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Eric Smith on the 3-Headed Starting Safety Spot

Posted by Randy Lange on August 9, 2012 – 11:05 am

The Jets defense has its own position experiment going on, not exactly similar to Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow at QB but intriguing nonetheless.

How do you fit three starting-quality safeties into two first-string positions? You call them all starters.

And as far as Eric Smith’s concerned, the approach is working fine.

“That’s what we’re going to do, and it’s looking good,” the upbeat Smith said this week. “We’re excited about it. I think it’ll be good for us.”

The other two safeties starting alongside Smith are, of course, veteran deep-middle men Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry. All three are impressive in their own right. Bell signed later in the offseason but has been around longer and has inhaled the Rex Ryan/Mike Pettine defense. OC Tony Sparano, Bell’s head coach with the Dolphins from 2008-11, said, “This guy was really a special player for me.”

Landry was signed as an unrestricted free agent in March but was rarely around the Jets building until June’s minicamp as he rehabbed those Achilles and foot issues he had the previous two seasons with Washington. We’ll cross our fingers as we say it, but Landry appears to be back to his old impactful self from his first three Redskins seasons.

“He’s a specimen, one of the biggest cut-up guys I’ve seen,” Smith said. “Seeing him move around, he’s zero-to-60 almost as fast as Cro [Antonio Cromartie], and Cro’s fast. He’s a very gifted athlete.”

Smitty’s no slouch, either. He was hobbled by different injuries last year but still played in all 16 games, started a career-high 14, and also posted career highs with 83 tackles and 2.5 sacks. And with Jim Leonhard gone off to Denver, he’s probably inherits the title as quarterback of the Ryan/Pettine scheme.

“I’m feeling good right now. I’m staying healthy and I feel like I’m having a good camp back there,” he said. “Making the checks, getting everybody on the same page, I feel like our communication right now is so far ahead of where it was last year and that we’re playing a lot faster.”

But since 3 usually doesn’t go into 2 evenly, Smith was asked how that’s going to work at his position. One way, he said, is for all three to be on the turf at the same time, in, say, some of their sub looks.

“The safeties we have, the different roles we can play,” he said, “I see a lot of packages where they’re putting all of us on the field, and it’s looking good.”

In the base, one of those safeties has to come off the field. Pettine no doubt has ideas on when the best combo will be Smith-Bell, when it’s Smith-Landry and when it’s Bell-Landry. But when Smith comes off the field, he knows he’ll still have plenty of reps ahead on Mike Westhoff’s special teams — although he marvels at Westhoff saying that this year “We’re going to free up Eric to be back with us a little bit more.”

“I don’t know how he can get me back more. I was on everything!” Smith said. Asked what was the most snaps he played in a game last season, he said, “There were a couple of games where I was over 100. More than a couple.”

We’ll see how the plan begins to morph as soon as Friday night at Cincinnati in the Jets’ preseason opener. But for now and hopefully on through the season, the safeties can warble a little Meat Loaf karaoke when they sing “Three into Two Ain’t Bad.”

Benefits of the Preseason Opener

TE Dustin Keller was asked Wednesday if Friday is the perfect time for the Jets to open their preseason schedule. “I would say so, before we all kill each other,” he said, laughing. “No, everything’s been good, camp’s been good, but we’re ready to hit another color jersey. While you’re going against your team, and competing against the best defense in the NFL is all good and great, you want to get out there and get some live work and a real feel for where this offense is.”

Keller’s desires for the offense against the Bengals’ defense: “I would like to see us making big plays and big plays down the field, and establish the run. I would like to see us be more consistent. I want to see us have multiple long-play drives, just keep it going, and staying out of the three-and-outs.”

Practice Notes

Today’s practice was a closed walkthrough before the Jets board their charter flight for Cincinnati. … The Jets have several Ohioans on their roster, including two who played in the Queen City market. FB John Conner played at Lakota West HS in West Chester, a half-hour drive from downtown. Reporter John Holt talked with Conner exclusively for our e-newsletter subscribers. Click here to sign up for the newsletter. And CB Julian Posey attended La Salle HS in the northwestern part of the city. … LB Bryan Thomas will be making a return to action from last year’s Achilles injury and he’s pretty excited about it. Read my advance on BT in his first game action in a while Friday morning on newyorkjets.com.

