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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Jets Release Their First Depth Chart of Summer

Posted by Randy Lange on August 7, 2012 – 7:25 pm

The Jets this evening have issued their first depth chart of the season.

With the distribution of the first game release of the summer to reporters, for Friday night’s Jets-Bengals game, we have posted the depth chart in that release on our site. You can find it here.

Bearing in mind that head coach Rex Ryan hasn’t announced any of his starters or any rotations for the game yet, here are a couple of spots worth mentioning:

Stephen Hill is listed at the WR starter opposite Santonio Holmes. If Hill starts vs. the Stripes —possible since Holmes is doubtful with his rib injury — he could be the only rookie to get the start in the preseason opener.

That would also make Hill only the fifth offensive first-year player to start in the first preseason game since 2000. Jonathan Goodwin started at LG at Pittsburgh in 2002, D’Brickashaw Ferguson at LT and Nick Mangold at C at Tampa Bay in ’06, and Jehuu Caulcrick at FB vs. St. Louis in Rex Ryan’s first game as Jets head coach in ’09.

“It definitely would be a great thing, a big honor, if that happened,” Hill told me. “But I’m still trying to make the team along with a lot of other guys. I’m doing my part to make plays and don’t get chewed out by the coaches.”

On this first chart, Chaz Schilens is listed at No. 2 behind Hill, while the Holmes side lists Jeremy Kerley No. 2 and Patrick Turner No. 3.

John Conner is the only player listed at fullback, with FB/TE Josh Baker being located No. 3 at TE behind Dustin Keller and Jeff Cumberland.

No. 1 draft choice Quinton Coples is backing up his old Hargrave Military teammate, Muhammad Wilkerson, at DE, with Mike DeVito checking in alongside Sione Po‘uha as the Jets’ three No. 1 D-linemen at this time.

Bryan Thomas is back at his old No. 1 spot at OLB after he missed the final 12 games last year due to his Achilles injury at Baltimore in Game 4.

Aaron Maybin, shot from a cannon this summer, checks in behind Calvin Pace at the other OLB spot.

Third-round rookie LB Demario Davis, sidelined for the start of camp with a hamstring pull, is listed behind Bart Scott and Josh Mauga at the Will spot on the inside next to David Harris.

And the most interesting experiment may be at safety, where the Jets are listing Eric Smith, Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry all as starters.

“That’s what we’re going to do, and we’re excited about it,” said Smitty, who started 14 of 16 games at safety last year alongside either Brodney Pool or Jim Leonhard. “I think it’ll be good for us.” I’ll have more on Smith’s view of his evolving role with his two new safety mates in the next few days.

Of course, the depth chart is only a guide for how players might be lining up in practice and at games but the Jets’ starting lineup. And it’s only updated once a week, before the game ahead. We’ll update our depth chart page every week as soon as we are able.

Two New Sets of Hands

The Jets also announced tonight they have signed two new wide receivers, Stanley Arukwe (6’0″, 180) of Troy, who will wear No. 16, and Joseph Collins (6’3″, 195) of Weber State, who will wear No.  87, while waiving recent WR signee Chris Forcier. That brings their roster to one under the 90-player limit.

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22 Responses to “Jets Release Their First Depth Chart of Summer”

  1. By jack on Aug 7, 2012 | Reply

    excellent! only we would game-plan a 12-man on the field penalty, i bet the whole league will be blown away by this extra-man strategy, they must be kicking themselves right now “why didn’t we think of having 3 safety’s?”

  2. By bill on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    How’s Coples looking in practice? I literally haven’t heard a peep about him and it’s making me a little nervous.

    Glad to see Hill getting the start I predict great things from the rookie WR.

  3. By IRA on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry i can’t put too much inot this depth chart at this point. Powell and Baker have clearly out played McKnight and Cumberland. Oh Goodwin is mentioned which stirs up a debate i have had for a long time. If they had resigned J Abraham and kept Goodwin who has had a very good career i think the Jets would’ve won one of those 2 AFC Title Games. No direspect to Mangold but they would’ve been fine with Goodwin at center and they would’ve haad that stud pass rusher that has been a thorn in their sides since Abraham was traded. I do expect Maybin to get double digit sacks this year but that doesn’t make up the lack of having one since 2005.
    GO JETS!!!!

