mark to other QBS from today like it is a bad thing. I am not going to compare him to QBS from 20 years ago & I am not going to compare him to QBS of today who stink. So what does that leave me with the good QBS from TODAY! Also you said I am comparing him to first ballot hall of famers UM the 1 guy I compared him to so far was Eli. I am not yet ready to call him a 1st ballot hall of famer sdo I dont know what you are talking about.

  162. By Tom Spicer on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, Big Ben a elite QB & a 1st ballott hall of famer according to you. YOU have 100% NO CHANCE of beating them all you can do is pray you score over 30 points to have a chance to win. WELL I GUESS THE BRONCOS FORGET TO GET THE JOE MEMO! P.S. Dalton is a better QB than Yates yet the Texans beat them by 20. HELLO THE BEST TEAM WINS!

  163. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe you took the words right out of my mouth!..I was like are the Jets serious???..Sparano???..Jags OC???…If the jets were to go after lets say Packers OC or even the saints OC I would say ok,,,,that makes sense…But these guys???…SMH!…same ol’ jets

  164. By Frankie on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Ok. Now that i had a week to swallow the loss I am back. Spicer great posts, I agree. I am still a Sanchez believer. The worst mistake we can make is bring in a 37 year old QB who had neck surgery and dump a 25 yr old QB who has 4 playoff wins under his belt. Kind of hard to play QB when you are being pressured on everyplay and being hit from behind. Not to mention a receiver who doesn’t want to play for anybody but himself and another receiver who lost a few steps for his stint in the can. Yet he still makes progress, even with an OC who ruined every QB we ever had. Year 4 will paint the picture for us at QB. we need braylon back and a new OC. Rex is still a helluva coach and a few less words next year and more hands on calling D.

  165. By Frankie on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    We will be back in the playoffs next year making hopefully a longer run then the first two we made. For those of you that gave up on Sanchez i can’t wait for next year. When Sanzhez makes that giant leap forward as most great QBs do their 4th year, don’t believe me look it up.

  166. By IRA on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Look at what Atl did yesterday to Cruz. They doubled him and took him out of the game. But the Giants have Nicks and he burned Atl. Now look at the Jets this year. While Plax was a good RZ target teams doubled Holmes took him out of games [besides other troubles with the O] but Plax because of his age was just not a threat at all between the 20’s. Go back a year the Jets had the right combo with Holmes and Edwards. Teams had to make their choice on who to cheat on and the other made plays. Besides the OL’s problems this was a HUGE problem they had all year.

  167. By Karan on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Hue Jackson might be an excellent candidate for OC. I hear the new GM for the Raiders might get a new head coach.

  168. By Karan on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Is Tim Tebow amazing or what?? What a win, never doubted the kid, I’m sure they can beat the Patriots in Foxborough, it will be difficult but I hope they destroy the Patriots.

  169. By Karan on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    oasus, I never said that Sanchez wasn’t part of the problem. He needs to play better yea, but Schotty’s history with QBs is terrible and he’s ruining another young kids future. He has a lot to work on, but I believe with the right QB coach and a good OC, he can make it happen. Besides, any kid that takes us to 2 AFC championships back to back and is 4-2 in the playoffs on the ROAD in his young career, I’m just not willing to give up the guy. He’s a hard worker, and besides, he’s only in his third year, so cut him some slack. People give him way too much heat, don’t worry, Sanchez will rebound next season, especially even more if Schotty is gone.

  170. By scjoe on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    socialjetfan? I will not even lower myself to your level and respond to your comment, what I will say is there probably is a good reason YOU refer to yourself as a “social” Jet fan.

  171. By ArtSoCal on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    The video on youtube that I mentioned is (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_rib5nD5P0) or simply USC QB #6 Mark Sanchez Highlights 2008. The first clip is from the Rose Bowl. MS throws from the 50 yard line and the WR catches the ball over his shoulder at a dead run at about the 4 yard for a TD. The next 2 clips are very similar. Nothing slow about the throws. I ended my post by saying that MS needs to compete for the job. I think that absolves me from any bias on his behalf.

  172. By scjoe on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, let me make it crystal clear so there is no more controversy re: Payton Manning. I have already been through all of the if’s so no need to go there again. But in answer to your question, NO, I do not want the NY Jets to acquire Payton Manning for the sole purpose of “keeping him away from Miami” that would be absurd. However, that would be an extra added bonus should he happen to become a NY Jet and lead this team to a SB win.

  173. By Frank on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Ira there is no way J Co comes back here he wanted out and if anything things have gotten worse. He is a class act and deserves better. Rex and his circus need to go.
    Giants are looking a lot like there 2007 run right now the Packers are in trouble. Nice to see 2 former Jets going head to head McKenzie and Abraham which reminded me yet again how stupid this organization is when you look at how many good players we continue to throw overboard and how well they trive else where.
    Dressen has done really well in Houston we sure could have used him this year and Vilma in NO still a tackling machine just to name a few who are helping teams in the playoffs!!!!!!!

