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Nick Toon Confidently Takes On the Combine

Posted by Eric Allen on February 26, 2012 – 12:52 pm

Nick Toon is running the 40-yard dash and jumping in the vertical here in Indianapolis today, but the Wisconsin wideout will wait to showcase more of his skills at the Badgers’ pro day on March 7. The son of one of the greatest receivers in Jets history — Al Toon — could be an early-round selection in April’s draft.

“I think first and foremost as a receiver, you want to have good hands. I have great hands and your job as a receiver is to catch the ball. I think I do a great job of that,” Nick told a group of reporters on Saturday at the NFL Combine. “The other thing is I think I’m a complete player, polished in a lot of aspects of the game. Obviously no one is a perfect player, but right now I don’t think I have any glaring weaknesses. I try to work and continue to improve all of the skills that are part of being a receiver and I’ll never stop trying to get better.”

An All-Big Ten second-team selection by the conference’s coaches, Toon is coming off a 64-catch, 10-TD campaign. Those numbers rank third and second respectively in Wisconsin annals and he capped off a wonderful college career with a nine-catch, 104-yard effort against Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

“My potential still definitely is not reached. I still think I have a long way to go,” he said. “By no means have I reached my full potential and I’ll continue to get better as a player.”

Toon broke out his sophomore campaign in 2009, hauling in 54 receptions for 805 yards. He battled through injuries in 2010 but still managed to finish second on the team in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. The 6’2”, 220-pounder did not participate at the Senior Bowl after breaking scar tissue in his left foot, which previously had a stress fracture.

“Obviously the goal is always to be healthy and I struggled with injuries a little bit my last two seasons,” Toon said. “But it’s part of the game. You have to take it for what it’s worth, learn from it, get healthy and move forward. It’s just an obstacle and there will always be obstacles in this game, whether it’s an injury or a dropped pass as a receiver or a blown assignment. Mistakes happen. Nobody’s perfect and you learn from them, try not to have too many of them and move forward.”

Just a youngster when his father retired, Nick doesn’t have many memories of Al’s playing days in New York. He recalled going on the field after his dad’s final game as a pro as well as visiting the Jets’ former practice facility, Weeb Ewbank Hall, in Hempstead on Long Island.

“I remember hanging out at the facility, playing around on the practice field and in the locker room and stuff,” he said.

Al Toon, who played for the Green & White from 1985-92 and was inducted into the Jets Ring of Honor last year, ranks third in franchise history in receptions (517), fourth in receiving yardage (6,605) and tied for eighth in TD receptions (31).

With Plaxico Burress scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent when the league year commences on March 13, the Jets appear to have an opening at the No. 2 position. They can opt to fill the void either in free agency or the draft, and the son of one of the franchise’s legends is confident he can help an NFL club.

“First and foremost you have to catch the ball. That’s your job as a receiver,” said Nick. “I feel I’m an above-average route runner. You have to be good blocker, a playmaker. There are a lot of things that go into being a successful receiver. Those are just a few of the things I think I do well, but I really do well with everything that’s required to be a receiver.”

We had an opportunity to speak with Nick Toon this weekend and we’ll air that exclusive 1-on-1 later this week.

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32 Responses to “Nick Toon Confidently Takes On the Combine”

  1. By GaryC on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    we need to hear from some of the wideouts who are going to outdistance Nick Toon in this draft, it is a nice story of him being the son of Al,but it will not be him deciding if jets are a playoff team or not.

  2. By wayne on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, neither will any other WR in this draft.

  3. By MIKE on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    I hate the combine. Used to love watching it until Jets drafted Vernon Gholston because of it.

  4. By wayne on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    I’ll keep saying it until he arrives…………………………..RANDY MOSS…………Only problem, don’t know if GQ has enough arm.

  5. By sal on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Unless he is coming to NY , dont want to hear it. Iam at the point with this franchize, enough with the sanchize, his moods, attitude, who he likes and dont like, this is what you get when you sign and give all the cash to a kid basically. If he is the QB I hope this is the year he acts like a man, And Sporano, will make him or break him, that was a great move (new OC and a good one),and this is what I want to here about. Get moving Mr. T sooner you get the roster the sooner they can work together, and act like men and a team again!

  6. By scjoe on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Unless Nick Toon breaks a sub 4.5 at the combine he is probably a 3rd round pick. Personally I don’t think a WR is a major need, at least in the draft, but if he is near a 4.5 it may not be a bad choice in rd 3. But if Adams of Arkansas is there as well you go with him, he runs a sub 4.4 at 5’11

  7. By Gabriel on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech Anyone? He ran a 40 yard dash time of 4.3. He is 6-4 215 pds with a 40 inch vertical plus with great hands and he had 28 receptions for 820 yards (29.3 yards per catch) and five touchdowns as a junior in 2011. And let me remind you that was in a spread triple option offense. He could start as a number 2 for us as a rookie if we draft him, good exp and training for him. Does anybody know if the Jets interviewed him or are interested in him? Randy do you know? scjoe Mark Sanchez has the arm, remember that 70 yard bomb to edwards against the lions? Arm strength isnt an issue and Tony loves to get chink yaradge and throw the deep one.

