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Pennington’s Back on Sidelines…Today Only

Posted by Randy Lange on August 14, 2012 – 12:19 pm

Updated, 1:45 p.m. ET

A familiar face, with that familiar body lean and that familiar touseled blond hair was recognizable on the Jets’ sidelines at today’s training camp practice at SUNY Cortland even without his familiar No. 10 jersey. Chad Pennington is here for a visit and perhaps a little quarterback consultation on the side.

“Coach Sparano, Coach Ryan and Mike asked me to come up for the day,” said Pennington, that old Southern drawl sounding as calm and reassuring as it always did in the early part of the new millennium. “I’m actually going to be making a corporate appearance at MetLife Stadium tomorrow, so it worked out perfectly to come up here, visit training camp and see some familiar faces and friends and watch practice.”

Pennington’s presence resonates on so many levels here today. Besides his ties as a former Jets first-round draft choice — a member of the “Four Aces” draft class of 2000 that then-assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum got signed in time for the ’00 training camp — and their starting signalcaller around those traumatic shoulder injuries from ’02 through ’07, he has that Aqua & Coral connection. When Brett Favre came in, Pennington went to the Dolphins. Who just happened to be led in ’08 by first-time head coach Tony Sparano. And who just happened to be running a little number known as the Wildcat, with Ronnie Brown in the ‘Cat-bird’s seat.

Rex Ryan invited Pennington in to talk to the team and Chad told my partner Eric Allen on newyorkjets.com that his theme was that the game of football is a players’ game.

“With all the analysis that goes on around the game of football, fantasy football, all the entertainment value to the game, it’s still a players’ game,” Pennington said. “That’s where the magic lies, when you take a group of players, mesh them together and go after one common purpose, one goal. That’s what makes the game great.”

Pennington also chatted with reporters today and the early questions were about all those topics, such as Mark Sanchez’s development and Tim Tebow’s arrival and Sparano’s input into this intriguing story of making the Wildcat a significant part of the Jets’ offensive approach for 2012.

For fans who want to hear Chad chatting about Jets football once again, he moved into the studio with my partner, Eric Allen, for today’s Jets Talk Live show on newyorkjets.com. Pennington stepped into the lineup for Mark Sanchez, who was originally scheduled for the show but couldn’t make it. The show began streaming around 12:45 p.m. ET, beginning with EA’s interview with Bart Scott, and will be archived on our site shortly.

For all the rest of you who can’t wait and want to get one more Chad fix, here’s a partial transcript of his impromptu news conference with reporters this morning:

On what he’s seen of Sanchez…

Pennington: I think from what I’ve seen from afar and now being here, Mark is throwing the ball better than I’ve ever seen him throw. He’s got excellent control with his throws and his ball placement, and also just his body language and how he’s carrying himself in and out of the huddle, I think he’s doing an outstanding job. I think he’s definitely gotten better over the offseason and really made a point to take it up to the next level. And kudos to him for doing that because that’s a decision that you have to make as a professional, to listen to the criticism and then do something about it, and he’s certainly done that.”

On his experience with the Wildcat and how it affects quarterbacks…

Pennington: Most of the time in the Wildcat, you’re still calling the play as the quarterback, you’re just lining up different. To me as a quarterback, what’s the difference in taking a snap and handing the ball off and lining up at receiver? There’s really no difference. You’re involved in the game, you’re involved in the playcalling, and really and truly, it’s about finding an edge as a team. And if this can provide a spark and provide an edge for this team, I think it can be a great weapon, because whether you use the Wildcat or not, a team has to prepare for it week in and week out.

And it’s something that you can do so many things with other than your typical Wildcat formation. There’s all kinds of things you can do, personnel groups and plays, so it can become an X-factor. I think the key to the whole system is that the players make it their own. That’s what it’s about. Coaches coach, players play. The game is still about the players in between the white lines. As long as they take ownership in the system and handle it right in the locker room, it can be a neat story and a good, solid, successful story for them going into the season.

On Tim Tebow running the Wildcat compared to Ronnie Brown in Miami…

Pennington: Obviously, Tim adds another threat with the ability to do the zone-read concepts as well as being able to throw the football, and that totally changes a defense’s perspective. Now they always have to have a free safety in the middle of the field because of the threat of the pass. The Wildcat for us in Miami was a great short-yardage package, a great red-zone package. And points are a premium in this league. Games are won and lost by minimal amounts. And so anytime you can find an advantage somewhere, you want to exercise that and use that.

