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Jets-49ers First-Half Tweets

Posted by Randy Lange on September 30, 2012 – 2:26 pm

Here are our first-half tweets for today’s Jets-49ers game at MetLife Stadium, in case you missed them on Twitter. Follow Bob Wischusen, Eric Allen and me for our tweets during the second half and every game, home and away, on

#RL Jets under Rex Ryan are 16-9 at home since ’09, 12-5 at MetLife Stadium since ’10.

#RL Jets gameday captains for SF: RB-KR Joe McKnight, K Nick Folk, WR Chaz Schilens, TE Konrad Reuland, LB Josh Mauga,

#RL Joe McKnight on the field as CB on Niners third-down play. Joe blitzes from back side, Alex Smith incomplete for Mario Manningham.

#RL Speed shows up on Jets coverage: Rookie Demario Davis illegally blocked in back by Anthony Dixon on punt, Niners 1st-and-10 at their 32.

#RL Niners drive 68 yds to Colin Kaepernick 7-yd keeper TD. Kaepernick 2 carries, 24 yds, Jets run def has given up 104 yds on 12 carries.

#RL Jets’ 7-0 deficit is the first time in 6 quarters that they’ve trailed at home this season.

#RL Sacks were the Jets’ first in two games, Pace’s first of the season, Thomas’ first since 2010.

#RL Jets injuries: TE Dedrick Epps (knee), FB John Conner (hamstring), return to this game is questionable for both.

#RL Back-to-back sacks by Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace force SF to settle for 55-yd David Akers FG try, wide right. Jets ball at their 45.

#RL Robert Malone’s 3rd punt: 41-yd punt, 4.90-second hang time, Ted Ginn fair catch at SF 11.

#RL Sacks were the Jets’ first in two games, Pace’s first of the season, Thomas’ first since 2010.

#RL Personal foul on SF’s Aldon Smith after the play. First down Jets–their 11th first down by penalty this season–at SF 33.

#RL Akers 36-yd FG is good to end the half. Akers now career 5-for-9 on FG tries vs. Jets.

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129 Responses to “Jets-49ers First-Half Tweets”

  1. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Coaches dont win NFL GAMES PLAYERS DO.Today we had the TEAM WITH THE ALL PROS VERSES THE TEAM WITH ONE FAILED DRAFT CHOICE AFTER ANOTHER.The biggest failed draft choice is MARK SANCHEZ(anyone who thinks SANCHEZ IS THE ANSWER TO LEAD THE TEAM TO A SB IS WRONG )The JETS FOR 40 YEARS have failed.Under RYAN the JETS are always the tallest midget in the NFL (TOO BAD WE CANT PLAY MIAMI AND BUFFALO EVERY WEEK )Rex didnt put REVIS on the IR because he wants him ready for the SUPERBOWL=WHAT A JOKE THAT IS.

  2. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply


  3. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply


  4. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply


  5. By Charliejet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply


  6. By Charliejet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    To quote Ronald Reagan: “You have to ask yourself this question. Am I better off four years ago then I am now”. (Is this team better of now then it was four years ago?)…

  7. By TONY GARCIA on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    JET FAN since 1969, WE better show more heart or this team could implode costing people their job deserved or not.

  8. By 40 year fan , John on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    We did better than I thought we were going to do against the 49ers ,…Because I thought we were going to get a 40 burger dropped on us for sure . And if you think todays game was bad my freinds wait till next week when we get steam rolled again …The Texans are real good ..The Texans offense looks like a super bowl offense , and the defense is great . ..We have virtually no chance of winning ….45 to 0 my prediction …

  9. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply


  10. By 40 year fan , John on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    We should bring Parcells back and re -tool this team from the ground up ..

  11. By Viveca on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I think Ryan can safely put Revis on the injury list now. Playoff for this team is a farfetched dream. In reality we’re in contention for the first pick of the draft.
    We need a complete overhaul of this team. Coaches, owner, players. We owe Schottenheimer an apology. With what he had to work with, an 8-8 record was actually good. This terrible loss had little to do to do with Revis gone. The missed tackles seem to multiply. Still, the D is better than the terrible offense.
    I have been a Ryan supporter, but no more. He stands on the sideline looking totally cluless. We keep running Shonn Greene no matter what, and he gets his customary three yards. Coples looked good but the moment he makes a tackle he’s taken out-why??

  12. By Shawn on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Jets need to set up. Bring in Chad Pennington to coach Sanchez and look to start McElroy.

    Dump Cavanha the QB coach, when does Tannebaum get fired. There are too many injuries, the jets like talent Goldston and Ducass enough said.

    Trade Tebow, while we can still get some value, wideouts look like they are stuck in the sand.

    Keller needs to toughen up and Holmes needs to be traded.

  13. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    IRONICALLY THE NINERS play the same style of football that we play the ONLY difference IS THEIR PLAYERS ARE MUCH ,MUCH ,MUCH BETTER.

  14. By 40 year fan , John on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets look worse than the obama administration !!! …and I don’t throw that around onto many things ….

  15. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Egad! If Holmes is done, this season is over, i try to be optimistic as possible but if that happens, its all finished.

  16. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Many would argue it was over before it began.

  17. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Why do the Jets always stink it up on NFL on FOX?? I had a feeling there would no touchdowns today.

  18. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    We’ve also stink it up on Monday Night Football. Texans will own us.

  19. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Theres too much to say about this game, not one thing is positive, so I won’t bother but that game just gave me a sick feeling, horrible horrible, horrible.

  20. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    You have Tebow, use him the right way. He should have been used in the fourth quarter, especially when we knew we were not going to win.

  21. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Hope Santonio is alright and hope its not a season-ending thing.

  22. By MIKE on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    With the Holmes injury, MS has lost his #1 and #2 receivers. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tebow has to get snaps. I would start Sanchez next week but if he starts out slow send Tebow in. Hell, at this point I would rather see McElroy than MS.
    One good thing about injury’s is you really find out how deep your team is and back ups get shot to play when they normally wouldn’t. Kerley and Hill will get there snaps now. With Houston next week it is not looking good this season, never mind we still have NE twice, Balt, and Cincy in the conference.
    If this team finishes with 6 or less wins Mr.T and Rex are gone next year.

  23. By Karan on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I always support Mark but you stunk it up today man, get it right. Even I started calling for Tebow during some points in the game.

  24. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    What the fans deserve a heck of a lot better than, Rex, is you, Woody, and Mr T.

