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‘No Wiggle Room’ When You’re 3-5

Posted by Randy Lange on October 29, 2012 – 12:45 pm

Updated, 1:35 p.m. ET

The view is not sunny this morning, and I don’t just mean just from my North Jersey bunker as the wind whips the trees and the rain falls in rippling sheets.

The Jets are 3-5 at the 2012 halfway point, which also this year happens to be the break for their bye week. That record is significant for a few reasons.

It is good for sole possession of fourth and last place in the AFC East. Buffalo, on its bye, is a half-game ahead in third. Miami, which the Jets planned to send to 3-4, instead are 4-3 and a game and a half ahead in second. The Patriots are 5-3, two games ahead in the top spot.

Sole possession of last is not something the Jets have experienced much lately. Since ’09 under head coach Rex Ryan, they had never before been alone in the cellar. In fact, the last time was seven years ago, when they held fourth place in the division for the last 12 weeks of the 2005 season..

But the true significance of 3-5 is what it has done for their postseason plans. Three-and-five is not a good spot from which to launch a playoff assault.

Here are the facts:

■ Since 2002, when the current playoff format began, 59 NFL teams have begun 3-5.

■ Three of them, 5.1%, made the playoffs. The Jets were one of them, needing a 6-2 finish plus help to win the AFC East in ’02. San Diego in ’08 and Denver in ’11 both finished 8-8 and won the AFC West in those seasons.

■ Only five of those 59 started 3-5 and finished 6-2. No team finished 8-0 or 7-1.

■ The average record of all 59 of those teams: roughly 6-9-1.

■ How about teams that went 3-5 and got their bye in Week 9? Only seven got that scenario, and only the ’08 Chargers went from 3-5 to the playoffs. Average record for those seven is slightly better than 6-10.

Ryan knows the window is bad small. On his conference call with Jets reporters this morning, he was asked what he wants his players to do this bye week.

“First off, take care of yourself and your family and ride the hurricane thing out for a couple of days. Then get away from it,” he said. “I want them to get away and then come back, and we need to be all in. The only chance we have is if we’re 100 percent all in. We have no wiggle room. We have to start playing a ton better. Obviously our players know that.

“That’s the only thing we can hang our hat on. If we don’t play better, we can forget about anything.”

One more thing that will give these Jets the best chance they have in their final eight is to get a lot of their health back. Several players who have played important roles this year and in the past have been either out or hobbled or both for a while.

NT Sione Po‘uha agreed with that theory after returning to action vs. the Dolphins.

“Obviously, you would like to go into the bye week with a win, feeling positive about things,” Big Bo said. “But it’ll give me, I can only speak for myself, more time, almost like a long reset to evaluate and make new commitments and make new resolve for the upcoming second half of the season. I think this bye week will serve as a resolve/reset-type break for us before we come back and face Seattle and the remainder of the games.”

Eric Smith (knee), a stabilizing force in the secondary and a leader on special teams, has missed the last three games. Bilal Powell (shoulder), a key depth component at RB, has missed two games. Joe McKnight has been playing on a left ankle sprain for two weeks that he aggravated against Miami. LB Bart Scott’s battled turf toe for five weeks and finally ended his ironman streaks by sitting vs. the Dolphins. NT Kenrick Ellis (knee) has sat three games.

“These two weeks give us a chance to get healthy,” Ryan said. “I’m hoping they’ll all be available for Seattle. I’m not 100 percent sure, especially on Kenrick, but I feel great that Smith, Powell and Bart will be back. I think we’ll get the majority of our guys back healthy. I think that’s what this team needs.”

That and six victories could do wonders.

That Miami Mystique

The Jets outgained the Dolphins by 127 yards Sunday. A major component of that was Miami’s 20-0 halftime lead, of course, but the yardage inequality follows a trend.

The Jets’ plus-127 is tied for the 13th-largest yardage margin in a loss in franchise history. No. 2 on that list is the 30-25 home loss to the Dolphins in 2009, when they had a plus-274-yard margin. And tied for 10th is the 10-6 home loss in 2010, when the Jets were plus-149.

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144 Responses to “‘No Wiggle Room’ When You’re 3-5”

  1. By scjoe on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry Randy, looking at the remainder of the schedule I just can not see the Jets going 6-2, not even 5-3. My prediction as of right now, (and I hate it) but it is what it is. I believe Miami and NE go down to the wire for the division, with the loser becoming a WC team. Take a close look at Miami’s upcoming schedule people, tell me you don’t agree.

  2. By Belligerent Blinka on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    I want someone to pay for this. How about a mad fan and former player march on team headqarters.

    The chant being:
    If Woody won’t sell
    We won’t go.

    Eh, no one but me will be there.

  3. By Howie D on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    This regime has been sliding from its peak since 2009, and things will only get worse if T’baum, Sparano, Cavanuagh & Sanchez aren’t replaced. Woody needs to get a competent GM in place, or he should sell the team. We need an owner who’s objective enough to put the right personnel in place. This relationship between owner & GM seems a bit too cozy. T’baum’s blunders are numerous, and he continues to stumble, with impunity. In the real world T’baum would be considered a failure and fired. We’re the laughing stock of league.

  4. By Tom Spicer on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    This team can no longer have Mark as the starting QB his time in New York is over it is a done deal. To all of you hoping for MCelroy it aint gonna happen Tebow will start vs the Seahawks. Rex is done at the end of the year he will no longer be the coach of the Jets. Our only hope is the Woody is smart enough to drop MR.T as well. So we are only a QB, RB, WR & 2 pass rushers away from being competitive. SAME OLD JETS!

  5. By kleckofan on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    I understand that Rex can’t just “pack it in” and tell the media “we stink, we have no talent, Mark has regressed” etc etc, but “we have to play a lot better” shows the level of simplicity we’re dealing with when Rex assesses things. “Very little wiggle room”, are you kiddin”? We are the joke of the NFL, Kotite was no worse, Herm was better (not much). Rex has lost this team by hangin on to Sanchez. This team has no respect for Sanchez and by extension Rex, Tanny and Woody. I feel bad for guys like DeDavis and Kerley who should be developing w other young talent as our team IMPROVES, not IMPLODES. I only hope we can salvage some of the good players we have through this mess. Pitiful, disgraceful, embarrassing! Play Like A Jet means nothing

  6. By scjoe on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    64, just so you don’t have to go back in to that old story. I remember the song…. “Crazy Eyes” (also a little bit country and a little bit R&R,) but for the life of me can not remember the artist. Pretty sure it was the same group who did “Crazy Love” It will come to me though. In your mention of “Gram” were you referring to Graham Nash?

  7. By kleckofan on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Just read John Clayton’s article on ESPN where he call s the Jets “pretenders” who have been unmasked. In the article he points out that after the Fins/Colts game one of them will be 5-3. Two teams w rookie QB’s. The Colts have a rookie GM and 33 of their 53 players are new to the team!
    I have no doubt that we have the worst GM in the league. Even Ireland in Miami is better. Other teams make moves, even if for political reasons (Philly and Carolina come to mind). If Woody doesn’t make a move during this bye week he mudt go. The election will be over (hope he has better luck there) and he can turn his attention to the mess he owns and puts forth as an NFL franchise. Maybe Goodell will intervene, like when the took Marge Schott out. Please!

  8. By scjoe on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Just like to say to Randy, his staff, fellow Jet fans, family and friends in the NY, NJ, LI area, to take this storm seriously, it looks to be pretty nasty. Honker down and stay safe.

