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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Po’uha Says No Doubt He’ll Be Back for BUF

Posted by Randy Lange on August 15, 2012 – 12:49 pm

Update, 1:25 p.m. ET

Today’s Sione Po‘uha sighting was not as rare as at the end of recent practices — the big nose tackle came out to talk with reporters under a tent at SUNY Cortland around noon.

And his message to Jets fans was that his back is on the way back and he has no doubt, “not at all,” he’ll be ready to rock and roll for Buffalo in the Sept. 9 season opener.

“They took all the measures, X-rays, all that type of stuff. It’s just a tight back,” Po‘uha said with his broad smile crinkling that other physical issue from this camp, the gash over his left eyebrow. “I think the most important thing was that everybody wanted to be on the same plan to make sure we took the right steps to get us back for that opener.”

Sione had been out of sight, not even working on the side during practices, and there was word he had to go to New York for tests, which led some to speculate something bad wrong had happened to his back.

But he said that after his wife Kaiti drove him the three hours or so to the city, the test results weren’t alarming. He said he’s had no trouble sleeping — “As long as I’ve got my pillow and my blanket, I’ll be all right.” And he could have explained his disappearance with one word: hydrotherapy.

“I was in the swimming pool,” he said. “So I’m still working. I’m in here doing more correctives, doing stuff to kind of fire your core — that’s the biggest thing about your back is to fire the core. You can tell I lost a little bit of weight. We’re just trying to make sure the core is all right, the back is right, and go into the swimming pool and do a lot of aquatics to make sure you kind of ease it on there and work it up slowly.”

He said he’s day-to-day for practice availability and as far as playing in the preseason, he said, “We’re just going to follow the plan. If we make super-big jumps, then the coaches will evaluate it, John [head trainer John Mellody] will evaluate it from there.”

Rex Ryan had a similar report from his perspective. Asked about Big Bo’s availability for the Bills, he said at today’s midday news conference, “Nobody’s given me any reason why he wouldn’t. I think he’ll be ready for the season opener. And we’ll see about preseason.”

Practice Notes

Ryan said today’s downpour of interceptions — well, at least four — was at least good news for the D. “Up to today, I was concerned we haven’t gotten many. The offense has done a tremendous job of protecting the football. I think that was the most interceptions we’ve had in any practice this year.” Among the picks, Antonio Cromartie, Josh Bush and Demario Davis (7-on-7) against Sanchez, Ellis Lankster (7-on-7) on a Tim Tebow-to-Stephen Hill try.

Kicking report: T.J. Conley was superb with today’s practice kicks, driving Jeremy Kerley, working only on returns, and other returners 10 to 15 yards back from their set-up points and often toward the sideline. … Nick Folk and Josh Brown continue their neck-and-neck (foot-and-foot?) kicking derby. Brown went 3-for-4, missing from 48. Folk went 4-for-5, missing from 53, then trying it from that distance and making it. … Sanchez jumped in for Conley as a holder on a few of the shorter kicks, rescuing one low snap and getting them all down.

Out of practice today besides Po‘uha: Santonio Holmes, Chaz Schilens, Kerley, Ricky Sapp. Today was a rest day for LaRon Landry. … Ryan: “I think Wayne Hunter will play” vs. Giants. “I do not believe Chaz will play.”

Today’s attendance for the final open practice of the Cortland phase of training camp: 1,944. … Players have a closed session Thursday morning, then return Friday to North Jersey for the game vs. the Giants and the final week of open camp practices at MetLife Stadium (Tuesday) and the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center (Thursday-Friday).

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73 Responses to “Po’uha Says No Doubt He’ll Be Back for BUF”

  1. By scjoe on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    I hope Pouha will be available opening day, but I have been impressed with Ellis as well. What I would really like to see is a little more Damon Harrison Saturday vs the Giants, either as a DT in the 4-3 or a NT in the 3-4. I think this guy could be a diamond in the rough. But I am more concerned with the injuries to the WRs. That is a unit that had question marks even before the injuries set in. They have to address that position somehow, before opening day. I mentioned a few times that NOT signing BE would come back to bite them, stay tuned.

  2. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Like Sanchez and Thomas, another guy we built up to levels that he can’t match and who shouldn’t have gotten any kind of big deal to re-sign. Some of you laughed last off-season when I said that Pouha, especially at his age, wasn’t essential. Let’s see who’s laughing when we struggle to go 6-10 this season. scjoe, I’ll grant you that if both Holmes and Schilens can’t play between now and September, it might make sense to take a look at Edwards — if HE’S fit to suit up!

