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A Silly Little Yard Could Make All the Difference

Posted by Randy Lange on October 26, 2012 – 4:38 pm

Right tackle Austin Howard has a name for the situation. “When it’s third-and-short,” he said, “it’s go time.”

And the Jets have green-lighted themselves to the head of the NFL when it comes to converting those plays. For instance, of all the runners who have picked up every third-and-1 they’ve attempted this season, Shonn Greene is first among equals, going 7-for-7 in his carries.

If we extend the definition to third-and-1-or-2 and fourth-and-1-or-2, when the Jets run the ball in those situations, they’re the only perfect team left in the NFL at 13-for-13, and they have also led the league for 2011-12 (27-for-33, 81.8%), 2010-12 (49-for-61, 80.3%), and 2009-12 (76-for-98, 77.6%).

“We definitely want to be the aggressor, be physical on those plays,” said Howard.

“We don’t do any gimmicks, we don’t do anything tricky like that,” LG Matt Slauson added. “Anthony Lynn has a great plan every week. But when you have a line like ours and a big bruiser-type running back like Shonn, we want that responsibility on us. We feel like we’re big and strong and we’re able to get that yard.”

Lynn, the Jets’ RBs coach since ’09, explained the philosophy behind the Green & White’s third-and-short success.

“We want to have more completions and rushing attempts than anybody we play. If you do that, you’re going to win a lot of football games,” Lynn said. “But in order to do that, you have to be able to extend drives. And if you’re committed to running the football, you’re going to find yourself in third-and-short a lot. So we spend a lot of time in the offseason studying that situation and what fits our personnel the best. We really take time and we game-plan it.

“Shonn is built for that situation. He’s a power guy, and a lot of times he gets you more than 1 yard. And when there’s nothing there, you have to have a guy who can win, and he’s done a good job of that. But our double teams up front on the line, those have been outstanding also. Vertical push is something we emphasize a lot in our offense.”

It’s not just about short yardage for Greene and the Jets’ blockers but also about goal line, with many of the same concepts applied to both. But when it comes to GL, it’s been a mixed back for the Jets. Greene’s had two 1-yard touchdown runs this season, vs. Buffalo in the opener and at New England to successfully conclude the opening drive Sunday.

But goal line, considered by the Jets to be plays inside the opponents’ 5-yard line, hasn’t been nearly as successful as the garden-variety short-yardage plays.

“Toward the end of this season, I hope we get back into the top five in the league,” said Lynn. “Right now we’re on the outside looking in. We had a terrible series the last time we played Miami. Those guys do a heck of a job in both situations, short yardage and goal line.”

Indeed, a first-and-goal at the 3 led to a Mark Sanchez end zone interception and a first-and-goal at the 1 yielded only a Nick Folk field goal in the Jets’ overtime win. Meanwhile, the Dolphins scored on a pair of 1-yarders in Game 3, by RB Daniel Thomas and FB Jorvorskie Lane.

This game could also come down to who can do a better job at moving the ball that final 36 inches at key times in the game. And as Slauson said, when the Jets offense is in that situation and a run is called, “We just expect we are going to get it.”

What Goes On in the Pile …

It was one of those small but delightful and ultimately fairly significant plays that happens during the course of many NFL games. Recall late in the first quarter of the Jets-Patriots game when Shonn Greene caught a pass, was hit by LB Jerod Mayo and lost the ball. After Greene was surrounded by no fewer than five Patriots and a few of his teammates joined in, who should come out of the pile with the ball but No. 87 in green and white.

Where did Konrad Reuland come from?

“I was on the other side of the field,” Reuland recalled. “I saw the ball get knocked loose and I saw Shonn kind of straddling the ball, almost, reaching for it down by his legs. I knew he was going to be fighting for it with three or four guys.

“And I just said, you know what? I’m going to dive in there and see if I can find this thing and get a hand on it.”

Nineteen seconds of real time passed from when Reuland muscled Devin McCourty out of the way and burrowed into the mass of bodies to when he popped back out holding his prize aloft and saying, audible on the game video: “I got it! I got it!”