  9. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Randy. I know your heart is in your work. But, we’ve been hearing how they need to play better last 4 5 games, at some point it just becomes noise, you know boy who cried wolf. so far it haven’t happened Dont you thinkwe’ll be better served benching the culprits try something new,no one takes responabilty no angeror emotion from these coaches. .all they do is make excuses treating us like we all just shipped in from some far off land .yet fans still show loyalty by selling out metlife stadium, I live in Tampa 50 – 60 % of Buck games are blacked out, same by us would help open their eyes instead to cover their own butts for incompentence they rasie ticket parking and consession Prices.

  10. By kw65Fan on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    In Lay Mans terms…we are done. 8 and 8 will be a miracle. Like i said before…trade Tebow during this off period and before trade deadline. Jags could use the boost in attendance for their hometown hero (college). Get Mac ready…and play him. 3 and a half seasons of Sanchez…no progress…no leadership…back-up at best…get rid of Soprano…never thought I would say it but he is worst than Schotty…big mistake from the beginning in not hiring an established OC. what horrible decisions made by FO…Tebow…Soprano…Mr. T drafts. Play the kids..NOW…lets see what we got. Old Linebackers…take a seat. Lets get the quickness and speed out there. If no good..end of year get rid of and with new GM…draft properly….

  11. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    What this team needs is not excuses. It needs a Q/B that can complete 50% or more in passing. It needs a inside outside running back. It needs an offensice coach that knows how to run an offense. As for a defensive coach, I do not believe in REX any more. The all talk a good game, but they sure do not know how to play a good game. MS is last in every QB rating there is. Tebow, well we never seen him play except when he was in Denver, so far he has not been a force to recon with. So now the excuse is we are getting healthy, thwe truth is we have no depth.

  12. By RyanO on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Rex and the coaching staff need to stop being player’s coaches and openly put themselves on the record as being satisfied with certain aspects of any particular game when the end result is a loss. When are they, or any of the players going to get mad?! Everybody knows there is an overall lack of talent offensively on this team, but what standards are they being held to? Are they really prepared game in, game out? The results say no. These are the same efforts we saw all last year. Inconsistent. Not prepared. Lack of focus in terms of game situations leading to crucial turnovers. Slow starts (if they even decide to start at all). And why is Tebow here again if everybody is scared to use him??? Are we going to see him week 16?

  13. By kw65Fan on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Polian, welcome…Mr. T stick to the numbers or you are gone too. Lets build this team right. Been nothing but a joke for last year and a half. Had an identity as a fierced defense first couple of years…what happened…age crept on us that fast. finally get 2 good safeties..but d-line still cannot rush the passer. let them loose Rex…you have nothing to lose…play the kids…let them rip it apart…have to hungrier than our old vets. Oh yes…you would havesomething to lose Rex…your job….

  14. By IRA on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    These last two games well what can i say. Glad the bye is here. Thought this team was an 8 win team and it looks like that could be a stretch because of the injuries. Hope they can figure something out to keep the season interesting.
    Everybody be safe throughout the storm.

  15. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    A football-lite post just for you, scjoe: The song is indeed “Crazy Eyes” from Poco’s last LP of that same title with ex-Buffalo Springfielder Richie Furay, who met Gram Parsons of the SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO-era Byrds in, of all places, the Bronx in 1964. (Richie was singing in a folk group with Steve Stills in the Village and Parsons was ditching his classes at Harvard.) Spicer, this is bigger news than the president announcing today that we need a “Secretary of Business”! You’re finally giving up on Sanchez? No more mountains of stats? Just kiddin’ ya, but in truth I’m glad to see neither you nor anyone else trying to make a big deal over his garbage time numbers yesterday. When the game was on, he wasn’t there.

  16. By ron alexander on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, thanks for the heads up! Its 5 pm and I’m heading home. I’m in Dutchess county (the Poughkeepsie area) and the wind is already in the 60mph range. The radar photos is looking bleak & i’m sure we will lose power at some point It appears we will be getting the brunt of it here between 6p.m to mid-nite/. i look forward to chatting with you all tomorrow. God bless and safe travels to you all!

  17. By Byrdman on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    A huge storm hit New York Sunday and tossed Jets around like toys – this Tuesday hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast – Rex looked utterly baffled and bewildered post-game! Now his solution for his train-wreck of a team is A VACATION. The Detroit Lions basically had BOZO the Clown as GM and under Matt Millen’s direction they built an 0-16 laughingstock. Mr Ford finally gave in when large numbers began protesting outside the Stadium chanting and holding placards “FIRE MILLEN” Might be time for Fireman Ed to re-word the J-E-T-S chant – Stay home or sell your tickets to the opponent’s fans – BOYCOTT J&J products until Woody cleans house !

  18. By obewan on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t think of any starting quarterback in the league that is worst than sanchez, can anyone correct me on that. All you here is he is our starting quarterback base on what delusional Rex. This team seem like it has the lowest IQ from top to bottom. It would be nice to go through a game without 6 or more dumb mistakes. That’s what happens when you throw character out the window.

  19. By robertpapalia on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Like I said before the season began, 4 or 5 wins. Rex and Tannenbaum must be replaced. A new qb must be found in the draft. This situation is only going to get worse. Like Hurricane Sandy the Jets are a diaster. God help the Jets fans.

  20. By GaryC on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    In this political year,and TRANSPARENCY is a big word,it is CLEAR to see,the jets are a lousy team.

  21. By SCfromNY on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Many of us are on the same page with the major changes needed so I won’t repeat them. Unfortunately the changes need to resemble what the Colts did. Mass firings from the top down. Do it now while we can pick up quality coaches and co-ordeinaters instead of fighting other teams. If we want to be a winning franchise next year will be a waste. We will be waiting to clear out some overpriced players that unfortunately have a financial stranglhold on the team. We should have some hight draft choices next year and 2014 can be our rebirth. Jet news conf. “Mark was good at times just has to fix xxxx”, “Tebow is a big part and we will continue to look at oportunities”,” we are all in for the next game”. Rex looks tired and beaten like his QB.

  22. By SCfromNY on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    cont . . . We need to rip it up and start over. There are too many holes to fill and these small additions every year just make for another frustrating season. Colleges are making their players more NFL ready these days. Get better talent evaluaters, draft smart, and have management people who know the game and are successful. For all the players who don’t want to come to the Jets there are GMs, HC., Co-Ordenators, and assistants who want the big stage of NY. The SB is in NY in 2014 . .. Wouldn’t that be something?

  23. By MIKE on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    It is clear now that Rex is the only person left, besides Karan who actually thinks Sanchez can win games. Rex will not put Tebow in now because of the schedule. After the bye week it gets incredibly easier than the first 8 games other than NE of course. If Tebow is put in and has success and Jets win 5 or 6 of final 8 games than Sanchez will never be heard of again and Rex might keep his job . REX, please put Tebow in, if he fails you will loose your job, if you keep Sanchez in, you will for sure be fired. With Tebow, at least theres hope.

  24. By Howie D on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    KW65Fan: You hit the nail on the head – everything you’ve said. Tebow trade is a win-win for both teams. They’ll worship him in Jax. McElroy should start the next game. We don’t know if he’s the answer, but now is the time to see. If not, we get a new QB via draft or free agency. Sanchez ain’t the answer and anyone who thinks differently is on some serious drugs. Sparano is worse than Shotty and that’s hard to fathom. What a mess!