  3. By IRA on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah i hope Pouha will be back he is one of the best DT’s in the NFL and they need him along with Ellis when they face Jackson and Spiller. I thought Brown would win this job but Folk has surely given him a run for his money and has been slightly more consistent so far. Brown appears to have the stronger leg so this will be a tough choice. I picked Brown before camp opened and i will stick with it.
    scjoe, There has to be something wrong with edwards’ health. I am not even sure he won’t get cut from the Hawks.

  4. By Tom Spicer on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe, Ellis 100% had a good game vs the Bengals lots of guys wont see it cause he didnt have alot of tackles but he made the running backs have to bounce runs outside & at least 2 times I saw the center hold him so he would not make the tackle(of course there was no call). Anyway I have high hopes for the guy between Wilkerson, Ellis & Coples we are set on the D line long term. The secondary with Revis, Cromartie, Landry, Bell & Wilson is very good to. Our only problem is linebacker hopefully between Maybin & Davis we will be okay there.

  5. By GaryC on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    jetfantom,if this is a rebuilding year as you have said why bring back edwards,are you going with the youth or not.

  6. By wayne on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Well well well Spicer, Coples is a question mark no longer? Guys you got to let go of Braylon. He’s not coming back……Stick a fork in him, I think his playing days are over. Pouha may be back for game one, but I believe that will be against better judgement. This thing is ugly. Really ugly…..Three things that can make season a good one…..GQ comes out hot to start season and is the reason they win early, team has unexpected production from a Wideout, the D goes crazy and with pick sixes. If GQ has the big start obviously WR are going to have big role. Someone other than Holmes has to step up……Otherwise this D is going to have to win games and that won’t happen unless they have a super pass rush.

  7. By scjoe on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Well, true to form, what does Mr T and the FO do when there is a rash of injuries among the # 1,2,3 and 4 WRs on the roster? He goes out and picks up one of those rocks he is always talking about and signs another CB who had already been cut by 2 or 3 different teams. Maybe he intends to have him work with Cro and double as a WR too. What am I missing here?

  8. By scjoe on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    Tom Spicer, I watched that “debacle” a couple of times over and I saw Ellis penetrate the Bengals backfield often. This guy has the size and strength to dominate if his head is screwed on right. I also noticed Harrison getting through the Bengals 2s and 3s on a couple of occasions. I hope this guy at least ends up on the PS.

  9. By Jack on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    I wasn’t in favor of being back Po really thought that Kenrick Ellis was good enough taking over the starter role. I hope that Ellis will have more playing time this season. Don’t know why everyone worry about that WR’s Crop, now. I think the jets should be okay with Santonio Holmes no# 1 WR, Stephen Hill as the no#2 WR, and Jeremy Kerley or Patrick Turner as the no# 3 WR. Jets just need to fix the offensive line starting with the RT. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. By danny on Aug 15, 2012 | Reply

    I’m not worried at all at WR. Injuries in preseason happen and I’m sure Holmes and Kerley will be ready for Buffalo as Rex has said tons of times. With Holmes on one side and Kerley starting in the slot I’m sure between the Rookie Hill and Patrick Turner we will be fine. Jordan White looks pretty good too if we need him to take some reps. At this pt and what we seen from Braylon on SF last season all of these guys are better off on the field then Braylon. We have needs on the O line way before a WR because if they don’t improve we aint throwing down field. Braylon when healthy can block and is a deep threat in which Hill can do both it’s just the underneath routes he needs to work on. Holmes and Kerley will be back ppl

  11. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    This quote from Rex yesterday — “If you’re not prepared for it, why wouldn’t we run it? If you’re not defending it well, why wouldn’t we keep running it? You’re going to run something until you stop it. That’s the old saying with the Packers sweep, they kept running it.” — is revealing not merely because it shows his enthusiasm for the Wildcat, currently unshared by any other NFL HC. No, it’s beyond revelatory because his reference point is…THE GREEN BAY PACKERS OF THE 1960S! If that doesn’t validate my argument that Rex’s view of O ranges from Jim Brown to Jim Nance and no further, tell me what does!

  12. By IRA on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Excelent comments about Ellis and goood observations. The DL is loaded this year and with Dunbar coaching them i expect them to be a very tough DL to handle. Could J. Demps be the next D Sproles? This will be interesting to see if the Jets sign him.
    GO JETS!!!!