  25. By Jack on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Jets as become the New York Raiders as in the Oakland Raiders. Just win Baby

  26. By SCfromNY on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    When will this stop? Sanchez horrible. Greene not even good enough to be bad. Words can not explain. DL with 2 1rst round picks doing nothing. Yes we got 2 sacks and crushed in the running game. Watched NE, with a makeshift OL play with passion for close to 250 yards on the ground. 150 by a FA. Both backs looked crisp escaped tackles. Almost all 1rst and 2nd year QBs doing better than Sanchez. (Will be interesting to see how Spicer makes MS look good) We NEVER get surprise FAs. I have supported Rex for a long time but much of this has to be laid at the coaches feet. The Rams probably would have scored more points today but i think Schotty was busy laughing.Time for players and coaches to start losing jobs.

  27. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Rex Ryan has GUARANTEED us a SUPER BOWL VICTORY .In REXS 4 years here the FACTS STATE THAT HE HAS NOT WON A TITLE OF ANY KIND (we have not beat a winning team since 2010 )PLAY LIKE A JET.FIRST WERE GOING TO GROUND YOU THEN POUND YOU.IDID NOT COME HERE TO KISS BELLICHICKS RINGS .Guys when is enough, enough .The team is a BORDERLINE COMEDY ACT-CIRCUS The way REX TALKS you would think us (not the GIANTS OWNED NY )Were basically the joke of the NFL because our coach RUNS HIS MOUTH AND HIS TEAM FAILS TO DELIVER

  28. By joe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    SANCHEZ (its OFFICIAL )has the worst numbers OF ANY STARTING QB IN THE NFL (ROOKIES INCLUDED )Rex and Mike T actually traded up to get this guy.In typical SAME OLD JET FASHION they also gave him a contract extension.Forty plus years OF THIS AND IT NEVER CHANGES.

  29. By Tom on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    How much more can we watch? Sanchez is bad, period. He misses open recievers, cant read defenses and makes terrible decisions. Why do we pay players like this millions of dollars to perform like this. Im tired of watching this week after week. And please dont mention the two years in a row of the AFC championship games, he had nothing to do with that. The jets had a running game snd a great defense then. We have none of those things now and you see what Sanchez does. He has to go, period. This team is embarrassing

  30. By Jersey Rich on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    The D held on for as long as they could. Needed SOMETHING from the O.
    Fireman Ed – New Chant M-C-E-L-R-O-Y McElroy-McElroy-McElroy

  31. By BillsJets on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Rex Ryan said on 9/28/12, The Jets had a great week of practice, and he believes that the Jets are ready to roll. Ready to roll for what? We got our butts handed to us. Here’s the new Jets slogan – “Fly like a Cessna”
    Come on Rex, your no better than any of the past coaches and to think that i keep buying what you say. Come on Jets turn things around.

  32. By kk on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I am now convinced it’s time to move on from Sanchez. He is horrible, can’t read a defense, is brutally inaccurate and theres no way they will win with guy. Let him and Eva ride off into the sunset and get us a real qb and I don’t mean Tebow either. Tje d doesn’t have achance when you’re on the field for most of the game. This is just sad and I have been a fan since the beginning but this is embarassing. Rex your time is running out I don’t think they are listening anymore you lost the team. I love ya but can’t take this anymore!!!

  33. By walt on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I would just like to say that I do not think that the jets are a well coached team.It seems like to me that on the really good teams like the texans all the players know the plays by heart first second third teams and are well coached on techniqes.Also I think that Rex should forget about the impossible dream of this team in the super bowl and concentrate on winning some football games the rest of the season.Finding a quarterback would be a good start.

  34. By Jack on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    40 yrs FAN Your right we should bring back Bill Parcells but this time as the President and as the EVP/General Manager for the NY Jets. Parcells as always manage to builds a good team from the drafts and from free agents. Jets needs a whole new offensive lines a ground and pound RB’s like the Gaints have always had bring in a new QB, as well as a good back up QB’s too. OMG a Pass rusher let him bring in his own coaches staff. I wouldn’t mind having Rex Ryan as the defensive Coordinator he a good DC but for a HC, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. By Mike Jet Vet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    TEBOW I, is not the answer, please stop, Team is horrible Sanchez is horrible , I sure hate to see any one get hurt but Holmes of late is horrible as well and not a big loss, So what is that now 100 million out on IR and other 50 million is sub par, even Tannehill and Dalton only two rookies left ,made Sanchez look like pop Warner… Go get Winslow and Plax throw McElroy in lets see what happens anything is better than this garbage…

  36. By walt on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I will say this only once Kris Durham WR 6-6 217 great size speed combo.4.4 40.You will find him on detroits practice squad,He has to be better than anyone we have on this team now.

  37. By Charliejet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.

  38. By Charliejet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    When they first got Sanchez, my first instinct was that he was too inexperienced
    with more high school than college experience and it was a wait and see attitude (on my part). Today I saw a kid out there that never grew up that he was actually set up for failure by a coach and general manager that systematically took this team apart. This isn’t an endorsement for Sanchez. Indeed he has become “damaged goods” because of an out of his league general manager and a defense oriented head coach. Time for the Sanchez “era” to come to an end and maybe a good clean start for him (Sanchez) somewhere else. Like they say – always follow your first instinct…

  39. By Mike Jet Vet on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Karan why do the Jets always stink it up on Fox, that’s even a better excuse for MS than your first remember ,>>Don’t worry he just had a bad day, Yeah, if that day was called groundhog day…I get the feeling all the optimists and apologists won’t be asking fans like myself scjoe Tom 64 to stop being negative go root for another team, guess their finally realizing it’s including players GM’s and scouts the wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars . all at the expense of it’s fans and their family’s , Worst than that every time this team shows the slightest improvement either we lose or trade away the best and keep the worst, I won’t get into draft analogy that speaks for it self. definition 100% wrong 100% of the time

  40. By Tom Spicer on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    34 to 0! 34 to 0 at home this is beyond bad it is time to clean house from the top down.

  41. By Tom Spicer on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    We are in 1st place in the Matt Barkely sweep stakes

  42. By Viveca on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets are a poorly coached team and that falls on Rex. I love the guy, but he seems to be unable to light a fire under this team. Watched a lot of young inexperienced qbs do well today, but sadly they play for other teams.
    Rex, you might refuse to see it, but this is not a good product. We had one great player in Revis, but he’s gone. We just don’t have the talent or the coaching.
    Other teams can overcome injuries because they have depth on their rosters.
    Tannenbaum traded up for Sanchez, traded up for Greene, two of his many mistakes. We’re giving up draftpicks and getting little in return.