  174. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    the silence is deafening, with the jets that isn’t good news,when does status quo turn into Big APPLE TURNOVER,c’mon rex and tanny, no more over the hill ravens are left to pick up.

  175. By Tom Spicer on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, To answer your post about Cutler 1 Cutler had 4,526 yards 27 TDS & 20 turnovers for the Broncos in 2008 / 2009. He was only sacked 11 times that year. He goes to the Bears there O line stinks in 2009 / 2010 he has 3,666 yards 28 TDS & 27 turnovers being sacked 35 times. In 2010 / 2011 he had 3,274 yards 24 TDS & 22 turnovers being sacked 52 times. Now are you going to tell me Cutler got significantly worse in the last 2 years or is it the Bear O line stinks & are getting him killed thus hurting his numbers. The guy had almost 1,000 less yards from 1 year to the other & each year they have gotten worse. Mark had better numbers than him in the 2 above years I just mentioned so if Mark did bad how did he do? As for the Chicago fans

  176. By Tom Spicer on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    they are just like the New York fans to hard on the QB, want overnight satifaction when develpoing a QB takes time & if they opened there eyes they would realize it is there o line & not there QB. Cutler didnt forget how to play the guys around him are not as good.

  177. By Tom Spicer on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, You are 100% right! I have said what you just posted multiple times

  178. By Frank on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Ira you also left out Mannigham…you can not double up all three because they have three great recievers who can take it to the house any time. Which reminds me while Mannigham was sliding down the boards because of the off the field issues at Michigan he is another guy I clamored for a first round talent the Giants plucked in the third round. The Jets organization is not even in the same stratusphere as the Giants same for Steelers, Ravens, Pats until this year the Eagles all organizations who build winners thru the draft not in FA which has proven does not work.

  179. By Frank on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer it is astonishing what Cutler has done the last 3 years in Chicago considering they have no O-Line and their best receiver is a special teams guy Hester. We can only dream about what would have happened with all the weapons and running game we had the last 2 years.
    TEBOW Whooaaaw TEBOW Whooooaaaw….gotta love the guy he threw more 40 yard passes yesterday than Sanchize not did in his career. Which reminds me earlier in the year before Tebow went of his run and was languishing on the bench I suggested Tebow for Sanchize not then you really got ground and pound!

  180. By IRA on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Frank, A little harsh on Rex you have to give him a pass this year and see how he changes things next year. Agree on all those players you named. Always wanted to keep Abraham.
    Don’t rule out J-Co maybe Pitt doesn’t bring him back.Bringing him back would be a step in the right direction on and off the field.
    Tonights game we might see the Jets 1st rd pick with Barron and Upshaw.

  181. By joe on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer if big ben retires tomm he a first ballot hall of famer (ARE YOU KIDDING ME MULT PRO BOWLS 2 RINGS AND A 750 WINNING PERC )Yest he could barely STAND SPICER NOT TO MENTION THEY PLAYECD THE GAME WITHOUT 5 STARTERS Remember Spicer LAST TIME I CHECKED THE PRO BOWLER QB LEFT WERE MANNING ROGERS BREES AND BRADY .WELL see what happens in a few weeks

  182. By joe on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply


  183. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    What I’ll tell you, Spicer, is there isn’t anyone posting on this site who wouldn’t rather have Cutler than Sanchez, once again you confuse marginal differences in stats with major differences in overall play. Frankie, you sound like a Dodger fan from the ’50s, “Wait till next yr.” Next yr starts now and we have a dozen major problems. SOCALJETFAN, from what I’ve seen on this site, scjoe knows more about the Jets and pro football than you’ll know in two lifetimes. That’s true about the Giants’ WRs, Ira, but you conveniently omit that Manning throws more accurately than Sanchez, just like you, Spicer, quite cruelly omit that Ben R had no business being on the field yesterday. I’d like to see Tebow or anyone else play with injuries like that!

  184. By joeyjets12fla on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    ArtSoCal now you ruuined my day. just watched that video and i’m headed to church to pray someboby gives schottie a headcoaching job.unless their’s a medical problem that we don’t know about there is no reason that we can’t watch similar video in a JETS uniform.

  185. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    well,well I hear STONE MASON has retired,cannot understand why, with all that talent that he was bringing to the jets,with all those yards per catch averages he was getting with Joe Flacco,we were robbing the Ravens blind when we got him, so they said.the only thing he ignited was turmoil between sanchez,shotty and the receivers,well done.

  186. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    And since you’re so big on stats, Spicer, in the new QBR 50 is average, which puts Sanchez at 33.6 way below average. But in line with something GaryC just said, I just hope all Jet fans watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl, painful though that may be to some who actually think our team belongs there. I hope they see the elite QBs, the bigger, faster WRs and TEs, the passes thrown in the right spots and ahead of receivers, the fast, physical guys at LB and S and, yes, the stronger pass protection and run blocking. These are all things we’ve needed, almost none of which Mr T and Rex have addressed, certainly not sufficiently thru the draft. And notice how none of the other HCs are predicting anything or doing chest-bumps with their players.