  13. By Frank on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Does it really matter fellas? You can stick a fork in this team. Rex and Scott shooting their mouths off about top 5 D “no doubt” and Sanchize-Not a top 10 QB….and of course Cro is the second best WR on the team…Oh brother things just do not change.
    Seems like everyone on the team is hurt which is indictive of a team in decline and the lack of willingness of the players to get on the field. This show has played out before. 64 your generous with your 6-10 forecast although Pouha will not be the reason.
    I said it last week this will be a house cleaning season. BTW I love the decisiveness Philbin made in releasing Johnson this week. Philbin was the guy I wanted to replace Rex. Also love that Edwards grabbed a TD pass in his first game back

  14. By GaryC on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Who will this years Danny Woodhead be,a young player not giving the chance to play because of Rex’s love for the veteran player,and who will thrive with another team,Cumberland,Bellore,Dowtin or some other,only time will tell.

  15. By GaryC on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Jetfantom, did you see where Jonathan Stewart signed a six year deal with the Panthers,another one of those no talent guys that the Panthers have.If the jets had Stewart in place of Greene I believe our offense would be fifty percent better.

  16. By SCfromNY on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I hope we are getting our injuries over in the preseason. I will give the OL a pass as the 1rst preseason game usually has the DL teeing off and the lack of padded practice hurts here. Many top teams had OL issues. I hope it improves. I think a better DL will mitigate safety issue. Sanchez can be adequate with a decent OL. The LBs are my biggest concern. Too many drives extended by 3rd down conversions over the middle or around the end keeping the defense on the field. 5th rated D or not we fell apart in the 4th quarter many times due to playing too many downs. Also how many back ups get the same number of reps as the starter? This is unheard of. Could Chad make a 3rd “comeback player”? I hope to be wrong when the season starts.

  17. By Bennett on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Injuries are a fact of life in the NFL and they create an oppertunity for some one to step up and show what the can do. This is why depth is so important. What happen last year when Mangold went down is inexcuseable A well run team will always think ahead about key injuries happening. CAUSE THE WILL HAPPEN, Colts learned the hard way when Peyton went down and the did not have a VIABLE backup. Lack of depth is the first sign of a poorly managed franchise..The great Brady got his start due to injury or he might have remained buried on the bench. I hope Hill is thrown out there and we see what this kid has, Out all of all the draft picks to me he was the most intriguing, combinatio of size and incerdible speed now lets see if he is a gamer

  18. By Bennett on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    There is no doubt in my mind that if the offense preforms the way the did in first pre-season game and in fact as the did last year that Rex will find it neccessay to “shake up” the offense and insert Tebow as the starter in one game. If Tebow works his magic as he did in Denver and the Jets win it is virtually all over for Sanchez in NY and he will be on the trading block for 2013

  19. By Tom Spicer on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets may sign Jeff Demps former Florida Gator he played with Tebow while he was there. I remember watching a few games that he played in he is pretty good. He played running back & returned kickoffs. He is so fast he just finished running in the Olympics. Before all of the negative nancys say well why was he not drafted. He told the NFL that he is focusing on the Olympics & that was his goal. He would have been drafted now he is a free agent so we can get him & not give up anything. Youth, Olympic speed, running back & divsion 1 football player this is no Hayden Smith deal sign this guy up right away!

  20. By ron alexander on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    S.CJoe, I saw the same thing you did from Ellis last week. Actually, I thought he was more of a beast than Coples(who also played great!)Ellis pushed the pocket which enabled others to make plays. If he stays healthy he will be a force. Ira is right, the D.Line will be in good shape. I like our depth as there are probably 8 guys capable of contributing.I also think we can get by in the secondary. We are thin at C.B as non of the back-ups has distinguished themselves to date but there is still time. The linbacking group is what concerns me. The starters (except Harris) are all over 30 and appear slow to me.I love D.Davis,Maybin &Dowtin for their speed &athleticsm,but I’m not sure they are ready to assume full time rolls at this point?

  21. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Right now the way things look on offense I would try to sign Chad P. I would try to convince him to comeback . Why not? He’s a proven vet, doesn’t throw INT’s, and he knows this offense. As for the as the other Chad goes…Everyone deserves a chance..ChaD Johnson has a big mouth yes…but in his 10+ yr career he has not gotten into trouble with the law. And what do we have to lose? Maybe he knows this is his last chance and will make the most of it..as you will soon see Moss, Edwards and Owens produce fairly well this season. They know it’s their last stop. I know I might get people on this site to say I’m crazy but the reality of this whole situation is if Rex & Co fail this year they are gone. What do we have to lose here?