  8. By Dope Whisperer on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    I am always high on genetics. Just look at Clay Matthews who came from a family of NFL who’s who. I certainly would like the idea of Nick Toon as a Jet.

  9. By westcoastJET28 on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Forget the combine, forget the draft, forget FA. Resign Chrebet, Byrd & the entire SB winning team from the ’60s!!

  10. By SCfromNY on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    I think Sanchez has the arm to throw to Moss. If you remember Moss’s QB in college was Pennington who only had an adverage arm. BUT Sanchez’s ability to play QB would come into play. I just do not beleive that he will be a winning QB. Yeah I know about the 2 championship games but he has not progressed and is not a QB to inspire fear. Leave space for the next 2 posts on his wonderful stats.

  11. By GaryC on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    okay wayne,no wide receiver in this draft is going to make the jets a winner,but you want to bring in randy moss who will quit on a dime if giving the chance,your memory must not be long if you remember what happened in the jet clubhouse this past year.

  12. By Tom Spicer on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    2 weeks to free agency & 10 days until Peyton is a free agent I think it is going to get really interesting around here real soon. Even if the Jets dont get Peyton they will be a MAJOR player in free agency. If you dont think Rex was lying when he said we would not be big in free agency I have a bridge to sell you. Woody is sitting there seeing the Pats make 5 out of the last 10 Super Bowls & the Giants winning 2 out of the last 5. You dont think he wants to make a big splash to not only try to win but to sell those PSL’S. We are going after Peyton THIS IS A FACT. There are just not trying to get tampering charges.

  13. By MIKE on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Every year the Jets make some type of big splash, every year it turns to be a mistake. Favre, LT, Woody, Faneca, Richardson, Scott, Pace, Taylor, Burress and probably a few more. Not that a few those players weren’t great while they were here but it would be interesting to see how good this team would be if they drafted well, and hung onto those players and see where they are. Look at the GIants. Not to many players drafted from outside there organization. Why is it that we need other teams star players to make us better?

  14. By IRA on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Would love to see the Jets draft Toon. Good player with excellent potential. I think he could step in and start opposite Holmes from day one. I think he could be picked in the 2nd rd.
    wayne, Come on man all we need is another problem child. Imagine him walking around with his head down and lazy after he doesn’t get the ball. No thank you.

  15. By wayne on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t really pay any attention to the combine. It tells us very little. What does a guy do between the lines….So he doesn’t jump so high or run so fast…..Every now and again you have guys who play as fast as their times. That guy could be special, but lotta guys don’t play fast as their 40. Then you have guys play way faster than their 40…………………….PICK GUYS WHO MAKE PLAYS. USUALLY DON’T GO WRONG DOING THAT…………………………….OH YEAH, STAND UP GUYS!!!!

  16. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Notice how the Giants’ Reese talks of Manningham: “He’s a good football player and obviously players, when free agency comes around for them, they want to make as much money as possible. So we’ll see how it unfolds. But he’s a good football player and we’re glad he’s been a Giant and his contributions are outstanding. We’ll see what happens moving forward with respect to that.” If it was Mr T he’d be rushing like mad to renew M’ham’s deal, if it was Rex he’d be talking about how that was the greatest SB catch ever, like with his over-gushing about Holmes as “the best player on the field” before he’d even caught one pass as a Jet. The pro organization and the amateur organization, playing in the same stadium to boot…

  17. By Allan O'Dane on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Randy Moss and Holmes?????? You want to watch GQ have an emotional breakdown on the field? If we had a big armed QB and one that didn’t take any crap from his WR..then maybe..just maybe that tandem would work. I always liked Moss and what he did with Brady was truly amazing. But he had Brady throwing to him. What we need is a reliable #2 WR to compliment Holmes. The guy who is going to do the dirty work. B.Edwards was that guy. Sal, Mr.T and the FO HAVE to fix this mess now or you can bet Woody is going to make moves of his own.

  18. By Chicago Bob on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Agree 100% on Randy Moss – bringing him in would be a train wreck – it was already a nightmare with Burress and Holmes and now you want to bring in Moss to go alongside Holmes? For a supposed ground and pound team? There would not be enough footballs to go around and both Kerley and Keller’s talents would be lost in the shuffle. If this offense can somehow get those two guys more involved next season, we won’t be having this discussion.

