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Marty Lyons Dishes on QBs, Chemistry

Posted by Eric Allen on July 22, 2012 – 3:02 pm

Jets players will report to training camp at SUNY Cortland on Thursday, but the quarterbacks will make Florham Park their destination on Monday. While incumbent Mark Sanchez is the clear starter, Tim Tebow will be watched closely this summer. Jets color analyst Marty Lyons believes the acquisition of Tebow in May was a sound transaction and will help the Green & White this fall.

“The biggest personnel move that stands out is Tim Tebow,” he said. “I think Tim, coming from Denver, he has that it to him. You look at where he came from in Florida and the high school program [Nease HS], what he did for the University of Florida and how he won games out there in Denver. They weren’t pretty — nobody’s saying he can carry the team with his arm.  But there is something about Tim Tebow that brings the whole team to a different level.”

Slimmed-down head coach Rex Ryan, who now weighs a couple of pounds less than the muscle-bound Tebow, has said the former Heisman Trophy winner could get anywhere from two to 20 snaps a game on offense. A 47% passer in his two years as a pro, Tebow did have 17 TD passes in regular-season play against only nine INTs. He is a threat on the ground, having averaged 5.4 yards a carry and totaling 12 rush TDs in Denver.

“I think Tim could be a valuable asset to this team in the locker room and the way they’re going to utilize him on the playing field. He might be their best athlete overall,” Lyons said. “He’s big and strong, he’s fast, he’s hungry, he’s got a desire to win and he knows how to win. You can’t take away the past of everything he’s accomplished and just because at times he may struggle to throw the ball — he wins football games. I think that’s the big move.”

Sanchez, who improved his strength in the offseason, accounted for 32 TDs (26 pass, six rush) in 2011 and led the NFL’s top red zone offense. He has enjoyed working with Tony Sparano so far and he knows he has to get his turnover numbers  down to keep his new offensive coordinator happy.

“I think the best thing Mark needs to do in Year 4 is be himself — don’t put too much pressure on yourself. One player is not going to win the game and one player is not going to lose the game,” Lyons said. “Go out and have some fun, have confidence in yourself, have confidence in the system and realize that you touch the ball more than anybody.

“You can make some things happen and you can go out there and lead your team by only completing a few passes. Give your team the best opportunity to win — don’t turn the ball over. But what Mark has to realize is take some of that personal pressure off yourself.”

Lyons, who thinks the Jets’ return to Cortland will benefit the club, likes the approach Ryan has taken since New York’s AFC representative finished out of the postseason for the first time in three years.

“You have a young, energetic quarterback in Mark Sanchez.  Develop the chemistry that you need, don’t be selfish and just go out there and play good solid football,” he said. “To make it to the Super Bowl, you have to start fast and finish strong.  And if you’re that good, let somebody else tell you how good you are. You don’t need to tell them.”

Jets TV will air our full exclusive 1-on-1 with Marty Lyons this week here on newyorkjets.com. We visited with Marty in Long Island to also discuss the Jets’ 1982 team and that television feature, focusing on a memorable run, will be seen during the season on “Jets Flight Plan,” which will air again on WCBS-TV.

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27 Responses to “Marty Lyons Dishes on QBs, Chemistry”

  1. By scjoe on Jul 22, 2012 | Reply

    You have to agree with Marty about how he describes Tebow. He may not “carry” the team with his arm, but he is a proven winner at every level, he raises the level of play all around him and he finds a way to win. We all witnessed that first hand last season. And after all, winning is what it is all about, not stats.

  2. By wayne on Jul 22, 2012 | Reply

    I hear a message here from Marty to both GQ and Rex and I totally agree with both. GQ has spent far too much of his time here trying to look the part of the tall handsome airbrushed QB. He could rally team around him with some changes off the field. One of them would to change that Jets west foolishness….Go cross country and do camp at someone else convenience AND still foot the bill. But above all that he must show true grit on the field. DON’T GIVE ME THAT HE GOT UP AFTER A HIT CRAP. STAND UP AND MAKE THE PLAY BEFORE THE HIT. As for message to Rex, I believe the message has finally begun to sink in….Don’t think he’s capable of no bravado, just less………LIONHEART is coming and he knows how to be a regular guy and he’s tough as nails. Guys rally round that.

  3. By wayne on Jul 22, 2012 | Reply

    For those who can’t see LIONHEART IMPROVING, I UNDERSTAND, YOU’VE BEEN JETAHOLICS TOO LONG(probably since 64) SO YOU BELIEVE NOTHING IS POSSIBLE. all things are possible if you only BELIEVE).

  4. By Eli Rodriguez on Jul 22, 2012 | Reply

    One player is not going to win the game and one player is not going to lose the game,” Lyons said. OH REALLY!
    1)Mark Gastineau– 2)LEON LETT– 3)BILL BUCKNER– AND MY FAVORITE MARK SANCHEZ 3 INT IN MIAMI— AND THEN YOU SAID “I think the best thing Mark needs to do in Year 4 is be himself– ACTUALLY I WANT HIM TO BE WAY BETTER LIKE $20 MIL BETTER.