  187. By cgb on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    If the jets FO (tanny) keeps on making bad decisions on player personel ,are we to think the jets coaches have any say in what players they want,and are part of that decision making? What did parcels used to say ” if your going to do the cooking, they should at least let you do some of the grocery shopping”. I don’t know how the jets decide these player moves,and i doubt they will ever let the media or public in on there system of decision making.

  188. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, quite seriously, why do we “have to give Rex a pass for this yr”? He’s totally embarrassed the Jets many times now merely with his behavior, from his endless predictions of SB glory to calling out individual players on other teams to gesturing obscenely at fans. Without even evaluating his work as HC, which is mediocre at best, why does this kind of person get a pass? At a lot of other organizations that we claim to be classier than, he’d be promptly shown the door. So GaryC, now it’s Mason’s fault that he complained about Schotty (he denies that) that set off Holmes’ complaints about Sanchez that are ruining the Jets? I swear, the way people twist themselves into pretzels on this site to avoid having to honestly evaluate MS…

  189. By cgb on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    tom 64, I know it’s been painful to watch the jets offense operate . The truth is we are light-years away from running that type of offense. Thats not what rex wants out of this team. First and foremost to operate the so called ground and pound,you need studs on both sides of the o-line and d-line, we didn”t have that. Then Rex is behind the times on defense too,because his offense is made up of a run first mentality,he never see’s a proficient passing attack in practices and is ill equiped to defend against it on gameday. We can’t run and we cannot get to the QB, these are 2 things our team needed to do to have eveything else fall into place.

  190. By GaryC on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    someone put a call into Rex and tanny tonight and make sure they view the championship game between LSU and Alabama.I mean we are in some need of football players, what else would they be doing,one only wonders.

  191. By Howie D on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    If my memory serves me well, the headline in the paper when we replaced Carroll with Kotite was “Dumb and Dumber.” If we bring in Sparano as the new OC the headline should be “Dumber and Dumberer!”

  192. By Charliejet on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Jet fan since64Tom one thing I did notice – the speed of the defenses (especially Houston) – makes it look like our guys were running in quick sand.. We need SPEED
    on D…

  193. By Chicago Bob on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    In regards to Sparano, he was an OL line coach in Dallas however Parcells thought enough of him to make him head coach of the Dolphins – obviously he is no dope. The players loved playing for him and always played hard – he would definitely be an upgrade over what we have now. Yes, the Jets have let some good players go however quit bringing up the Brad Smith thing – the Jets would have been insane to pay him what the Bills did. Like many of you, I liked John Abraham however let’s not forget what the pick we got in return turned out to be – possibly the best center in football – Nick Mangold. In regards to drafting Richardson, I still prefer defense however I would take an O-Lineman (one of the Stanford kids) before I took him.

  194. By Howie D on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    RANDY: I too want to thank you for another year of great insight and coverage, and allowing the fans to express themselves. You’re providing a valuable service, especially for the frustrated who have endured so much over the years. Much appreciated!

  195. By jetfan1 on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    I will admit that news/propaganda scared me! LOL! Thanx front office for making me think for a split second, that we are better off with Schotty! This is only true if,
    They BRING BACK BRAYLON!, since when he was here we had confidence from MS to throw the long passes! NO,NO,NO WAIT… now I remember last year it was still frustrating to call the plays ahead of time FROM MY COUCH! Sorry thanks for the scare, But if you combine predictability with the track record with other QB’s You can have BS! P.S. Is Tanny that crazy as to put his job on the line and make a hire as bad as those mentioned! ! Or even better,for this inept OC

  196. By jetfan1 on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Wow, I have to agree with “JET FAN SINCE ’64” “BEN R had no business on the field” although my reasoning is much much different, he belongs in jail!

  197. By scjoe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    64, Thanks for the kudos bud. It is absolutely astonishing to me that anyone can come on this blog and adversely comment about Jet fans “criticizing” the FO or a coach or a particular play call or any aspect of the game or the team. If you were to take away all of the posts that criticize a player, a coach, a GM a transaction, or anything involving the NY Jets who would be left here to critique? My advice to socialjetfan would be “get a clue”.

  198. By scjoe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, I thought this one might interest you (or maybe not ;-) I was just reading a few previous posts and this one caught my eye, and I quote. “51 INTs 29 fumbles, and a 6’4 yards per completion average including YAC, Guess who? WOW! Eighty (80) turnovers! Somehow, someway, that is even more then I imagined. Sorry, that just wont get it done as a starting QB.

  199. By IRA on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Wouldn’t Upshaw look good as an OLB for the Jets next year. He would be just what the doctor ordered for this team..

  200. By GaryC on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    if I am the jets, stay away from Trent Richardson in draft, they talk about guy being a workout warrior, haven’t we been through that already with gholston,these guys who lift and do squats to record proportions usually don’t have the flexibility.

