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Holmes Keeps the Flags Flying for a Second Week

Posted by Randy Lange on September 27, 2012 – 5:07 pm

Last week, in Tone’s Flags Drawn, Chapter 1, we examined the four penalties Santonio Holmes forced the Steelers into as they tried to cover him at Heinz Field, and how rare that accomplishment was in recent Jets history.

It’s so rare that in Miami, Holmes did it again. A pass interference against CB Nolan Carroll and an illegal contact and a PI against Richard Marshall were marked off for first downs. And a hold on Marshall was declined, because of course it came on Tone’s 38-yard hookup with Mark Sanchez that set up Nick Folk’s winning field goal.

Holmes thought about it when asked how to explain this case of yellow fever he’s been inducing in opposing DBs, and he came up with a few thoughts.

“It’s Coach Sanjay [Lal] telling me to play fast,” he said. “He studied a lot of film on me, from the moment he walked in, and that’s all we’ve been talking about: How can Number 10 play faster? I think just playing faster and being smarter, knowing I have an advantage with my stride length, my speed, my quickness, my ability to catch on these defensive backs. These guys are going to play to their advantage. I would rather take the penalty if I was a defensive back than to give up a big play by Number 10.”

Needless to say, Number 10 would prefer the catch over the flag.

It’s really messing with my catches, I can honestly say that. It’s keeping them down by having the penalties drawn,” he said. “If we can keep stats on penalties per game per player, I think those yards would add up. We can add them to our receiving yards. They really do count.”

That’s why we’ve been counting the penalties drawn against the Jets as well as those caused by the Green & White since the mid-Nineties. These numbers are not official, since the Elias Sports Bureau only recently has been even unofficially charting penalties by individual players. But what Holmes has done in three games, in addition to his nine catches for 147 yards vs. the Dolphins, has been stunning.

He already has forced eight penalties this season (seven marked off). The only Jets wideouts who forced eight penalties in an entire season since ’95 are Keyshawn Johnson (13, 1999), Wayne Chrebet (14, 2000), Laveranues Coles (eight in 2005, 10 with one coming in the playoffs in 2006), Plaxico Burress (eight last season), and Holmes (10 for 120 yards last season).

So in his three Jets seasons, Holmes has coaxed 24 flags. And by maintaining his pace of the first three games, he should end up with, oh, 42 or 43 penalties drawn this year.

But then again, with the NFL referees replacing the replacement officials this week, perhaps Tone’s flags will taper off. But Santonio’s fine either way.

“It really doesn’t make a difference who’s out there calling it,” he said. “We could have guys off the streets just come in and call fouls on the football field. It’s according to what we do and how well we execute. For me as a receiver, my job is to continue getting open and drawing penalties, no matter what.”

So far, so good.

McKnight’s Still Wanted at RB

Head coach Rex Ryan let fans — and Joe McKnight — know today that McKnight’s days on offense are not over, despite the concentration this week on his new role in the secondary.

“I think Joe misunderstood,” Ryan said at his midday news conference at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “He still has a role on offense. It’s not that he’s being forgotten as a running back. I want him to learn the coverages and things like that on defense because the way the league is now, you almost can’t have enough corners. They’re going four or five wide receivers.

“From a talent and physical standpoint he can definitely match up. He has some natural instincts. When we used to put him on the scout team, that’s what we saw. I’m putting him in defensive meetings right now because I think he needs that. He has enough grasp on the offense. We’re going to work him on defense and he still will have a role on offense.

Thursday Injury Reports

The Jets’ injury report grew by one to 20 today with the addition of G Matt Slauson (knee), but Slauson practiced full. LB Bart Scott was elevated from not participating Wednesday to limited participation today. So was S Eric Smith (hip/ankle), while S LaRon Landry did his usual Thursday deal, sitting out practice to help keep his heel at its so far optimum level.

The Jets could get one offensive weapon back for San Francisco on Sunday but lose one as well. TE Dustin Keller (hamstring) was limited for the second day this week. “Hopefully, Dustin will be out there this week,” said Ryan. “I assume he will be.”

But rookie WR Stephen Hill’s aching hamstring, which resurfaced late in Miami, has kept him sidelined this week and could keep him out of the 49ers game.

The Niners’ five-player I-report was identical to Wednesday’s report. Isaac Sopoaga (ankle/knee), their starting NT, remained a DNP while WR Ted Ginn (ankle) and RB Brandon Jacobs (knee) were limited.

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27 Responses to “Holmes Keeps the Flags Flying for a Second Week”

  1. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    Santonio Holmes is definitly a fantastic W/R. He proves that each year. He’s a smart player that knows how to draw penalties. He makes a difference any time he is on the field. I was always a big fan of Holmes. But I was also a fan of Plexico Buress, sure wouldn’t mind seeing hime on the field again with the “JETS” he was a big factor in getting into the end zone, and took a lot of heat off of Holmes which made them 2 dangerous pass receivers to try and cover. That was true even when he was with the Giants.