On adjustments a QB has to make in running it…

Pennington: If you are totally focused on winning, there’s no adjusting because you’re going to do what it takes to win. And the beauty about this league is there is no BCS ranking, there’s no computer guru, it’s either a W or it’s an L. And if the package allows you to win and be more successful at winning, you’re going to be all for it as a player. That’s the key, because I can promise you after a win, whether it’s 7-6 or 37-36, it’s much better than a loss on Monday mornings.

On quarterbacks who say the Wildcat inhibits their rhythm during a game…

Pennington: Well, I think that’s selfish. I think if you think as a quarterback that this game is solely about you, you’re sadly mistaken. This is the greatest team game ever invented, and this is not an individual game, and so for a quarterback to grip about whether he’s getting in rhythm or not — grab the football, make a play. That’s what it’s about, that’s what your teammates are asked to do. There are some guys that only get 10 snaps, and their performance and whether or not they have a job on a team is based on those 10 snaps. You think they’re worried about getting into a rhythm? They only have 10 opportunities. So I think that’s something that as a quarterback, I understand that, but at the same time, if you’re truly focused on winning, you’re going to do what it takes to win.

On how Sanchez has handled the situation since the trade for Tebow…

Pennington:  I think he’s done a great job and I think the key is their room, how they handle it as a room. It’s not just about the starter, it’s about the quarterback room and having the right relationship with each other as well as with your coaches and your playcaller. You have to be an extension of your coach out there because they can’t walk out there on the field with you. And the most important thing is communication, talking things out, understanding you’re in here for one reason and that’s to win and you’ve got to talk things out. And as long you keep open the lines of communication and you’re up front, I don’t think it’s a problem

On Sparano’s presence in implementing the Wildcat…

Pennington: Well, winning keeps everybody happy, number one, but I think Tony Sparano is a perfect hire for this team. I think he brings an edge to the offense. You can see him. He’s fiery, he’s a go-getter, he’s a grinder. And I think they’re going to like what Tony brings to the table. Tony understands the game is not played on the chalkboard, it’s played out in between the white lines, and it’s a game that has a human element to it. We try to make it Madden/PlayStation all the time and it’s not. They’re not robots out there. There’s a human element to this game. That’s why we love this game, because of all the different stories and intriguing things that come from the game.

On why Sparano’s so good at coaching the ‘Cat…

Pennington: I think what Tony brings to the table is he’s not worried about the next job or he’s not worried about the next promotion. He’s been at every level, be it head coach, coordinator, college, pro, high school. He’s here to win, and whatever it takes to win, he’s not going to allow his own personal interests or anybody else’s personal interests get in the way of the team winning. And that’s what it’s about.

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52 Responses to “Pennington’s Back on Sidelines…Today Only”

  1. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    If you can not get into the end zone and score points, no matter what system you run on offense, your not going to win games… I am impressed with Couple’s on defense.

  2. By IRA on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Always good to read or hear about Chad. And while i know it almost worked with Favre i still believe they should’ve never got rid of Chad.
    Getting back to the OL i will give them the benefit of a doubt that maybe learning a new blocking scheme [man to man from zone] will take a few games together and they will play better this week. I can only hope.

  3. By AZ JET Fan on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I love CP. The Jets organization should be proud they had guys like him and Curtis Martin on their team. CP won the comeback player of the year 2 out 3 years. That is amazing.

  4. By Tom Spicer on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Chad had a career year the first year he went to Miami & the Phins had the Wildcat going that year. I can only hope Mark can do the same. While I think our D with the new additions will be top 3 in the NFL. Our O between the O line, backs & WRS it does not look like Mark is set up to suceed.

  5. By Spiked73 on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Chad needs to be a QB coach in this league, and I can’t think of a better place for that to happen than the New York Jets.

  6. By Tom Spicer on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I think our D is going to have a very good year also my long term expectations are thru the roof for that side of the ball. Long term NT Ellis 2nd year, DE’S Wilkerson 2nd year & Coples 1st year, MLB’S Harris & Davis 1st year, OLBS Maybin & Pace Corners Revis & Cromartie Safteys Landry & Bell. Out of that entire group I just named Pace is 30 & Bell is 37 but 9 out of 11 are in there prime or new into the league.