  201. By Frank on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry Ira but you and I both know we are in major rebuilding mode starting this offseason. Rex is a cheerleader not a head coach he is clueless on how to manage personel. The way I look at it he was a hired gun to give a veteran team the chance to win now. It didn’t work and its time to admit the mistake and move on. The actions and words of the players after the season imploded proves he is a lousy head coach and he is not going to lead us out of this mess he created. No discipline, no accountabilty he is more interested in ice cream meetings than discipling his players. Its a circus on this team and the NFL is too sophisticated and the margin..a fine line between being a good team or a lousy team. We need a serious head coach who can lead

  202. By wayne on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    The problem with Jets is at the top…..They brought in a young, wet behind the ear kid, with one yr in college, whose coach warned that he wasn’t ready, then gave him the keys to everything and NO COMPETITION……..No wonder he has a tantrum whenever the slightest thing is taken from him…HE’S BEEN MADE TO BELIEVE THAT HE’S ENTITLED. HE OWNS THE POSITION……AND THAT IS NOT HIS FAULT. He needs to know he doesn’t own the position….Not just some to come in in case he falters, SOMEONE WHO CAN TAKE HIS JOB. It’s the best thing they could do for him…..Some of the greatest QBs to play the game had competition. It’s smart business……ONLY NOT WITH THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL JETS.

  203. By Frank on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    On another subject…all of our success over the last decade has surrounded around us have a strong running game. When Parcells stole Martin from the Pats we became a new organization. Martin passed that torch to Jones who continued that legacy. Clearly Greene is not that type of back and is more suited to complementary status.
    I strongly suggest we look at Matt Forte with no contract and coming off the knee injury we just might get lucky making a run at him. The Bears front office is a mess right now and no GM or OC TanWoody should be doing their due diligence and see if getting him as a FA is doable. He is a great running back and even better catching passes out of the backfield I would love to see him a JET!

  204. By Frank on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    For all of you who bash Hunter…Spicer….the final stats are in and guess what Brick giving up 9.5 sacks was the worst offender! Hunter was second with 8.5 and for those of you calling Hunter a horror show Brick the turnstile in his first full year gave up something like 14-15 sacks. He didn’t settle down until Faneca showed up next to him. Not saying Hunter was awful in spurts but he was viable all year. The lack of depth on the line hurt this team and we need to address this. Sanchez with his poor decision making and poor reads held on to the ball way to long on many of his sacks. In my opinion at least 7-10 sacks were a result of this poor decision making. Guys like Stafford and Brees the ball is out of their hands lightening quick.

  205. By wayne on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    I’ll say it again: TIM Tebow is “LION HEAAART!!!!!!!!!!!! What Jets fan think Broncs don’t have a chance against Pats? Let me give you a synopsis of the story of Joseph: Hebrew, sold into slavery in Egypt, imprisoned for indiscretions(LIES!!!!) with the queen, ends up 2nd most powerful man in Egypt behind Pharaoh..See it’s not about winning every game because you pray. He knows every taunt, everything y’all see as bad is for his highest good. When he comes out the other end he’ll be pure of gold….Y’all still wondering why things are falling into place for him? Gonna wish he was your QB after NE falls…….I said it here before. WILL BE A GREAT NFL QB. Mechanics be damned. No one’s given him anything, except his heavenly father.

  206. By Kevin65fan on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Have to believe what Mason says…and maybe he is the “scapegoat”…but this cancer thing seems to be brewing more and more till it came to a head at the Fish game…and Holmes seems to be in the center of attention…again. Wouldn’t think Plax would say much since he is just trying to get his career back on track. Can’t see Jets cutting him with salary cap hit…who is going to take him in a trade…so it only cost us a “5 pick”…guess we would take anything at this point. BUT he cannot be on this team…things would only get worst even with his “C” gone. And the other big-mouth has to go…can’t back up anything..Bart…bye-bye…still can’t fit into those Ray Lewis shoes…huh big guy….

  207. By wayne on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    I am not prepared to give up on GQ..If they don’t take a different approach with him he will not reach anywhere near his potential.He will surely not have been the most talented QB to have washed out of the NFL. They don’t develop talent. Particularly QBs. Poppycock! bolderdash! to the idea that Peyton didn’t come because he wanted his education. Or that he didn’t want to play for Parcells.If I am Archie and I took a beating for a decade playing for and inept Team, I make sure that doesn’t happen to my sons.Parcells respects Archie so when Archie asks Bill if he’s be staying for the next 10yrs and Bill out of respect say yes, Archie advised his son to go back to school and take his chances. his boy now play for Irsays and Maras nuf said.