The CBS broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms captured this unlikely turn of events as they analyzed the replay.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a fumble,” said Simms. “And what a job by Reuland getting under this pile and getting that football.”

Nantz: “Look, he’s nowhere even in the frame here …  he’s still not in the frame.”

“He’s still not in the frame,” Simms echoed.

Nantz: “I tell you what, then he comes in at the last minute. Great play by Reuland.”

RBs coach Anthony Lynn was also in agreement. “That was an outstanding play by Konrad. You talk about hustling to the football.”

Needless to say, the Jets ultimately lost the game in overtime, but it’s not too hard to see Reuland helping to keep this game close with his recovery. The Pats, who had just opened a 14-7 lead, would’ve had the ball back at the Jets 49. Another quick six for Tom Brady and friends and things could’ve snowballed. Instead, the Jets punted, the Patriots took over at their 20 and also punted. Close game on.

Reuland wasn’t necessarily known as a fumble mole before, but he said he did the same thing for San Francisco in a preseason game this summer.

“The way I look at it,” he said, “until they’ve ruled it the other team’s ball, I’m fighting for it because you never know.”

One perhaps final note: The Patriots statistical crew didn’t award the recovery to Reuland. They said Greene recovered his own fumble. Perhaps the play will be reviewed and the record set right. But as No. 87 said, “I’m willing to give it Shonn. Let him get credit for it. Either way, the fact that our team got it is what counts.”

Friday Injury Reports

LB Bart Scott (toe) is listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game with the Dolphins after sitting out all three practice this week for the first time since injuring his big toe early against the ‘Fins in Miami in Week 3. Scott is joined by RB Bilal Powell (shoulder) and NT Kenrick Ellis (knee) as doubtfuls.

But the rest of the squad seems to be ready to suit up for the rivalry game, and that includes NT Sione Po‘uha (back), S Eric Smith (knee), C Nick Mangold (ankle), TE Jeff Cumberland (wrist) and RB-KR Joe McKnight (ankle), all listed as questionable. All were limited at today’s practice except for McKnight, who was a DNP for the third time this week.

“For Sione, it’s not just about being able to protect yourself but being effective,” Ryan said. “I feel good about that. I think Sione will play.”

The rest of the Jets were full practicers and are probable for the game.

The Dolphins added two players to Friday’s report in DE Cameron Wake (neck, limited), and S Reshad Jones (heel, full). But they seem in fine health for the game with Wake, Jones, RB Daniel Thomas (concussion), LB Koa Misi (hamstring) and S Jimmy Wilson (ankle) listed as probable, while starting CB Richard Marshall (back) didn’t practice today and is listed as out.

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36 Responses to “A Silly Little Yard Could Make All the Difference”

  1. By SCfromNY on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    Great article BUT . . . It begs the question that 13 for 13 on 3rd or 4th down with less than 2 yards RUNNING the ball so playing the Pats down by their goaline 3rd and 1 1/2 yards we throw the ball to a WR who missed his last 3 slants. Sporano, the field goal specialist. You DO NOT beat NE kicking field goals.

  2. By Frank on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    I did not mention it early in the week but I really like this kid Reuland he is a gamer. Not only was the fumble recovery impressive he was getting open on his routes and Sanchize-Not did not see him. He was also very aggressive in the run game. He needs to play a bunch this weekend with Cumberland out. Guys like him and Hilliard stepping up have been a good sign for this team.
    Tannehill has been impressive and has improved from our first game Cro better be ready for Hartline I am certain they will be going deep often this week the kid has a great arm and throws a beautiful pass.

  3. By Frank on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    While I like the idea of Davis starting for Scott…I have been saying since the Steelers playoff loss it was time for him to go. Davis needs to play more disciplined. He failed to hold his lane that led to the Pats KO return for a TD and he was constantly out of position in pass coverage. His speed showed up in the run game but he needs to play with more control as he filled the hole to quickly and failed to make a few tackles even though he made quite a few.