  43. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    I could gloat, of course, over how far ahead of some of you “positive” fans I was about Woody, Mr T, our lousy drafts, and most of all about Rex, Sanchez, and Tebow. But as Ric Ocasek said when asked if he wanted to rag on the bars that fired him and Ben Orr after the Cars became big, “No, I felt like I’d done it already.” I’ll get excited not by playing I-told-you-so with Jet fans who won’t face reality, but by continuing to advocate for a Jet future that is built on reality. It is gratifying, though, to see more and more people on this site talking like 40 year fan John about rebuilding this entire team from the ground up. Make that whole org, John, with Woody gone and Curtis Martin principal public figure for the new ownership group.

  44. By JetBlue on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    After reading these posts, if came to me. Mid-way through the 2010 season I started posting these same comments – that Rex and Sanchez needed to go. They were not the answer. You can only take so much before you realize you’re being taken for a ride. Both were in way over their heads. I wish I was wrong back then, but as it is turning out, it’s even worse than I envisioned. Rex has now let the rest of the team deteriorate into an abismal group of out of sync mifits. On many plays today, I saw Bart actually walking while the play was going on, or giving up before it was over. Buckle up fans. The ride continues.

  45. By scjoe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Call me stubborn, but I’m still not going to pin the blame for this pathetic display of football on Rex Ryan! It is strictly personnel and execution. However, if he doesn’t make changes in personnel (at least those who get on the playing field) soon, that blame will shift dramatically. How much longer do you stay with Mark Sanchez at QB? Until it is to late? It is obvious to anyone watching his performance week to week that he simply is not an NFL caliber QB. On defense? What is obvious there is you just can’t talk about being a top 5 defense, you have to show it on the field. This team is not.

  46. By scjoe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    With the season one quarter of the way over lets take a look back at Aprils draft. Rd 1-Coples, (DE) he could double as the invisible man! Rd 2 (where we moved up besides) Hill (WR) Can’t catch a cold! Rd 3- Davis, (LB) hasn’t been seen or heard of since preseason! 6-Bush (S) buried so deep in the depth chart no one can find him! 6-Ganaway (RB) GONE! 6- Griffin (OT) GONE! 7-Allen (S) on and off the PS! 7-White (WR) GONE! Not quite the way you would want to build a competitive team, anyone agree?

  47. By scjoe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    As I watched the late game (Miami-Arizona) I looked at the Dolphins rookie QB, Tannyhill throw for 431 yards against a very good Arizona defense, and at the same time looked at Brian Hartline (WR) catching 12 for 253 yards (21 YPC avg.) I thought, is Hartline that great of a WR? Where would he be in the NY Jets depth chart? Or is Tannyhill that great of a QB? In his 3rd start, on the road, against a very good Arizona D, and without an elite WR he did what Mark Sanchez has not come even close to in his 4th full year as a starter with much, much better quality at the WR position. What are we missing here?

  48. By MIKE on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    This has to be the lowest point as a Jets fan for a decade. The 4 win season on the brink of the Gholston disaster wasn’t as painful as this. There are actually talented players on this team, but knowbody has been able to put the pieces together. I like Rex’s aggressiveness, fearlessness, and Defensive scheme but his faith in some players is seriously questionable. He went to back to back AFC championship games with Mangini’s roster. Now that Rex has put his stamp on this team over 4 years his drafting of players and belief in MS will cost him his job.

  49. By scjoe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    Listening to Rex’s presser, it would be funny if not so sad. “What can we do as coaches to help?” Well, for starters, how about some changes in the starting lineup? It’s pretty obvious more then half of the “starters” are NOT getting the job done. Then? How about becoming a little more innovative in the offensive play calling? !st down run up the middle for 2 yds, 2nd down run up the middle for two more yards, and 3rd down inaccurate pass, sack, or INT just isn’t getting it done. Hopefully Mr Saprano was taking some notes today on how to successfully run an NFL offense.

  50. By scjoe on Sep 30, 2012 | Reply

    On a lighter note, because I think we all need one, it took two ex Jets to bring down the Dolphins today, Kerry Rhodes with that INT in OT and Feeley hitting the game winning FG. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. By Jake on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets played horrible, but lets all stop speaking with emotion. TEBOW?!!! come on. none of us here really, deep down, think that TT is the answer here. You want to put in GM, I’ll support that. I will however, never support benching mark for that circus named Tim Tebow. At least with GM we can use this year to groom him and see where he is at. so, maybe we won’t have to waste this years top ten draft pick (that’s where were headed) on another QB. If were lucky GM will play well. COME ON GUYS…. WE ALL KNOW TEBOW DOESN’T MAKE THIS TEAM BETTER, WE WILL ONLY JUST GET LAUGHED AT MORE!!! at least with Greg we look respectable. If were going to lose, why not just ride Sanchez out to the end. Rex will never bench him though.

  52. By Howard on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    this team is heartless(missed tackels) gutless (no desire) and now talentless in key areas. if sanchez were cut today what team would pick him up to start.maybe cleveland, lets trade away more drafts picks for bad players or , players we’ll keep for a year and a half. depth means nothing to this team. we need football people in the right spots to make football decicions not the owner. get the right people in place,and i hate this start over.

  53. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah, MJV, it seems more and more folks are coming around to the reality of this org and team’s problems. I particularly applaud the women, Viveca and Karan (if that’s what the latter really is, still no confirmation one way or the other) who’ve stepped up to pt out the many problems that they see. Even Spicer seems to be unusually disappointed tonight. But scjoe, I really don’t see how you can exclude Rex from blame on this. He plays favorites with the roster, doesn’t follow thru on young players, dreams of an O from Rockne’s days, never stops talking and rarely says much worth hearing, and — as even Arte pts out — seems incapable of admitting a mistake and cutting bait. And so he’ll get cut himself, I suspect along with Sanchez.

  54. By Another Tom on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Mark Sanchez has sucked the life out of this team and fan base. Last year there wasn’t really an option(Brunell)..this year there is..why not give McElroy a shot? Give all the young and hungry players an opportunity to shine..nothing to lose. This should be officially considered a rebuilding year now..gotta move on…and I agree with another comment, MS could not start for another NFL team. He s a nice guy,and tough but just doesnt have what it takes

  55. By Jake on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    dan g., I see that your mad, but what is it Jet fans are blind about? I must have missed it.

