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Jets-Colts: First-Half Tweets

Posted by Randy Lange on October 14, 2012 – 2:38 pm

Here are my first-half tweets for Jets-Colts at MetLife Stadium, in case you missed them on Twitter. Follow Bob Wischusen, Eric Allen and me for our tweets during each Jets game on https://twitter.com/nyjets.

#RL Jets gameday captains: G Brandon Moore, TE Dustin Keller, G Caleb Schlauderaff, LB Demario Davis, DT Daniel Muir.

#RL Jets win opening coin toss, defer. It’s only 2nd toss they’ve won this season, they’ve deferred both times (last week vs. HOU).

#RL Jets are 11-12 in games in which they’ve won the opening coin toss and deferred under Rex Ryan since ’09.

#RL Adam Vinatieri 20-yd FG is good, Colts lead 3-0 with 6:02 left in 1st qtr. Vinatieri career vs. Jets: 38-for-41 FGs (92.7%).

#RL Shonn Greene bursts up middle for 21-yd rush, his longest of the season.

#RL Sanchez-to-Stephen Hill for third-down completion to 10 yds. Hill’s first catch since opening day.

#RL Jets have 57 rushing yds in 1st qtr, their most in any quarter in the last 11 games, or since 1st qtr, Game 11, vs BUF, last year.

#RL Sanchez-to-Stephen Hill for 6-yd touchdown. Hill’s 3rd pro TD catch, 1st since opening day. Jets lead 7-3 with 14:13 left in 1st half.

#RL Aaron Maybin personal foul wipes out Antonio Cromartie’s 2nd INT-return TD of the season but Jets have ball on Colts 35.

#RL Shonn Greene on second-and-a-foot goes 10 yds for TD. Jets’ longest TD run since Greene went 25 yds @ WAS in Game 12 last year.

#RL Jets’ 11-point lead at 14-3 is their largest lead in the last 18 quarters, or since the final quarter of their opening-day win over BUF.

#RL Antonio Cromartie has second INT-return TD this game wiped out by a penalty–his own pass interference on Reggie Wayne.

#RL Jets rookie S Antonio Allen credited with sack of Andrew Luck on 1st down. Allen’s first pro game, first pro sack.

#RL Adam Vinatieri from 50 yds out–good. That’s his 2nd career 50-yard FG vs. Jets. 1st came in 2010 AFC Wild Card Game @ IND.

#RL Shonn Greene carries of 19 (from Tim Tebow handoff) and 6 puts Jets over 100 rush yds with 4:43 left in 1st half.

#RL Tim Tebow fake punt, pass to NICK BELLORE. 1st career reception for Bellore, first-and-10 at Colts 17, 2-min warning.

#RL Jets’ first fake-punt completion since 12.13.09, Brad Smith to Eric Smith for 27 yds at TB.

#RL Sanchez-to-Dustin Keller for 6 yds. Keller’s first reception since opening day vs. BUF.

#RL Another Sanchez-to-Hill TD 5-yd TD pass. This one to Jason Hill. Folk PAT gives Jets 21-3 lead with 27 seconds left in half.

#RL Jets’ 1st 3-offensive-TDs first half since Game 13 last year vs. KC. Jets go in with 21-6 lead at halftime.

#RL Jets have first 100-yd rush game in last 5 games, with a half to go. Shonn Greene: 14 carries, 91 yds. Sanchez 9-for-13, 62 yds, 2 TDs.

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51 Responses to “Jets-Colts: First-Half Tweets”

  1. By scjoe on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    There has been a lot of talk (negative talk) about Wilkerson and Coples this year, I think they both stepped up today. I think both are adequate and are really not the problem on defense, that is coming more from the LB position. It was a good solid game today, a blowout in spite of all the penalties and other mistakes. You make those same mistakes against NE next week it will be a mis match. Greene and the running game looked sharp as well, but lets consider the competition.

  2. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    So we beat probably the worst D in the league by finally running the ball. Greene looked more like the guy who came on in the 2nd half of the season when we still had TJ, actually showing a little burst, but he’s gotta stop this business of coming on only in the 2nd half of the season. For real burst, of course, you gotta look to McKnight, who looked like the kind of RB we’ve needed since the day Leon went down with the injury. To Rex and other fools who keep talking about Mc’s trouble running between the tackles, I’d say it helps when the OL opens some kind of hole, which Mc got thru faster than any Jet RB in yrs. Sanchez played adequately without screwing up, which for him is a really great game.