  25. By harry-o on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    the nail in the coffin would be
    jets trade tebow to jags
    then he beats the jets just as he did last year

    keep tebow, maybe beat the jags
    play out the season
    prove everyone’s theory MS is only a medium qb
    lose tebow in the off season
    prepare for the draft

    unless MS gets hurt (ankle..nothing serious)
    forces rex to play tebow
    jets start winning
    tebow stock value goes up again

    jets trade tebow for some gatorade
    go back to MS as the starter
    and the same ol jets cycle continues

  26. By Howie D on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    I feel bad for Mike Westhoff. Those special teams mishaps vs. Fins were anomalies and not indicative of a Westhoff coached team. This is a bad way for him to end his career. Sometimes, like winning, losing can become contagious and apparently he’s not immune to this disease.

  27. By TONY GARCIA on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    JET FAN SINCE 1969. let everyone play best players will be left standing.HOPEFULLY we will let Mcelroy sit as to not have hurt for no apparent reason,then next year open competition for Q.B. position minus MS.
    Best thing to happen total implostion.HATE to see this but im a true jet fan nothing new.

  28. By scjoe on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    Well,well, welcome to the world of reality Spicer. It took you a while to arrive, but now that you are finally here, welcome! I think everyone knows that Tebow is not the long term solution either. McElroy “may” be, but I have a bad feeling that we will never know the answer to that. Not unless QB # 1 and QB #2 go down with season ending injuries. Regardless of everything that has transpired, no one wants that to happen. I think long term, it makes all the sense in the world “at this point” to play McElroy, see what you have, but lets keep in mind who we are dealing with. It just seems to me the powers that be are not that concerened with “long term”

  29. By BillsJets on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    I was looking up the word Pathetic in the dictionary and it said New York Jets, Go Figure. Rex step up and be a coach, you give in to all the players. Sanchez is not the answer at QB, The Jets are too predictable on offense, hand off to Greene or throw a pass to Keller, who are you fooling. Bring Tebow in to run a play and yes Tebow runs, always a 2 yard carry. Defense no better, no pass rush, we average 3 yards a rush other teams rush 7 to 10 yards. We get the other team with a 3rd and 15 yards and they still pick up the 1st down, we can run 4 plays and only gain 9 yards. Why can’t our receivers go out for a 10 yard pass, 5 yards is not far enough Jets receivers. Come on Jets, get your act together.

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 29, 2012 | Reply

    It’s not so much that I “like” Cimini, but that he has this strange habit of, er, telling the truth now and then: “You can blame the pass protection and you can blame the receivers, but Sanchez has to take a big hit. He committed two turnovers and failed to provide any spark. His accuracy wasn’t good. In fact, 14 of his 54 passes (25.9 percent) were either over or underthrown, including an interception, according to ESPN Stats & Information. At the start of the day, Sanchez had over or underthrown 23.4 percent of his pass attempts this season, the highest rate in the NFL.”

  31. By PurpleFlash on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Only one thing to say to you Rex: “SAME OLD JETS!

    What a minute…one more thing to say: “I’m sick of it!”

  32. By GaryC on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Can someone tell me why a guy like Romeo Crennel keeps getting head coaching jobs and Fassel and Mangini can not get any job.

  33. By russ on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    A watchable game is that at all in the realm of possibility? This team thrives on taking plays off on defense..playing special teams as if it was the first time together as a unit, and offense that never gets more than two yards on first down…The personnel decisions are suspect and by my reckoning many players on this team should seek employment in the Pizza Delivery business, not NFL Football

  34. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Very glad to see most are on the same page as me with MS at QB. He has the worst passing record in football this year. OH!!! Also last year. Send Tebow to the Jags, start MaCalroy at QBat the rate the Jets are playing I predict we will have the #1 or #2 draft pick this year. Start talking to “Bill Cower” and see if he will take the HC job, no question he will want a big paycheck. I was hoping befoe I bite the dust I would see the Jets in a Super BowL, but at this rate “NO WAY”. MS has got to go, I know Tebow rushes for 2 yards every time he has the ball, make him a running back and see what he can do with more playing time.

  35. By IRA on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Can’t start McElroy in Seattle it would be a bad spot to put him into for his first start. Its a shame the offense was all out of whack vs the Fish. They had improved since the Hou game. All this Tebow talk well thats not the answer McElroy should get to play if Sanchez can’t get it fixed after the bye. They have to see what they have in McElroy if the they can’t get to 5-5.

  36. By SCfromNY on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    I sincerly hope that underneath all these negative posts there is a fervent wish for the Jets to win. The Jets have to be the most frustrating team inthe NFL for it’s fans. The strange player moves, play calling, praising mediocre players, inability to find draft or FA gems EVER, and stubborn coaching and FO refusing to see what is in front of them.The players have no fear for their jobs. How long would some of these players be around under Bellicik or Parcells? Can’t answer because they wouldn’t be here in the first place. Mike: “easy games” not unless we are playing Newark HS. Gary: ask some Giant fans about Fassel. I would give Mangini another chance.Unbelievably depressing, so many 1rst and 2nd year QBs doing wellll, and we have Sanchez

  37. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    BCfromNY, reason Colts rebuilt, management having football business and more importantly common sense to forsee not to mention the guts to trade Manning , Manning made the verage players even the not so average better just by his hard work presence and knowledge of the game , When he was injured they had the forsight to realize , time is now to rebuild while we had a chance at one of the best QB’s coming out off college, Now that’s the kind of thinking I want around here . well if we’re ever going to win anything that is, Bitter as # 54 Blinka.. Mike Jet Jet

  38. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    I’m all for Rex going down with Sanchez. Why let him and his 1940s view of O screw up McElroy or the next QB we get? Let Rex, Sanchez, and Tebow all go at once and start over at the position. At this point, just about anybody who knows the game could watch Sanchez over a span of two or three games and see that he just doesn’t have the character, mindset, and overall grasp of the position to ever be elite, no matter who’s lined up with him. (That’s what Joe Willie means when he says that when he watches football, he’s sees more than what 99% of other folks do.)

  39. By fred on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Looks to me that Rex is on his way to experience what every head coach has that coached the team for more than one year except Parcells has experienced & that is a 10 loss season

  40. By scjoe on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    64, Pogo! Of course. I have an easy one for you, because it is the only one that comes to mind…”In my mind I’m going to Carolina, can’t you just see the sunshine, can’t you just feel the moonshine, going to Carolina in my mind” Great tune! As for our Jets, they say “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” well, trust me, it is broken, maybe beyond repair. I hate to think about another GM/HC possibility, simply because there are no guarantees and time is running out for us old timers.

  41. By kleckofan on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    watching the 49ers last night the network put up a stat about QBs who were hit the most so far this yr. The Arizona QB’s were first, Luck and Rogers are in the top 5, Sanchez is no.15 in QB hits, middle of the pack. So please stop w the “no protection, no receivers etc” The reality is “NO TALENT”. Luck is winning games while getting hit and having a roster w 33 of 53 players being new to Indy.
    Like Gholston, our biggest failure is the refusal to admit a mistake in timely way. Everyone makes draft mistakes, our problem is we won’t move on (Vlad) or we move on too quickly from possible developmmental projects. Our FO is the worst in football, do you hear me Woody? the worst!
    Hope all of you are well in TriState area, my dad is in CT and fine

  42. By Stevesc on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s face it guys, this team has no fire in it at all… Dennis Byrd gives the team a pep talk before the game, and you would think they would ” win one for the gipper” so to speak. NOT! The body language is obvious. When the camera was on Rex, he looked like he was going to cry. Again, a game that would put them right back in the thick of things and they couldn’t have played worse. Does anyone know how many three and outs the Jets have had this season? I’ll bet that is one category they lead in. Rex being a players coach is like parents being friends with their kids, it doesn’t work too well. Hate to be so negative, but after almost 50yrs as a fan, frustration wins out. I don’t know how you do it IRA.