  4. By reno on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Fan Golfer proclaims Keller OK. Never does it occur to him that he has a QB rated at the bottom of starting QB list You can;t catch em if they ain’t thrown at you. We will call this rule #1. You have an OC that has no idea how to use a TE You can’t catch if they don’t throw them to ya We will call this rule # 2. Now anyone that knows the game will realize how good he is to be as effective as he has been with that QB for 4 years in that offensive scheme. Anybody that knows the game would realize how GREAT he would be with a top 10 QB or with an OC that knows how to use that postion. EVERYONE except Jet Fan Golfer and of coarse Jet Fan Blue in the face another silly so called expert. An expert at sitting in the easychair with the remote

  5. By kleckofan on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    The 3rd and 1 success makes that ill-fated slant onthe Pats 2 yd line all the more ridiculous,what a shame.
    Reuland has some toughness, like him. Also forgot to say in the last few posts, Hilliard looks like a keeper, lots of heart.
    Give me Bob Davis or Al Woodall (that was for you “old guys”)

  6. By sal cottone on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Thats just great, Rex knew this against the Pats? Then why the heck did they bring in Tebow. Probably that play cost them the game, first place, a great oportunity (providing they dont blow it this week ) going into the bye week.. Iam telling you thats just great..Speaking of Tebow, are we missing something with the move, the money , the roster spot.. And now this nugget. Just exploding with confidence here!

  7. By Jason Harvis on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Magic Fumble Recovery, David Blane-esque, Great Hustle and Muscle by Reuland! I was amazed when Reuland came up with it and just happened to see Niner’s game where he did same thing. You never know how big one play can make and looking at film, Reuland came across at least 30 yards from blocking CB and then diving into pile. Like the kids hustle and was worth pointing out.

  8. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    In todays Post page 56. Jets management has done a poor job of keeping continuity around Sanchez with WR’S coming & going like a revolving door. 11 different WR’S have come & gone since Sanchez was drafted in 2009. Look at every top NFL QB & youll find they have had continuity in there WR’S that Sanchez has not Brady has Welker, Peyton had Wayne & Harrison, Eli has Nicks & Cruz, Brees has Colston, Rodgers has Jennings, Ryan Has White & Gonzo, Schaub has Johnson. Work your way around the league the best QBs have WRS that they have had time relationships with. For Sanchez his relationship with WRS has been reduced to a series of 1 season stands. as per Mark Cannizzaro.

  9. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    The Jets are in a no win situation with the “gang” on this web site. If the Jets lose they stink even thou when you play a divsional foe you can throws the records out the window. Example the Skins beet the Giants 2 times last year. Miami always plays us tuff & they have a very good D & a great running game. If we win well we should have won it is Miami why did we not blow them out. Also if we do blow them out which we be very hard to do cause they have a good D. The respone will be well we should have blown them out it is Miami. LOL you cant win on this site.

  10. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Mark Sanchez also can not win with the “gang” on this site. Last week he had a 90 rating, 68% completion percentage & threw for 328 yards. The respone from the “gang” was he had anywhere from a bad to a decent game or he was the reason we lost the game. Meanwhile to ANYONE who has every watched a football game in there lide will tell you if Stephen Hill catches a pass that hits him in the chest with no one near him we win that game & that & no other reason is why we lost. Lets put this in perspective. If Mark averaged his “bad” to “decent” game as the “gang” put it. He would be the 11th ranked QB in all of the NFL. He would be 3rd in the NFL in completion percentage. He would be 2nd in the NFL in yards & at the end of the year he would

  11. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    have over 5,000 yards passing. Now my final thought we were on the road vs the Pats down by 10 in the 4th quarter we came back & had the lead with 2 minutes to go. We had no turnovers on D & Greene rushed for a WHOPPING 54 yards. So all of this comeback was from the passing game. 2 TIMES NOT 1 2 TIMES the D lets Brady drive down the field to score but the loss was Sanchez fault? .Now re read what I just posted sit back & think about how silly the “bad” to “decent” game comments are cause if that game was bad to decent. What exactly is a good game to you guys 100 rating, 80% & 400 yards with no turnovers? Cause if that is what it is hear is a little news flash. No one in the entire NFL averages that THANK YOU!

