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Maybin, Mauga Plays Register on the BP Meter

Posted by Randy Lange on August 21, 2012 – 2:17 pm

Two Jets linebackers who also contribute to special teams came up with gems that didn’t produce any points Saturday night against the Giants but still bode well for the “complementary football” that Rex Ryan has stressed the Green & White will and must play this year.

The first big play came from a young man who’s been no stranger to big plays since coming to the Jets a year ago. On a second-quarter Steve Weatherford punt, Aaron Maybin got leverage on wingman (and former Jet) D.J. Ware, leaned in on him, leaned in some more, and then swatted Weatherford’s punt.

Technically, it wasn’t a block because the ball crossed the line of scrimmage, traveling 21 yards. But the Jets had it at their 46, fine field position — until it was squandered seven plays later on Jayron Hosley’s TD return of a ark Sanchez interception.

“Yeah, that was my first block in the NFL,” the always “on” Maybin reminisced this week. “I had a couple in college, but I don’t really count any of that stuff. When you do things for the first time in the NFL, it’s basically like the first time you ever did it.”

He was hardly concerned that the block didn’t count, first off because it’s the preseason, but second of all because the play still fit into his own special mental category.

“I’m not a guy that’s really ever been interested by stats anyway. I’m motivated by game-changing plays and the opportunity to make those. When you look at blocked punts, sacks, forced fumbles, turnovers — those are game-changing plays right there, and those are the kind of plays I pride myself on being able to make for this team.”

Maybin got Ware’s attention on that play, and he also said he lit up the eyes of 207-pound Giants corner Prince Amukamara when he lined up as a 250-pound flyer for the Jets’ punt-cover team.

“It was interesting to see the cornerback’s face when he realized it was a linebacker lined up over top of him. I could hear his teammates yelling, ‘C’mon, Prince, jam him, jam him.’ Try it if you want to,” Maybin said.

The other LB who also does special duty is Josh Mauga, who in fact contributed with a tackle of Hosley when he was a punt-returner, bringing him down near midfield for a zero-yard return late in the first quarter. But Mauga’s sudden impact occurred on defense in the fourth quarter when he came roaring up the middle on third-down to plant Giants QB David Carr for a 7-yard sack.

“Oh, gosh, I love it,” Mauga savored the hit all over again after the game. “I was just trying to be like Dave.” As in David Harris, who’s been doing triple duty lately playing the run, moving backward in pass defense and forward to apply blitz pressure.

“This year I’m a lot more comfortable being out there on special teams and on defense,” the third-year man out of Nevada said. “I understand the schemes, I can recognize what the offense is trying to do, and it helps me in the long run to play faster and hopefully make plays.”

It was Mauga’s second sack as a Jet, both coming in the preseason, to go with his interception in Game 2 vs. Jacksonville last season. He’s shown he can make a play if called on, but the numbers are still the numbers, and Mauga’s battling for depth chart position at ILB with Nick Bellore and rookie Demario Davis. Is there room on this year’s Jets for him?

“I’m not sure,” he said. “I just leave that up to the coaches and the organization. I just try to control what I can control, and that’s just going out and taking advantage of my opportunity and showing them that I can be a big factor whether on special teams or the defense.”

Both Mauga and Maybin could get a shot at making a big play or two before a national TV audience on Sunday night when the Jets take on the Panthers and consensus Offensive Rookie of the Year Cam Newton. And Mauga has a different take on the prospect of chasing the 6’5″, 248-pound Newton around the MetLife pitch.

“I think it’ll be a great experience,” he said. “I had Colin Kaepernick on my team in college and they’re pretty similar. It’ll be cool to see what Newton’s all about.”

The 6’4″, 230-pound Kaepernick has already made a Top-10 play this season when he took off and galloped 78 yards for a TD in the 49ers’ preseason-opening win over the Vikings. If he taught Mauga anything while the two were at Nevada, we could see it Sunday night vs. Newton and the Panthers.