  2. By RON ALEXANDER on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    Geez guys, if you read my earlier post about Mcknight you would think I just wrote this post Randy put up? Sorry Randy, you know we all love you! As much as Holmes ticked all of us off last year(especially agains Miami) he is still a very talented guy.As for Stephen Hill, when i coached highscholl football i usually ran the offence and worked directly with the Q.B’s and recievers. When I had a kid who had trouble catching the ball(or fumbling) I had them catch and carry the ball while wearing boxing gloves. It was amazing how quickly they improved as they had to really concentrate to have any chance of catching the ball.if your skeptical,try it yourself.

  3. By MIKE on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    Loosing Revis is much worse for the Jets than just having your best player sidelined for the year. This will affect Sanchez more than anyone. In fact it may be Sanchez’s saving grace. With Revis out, the O will need to put up much more points than Rex had planned. If Rex had any intention of playing Sanchez till around week 5, watch him struggle than play Tebow, that just went out the window.

    Top 10 pick next year. See you in April

  4. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    Holmes could still be great with an even consistently average QB, like the way Fitzgerald is great no matter who’s throwing to him. Problem is, Sanchez is right where he always is — the bottom third of the league’s QBs, actually edging near the bottom fourth in the QB ratings — and so Holmes is minimized on the field. If we’re going to screw around with Sanchez, Tebow, McElroy on the bench, etc. for a few more years, it won’t matter what Holmes does. So the answer is probably to trade Holmes after the season and start with the new QB, since a new QB probably wouldn’t get up to speed in time for the rest of Holmes’ prime anyway.

  5. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    More of that really credible spin from the worst commissioner in the histroy of pro football: “Goodell insisted the timing of the deal was not a reaction to the outcry over Monday night’s game, when a missed call cost Green Bay a win against the Seattle Seahawks. The two sides had been in “intensive negotiations” the last two weeks, he said, although he acknowledged Monday night “may have pushed the parties further along.”

  6. By Charliejet on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    FRANK 64 – Holmes played hard for that game (Miami) and he comes to the podium with a positive attitude – kinda ironic Ryan made him a captain and well you know the results. Now that he is not a captain, he is indeed acting more like a captain by example and talking with the media.

  7. By No one care what Blinka thinks on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    I sure hope it’s true that Couples is turning things around in practice. We need impact players.

    Eh, no one cares what I think,

  8. By No one care what Blinka thinks on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    Call me Bitter Blinka for now on please, thank you.

    Watching the ravens play the browns. Look at the players they have: Flacco, Lewis, Rice, Reed, Smith, Baldwin, Ngata and you can ad Suggs to that list..

    Who do we have? Who do we have! Only Revis is a player on that level.
    Jeesh! What going on in the front office!?

    Yours truly,
    Bitter Blinka

    Ps. Maybe some who criticize Rex should start to be quite.

  9. By maryk on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    i wouldnt mind seeing Plax come back even just as a red zone specialist–he is a big target and has greedy hands in the end zone plus landry can have someone to hang out with all week while the rest of the team is practicing

  10. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 27, 2012 | Reply

    I’m thrilled, of course, that Walker is in the Ring of Honor, where he belonged as soon as possible, and good for Gastineau too. But though we also have almost zero pass rush at present, the irony of Walker — who only a yr or 2 ago called it correctly about the Jets’ lack of any serious deep threat (partly due to our QBs at present) basically since the day he hung up his uniform — is a lot sweeter. And if you think I’m enjoying this a bit too much, just take a look at the sorry O that this team has had since pre-Stone Age Tyrannosaurus Rex came on board around here. As a long-suffering (same yrs as me) friend of mine loves to say, “Every team in the NFL has a high-flying offense — except the Jets.”

  11. By Karan on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Jets should really consider activating Antonio Allen from the practice squad. I would give the guy a chance.

  12. By Jake on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    This season will come down to how well we can pass rush. With Revis out, our back end wont be able to hold as long. The only medicine for that problem is a solid and consistant pass rush. That how ever has some how not been a factor since Rex’s first year. I remember Rex’s first game against the patriots. It was week 2 at home and we kept Brady and company out of the endzone. Our pass rushers connected with Brady early and often. That hasn’t happened in a while, for what ever reason. I think Kris Jenkins may have been alot bigger part then realized, and Shaun Ellis’ departure didn’t help things either. Remember the year we lead the league in rushing and overall D? What has happened since then?

  13. By IRA on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Holmes sure worked the replacement officials he is not going to get the amount of flags he has got so far now that the real officials are back.
    I think the Jets have closed the book on McKnight being a part of the running game. If not please explain to me how you play the past two games against very aggressive D’s and not get him involved especially with some delays and screen plays. If they sign Carr and Grimes can be that 3rd RB then McKnight could be cut after those remarks he made. Time to stop all this talking from all the players. Didn’t see Curtis, Chrebet, and the rest of those boys have to say anything. Its better that way instead of all this talk. Let your play on the field do your talking.