  56. By Jake on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    What happened between week 1 and week 4? Week 1 our offense looked like it could be headed for something special. After this most recent embarresment, the offense looks like it did in the first pre-season game. The only thing worse is the D forgot to tackle. Revis being gone is one thing, but how this defense is playing doesn’t add up to just a loss of Revis. the amount of missed assignments, missed tackles, blown coverages was something I thought I would never see. One thing I have become accustomed while watching Ryan’s regime was that the Defense would always be there. The D didn’t look this bad when 24 went out for 4 games during the 2010 season, they actually didn’t even drop a game with him out. This doesn’t add up, I don’t understand

  57. By Stevesc on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    What’s really disappointing about this team is that they NEVER take advantage of any kind of momentum they may have. They should have been down 7 to 3 at the half, but as always, they shoot themselves in the foot. Then they get the ball at the second half and do absolutely nothing… It’s sickening to watch this team week after week making the same bad plays. It’s one thing if you play well and lose, but to watch the way this team loses (and wins) is pathetic. I’ve been a fan for forty some odd years, and this has been the hardest year to watch and stay positive about this team. Simply put, this team is is HORRIBLE.

  58. By JetBlue on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Obviously, if Revis was playing we would have won this game easily. Or, and I may be stretching it a bit here, if we had a hands on Owner, Intellegent Head Coach, Football GM, Real NFL QB, OL that can run block, DL that can penetrate, Linebackers that can pursue and tackle, Real NFL RB, two semi reliable WRs…………..Nah, we’re okay. Right Woody, Tanny, Rex?

  59. By Alex G on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    As I sit here and digest yesterday’s excuse of a football team called the NYJ, I can only say one thing, ” garbage ” this team is officially garbage, they will not achieve anything great with Sanchez at the helm. they need to sit him period! and throw in the other excuse of a QB and just start scouting the next seasons draft for a real Quarterback. the few Jets players worth anything have flat out quit on this team, and You can see it every play.

  60. By fourth+long on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    here we are again with this years new and improved, well if voters keep Obama in some people will buy into anything. I for one do believe in trickle down economics, so if there’s a problem at the bottom start at the top, Mr. T is addicted to the lime light, only problem is wheeling dealing is what gets and keeps him there, I’ve never seen a team trade away or just let go of players who took them so far, in back to back seasons, the very soul of this team was traded or just cut. What happened in N.Y. should have remained in mgmt’s imagination and never even put on paper, let alone a playing field. The big question is getting through this season without crippling your best players,and cutting loose the slackers.

  61. By Frank on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Breaking news……this just in…..TanWoody haz just signed Jamarcus Sanchez to a three year extension for an additional 30 Mil.
    Guranteed contract next year for another 10 mil….this team must lead the league in idiotic and overpaid contracts.
    Like I said months ago Rex now owns this garbage these are his players and his system. The draft during his tenure has to be the worst in the NFL this team is getting nothing from them. Ellis was getting steam rolled yesterday and Ducasse is a revolving door. Rex is suffering from Mangini-itis forcing the issue with players who can’t play in the system they emply.
    No team speed on D been saying it for years and our QB absolutely is the worst in the league.Losing Shotty/Callahan was a big mistake.

  62. By Frank on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Jake your dead wrong. Tebow took a lifeless and dead 1-4 team last year and rode that team through the playoffs. Tebow plays with heart and passion. You really think he will play worse than Sanchez “happy feet” and his 49% passing? don’t think so.

  63. By fourth+long on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    What defense can be on the field longer than their offense and still have the legs to win in the end? If they can make it that far, first of all this was as much poor game planning as anything, the jets didnt game plan for SF to run the ball, and they got it run down their throats. Holmes ??? he’s gotta go !!! he was good when they had a recieving core that was a threat, and there was no one to cover him, now he’s only good for fakes, the ones that get him carried off the field,and or temper tantrums that get him sidelined. And before we tar and feather Mark lets ask the question, how did we end up with a one man O line? No Mark isnt the best in the NFL, but who could be with this O line

  64. By harry-o on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    what were you expecting ?
    the out come was accurate
    maybe not a shut out but a slaughter non the less
    and next week will be much of the same
    glimpses of success does not make playoff contender
    just beat the pats thats all anyone can ask for right now

  65. By Allan O'Dane on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Well..Where do I start? Sanchez…31 qb’s have a better complete % then GQ. What I saw yesterday on the field made me see without a doubt that sanchez is a career back-up QB. ” I have to do better”..”Can’t make those mistakes” ..It’s been 4years now of the same quotes!..ENOUGH is ENOUGH! You know what..I can’t even blame sanchez. I blame Mike T. he’s responsible for the product out on the field. This team can’t run, can’t pass, can’t block, can’t defend. I blame Rex for hiring these so-called coaches. The NYJ wants to be a tough team..well you just played what a tough team is supposed to look like. And rex..please…please..don’t ever mention superbowl again it’s safe to say you can place Revis on IR.

  66. By Ronald T on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I am sick of this. I said it would be a long day. I just hoped it was my flawed opinion. But when the network cut away- oh well. The next two weeks are going to be tough to watch. No heart. No depth…How about NO GM.

  67. By Allan O'Dane on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The way this team performed on the field yesterday the only word I can come up with is HEARTLESS! They showed no heart what-so-ever on both sides of the ball. I will say it again..Rex choose the the wrong LB from the ravens 4 years ago. There is NO leader on this nothing! I hope kyle wilson looks at tape on Wed. because young man you got beat 3 times deep, Smith just overthrew the ball. Someone should have pulled him to the sideline and tell him cut the B.S.! Now NYJ have Monday nite game against the texans..I hope this is the end of the Mike T and Rex era..

  68. By SCfromNY on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I was glad to see Rex take some blame and not put a positive stamp on any part of the game. Sanchez had his patented remarks. he could just record them and play every week. How long can Tebow have the same vanilla comments every week? How long can we keep handing the ball to Greene? There is no heart to this team. They expect to lose. Are the 49ers more talented? Yes! But 2 years ago they were horrible. Harbaugh came in with the smae players and turned the team around. Players AND coaching counts. Play McElroy! Start McKnight. Play some no huddle. Play Maybin. Let’s see what Coples has. Players taken after him are doing better. Get a LB somewhere who can tackle and cover. I said before NE’s makeshift line ran for 250 yards. EXECUTE!!!