  22. By Tom Spicer on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Wayne, You did not responed to my post about Tebow taking his shirt off in the rain for the cameras & him posing in GQ this month? I want to hear what you have to say about this. You continue to call Mark GQ for something he did 4 years ago but RIGHT NOW! You boy the fake Lionheart is in there. What do YOU have to say about this MAN UP!

  23. By Bennett on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    There is even the possibility that if Sanchez and the offense is having an awful game that Rex may lose that famous temper and pull Sanchez and insert Tebow. Can you imagine the news conferance after the game if that happens? Better yet imagine the headlines the next day…. oooooOOOOOeeeEEEEEEE YAAAAAA… BABYiEEEEEEE. Can you say firestorm?

  24. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Then Hopefully Mr.Johnson will make a phone call to Bill Polian and Bill Cowher and build this team the right way. Bring in someone with smarts in evaluating players a coach who will not put up with his players making a mockery of this Football team that I love. Watching a guy like Bill Polian talk about football and listening to Mike T it’s like night and day. Mike T is a great cap guy…but as a GM? Maybe I’m just overreacting here but I’m sure the fans here on this site and jetnation wants this team to mean something and not used as comedy material. I just wish somepeople in the Jet FO and mangement felt the sameway…

  25. By IRA on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Wayne, Its a moot point but i heard Edwards made a tremendous catch for a TD this past week. Its going to be very interesting to see what he and J-Co do this year.

  26. By Bennett on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    You pressure Sanchez out of the pocket things fall apart fast, either a sack , pic, or other “poor choice ” You want to force him out of the pocket he is now out of his comfort zone chances are he will not make a play DEFENSES NO THIS this is what they plan to do with Sanchez, constant pressure. Other QB’s like Tebow or Big Ben you want to CONTAIN IN THE POCKET AREA because on the lose they can kill you. You cannot apply the same pressure but must always be aware of and PLAY THE RUN. If the Jets line remains pourous you are going to need a Tebow type in order to even have a chance. Tebow is even more dangerous than Big Ben as he will take contact to make yards

  27. By Bennett on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Final thought …in the AFC champ game where the Steelers whipped us. The Jets made a very evident, fundamental mistake they tried to pressure Big Ben and not to CONTAIN him. we did the exact opposite of what we should have, played right into there hands and they killed us. Big Ben ran wild, he was in his element where he is best OUT OF THE POCKET not contained. When we beat the Pats it is because we pressure Brady he does not have to be contained he will kill you from the drop which is HIS element.

  28. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, I did read Barnwell’s article, a couple of things jumped out at me, the first being the Jets number of 3 and outs last season under M Sanchez. They went 3 and out more then 30% of the time, 4th worse in the league. What made it 3D was the fact that Denver, under Tim Tebow was one of the 3 other teams who went 3 and out more often then the Jets.Like Barnwell, I do believe the Jets D will be improved, but it would be a stretch to say that that improvement on D will be enough to get them where we all want then to be, not with this current offense.

  29. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I was really just trying to make scjoe feel better about Edwards, GaryC, and what I meant was that if Holmes, Schilens (and Kerley!) actually miss the first few regular season games, why NOT pick up somebody like Edwards? As Frank says, it’s not gonna matter much what you do given the shape of the team this yr and if you suffer injuries like that. Nice, clear-eyed post, Frank, and I gotta admit, when I wrote 6-10 I was just trying not to freak folks out. Given the first 5 opponents and everything else going on — even the good aspects like, yup, rebuilding with young players, GaryC — I can easily see us going more like 4-12. And I didn’t say the Panthers won’t EVER be better than us — at least they’ve made some smart pickups of vets!

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    “The quarterback needs to take us there,” Darrelle Revis said. “We’re counting on Mark to do that. If we lose, it falls on Mark. If we win, it falls on Mark. We’re very confident in Mark. We’re counting on him.” Let the record show that this is EXACTLY what Revis said around this time last yr, only he’s saying it MUCH more loudly and clearly this yr. Some of you will recall that I said all during the 2nd half of last season that our blue-chip players are going to walk if we keep making excuses for Sanchez and don’t get an elite QB or turn him into one. Well, the subtext for the Revis quote above is, “I’ll give him this yr, then I’m going to the Steelers.” Players like him don’t stick around for an “adequate” QB, SCfromNY.