  12. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Todays post page 56. With Schileins & Cumberland as the starters Mark has a 55 rating, 43% completion percentage, 777 passing yards, 5.89 average per attempt, 3 TDS, 5 picks & the Jets are 1 & 3 in those games. In the games where Keller & Hill have started Mark has a 104 rating, 67% completion percentage, 676 passing yards, 7.86 avergage per attempt, 6 TDS, 2 picks, & the Jets are 2 & 1 in those games. So having guys around you that are not TOTAL scrubs makes a difference IT MAKES A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE!

  13. By Tom Spicer on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    So this is what not throwing to scrubs does it makes your rating go up 50%, your completion percentage go up 25%, it makes your TD’s double, it makes your turnovers get cut in half & you go 1 & 3 with the scrubs. But 2 & 1 with 1 good guy (Keller) & 1 guy with upside (Hill). But we were okay throwing to the Cylde Gates & Chaz Schilens of the world YEA OKAY!

  14. By Bobby on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    if you’re not going to use Tim Tebow…do him a favor and trade him to someone who will. Its silly to just have him on the roster and not give him a good chance to show what he can do. Hes going to make some team great when he finds a team that will go all in and stay in.

  15. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    !3 for 13 best in the league. Spicer maybe you’ll understand our O-line is better than you give them credit for, Greene 242 yards rushing in Colts game, he makes 90% of first downs running the ball average is picking up, Defense is Improving somewhat, You call our receivers scrubs Ms is throwing to scrubs even I held off from calling MS a scrub Spicer me MR negativity. So now I will give MS more respect than you give these kids. IF, I say IF, unlike you, IF anyone deserves the distinction of being called a scrub on this team ask 9 out of 10 loyal Jets fans here who deserves that handle, Spicer come on now, tell us your related to reno right going to bat for a stranger like you have hmmm something fishy in Spicey land

  16. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    These kids don’t get a chance to show what they have, or how good they could become, these scrubs as you so rudely call them. Don’t have a skilled enough QB to lay one on them, Doesn’t know after 4 years in the league how to throw a pass in stride lead screens,slants, name it, Like I’ve said 100 times if I said it once , if a play doesn’t go exactly to perfection right on time.. or receiver doesn’t make a circus catch. he either under throws overthrows first downs red zone or TD. You always .remind us of any good stat you can dig up I’m guessing from MS strap book,, has Mark ever brought this team back from losing, ever rated over 50% 2 games in a row beaten team with winning record since early last year, HE IS TERRIBLE

  17. By Byrdman on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Interesting stats on Sanchez Spicer – I see a kid who came out of USC about as raw as could be, 22 years old, thrown to the wolves in the NFL from day one. Wonder how much different his career trajectory and fan perception of MS would be had he been developed like Aaron Rodgers was in GB? I read a ton of blogs that spend hours breaking down game film – several of these guys have stated (recently) that Sanchez is turning a corner in his development – Hope they’re correct – it would be just like the Jets to dump a player on the verge of a break-out. Parcells always said ” You watch these kids who look like just another guy then suddenly, sometimes with no warning… the light goes on for em” Bill knew a thing or two about football players!

  18. By Byrdman on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    This post reminds me of that half-time speech Al Pacino made in ANY Given Sunday “The Inches we need are all around us” But it occurs to me that the teams with great running games in the NFL, don’t get a yard here, 2 yards there – They bleeping GASH ya for 15 yards a pop, your D gets demoralized and when its 3rd and goal at the 1 inch line, you load all 11 in the box and watch em toss a soft 4 yard pass to the TE standing in the end zone :D Watch the Jets ground game get more yardage now that we’ve got the glimmer of a down-field passing game. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that Greene is seeing more daylight now with Hilliard back there instead of Connor !

  19. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Cont. Sorry Folks I have to get this out…I can name 25 QB’s in the league who would have beat NE and Texans we had both on the ropes, even with Sanchez ,yet he found a way to lose . HE makes everyone around him worst, where as most QB’s make everyone better, Spicer you have some guile to these kids scrubs and blame Coaches, receivers, RB’s, Defense, Offense, everyone and anyone, Only fact or constant we can count on as Jets Fans is Sanchez Taking a sack throwing INT’s or fumbling the game away, and that’s a fact, how’s that stat, OH yeah and being ranked way way down there with what you believe are scrubs.