  69. By kk on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I posred yesterday and was angry about this terrible display and thought waiting one more day might calm me down but as I suspected it hasn’t. Been a season ticket holder since ’74 was at Shea in 69′ 15 years old and watched them defear Oaklamd for the Championship and have been rooting hard and being disappointed almost 45 years later. I am now done I have spent alot of money on this team only to watch an inferior product. My PSL’s which are worth nothing are up for sale. This yeamis killin’ me!! and they aren’t worth my demise!!

  70. By nytitan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    That was impressive, every phase of the team was embarrassed including the fans. Small wonder Mr. T and Rex think Greene is a #1 back look at the defense he tears it up against in practice. Should have a nice draft position in April but if the same people are selecting we’re domed. As for the D man they are SOFT, Slow and Confused. The D line looked like they were on skates.
    We need to trade down in the draft to replenish the roster.
    Sure like that Geno Smith kid from W. Va.

  71. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The latest from Rex, the HC who loves CBs, is the desperate signing of ex-Lions misfit Berry. From Cimini: “Presumably, his new two-year deal includes minimum salaries, meaning it’s a low-risk investment for the Jets. If he screws up again, he’s a goner. The team is in such a dire situation that something had to be done. Evidently, Joe McKnight didn’t wow anybody Sunday in his limited role at cornerback. The Jets are taking a public-relations risk, considering the perception of the team, but it’s not a terrible football move.” In the Woody/Mr T/Rex/Sanchez/Tebow era “not terrible” is high praise indeed. Nobody can convince me that a HC this bad at roster management belongs anywhere near the NFL.

  72. By Tom Spicer on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply


  73. By Tom Spicer on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    We gave up 245 yards on the ground! NOT 145 245! AT HOME! WE GOT SHUT OUT AT HOME!

  74. By Tom Spicer on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    If we lost to the 49ers & we actually gave some effort I would be okay with that. They are a legit Super Bowl contender. But we didnt even try! I did not expect the O to light up the sky the 49ers have maybe the best D in the NFL. I know we have not had Keller all year & Hill was out. Holmes also got hurt during the game & Greene is the worst starting runnng back in the NFL. With all of that being said WE GOT SHUT OUT AT HOME! I am embarrsed to be a Jet fan.

  75. By Tom Spicer on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The D embarssing I knew the O was bad but our D Rex’s STAPLE run over for 245 yards!

  76. By scjoe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    64, I did mention the personnel issue re: Rex Ryan. What I also take into account is the fact that those “younger players” that you are referring to may not be the answer either, and of course we know who that falls on.Fact is, we don’t know that for sure. For now, what I would love Rex to do is insert McElroy as the starter, give more reps to McKnight at RB (not CB) start McIntyre and Davis on the outside, and stick with Coples and Wilkerson at DE and Ellis and Harrison inside. Of course there will be a rotation on the D, but you have to find out what these young guys are capable of in real time. THAT is the area Rex can make a difference. That is, if Tbum lets him.

  77. By Alex G on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    What about in the meanwhile because it sounds as if Rex is sticking by Sanchez, the Jets go out and entertain bringing in Chad Johnson and T.O Plax and or any other veteran Receiver to help Mark and the offence. the guy is mediocre at best but with no Hill Keller Holmes and a legit running game what does this guy really have on offence?? They better do something 2-2 with tough games ahead Texans Pats and Miami, it may get a lot uglier with no help.

  78. By Viveca on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Am glad that Rex didn’t try to sugar coat anything this time. At least he seems to understand that we have serious problems. Other teams have been able to turn it around. We just need some major changes.
    Would love to see Woody sell the team, and see a classy football guy like Curtis Martin be the face of the franchise. Another coming of Ozzie Newsome as a GM? Wishful thinking perhaps, but that’s what’s left now.
    Not sure that the Tebow experiment didn’t hurt Mark. He loooks very pressured out there. Tebow is not the answer as QB, but maybe as fullback. He did some good blocking yesterday. Tannenbaum must go, but still have a soft spot for Rex.
    Yes Jet Fan 64, women are fans too. My kids call me- not dad, about football questions.

  79. By RON ALEXANDER on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    JOE,O.k, I’ve seen enough!I was stubborn but this was without a doubt the most embarrasing butt-kick’n i can remember!64, I have been with you on dumping Tannenbaum the whole time,but I think Rex has been exposed here as well.What happaned vs.S.F goes back to last years collapse. Rex had no clue then, through the pre-season debacle’s and now is look’n like a “deer-in-the headlights.Time to clean house.And please,SAY No to Plaxico!

  80. By scjoe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Just to clarify what I said above, it is my opinion that Rex’s hands are tied on “some” of the personnel issues, with Mark Sanchez AND Tim Tebow being the two most glaring. It has to be difficult for a HC to operate under those conditions. How long would Mark Sanchez remain the starter under Bill Belichek with those types of performances we see all to often? That is because Belichek has all of the clout in NE, Rex has very little here. Not good!

  81. By RON ALEXANDER on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    S.CJoe, not sure I get your Rex defence as it seems to me he has been exposed as a total failure. Going back to last years collapse and fractured locker-room he supposedly knew nothing about? How can that happan?
    How can he not be able to recognize what is plain for all to see, this team is a joke. I listened to one of the pre-game shows and the guy Merril Hoge from N.F.L match-up predicted the Jets would have trouble gaining over 100 total yds for the entire game. He wasnt far off?

  82. By scjoe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, please! Not Matt Barkely. Not another SC QB. That would almost certainly set us back another 4 years. Best way to go? Sign Hoyer and have him and McElroy compete for the job. Select best available RB at #1 OR trade down if none are deserving of that top 5 pick we are destined for. Problem is, there are just so many other spots that need to be upgraded you would need home runs in 2 consecutive drafts just to catch up.

  83. By RON ALEXANDER on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    DANNY, Sorry old buddy but there is no way for us to spinn this one! No one to blame for the careless fumble befor halftime and the idiotic interception to a guy 2 feet away on the botched screen play! I hate to say this but its time to go in another direstion. The problem is if anyone has seen how ineffective Tebow has been it clear he is not the answer. I think its time to see what MacElroy can or cant do?

  84. By scjoe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Apologists, just chew on these incredible stats for a few minutes….Seven (7) second half possessions, five (5) 3 and outs, one INT and one fumble. Not to mention the blocked punt on one of those 3 and outs, and the fumble returned for TD! I don’t believe you are going to win to many football games with those stats.