  31. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    “Say you’re crazy,” Allan? I’ve been saying Rex is on the hot seat, and deservedly so, since we got blown out by the Eagles. And many of us have been saying this whole team needs to be rebuilt the right way, which I doubt will happen until Mr T, Rex, and Mr. Johnson are distant memories.

  32. By kleckofan on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Returning to Sione; v. good player, But Ira, not one of the league’s best…no pass rush threat, the best do both, stop the run and get pressure. If he’s gone, not a major loss. SCJoe, thanks for reading the Barnwell article, very enlightening how an article about points scored against us could be so focused on our offensive and ST inadequacies.
    The fact that our team has become the focus of the media, even before Tebow, is absolutely surreal to me still. I would take the unthreatening, underdog role back in a second, hate being back page news daily. Watching the Miami “hard kocks” for the first time I was like “who is this wimpy, skinny guy?” it was the new head coach! and now after a few segments he has my total respect, just what we need

  33. By kleckofan on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I keep forgetting to mention this…Santonio not practicing (before the alleged rib injury) because of “general soreness” has got to be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. And for the mngmt (Rex) to accept it is just as lame. Isn’t training camp to get over being sore before the real deal? Anyone see Vontae Davis on Miami Hard Knocks? My bet is that Philbin cuts the veteran for lack of effort. On the alleged rib injury, I know its taboo to question injuries, but that hit did not look to be anywhere near the ribs or place SH in any kind of awkward position (better excuse than general soreness?)

  34. By jetsfan80 on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Am I correct in saying that there is no “picking up Edwards” now? He signed with the Seahawks and Pete Carroll really likes him from what I’ve read.

  35. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    B-Edwards is playing for Seattle, making acrobatic catches in case no one else knew that….Sure hope we get this kid from Florida, granted a work in progress but he has speed like we haven’t seen for some time

  36. By SCfromNY on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Jet fan: I did not say elite players stay around for “adequate” QBs. What I said was if Sanchez is adequate, like he was in 2009 & 2010 we can win with him. Based on what I have seen over the past 3 years I would not expect him to rise to elite ever. Teams have won with adequate QBs: Dilfer, Johnson, Williams, Gannon, and Dave Hostletter to name a few. IMO Marino was the best QB ever and he never won a SB mainly because of the team around him. So it works both ways.

  37. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Ron A, I am not concerned about the aging LB core as much as I am about some of the other units (mostly on the offense) I think that at some point during this season you will see Pace, Scott and Thomas passing the torch to guys like Maybin, Davis, Sapp, Mauga, Mcintyre,etc. maybe even Dowtin. Really, I can’t imagine a scenario where that don’t happen.

  38. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    64, it is a little to late for Edwards as a Jet in 2012. He seems to be doing ok catching passes for the Seahawks. But lets keep a very close eye on how his season goes as opposed to Hill, Schliens, Turner, probably Kerley as well. Just a few of the guys T bomb thought would be an upgrade to BE.

  39. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, I could live with a guy like Epps. Of course we all know that his roll would be that of a KR, PR?? and a third down back. And that is fine, I would say it is even an upgrade. I don’t think anyone here would be of the opinion that he would come in and revitalize the running game. I would not even put him in the Sproles/Jones Drew category. Then again, how many are?

  40. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, sorry, meant Demps

  41. By GaryC on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I finally got to see the replay of the jet game and a few things caught my eye,Is Wilson going to be challenged by Lankster or Posey for the third corner spot.I believe Connor has no spot on this roster,jets better give up on Kroul to make the adjustment to center,getting back to connor, I believe that is why the jets are trying bellore at fullback,so he can be a blocking back like Connor and they can save a roster spot.Kerley better get on the field quickly or Jordan White will take over his duties as punt returner and slot receiver.

  42. By scjoe on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    64, another thing I remember from last pre season was Rex praising Sanchez about his improved strength, his maturity, his leadership roll, his knowledge of the offensive system, and how focused he was. Sound familiar? Well, we all saw how that worked out.

  43. By John , 40 year fan on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    IRA , you are killin’ me with Braylon and J Co , how could we have let those guys go ???