  208. By wayne on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Why would Archie Manning not want his son to play for Bill Parcells, a man who builds championship teams after spending his football life with the Aints? He didn’t care about stats, he cared about winning and not having his boy having to go thru what he did. If Bill stayed Peyton would have been a Jet……If Peyton cared about his education and wanted to stay in school, then there’d be no need to talk to Parcells at all. Just as Luck did last year…..He didn’t go talking to anyone other than his family. He simply stayed…..The Mannings investigated the situation and thought it was best to take their chances in the next draft. JETS LOSE AGAIN. BILL COULD HAVE CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE JETS…………………………………………

  209. By nycman on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets have a great back-up Quaterback he is 10 times better that sanches, he said he wants to leave with all the fighting in the locker room your crazy if you let him go. You cant have left handed guaterback coach, coach a righted handed thrower that was dummy move. Santonio holmes has to go he is a Cancer,,,,,Last you need pass rushers, and Offensive line men who can block and younger and faster linebackers other than that leave the reast of the team a lone.. NYCMAN

  210. By Jack on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Went I think of Jets football I think of Old School what I mean by that is OAKLAND RAIDERS I’m so gald to see a home game played back here in NJ/NY area. I hope to see more of these 2 teams played in the future as a Jets home game. To me this being me back to the 70’s going to the games with my Dad they were nice times with my dad I miss going with him he had pass on in 1982. Other teams I would love to see Jets played a home game with are Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts,The Chiefs,Browns, Tennessee Titans, Vikings, The Bears.

  211. By IRA on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    He deserves a pass because whatever Jets coach has got them to the AFC Tilte Game two years in a row? Zero thats right and i have been following this team since the early days as the Titans. Do i give him a pass on some of the behavior issues you mentioned? No but he paid the price with fines and hopefully has learned from his mistakes. As for his HC growth well lets hope he improves in areas that need to be improved. I do however think he is on the hot seat because if by any chance they do not make the playoffs or take another step back next year then he could be shown the door. Right now i think they will right the ship but as of today to me its a 2 year fix.
    Next year the team must have more discipline.
    GO JETS!!!!

  212. By Jack on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    With the 1st pick in 2012 drafts would like to see the Jets get Safely Mark Barron if he still there other OT, LT/RT, Riley Reiff Iowa he can plays RT, as well. RG, David DeCastro Stanford or OT, Jonathan Martin. Rd 2 RT, Andrew Datko FSU, Safely Delano Howell Stanford. Later Rds Players I like to see Jets picks FS, Tramain Thomas Arkansas TE,Coby Fleener Standord. S, Kenny Tate Maryland. ILB Donta Hightower, RB, Trent Richarson WR, Michael Floyd if all those other players are gone.

  213. By IRA on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Jack, I have the same feel about my dad who passed but the memories of going to Shea and watching the Jets are priceless. If you ever get a chance though going to Oak for a game is a trip and a half and well worth the trip. Just don’t wear any Jets stuff.
    You mentioned some interesting prospects to look at. I can’t believe we are talking about the draft instead of a playoff game. Guess i got spoiled the past 2 years plus the 8-3 start in 08.
    Hard to say what direction they go with their early picks unitl we see what happens in free agency. Best advice try to add some picks and take the best available player at a spot you need to fill. They surely have a few to fill.

  214. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    cgb, that’s interesting re Rex not being up to speed on D, it’s looking like after teams got tape on the exotic blitzes he didn’t have much for an encore. Charliejet, you said it about speed, we have to be one of the slowest teams in the NFL. Bravo re Smith, Chicago Bob, what sane Jet fan thinks we can afford to pay him a fraction of what BUF gave him, especially when we have McKnight? jetfan1, Ben R is a tough one for me. I admire him tremendously on the field but think what he did off the field was beneath contempt. However, if he’d gone to jail and served his time, I’d let him play again just like Vick. I don’t think the NFL should ban players based on off-the-field behavior. They deserve the same chance at rehabilitation as anyone else.

  215. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, like I said re Ben R, I don’t think Rex should be banned for his behavior. But I resent the way he’s turned the Jets into the most hated team in the NFL — and not because of anything the players are doing but because of HIM AND HIS BIG MOUTH! And since we only showed up for one half each of those AFC champ games, I won’t put him on any pedestal. Arte and I were saying yesterday that as much as we’d like to see big changes this yr, we suspect there will actually be very few. I think Woody’s next move is to give Rex his own OC, another yr for Sanchez, another yr to whip this zoo into shape and then if Rex can’t, thoroughly clean house the next yr when neither MS nor Rex have that much time on their deals. Not the way I’d do it but…

  216. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Great list of possible draft picks, Jack! I have great memories of going to Jet games with my dad, too. I’m kinda glad he’s no longer with us to see what’s going on with the team now, though, because it would infuriate him no end…

  217. By IRA on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry can’t continue to read and talk about all the Jets bashing. bad moves and bad year. Time to move on.
    Looking ahead to this weeks game this kills me to say but i think the Giants have an excellent chance to win. If they do i will have to get away i couldn’t take it. Think the Pats and ravens win and think the Saints will struggle in SF. I will go with SF this week. Thoughts?