  3. By barker on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    There you go Jet’s fans now you can love on Sanchez again…

  4. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    And by the way, it’s Antonio Allen who should be playing the S blitz, a DB who we drafted as a DB, not Joe McKnight, an RB who we drafted at RB who should be playing RB! For any of those who wonder what some of us mean when we talk about how Rex hasn’t a clue on how to develop players, this is Exhibit A.

  5. By boni on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    For those Sanchez/Tebow haters:
    Do you want to start our 3rd string QB? Remember B. Quinn,ex- Broncos’s 3rd string QB? Tebow haters wanted him to start last year. Well….he had his chance with the Chiefs today, and he screwed up. There is a reason why McElroy is a 3rd string QB!

  6. By scjoe on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think we saw one of McKnights problems today. He came in to the game, ran the ball one time, and left the game with an injury. Before anyone jumps all over me and reminds me about how physical a game this is, I know that, but as a RB you can expect contact on just about every play, if you leave to many games after just one run that can contribute to why you don’t see the field all that often.

  7. By harry-o on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    beating up on a weaker team is still a win
    colts feel like the jets did
    jets feel like the 49ers did
    try not to feel like the bills did week 1 next week at pats
    improve every week, keep jell’in

  8. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    barker, it’ll be a cold day in New Jersey before I “love on” a QB one of whose best (as in least disastrous) games of the year yields 82 yards passing. And boni, McElroy is the 3rd string QB primarily because to admit that Sanchez and Tebow deserve to sit would be, for Mr T and Rex, like Obama and Hillary admitting that they made up this idiotic, First Amendment-threatening story about some video for a movie that doesn’t even exist inciting a terrorist attack. But eventually the excuses and the evasions must come to an end and the truth must be told. In the Jets’ case, the truth about McElroy’s potential probably won’t be told until Rex, Sanchez, and maybe even Tebow are gone. But by then McElroy will probably be All-Pro on another team.

  9. By Karan on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Missed todays game but loved the highlights and a superior win. Hill and Keller definetly are significant to this offense. So happy NE lost to Seattle. Jets need to be stellar next week, I have a feeling we won’t win that game, hard to play in NE. What its come down to so far after 6 weeks is we can really beat the bad teams but can’t really beat the good teams. Since gang green gave Houston its best shot and were capable of winning that game, right now, I say we are a slightly above average team, and unfortunetly I use the term above very loosley.

  10. By ELI RODRIGUEZ on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply


  11. By SCfromNY on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Well kudos to the Jets for winning a game they were suppossed to win. We all know what a trap these games can be. I will congratuklate Greene for a great job. I will appologize for my comments about him if he keeps performing against other teams. I will smirk about McKnight and wonder why he doesn’t get the ball more? These are the kind of games Sanchez needs to be a winning QB. 81 yards does not a QB make. I will hope for a victory next week or if not a victory a good showing. Another strange week. Who expected the Giants to spank the 49ers, Seattle to beat NE, Philly to lose. Maybe the Jets can step it up again.

  12. By IRA on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Tom, Thats right Allen should’ve been playing since the opener. Like they say E. Smith gets hurt and somebody else has to step up. Good to see him make a few plays. DL and OL get the game balls from me. Great day for Greene but the OL FINALLY opened some holes that you could drive a car through.
    Can’t believe they lose Powell and McKnight in the same series. Now Grimes has to step up and they will have to sign a RB.
    BTW J Hughes who the Jets had some interest in when he was coming out of college had a very good game for the Colts yesterday.

  13. By GaryC on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    It was nice to see antonio allen and bush getting playing time,that will be the way to go eventually,Davis can really run,On Cromarties intercept that was called back he looked like a corner running down the field to block Luck.He needs to play more.We also need to keep Reuland and Jason Smith as our blocking tightends,Cumberland who was a wideout at Illinois shows why,he is terrible at blocking.Split him out more and use his size and speed against linebackers and Safeties.Even saw some good blocks by Ducasse,Maybe he won’t be another Jacob Bender.

  14. By GaryC on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Okay we had a laugher and we have the bye coming up,if jets lose to pats,I do not want to hear from players that we weren’t up for the game,The Giants beat Pats and 49′ers like a drum and for the jets it is like climbing Mt. Olympus.