And any successes there will go a long way toward helping Mauga have a pregame reunion with Kaepernick when the Niners come calling on the Jets on Sept. 30.

It’ll all be about the big plays, wherever and whenever they can be made.

Open Practices Resume Tonight

The Jets will open the doors to MetLife Stadium to their fans this afternoon for this evening’s practice, which is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m.

This practice begins the final week of open practices for fans before the Jets shut the doors and hunker down to get ready for the home stretch toward the Sept. 9 season opener vs. Buffalo.

The Jets’ practices at the Atlantic Health Training Center in Florham Park, N.J., on Thursday and Friday are also open to the public. Both workouts are scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. and to run until about 3 p.m.

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17 Responses to “Maybin, Mauga Plays Register on the BP Meter”

  1. By IRA on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    I would be surprised if the Jets keep 9 LB’s. Harris, Pace, BT, Scott, Davis, Maybin, McIntyre are locks. Its going to come down to either Bellore or Mauga and with Bellore now getting reps at FB too i think its going to be very hard for nMauga to make this team unless he really comes up big vs the Panthers.

  2. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    As someone who’s worked as a journalist I feel for ya, Randy, you’re really scraping for news with stories like this one…

  3. By GaryC on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    Jets should think of trading pace maybe and getting some offensive line help,that might open a spot for mauga and a guy like Dowtin,who can work on special teams until he gets down the nuances of the linebacker position.age of these linebackers will still bite the jets.

  4. By Karan on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t know what to make of this but I hear Tannenbaums planning to have a minidraft come labor day week. That might be a good thing to hear at this point considering the way this team is playing. Hope we sign some good depth and a WR. I’ll be happy with the team as long as we get a veteran WR, a really O-line and a legit blocking tight end. This might be asking for too much before the start of the season, it will most likely not happen. I am thinking about what this so called minidraft might be, won’t make too much of it but I hope its something really good.

  5. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    It’ll be very mini-, Karan, the real draft was months ago and we did okay with it. But it’s gonna take awhile for those guys to develop or pan out or not, which is why the loss of Rex, Sanchez, Tebow and plenty of other guys after this season won’t bother me a bit, we have to rebuild an entirely new team. And we have to stop fantasizing about Mangold or Revis leading us to Super Bowl glory in the next yr or 2. We’ll be lucky if those guys are still Jets by the time this team is a serious contender again.

  6. By scjoe on Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

    Yea, if I were T Bomb I would be waiting out side the Patriots training facility door when the final cuts are made, because it is obvious some of their 2s and 3s are upgrades to our 1s on offense. It is also obvious that some of the Giants and Eagles 2s and 3s on defense are better then some of our 1s. Definitely better then any of our 2s and 3s. You know what? When it gets to a point like that, what does that tell you about your FO and personnel dept? When you wait for other teams cast offs in order to upgrade your own.

  7. By IRA on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    This is why everybody has to just wait and see what this roster looks like after week #1. I have been saying since June lets wait and se what this roster looks like after August. Not sure who they will get or maybe trade for but there will be some additions. This team has a playoff type of D and if they can just find a few pieces to add to the offense well then people will be looking at this team in a different way. Keep the Faith and bank on Mr T getting this thing right.
    GO JETS!!!!

  8. By Thomas on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Two moves could save the jets season this year. 1. Sing Vernon Carey, he has been working with sparano recently so he knows his system. 2. Trade two high picks, maybe a first and a third or a second and a third, in addition to a young talented RB like powell for MJD. MJD gives them a legitimate receiving threat in addition to optimizing their ground and pound offense. MJD has ran for 1600 yards last year with a sorry Jacksonville O-Line, with vernon carey this O-line could be far from sorry. Not to mention that greene was at his best when he was getting touches against a tired out bruised Defense. Sanchez is better at little 6 yard gains then 20 yarders or more. if mjd runs for 8 on first, sanchez can throw it six yards for a first down