  218. By scjoe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Since we are talking about the draft, I agree with Jack on Mark Barron (S Alabama) I also like Upshaw out of Bama although he may not have ideal height for an OLB in a 3/4, but I especially like DeCastro (G Stanford) because he can be plugged in immediately at LG and move Slaughter to RT…BAM..instant upgrade. I can also see them going with Floyd (WR ND) although I hope not. I would prefer bringing BE back as opposed to Floyd. Another option? How about a trade down and select Zebri Sanders (OT Fla State) He is a very good student and has started 37 of 40 games at FSU he played both tackle positions and also would be in immediate upgrade at RT

  219. By scjoe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    For those of you who worry about the Jets selecting Trent Richardson, don”t! He will be long gone when they are on the board. Randy, do you have the complete draft positions for the Jets in the draft? What about compensatory picks? Will the Jets finally come up with one of those this year? I don’t think they have had one in at least three years, maybe more.

  220. By Randy Lange on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, I haven’t gotten our official list that I can release yet. In the past, compensatory picks have not been awarded by the NFL until late March. The Jets have received only five compensatory picks all-time, the most recent coming at the end of the third round in 2006, when they selected S Eric Smith.

  221. By JR on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    I know that nobody in the front office or even Rex will read or hear of this post….but here goes anyway. I have been a fan since 1967 and had to move from the area. Got the NFL ticket so I could always watch the team play and do even on the stupid iphone my wife has. It would seem to me that if I can have such loyalty and team spirit then why can the team not feel the same way about themselves? Every week they control their own destiney…they chose whether or not to be great! That’s right! They chose! All I can do is scream at the tube and hope they feel it somehow. I can’t feel the crowd roar or watch anything on the sideline unless the cameraman decides I should. It’s up to each individual player to decide to be great!!!

  222. By Tom Spicer on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Frank, Only you would say Wayne Hunter did well only you. Also thank you for proving my point that Brick had by far his career worst year (accept for his rookie year). The O line as a whole played poorly this year Brick, Hunter, Slauson all bad.

  223. By Tom Spicer on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, My picks for this weekend 49ers over Saints, Ravens over Texans & Denver over the Pats. Three out of your four starting QBS in the championship games will be Alex Smith, Joe Flacco & Tim Tebow LOL ALL ELITE !

  224. By Tom Spicer on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, Your comment made me think Mark was sacked 39 times that is a 50% increase over his prior career high of 26. If I told you Mark would have a 50% increase over his career high sack total at the start of the season logically you would say he had a bad year. Also if your best player quits with 3 games left how are you going to do in those 3 games?

  225. By Russell on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    After watching the Alabama-LSU game last night, if he’s available to the JETS at # 16, I would draft OLB Upshaw, Alabama. Otherwise, give me their ILB Hightower. Drafting SS Barron at # 16 would be a reach. Also, I liked that backup DL Gentry. Nice late round selection. Did anyone or everyone notice that WR Braylon Edwards was released by San Francisco. Is a return possible? Randy, I have a question for you. The Jets claimed OT Austin Howard from the Baltimore practice squad. Is it possible that he could be the Jets starting RT for the 2012 season? Now onto the playoffs, come on Packers, beat the Giants. Who besides me, wants to see a Houston – San Francisco Super Bowl Game.

  226. By Randy Lange on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Russell, I wouldn’t rule it out. Mike Tannenbaum in his year-end news conference said, “We have a lot of guys that maybe are not household names but they are getting better.” Among the names he mentioned were Caleb Schlauderaff, Vlad Ducasse, Josh Baker and Howard. So we’ll see how it all shakes out.

  227. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, I forgot this yr before the MIA game was even played because I knew we weren’t going anywhere post-season. But it’s funny to see you go in a single post from not wanting to discuss the team’s problems to not being able to watch if the Giants keep winning! That’s the problem with putting your head in the sand, it becomes addictive. Look at it this way: If you don’t honestly assess what the team needs, your voice won’t be heard and then we might waste the most draft picks we’ve had in yrs on the wrong guys. As for the games, I’m cutting to the chase to say it’s gonna be GB vs. NE in the SB with GB favored by 2 or 3 pts but the reality being that it’s a tossup. I don’t see either of those QBs letting their teams down between now and Feb.

  228. By Tom Spicer on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    SCjoe, 51 picks 20 of those 51 were his rookie year when he clearly not ready he only had 13 last year. That is more of a look at his real talent level. Last year he had 3 good WRS like most teams have & he has a good O line not the one this year that gave up 40 sacks. 40 sacks thats a average of 2 1/2 a game GARBAGE! 28 fumbles not sure where they got that from he had 3 fumbles his rookie year & 1 last year. Which is als a true indicator of his talent level. He had 8 this year cause he was constanly getting blasted from the poor o line play.

  229. By scjoe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, don’t let the negative gossip get to you, it is the off season and there is not much more to talk about until the draft. On your picks for this weekend, I have to disagree just a tad. I have to go with GB, NO, NE and Balt. A Jet fans worse nightmare would be a SB rematch of NE and the Giants, so my favorite teams for the next few weeks would be anyone playing either of them. For the life of me I can not understand how NE, or GB is where they are with the # 31 and 32 ranked defense, what’s worse that could be the SB matchup this year. That says a lot about the NFL and offense and QB play.