  15. By jetsfan80 on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve posed this question to people before, I’ll bring it up here to hear your thoughts. Cromartie had another great day at corner and Kyle Wilson did well. Do we need to pay Revis all of that money when we could get Cro back for 1/2 the cost and fill several other serious needs at other positions with the money we save? Call me crazy, but this “D” does not look much worse or better than they did when #24 was on the field. Thoughts, anyone?

  16. By Ablity on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    What’s with all the hype around MeElroy? Even if you guys are right and he is a pretty good QB, what’s the chances that we have Tom Brady on the bench, I’m going to guest not very high. We have never seen this guy play a meaningful game since 2010 in college, we have no idea what type of QB he is, can we stop with the wishful thinking and focus on what we have in front of us. 3-3, and looking to go 3-0 in the division, and put the PATS at 3-4 on their home feild, is there anything better than that? 82 yards 2 td’s and a win, I’ll take that, i’ll take that all year!

  17. By Ron Alexander on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    S.C.Joe,I agree 100% about McKnight!Someone here posted last week that he should start? I responded by pointing out his concentration lapses and his propensity to fumble. I thought about his durability as well but didn’t mention it but you did.I’m not gonna order Superbowl tickets but this was a must win(as Ira pointed out) and I thought we did what we had to do.I have pointed out the lack of production from Coples,Wilkerson & Maybin. This was a good first step in showing what they may be capable of.If they can duplicate or even improve on it this coming week we may have a shot against the Pats. As for Greene, I have stated he is a “down hill” style of runner in the past.Simular to Mendenhall in Pitts & Jacobs(formerly of the G-men,now-

  18. By IRA on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Gary, Ducasse has improved its baby steps but he has got better this year. Maybe he cracks the lineup next year something is going on with Slauson.
    Good to see davis saw him try to blitz on a few plays he couldn’t get off his block. They need to get him in an empty hole to get to the QB. Maybe off the edge this week vs Brady.
    GO JETS!!!!

  19. By Ron Alexander on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    cont.- San Fran. These guys need to get kind of a running start & full head of steam so when they hit the hole they can break tackles. Msknight on the other hand is more of a darter who relies more on speed and quick change of direction(ie Barry Sanders,Gayle Sayers.)not to say he is in either of their leagues.
    Well its appears Roger Goddell has acheived his life long goal of replaceing the NFL logo with its new proper name; the PFL as in ‘parity football league”! We have our whole division at 3-3 so is it within the realm of possiability we could be in first place next week at this time?Who would have thunk it?

  20. By kleckofan on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Weird year, Colts rally to beat Packers and look like the worst team in the league against us, while the Pack spanks Houston. Great win all the way around, Good play calling by Sparano, for the most part (there was one series where we threw the ball twice for a “3 and out” during the period when we were running it down their throat). Used Tebow appropriately, great punt fake! M Wilk’ had great game, as did Cro’ (the penalty on his “pick 6″ was ridiculous). Greene showed some burst and vision and McK was great.
    Sanchez performed “Dilfer-esquely”, great throw on 1st TD to Hill.
    Randy- do we have injury updates, especially for Mckight?

  21. By Randy Lange on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    kleckofan, Rex Ryan said Joe McKnight (ankle) and Bilal Powell (shoulder) were undergoing MRIs today and he would update reporters on Wednesday.

  22. By kleckofan on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    The level of play displayed yesterday must be amplified and continued to change anything long term. The problem w these blowouts is they mask the deficiencies we all know are present. When a team puts “eight in the box” and takes away the run, can we still win? If I’m an opposing HC that’s exactly what I’d do. No doubt the Wizard of Cheat will do it next wk.
    It would be great for us to actually beat a team w a winning record and not just beat the “bottom feeders”.
    A win in Foxboro would be a horse of a different color.

  23. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, if I remember right you were impressed with both Allen and Bush in the summer, right?

  24. By Frank on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Nice win but take it with a grain of salt. Do what the Giants did yesterday go to New England and win against the Pats then we have something to talk about. Beating up the pansies ain’t gonna cut it. So far Rex and crew have dodged a few bullets getting to 3-3.