  7. By Tom Spicer on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    On O we need a right tackle, right guard (Moore is getting up there), left guard, running back, Wide Reciver & of course QB. We llok like we are in trouble in all of these spots. Something tells me next years draft is going to have a major focus on the O side of the ball.

  8. By ron alexander on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Well said 64! I dont care if we run Tebow on Q.B sneaks up and down the field.As long as we score and win the game, I’m o.k! IRA I agree, Chad was always a class act, so its nice to see him visit the team and say a few nice things about our beleagured Q.B! Sadly, as for the O.Line, its beginnig to look like we have no choice but to hope the new blocking scheme is more condusive to the current group we have? I truly hope you are right about picking up a few players on ‘O’ RANDY, is Roy Williams still out there? S.CJoe mentioned him the other day and I agree he might be a good stop-gap untill Hill is ready to start..

  9. By since shea on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Eric, Tannenbaum wasnt the GM in 2000 when Penington, Ellis, Abraham and Becht were all drafted in the first round. He was still the pro player development and contract negotiator specialist, right? Wasn’t Pacrells running the draft as Pres of football op’s? Wasn’t it the tuna who got us 2 extra first round picks by trading Keyshawn away? Many of us think that Mr T, sadly, has not drafted to our needs. He could have shored up the O Line and whatever else was needed to support the QB. Instead, his line is “going for the best available talent”. Has that worked?As for FA signings, not fixing last years offensive problems with quality meaningful additions is a mystery. Yes, its great to hear from Chad. He brought some class to the Jets.

  10. By Randy Lange on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    since shea, Eric didn’t write the blog, I did. You are correct. I was being inexact in saying that it was Mike T’s draft class. He was the assistant GM at the time and got all four of the Aces signed in time to make the first day of the ’00 camp. The text has been changed to better reflect that.

  11. By Karan on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    On O, honestly all we need is a blocking tight end, good O-line depth and another veteran WR to compliment Holmes. It’s easier said than done but the Jets have seriously DONE NOTHING about it, that’s the part that is so irritating to us fans.

  12. By Karan on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’m paying attention to the Seahawks because either one of T.O. and Edwards should get released, I mean having Rice, T.O. and Edwards at receiver is too much starpower, hopefully they’ll get rid of one of those guys before the season starts. And I am really hoping we pick one of those fellas up. Again, I like Stephen Hill, Patrick Turner, etc., but we seriously need some experience, thats what it really comes down to.

  13. By Karan on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    And like Tim has said many times and I couldn’t agree with him more, blocking is really essential. But how can good blocking occur when the O-line is mediocre at the time? Solution: get good depth like we had in 2010 and we shall be fine. Sure do miss Damien Woody.

  14. By Chicago Bob on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    One of the classiest guys to ever wear the green & white. I remember when the Jets played the Panthers in Carolina years ago. We caught a break and stayed at the same hotel. That Sunday morning as the players were leaving to get on the bus, only one player stopped to sign autographs and it was Chad Pennington. Anyone who wanted an autograph was not denied, he stopped for everyone. Poor guy reminds me of Greg Cook, the old Bengals QB of the 70′s – looked like he would be one of the elite QB’s of that era however once he hurt his shoulder, he was never the same.

  15. By Dan H on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Love the Chad!

  16. By halalentertainment on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Can we hire chad as our QB coach?

  17. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I love Chad as a person and I think he coulda been really something had he not proven to be so injury-prone. But he sure sounds like he was fed a couple of talking points by the Florham Park folks this morning…

  18. By scjoe on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’m right there with you on Chad Ira. This guy has been so misaligned by so many Jet fans it is not even funny anymore. If we had Chad in his prime today it would be a major upgrade to what we have, just saying.

  19. By Jerry Sexton on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I would love to see Pennington added to Jets coaching staff. You rock Chad!!

  20. By SCfromNY on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I have always voiced support for Pennington and as others have said,”A real class player”. At first when I skim read I thought it said CP was coming in for Sanchez. I thought maybe another “comeback player” (joke). Every team has holes. Honestly I feel somehow the lack of RT will work it self out and our WR, providing the QBs can get them the ball, will be fine. My biggest concern is LB. We had the 5th best D BUT way down on points allowed. This IMO is directly related to the inability to cover the edge or middle at critical times. We are still slow and old at LB and except for Davis I see few valuble backups. BTW Pennington sore shoulder and all never looked timid or sulked.