  230. By Tom Spicer on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Mark 2009 63 rating 2010 75 rating 2011 78,2 rating. 2009 53.8% 2010 54.8% 2011 56.7%. 2009 2,444 yards 2010 3,291 yards 2011 3,474 yards. 2009 15 TDS 2010 20 TDS 2011 32 TDS. sacked 2009 26 2010 26 2011 39. I think he has imporved every year despite a significantly worse WR core & a bad O line.

  231. By Frank on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer I didn’t say Hunter played well he was awful in spurts and was pemalized quite a bit just that he was not the only problem. He needs a full offseason as the starting RT and he will play better.
    Sanchize-Not on the other hand…you can keep parading stats the facts are what they are he stinks! He has played well in spots but overall he is a lousy QB and has hurt this team over the last 3 years.

  232. By IRA on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Tom, If there is a NE vs NYG SB i assure you i will not watch it and maybe even go to a warm beach resort to get away. After this Jets season no way i could take that matchup. Like my dear friend Joe B would say “Oh the Pain”

  233. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, you defend Sanchez the same way all the time. You act as if he’s the only guy in the NFL who’s gotten sacked, you ignore that his QB rating all 3 yrs is low, and you refuse to look at his far more telling new QBR rating, which is abysmal. But even talking about that stuff is playing on your turf because NOBODY on this site has been able to get you to analyze MS’s play beyond post-game stats. He loses many games by himself, makes costly mistakes, and has gone backwards in terms of pocket presence, situational awareness, and accuracy, as I’ve said, even when protected well. No point making all this more painful for you now, I’ll just wait till he’s mediocre again next yr and the Jets, and maybe finally you, give up on him at last.

  234. By Chicago Bob on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Hue Jackson just got canned by the Raiders – unless he has an opportunity to go back to Baltimore, there is a good chance Rex will be calling him up. He wanted Jackson as his O.C. originally however Hue did not want to leave Baltimore, stay tuned.

  235. By joe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    As USUAL SPICER YOU FORGOT TO MENTION the BEST TEAM IN FOOTBALL =PACKERS the number one seed in the afc PATS and MANNING (Giants )Last time i checked AARON ROGERS was the best player in football I BELIEVE HES A QB

  236. By joe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    GUYS as far as TEBOW Pittsburgh PLAYED THE GAME WITHOUT CLARK ,SMITH ,KESEL,HAMPTON MENDAHALL,POUNCY and with a seVerly hobbled Rothesburger.All and all i think they did pretty good for a team playing without 6 starters (COUPLE HAPPEN TO BE PRO BOWLERS)

  237. By GaryC on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    what will really be bad,if I have to see the giants here in Indy win a super bowl, a few expletives might be in order,and winning it without Plastico Burress on the team,I thought we were guaranteed to get there once he joined the jets,BIG YAWN.

  238. By joe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Fan Since 64 TOM – SPICERS trying to DEFEND a QB who in an ABSOLUTE MUST WIN SENERIO completed more balls to the oposing teams defencive tackles than to his own wide reciever (who was good enough to be the MVP in the super bowl a few years ago.)If that doesnt say it all nothing does .LOL Tom what was the great SANCHEZ qb rating in the Miami game like 35 or something

  239. By joe on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    LOL another great SPICER post as he doesnt think ROTHESBURGER will be a first ballot hall of famer .Typical Spicer as BIG BEN only has one of the highest (if not the highest )winning percent of all time (not to mention 2 sb rings and multiple pro bowls

  240. By cgb on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    if the 31’st and 32’nd defenses in the NFL make it to the SB { GB,NE} it will prove that at least for 2 qb’s, that they can carry their team’s all the way to the big show. That’s not to say these defenses won’t come alive and start playing well. Just the same i think both these teams will advance this week,then will most likely face stronger defenses in the championship games. picks for this week{NE,GB,BALT,SF} I believe all these picks are home games to.

  241. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    I’ll root for the Giants as long as they’re in it, Ira, as I’ve always done. It’s not exactly what I had in mind for this time of the yr, but they are the other New York team. Besides, maybe the sight of some Jet fans envying the way the Giants build a team and coach it will give Woody some ideas. Chicago Bob, I was thinking the other day that a guy who’s been a HC like Jackson, and shown promise in that position, might not be a bad OC for the Jets. Much better than someone who’s merely run a bad offense on a losing team.

  242. By JETS fan since, well forever! on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets made many mistakes this year. For one, they failed to keep players that had established a solid core chemistry. You know who I mean.It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Sanchez did not have the OL protection he needed nor the effective running game to make for an effective pass offense.
    The defense was hit or miss and mostly miss when it counted. Rex Ryan has raised the expectations of us all, and for that I applaud his accomplishments. Special teams took a few steps back this year. Put it all together and we have an 8-8 team.
    Dump the OC, let Rex have a few more seasons to sort it out. Just for the record, I have been a JETS fan since the 60’s and I think this has been a fun few years of football to watch. Just sayin!

  243. By Tom Spicer on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, I know you have problems reading I said after this weekend 3 of the 4 QBS left will be Falcco , Smith & Tebow. How do you not understand this?