  43. By JR on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Would it not be great if Rex and Tbomb actually cared about what the paying fans thought. Why would anyone keep such an under performing anybody in any position? Sanchez has got to go. This year or next year ,,,GOT TO GO! TT is not the answer. He is a great guy , but not the answer. I think at this point in the season no matter who starts for us it will be the same result. We have too many first team great players injured. We have too many first team guys playing injured. No doubt Sparano was fired from Miami for a reason….guess we now know first hand why! Rex is a great defensive coach,but needs some strong help with being a head coach.

    Woody…it is all up to you! Do you run your other business with under performers?

  44. By Charliejet on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC – every profession “close their own gates” lawyers cover for lawyers, doctors cover for doctors, politicians, well need I say more. When Mangini dropped a dime on Bill Belichick, Mangini was soon black-listed by the league. At least that’s my theory. Fassel I don’t know what his story is.

  45. By Chicago Bob on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    The way things look, we are set for a pick in the #6-12 range – cannot have Mike T. responsible for using that pick.Take a look at next year’s salary cap and see what a mess Mr. T has created. Unfortunately other than Cowher or Gruden, there is not a whole lot out there for a head coach however you can look at Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta and Green Bay for front office help as they have built a solid foundation from drafting. It just doesn’t come down to a new QB and ORT, our OLB’s just may be the slowest in the league and create no pass rush, both guards may need to be replaced, we need a safety, a RB who has the ability to break a run longer than 20 yards on a consistent basis and another receiver (bite the bullet, let Holmes go).

  46. By SCfromNY on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s get trading> Tebow to Jax for a pick. Sanchez to Chiefs for Bowe (who they don’t want) or the Cards one of the few teams where getting Sanchez would not be a step down. Lastly Sporano for . . . . Anyone who realizes it’s 2012.

  47. By Byrdman on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    SC-NY there’s no way they give us Bowe for Sanchez, it would be great but unfortunately for us Sanchez has been exposed. When Kolb is healthy he will be the QB down in the desert. Even the Tebow to Jax deal would give Jets a 5th rounder maybe, not worth it since they gave a 4th+6th to acquire TT. Rex/Tbomb have dismantled the team Mangini gave them, it’s time for a TOTAL house cleaning – Front Office, Scouting dept. Rex, TBomb, Sparano everyone. Cower won’t coach a team that has No franchise QB in place. At this point, you could make the case that the Jets are closer to Kotite era Laughingstock than a franchise QB away from contender !

  48. By scjoe on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, I would definitely agree on Mangini. I think he got a really raw deal in NY, being forced to go with Favre even after he was hurt. The politics is the part of the game I hate most. At least there was accountability under Mangini. Fassel? Not quite sold on him. The game may have passed him by.

  49. By jet75 on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Is Schotty hiding somewhere calling plays into Sparanos ear? How about the most boring and predictable play calling in the league. If I know what they are going to do before it happens and I’m sitting on my couch, how could a team that plans all week for them not know what they are going to do. Run on first up the middle, run on second up the middle, pass for 3 yards on 3rd and 9, punt on 4th. Do they ever throw past the first down marker? And then you have the problem of not enough talent to execute this very simple play calling. Just another terrible season. Oh well, I guess I didn’t expect much more anyway.

  50. By Mattman on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe if the fans stop beating up the team every waking minute plus the media. It’s makes you wonder not too long ago this team was always the laughingstock of the league it never stopped me from being a fan of the team. I wanted Rex here and I still do, make no excuses the team looks horrible right now but it’s not one player it’s the whole team but beating someone up when their down is just being a bully. Grown men badging a 25yrs old kid that played great in the post season and gave this team life same thing for Rex he gave this team life three seasons of winning records and not only our fans writing them off we have become just as bad as the media

  51. By BillsJets on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Fans – I’ve got the answer to our losing streak – throw-back uniforms – at least if they lose we can blame it on the uniforms.

  52. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    Come on Guy’s, We can’t get any value players in a trade for Holmes Tebow or Sanchez, that ship has sailed, .maybe Revis that’s it but we’ll live and die with him untill he receives a pension . . We’ll now have to eat hundreds of millions in salary, for overrated under acheving players , we’ve no choice but to draft and develop young players, Problem is Rex and Mike-T wouldn’t know talent if it bit them in the butt, Next problem Woody can’t fill seats or sell Jersys going that route. . So as the world turns for us Jets fans

  53. By Viveca on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    They all seem clueless, the owner, the GM, the coach, the qb… I don’t care who Woody votes for, Romney, Obama, or little orphan Annie- what I care about is his lack of leadership.There is no plan! Good teams like the Steelers and the Patriots don’t leap from one thing to another, they’ve established a formula for success. Not so with the Jets.The blind loyalty Rex is showing is going to be his downfall. I think he’s a good coach, but a horrible evaluator of talent, both when it comes to players and coaches. According to him they’re all the best in the business. We simply don’t have the talent on either side. I’m afraid this is another wasted season, like so many before. Wish I could stop caring, but I can’t.

  54. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    “Ain’t it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind…” — James Taylor of course, scjoe. And actually, Furay and Messina did originally call their post-Buffalo Springfield band RFD, then Pogo, but Walt Kelly wouldn’t give them legal rights to that name so they changed it to Poco. As I was saying about Cimini and the truth: “Player ready to emerge: QB Greg McElroy. If they fall out of contention, they might as well see what he could do. Least likely to return in ’13: Tebow. Ain’t no way he’s back. Ain’t no way he wants to come back.” Good to see so many of you folks thinking about what changes we need, from top to bottom, to turn this team into a contender. Of course, in the eyes of some that makes you all “pessimists…”

  55. By Another Tom on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    many of us are hoping to see what McElroy has, but I cant remember the last time I heard his name mentioned( other than on here) ..apparently He’s not an option? I’m not a Tebow fan- as far as Him playing QB- BUT.there is no way He will be traded so why not let Him start the game vs Seattle? MS seems like a nice fellow, and He is one physically tough Hombre..BUT He alone is sucking the life out of this team..

  56. By Another Tom on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Some posters on here predicted.. and feared a dismal season based on our off season moves ..and non moves alone..now, splash in a few key injuries and the Jets are realistically a bottom 5 team… I guess it could be the perfect opportunity to clean house and re-build..BUT for some reason I dont think thats how Woody rolls…

  57. By Another Tom on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    I thought Coach Sparano had the brutally honest and ” in your face” reputation..and approach?. I really dont think were seeing that at all.. especially concerning M S ‘s performance..Why do the coaches constantly handle Him with kid gloves?

  58. By joeyjets12fla on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    i said i would not comment on here until the draft. well i’m here to say to everyone in the northeast to please be safe and take care of your families and get through this mess of hurricane sandy.

  59. By IRA on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Stevesc, Guess it from my basketball days and competitive nature from back then. Whats the point of watching if you don’t think you have any chance to win.
    So reports are the Jags want to trade for Tebow. I would make this move in a second its the best for everybody including Tebow. He is too good of a guy to keep him on the sidelines. Take whatever you can get and either sign simms or O’Connell as the #3 and move on. Sometimes its best to admit you made a mistake.