  19. By sal on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Burris was a nitemare? Being out of the game for how long? Dont recall seeing him do what aaaholmes did, and I do remeber some decent Play! I would take Burris, Holmes and Manning anyday, Even if you just used Burris in the red zone!!

  20. By 40 year fan on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    I can throw this into a tizzy …Let’s get Randy Moss , And Terril Owens , Santonio in the slot ..

  21. By 40 year fan on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    Peyton is finished …

  22. By 40 year fan on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with MIKE , we gotta build out of the draft , and out of our own organization .. I think we would have done better to have kept J Co, and Braylon . Every year we end up changing the whole offense around ..How do you develop a team like that ? It’s like a get rich quick scheme ,every damn year… We gotta stick with a plan..and stick with our team ..loyalty , trust , hard work, these are the things…A team is a familly …

  23. By Stever on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    40 year fan, I couldn’t agree with you more… I’d love to see the Jets go that route. I have to say something to all you MS haters. In my opinion, the Jets management and staff have a lot to do with his failures. I know the trend in the NFL is to draft a QB out of college and throw him into the mix… That may be ok if he has two or three years as a starter in a big time college program. But to take a junior qb with one year of being a starter and trying it just doesn’t make sense, especially with all the pressure of playing in New York. He should have spent time on the bench being mentored by a veteran qb, but of course the Jets didn’t have anyone to do that so this is what you get. I still think he has the tools to get the job done,

  24. By Stever on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    cont’d… and he should be given the opportunity next season with a new OC and offensive philosophy to prove he can, with the support of Jet fans. That being said, I also think that there should be a healthy competition for the starting qb position. I love reading everyone’s input on the draft, and Im looking forward to a good one as all of you are…

  25. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    40 year fan, have you been saying we have to build through the draft? I’ve been saying that for 40 years myself, and the Jets org has rarely listened.

  26. By Freddie_K on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    Just my observation of our Jets team in 2011. I feel that the locker-room was very much like animal house as compared to a professional team. One thing we can say for Mangini was that he knew how to keep a disciplined team. As for Rex, I like him as a coach but as a head coach he has not impressed me. His first two years were successful mainly due to Mangini’s players but most of them have been replaced or are being replaced. Rex and Mr T. needs draft or sign free agents who are disciplined football players and as coaches Rex and his assistant coaches need to pay attention to their team daily. A team is very much like a classroom. You’ll lose it very quickly to indiscipline if there’s no one watching. They are all PLAYERS.

  27. By joeyjets12fla on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    not only kerley and keller getting lost in the shuffle but there’s also patrick turner. plus the unknown is scotty mcnight. what we need is an all around tight end, going back and forth with keller amd mulligan isn’t working, the opposition knows when we’re throwing and running. and speaking of running greene has proved he’s not our featured back.

  28. By Saxmanlew on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    Randy, IRA, ’64 Tom, Tom Spicer somebody please help me!!! I have been a jets fan forever and have read this and ever other football site for years religiously! This is ridiculous. First off ok so we may have made a mistake with Sanchez or not…we shall never know. So what do we do? We bring in Sparano…recently fired HC from Miami who had one of the worst offenses in football despite having top ten receiver BRANDON MARSHALL. This is an obvious Parcells tree hire proving that football is a boys club…especially since the Parcells related hires outside of Belicheat and Coughlin have done sooo well in the past…not. Then we keep Cavanaugh who has proved useless for Sanchez and did nothing to help him in his progression….cont.

  29. By Saxmanlew on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    cont…now the rumors start about Henne who was horrible with Miami and was shown up by Matt Moore! We are going to reunite Henne with Sparano because that failed experiment worked. This is ridiculous. How does Tanny get away with these hires? He may be good with cap number but knows nothing about players. First we become the new Ravens when Rex comes and now we become the new Dolphins with Sparano. Can someone tell me how this makes sense? And who wants to bet we grab Toon solely for the fact that he is Al’s son and we use an high pick on him. The JETS need a shake up and it needs to come from the top. I dont mind Rex but if you keep in we need an OC with a different mindset who didnt have the job given because of affiliation.

  30. By Saxmanlew on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply

    Arent you tired of pulling your hair out each year? I know I am. Lets stop drinking the Parcells coach coolaide and hire someone with a brain. As far as Sanchez at least give the kid a chance to succeed…I guess for this year we are destined to see the same disappointment as last. Its heartbreaking for someone who watches every game while we get slaughtered by teams we should be better than…

  31. By davetharave on Mar 8, 2012 | Reply

    How old is Moss ?

    Hey, looks like they got the background color thing figured out on these posting threads. I can actually read the story. Thanks Randy.

  32. By Diesel Films on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    Check out our draft day interview we shot with Nick and Al Toon at the Athlete’s Performance center in LA.


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