  9. By kw65Fan on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Can not see NO help coming on the offensive line at all. Look around the league people….practically every team has a need or a shortage in depth on the O-line. Why we haven’t looked at Kareem MacKenzie is beyond me. Played well for us and the Giants…BUT something is wrong. If all these other teams need help too, why haven’t they come knocking at Kareem. Going to have to live with what we have. as stated by others…maybe movin slauson over should be right fit..use to be a RT in college. something has to give…Hunter is not the answer…and unfortunately, the answer may not be until next years draft.

  10. By SCfromNY on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    The defense appears to be having good improvement especially at LB. It will all be wasted though if they wind up spending 45 minutes on the field because the offense is so bad.

  11. By scjoe on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, the first cuts will come after this weeks games are concluded, so, even if they were to pick up a RT (for example) he would have about 4-5 practices before the final pre season game and maybe another 4 or 5 before the start of the season. Not quite good enough. Looking at it logically, it should never have come to this. As for a “playoff type of defense?” That may be true under normal circumstances. But with this offense it is not a reach to say this defense will be on the field 35-40 minutes a game, every game. There will be no playoff type D under those circumstances.

  12. By John , 40 year fan on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Maybin has the right thinking …Because you haven’t done anything till youv’e done it in the NFL ….

  13. By Paul N. on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Can we please trade the antique Bart Scott for quality RT? I know it will be difficult to pull off with his age, ridiculous salary, and the snail like speed he displays, but c;mon Mr.T its worth a try!!

  14. By RON ALEXANDER on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    IRA, as I have stated numerous times, I love your attitude and patience and i throughly respect your knowledge as a great Jets fan. As Rex would say, “no doubt!”But if you really think Tannenbaum has the sleightest clue of what he is doing after all the blunders he has committed I’m worried about your mental health. Baseing your hopes on Tanney is like going for a swimm in the pool as the Titanic sunk? S.C.Joe hits the nail on the head, it should never have come to this!” Bye the way if Tanney needs directions to N.Englands training facility I will put them in my next post.Ira, M.Dowtin is a Damario Davis clone, do you really want to cut him and keep MacIntyre who is a clone of Pace and B.Thomas?

  15. By Blint on Aug 22, 2012 | Reply

    Been a fan since 65 and this is potentially the best defense ever for the jets. The secondary looks great and the linebackers look awesome and the linenis deeeeep! The offense looks horrible in preseason but we have to give hill time to develop and Kerley and tone to get healthy. Last year the jets offense lost games early due to mangold injury and late due to Tough schedule and really poor Sanchez play (which I attribute at least to some extent to being injured). In previous years the brad smith factor on Seminole was a big plus …. They really missed that last year… This year they have tebow .. Which should be an upgrade over brad smith especially as a passing threat over smith. For me the big personnel mistake is no blocking tight end

  16. By Mike Jet Vet on Aug 23, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, I always want to agree with you problem is, you singing that same song again, I’m not going to ague your point about wait and see,So let me ask, I believe you’ll agree, this team isn’t playing possum Right? they would at least have to display some sort of continuity in getting ready for opener are we in agreement? Now let me ask from what you have seen so far do you really believe what your selling us again

  17. By RON ALEXANDER on Aug 23, 2012 | Reply

    BLINT-Nice positive post dude.I agree the D looks good.Like everyone else here I am concerned about the O being able to move the ball enough to keep them rested. My biggest concern however is scoring enough points to win games? We gotta think the O will come around enough to be respectable,however the giant hole at R.T is scaring the crap out of even the most optimistic Jet fan(that would be IRA!)I have watched a ton of pre-season games on the NFL network and almost every team has concerns at the O.T posisition? That will make it difficult to pick up a player capable of helping us this year.The other problem is our G.M. Most of us here have zero confidence in him picking the right guy?

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