  4. By Chicago Bob on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    I’m not exactly jumping for joy knowing a 33 year old coming off a major Achilles injury is starting at a position we desperately need a pass rush from.

  5. By Bennett on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Tebow built up himself to look like a full back but is not a full back. He is supposed to be a QB but is not a starting QB or even regarded as a viable backup by most. He won the Heisman but he is to be used as “cannon fodder” to block on special teams. I still think about the idiot pundits statement after agreeing with the two other idiot pundits and the idiot female “moderator” that althought he is not a viable backup QB he is still a “good football player ” I guess thats supposed to mean, in idiot pundit language, (punditese), he is not good at anything he does and has no actual position he can really play. But he does look so cool with his shirt off in the rain and is a darling of the idiot media. So alli is good in the Tebow world

  6. By IRA on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Chi Bob,
    McIntyre has had a very good camp and i think if they need to had speed at B T’s spot he could fill that role.

  7. By Tom Spicer on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Seeing that Moss, TO & Braylon all signed for the veterans minimum it makes you wonder why the Jets did not go after one of these guys. I would not have signed TO. But for the minimum I would have signed Braylon & then Moss. What is the down signed the second that act up cut them. They are making the minimum or as soon as you know that Hill is ready to be the guy again cut them. No harm no foul.

  8. By Tom Spicer on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    The two things I do not understand about the depth chart is as folows why is Maybin behind Pace & not behind Thomas. I would think Pace stay in the game on all downs & Thomas is just a 1st & 2nd LB / run stuffer & Maybin would replace him on all passing downs. Coples they have backing up Wilkerson again I would have him backing up Devito. Wilkerson should be in the game for all downs where Devito is in the game on 1st & 2nd down he is a run stuffer just like Thomas but on passign downs he should be replaced by Coples with Coples eventually taking his spot as the starter when Rex thinks he is ready. You would also like to see Maybin put weight on to the point where he could be a full time starter replacing Thomas at OLB. Lastly I do not like

  9. By Tom Spicer on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    the 3 saftey thing Landry & Bell should be the starters with Smith as the 3rd saftey & a special teams player.

  10. By Tom Spicer on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Also I forgot to add to the above comment if Moss, Braylon & TO all signed for the veteran minimum that means Plax can be had for the veteran minimum as well. Even thou I am not high on him I say bring him in if the Jets think Hill is not ready let Hill be the 3rd WR until they feel he is ready to be the number 2. If Hill is ready to be the #2 tell Plax he is the #3 / red zone guy even thou he didnt do much between the 20’s he is a weapon in the red zone being that he is 6’6 & has good hands.

  11. By ron alexander on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    IRA, oh grand pooh-bah of Randy’s ‘ blog world” come on baby, you know why Abraham was jettisoned out of Jetville.Our brilliant new G.M. (who was hired as a cap specialist) was told by his hand picked new coach(eric mangini) that Abraham and Vilma were poor fits for the new 3-4 defence he was installing. Dude, we had very good personell to play the 4-3 but Mangenous decided to switch anyway?Talk about re-inventing the wheel? Hey,look my man, I dont care how good McIntyre looks in camp he is not fast and if he makes the team Sapp or possiably Marcus Dowtin may not.At 27 Macintyre is no kid and probably not a long term answer. I doubt Sapp or Dowtin would clear waivers for the practice squad.

  12. By Tim on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    ******** To me the MOST IMPORTANT thing on OFFENSE is the (BLOCKING)!

    1. You have to (BLOCK), whether you are RUNNING the ball or PASSING the ball.

    2. Good (BLOCKING) is the KEY to (EVERY) OFFENSIVE play. And that means (EVERYBODY) on the OFFENSE has to (BLOCK). OL, RBs, WRs, TEs, everybody!

    3. Message to (TONY SPARANO) and (REX RYAN). The JETS (MOTTO) on OFFENSE should be….if you are on the OFFENSE, and you do NOT have the BALL in your HAND, and you are (NOT) the QB, then you had BETTER be (BLOCKING) somebody!!!

