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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Do the Naysayers ‘Drive You a Little Bit?’ Yes and No

Posted by Randy Lange on September 5, 2012 – 6:00 pm

Two of the opinion leaders on the Jets were presented with the state of their team as perceived by “the experts” who have come out of the woodwork the past few weeks to predict how the Jets will finish in the AFC East (consensus has them third, behind Buffalo, ahead of Miami) and how they’ll fare against the Bills at home in Sunday’s opener (not well, according to the set of experts on CBS Sportsline’s crack staff, among others).

Head coach Rex Ryan said the Jets are “right where we need to be.”

“It does remind me a little bit for whatever reason of our first year here,” Ryan reminisced about the 2009 season. “But you’ve got to go back in and earn it and prove people wrong. Does that drive you a little bit? I’d be lying if I tell you it never did. Of course it does. Human nature is ‘I’ll show you.’ I’ve been that way all my life. It’s the reason I’m here today. I’m going to compete, our whole football team is going to compete, the organization is going to compete.

“I’d much rather be picked third and later be somewhere else at the end of the road,” he added, and he didn’t mean fourth.

Mark Sanchez had a similar take about the Jets’ competitive spirit but not about how the opinions of the football gurus grinds away at his gut.

“I think this team has something to prove to each other but not to anybody on the outside,” said the QB preparing to make his fourth opening-day start for the Green & White. As for those third-place predictions, “Who cares?” he said. “Is it human nature to say ‘Well, we’re better than what they said’? Who cares what they said. We’ve got to go out and practice hard and rely on each other.

“The home opener’s important,” he said, and he’s won two of his three home openers, not to mention five of six home games in September. “But you never want to put so much into it and make it bigger than what it is. We’ll just rely on the work we put in during the week and on Sunday it should be automatic. That’s my mental approach, and I know a lot of our guys feel the same way.”

Well, yes, except Rex doesn’t want to remove a little extra edge from this game. “We’ve got a ton of work to do,” he said, “and it’s all about this game and this week.”

Dixon Redux

The reported knee injury suffered by Isaako Aaitui on Monday led to his release and to the return of Marcus Dixon, the third-year man who was released at least in part because Aaitui had impressed with the Dolphins this summer at both NT and DT.

Dixon gave a bittersweet recap of his time away and his mindset now that he’s in some ways starting over again with the Jets.

“I kept the door always open” for a return, he said after today’s practice. “There were other options out there, but just the timing of my release, I couldn’t get moved anywhere.

“But I’m glad to be back here. I just know I’ve got to go out there and take it one day at a time, really. You never know. I’m constantly looking over my shoulder now — I ain’t gonna lie. But I’m going to go out and do what I’ve got to do. We’ve got the Bills this week and that’s my focus.”

He called his three days away from the Jets complex an eye-opener.

“It made me realize a lot of things that are important,” he said, casting a hard eye at his situation. “There’s really no guarantee. And I think I might’ve gotten a little comfortable a little bit. So I’m back on my, I guess, my college mentality, where I’m just hungry. I realize, I guess, that I’m always one of those guys who’s going to be on the bubble. I’ve got to prove my worth. So that’s what I’m going to do and help the team win.”

Dixon was a steady, honest contributor to the D-line rotation last year in his only full season with the Jets. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that maybe he’s got even more to play for than a lot of others when the Jets and Bills kick it off Sunday.

Health Watch

The first Jets injury report of the season is now available on newyorkjets.com. And this report shows the Jets leading in the number of listed players, 15-4, over the Bills. This is not necessarily a good score.

Yet still most of the Jets seem to be in the likely-to-play category. As you’ll remember, the first two days of the week each team reports only whether a player’s participation in team drills was full, limited or non-existent. Two Jets didn’t participate in today’s practice in the Atlantic Health Training Center fieldhouse (due to the heavy morning rain) — TE Dustin Keller (hamstring) and S Eric Smith (hip/knee).