  44. By danny on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    Bennet did u say that Tebow is more dangerous then Big Ben ???? That is absurd even if Tebow will fight for yardage i mean Big Ben is more of a threat if he threw the ball under hand then Tebow. Mark my words in NO WAY will this team finish 4 – 12. The worst would be 8 – 8 and that’s if our O line don’t improve. BTW Tom64 any coach says if a team aint stopping it we will keep running it. That can be a deep post for 60 yd TD too. I mean if it keeps working of course u keep going back to it. I think ur taking what Rex said and twisting it to make him look stupid. Also scjoe yes Rex said those things last yr about Sanchez not knowing he will be 5th most sacked in NFL. U guys are all NUTS lol

  45. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    You didn’t say great players leave teams that lack elite QBs, SC, I did. And stop naming every lame QB who ever got near a SB now that everybody in the NFL knows you get there with elite QBs and then win it with one. And Williams had one of the greatest passing games for a QB in SB history, so listing him with those other frauds is absurd. That’s good news if you think Rex wants to cut his boy Conner (what a worthless pick!) for Bellore, GaryC, maybe he’ll go one step better and forget about FBs entirely since nobody but us uses them. scjoe, see my post on the story ahead on how it took the Jets 4 yrs to tell Sanchez he needs to look mean on the field. As Joni Mitchell once sang, his problem is his “feeling’s always written on his face.”

  46. By GaryC on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    why is it that fans believe players will step right in on opening day if they haven’t seen any action during preseason,you can be in there but it doesn’t mean you are going to be up to the best of your ability,Holmes,Kerley,Pouha need to get playing time during the preseason or the rust will linger from Inactivity when the season starts.

  47. By GaryC on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    with all this talk about Newton and the GREAT YEAR THAT HE HAD,I wonder what the panthers record will be if he has a bad year 2-14.As for his stats,the only one I am concerned with is the BIG 0 and I am not talking Oscar Robertson,I am talking playoff victories and that really is the only stat that counts.

  48. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    64’Tom, I believe if you want someone to suceed you give him the tools the personnel to get better. Look at what the Giants did for Eli…Hicks..Manningham..Cruz…they surrounded him with talent. How can we expect GQ to get better with this average WR corps? or this O-line that clearly has a weakness at the RT spot. I have said it all along…Rex does not trust Mark and he doesn’t trust Tebow either to throw the ball. So he wants to run..run..run..which will be our downfall because once again we all know this is a PASSING LEAGUE!…I guess it makes sense now thinking about it why we didn’t go after the Jacksons, Colstons, or any other wideout that could have been a true #1.

  49. By Allan O'Dane on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    But what doesn’t make sense is the fact that either if you want to throw the ball or run the ball you still need a O-linemen. Nicks..Gaithers..Bell…NYJ FO could have easily upgraded this O-Line. Instead it clearly shows that our Defense has been whipping the O-line all summer. And it shows concern on their part. That’s why Cro opened his mouth. He is the 2nd best WR on this team. The truth hurts that’s why Rex was mad at him. I saw the defense wear those black jerseys ALOT this camp..Well I guess we have to see what the rookie Hill can do…I just hope he does it in a hurry…

  50. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    danny, I hope Randy prints this because all I’m doing is going off your post: It’s isn’t hard to make Rex look stupid, and his constant references to pre-merger football do that even better. GaryC, your comment about Newton and the 2-14 Panthers goes into the same category as Reid’s on Romney’s taxes. Hey, how’s this? “If GaryC is revealed to be an axe murderer, I hope that’ll prove he knows nothing about football.” Gimme a break and at least talk real! Allan, this yr our WRs are getting hurt, but the guys we have will be a good squad if they can stay healthy. A good squad, that is, for a team that’s rebuilding and trying to find out which vets to keep or dump and which young guys should become Jet vets.

  51. By kleckofan on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Allan- the problem w saying that Eli’s success is based on surrounding him w talent is you remove the positives the QB himself brings. Give those same receivers to Tebow and are you saying at the end if the year that they’re great receivers? Sanchez had a great receivibg corps his first couple of years and we chose to be the best running team in the league. Why? To cover for a rookie QB, but why are we doing it now? To cover for a mediocre QB. It galls me to have to listen to Sanchez tell reporters “this is my huddle now”, who is he convincing, us or himself. Real confidence need not be voiced, it speaks for itself. I am tired of the king of sound bites and saying the right things.