  60. By JetBlue on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Rex coaches like a gambler at the craps table. He throws the dice and hopes he wins. Even when he loses, he keeps throwing those same dice hoping his luck will change. There’s no strategic thinking behind any of his decisions or non-decisions. He goes with what is familiar to him, what he’s seen for the the last 30 yrs. No innovation. No creativity. No adjustments to unanticipated events. He might just as well be coaching a Pee Wee Football Team. But I suspect that even the wee ones would grow tired of his blundering bafoonery, and the angry parents would call for his head. We all call for McElroy but Rex doesn’t let him dress for a game. He must be afraid that we’ll all see what a real QB looks like.

  61. By harry-o on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

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    S eason

  62. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mattman, give me a HUGE break, if that 25-yr-old gets cut tomorrow he never has to work a day in his life again, and he got to that rarified air by mostly playing mediocre for this team. As you can see from the stats and the countless big mistakes, he’s basically had the same yr for us 4 times. I shouldn’t have to explain to you that athletes, movie stars, politicians and other members of our society’s undeclared royalty are not your friends or enemies, though you may root for them or against them. If I knew overrated public figures like Sanchez or Kim Kardashian (oh sorry, just rating her is overrating her!), I might feel badly for them. Since I don’t, they can shape up or get lost (oh sorry, Kim has no skills to shape up or down).

  63. By Chicago Bob on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    I read where the Jets can save $35,793,332 against the cap next year by cutting the following: Pace ($8,560,000), Jason Smith ($12,000,000), Scott ($7,150,000), Pouha ($3,833,332), Eric Smith ($3,000,000) and Holmes ($1,250,000). Granted by cutting Holmes you will have $11,250,000 in dead money however this is the last guy you want around mentoring these young receivers. Pouha has been a loyal soldier however with this back thing at his age, he may never be the same. If these figures are correct, they are no brainers as you are talking about a lot of old, slow guys who need to be replaced. The Patriots have a few years left with Brady so get the jump on them now and get some youth in here – stop trying to pretend you are in their class.

  64. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mattman, take it on your arches . these guys make millions,to play a game, I for one don’t care, being management hasn’t given us the quality product we deserve, lets not forget they’ve had 4 seasons now. they are regressing. Hello, it cost $500.for a family of two maybe three,. so sorry I have so sympathy, cry me a river some were else

  65. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, your my guy and all. You and I agree on most posts here so can you do something for me, STOP with the down memory lane music crap buddy , songs 1950 ’60’s 70 whatever years , lets play some football my Dude,, I rather they trade Sanchez than Tebow he at least can run and block Sanchez can’t do either

  66. By JetBlue on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    The Apocalypse is indeed upon us as Spicer has finally jumped shipped – off of the SS Sanchez. Welcome aboard the SS Reality Spice-Man.
    If we’re going to start over next year, I think there’s a place for Tebow. Not as a back-up QB, but as a Slot Rcver/TE/Wild Cat all-purpose player. The guy is athletic, talented, positive, is a team player, gets his team fired up, and knows where the end zone & 1st down markers are. Handled the right way, he could be nice fit for a team with real innovation. First, lets get a HC with direction and ideas, an OC who beleives in throwing downfield, and a GM who has a blueprint for success. Then let McElroy show why he has won championships at every level he’s played.

  67. By GaryC on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe,not to sure about time passing Fassel by when you look at coordinators like Lebeau and Arians who I believe are a lot older then Fassel,and I am sure there are many more.

  68. By Byrdman on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Jetblue – I Tend to agree with your analogy about Ryan. He came over from Baltimore with this aura as a defensive guru but, wasn’t that really Billick’s team and scheme. They had the best front seven in the game during their SB run. I think Rex got the HC job here based more upon the talent which he did not draft and the schemes which were largely Billick X and O’s When I watch Jet games I generally don’t see Rex’s “exotic” blitzes or schemes that result in sack-fumbles or game changing plays. However when teams blitz the Jets they get Sanchez every time. It looks like Rex went up the coaching ladder based more on myth and legend than actual performance.

  69. By scjoe on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mattman, 3 years of winning seasons? What did they win? Let me explain it to you. Fans of a sports team, any sports team, especially those who have been fans for long periods of time, expect (maybe that is to strong a word) they “want” to see their team “progress” each year, not regress, they want to see them progress through the draft, through free agency, through trades. They want to see them compete, win a divisional title, make the playoff’s, get to a SB and ultimately WIN a SB. What do you see wrong with that equation? Are you “OK” with what the team is doing?

  70. By scjoe on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Listen to loud mouth Stephen A Smith’s latest rant over on ESPN.com. Because he is absolutely correct. He states that “he is sick and tired listening to critics ragging on Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, simply because they are the ones you read about in the media, appear on sports programs, appear in press conferences etc, while the real culprit “Mike Tannenbaum, the one who was responsible for bringing all three to NY goes unscathed” Sometimes the truth is difficult to accept.

  71. By scjoe on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, Smith, Pace, and Scott would be no brainers at those numbers. Holmes? Not quite sure it would be worth that amount of dead money to part with him. I am not a huge fan of his antics, but I actually believe he can help the young WRs and the “new” young QB (I HOPE) His problem is one that is competitive in nature, not off field issues or talent issues, the only thing he needs is to be on a winner. Now, that said, if they can get something nice in a trade, I would be all over that.

  72. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Tom, I agree with you. However, it’s time for Sparano and Rex to get real (if they know how to). MS has got to be benched, Tebow can not play QB. McElroy deserve a shot at leading this team. It’s my belief the players have lost faith and respect for MS and REX has lost control of the team. We have talented players, but they seem to have lost there drive the way Sparano coaches. You can predict his plays. MS has the worse passing record in all of football, in fact he may will probably set a new record for the least completed passes and the lowest passing percentage in the history of football. REX time to open your eyes and take control or move on….

  73. By Byrdman on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Tebow on paper looks like a great TE – Hope the Jets grab Denard Robinson (Michigan) next year, NOT as a QB NO WAY! I see this guy as a Percy Harvin swiss-army knife player, lined up all over the place, get him the ball in space and he’s gone. When was the last game-breaker the Jets had at any position ? To your point Jetblue: Don’t teams usually hire a GM first and then give him the opportunity to assemble a coaching staff ? then again, NOTHING would surprise me with Woody! Mr Johnson, don’t you pay independent labs to evaluate your J&J products? Its time to bring in a fresh set of eye’s to evaluate your Football Franchise from top to bottom !

  74. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe ‘, I would agree normally on your theory, But this is Holmes we’re talking about not J-Rice,schooling the young Receivers. NOT>> problem is as he has proven last season, before and beyond probably why Steelers sent him to us , He’s MR throw me throw ball or i’ll sit out and sulk. rich spoiled brats don’t help anyone they mostly worry about #1 them

  75. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    MJV, I plead the fifth on occasional non-football comments with our friend scjoe. When there are so few pleasures related to winning football to be had on this site year after year, you’re going to take your fun where you find it now and again. Great post, Chicago Bob, I wouldn’t hesitate to cut most or all of those guys. And your point about getting the jump on NE by going all-in on rebuilding now is the kind of thinking we need in the FO!