  25. By scjoe on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    All things considered, and there are a lot to consider….the under performing offense, ditto the defense, the injuries, the lack of talent at specific positions, important positions I might add, the team technically leads the AFC east being 2-0 in their division. That said, we have all talked about “huge’ games in the past, well, none gets any bigger then this week up in NE. A win, and it is 3-0 in the division (with 2 division wins on the road) and a game and a half up on NE with 9 left. A loss, and it could all go down hill in a NY minute. That is how huge this game is. Problem is, how many times have we as Jet fans seen the team in this spot only to lay a big fat egg? Go Jets!!!!!!!!!

  26. By TIM on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Please FROWARD this to REX RYAN.

    1. The (COLTS) game continue to SHOW you that MARK SANCHEZ (MUST) have a (RUN) to SUCCESS!!

    2. MARK SANCHEZ is (NOT) the type of QB that can just (PASS) the football WITHOUT having a (RUN) game! When the JETS went to the PLAYOFFS those 2 years, the JETS had a strong (RUN) game to HELP SANCHEZ play action off of.

    3. Whatever REX RYAN did in the PRACTICE before the COLTS game, REX RYAN (BETTER) keep doing it in (ALL) PRACTICES!!

  27. By scjoe on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Ability, I am going to speak only for myself on this one, but re: McElroy, no one ever said he was the next coming of Tom Brady. How could they? To this point the only similarities are their draft position. But I will say this, no one ever thought Tom Brady was the next Brett Favre either when he was sitting on the bench watching Drew Bledsoe play. He got what every player in every sport needs to show his talent, an opportunity! That is all I would like to see McElroy get. A loss this week up in NE and I see no valid reason not for him to get it. If he is the next Tom Brady GREAT! If he is not, you move on. Where is the downside?

  28. By IRA on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Tom, Thats right both looked like they could be players.Both will be needed this week in Foxboro to control Brady and his boys.

  29. By scjoe on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Ron, none of us know what to expect this week up in NE. Some here are down on Rex and his staff, I will say this, if they come out of NE with a W, with all the injuries and all the turmoil surrounding this team , I would think kudos should be in order for Rex and his staff. As for McKnight? Going down after just one run didn’t help his cause to get more playing time.

  30. By Ron Alexander on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    IRA, I agree about Ducasse’s baby-steps. The problem with this guy as well as almost all of our pic’s in rounds 1 thru 3 over the past 4 drafts is none of them came in and contributed much if anything until their 2nd or third seasons? 1st rd pic’s need to be immediate starters while 2nd & 3rd rounders need to contribut immediatly at a fairly high levels.Although Hill did catch 3 short passes & 1 t.d, I noticed that he is still catching them against his body vs. using his hands? I have no idea what his posisition coach is doing with him but he will never play up to his potential untill he learns an implements proper technique.Wilkerson & Coples only 1 sac apiece through 6 games is not gett’n it done either. Wilson still looks lost out there?

  31. By Jake on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Jet fan since ’64 Tom, I don’t agree with you alot when it comes to talking about our favorite football team, but I love the Obama Jab. that was priceless!

  32. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Kudos good win, I’m not impressed beat NE next week and I will be. I know for a fact we will get an egg laid on us against a NE . They have a winning record ,The will take out on Lex and company what Seattle did to them…Barker,Boni. Before I anoint Sanchez the next Zeus from Olympus. let me first remind you HELLO HE ONLY PASSED FOR 82 YARDS. so story of this win speaks for itself Sanchez less . As for yours or anyone else’s on McElroy at least he had a good Collegiate career unlike Sanchez… Like Scjoe said no one said he will be great just needs a shot to see maybe we do have a Brady or Montana in the rough but we’ll never know until we do. so far Sanchez has been way wayyyyyy below average he deserves his shot

  33. By MIKE on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Ron Alexander, wouldn’t get down on Wilkerson so much. He was drafted to play the most unrecognized position in sports. The DE on 3-4 is used almost exclusively to chew up blockers for LB’s. Coples on the other hand was purely brought in to get the QB. He should only be used with 4 down lineman on the outside. I am still scratching my head over this pick. Hill although has shown some spark.

  34. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, I’m sure you noticed that Lowery is injured. I liked Lowery at S but one of the reasons I like to see Bush and Allen on the field is because we’ve had a lot of turnover at DB the last few yrs, so we’d be crazy to keep these guys on the bench out of fear. Sure they’ll get beat like all rookies do, like Revis did in his 1st yr, but you gotta help them grow into the position. Ron, this also goes to your discussion of our draft issues. The discussion on this site is usually whether our #1 is gonna be a bust or not, while other teams are getting results out of their #4 and #5 picks in their 1st and 2nd yrs. I don’t get it, nor do I get this rash of injuries, though that’s clearly a league-wide problem. in no small part thanks to Goodell.