Six Jets were listed as limited — RB-KR Joe McKnight (hamstring), G Brandon Moore (hip), D-linemen Sione Po‘uha (low back) and Mike DeVito (calf), and LBs Bryan Thomas (ankle) and Nick Bellore (shoulder). Six other Jets were full participants.

The NFL platform doesn’t allow us to give you the opponents’ report in chart form, but for the Bills, the two injuries to watch were to WRs Stevie Johnson and Brad Smith, both limited with groin injuries.

Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said Smith is “getting better. He’s going to go on the practice field today and hopefully he’ll be ready to do a little more tomorrow, a little bit more Friday. And hopefully we’ll get him for Sunday.”

See More of Curt in Canton

The Curtis Martin Hall of Fame Special airs for the first time tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on SNY. The SNY crew followed Curt around Canton in early August, from autograph session to news conference to parade to gold-jacket dinner to enshrinement ceremony. Tune in to watch No. 28’s glorious weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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60 Responses to “Do the Naysayers ‘Drive You a Little Bit?’ Yes and No”

  1. By Howie D on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    All the very best to us for this season – players, coaches, owner, fans. We do have our different opinions, but we can now only play with what we’ve got. It’s time to rally around the team.

  2. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    The naysayers drive Rex almost exclusively, he’s made that clear from the minute he got here. It’s a very superficial and immature approach to leadership from a very superficial and immature man who lacks real leadership qualities, as you can see from the way the team is splintering just days before a season opener vs. one of our weaker opponents. Why is Holmes talking NOW about Sanchez’s reaction to getting Tebow? (I’ll say it again, GaryC: Deal Holmes NOW!) Why is Sanchez accusing Woody of talking up Tebow to sell tickets? (Of course it’s true but since when does MS talk like this?) Much more than baseball and basketball, football’s a sport in which discipline plays a key role, but we’re near the bottom of the NFL in that department, too.

  3. By scjoe on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    These so called “experts” know about as much as you and I about ANYTHING football. How many of these “experts” picked SF to get to the NFC title game last season? How many picked the Cincinnati Bengals to go to the playoffs last season? How many picked the Denver Broncos to win their division and win a playoff game against the Steelers? How many picked the Colts to finish dead last in their division? Truth be told, I bet you can count all of that on one part of one hand!

  4. By Karan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I know the media blows everything out of proportion and he was being sarcastic and grinning at the time but I love what Mark said about Woodys comments. It sells seats, haha, thats soo true.

  5. By Karan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    You know its true Mr. johnson!

  6. By IRA on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t care what the so called experts say lets see were the Jets are at the bye. Get me to 4-4 or 5-3 and 7-5 heading into the last 4 games and they will be in the mix for a WC spot for sure.
    Yes my boy Kerley had a quiet summer but i think with Keller not at 100% and Holmes being doubled this week Kerley will make some big plays.
    GO JETS!!!!

  7. By SCfromNY on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I do hope Rex is right. I know all the legends of teams that went 0-4 and went to the playoffs as well as those that went 4-0 and had a bad year. However I have seen little to inspire confidence in the ability to turn it on especially the run game.

  8. By carl on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply


  9. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, The guy who loves to rip Rex. I just read on 5 teams in all of the NFL have more wins than the Jets in the last 3 years. The Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Saints & Packers. So there are 26 other teams that have less wins than us. If Rex is so bad why do we have so many wins? I cant wait for your answer!

  10. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I think the Jets are going to prove alot of the experts wrong. Most of the time they are wrong. We play Miami (rookie QB Tannehill 2 times), Home vs the Colts (another rookie in Luck), Seahawks (rookie in Wilson), Rams a terrible team, home vs the Cards (John Skelton is there QB), Jags a terrible team that we destroyed last year & Titans with Locher a first year starter. Our D will be licking there chops to get at these guys. I just named 8 games vs rookie / brand new QBS that are very winnable games. If we win 6 out of those 8 & 4 of the other 8 vs the tuff teams. We will have 10 wins 6 plus 4 is 10 EASY MATH!