  5. By IRA on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    Marty is one of the best football guys around and i agree with everything he said. The only problem like we all know is that by adding Tebow they have really put themselves in the pressure cooker. If Sanchez has a bad game the outcry from the media and a lot of fans will be over the top. Its all going to come down to how this team handles that and stays together as a team.

  6. By ron alexander on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, ahh the voice of reason speakes! We bow to your wisdom my brother! O.k, actually I think you are absoloutely on the money! Yes, this is exciting to have a guy like T.T on the team.Buts its gonna be really interesting to see how Rex & company handle the whole thing. This could potentially fracture what may already be a shakey psyche in the locker room?Sanchez has a lot of important allies (Mangold,Brick,Keller) who will stick by him no matter what. Tebow is a great leader and I cant help but wonder how long he will be content to play second fiddle to Sanchez. I pose this question guys, Sanchez drives the team from out 20 to the opponents 20, is he gonna be happy to have Tebow come in and finsh the drive and get the accolades? Hey, just asking? more days to Cortland! Anybody going?I’m think’n Fri 8/3

  7. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    Actually, wayne, what I’ve been exposed to most since ’64 regarding the Jets is facts, which you remain blissfully ignorant of. Have fun with your prayers and superstitions on the subject of whether Tebow’s ready to perform consistently well as an NFL QB, a notion that is in no way supported by anything resembling facts. I’m with you on Sanchez’s need to get about $20 million better, Eli. You’re really out on a limb there, hey Ira? Yes, the whole Tebow thing was unnecessary and now may result in a joke of a year. Oh well, at least maybe this spin-obsessed franchise will finally decide who the starting QB should be. And who the real HC should be.

  8. By IRA on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    Ron, Got a good laugh from your comments but really i am not worthy for sure. I heard Tebow produced 20 TD’s with only 70 snaps in the redzone. Not sure if that is accurate or not? I think we will see Tebow and Sanchez on the field at the same time in the redzone at times and maybe Tebow under center at times. Until i see it with my own eyes though i just can’t believe they will pull Sanchez on a regular basis once he gets into the redzone especially since that is where he does he best work.
    Tom, Hard to argue your point about Tebow. While i think it has some upside i am too conservative to have made that move. I would’ve kept Stanton or went after Henne harder.
    Just remember i have a TD catch for Tebow vs the Pats this year and him getting 1 sack on a blitz and maybe even getting a pick!

  9. By oasus on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    ron, I’ll be there for the green and white scrimmage the next day!

  10. By 40 year fan on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a loyal jets fan since 1972 ..I do not mean to sound disloyal but ,…I don’t know about any of the Q.B.s on our roster …is Sanchez as good as say Vinnie Testeverdi was ? I don’t know ? I saw vinnie throw over 400 yards in the fourth quarter once …is he as good as Richard Todd ?

  11. By Steve on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    No………………………. I do Not agree …Mark deserves another full year of work. There will be people in the stands calling for Tim, and when it does happen the stadium will be split by tim fans and JETS Fans , becasue JETS Fans want Mark to succeed. I can see the maturity on Mark this year. he looked like a kid the past 2 seasons. now lets see what “MARK THE MAN” can do! I should coin that.

  12. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    Cutesy stuff about TD catches aside, Ira, I still think the Tebow move is all too typical of a franchise more interested in headlines than championships. And I don’t know about trading a draft pick for a three-times-knee-injured T, either, no matter how high he was originally drafted…

  13. By Eli Rodriguez on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY, LOOK A REAL RT. New York Jets fans can rejoice. The infamous Wayne Hunter era as New York’s starting right tackle is presumably over. The Jets acquired Jeff Otah from the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a conditional draft choice on Monday.

  14. By GaryC on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME,I mentioned this guy the other day to jetfantom,I love it,of course jetfantom will say he is from that rotten team the panthers,I am glad mike t and rexy are listening,maybe johnathan stewart is next.

  15. By SCfromNY on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    There are more things to worry about than a mediocre backup QB. Sanchez needs to step up his game and put last year behind him. Do I think he can? Yes! Do I think he will? No! There have been many QBs that came back from a bad year. Unfortunately as many that a bad year that started the end of their careers. I don’t think the Jets can win enough to get into the playoffs with Tebow. I like McElroy and he could be a steal like Brady or perform like Yates as this is really a rookie season. I am not putting him in the Hall of Fame but I would like to see what he could do.

  16. By obewan on Jul 23, 2012 | Reply

    mark has had some ok games. but I feel he has never had a real good game from start to finish so we’re suppose to watch him have a bad game which is about 50 precent of the time and say thats good enough well I”ll be calling on T. After all last year I seen some games and I thought bring in the old 2nd string Mark because we couldn’t be any worst .