  76. By scjoe on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    JetBlue/Byrdman, in defense of Rex, he has been successful as a defensive coach everywhere he has been. He did have top 5 defenses his first couple of years with the Jets WITHOUT that superstar pass rusher, like he had in Baltimore. True, a coach is as good as the quality of his players, but I do believe that Rex, as a defensive minded coach is as good as there is out there, especially of those that are available. What he needs is an innovative OC, and OC who can get a little something more out of what he has to work with here in NY. He hasn’t had that during his time here. A consistent offense will go a long way toward putting this D back in top 5 status.

  77. By scjoe on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC, I didn’t mean the game has passed Fassel by in terms of his age, only in the time that he has been away from the game. Both Lebeau and Arians have stayed around the game, regardless of their age. I will tell you who may be a good fit next season, and it is almost a given that he will be available, Norv Turner! He is a very good offensive minded guy who is light years ahead of what the Jets have now. Between him and Rex (and a QB) it could work.

  78. By Chicago Bob on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe – I agree wholeheartedly on Mike T. – since he has been here, our salary cap has been a mess and we have missed on too many high draft picks. I could be wrong however I believe he was initially brought in because he (supposedly) knew how to handle the salary cap – not because of his ability of being able to evaluate talent. Like I said earlier, we are headed for a quality draft pick and I don’t think you want this guy having the final say on who to take. Woody is going to have to do something because this thing is going in the opposite direction – to lose at home to Miami, a rookie head coach and a 2nd string QB is ridiculous. If Woody thinks things are going to be better next year with this front office running things, he is dreaming

  79. By JetBlue on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman: It was Marvin Lewis who built that Ravens D that dominated for years even after he left. The talent was still there when Rex took it over. Rex has the same problem Brian Billick had,- can’t evaluate offensive talent & doesn’t know a bad QB when he sees one.
    Posters here talk about giving MS more time and getting Pro Bowl players to make him look better. Look what the Ravens did. They cut Trent Dilfer after winning the SB. They didn’t trade him. They just cut him lose becasue they knew he was not the guy. Billick was exposed after drafting or trading for mediocre QBs and telling anyone who would listen that he believed in them. Sound familiar Rex?

  80. By SCfromNY on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob: those cuts except Holmes is what i have been saying. Treat 2013 as a true rebuilding year because we will have to clear contracts. But even low draft picks can turn up winners especially if you have a lot. Tebow does not want to be Brad Smith so trade him for any pick. In case people haven’t been paying attension the wildcat succeedes less than a statue of liberty. We can accunulate picks especially this year where i assume we will have high picks. It can’t be done in one year and it can’t be done by plugging old and overated players. Anyone remember Miami’s “No Name Defense”? I don’t think Cowher is the answer. He is old school also. I like Gruden.If McElroy is the answer great. But lets find out before we pass on a 1rst RD QB

  81. By SCfromNY on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Jet culture has to change from top on down. let Woody be like Blanc down in Atlanta. Hire the right people from your strenght coach, co ordinaters, HC, and GM. Pay money to steal scouts who can find an undrafted FA, Then Woody can walk around the team after winning a game shaking hands and looking good. Owners who think they know best rarely win. When was the last time Jerry Jones won a Championship? He had the “Big Three” draft that did well and since nothing. You get lucky once does not make you a football expert.

  82. By Mike Jet Vet on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    SCfrom NY, no disrespect my friend, I believe Jerry Jones has many more Super Bowls, and division Championships than the NY Jets have,just in case you didn’t know.

  83. By Byrdman on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Jetblue – Marvin Lewis never got enough credit for that punishing defense – Baltimore’s D was so brutal they could win games (frequently did) when the Offense did not score. ScJoe – Rex was only a D-line coach during the Ravens SB season. When Lewis left Mike Nolan took over as D -CO, then Rex got the gig. You could argue that Rex was the least effective of the 3 in Balt and that he did not draft the talent. I had some doubts when the Jets hired him as head coach, thinking he would’ve made a great D coordinator, but had no real track record in evaluating and drafting players. Plus as Jetblue pointed out the Ravens offense was pathetic while Ryan was there, we found out the hard way, Rex doesn’t have a clue what to do on offense.

  84. By Byrdman on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Sadly Rex ‘s coaching career is starting to resemble his father’s. Buddy rode into town full of boasting and bold claims,never ran a disciplined team and is notorious for bounty’s and fight’s with offense coordinators. He got run out of Phily when his team tuned into a 3 ring circus. The reality we must face as Jet fans is: Rex is learning on the job in NY, the mistakes are piling up, soon the finger pointing starts as players begin to lose faith in the head coach. 2 separate players are on the record stating they felt some jet players had “given up” during games – that’s the Kiss of Death for any coach.

  85. By Howie D on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mattman: I agree with the others who disagreed with you on Sanchez. He’s a highly paid pro, not a kid. I spend lots of money every year on gear, tickets, and sometimes travel to away games. I contribute to Sanchez’ salary and find his performance unacceptable. I do agree with you on Rex. I think Rex’s fundamentally a good defensive minded coach, but he lacks the overall skills needed to be a HC, particularly on the offensive side. Rex is stubbornly learning, and I have no doubt that he’ll get better as time goes on. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he blossoms into a better HC, if or whenever he leaves us.

  86. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    6 victories?! In what alternate universe is THAT happening? 3 or 4 is a more realistic number for sure. SCfromNY, no one in the FO wants to admit it because this was, yet again, to be the yr that Sanchez was to take that big step up but THIS is the first of several rebuilding yrs that we’ll have to go thru to get anywhere. Even if this truly was the best Jet team Rex had had, which of course it wasn’t, injuries to Revis and Holmes would’ve relegated us to rebuilding, especially considering the lack of depth at the positions they play. When you’re trying to find out what the likes of Powell, Schilens, Gates, Wilson, Trufant, and Lankster have or don’t have to offer, you’re rebuilding, my friend!

  87. By JetBlue on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Guess which legendary Head Coach made these statements: “We have to be all in. The only chance we have is to be 100 percent all in, and let’s put it out there. We have no wiggle room. We need to start playing a ton better. Obviously, our players know that. That’s the only thing we can hang our hat on. If we don’t play better, you can forget about everything. I want them to come back with that mentality.
    If you guessed Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Don Shula, George Halas, you got fooled again. As we know all too well, this was the battle cry made by the philosophical Rex Ryan. Anyone really think ‘Ol Rex can coach an NFL football team? Son of Buddy is still lunging for the low-hanging fruit in hopes of biting into that golden apple. Sad.

  88. By RickieNewYork on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Alright – I’ve had enough… I’m frustrated by this season too – but I’m tired of people trying to pile on Sanchez. He played his tail of vs. NE – and out of his 13 or so incompletions – 8 or 9 actually touched the receivers hands, whether one or both – out right drops or knocked away. This week vs Mia = more bad Chaz and another sure TD dropped by Hill. Sanchez is getting squat for help and shouldering the entire blame. It’s not his fault that Schillens cant seperate and Hill keeps dropping go ahead scores. If you wanna blame Mr. T for something – how about waiting WAY TOO LONG to dump W Hunter and leaving us vulnerable at RT – not upgrading at RT or LG to bolster that ground and pound mentality! For not yet firing Cavanaugh…..

  89. By RickieNewYork on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    If Sanchez has failed to develop maybe he needs a new QB coach – I’m all for it. Last but not least – what is up with our pass rush , or lack there of? This team could find a sack on a potatoe farm. The defense plays great and is the heart and soul of the team – but we have had a pathetic pass rush – it’s the one thing missing from Rexs D and every year I think they will address it…. and they don’t. BT has gotten old and slow and I hate to say it but even tho he has still been somewhat productive Pace has lost a step too. On the bright side D Davis has taken Scotts place in the starting lineup and added some much needed speed. Thats 1 down and 2 more to go fixing our LBs imo. Where is our cameron wake, our suggs our woodley or harrison?