  11. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    To all of the Mark Sanchez haters lots of posters were talking about Josh Freeman & Sam Bradford 2 years ago. Both of which were terrible last year for some reason you dont hear there names anymore. Last year we heard about Matt Flynn who had 1 good game. He went to the Seahawks & got beat out by a rookie. For some reason we dont hear anything about him anymore. I WONDER WHY!

  12. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    No doubt in my mind as of now the Jets will have a top 5 defense and a bottum 5 offense Seems like the be wiinning SB’s now with the opposite combo. We don’t really have a feared passing game with Sanchez having a remarkable, stupendous grand total of 3 300 yard games in 3 seasons We don’t have a feared rushing game with Greene, a 2nd back at best and the current O line that couldn’t spring OJ. I still can’t fiquer out what this secret, feared Wildcat will be all about. JET FAN 64 not only are you strident but you are now a naysayer ie “someone who habitually expresses contrary opinions”…Schotty I remain truly sorry for the way we treated you…boy was I wrong…Who was that that said Sporano was being “groomed ” for head coach ?hmmm.

  13. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer I agree with your analysis up to a point Lucky for us the schedule is much more favorable this year than last We all remember that brutal 3 game road trip Ravens, out to the coast to Oakland then up to Foxboro, just about as tough a stretch as you can get. Yes the defense will be all over the teams you mentioned. But is this team as it now looks capable of putting up 20 pts on the board? Will it be another year of watching the defense play their hearts out to have the offense 3 and out them to the point of collapse each game ?

  14. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I have watched many a Jet game that really hurt, the Dolphins/Marino fake spike game, the Monday night prime time Pats slaughter to name a few. But the one that will always stick out in my mind was the Ravens beating last year The Pats surgically took us apart on Monday night the Ravens just plain beat us up…. The best going up to Foxboro in ’10 and beating the Pats to knock them out of the playoffs and avengeing the Monday night slaughter… don’t get ANYYYYY better than that BAAAAAAABY

  15. By IRA on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Whats good about Sanchez making a comment about Tebow and woodys’s remarks was that it shows everybody that he has a chip on his shoulder and that is a good thing. I couldn’t have kept quiet abut it all this time like he did. good for him.
    Never put a game in the win column by how it looks on paper. Yes rookie QB’s should struggle against Rex’s D but they will lose one that appears they should win and same can be said about winning one they looked over matched. It happens every year.
    And if you think that game in Seattle is a easy win i don’t care who the QB is that place is the hardest place to win. Just look back at 08 in the snow against a team that started 5 backup OL. How did that work out?

  16. By kleckofan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I sincerely hope that I and the others who see this team’s front office as a catastrophe are wrong about it affecting the ultimate product on the field. I hope we do prove the experts wrong and I hope Sanchez proves me and the rest here wrong too. Those are my hopes as a Jets fan. You know which is more valuable between a handful of hopes and wishes and a handful of $##@…as I’ve said earlier I just don’t see any offensive weapons that would scare another team. Now, can we move the ball methodically down the field (Stram would say “matriculate”)?Maybe, but how often and can our D be great for 40 minutes a game? We need to cut down our “3 and outs”, our turnovers resulting in short fields and penalties.Close to the vest, grinding football

  17. By GaryC on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    JetFanTom,like a said a long time ago about Holmes,If he wasn’t happy on a super bowl winner,when would he ever be happy.I have a feeling he will be one of these guys like Pacman who will cause to many problems for teams to keep.Just wait if the jets start losing again.

  18. By GaryC on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Tom Spicer, yes I mentioned that about Flynn where everyone wanted him and now he cannot beat out Russell Wilson,that is what happens with knee jerk reactions to a game or two.