  17. By hawkfist on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Mark’s biggest problem is he is not mentally tough and hasn’t shown any leadership qualities or skills. For the JETS’ sake he will have toughened up mentally and assert himself this season. Only games will reveal where his head is at, otherwise the sanchize experiment failed. Also, it’t time for Ryan to be a complete coach as opposed to nothing more than a DC.

  18. By Jeff on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Anyone else notice it seems when Mark is in the 2 minute offense he plays better MOST of the time?? Hopefully Sparano will consider that and install a hurry up offense for situational use this year, it just seems Mark makes better decisions when he has less time to think.

  19. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Good thoughts on McElroy and Sanchez, SCfromNY and obewan. GaryC, I’m not getting excited about Otah, Landry, or anyone else who hasn’t been able to stay on the field until they do so.

  20. By ron alexander on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    IRA, you are too modest! i have always enjoyed you on big Mikes show(few have been able to hold their own with his “royal Popeness’ and yet not get hung up on!
    Seriously though, I believe I speak for most of us here, proud of you dude! Taht being said,I cant envision any formation inside the red-zone where T.T and M.S. will be on the field together. Inside the 20 there is less room to manuver and you need your best blockers on the field to combat potential blitzes. T.T and Sanchez would be a liability as you would be trying to block 11 defenders with 9 people(1 ball carrier and 1 guy who I cant see blocking any body? Football in the red zone is all about creating numeric mis-matches and I just cant see how we could produce any favorable mis-matches in our favor with the two of them on the field?

  21. By lvm on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Jets will have a GREAT YEAR ! Sanchez will do good under Sporano system, Coples will thrive in Jets D, only concern is @safety- Landry needs to stay heathy,
    Like the improvements in speed on both sides of the ball. Tebow is a great pickup ! both in the locker room & as a weapon on the field. Cortland will be good for the team, stay injury-free & this will be a GREAT YEAR !!!!
    GO JETS !!!!

  22. By Jake98660 on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    Obewan, has Tebow ever had a complete good game from start to finish? Mark Schlereth said it perfectly about Tebow… “Are you a hero for putting out the fire you created”. Tebow got lucky and was able to salvage the mess he created for 3 quarters in any given game. I seem to Remember Sanchez playing very well from start to finish in his first play off game in Cinncinnati, and then in Qualcom the next week. And then the next year in Indy and Foxborough, Sanchez is a better QB, no question about it.

  23. By stupidheimer on Jul 24, 2012 | Reply

    sanchez led the jets to be ranked #1 in the red zone last year.
    4 playoff wins on the road in 3 years.
    2 afc championshi’p games in 3 years.
    name me five QB’s who did better in their first three years.

  24. By stupidheimer on Jul 25, 2012 | Reply

    Sanchez 1414 782 55.3 9209 55 51 17 12 73.2 28-20
    E.Manning 1276 690 54.1 8049 54 44 16 1 69.4 20-18
    Brady 1017 638 62.7 6613 46 26 14 2 85.9 20-11
    Brees 909 540 59.4 5613 29 31 8 1 73.8 10-17
    Favre 997 620 62.2 6530 37 39 14 4 79.1 18-14
    Dilfer 979 529 54.0 6066 17 43 21 2 62.9 13-21

    All these Qb’s first three years in the league. Sanchez is not doing too bad compared to the top QB’s in the league in their first three years. Only Brady really did any better. I included Trent Dilfer to show how horrible qb’s actually look. I’ve heard tons of people say “even dilfer won a superbowl”. Sanchez’s stats are night and day compared to dilfer.

  25. By IRA on Jul 25, 2012 | Reply

    So they aren’t even on the buses headed to Cortland yet and the media is already looking to add fuel to the fire about the Tebow story. Can’t believe that because some coaches said Tebow could be used on coverage units its front page headlines. They said it back in the spring they would use him in many different ways. Very sad that papers have to do this stuff.
    BTW Tebow did fumble 7 times last year so he has to improve on that if he is going to be handling the football in many different ways.
    My advice read Randys Radar and stay away from the papers until the season starts.
    GO JETS!!!!

  26. By paul on Jul 31, 2012 | Reply

    stuipheimer well put, Granted Sanchez had some great D and the running game was there with those playoff runs. But still, his third year only heck most qb’s are still carrying jock straps and water as a back up before getting any play time. Sanchez was thrown in a win now NY system behind a OC who has shown consistently how much better QB’s got once they were put in capable hands. Let’s see what happens this year before chanting Tebow. Biggest improvement by far is GETTING RID OF SHOTTY. I will bet all my belongings Jets will do better than last year just off of this one move alone!!! P.S change your name I feel like I am insulting you when I reply.

  27. By ray on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply


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