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56 Responses to “Eric Smith on the 3-Headed Starting Safety Spot”

  1. By Karan on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    Honestly, on this Jets offense performing, it all comes down to the Offensive line and Mark Sanchez. When the blocking has been good, Mark has played quite well. When the O-line plays bad like most of the time last year, Mark plays bad. My only concern is that our O-line is not good enough. I love pur 5 starters with the exception of Hunter. Why people have doubted Slauson is beyond me, I think he’s a really good player. I’m just worried about the depth on the O-line. I hear good things about the back-ups in Austin Howard and Caleb S, but we heard those praises last season as well, and the depth was horrible. I really hope we can add another veteran or two before the start of the season. By now, I don’t even care who, as long it is a veteran….

  2. By Karan on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    ……lineman. Heck, even add Otah if you can, his panthers contract has been terminated. I was hoping for a blocking tight end that would be signed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest Keller fan and really like Cumberland and Baker, but are these guys pure blockers? Obviously, I want to keep ‘em all, but we might still need an extra blocker in run situations. I guess maybe the Jets will use Ducasse for that, certainly hope not, the guys a bust, give up on him already Mr. T.

  3. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    Revis, Cro, Bell. Smitty, healthy Landry, Feeling better with this back Field, in some time. Pass defense has been horrible, yet we’re still ranked 5th in total D .. Even though he’s getting long in the tooth .I always thought Smitty but most of all BT were underrated, hope he comes back healthy get at least one more good season from him.. We need Mo, Coples, and Maybin, to excel .. Although, I believe Rex and Denis are cooking up some seriously crazy DB/Safety pressure packages, Opposing QB’s will be a fallin this season………. GO JETS,JETS,JETS

  4. By Karan on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    I like the fact that Antonio Allen has been having a good camp. I had a feeling this guy would be good, hopefully he can be our safety of the future with Bush. Coples has been quiet, hope he’s not a bust. Can’t wait to see Wilkerson in action, this guy should have a break-out season. I’ve read somewhere New England has found their pass rusher in Chandler Jones, uh-oh. I hate the Patriots like any other Jets fan, but I will say that they know how to draft. Seems like every year they have an above average draft, its annoying but it happens. We might not be as good as them in draft terms, but I’ve really liked this years draft class for our Jets.

  5. By steven on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    I am looking forward to seeing Hayden Smith play. I think he is going to be great!

  6. By scjoe on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    The safety’s are still a work in progress, at this point they can be anywhere between a 1 and a 10. The safety spot is one of the few I am concerned about, along with the RT of course. If both of those spots hold their own and Sanchez shows some much needed improvement this could be a pretty productive season.

  7. By danny on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    Eric Smith should be playing Special Teams and Special Teams only. He should be behing Atonio Allen on the depth chart cmonnnnn. This guy is slower then Nick Mangold. I like the kid and he’s a tough kid but does not have the speed to play Safety in the NFL. If any of the 3 I mentioned above are healthy and I see this guy get burnt for a 60 yd TD like always I’m gonna throw my TV out the window. Actually let me add Bush to that list too, No way can our rookie safetys be any worse then Eric Smith at Safety. I’m annoyed just hearing about this 3 headed Safety garbage. This is a complete joke

  8. By wayne on Aug 9, 2012 | Reply

    No disrespect meant to the players, but if they’re using 3 to play 2 spots it means they can’t find 2 to get job done……This team’s offense at this point doesn’t look to be high powered, that means its D will be taxed once again. Games are going to be won or lost on one or 2 plays a game. A safety not being able to cover in a big spot. A team goes no huddle and they have no answers back there……Couple years ago most of the big plays went Jets way. Wonder which direction the pendulum is headed?

  9. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    You know I just wish the media..the jets and even some fans would just come to terms and realize this team will be lucky to be 8-8. Let’s look at facts. 1. Rex doesn’t trust either sanchez or tebow to throw the ball. If he did trust mark he would have gotten a true #1 WR to go along side holmes. This ground and pound scheme proves it. All this media attention is the NYJ FO fault. You bring in Tebow to steal back pages..you don’t have a backup QB come in on a private plan and have 200 media guys for a press conference. If you really wanted to make a point Rex and Mike T. should have just kept it low key and then tell Tebow you are here to run the wildcat and wildcat only.