  19. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, keep throwin’ me them fat hanging curves! Rex is terrible because of the direction we’re going in since 2010, see my post the other day about how my doubts about him grew from the MIA loss of 11/1/09 and became serious with the PIT playoff loss. As for those rookie QBs, I’ll bet you right now half of ‘em, mostly likely Luck and Tannehill, hold their own or outplay Sanchez. As for Freeman and Bradford being terrible last yr, so was MS and people were starting to write that draft yr off at QB even before Mark melted down vs PHI, NYG, and MIA. Ira, I’d be satisfied with 3-5 thru the 1st 8 games given who they’re against. If teams like SF, PIT, NE, and HOU all lost to this Jet team, that would be the biggest story of this NFL season.

  20. By Karan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    I hope Sanchez has an excellent game against Buffalo. I’m so sick of this talk when Tebow will start, what week will he start? ESPN has just made me sick with there coverage on Tebow. I like Tebow, great guy, great football player but they really need to stop, I bet even Tim gets a little creeped out by ESPNs coverage on him. Tebow will be a major contributor and be another weapon for Mark Sanchez. In my mind, both guys are winners. Both have 5 big wins between them in the playoffs.

  21. By a57se on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    If the Jets start the season 3-5, then I hope they do fall short of the playoffs. If they can’t beat the Bills, Steelers, SF, Houston or NE, then I would rather have them get better draft position for next year so they can upgrade their talent level.
    That said, I’d be surpised if they are not 5-3 at the least as this defense is poised to dominate teams and the offense will do enough to prevail. People cry and moan about last years offense but fail to realize the Jets scored more points last season then any Jets Offense since 1998!! Granted, the offense was all or nothing last year with too many three and outs, they also scored 49 points for the other team which cost us at least two games.

  22. By a57se on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Our Offense doesn’t have to score 30 points a game for us to win, we just need to limit the turnovers and dumb penalties that killed a lot of drives last year and we’ll be fine!!!

  23. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Bennett, When the Jets went to Foxboro & beat a # 1 seed 14 & 2 Pats team revenging a blow out loss to them. When the whole planet said we had no shot to win & my boy Mark had 3 TD passes that game. I was so happy I cried!

  24. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, Wrong, wrong & WRONG! 1 Why did your doubts become serious with the PIT playoff loss? When every other person on the planet thought we were on the cusp of a Super Bowl. That was until Tanebaum brought in Wayne Hunter the worst starting right tackle in the NFL for Damien Woody a multiple Pro Bowler & multiple Super Bowl winner, slow a a clidesdale 36 year old Plax & 38 year old stone hands Mason (who you loved) for Braylon & Cothcery who were in there prime. 2 Marked melted down vs PHI WRONG! Your boy Holmes had a fumble & a ball that hit him in the chest that bounced in the air thats was picked off. Those 2 turnovers lead to TDS that lost the game. That & Wayne Hunter getting abused all day by Jason Babin & Trent Cole so much so

  25. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    JET FAN TOM 64 1/2 Not only are you a strident naysayer… but now you are starting to sound shrill… ie insistent, with an obtrusive insistent quality. So you have now become a shrill,strident, naysayer…an obtrusive. shrill, strident naysayer at that.. Karan you are great and I always read your stuff but say hello to everyone in La La Land for me

  26. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    that Rich Gannon who was annoucing the game said on air. The Jets need to get Wayne Hunter some help he just cant hande the ends for the Eagles. Mark was sacked 4 times vs the Eagles & 5 times vs the Giants. I dont care if our QB was Tom Brady if you are sacked 4 plus times in a game you are losing. The only game out of the group you can put on Mark is Miami so WRONG AGAIN!