  21. By wayne on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Love me some chad………NOW……………………….I think he has qualities to be great teacher. Especially at the QB position……….Did I read right or are my eyes playing games on me? Spicer says the Jets need a QB?…..Say it ain’t so Tom!!! SpiceRack also included Coples in group on D that looks good for future? So you got over the guy the Chargers drafted?

  22. By John , 40 year fan on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    Karan , from your lips to Gods’ ear on getting Braylon back ….. changing topics ,…. Chad was always a very smart QB he would make a great head coach ,or Qb coach

  23. By Jake on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’m from washington state and everytime a ran into a fellow Jet fan (which isn’t that common out here) during the Pennington era I had to always defend Chad to every single one of them. He got such little praise it was sad. I remember watching the opening game against the Patriots to what would be his last season in the green and white. He did something to his ankle and could barely get off the field. When he got to the sidelines he chucked his helmet (which was a rare show of emotion fro him) and then he was booed by a ton a fans in the stands. I remember the tv announcer saying “shame on you Jets fans”. Chad came back in the game and finished it out with a boot on his legm he even thew a TD to Coles.

  24. By Jake on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    continued- I remember everyone sreaming about starting Kellen Clemens. I thought Chad never got any of the love he deserved. Yes he was very injury prone, and that was really sad to watch year after year. He was one of my favorites. I hope he can come back to be apart of this organization again in someway. We could really use him now.

  25. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Add Road scholar to Chad Pennington’s resume . I’d rather have him under center then the two currently occupying that most important position..given good protection he was unstoppable .. I believe his Completion percentage even without a good O/line was close to the top throughout his career, he was Class . BUT!! in my opinion if Sanchez haven’t a grasp of the offense by now I’m sorry to say CP, Manning either or,Marino, Elway, whom ever aren’t going to teach him .. Did I hear Tom Spicer say we need a new QB, Mr I love Sanchez, say it isn’t so

  26. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Chad seems like some kind of legendary, almost prehistorical Jet QB now that we have a starting QB who throws the most ridiculous interceptions I’ve seen in years and Chad barely threw any…

  27. By joeyjets12fla on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Tom64, you’e kidding me right, talking points? A Rhodes Scholarship finalist and he needs talking points for a simpa interview. I met Chad, twice, while he was living down here in Florida. The first time was just a hello but the 2nd time my daughter and I had a 5 to 10 minute conversation with him. My daughter had just completed her Phd jn Molecular Micro Biology. When that subject came up the conversation became a combination of Greek and Latin, and I’ll admit, went right over my head. I’ll never forget my daughters expressoin as we were leaving and she said, Wow, now that’s one very intelligent man. Talking Points, really?

  28. By Tom Spicer on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Wayne, I still would rather have Melvin Ingram over Coples that has not changed. I never said Coples is a bust I said I would rather have the other guys based off of the Jets needs. I thought they needed a OLB more than a 3-4 DE & I still do. In a 3-4 the pass rush comes from the OLB’S.

  29. By scjoe on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Funny thing, when Chad was here all I ever heard was those ridicules, classless remarks about how he was not the answer for the NY Jets. All I heard was remarks about his “noodle arm” how he couldn’t make all the throws, how they couldn’t win with him. Well, it is obvious that none of those “intelligent” “educated” pro football fans sign on to Randy’s Radar.

  30. By Dr. Frank Falcone, Jr. on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Chad never got the respect from Jets Fans that he deserved. I met him after a game against SF at the Meadowlands a few years ago. He is an amazing person. I was just wondering if his shoulder could have possibly healed enough in the past 2 years off for him to make a comeback? If not, he would make a great QB coach as others have said above. In my opinion, we should have made a play for Kyle Orton to push Sanchez, not Tebow. We now have to watch the waiver wire to pick up depth at O-line and try to find a WR and possibly even another RB. I thought Cedric Benson would be a possible “pounder” to back up or split carries with Greene and use McKnight on 3rd down/ KR and use Powell intermittantly. We also need to find a blocking TE.

  31. By Dr. Frank Falcone, Jr. on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    As for WR, we need to find a better compliment to Holmes until Hill learns the position. Schillens will not do. Turner has improved, but will not do. Kerley is good for slot. They need a legitimate threat. I hope they don’t do something stupid like sign Chad Johnson! Eventually, someone with some experience who is decent will eventually get cut and maybe they can pick him up. Was wondering if Laverneous Coles was too old to try and get a season out of to compliment Holmes??? That may be a bit extreme, but I bet he could still get open!