  52. By scjoe on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC/64, It looks like your on going debate between Sanchez and Cam Newton will come to a head next week when the two teams meet and both QBs will get to play at least one half. May the better man win. LOL

  53. By scjoe on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Danny, we all know about the shortcomings of this O line. But at some point you have to move on from that argument/excuse and evaluate the rest of Sanchez game, especially last seasons. What about his completition percentage? Is that totally due to the shortcomings of the O line? Do you think that his inaccuracy, especially on the deep pass has anything to do with it? What about the questionable (and that is putting it as discreetly as I can) decision making? The O line? C’mon man!

  54. By GaryC on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe,I take nothing out of the preseason when it comes to making comparisions,Jetfantom,how did you know I missed out on playing Jason,they couldn’t find a hockey mask big enough.

  55. By scjoe on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, you should take something out of pre season game #3. After all, the 1s, for the most part will be playing in to the 3rd quarter. If it were game 1 or game 4 I would agree.

  56. By danny on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe of course the O line had to do with MS accuracy last season. When ur constantly under pressure and taking blindsided hits from 300 LB monsters u will get rattled, MS has shown he is tough lowering his shoulder to get in the endzone plenty of times. The Raiders game stands out to me and how many times have u seen Eli lower his shoulder to put 6 on the board for his team. Of course a QB under constant pressure and throwing the ball without setting themselves is not gonna thrwo with accuracy. Tom Brady in both Superbowls vs the Giants pass rush is a perfect example, If Brady struggles against tons of pressure what do u expect MS to do with more pressure then Brady has ever seen ?? Cmonn be realistic the kid got killed last yr

  57. By danny on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    As for decision making OMG of course when ur under constant pressure you are forcing balls and it’s effecting ur decision ,making. Tom Brady has had top O line’s for yrs and how many times do u see him pat the ball standing straight up for at least 5 seconds then making a beautiful throw, MS has under 2 seconds to get the ball out so he don;t even have time to look for his secondary receivers. Brady can look at his 1st, 2nd, 3rd then hot his 4th for a first down. Now MS has made some bonehead plays but if he had a solid O line he would make so many more great plays that those bonehead plays would not stand out as much. I’m sorry the kid has had poor play calling from Shotty and horrible I mean horrible O line play, HORRIBLE

  58. By GaryC on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    jetfantom, did you catch any of the carolina panther game.Did you see all that time Newton had to throw,I would say pretty good offensive line.Even Ben Hartsock got down the field for a 15 yard catch.

  59. By GaryC on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe, I meant comparing Newton to Sanchez in a preseason game,not the same as if they went at each other in the regular season,even tonights game,who cares if the jets win,how many times have the giants beat them in the regular season,when it comes to the preseason I look for the jets younger players pushing the veterans,seeing if Sparano opens it up more and if the offensive line shows enough improvement so Sanchez isn’t cashing in on his medical coverage.

  60. By ron alexander on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    S.CJoe, my L.B concern wasn’t so much about this year. i agree with how your scenerio on this year will shake-out. My concern is Ryan& Tanney will try to sneak a guy like Dowtin or Sapp on to the practice squad and they will be picked up by the Pats. If Jordan Shiply is indeed available we need to pick him up. He is a Wes Welker clone who though not a speed merchant is like a 7-11(always open)
    I’m getting depressed watching the other teams on the NFL network,and even the Dolphins on Hard Knocks. I realize its only pre-season but there seems to be an awful lot of talent out there and watching our guys we dont appear to compare?I am beginning to compile a list of potential G.M candidates in case the entire season turns out to be a “debacle”?

  61. By danny on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC just forget it because these guys are in denial that a QB can not be succesful with a horrible O line on the NFL level. They just blame the QB like he is supposed to throw for 300yds on his back. They believe the elite QB’s can throw for 300 with no offensive line on the field at all LOL

  62. By scjoe on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Danny, you are talking as if their was relentless pressure on MS EVERY snap, of EVERY series, of EVERY game he has EVER played, and that is just simply not the case. When I break down MS game I am doing it from day 1, up until last weeks Cinn debacle. I have seen many, many instances where MS had the necessary time to throw and still over threw, under threw, or threw the INT. THAT, is not on the O line.That is on MS. I understand there were problems with the O line in 2011. But in 09 and 2010 the O line was one of the tops, but MS still was in the bottom 1/4th in completion percentage. Still the O line?

  63. By scjoe on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Danny, if MS would have excelled in 2009 and 2010 when there were no negative issues with the O line, it would have proved you correct. But that was not the case. The completion percentage, the TD to INT ratio, and the lack of pocket presence was pretty much the same as it was in 2011 with the O line issues. I would also disagree that Brady “always” had a top O line. The same could be said of Peyton. Again, at some point you have to place just as much blame on the QB as you do on the O line.