  10. By ron alexander on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    KARAN, you said it all, the D will be fine! the secondary though “a work in progress” as S.CJoe said, cant be any worse that the last two seasons. As are all of you I’m am sick of watching opponents convert key 3rd down passes in the face of good pressure as the safty’s could not come up with the needed big play.Hey, we all know Leonard and Smith are tough,smart players.The problem was they were both too slow and in Leonards case too small as well. STEVEN,
    dude,what is this fascination with Hayden Smith? I hope your not gonna be too upset when he gets cut in the next week or two. As no one is mentioning his name
    I’m think’n he’s not doing much of anything?

  11. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    We all know that Tebow wouldn’t have accepted coming to NY if he wasn’t promised a shot at starting. Why? everyone can see that Tebow is not accurate…he can’t make certain throws. If the jets were serious once again, they would have gotten a proven Vet to back up sanchez. Let Tebow be another brad smith ( who never really got to throw anyway ). Clearly we see that the “D” is way ahead of the offense and Rex knows this. The “D” knows this as well..that’s why they have been pushing the “O” to the limit. Showing them up hoping to get them mad enough to play better. And to think Tebow was supposed to make this team gel also..bring them together with his “TEBOW MAGIC”…well..I didn’t see any of that in cortland so far.

  12. By Sal on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    D line should be a monster….. Let the fun and games begin…

  13. By ron alexander on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    KARAN, bye the way, i wouldn’t be to worried about Chandler Jones. I watched a lot of Syracuse games and his most popular posisition was prone.Hey, Syracuse didn’t exactly play a powerhouse schedule and Jones spent a lot of time picking himself off the groung after getting pancacked! If there is one guy in last years draft more over-rated than Coples it was Jones, If he turns out to be the “real deal” I will be the first to admit i was wrong about him, but I dont think we should be shaking in our pants because of him.Also, as bad as Tannenbaum is, if you look at N.E’s drafts since Scott Pioli left they have not been very good at all.Most of the good young players they have were free agent signings or left-overs from Pioli’s drafts.

  14. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Tebow seems to be a great kid. Is he the answer to all of our problems? NO
    We still don’t have a true #1 WR. Our RT spot is shakey and we don’t have a proven vet at the back up QB spot. I am just going to sit back and root for this team as usual. I will watch these young kids Davis, Hill, Allen and Coples develop into stars ( I hope ) and hope to see wilkerson and ellis dominate. The defense is should be top 3…the offense…we’ll wait and see. But Rex needs to come down to earth and see that this is a passing league now…GO JETS!

  15. By Tom Spicer on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Did anyone watch the Packer vs Charger game last night? The guy I wanted the Jets to draft LB out of South Carolina Melvin Ingram had a sack & would have another sack but the tackle held him & got called for it he looked very good. He is there starting OLB. Meanwhile the Jets took Coples instead of him who we have not heard a peep from. Meanwhile we run a 3-4 & the 3-4 pass rush comes from the OLB’s not the d line. With the guys on the d line we had I dont feel like we needed another 1. With the OLBS we have age & speed wise it seems like we really need a new one.

  16. By Tom Spicer on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Gary C, You have talked about how we need speed & youth at the LB position. But when I was saying we should take Melvin Ingram linebacker South Carolina you did not like the pick. It would have solved our problem you keep talking about. Did you see him last night?

  17. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Wayne, I think it is the understatement of the decade to say that “this offense at this point is not high powered” I’m not sure it is powered at all. You know what’s worse? The fact that they have to go up against one of thee most high powered offenses in the league twice a year. This whole “ground and pound” illusion will be their downfall. There best hope would be to somehow acquire a veteran WR, then HOPE there is some big time improvement in Sanchez game. I think the defense will hold their own, but another offensive debacle like last season will have heads rolling.

  18. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Ron A, could not agree more about NEs drafting the past few years. It leaves a lot to be desired (IF you were a Pats fan that is) But no matter how you look at it their GM is still a few steps ahead of OUR GM. They win with consistency in their scheme, with smarts, and of course with Brady and Belichek. NOT because they have mastered the art of drafting.

  19. By GaryC on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    ron alexander, you are right,just because new england drafted chandler jones most people thinks he will become Deacon Jones,these football geniuses on television haven’t even seen him play.