  35. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Jake, I rarely venture beyond the NFL on this site, but I’ll tell you this: Nobody messes with the First Amendment on my watch, and I mean NOBODY! The FA is why we’re here, why we’re allowed to cheer or jeer Woody, Mr T, Rex, Sanchez, Holmes, or anybody else. When I was but a teenager, many folks were thrilled when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released the “Ohio”/”Find the Cost of Freedom” 45 within days of the Kent State shootings of anti-Vietnam War-protesting students. Well, even with Nixon as president, no Joint Chiefs of Staff general ever called Neil Young and told him to pull his song ’cause it was a threat to U.S. soldiers, Muslims, politicians running for re-election or anyone else. So I’m sure not gonna tolerate such nonsense now.

  36. By SCfronMY on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe, exactly what I mean in response to ability. Let’s find out what we have BEFORE he is let go. He may be the next Joe Montana, weaker arm than Brady, or Brett Ratcliff who never panned out. All I am saying along with others is,”Let’s see him play.” We know what we have with Sanchez and Tebow. Two QBs who I have no faith in to take us to a SB. We allude to Sanchez being “Dilfer like” but Dilfer was a tougher QB, as well as able to read defenses.

  37. By GaryC on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Not having Holmes in the huddle is probably a benefit,everyone is pulling together now,Sanchez can look for the open receiver,instead of going to the guy who thinks he is always open.I can see a good offensive game against the pats secondary and just hope that the jets don’t believe they will have the same success as they did against the colts with the run.Jets receivers are better then people give them credit for.

  38. By Ron Alexander on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, as for the people who were down on Rex recently I get it! The guy means well, as he is basically trying to prop up his guys & encourage them to live up the the faith he has in them.Again, I get that! The problem is he puts himself out there on an Island that that no one wants to visit. When you make statements that go unsupported you loose credability. Obviously many fans are sick & tired of all the bluster as we are reading here.If,(& it is a big if) they do beat N.E this week I think it would go a long way towards rebuilding his credability. I think the key this week will be how the front 7 on D is able to control the run game. After repeated gashings 5 weeks in a row they showed signs of what they can be.That nneds to continue

  39. By Ron Alexander on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    cont.- this week as if we cant control the run game Brady will play-action us to death! N.E’s running game is vastly improved with the new faster backs they have this year so this will be a big test for our front 7. I am hopeing to see a lot more Damario Davis and A.Maybin this week because Pace & Thomas are absoloutely no match for these backs. IRA, the young safty’s like the young L.B’s & D.linemen should all get their opportunity this week to see how far they have come since training camp. E.Smiths injury may be a blessing in disguise as Rex will have no choice but to call on Allen & Bush against this air attack.We all know what Smith can do(not much) so this should be an interesting game.

  40. By Jake on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Fan Tom, very well stated.

  41. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Glad you liked it, Jake, here’s another one you might like: When the insane (and I do mean insane, as in clinically psychotic) Iranian mullahs put out a hit on Salman Rushdie (and that’s all it was, no different from a Mob hit) for writing a book that allegedly “defamed Islam” by depicting a madman erroneously fantasizing about that religion, an Arab leader told Rushdie, “Freedom of speech isn’t very important in our part of the world.” To which Rushdie replied, “No, sir, freedom of speech is the whole ball game.” And that includes my freedom of speech to tell Rex to give McKnight more carries (though I admit, he’s gotta take the hits from the D better than he did last Sunday).

  42. By SCfronMY on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    If the the Pats run that FAST no huddle our old LBs will be gassed by the 2nd quarter.

  43. By kleckofan on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    SCNY (have you and SCJoe ever considered a change in monikers? It’s tough to keep you straight sometimes) anyway, I meant no disrespect to Dilfer in calling Sanchez a game mgr; apologies to Trent, good point.
    I agree that E. Smith is no loss, especially against Brady;play the newbies.
    Ron A- you are right, the Pats’ running game is better than past 3/4 yrs. We can’t just figure out how to stymie Gronk/Welker & co this time. I think the last time we beat them, after the Monday night thrashing a couple of yrs ago we beat them by dropping eight which was totally out of character and surprised them. Won’t work this yr.
    Hoping Barry Soetoro goes 0-2 tonight.
    Last night reminded me of the Miracle at Meadowlands, nice catch Jumbo!