  14. By SCfromNY on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    For Holmes to continue to suceed he needs the other WRs to step up. If the D can load up against Holmes because they are not concerned about the other WRs he will be in trouble. I just do not see Keller as the great TE that Rex always preaches. He is in the upper half of all TEs but at this point nothing to fear. He seems to fall down too quickly, usually a yard or two before the first down. When I have room I will end all my poste with: GIVE McKNIGHT A CHANCE.

  15. By Bitter Blinka on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    How can we get an answer as to why they won’t use McKnight at RB?

  16. By Mike Jet Vet on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, correct indeed, one reason McKnight hasn’t been able to crack the lineup. I’ve say it again and again he has proved, shown, or accomplished, nothing , instead of appreciating the opportunity he being given. he’s complaining about getting a shot, any competitive player would take this chance and run with it.. hope you understand now why he’s been a bench warmer last 3 seasons, I laugh at comments like Holmes is a great player. he could be if he’d shut his mouth and think more about team than how many balls are thrown to him, plus what ever happened to consistency. have Jet fans become so beaten they mistake mediocre for excellence..FYI Regular refs missed a few last night as well

  17. By MPC on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Congrats Ira! You said it do your talking on the field! Lets bring class back into this organization! Of course it starts at the top, I just don’t think a Ryan would ever keep his mouth shut, its not in his blood!
    As far as McKnight, its a shame we kept this guy over Woodhead.
    I have no idea what this GM and his scouts do anymore.
    Coples might be playing! Is this Rexs ego saying he can get anyone to play for him? How many draft picks didn’t even make the team this year?
    Its very obvious that are poor draft years have caught up to this team. The level of talent is very low!

  18. By IRA on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Dan, The Cowboys cut Pool in the summer.

  19. By RON ALEXANDER on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    IRA baby, relax Dude, I cant believe a negative post from MR. JET himself ?(although not a very negative) I dont know that we have seen the last of Joe Mac as a runner. i really think they think he can do it and are not in love with any of the available C.B’s out there. And I also think the sighning of Grimes is related to this as he can fill in if Mcknight plays a lot on D. Remember Ira, a lot of former recievers wind up playing D.B because they simply cant hang on to the ball. I do think the organization is leery of Macknight ability in that regard so mabey it will work out that way? Really, this is the least of our problems. Where is the pass rush?

  20. By davetharave on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    So far this year, Tebow and the Wildcat has been very plain vanilla, or non-existent. I would suggest that if there is anything special in the tank for this plan that Sunday would be the time to let it out. The hopeful part of me thinks that the coaching staff has been purposely holding back on some of the more deceptive options (including Tebow actually passing the ball) because the team is 2-1 and playing reasonably OK. It was featured a bit more in the opener to make subsequent opponents think about it and have to plan for it, but if Tebow was brought in as some kind of decoy then it seems like a waste of time.

  21. By Karan on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    The 49ers actually remind me a lot of the Jets team under the Rex Ryan era the first two seasons, just the first TWO seasons.

  22. By SCfromNY on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    The Giants made do with so so corners and safeties by using a tremendoes pass rush. Rex always compares his players to the best. Time for Rex to have his team show up or become noncomital like Belichik. Only so much bragging without any results can be tolerated. I STILL cannot belive that with Greenes poor performance he has not been demoted. He is a change of pace back at best. Since Rex likes ground and pound so much maybe he could make Greene a fullback.

  23. By Tom Spicer on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    Dan G, What exactly is Luck & Weeden doing better than Mark in? Weeden is ranked 30th & Luck is ranked 26th both behing Mark?

  24. By SCfromNY on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    dan g: I did not say Keller was bad just not to be put in the elite section. He can catch well but many times cuts his route off short not making the first down. He obviously doesn’t like to be hit and goes down very easy. His blocking was never up to standards. Would I list him in the yop 15-17? Sure But nowhere near elite.

    When will Rex’s players reach the point where they do not “have to play better”? How about they play as good as Rex thinks they are?

  25. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    I put this announcement from Rex right up there with his predictions of his decades-long, Halas-like tenure as the Jets HC, i.e. just another completely non-reality-based thing he’s said. Wake me up when we get a HC who can develop young players or at least figure out early on in their careers what side of the ball they should play on.

  26. By scjoe on Sep 28, 2012 | Reply

    SCfrom NY, That is being pretty generous putting Keller in the top 15. With the big, strong, quick, pass blocking TEs around the league like Gronk, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Davis, Gresham, Graham, Daniels, Heap, Gates Lewis, Fasano, etc.etc. I wouldn’t even put him that high.

  27. By Jake on Sep 29, 2012 | Reply

    I think Keller started his problem of diving instead of fighting for the 1st down after the hit Ray Lewis put on him in the 2010-2011 season opener.

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