  20. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe .agreed with your point on offense, my question is, why didn’t heads roll already? Does anyone believe J-McKnight, Tebow and Turner will be the answer. Even with the lack of offensive production last year, We lost the few players having that production, Then not replacing them will only in my opinion be just another rebuilding year , on offense anyway, bringing me back to my biggest objections in Jets brain thrust THE DRAFT

  21. By Steve Dale on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    You have to be kidding me. Eric Smith cannot cover anyone.

  22. By walt on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    I am getting a little tired of hearing what I consider unwarranted crittcism of Eric Smith.I remember just two years ago when everyone was praising him as an up and coming star in the Jets organisation.If these people who are in such a hurry to critisize him would do a little research they would discover that he suffered from various leg injurious in the second half of the last season but had to continue playing.I wonder why Jets fans always give Revis a bye.I remember the second Bills game when Johnson owned him.How about the second half of the Patriots game when Revis gave up a long touchdown pass to Welker to start the second half.Eric is far from the worst safety in the NFL.

  23. By ron alexander on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Guys, o.k, lets say Sanchez ups his game and throws for 32 t.d’s,cuts his interceptions in half(say 12-to 15 and limits his fumbles to say 4. Now, lets say Schillens stays healthy and he and Hill team up to be a dynamic duo on the outside and Holmes moves to the slot and has a big year?What happans then to our vaunted ground&pound?My point here is would the current coaching staff have the good sence to adjust the game plan and play to our new strength? I’ve been saying we need to play the young L.B’s on defence as we all know what the older guys can do? does anybody here really think Pace,Thomas,Scott and even Macintyre scare opposing teams? Not me!

  24. By ron alexander on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    WALT- your kidd’n right? are you talk’n about Eric(#33)Smith that plays for the N.Y.Jets?Dude, i dont know what games you have been watching, but the Eric Smith the rest of us have seen has never( to my knowledge) been referrd to as an up&coming star?The guy I have seen the past 4 or years is usually seen trailing a opposing reciever into the end zone as he scores a long T.D. I doubt he could cover Vlad Ducasse let alone an NFL reciever?MIKE_JET_VET,welcome to the Mike Tannenbaum fan club!Most of us here on Randy’s blog have been on the same page about him. Again, he was brought here by Parcells to be a “salary cap Guru” How that qualifies him to eveluate players with no apparent football background is beyond me?

  25. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Tom Spicer, yes, I watched the packer game and was impressed with Ingram too.They say hindsight is 20/20, but lets also remember it is still very early in the process and we haven’t even seen what Coples can do (or can not do) yet. I would much rather have him flying under the radar until the regular season then break out. If that don’t happen we will all have plenty of time to worry about it then.

  26. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    MJV, hopefully Turner is going to be nothing more then a roll player. McKnight? At this point we are not even sure he will be the 3rd down back. And Tebow? His roll can change dramaitically and in a NY minute depending on what MS does (or does not do) So, the question marks are many.GaryC, I watched the replay of the Pats -Saints game (borrrrrring) but Jones stood out. As I told Spicer, it is still early in the process but watching both Ingram and Jones, the Jets would not have gone wrong with either. Again, lets not draw to many conclusions yet.

  27. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Aside from seeing some of the younger guys tonight I am also looking forward to seeing how the new and improved “ground and pound” fares against a very good Bengal front 7. Also looking forward to seeing Vontaze Burfict, a guy I desperately wanted the Jets to select with one of their late round or compensatory picks. And of course the Greene/Revis mathup, if it even happens.

  28. By GaryC on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    tom spicer,wanted to see more of the charger game last night but didn’t because of Ingram,I might have to catch the replay,I am still not sold on him,do not know if he is an everydown player as of yet,a little like Maybin, a situational guy.I still want to see our young guys play and push the vets and make Rex make some tough decisions.Remember Tom, Ingram lasted longer than was expected in draft so there are flaws in his game.

  29. By wayne on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, Rex doesn’t know anything else and as he’s stated many a times, he ain’t changing. Sad to say, I don’t think he has much of a choice here; the #1 and 2 WR are both in question, QB coming off down year and has a ton of pressure on his back, RBs in question, we all know about the OL. You don’t usually make playoffs with this many question on one side of the ball. It’s just too much. I’m really hoping I’m wrong, but I think this thing could come apart at the seams….Especially with certain guys already showing an unwillingness to hold it together……….Spicer, you gonna put this guy in the Pro Bowl after one preseason game? The first one? You might be right, but hold your horses thar pardna.