  44. By Ron Alexander on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    MIKE, I hear you about Wilkerson & agree about that posisition. And that may have been the case when he was drafted, But we are playing a lot of 4-3 these days and he needs to step it up! I said during the off season that if we change to a predominantly 4-3 team we may have a problem because both Pace & Thomas were drafted as 4-3 ends and failed miserably! That being the case we need production from the D.E’s. The game vs. Indy was a good start. I only hope they both keep getting better so we dont have to draft another D.E early this coming draft. As for Hill, he will be fine. He just needs better technique when catching the ball. If his current posisition coach cant get him to do it they will bring someone in to get it right.

  45. By scjoe on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Ron, just based on who is on the roster right now, I would say predominately playing the 4-3 is the way to go. With Wilkerson and Coples at DE, Ellis and Harrison DTs, Maybin and Davis at OLB and Harris in the middle. Again, just based on who we have right now, you would “potentially” be putting the best talent available out there. What I would really like in that scenario is another prototypical OLB (Dowtin maybe?) to go along with Davis and move Maybin around (DE/OLB) in passing situations. Of course any upgrades via the draft, free agency or trade would be welcomed.

  46. By JetBlue on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    JFS64Tom: Love your political snips afforded to you by the 1st Amendment. Who we support says a lot about who we are, both in politics and sports. Unfortunately for us Jets Fans, we don’t get to vote for the guys who run our team. If we did, I’d be the first in line to vote Rex & T-bomb out of office. Much like Obama’s speaches, we’ve all been subjected to Rex’s dillusional spin the state of this team & how everything’s going to get better. Sure, I’d like nothing more than for the Jets to go into NE and plow the Pats off the field. But there are just not enough meds on the planet to make me beleive that’s even possible. Andrew Luck had a bad day but still showed more guts, skill & brains than MS. Brady won’t be so nice to us.

  47. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    JetBlue, one of the things that disturbs me most about the Rex era is the way this org now spins its shortcomings. the exact opposite of what great HC’s like Lombardi, Stram, Landry, etc. used to do. Mr T, Rex, and Sanchez all speak a nonsense talking points language — “Are we perfect? No, but…” And for all the criticism the guy up in NE takes, and much of it’s justified, he NEVER talks like this! If he doesn’t like what his team did on some pt, he says nothing. If he does, he says he’s grateful and moves on to next week’s game. The myth that Rex is some kind of straight shooter is absurd. Of course, straight shooting doesn’t matter to people who are willing to make up some story about a video rather than confront real evil in the world.

  48. By Tom Spicer on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    JetBlue, So far as a rookie Luck has shown way more skill than Mark did as a rookie thru the 5 games luck has played. But what did Luck do on Sunday that showed more guts, skill & brains than Mark. Was it the 50% completion percentage, the 51.3 rating, the 0 TD’S, the 3 turnovers (which would have been 5 had 2 picks not been called back) or just looking terrible. Cause I saw no guts, brains or skills in any of those things?

  49. By scjoe on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    kleckofan, LOL…If SCNY’s name were Joe too, it could really get confusing.

  50. By Ron Alexander on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, as usual, we are on the same page as far as the current personell. I just read Dowtin has been promoted from the practice squad onto the roster so that is a good first step.Apparently we cut “the terminator’ as his injury is apparently worse than we were led to believe? No loss there as he has been a major disappointment to date.And remember, we can always use Pace & Thomas off the bench where they may prove more effective? Although I questioned this move prior to the exibition season as none of us had seen Wilkerson in a pass rushing situation i am on board with it now as he seems capable of handling it.It also gives us a chance to see what Coples can do as well.

  51. By JetBlue on Oct 18, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer: When it comes to Sanchez, I wouldn’t expect you to see anything other than what you want. I didn’t say Luck had a good game. I said he had a bad day, mostly because he was being hounded on every play by the agressive Jets D. How would MS have faired under the same circumstances? Well, we’ve already seen how that pans out 3 times this year. I’ve seen 3 of Luck’s games so far and all of MS’s games. There is just no comparison who the better QB is right now. And Luck is a rookie. Wait 4 yrs and you’ll see that Luck is a Payton Manning type QB. He does everything better that MS. Four years from now, I can only hope that MS is on another team’s bench with that dazed and confused look on his face.

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