  20. By scjoe on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Reno, hate to bust your bubble dude, but I also played TE throughout youth ball and HS, as well as ILB. Can count the number of receptions on one hand because I did what a TE did best in that system, block. To come on the blog and think that you are the only one who ever played the game would be wrong. What ever gave you that idea? Hundreds of thousands each year play ball from pee wee through youth, HS, and college, who never get close to an NFL uni! And believe it or not, some post right here. We are not just golfers and Monday morning Qbs, in many cases. So what makes you believe you have the inside track on judging not only NFL talent, but Randy’s bloggers as well?

  21. By scjoe on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, go on to the Pats web site, go to their history section, count the number of WRs and targets Brady has had in that exact same time frame you posted for Sanchez. Count how many different OCs he has had. How has it effected him? After you have done that, knowing how much emphasis you put in to stats, go to ESPN or, check out the current QB ratings, see where MS falls in most of the important categories. See how he compares to rookies or 2nd year QBs who haven’t had that continuity with their WRs either.They are there in black and white for all to see, they do not lie, they tell you everything you need to know about any given player. If you live by stats alone, you die by stats alone!

  22. By scjoe on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Oh Spicer, maybe I am misunderstanding something. Maybe in your mind, Mark Sanchez is the only NFL QB who has had different WRs and TEs and RBs to through to over the past 4 years. Maybe ALL of the other QBs in the entire league actually have had the exact same WR group, TE group, RB group, and OC over that same time frame. Even the rookies and 2nd year QBs. Maybe they brought ALL of their WRs, TEs and backs with them from college. Now, I will say this in advance, if all of that is true, then you are 100% right and you have my apology. If it is not true, you might want to re examine your position.

  23. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    reno, folks clearly see how juvenile and ignorant you are not just of the Jets, not just of football, but of all thought processes relating to reality. I don’t usually spend much time on this sort of thing but since you insist on making it personal with me and a few other folks, I’ll take the time to highlight your pathetic thinking across the board as shown by your posts. First of all, anyone who says someone on any team would be “great” IF ONLY he had the right QB, OC or whatever is not only lacking in analytical skills, he is, in life as well as football, a complete loser. Second, go tell Fitzgerald how terrible he was supposed to have been since Warner retired. When you escape your grade-school mindset, please let us know.

  24. By ron alexander on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    SPICER, I love the fact that with you “the glass is always half full”! I’m being serious now & not busting your chops. But you gotta let this obsession with proving everyone wrong that critises Mark. Like you I like Mark & have supported him here.But although he did make some really nice throws last week he did not “play great”! I said this very same thing to Ira in an earlier post. Lets review: great was not badly underthrowing Keller limiting what should have been a big play to about a 12 yd. reception.Underthrowing Hill in the end zone turning a sure t.d into a int. takeing to sacks, two fumbles, plus the pass Keerley caught because the d.b dropped it that had int. written all over it.His #’s looked better than he played.

  25. By Bitter Blinka on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    You are really making excuses for him. As the season progresses, you will run out of them.

    I hope I am wrong, because I really like the kid. But I don’t think he has the characteristics to be a winning NFL QB.

  26. By Frank on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer….30th ranked QB courtesy of ESPN stats.
    Sanchize-Not….Not a good QB. He had good stats according to you versus the worst passing D in the league who was also missing two starters. Jamarcus Sanchez missing Hill on that TD pass sums up everything that is wrong with him. The two fumbles put the icing on the cake. He is a losuy QB and on any other team he would be riding the bench.

  27. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 27, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman FYI. Difference with Tuna He wouldn’t have had Sanchez this long he’d be turning that corner with some other team, selling hot dogs maybe given the Food and Beverage job . But No way I repeat NO WAY Tuna tolerates the amount of turnovers and mistakes MS has made over these past 4 seasons. What I will say Tuna wouldn’t have rushed him in, he would’ve developed him slowly, BUT .Seeing his play after 4 seasons I doubt he will ever grasp the concept, Therefore Betting Tuna drafts one of these rookies QB’s Freeman, Newton, Luck, RG3, Kid in Seattle, That’s the difference if Tuna had Sanchez

  28. By scjoe on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, really, really weak excuses and comments above. Somehow I expected more from you. To say that “IF” Sanchez had the stats he had last week in EVERY game he has started this year would be pretty much like saying that “IF” Shonn Greene averaged 6 yards a carry and carried the ball 20-25 times a game he would be all pro this season. It is like saying “IF” the NY Jets defense limited the opposition ball carriers to less the 3 yards a run, they would have the #1 rush defense in the league hands down. Remove all the “IFs” and guess what you have? Reality!