  27. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    JET FAN TOM 641/4 In a additon to sounding like a shrill,strident, naysayer there is now a obtrusive quality in you carefully scripted remarks.. ie annoying, tending to intrude or force opinions on others… and even a raucous tone to your normally insightful analysis of the current team events and travails…ie loud and harsh sounding. So you have now become a raucous, obtrusive,shrill. strident, naysayer … Karan you are GREAT fan but tell me when you get to the end of the yellow brick road

  28. By Tom Spicer on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, For the final & 3rd wrong Bradford had 25 TDS in 2 years Mark had 32 just last year. Freeman had 20 TDS & 27 turnovers last year & Mark had 32 TDS & 26 turnovers. So Mark had 1 less turnover & 12 more TDS SORRY THAT IS WAY BETTER! Mark had 2 more rushing TDS & 10 more passing TDS that is a huge amount. For example last year Brady had 42 TDS 10 more than Mark that is way more than Mark. Well same difference Mark had 12 more than Freeman. Which is WAY MORE you cant even talk about them in the same conversation. So my fat curve ball just struck you out!

  29. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Looks like some of you are bolder with the predictions than our fearless leader: “I’m not afraid to say it: I think this is going to be an outstanding football team, the best team we’ve had since I’ve been here. How that reflects on the record, I’m not sure. This team, this organization are headed in the right direction.” We should add boldface for “How that reflects on the record, I’m not sure,” of course. Rex has gone from “We’re winning the SB this yr” to “We’re better but don’t ask me to prove it by the record.” Bennett, what convinced me that Sparano is a possible interim HC for us was a talk I had with Arte in which we decided that it makes no sense to hire a former HC who’s never been an OC unless you value that HC experience too.

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, outside of some folks on this site, nobody in the league is excited about Sanchez, Freeman, or Bradford anymore. They come in close to the bottom in polls of QBs by players, coaches, writers, even fans. As for your bizarre attempt to promote Sanchez in the games we lost that made me start to wonder about Rex, I confess I really have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. The facts are we lost those games, blew both championship games, and certainly don’t look like a team that’s going anywhere near a championship game this season. You keep crying with joy when Mark pulls off an upset, I’ll keep looking at how we play in December and January. And stop counting rushing TDs in a QB’s total, no one else who knows the game does that.

  31. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    JET FAN TOM 641/8 Your recent exchanges with our former colleague “Danny” had shall we say a certain vindictive flavor to them not seen since another former colleague of ours “Carol” evidentley returned to the hospital for much needed help…. ie intented to cause anguish or hurt; spiteful. So now you have morphed into a vindictive, raucous,obtrusive,shrill, strident, naysayer …

  32. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    That’s funny, Bennett, I’d think that a guy who sends almost exactly the same post twice is the insistent one. You must also have never played any contact sport because you sound like some kind of male version of Sandra Fluke in your weak-kneed reaction to my posts. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the website, y’know? The Jets will not be served — and have never been served, in case you’ve forgotten our glorious record since 1969 — by Pollyannas who see nothing but future glory. Again, most everyone I talk to about football in this country, and I’ve been to almost every state, sees the Jets as one of the most overhyped, undisciplined teams in the NFL. Don’t blame me for Just Saying No to more masochism and arguing for a makeover.

  33. By Bennett on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Any game out on the West Coast will be tough you got the long flight and the time differance. We should have beat Oakland last year. Hopefully this applies when the Niners come in. Buffalo will be a big game not only as a home opener but to get an idea what we got this year. We should beat them !7- 10 but after the pre-season I really have no idea what is going to happen

  34. By walt on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    It seems you need an interperter when you listen to rex ryans injury reports.When he says a player will be ready next week he really means the player will be out two months.When he says the player will be out one month he really means the player will never play again.

  35. By walt on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Watching the Giants Cowboys game it was readily apparent that the cowboys basically makeshift offensive line had no problem handling the giant defensive line.What about our so called offensive line with three pro bowlers on it.They looked Pathetic against the Giants.Kind of makes you wonder.