  85. By scjoe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Ron, see my post just above your first one, that is where I stand with Rex (for now) Truth be told though, I am worried that debacles like this last one in the upcoming Houston and NE games would lead to him losing the locker room and the season, in that order. My concern though? Who do they replace Rex Ryan with? What recycled failure will actually make a difference? Especially considering the fact that they “can’t shop for the groceries” that they will need. Imagine this…Rex and Belichek switching places, how do you think it would effect the way each of the teams perform on the field? Do you believe NE would lose to SF 34-0? Neither do I.

  86. By Allan O'Dane on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I’m with Scjoe on this one. If GQ plays like this again it’s over for sanchez. Let the young guys play. Let Greg McElroy play…insert Powell and Mcknight at RB. Start McIntyre, Maybin and Davis. Tebow is not an NFL qb he is a fullback that can chuck the ball. The sad part of this is that Rex / Mike T say this coming. How can you put this offense together and tell us fans that this is the best squad since he’s been here?…Really Rex? Maybe Hill will be a star in the future but if he doesn’t have a big strong-armed QB throwing him we may never see that..

  87. By THUNDER LIPS on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Charlie Jet, Sjoe, and Jet Fan 64 hit the nail on the head. This implosion of a team is a combination of (1) terrible administration including Woody I don’t know anything about football, (2) a stubborn overated coach who steps into a pile when he got here (the team handed from mangini was a good team – mangini took flac for the gholston and farve experiments) and (3) lack of talent.

    Chirstmas list = new GM, new coach, new QB

  88. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Good for you, Viveca, showing the kids mom’s no fool when it comes to Woody, Mr T, and Rex’s folly! scjoe, while I’d love to see the guys you mention in the lineup ASAP, I understand that it’s tough to unload the bench until you’re technically out of the playoffs unless you genuinely feel they have a better shot at getting you to the post-season. So while I have an eerie feeling that the first game McElroy started we’d actually look like a pro O, I can’t say I advocate starting him yet. But the minute we ARE out of the playoffs, which might be by about Week 9, I’d start him, sit Sanchez AND Tebow, and find out which young guys we got are worth re-signing. Those I don’t think are worth re-signing include Revis, Holmes, Keller, and Greene.

  89. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    P.S. I know Revis and Holmes aren’t immediately up for re-signing, but I advocate trading them as soon as they’ve rehabbed from injuries and are worth something on the block. Anyone who thinks we’re gonna be near the Super Bowl while these guys are still in their prime is either delusional or named Rex Ryan. Of course, as several others have posted today, none of these personnel moves will matter as long as the three-headed monster of Woody, Mr T, and Rex rules Florham Park, but you gotta start somewhere. I’d DEFINITELY sign ANY petition to get Woody to sell the team, especially to a Curtis Martin-led group of investors, as I’ve been saying for over a year now.

  90. By Tom Spicer on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    To add the icing on the cake Holmes has a Lisfranc foot injury (I know I spelled that wrong) Anyway last year Darren McFadden had the same injury & he was out for the year. So Holmes aint coming back for a long time IF at all.

  91. By Jason on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I wouldn’t mind bringing Mangini (formerly mangenious) to be GM or head talent evaluator to replace O’l CLinkscales. Sure he had one bust (VG) but he did bring in guys like Revis, Mangold, Dbrick etc… I do think Tanny is good at getting the hot free agent/trade deals but he really screwed this team this offseason. But, its not too late! Tim Hightower is still out there and they should give him a look. They also need to bring in somebody, ANYBODY that can make a play on offense.

  92. By Jason on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    WHAT IS UP WITH THESE WILDCAT TIM TEBOW CALLS?! Stop trying to bounce him to the outside for -3 yards every time and run him downhill/pass the damn ball deep. They are loading the box. It’s almost like you’re afraid of the Tebow being TOO SUCCESSFUL. How bout we just win games. Get Tebow quality touches so he can help us get wins. Right now its not enough. Even if him and mark take turns in the red zone every other drive it would be better than bringin one guy in one play taking one out the next in the same drive, theres no consistency there.

  93. By Ray Carey on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Before you rebuild you first have to demolish. Mr. T has to go. Rex has to go. Sparano has to go. Sanchez has to go. We need a new O-line and D-line. We need a real running back. In fact we need a whole new team. We even need a new stadium or we need a name change to the New Jersey Jets. Would have been nice to have our own stadium on the upper west side. Thank you James Dolan.
    Time for Jet fans to tell Woody “We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”. My only consolation is that you skip purgatory if you were a loyal Jet fan!

  94. By fourth+long on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    we need an offensive line ! Green cant run through walls,and Mark does need “some” time ,but the edges are like sea walls in a hurricane, 49’s D was in the Jet’s back field, like they owned it, start there, fix that, give the plays some time to develop. Jet D needs to get off the field, but when their off, help them stay off, three and outs, and turn overs are killing them, that goes back to the O line, running and passing lanes aren’t there, there’s no push off the line, no dominance at all. Sadly this isn’t even a one a one dimensional team, the run cant help the passing game and vice versa, and what ever it is your are trying to do with Tebow makes zero sense.Please no more “superstar” fixes, or band aides that just fall off.

  95. By kleckofan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    OK, I’ve been ending every one of my posts with FIRE TANNENBAUM, today I’ll begin w it.
    One iota of pride I took from yesterday’s game was that there was no Tebow chant. Maybe NY fans are smart enough to know its a joke.Please don’t start it on here. We need to play the young guys to assess the talent level. Forget older free agents like T.O. etc. Get McElroy in there against first string D’s so we know if we need to draft a QB next year. On Barkley, I heard an analyst say he was concerned w Barkley’s decision making under pressure; not good for a 3/4 yr starter, no thanks. I agree w trading down and stockpiling picks. Of course, all of this is based on Tanny not being the one to use the picks.
    I will now end with GET GRUDEN for HC/GM.

  96. By Karan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t understand what the heck (I want to say a really bad word here but won’t, hopefully this comment gets through) happened to this team? We were really good talent wise up until 2010. It’s like a complete 180 now, just what the heck happened??? I blame Johnson and Tannenbaum most of all. I blame Rex as well but not as much as those guys, if you give Rex a chance to work with a star studded roster like we 2 years ago, then things work out great, just look at the great season we had 2 years ago. I just don’t get it, what happened since then, especially with this front office?? Its just so unfortunate and so so frustrating.

  97. By Karan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Woody Johnson’s a horrible owner, thats what it comes down to right now. Tannenbaum who I believe once was an above average GM, has just declined far too much. I remember earlier this season there was a report out that Rex indirectly called out Tannenbaum which pretty much stated that Tannenbaum had not done a good enough job supplying talent on this roster. I KNOW Rex feels that way, whether its directly or indirectly.