  29. By JetBlue on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    Reno: I guess they didn’t teach you how to read, write or get along with others when you were in Tight End School. Well, at least you made one friend here. You and Spicer can debate over who has more Sanchez memorabilia while the rest of focus on real football issues like coaching, game plans and player development. Or you can just not post anymore and save us all the trouble of having to ignore you from here on out.

    Real Jets Fans

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman, I don’t know about fearing that Sanchez will blossom on other teams, and I lean a lot more in the direction of what MJV says about him. For one thing, the way we (read: Rex) rushed him into having to win a SB ASAP, if that’s the argument you want to make, might well have done permanent damage. He often looks driven by fear, over-thinking and not having much fun, and it might take him 4 more yrs somewhere else to shake that off. For another, some of this executional flaws — generally weak pocket presence, inaccuracy on throws of all kinds, failure to protect the ball under pressure — occur so frequently in the same situations that I suspect they’ve baked into his iffy skill set.

  31. By SCfromNY on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    Somehow my last post was lost, oh well. I was addressing the posters who have this overwhelming admiration for a QB rated at the bottom of all QBs. You can make a case for a low rated QB IF his team is constantly winning AND he is NOT contributing to a loss. I used to breed and show dogs. There were always breeders that were amazed that their dogs did not win. They, like Sanchez fans fixated on positive traits completely ignoring negative traits. If the dog had 1 or 2 good moments it was suppossed to eclipse all the bad ones. To be a winner as a QB and dog you must have some outstanding traits while severely limiting your bad ones. This is not to say Sanchez is a dog. He however will always be “Pet” quality and not a “Show” winner.

  32. By Byrdman on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    It’s inevitable, predictable and the oldest NFL cliche’ I know of – “Our QB stinks, let’s see what the back-up looks like” Except in our case we have already seen #2 (Tebow) play so it’s “Lets see what G-Mac can do” In Detroit following the incredible numbers Stafford put up in 2011, they figured they found their Elite Franchise QB – but.. his stats have dropped in 2012 so they are calling radio stations demanding the Lions start somebody named Shaun Hill :D

  33. By Byrdman on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    I really hope the Jets play well today, play as a team, win this game in honor of number 90. Loved the way Dennis Byrd played the game, the passion, relentless drive, competitive fire, but also the genuine humility the man showed during interviews. The year Byrd was drafted, was the one where I gradually got my wife into football and she started rooting for the Jets. #90 became her favorite player – she cried when he suffered the neck injury and we both watched his recovery and bio-film of his life together. I think the Jets would have won a SB with a few more like Dennis Byrd – a couple more players with that level of commitment, dedication, heart and soul passion for the game of Football. GO JETS!! LONG LIVE DENNIS BYRD !!

  34. By Byrdman on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    UPDATE – 3rd Quarter Jets getting blown out again! 27-3 LOL Rex clearly did not have his team prepared as well as Miami’s coach’s Team imploding in every phase of the game Special Teams look Embarrassing ! Congratulations those of you calling for a change at QB – looks like Sanchez has given the Fins the ball in the Red Zone. Wonder if Dennis Byrd felt Honored today or Humiliated ?

  35. By Byrdman on Oct 28, 2012 | Reply

    MJV – Yup I agree that the Tuna wouldn’t have tolerated the turnovers. My point on the Tuna quote was more that from Bill’s perspective, some times the “just another guy” types turn out to be great once the light goes on, which is a metaphor for saying that the game has slowed down for the QB or LB etc. Based upon his performance thus far… that light hasn’t come on for Mark Sanchez. Here we go AGAIN !

  36. By Byrdman on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply


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