  30. By danny on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Walt if E Smith got hurt halfway thru the season last yr then what happened the first half of season like game one vs Cowboys “Witten” where he got abused. 2 yrs ago i don’t remember anyone saying he was a rising star at all. He filled in well for Leanard when he went down and had some big hits but that was before teams realized he runs a 5.5 40yd dash. Once they seen witten completely abuse him every team went after him. Sorry the kid is tough but NO DOUBT the slowest safety in the NFL. Not the worst Safety but def the slowest

  31. By scjoe on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Well, I was worried about the O line before the game. I am REALLY worried about it now. The depth for this unit is non existent. I would imagine that is the reason none of the QBs looked anything close to average. On defense I was impressed with Coples, Richardson and Harrison. If the O line and the offense in general is not fixed soon, it will be a long, long year.

  32. By GaryC on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    coples has already done more than gholston,Bart Scott still can’t cover even though he is in better shape,I believe his ship has sailed and take thomas with you, please.linebacking will continue to be the jets downfall,no pass rush, no coverage skills,but some will blame it all on Sanchez.

  33. By danny on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Well it’s only preseason and our starters only played the 1st Q. What I take from the game is we need HELP on the O LINE ASAP and Ron u were 100 % right we need a Blocking TE ASAP. MS had some zip on his balls but if we don;t get help on the O line and Blocking TE he is dead meat. I also seen MS is by far light yrs ahead of any other QB on the team. Tebpw runs like a machine but can;t throw and is not or ever will be a NFL starting QB. Please ppl no more comparing Coples to Gholston OMG this kid is a BEAST. He showed he has the ability to wreak havoc in the backfield. I was very happy with Coples play and Mcnight played well. All I know tho is Tanny screwed up big time and better get us a blocking TE and the best FA O lineman available

  34. By FLPete on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    WOW!!! We have way too much loyalty to these special teams players…. The 2nd and 3rd groups are terrible aagain on both sides of the ball minus this years draft class and a few free agents… This nick Bellore guy is the worst and needs to be cut immediately.. Why do we continue to praise and keep these short corners with no great qualities, didnt we learn from the Cruz massacre… This is the reason Revis can hold us hostage for more money because theres no quality depth….

  35. By Jimmer on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    I get it now. Since we could not field a decent OL, we get TT instead. That was just not pretty.
    Let me digress, during the draft, some of us were screaming for OL-men even in rd 1. It was obvious even Peyton Manning couldn’t help this team behind the OL we had. Not just the starters looked bad, but we made every guy on the Cincy DL look all pro. From start to finish, our O looked bad.
    Thank you for TT, he may be the only QB that can take the beating coming to NYJ QB’s! We need to make some trades now and stop hoping some guys get cut for salary cap reasons opening week.
    Maybe the OL is the reason Rex quit talking SB this year? Hunter is the starter for now? Guess what, he’s not the only issue. What is Moore or Mangold go down?

  36. By Jimmer on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    Cont. We seem to have ignored the basic issue of football. The baqttles are won in the trenches. McElroy was the best QB we had tonight, and he was bad. There was a play or 2 the guy couldn’t even count to 1 mississippi! I wonder if Sparano is rethinking that he should have just taken a year off. To help out the OL, we appear to have 0 TE’s that can block. It does appear we have RB’s willing to take up the vacaqnt space left by the OL/te’S. Too bad they are just speedbumps on the way to the QB.

  37. By Jimmer on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    We do have something great to look forward to. Couples seems to be a guy that gets it. He, amoung the many youth on the defense, looked good. I didn’t see anything from Wilkerson or Ellis. But allthe other rookies and 2nd yr guys were all over the place. We have depth most teams would love(unless ur the bengals who think they have all pro backups). It’s across the board, Dl, LB and secondary. Our young guys are impressive in the speed/brain dept..
    We have backups on D that can start on quite a few NFL teams.