  90. By RickieNewYork on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Where is our dominating pass rusher – or even our halfway decent one? We don’t have one! It’s SAD but with the 2 best CBs in the nfl teams can still beat us thru the air because nobody hits the QB. They need to spend every pick on OLBs & OL next year. If there is a stud RB it wouldnt hurt either. I’ll stop my rant on this last note – the pieces I’d love to see added: #1 resign Keller already – our leading rec & the one guy who has chemistry with Sanchez. Add another TE to run some 2 TE sets – Sanchez would flurish, Jared Cook, Fred Davis & J Finley if available – in that order would be top choices. Next, a DOMINATING, YOUNG safety for years to come: L Delmas & P Chung – in a perfect world add both w/ Bell to back up & this D is unstopable!

  91. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    As a HC when your team seems lifeless you make a change during the course of the game. What is the defintion of insanity? Doing the samething over and over again and expecting different results. Well, if that’s the case Rex and Sparano are as looney as they come. You see Sanchez struggling the team not responding…pull him insert Tebow or McElory do something! This is what frustrates NYJ fans the most. And what makes it even worse is seeing the HC look as baffled as your QB after the loss. 9-7 can get you into the playoffs…with our remaining schedule we will be lucky to go 8-8. This is falls on the GM.

  92. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    WOW. Mark Sanchez is actually being defended by some of the fans in here. Tebow and Sanchez have made the Jets the laughing stock of the NFL. Sparano was fired from Miami for a reason, so what does the powers to be do. Hire a reject whose offense in Miami was last for 2 years. REX had his chance, all we get is excuses from him. The front office has a habit of picking up rejects instead of building a team with the draft. (look at Indy, how many starters are first year players and they have a better record then the Jets. How about Houston, how young is there team? All the excuses made for Sanchez does not alter the fact that in 8 games he has a the lowest passing percentage in the history of the Jets offense. Dropped balls, are you

  93. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    RickieNewYork. Clap Clap Clap you finally nailed it, It’s our QB coach who’s at fault. how could all the experts, management, other coaches NY Jet fans have missed it all while it was right there under our nose to see …Out right drops, 8-9 balls throw were touch by receivers . Yeah because not one was on time or catch able.. I actually give them credit being able even touching a pass as badly off the mark from the 4th year 60 million dollar man it’s amazing, Just a thought are you Sanchez’s Agent using our blog to bolster his credibility for his next gig,come on we won’t hold it against you business is business

  94. By GinotheJet on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    i”ll say it before and i’ll say it again…this team is going 4-12. Mike T. really screwed things up by signing Homes to that 45 million dollar deal he shouldn’t of got. He was good for us as a #2 along side Braylon Edwards. Sending Jerricho Cotchery down to the Steelers was a hit, and giving Wayne Hunter a deal was a mistake as well. All poor decisions by the GM. We’re stuck with Holmes due to this deal when we should trade him. Problem with that is no one will want him along with his contract. I suggest trading away Calvin Pace and Bart Scott to some teams desperate for some Linebackers. Trading Tebow would be a smart move to the Jags, maybe getting Posluszny would be great addition to this Defense.

  95. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    (Continued) kidding me. Look at the actual passes that were dropped, YES, they may have touched finger tips, but they were still out of reach in most cases with the exception of Hill he most certainly dropped good passes. What has Tebow shown as of yet. Excuses are made because of injuries and that’s all they are is excuses the truth is we have no depth, here is an example of teams that can bring a player in off the bench and win…Giants, Atlanta, 49’rs, Houston, Buffalo, NE. Why? Because these teams know how to draft. No matter what I will root for the Jets. I feel this season is just about shot, so play the young talent, go for a coach Like “GRUDEN of COWER” they will definitly want a nice pay check, but will build a team…

  96. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Glad they have a bye week this week. My blood pressure will be normal this week….

  97. By JetBlue on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    RickieNY: You can run all the TE sets you want & Sanchez will not flourish. If you’ve watched him all 3 1/2 yrs, & at USC, you’d know that he is fundamentally flawed in ways that cannot be coached. He panicks as soon as the ball is snapped. He doesn’t read defenses either pre-snap or immediately thereafter. He locks onto one rcvr, especially Keller. He misses reads and progressions. He throws into coverage. His accuracy is atrocious (no YAC). Poor movement and no pocket presence. Poor handling of the ball (hence the fumbles). You want to blame all this on Cavanaugh? No QB in the history of the league has remained a starting QB playing as bad as MS has. Your hitching your wagon to the wrong post.

  98. By Byrdman on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Rickie – nice rant:) Most of the regulars on here have seen enough of Sanchez 4 years into his Jet career. Does he look like a franchise QB ? Clearly he does not! Most knowledgeable fans realize, It’s not all Marks fault – The entire front office lacks a cohesive plan or blueprint for building a wining team,developing the raw talent of a QB. I asked Eric Allen about the QB coach (Cavanaugh) and his blog response – made Cav sound like Bill Walsh LOL The draft strategy, or lack thereof has left the cupboard bare. After 10 years of drafting ahead or NE, do you see the boatload of young promising talent Pats have, on the Jets roster? The blame falls on T-Bomb, Terry Bradway, Woody, Jet scouts and Rex( I can build a waiver wire O line) Ryan

  99. By Doug on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Gates looked like Holmes cellebrating a first down with the Jets behind 27-3.
    This anti-team culture is sickening !!! Changes are needed !

  100. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    RickieNY, I agree with you with our LB situation Pace, Scott and Thomas are old and slow. McIntrye-Davis-Harris-Maybin should be the starting 4. But we all have to remember where this whole mess comes from. MIKE TANNEBAUM. This is by far the worse GM. I know you side with Sanchez but as a GM you should not draft a player that only had ONE year college experince in the 1st round. You just don’t do it. Even Pete Carroll said Mark was not ready. Other GM’s said they would have chosen Mark in the 4th round. And I know the first thing people say is Mark took us to 2 AFC championships…NOT…the running game and defense took us to those games. Mark is a game manager. Rex wanted the NYJ to mirror the Ravens when they had Dilfer.

  101. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Dilfer was a game mgnr. The Defense was out of this world. That’s what Rex envisioned. And he almost got there. Last year the 49ers took that same approach and came up 1 game short. When Harbaurgh saw that this is now a passing league he changed his team into a hybrid smash mouth with enough talented wr’s to air out also. So now the niners are balanced. Take a look at the the teams that have won the superbowl in the last couple of years. Saints-Steelers-Packers-Giants-NE all well balanced teams. This is what I see wrong with Sanchez. he stares down his wr- he doesn’t read blitzes very well-ball security-and his mental make-up. These are not things you want to see in your starting QB.

  102. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe Sanchez would do better out in the westcoast..backup to rivers or palmer. But he is not what we need here. This whole team needs to be rebuilt from Mgmnt on down. Get a real GM who knows how to draft. A real HC who can coach. A Off.Coord. who can actually come up with plays.

  103. By SCfromNY on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Mike, not saying Jerry jones did not win some fine SBs. What i am saying that after the draft that produced the “Trips” ,Aikman and company, the team succeeded BUT drafting and coaching after these players retired was poor, 13 years and 1 playoff win. A reminder that that draft was partially due to having so many picks to play with that year. So if we could stockpile and start from scratch we would be better off than this “plug a player ” in and hope.