  98. By BillsJets on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Ronald T – I agree with you, when the network broke away from the game, now that’s pitiful. you’re sitting there in you’re living room with all your Jet gear on, entertaining guests bragging about your team and then they break away to a more competitive game, embarrassing to say the least. Start TT or McElroy, Sanchez needs to watch and learn. Lastly i hope the Jets are not going to come out and say when Keller comes back, we will be fine, because now the other team knows where your going with the ball, too predictable, and give TT more than just one go a it under the center, Sanchez gets three tries, and then he’s done, give TT at least 2 to 3 sets of downs to see what he can do.

  99. By Karan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I hope the Jets prove all of us wrong, I really really hope so. I would love to shut up the doubters including myself that team doesn’t have what it takes. Please prove it Jets, prove us WRONG!

  100. By Karan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    If Holmes is out for an extended period of time, sign Burress.

  101. By kleckofan on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    My son, who just turned 8, asked if it was OK if he rooted for the Seahawks (we’re in Oregon). I don’t have the heart to tell him to hang w the Jets. Maybe its time the family tradition ends, there is no way Woody will see the light or sell this team. We’ve seen enough of a sample to know that admitting mistakes, making positive changes, assessing talent is not going to happen. Sad, just plain sad. Breaks my heart.

  102. By joeyjets12fla on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    in my opinion everyone needs to be shown the door. mike t,. rex, sparano,pettine,deguglielmo, dunbar and,bill hughan. can anyone remember 2 years like the last 2 with the injuries starting in the mini camps right through the season. i mean everyone either has a hamstring, or a low back problem. these are injuries that can be prevented.i guess this team is showing how consistant they are in all departments the crazies are running the assylum. oh and cavanaugh our qb coach. jet fans look at the amount of time these men have had with this team,they’re all ryans guys.

  103. By joe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply


  104. By JetBlue on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    Rex should have learned a lot from this game. He just got hammerd by the type of team he pretends to put out on the field. See Rex, this is what a well coached, prepared team looks like. Watch the film. Ya boy Sanchez never had it, never will. Your Linebackers are slow and you’re excuses are worn thin. Please, do us all a favor and get up in front of that microphone and admit that you really have no clue what to do next. You’re done. You’ve been exposed, your QB has been exposed, and your team shows no emotion or motivation. What else do we need to see. Read these posts. This is what your customers think of your product. Problem is, most will just keep buying it and hope that it taste better next week.

  105. By joe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply


  106. By joe on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply


  107. By Jack on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The person who should take the blame is Tannenbaum first all he and Rex as well said at the end of last season that they were going to adress the offense and the offensive lines issue with we all knew that we needed a RT, Well F/A came and the issue wasn’t adress then came the drafts again no RT, or a maybe a RG, wasn’t adress in the drafts infact we had to waited till the end of pre-season and they made a trade for RT, Austin Howard and Jason Smith. We also was supposed to adress the RB’s with it wasn’t. Went a team drafts a Top QB’s in the 1st Rd’s or they trades up to get one like the Jets did. They needed to build a team around the QB’s to have all the tools he needs to be a good QB,or top qb, in the NFL.

  108. By Jack on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    We drafted Sanchez in 2009 only offense was adressed to help Sanchez was RB, Shonn Greene. 2010 Jets took CB, Kyle Wilson and OT, Viadimer Ducasse with I believe is gone now and in 2011 Jets took 2 defensive players and then Jets took another defense of player in the 1st Rd of 2012 drafts But took WR, Hill in the 2nd Rd IN 2012 drafts. This kind of drafting doesn’t help Mark Sanchez in the offense. Rex Rayn talk the talks about he wanted a Ground and Pound offense where is? Why wasn’t it adressed in F/A or the Drafts? You draft QB, then you build him a offensive lines in fronts of him RT, RG with the jets needed. A big running back and a good back up RB as well wideout WR and another WR’s another TE or TE’s.

  109. By Jack on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    The last 3 drafts 2010 – 2011 and 2012 with the 1st two Rds should had used the picks on offensive players NOT defensive players. 2010 drafts Jets should had drafted a RT, in the 1st Rd 2nd RB or a RG. 2011 drafts 1st Rd’s WR, TE, 2nd Rd’s RG, in 20012 drafts 1st Rd’s RB.. You got to build a offense around Mark Sanchez. Jets had a a offense back in 2009 and 2010 went they went to the AFC, then they started to lose a few players like Edwards, Leon Washington and Thomas Jones. Anyway Jets need to drafts offense in 2013 drafts and they needs to get some from F/A.

  110. By 40 year fan , John on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I’m with Jack on letting Rex run the defense …He spends all his time on it , and has built something good , but how long can those guys watch this offense sputter at best ?

  111. By 40 year fan , John on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    And after we lose this week , How long before a complete civil war in the locker room ? …I predict fist fights coming shortly in Jets land ….

  112. By Dougie on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply







  113. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    TOM 64 I know you heard me from day one screaming about Sanchez and Wilson for last 2-3 seasons, ..Spicer I like ya man but you need to stop. If this team drafts another USC QB Barkley I will never ever watch this team again, are you out of your mind.. Tom 64, Scjoe, and the few others in line with us, Rex and Mike -T bomb know Sanchez wilson, Vlad, Connors Homles are mistakes but they have no choice but live and die with them at any cost or they will have to admit how careless they were with hundreds of millions of Woody Johnson’s dollars.. don’t you guys get it……come on

  114. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Yup, MJV, I remember you’ve been skeptical on Sanchez from very early on, and that includes before I was. As for the guys that you mention as mistakes, I think it’s starting to look that way though I’d like to give MS and Wilson the whole yr to show what they can do, because that’ll make it easier to go in another direction next yr if they fail. Conner was always a worthless pick and proof that Rex has no understanding of how the game is played on O today. Jack, I like your discussion of how there’s no direction in the Jets yr-to-yr drafting process.

  115. By joe on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Mike Jet brings up a great point regarding Sanchez-Holmes If your MIKE T AND REX how do you go to your owner and tell him you were WRONG on these 2 players .You bacically WASTED YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT TIME AND 75 MILLION OF HIS MONEY You dont thats why Rex is sticking with Sanchez The clock is ticking SOONER OR LATER WOODY WILL GET FED UP WITH THE LOSING (I SAID THIS LASY SEASON )and he will clean house.