    This should the JETS (MOTTO) for everybody on OFFENSE. *****************

  13. By ron alexander on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    IRA, how about if we kept Goodwin,moved him to G and still drafted Mangold? We never would have had to sign Fanacca which would have freed up alot of coin to sign a Free agent passrusher.Sorry to be down on MacIntyre but like I said he is older for a back-up, and from what I have seen from him he just doesn’t appear to be a difference maker.As everyone seems so down on our offence we may need
    playmakers on “D” I know Sapp and Dowtin are not ready to be major forces this season as starters but on special teams and as situational pass rushers they could make the kind of big plays that change games(Giants win vs. 49ers on forced fumble of a punt return)ChicagoBob, I hear you dude.Thomas and Pace should be gone after this season.

  14. By GaryC on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, it does look like the same problems that existed with this linebacking corp,will exist this year also,age,lack of speed.does rex really have the guts to tell a veteran that he is being replaced by a healthy,younger faster player.Waiting to see that.If mcintyre proves better than thomas,or davis proves better then scott,and please,I do not want to hear that the younger players will be in on passing downs,if your good enough you are in on ALL DOWNS.

  15. By GaryC on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Please Tom, give it up on Plastico,first off, the jets had problems getting inside the 20 because of lack of speed on the outside,Plastico is not sitting on the sidelines content until the jets get inside the 20.Shilens,Hill,Cumberland have the height we are looking for,the ship has sailed on Plastico.

  16. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Hey guys, Off topic, But, I’m Making a prediction, Aaron Maybin will be a defensive star on this team if given the chance. I’ve follow his college career… motor on this kid is uncanny and his ability getting to the QB..Lets all .hope Coples doesn’t turn out to be another Vernon Ghostlike bust

  17. By since shea on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Yes I am playing a broken record but Ducasse and Hunter on the O Line? And Coples has been virtually invisible. I hope Demario Davis makes himself known along with Hill and Allen. Not putting much stock into the first pre season depth charts. It will be interesting to see the O lIne and pass rush results Friday.

  18. By SCfromNY on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with GaryC on Plax and say again we have tall WRs. Everyone will yell but I would have signed T.O. He was not an issue in Buffalo and could give some much needed help. I like the Maybin prediction BUT I hope if he does as well as I expect the Jets sign him to an extension mid season before someone else grabs him. Pass rushers are gold.When camps trim their rosters there will be some fine WRs available should the Jets want one.

  19. By MarkP@JetsReality on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    Agree with Ron. I don’t think MacIntyre has the speed.
    Sapp is having a good camp and it sometimes takes a good 2 years to bounce
    back from knee surgery. And I do like Dowtin but he looks more like a DB than LB. He has a very small frame but I know he hits! Ira is money from what I saw with Baker & Powell. To me the practices I observed Powell looked like the #1 back. And Yes, depth charts are meaningless on 8/8. Hey GC, LB’s will be better & quicker with Davis. Harris should have an All-Pro yr. Problem area remains OL.
    RB’s are better than I figured. Besides Powell, Ganaway has shown some giddyup with a gd change of dir.J. Gfiffin just waived.

  20. By GaryC on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    MarkP,don’t know what you see where the linebackers are going to be better,have they found the fountain of youth,age progresses,not regresses.

  21. By ron alexander on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    GARY C, I think Mark P was alluding to the young L.B’s some of us have been discussing. Dont get me wrong,as S.C.Joe has stated, we havn’t seen enough of them to know what they can or cant do. However, we have all seen what Pace,Thomas and even MacIntyre can do and lets face it, it hasn’t been much lately! I for one am hopeing we can get D.Davis,Ricky Sapp.A.Maybin and mabey even Marcus Dowtin into the game plan and that they can play well enough to replace the older guys.MIKE Jet vet- Lets wait and see on Maybin,so far he’s a one-trick poney(pure speed rush to the out-side. If he doesn’t learn some other moves opposing O.T.’s will use his speed against him and simply allow him to run himself out of the play by pushing him past the pocket.

  22. By abu esa rashid on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    can we sign Lee Evans or chad Johnson or another experienced WR

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