  64. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    kleckofan, I couldn’t put it as well as you did just now about how Allan’s arguments about how the Giants supported Eli, which are somewhat valid, entirely deny Eli’s skills. If Hicks and Cruz were on the Jets under Rex, Schotty, and Sanchez, they’d each avg 12 yds per catch, that trio can do that to anyone as they’ve proven with Holmes. scjoe, I’ll agree with GaryC that preseason doesn’t show that much and agree with you that it can show some things, so I won’t overreact to the Panther game. Sure I saw Newton’s getting time to throw, GaryC, but like I say so often, Sanchez has looked mediocre at many times even with the best protection. danny, Sanchez is tough but not always that smart and he gets rattled, those are his biggest problems.

  65. By ron alexander on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Gary C, Hilarious dude, love the “even Ben(time me with a calander)Hartstock line.Danny&S.C.Joe, the Sanchez debate you two keep going will be resolved one way or the other this year.Of course I dont know if it will ever be clear which of you is right? If he flops the supporters will say the problems surrounding him were not addressed. The O.line was the same group that could not protect him this year?The recieving corps though potentially talented is unproven?What this tells me is its time for Mark to step up and make the type of plays that make those around him at least appear better.The only chance this team has is if he does just that. If we are forced to go with T.T we are looking at an 8-8 season at best. The guy is not an NFL Q.B.

  66. By Jack on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Pouha please don’t hurry back Ellis is doing a pretty nice job, Mark Sanchez stink jets need to draft QB, Matt Barkey from USC. 2013 drafts QB, RT, RB. Really

  67. By Jack on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Jets going 0-4 in the pre-season and 6-10 or 7-9 jets should be picking within the 1st 10th pick in the drafts. They will need to trade up to get QB, Matt Barkley.

  68. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, scjoe, and Sanchez’s pick-6 tonight against the Giants was a perfect example of an instance in which the pass protection wasn’t the problem. The problem was and so often is his maddeningly inconsistent accuracy as a QB. About halfway into the season, I expect Rex to start saying, “Well, you really need to give a QB more like 10 yrs, let him play all over North America a little bit…look at Joe Kapp…”

  69. By Blint on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    When Sanchez had good protection he looked like a promising rookie. Been a jets fan since 1966 and I have NEVER seen a jets qb that has had so many comebacks, many while under pressure. The problem with this team is offensive line and tight end. Keller is a very good receiver… Not a good tight end. It’s not just that the tight ends and line get beat, but the tight ends and offensive line constantly fail to pick up the stunts and blitzes… Leading to crushing sacks. They need to replace hunter and Keller, and they need more depth.

  70. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    And 4 yrs in, that’s what Sanchez still looks like, Blint — a promising rookie.

  71. By Jack on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    I agreed that its the offesive line but the part of problem is RT!! Keller is a good TE, need to get the ball to him more I see him open alot and Sanchez dosen’t throw the ball he way. Jets do need a back up TE, and Sanchez need to play better STOP! throwing those INTS. iTS not the offensive line that making Sanchez throw INT its Mark Sanchez himself that. Matt Barkley USC way better then Sanchez went his was at USC. Barkley is going to be a better QB in the NFL then sanchez is.

  72. By scjoe on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    64, I am trying to follow Ira’s que, you know try to look at it as if the glass is half full instead of almost empty. BUT, I have to say this, if there is a QB who has looked worse then Sanchez so far in pre season it would have to be Tim Tebow. IF, and I realize it is still IF at this point, what we are seeing now from these two players is a prelude of what we will be seeing come regular season, we are looking at a top three pick in next April’s draft. So, for now at least, that is the only positive I can come up with.

  73. By kleckofan on Aug 20, 2012 | Reply

    I am no Tebow disciple, and have made it clear that I don’t think he’ll ever be an NFL QB, but truth be told, I have more fun and anticipation of something good happeniing with him in there as opposed to Sanchez. They both stink, but its more glaring w Sanchez because he’s supposed to be a legit’ QB while Tebow is this freak hybrid. If we’re going down in flames this yr I’d rather do it w Tebow. The shame of the whole debacle is that McElroy doesn’t at least get a shot. I was going to get NFL Sunday Ticket this yr, but not sure I want to see this team 16 times. “Fire Tannenbaum” will now be my closing line for each entry.

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