  32. By Vanessa on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    So great to hear that Chad was at the JETS training Camp. I met Chad a few years back when training camp was at Hofstra. He was amazing with his fellow team mates, as well as, the coaching staff. With his demeanor he would make an excellent coach someday and perhaps, he could start his coaching experience with the JETS. I totallly support Chad!

  33. By ron alexander on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    SinceShea, Eric, and anyone who cares, Tannenbaum was hired by Parcells to handle the salary cap only, until he was promoted to the G.M posisition in 2006.Terry Bradway was hired by Parcells as the G.M in 2001 from the Chiefs where he worked under Carl Peterson a long time successful G.M with Philadelphia and later K.C.
    Tannenbaum had absoloutely nothing to do with player personell decisions until Woody Johnson demoted Bradway following the 2005 season.Why he chose Tannenbaum is a mystery to all jets fans to this day?Do we really want to rattle off the long list of distarous draft pic’s and terriable trades he has made?Not to mention the fact that he completely screwed up last years post strike roster.

  34. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    I meant talking points for Chad as far as him being allowed to say what he really thinks, joeyjets, not what he may understand. And yeah, I’m pretty sure Chad understands that Sanchez has to get better in a hurry and that Tebow is nowhere near a starting NFL QB yet. Dr. Frank, it’s the waiver wire for WR’s that we’re gonna have to watch if Holmes misses the whole preseason and Schilens fails to get onto the field, once again, as has been the pattern for his entire pro career.

  35. By kleckofan on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Loved Chad, class guy, team player, and intelligent. SCCJOE- I said in an earlier thread to read Bill Barnwell’s article about last yr’s Jet’s D (just Google “Gang Green Forecast”). I know that the article would provide much for all the faithful on here, please take the time, its a great article. Listening to Colin Cowherd this a.m. w Damien Woody and both are incredulous that w the NFL changing all the rules to generate a passing/scoring league, the Jets are the one team to revert to the past w Ground & Pound mentality. Compared us to a business not taking advantage of a loohole caused by a change in IRS rules, great analogy. We have our collective head in the sand (or somewhere else).

  36. By kleckofan on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    I am sorry to be such a downer and negative, but we are so far behind the curve on offense that we’re not even on the chart! The entire philosophy must change, and by extension, our personnel. If we’re going to be mediocre this year, and I think we are, I’d rather be 3-13 and pick a QB w a top 5 pick. Listen, I was pro Sanchez initially, but look at the big, strong QB’s being drafted to fit the new rules. Mark is not it.

  37. By JimmyJet on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Chad always one of my favorite Jets. Great player and Person. We should hire him to be QB Coach! he know the fan base and he’s played here. the bottom line is the O line if they don’t get Sanchez some protection he’s gonna get killed out there that’s where Tebow comes in he knows how to run.

  38. By Ryano on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Some nice perspective from one of the classiest players to ever don the green and white. I would love to see him with the Jets again in some capacity. Chad as a QB coach with the Jets would be a perfect fit!

  39. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Yup, kleckofan, and one of those big, strong QBs is Newton, though GaryC seems determined to cut him down to size with words. Not likely many folks will be able to do that on the field in the coming years.

  40. By Jason on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Chad should DEFINITELY become an NFL coach when he’s ready. Hell – make him the 4th string QB. Give the radio haters something to talk about instead of Mark/Tebow. Poor guys. They are two great athletes who are great people. I hope that we get to see them both on the same field at the same time. That would shut everyone up and get results.

    Mark and Tebow both in the backfield. Tebow taking direct snaps at HB, do some flea-flickers. whaaat flea-flickers?!

  41. By SCfromNY on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I’m OK with the occasional long pass from Tebow. His short stuff is the problem. On long passes the WR can adjust somewhat to inaccurate throws not the short stuff. I would like to see a few games where the WR was actually led to facilitate some YAC. Our WRs always have to stop or turn back to catch poorly thrown balls. The first season in Maimi the Wildcat worked because it was new. It hasn’t worked much since. NE started the trend of better and multiple TEs and many teams in this copy cat league is trying to emulate this. Why are no top teams trying to install the Wildcat? And it’s not because we have Tebow. Teams who are not confident on their ability to win with their personal try gimicks.

  42. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Good to get some support from you, SCfromNY, on one of the pts that me and scjoe make constantly, which is that Sanchez often throws the ball too far ahead, too far behind, and doesn’t know how to lead the receivers properly, sometimes not even on those Schotty-style 2-yd slants over the middle.