  38. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    I understand it’s the first game in preseason,But I have to say, Pathetic, worse then that, playing possum certainly can’t be an excuse, Maybe fighting each other in camp wasn’t such a bad idea .they sure had no fight against Cincy ..One’s looked like rookies out there, What I’ve seen and with our schedule, all I can say is I’m closing my eyes and crossing my fingers …..

  39. By Charliejet on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Couples did good – played the whole game.

  40. By GaryC on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Randy, any reason why the nfl network blacked out the jet game last night in indy.they promoted the game all week,then I got a replay of the falcon-raven game.

  41. By Randy Lange on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, I don’t know the answer to that. I just know that Jets-Bengals was never scheduled to be a national game.

  42. By SCfromNY on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Only first game but too many reminders of last year. Smith injured again. Sanchez has same post game comments. Scott still a liability. Can not pick on RT since the whole line looked like they forgot it wasn’t a walk through.CanTebow catch? He obviously should be a TE / H Back and not a QB. Use him in the wildcat like Brad and move McElroy up to back up so he gets more reps. This Tebow nonsense is way out of hand. Even the 4 videos headling the Jets page have Tebow in 3 of the 4. Let’s start by having the jets treat him like a backup. No post game interviews. No constant reminders of what he is doing.Stop the constant comparrisons. Does anyone know how well Carr is doing against Eli. It doesn’t matter! Carr is a backup.

  43. By ron alexander on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    JIMMER, if you tvowed last nites game,go back and watch it again.Ellis may not have made many tackles but he was a force.He was in the Cincy backfield a lot.
    I’m glad Coples looked better than what we have heard from camp.But like Ingram in S.D and Jones on N.E. lets not put any one in Canton quite yet!Coples was playing mostly against 2′s and 3′s. Lets see him do it a couple of games in a row before inducting him into the “Hall of Fame”S.C.J & Danny,uggghhhh, the O-line was dreadful!Who is our new line coach?Did anybody notice how Greg Buttle had no idea what he was talking about on the first sack? He was blameing the R.B when it was Slauson who failed to come of the double team with Mangold on the N.T and Malaluga went bye him untouched

  44. By Tom Spicer on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    1st the good Coples looked like a player, Ellis & Wilkerson I also saw them making plays. Hill looked pretty good except for that 1 drop. I always knew Tebow was a good runner & that he ran hard. But he is faster than I thought he was. Now the bad the O line looked like last year if they dont get it right & soon. All you Tebow fans will be real happy cause Mark is going to get hurt & Tebow will be starting before you know it. Also Greene is not a NFL back I think the Jets might be better of with McKnight & Powell as there 2 backs. Last night the announcer said Greene runs with his feet on the ground come to think of it he is right.

  45. By Frank on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Gee wiz…o-line stinks, we can’t cover anyone with our LB’s and safeties and we have one of the worst receiving corps in the league. All problem areas last year that weren’t resolved….this will be a house cleaning year without a doubt. We need football people running the show not a dog and pony show.

  46. By GaryC on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    I for one was happy with the jet draft,it might be their saving grace this year,if jetfantom is around,If rebuilding is having scott,thomas,pace,hunter not starting then let’s start building rome,if these guys continue starting it will take longer to the super bowl then building rome.

  47. By viveca on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Looked a lot like last year, except for the d-line who looks very promising.
    O-line, not opening holes, not giving the qb any time to throw. Bart Scott , Pace and Thomas still look slow. Very poor in bliz pick-up. Bright spots, Coples and McKnight.Tebow a nice guy who runs well, but can’t throw. Tired of hearing his name every second! Is Schotty really gone? Didn’t see much improvment on offense. Big worries: o-line, no blocking te…we need more playmakers!

  48. By danny on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Maybin and the rookie Davis need more playing time with the one’s because during season they need to be on the field more then expected. Scott lost a step and can lose 10 more lbs but aint getting it back and our 2 outside LBs are old and slow. Maybin is a pass rusher but also has the speed to run with RB’s and TE’s so its time to work on his pass coverage. O line and LB needs to be upgraded or the critics are right it will be a long season. I know it was just 1st preseason game but what a let down, Mostly with watching the first unit on offense let up 2 sacks besides the few plays MS avoided a sack. How can our coaching staff not see in practice that our o line stinks ?? I just don’t understand at all

  49. By walt on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Ron run the tapes of the playoff games two years ago.Especially the Colts game that my friend was when all the raving for eric smith was going on.As I mentioned before Eric had injury problems last year which you fail to mention.And yes Revis does get a bye when he has a bad game which I admit he rarely happens.Eric played the whole season last year and I doubt we could have had the number five defence if he was that bad.As Revis showed last year even the best can have a bad game even when 100 percent healthy.