  244. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    joe, as I say on the story ahead of this one, the Spicer I read on this website seems to do anything to keep from considering that Sanchez Himself might be the main problem with our O and may have to be given up on sooner than later. I suspect the vehemence with which poor Spice ignores everything but stats that he can cling to and twist has not so much to do with we who disagree with him but, yes, the battle he’s fighting with himself. He was utterly deflated about MS after the DEN loss and I was briefly optimistic for a cure for his malady. But facing the truth must’ve simply been too painful for him and shortly afterward, he doubled down on Sanchez Denial. He’s in my prayers and speaking of that, you’re 1000% right about PIT and Tebow.

  245. By GaryC on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    How does one root for a new york team when they are fans of the other,no wonder the jets are second in this city,even there fans jump over to the number one team.To the fans,it is okay to root for the underdog.what are you getting out of it if the giants win.Are you going to run out and buy a Giant jersey.no wonder people loved having Plastico on this team,Many closet giant fans are posting on this site.I would take New England in a heartbeat to beat Giants if they played,I guess it is like the old Brooklyn Dodger fans rooting for the Yankees,what a joke.

  246. By Jack on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    Tom you need to come end from the white horse you being riding the last 8 weeks or so. Because Tebow time is going to end this weekends I’m willing to be on that too. 3 of the 4 QB’s with not be Tebow it will be Brady. Brady, Falcco, and I’m going with 2 upset Manning over Rodgers Giants defense better then packers. and Smith 49ers has the better defense as well. 49ERS and RAVENS in the SB, 2 Best defense in the NFL. 49ers win SB.

  247. By Tom Spicer on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, You said o these starters are out blah blah blah well just like you say to me EXCUSES!

  248. By joe on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply


  249. By joe on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    ps SPICER LIKE IAM AN NOW THROWING THIS FACT UP IN YOUR FACE.For weeks my buddys that played in the league with a compined 20 years of experiance often hear things(still have ties active players coaches )I tried to tell SPICER A MILLION TIMES (MANY COACHES AND ACTIVE PLAYERS HAVE EXTREME DOUBTS ABOUT SANCHEZS ABILITY )Since Spicer THINKS he knows more than 3 former all american in college ( who became first and secoung round picks in the nfl )accordingly he provided some totally useless stat to justify has bottom third of the league ranked qb

  250. By Tom Spicer on Jan 12, 2012 | Reply

    Joe, I never said I knew more than anyone & I honestly dont care who you claim to know. I never even said Mark will turn out to be a great QB. I have said the following 1 you can win the Super Bowl without a elite QB 2 based of the amount of time he has been in the league he has done well (before you bring up Newton he is the exception to the rule if a guy like him came out every year EVERY TEAM would have one) 3 I think with the right guys around him he could complete 60% of his passes, throw for 4,000 yards, have 30 TD passes & less than 15 total turnover (he had 14 last year)

  251. By joe on Jan 13, 2012 | Reply


  252. By Row on Jan 14, 2012 | Reply

    The real deal with Sanchez is that he is a check down, 1st look passer. This is the NFL, players get paid to make plays. Holmes makes plays, Burress made many red zone plays. Sanchez isn’t on a team by himself. There is no perfect world. Clemens rallied a deflated Rams team with 2 1/2 weeks in the offense to almost beat the 49ers. From now on guys, give Sanchez only the stats to WR’s, especially non screen passes. No excuses he is a well paid guy who’s losing games. This is a business. Release Sanchez asap! Find winners.

  253. By Patrick on Jan 16, 2012 | Reply

    So, is Sanchez the problem or was it Mason? Shotty? Ryan himself? Perhaps it was and is a combination of all these things, but it has to start with the Head Coach. That is the one position that all the others must be accountable to, and when your Head Coach makes claims that you dont believe in your heart you can achieve, you are set up for failure from day one. Every team has the goal to win the Super Bowl. Guaranteeing it is foolish at best.

    And, by the way, the Patriots are still playing. lolz.

  254. By Matt on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    This team has a lot of needs and they were still able to make it to 8-8.. with expectations comes disappointment.. Rex is a good coach still learning how to be a HC I don’t care how much he talks I hear a lot of the press conferences and a lot of times things are just blown out of proportion.. Mr.T is the one people need to look at his draft staff and the players he drafts and the way he utilizes the draft is grade D.. If the team really wanted to have a team nucleus then they need to do it thru the draft not get spoiled players who have bad habits from other teams a couple of FA here and there are cool but you cant build a whole team like that if the Jets had a GM that was a ex player like a ozzie newsome or ted thompson etc

  255. By Matt on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Some of the guys I would like to see the Jets draft..okay there mostly on D I haven’t really got to offense yet but here it goes Upshaw/ if Barron(safety) I hope they trade down a couple of spot to pick up more picks if possible I also like Burfict he’s would be a good 3-4 (ILB) but Scott for one more year could work if they get good OLBS, Bruce Irvin(olb), Josh Norman, Nick Toon Is good and a plus is his dad played for the Jets

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