  116. By joe on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Francessa hit the nail on the head regarding REX YEARS AGO.The public tolerated REXS antics because compared to other Jet COACHES he was Vince Lombardi.Francessa WARNED should the Jets START LOSING the the lease will be MUCH SHORTER THAN OF A COACH THAT FLYS UNDER THE RADAR.Inturn i can not think of one GUARANTEE- BOAST REX HAS MADE THAT HAS COME TRUE (Its to the point now that hes basically insulting our intelligence by thinking that JET FANS ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH) cont

  117. By joe on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Cont:; I did not come here to kiss BELLICHICKS RINGS .I guarantee the Jets WILL WIN THE SB THIS YEAR (2x 2different years )First were going to ground you then pound you .This is the best team we have had since i have been here The NY JETS have the best DEFENCE IN FOOTBALL )These 2 guys TWIN TERRORS (ELLIS WILKERSON )will dominate for years to come. I will turn Vern Gholsten into the player he should be We will leave Revis on the rooster as he may be ready for the SB .LOL (I CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE HEARD REX SAY PLAYER SUCH AND SUCH IS THE BEST IN THE NFL )Cont

  118. By joe on Oct 2, 2012 | Reply


  119. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    In retrospect, joe, it seems clear that Rex benefited hugely from the core players that were on the Mangini squad in the first yr, then by the almost-too-good-to-be-true (for the modern Jets, anyway) trio of Holmes, Edwards, and J-Co the second year. But he’s proven utterly unable to develop players at any position and it’s hard for me to believe that all of the picks we made are as mediocre as they often seem. Of course, Rex’s cluelessness on O keeps him from reacting productively to things like McKnight 150+-yd game vs BUF, so you never really know who’s been held down or not. All in all he must go, hopefully with the entire Jets braintrust, which is a misnomer if I ever heard one.

  120. By Jack on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    We will know in a few weeks if Mark Sanchez the future of the new york jets IF not Jets will need to drafts QB, Geno Smith SR, West Viginia this kid could be the 1st QB, taked in the 1st Rd’s.

  121. By scjoe on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    64, Joe. I don’t know guys. Everything you say about Rex may be true, the talking needs to stop, no doubt, but do you really and truly believe that another recycled failure could have, or will do any better with this group? Because I certainly don’t .One way I measure a HC is what he can do with the personnel he is given, (in this case by Mike T bomb) he took the team to 2 straight AFC championships with one ( 1 ) super star on defense (DR) Contrary to what some people believe (I know neither of you) Rex did not draft MS, Greene, Wilson, Hill, Powell Ducasse, Gholston, Schlegel, Ganaway, Griffin, McKnight etc Mike T did!!! It is hard to soar with Eagles when you have a bunch of turkeys!

  122. By worrell on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    WOW!!! too many things to say but does it even make sense to say them!! i mean where does one start? i see bad play calling, bad protection for the QB by the offensive live, at times QB in such a hurry that the ball oftentimes thrown in the direction of any receiver almost get picked off or just a plain bad throw, no running game at all, what happen to ground and pound? instead the defense gets pound!!! it is so bad that i have now retired from my expensive JETS jersey!! my closet can wear it for the rest of the season because as far as i am concerned the ( Jets Jets Jets) are officially done) yes i said it!! no offense, a ok defense that stay on the field way too long, a coach that talks too much and players that look very average.

  123. By JOE on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe Dont get me wrong NO COACH could possibly win anything WITH THE LACK OF TALENT THE JETS HAVE.I blame REX because from what i understand he has a LARGE IMPUT in the draft ect (PERSONALLY flew to NC to work Couples out )Rex brings aton OF HEAT UPON HIMSELF because he NEVER backs up his boasts ,guarantees ect (at least in my book )

  124. By JOE on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    SC JOE no coach could possible win with the lack of talent on this team That being said from what i understand REX has a LARGE INPUT on draft decisions

  125. By JOE on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    Guys even if we gave Rex a pass on the offencive guys logic would dictate he ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY had some personal input in drafting Wilson,Couples Ellis, The NY Jets spend millions IN SCOUTING .If someone who never saw a football in their life bought a SCOUTING NEWS DRAFT GUIDE 10 minutes before the last 5 drafts and followed it they could do a FAR BETTER JOB THAN MIKE T

  126. By Ray Carey on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    I knew 2 years ago when I watch “HARD KNOCKS” and I saw Mark Sanchez making fun of a group of linebackers walking onto to the field. He snuck in behind them and walked like Neanderthal dropping his arms down. He did it to make Brunell laugh. I said to myself that is high school humor. This guy is supposed to be mature enough to be an NFL starting quarterback. So I figured he needed a few years to mature. In the pocket he telegraphs his passes and he panics when the pocket collapses and throws his 5 yarder to whoever is in front of him regardless of their team. The guy will never be a leader nor an elite quarterback. OK drafting him was a mistake but staying with him for four more years is a bigger one. Cut him and Mr T.

  127. By scjoe on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    JOE, you are right in that Rex worked Coples out at NC but I would be willing to bet he wasn’t the only d lineman he worked out. What I believe happens is T Bomb gives him a list of players at certain positions that he is interested in and has Rex work each of them out. But by no means do I think Rex has the final say, that falls entirely on T Bomb. Given his track record I see no way this man can still have a job following this season. But of course, these are the NY Jets we are talking about.

  128. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 4, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, Rex is surely not the only HC who lacks the control over the draft that he’d like to have, though for all we know he picked every one of those turkeys. But his inability to develop players, especially on O, is right there for every Jet fan — and every NFL fan — to see. No one on this site would even dream we could ever draft a Matthews or a Pierre-Paul and see him pay off like that so quickly. The other thing I don’t get is why you continue to insist that the only candidates for HC are former HCs. Even there a few (Cowher, Gruden) are much more accomplished than Rex will ever be. But if you bought Rex going from DC to HC, why don’t you buy any other assistant coach becoming a good Jets HC? Just Say No to Same Old Jets defeatism!

  129. By JOE on Oct 4, 2012 | Reply

    LOL GUYS EVEN A BLIND BIRD FINDS A WORM now and then .Sanchez,Gholsten ,Wilson Wilkerson ,Couples …How is it possible to MISS ON 5 STRAIGHT (MID TO LOW FIRST ROUNDERS )Iam not talking about drafting pro bowlers iam talking about first rounders THAT ARE IN FACT MARGIONAL NFL PLAYERS .ALL of the fOREMENTIONED 5 would have a hard time making the rooster of a Giants or a Ravens .None would start

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