  50. By ron alexander on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    DANNY,amen brother! I’ve been saying all week I want to see more of Davis and the other young guys as Pace,Thomas and Scott have all slowed down too much to be effective. S.C.Joe,like you I dont want to be negative,but last night was like watching a replay of last years collapse.This was a disaster in terms of exposing our lack of preperation and execution.Danny, I’m so ticked off at this I dont know where to start?The O-line is supposedly using different blocking schemes this year? The problem is what ever the heck there doing,it sure looked like last year to me?On “D” Scott got beat like a rug on several passes to R.B’s Pace and Thomas were absoloute non-factors! Truthfully,Im at a loss for words! I’m really shocked!

  51. By danny on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Walt we would have had a top 3 D without Smith and would have made the playoffs because the Denver game I’s sorry E, Smith had outside contain and took a inside charge as Tebow ran right around him for winning TD. YOU are taught in pee wee football to take a ooutside contain on a blitz like that and Eric didn’t, How bout Cruz 99 yd TD where was our safety ummm chasing him as we lost him on the bottom of screen because he is so slow. Walt he had 2 solid playoff games filling in for Leanard yes but once he got ripped by Witten 1st game last yr teams seen he has no speed and abused him all yr long, AS i said he is to fault for no taking outside contain on Tebows winning TD or we make playoffs last yr. No way did he help us to top 5 D

  52. By danny on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Ron I’m shocked too and I didn’t expect much last night but in no way expected what I watched. I’m at a loss for words too. You know I always try and think positive but nothing showed me last night that I can think that way anymore. It’s only preseason so lets hope they fix the O line and make some changes on both sides of the ball the next few weeks before opening kickoff or it’s gonna be a terrible yr for us Jets fans

  53. By scjoe on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Ron, you put your finger on it, not so much a lack of preparation, because we know they don’t game plan, but a definite lack of execution. As for the change in the blocking scheme from seasons past? That would be fine IF the scheme was the problem to begin with, in my eyes it is not the scheme that is the problem, it is the personnel. They had plenty of opportunities to address the personnel problems via the draft AND in free agency, they choose not to. So, what you see now is going to be what you get come game #1

  54. By Jake on Aug 12, 2012 | Reply

    From Jimmer’s earlier comment. I totally agree with most of what you said. However you can’t really blame Wilkerson for not showing anything. The Cincy run game got stuffed by the Jets 1st team D the entire time they were in, which usually means the guys down in the stance are plugging some holes, and Wilkerson got less then one quarter of work so I wouldn’t be to quick to judge on him. I know alot went bad in that game but we can’t get on everyone, There were still guys who played well.

  55. By ron alexander on Aug 12, 2012 | Reply

    S.CJoe,You are obviously correct in terms of game planning for pre-season games,however, i was referring for the numerous missed blocking assignments I saw Fri. For example,on the first sack Slauson should have come off his double-team with Mangold on the nosetackle.Instead,he allowed malaluga a clear path to the Q.B?Of course Greg Buttle was so busy listening to himself talk he totally mis called it by blaming it on Powell?Again, with the possiable exception of finding a replacement for Wayne Hunter,we are probably going to be stuck with the current O.L so I hope some one is able to figure out a way to get these guys to block somebody?

  56. By ron alexander on Aug 12, 2012 | Reply

    Guys, this appears to have flown under the radar,but did anyone else here read about the lousey way Tannenbaum treated Slauson? O.k, heres a hard working guy who makes his living in the trenches.He continues to play last season after injuring his shoulder(which required off-season surgery to correct) and Tannenbaum proceeds to threaten to cut him if he doesn’t take a $170k pay cut? Now, the Jets are apparently like 6mil under the cap. Slauson a 2 yr starter, is only makeing 1.170 mil per yr,so why are we bothering him instead of some of the guys makeing stupid money?RANDY, can I get a little help with this one? As Slauson is a good guy,popular with his team mates, I cant imagine this is good for team moral?

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