  43. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Oh yeah, and it goes without saying that we’re the only team foolish enough to be wasting time on the Wildcat, SCfromNY, much less making such a huge deal of it.

  44. By kleckofan on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    The whole league is trying to get big, fast receiving tight ends, a la NE, and we keep talking about looking for a good blocking TE off the waiver wire. ‘Nuff said.

  45. By ron alexander on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    kleckofan, I dont want to argue with a Klecko fan, but our “brain-trust has decided to buck the current trend through out the NFL and we are suooposedly gonna be “Ground & Pound’? well, as rediculous as that sounds, if we are going to try this it would help to have a T.E. who could block sombody? i read your posts all the time so I know you know your stuff. Hey, in order to effectivly run the ball you have to have the ability to get to the edge. If you cant the D will stack the middle and your not going anywhere!We all know Kellwer is more a catch & run guy and Cumberlin is a former W.R. so you know he cant block.Oh yeah, we got the rugby guy.Swell!

  46. By byand4thepeople on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    While I admired Chad and his gutsy play the bottom line is his passes had way too much air under them and when it came playoff time it was easy pickings for the opposing defenses – he just couldn’t get the ball there quick enough. It was time for the Jets to move on, just like they moved on from Vinny to Chad.

  47. By scjoe on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    byand4, INTs are not a bi product of arm strength. Brett Favre had arm strength to spare, yet no one in the history of the game threw more INTs then he did. Chad on the other hand (with his “lack” of arm strength) led the league on a couple of occassions with the fewest INTs.

  48. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    I get your pt on INTs and arm strength, scjoe, but I often got the feeling that Chad threw few picks for 2 reasons (1) He didn’t take foolish risks as a passer, and (2) He didn’t take smart risks as a passer. He was basically a game manager-type, impressive in spots but not the kind of QB that would ever strike fear in championship-caliber teams. And once he started getting injured all the time — and in the shoulder to boot — it was a no-brainer. In the yr he led the Fish to that comeback, he put almost no pts on the board. Great guy, sad case with respect to injuries, and basically a product of Same Old Jets thinking at QB. Like I’ve said, the present and future for NFL QBs is either the Brady/Brees model or the Ben R./Newton model.

  49. By ron alexander on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    BYand4, S.C. Joe makes a good point. Aaron Rogers plays in GreenBay(not exactly a tropical enviornment) and he does not have an arm like some of the young guns through out the league. A lot of playing Q.B is antisapation and timing. If you work with a group of recievers you learn what each other likes to do in various situations(zone,man to man ect.If everyone is on the same page the game slows down and becomes a lot easier.Chad did not have a great arm and no doubt the wind effected his passes on occassion.But i will never forget him lighting up the Colts for 44 points.The bottom line it was the injuries that did him in,not his arm strength. i would love him as a Q.B coach!

  50. By SCfromNY on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    I have always been a Chad fan. I seem to say this a lot. Did he have the strongest arm? NO! But he was calm and inspiring in the pocket. I saw him throw nice 25 yard outs. Would Rodgers or Farve be impressed? NO! But it was good enough for anything other than a hail mary. His best work was being in sync with the WRs. Making sure he led them to maximize YAC. Little stopping and turning back for an inaccurate pass. And most times when 3rd and 7 he threw it 8 yards not a 4 yard pass that had to be dug out be cause it was underthrown. Montana did not have the strongest arm. Rice picked up a lot of yardage with slants over the middle because Montana led him perfectly and he was able to keep going even when everyone in the stadium knew it.

  51. By scjoe on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    SCfromNY, Great points. After all, those 25 yard outs are more then enough for any QB to be successful in this league. If you have the big arm AND your accuracy is average to above average that is a bonus. But the bottom line is you win in this league as a QB, with accuracy, pocket presence, decision making, leadership, and those type intangibles much more then you do with the big arm. Chad had all of those things, MS on the other hand has none of the above.

  52. By MIke G on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Tony Sparano is the problem already!!! He failed in Miami and getting everyone to blame other people. We were better off with Brian Schotteheimer at least we scored.. BAD BAD Move for the Jets to bring in Sparano to run college(Wildcat) football. This is the NFL. And then bring in Tebow and setup Sanchez to fail. This team is in disarray and its only gonna get worse. Makes no sense…

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