  36. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    By the way, Spice, your misplaced faith in Sanchez and your insistence on reading only the stats you want to read and reading them only one way is blinding you to the big picture. Nobody came out of the PIT playoff thrilled that “we were on the cusp of a Super Bowl,” they came out of it shocked that we got so totally blown out in the 1st half of the game that we were barely able to get back in it in the 2nd. And the other thing you don’t seem to remember is that the one thing all those losses that I listed had in common, especially the 2 championship losses, is that afterward the first thing everyone said was…Rex didn’t have the team ready to play. If we hear that too many times this season, Rex won’t be in charge of this team next yr.

  37. By kleckofan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    walt- the “Boys will be a very good team this yr, not sure I’m totally on-board w the O-Line comparisons, but I get your point. I asked in an earlier article for help explaining the huge drop off in our Oline play, doesn;t make sense…injuries was the most common & acceptable explanation and that shouldn’t be a factor now.

    Bennett- take a breath big guy…JFT64 is entitled to his opinions, no one on here is being bullied. he doesn’t need my help here, but he obviously loves this team too, studies the game and I must say, writes better than most of the jamokes on here. All the fans who only see the half-full side of things (short for fanatic BTW) ought to read “Why does anyone root for incompetant failing teams” in the NYT. It will help

  38. By kleckofan on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    cont… explain why you can only see the spin being put out there. The first step in healing is admitting the problem…that was a joke, lighten up. If you read my earlier post here you can see that I know how to look at the positive, or imagine it, as the case may be. I’m a long suffering fan (remember fanatic), but I see what success looks like in this league and I see where we are…not the same thing, not close.

  39. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Bennett, ever heard the old analogy about the ref throwing the flag on the guy who throws the second punch? Most football fans are somewhat familiar with it. danny’s posts to me a few days ago were so stuffed with schoolyard rage that even other posters on this site told him to chill out. Unlike some Jet fans, I’m no glutton for punishment so when somebody comes at me that way, I try to come back with something a little more clever, maybe something sarcastically funny. Aside from that, Carol was similarly unhinged, I’ve never made light of anyone’s personal misfortune on this site or anywhere else (hospital?!), and while there are some real vicious posters on this site, I’m not one of them. But 43 yrs of losing will do that to some folks…

  40. By GaryC on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    when it comes to Holmes,why doesn’t Mangold say,this is not how Ohio State alumni act in public or does he care either,And Please,the only reason the jets had three pro bowlers on the offensive line was because a few guards pulled out of the game and they selected Moore,let’s get real with the facts.

  41. By wayne on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Well he’s never going to be mistaken for Sherlock….Who didn’t know GQ would take the Tebow deal personally? He had a problem with Brunell getting a couple a extra snaps in practice! practice! It was elementary……Santonio is incapable of getting this right……………Spicer, you should know well before now that last year’s performances have no bearings on what will happen this year……If Jets have problems scoring, there’ll be losses in some of those games that are supposed to be gimmes. …………………………IT’S A GAME BOYS, DON’T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY.

  42. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for your support, kleckofan, and tell the folks in Walla Walla that I think Conley got a pretty raw deal. GaryC, Mangold seems the type to make his statements through his play on the field, as proven by when he laughed off even the Jets’ delay in re-signing him. Holmes’ antics notwithstanding, we could use a few more guys like that, especially if they play as well as Mangold.

  43. By Mike Jet Vet on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Bennett, chill out man. that’s why baskin and Robbins has 32 favors.. everyone has opinions, LIKE ME, we get it you know how to express yourself, wow I’m impressed.. thing is my friend, this isn’t a literary contest, , Fans discussing NY JETS, if that’s OK with you, This team is on a back slide no other way to look at it.. like it or not.. Call it negativity call it pessimistic call it anything YOU like . I’ll call it like I see it…So far what I have seen doesn’t remotely resemble a Pro offense. I believe Defense will hold it’s own . that’s not going to get it done..

  44. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, at 10:30 PM East Coast time, the DAILY NEWS reported Rex “disagrees” with Holmes’ statement that Sanchez was “rattled” by the Tebow pickup. Since you’ve argued for losing Holmes but not for losing Rex, I ask you in all honesty, what’s going on here? After what happened last yr, why is Holmes still shooting his mouth off? Why is the best that the HC can do to “disagree” with him? Am I living in some sort of alternative universe, or don’t players more often get benched or traded for this kind of behavior? I think it’s the same thing as to why Revis has been allowed to become our O’s biggest critic: We have so few blue-chip players, and Rex has so little control over the roster, that it’s anything goes when the mike’s in in your face.

  45. By Jake on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, great point about the Seattle game in ’08. I live in Washington state and I was at that game. Our D-line couldn’t touch Seneca Wallace. I have to tell you, that was the hardest game to watch as a Jets fan because that game basically put us out of play off contention that year.Plus I had to deal with all my Sea Chicken friends who wouldn’t shut up about that game. infact I still hear about that today. that was the worst 13-3 loss I have ever seen.

  46. By SCfromNY on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    While my confidence in Sanchez is low, confidence in Tebow nonexistent, concerned about the offense, and issues with our LBs there is something that anoys me. Why all this talk about the wildcard? Do we just concede the division to the Pats? It remind me of the 80’s 49ers. Everyone expected Montana to win so they did. They convinced other teams they were unbeatable. This looks like a year that i am wrong and Spicer is right the division is there for the taking. The Pats OL makes ours look good and it is very easy to imagine Brady being sacked alot. The pats play the 49ers early and should be a pats loss. If teh Jets are improved they need to beat the same teams the Pats beat, Split with the Pats, and win one thePats lose. Division Win!

  47. By GaryC on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    JetFanTom, if it was me I would trade holmes for some golf balls at this point and bring up Jordan White,Rex never castigates his favorites like Scott and holmes,remember Scotts middle finger Incident.The Steelers wouldn’t put up with his antics,remember his Steeler gear in the bedroom doing a jet interview,he needs to stir the pot,CANCER CAUSER.Rex makes waves about McElroy saying the locker room was a joke and that was because of Holmes and probably Scott too.Jet Management would be wise to do the old addition by subtraction when it comes to holmes.

  48. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    Your sanity in calling out the Jets for not being able to field a pro offense so far this season is admirable, MJV, if shocking to long-time Jet fans who remember when our best days all came when we had scoring power. SCfromNY, when you’re Tom Brady, you can have a rough time scoring pts in the preseason and not lose too much credibility around the league. When you’re Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow — and your coach is Rex “If It Was Up to Me I’d Just Run the Ball” Ryan — it’s not quite as easy.

  49. By Tom Spicer on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, The Jets can not trade Holmes because of his contract no team in the NFL will pay that. The Jets made Holmes a man who is set for life & does not care about anything. He has so much guarenteed money that he will do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. Until he is like Plax where he has used up all of the teams that will give him a chance & he is out of the game. At that point he will realize what a jerk he was (that is if he ever gets it). Also the Jets can not cut him because of all of the guarneteed money he has sink or swim we are stuck with Holmes for 2012 & 2013. I promise you this once those 2 years are over no matter how Holmes does he will not be on the Jets. If we did not owe him $20,000,000 over the next 2 years he

  50. By Tom Spicer on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    would already have been cut or traded.

  51. By SCfromNY on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    I can not remember all the negative Holmes stuff when he was winning games for us in the 4th quarter. Most fans were delighted to have him on the team. If Rex is going to allow his players to say what they want there will be negative comments. I do not believe all the posts here are positive. If you were a SB MVP and your QB could not get you the ball or get it to you accurately i am sure you would not make nice nice. As Keyshawn said,”Gimmie the damn ball”. The Packers are playing a great D this week (49ers) and said “Forget running the ball we may throw on every play”. This how other teams will attack the Jets until the D is worn out and the middle is almost a free pass zone.

  52. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 7, 2012 | Reply

    Can’t argue with that reasoning on Holmes, Spicer, let’s see if it convinces Gary “Addition by Subtraction” C.

  53. By Tom Spicer on Sep 8, 2012 | Reply

    SCfromNY, That is not going to happen cause the Jets have a better pass rush & 2 better safteys this year in Landry & Bell. Come over the middle now & Landry might knock you out!

  54. By ron alexander on Sep 8, 2012 | Reply

    Geez, I go away for a few days of r/r and the kids are out of control here on Randy’s Island? S.C.Joe I’m very dissappointed in you,I told you to watch the kids while I was away!64 &BENNETT go to your rooms and dont come out till you can play nice here! I guess we are all a little keyed up for opening day.With the Giants opening up so much earlier it makes the wait seem so much longer! SPICER,great point about Holmes,right on dude! Unfortunately he is untradable!Kleckofan,always love your stuff but your last one was the best dude. A57se, do you really want to tank the season so Tanny can screw up another draft?Did you notice we cut half our pic’s from this years draft?

  55. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 8, 2012 | Reply

    SCfromNY, no one argued for Holmes more extensively on this site than me and, yes, it’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about the passing game that you can’t be the SH of the SB with MS at QB. (Maybe that should be a bumper sticker.) Indeed, SH would obviously shine if he was traded to most other teams. But it’s not 2010 anymore and I don’t think we’re gonna get close to an SB in the next few yrs, which are the yrs of Revis and SH’s prime. So I say if they’re gonna become constant whiners, this is a great time to trade them when their value is at its peak. My guess is the next great team has Hill, Kerley, Wilk, Coples, and Ellis as its stars, Mangold as its elder statesman, and McElroy or somebody other than Sanchez or Tebow at QB.

  56. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 8, 2012 | Reply

    RON A, see my post a story or two ahead to Bennett about how I make fun of people’s lousy spelling and such to chill them out. Once I see they’re really out of control, I drop the sarcasm and try to talk them down into some calmer state.

  57. By SCfromNY on Sep 9, 2012 | Reply

    Jet fan 64: I agree with you but unfortunately do not think it will happen. The NFL is a win now league. Teams like Giants and Steelers are now in position to tweek their roster and still win. Tanny sees Dalton going to playoffs first year among others and thinks the Jets are just that “one” player away fom greatness. Unfortunately they over pay for that player taking away valuble cap space. So when those palyers undeachieve. you have a roster stocked with mediocre players getting too much money. You get an 8-8 record taking you away from the early draft choices. The Jets need to make a massive overhaul.

  58. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 9, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with you that there’s a lot of win-now thinking from the second-tier teams, SCfromNY. But as GaryC points out about dynasties (even if he rubs me the wrong way by insisting that the Jets will never be one), those teams like NE, PIT, arguably GB, and to a lesser extent currently DAL don’t seem to buy into that thinking, always getting the best drafts, replacing aging stars with new ones, and someone staying on or near the top. The problem with Mr T’s Dalton-envy is that it sets him up to make another Sanchez-like mistake, if that’s what this yr proves the pick of Sanchez was.

  59. By RON ALEXANDER on Sep 11, 2012 | Reply

    64, No need to explain anything to me. As far as I’m concerned you are above reproach as your posts are clever,funny and never bad natured. i didn’t catch any of Danny’s stuff that set you off but I’m also a fan of his stuff so I will stay out of that one. Hey, I love this blog and 99% of the people who contribute seem like really great fans and people. I would love to get all the regulars here on Randy’s blog together and have a beer or two! I’m thrilled with the easy victory but remain cautious as to our remaining schedule. The Bills just stunk up the joint so its tough to get to giddy about this game. I saw a lot of mistakes that need to be fixed so lets not get ahead of ourselves.

  60. By SCfromNY on Sep 11, 2012 | Reply

    We need to remember when the Pats spanked us 43-3 and then we came back and beat them in their house. As they say,”On any given Sunday”.

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