  104. By kleckofan on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    I guess when these threads get too long people stop reading the whole thing…
    RickieNY, even the most ardent Sanchez supporter on here (the esteemed Mr. Spicer) has come to realize that Mark does not have the goods; not just to be an elite QB, but even an above avg QB. Stop w the no one around him, no protection, no coaching theories, they’ve all been proven to be smoke and mirrors. Time tends to do that. If you’re new on here I’ll give you a pass, if you’re not then please pay more attention to what other QB’s are accomplishing w the same or less.

  105. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    RickieNewYork, there’s no arguing about the problems with this team aside from Sanchez. But a lot of MS’s “drops” are passes that he put in the wrong place and were almost impossible to catch. I’ve seen every single pass-catcher this team has had over the last few yrs struggle to contort himself up, down, and all around (spot the Golden Oldie reference in that phrase, MJV!) to try to catch passes from MS that should’ve been thrown to the right spot. And 4 yrs in, “playing your tail off” is when you rack up a lot of pts, yds, and completions and still lose. MS rarely does that even when he wins.

  106. By scjoe on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Chicago Bob, that is exactly right. Tannenbaum was brought in by Parcells because of his expertise in finance and his handling of the salary cap. But when Johnson bought the team and Parcells left the organization he evantually promoted Tannenbaum to Bradways position of GM. It has been all down hill from there.

  107. By scjoe on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman,/Jetblue, the fact that Marvin Lewis didn’t get the credit due is somewhat debatable. He, while in Baltimore, like Rex in both Baltimore and NY had no say in personnel decisions. Both worked with what they were given. In Baltimore it was strictly Ozzie Newsome making those decisions, (and he did a stand up job) in NY it is Mike Tannenbaum who was given that power, as we all know, he didn’t do a stand up job. Bottom line, it wouldn’t be fair to generalize, or compare how each fared in the same system, given the player turnover year to year. Also, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that D in Baltimore did not perform under Rex as it did under Lewis, it did. If you believe Lewis deserves more credit for that Ravens defense, you have to ask yourself “what has he done in Cincy?”

  108. By Jason Wright on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    You are all lost, Sanchez is a great QB. 2 0f the last 3 years more than prooves that with his numbers getting better and his surrounding talent getting NEWER. We have more room than most realizeWake up Jets fans!
    We might not like our record, but
    16 tems in then AFC
    6 go to the play offs
    out of that, only 5 teams are 1 game up!
    half of the season is left,
    an only 7 of the 15 other teams.
    Statistically, that leaves us right at the home stretch if we play the same!
    And it 7 out of 8 of the games we played were against the top 7 in the AFC!!!
    The schedule does get easier!!!!
    We will get better!!!!
    Will the Jets will shock everyone in 2012????
    Not me, I know we rock, Go Jets!!!!

  109. By scjoe on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Rickienewyork, I read this blog all the time. I have never read one post that blames Mark Sanchez solely for this mess the NY Jets are in today What I do read, and what I agree with wholeheartedly is the fact that Mark Sanchez is just as much a part of the problem as anyone else. I have read posts complementing Mark Sanchez, and giving him the credit for “leading this team to 2 AFC championship games” but what boggles my mind is the fact that those same posters refuse to place any of the blame on him when things are going south. You just can’t have it both ways.

  110. By chris long time jet fan on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    holmes is a good wr you be mad if sanchez was your qb…hes a wrs and he wants the ball….mark is not accurate does not know how to throw a lead pass..think back a couple yrs and look at the crazy catches he had to make ..theres alot…the whole dream is tired of mark and rez …we all know what the problem is …bench him..

  111. By chris long time jet fan on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    way to many 3 and outs ….. the defense is shot…..against ant good team..i think the whole teams says here we go again with mark a bad mindset…i always see comming it in the fisrt 10 minutes or until he takes a hard hit…sit mark for game or two see what others have to offer …myself marks been there 2 yrs to long already.

  112. By GreenfiendNYJ on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    As far as our D goes, i really believe we haven’t been the same since Kris Jenkins left. on the Ravens, Rex had Goose in the middle when that defense was really cooking. While i do think we have an above average D-line, we don’t have a dominant nose tackle that can beat double teams in the passing game and/or keep our (old, slow) line backers clean and dangerous as pass rushers. This isnt to say that we dont need to up grade the LB corps, but with Rex’s blitz schemes, it seems as though he really needs that center plug to cause havoc and allow the rest of the D to swarm the QB and overload the protections. Until we find that cog, i just want wins so i can wear my team gear without hearing “sorry about your jets” and other pity phrases…

  113. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Scjoe, I’m in agreement with you bud . to the opposition good point, OK back to my point,Comparing Lewis against Rex,. First let me clear one thing up. RAVENS D IS STILL LIGHTS OUT. it’s an organizational thing not any one coach thing, lets talk factually Rex wins hands down as HC aganist lewis HC , Here’s the fact, in 4 years with Rex he’s gotten us into 2 AFC games as Head coach..Next, , Going head to head with Lewis as head coach ,Rex is 2-0 one a playoff berth, so let me also add How many years has Lewis been HC of Cincy? many more than Rex in NY in those Lewis years they’ve had many better draft picks and very very good players . I rest my case

  114. By SCfromNY on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    I have been calling for mass firings for a while. I also know that you start from the bottom and work up. A lot of posters forget the scout system. I am sure if Tanny sat there during the draft and asked about XXX a good team of scouts could assure all that it was a good pick or point out why it was a bad pick. The Jets have some salery cap issues BUT salaries for GM and scouts do not affect the cap. Spend for the best including coaches. i wouldn’t mind Rex staying on as DC but I have never heard of a HC moving down on the same team. I have never been a Sanchez fan but he does have a rep for hard work and he is tougher PHYSICALLY than he looks. Unfortunately he is not and will never be a winning QB. Let’s see what McElroy can do.

  115. By THUNDER LIPS on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    GreenfieldNJ you are spot on. i mentioned that some time back. When we had jenkins and revis both healthy, Jenkins was the guy that was talked about most. he was the most dominant defensive player. i don’t know you if you remember but in that 08 and 09 season there were games where he would sit in that gap and as the center and guards tries to pull or push him he would just swat them like he was a grizzly bear. it was unbeleivable. we never replaced him and our d has never been the same. don’t get me wrong Pouha and Ellis have been holding there own but they cant shine jenkins shoes. I think Ellis has the potential we will see.

  116. By scjoe on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    MJV, my position on HCs is, and always has been, that in 99% of the cases, you are as good as your personnel. That other 1%? Parcells, Lombardi, Shula, Belichek, maybe a few others, but not many. Case in point? Compare the 2009, 2010 Indy Colts WITH Peyton to the 2011 Colts WITHOUT Peyton. Exact same roster, exact same HC (who just happened to get fired after that 2011 season) but yet they went from multiple playoff appearences to 1st overall pick in the draft.Why? Personnel!!! I honestly believe I could have coached that team WITH Peyton, and could have gotten fired just aswell as Caldwell did WITHOUT peyton.

  117. By scjoe on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    GreenfieldNJ/Thunder Lips, Ditto that! A great NT in a 3-4 is a must! I Love Pouha, I love DeVito, Ellis has some potential as does Harrison, BUT, all combined do not come close in stature to Kris Jenkins, Jenkins made average OLBs very good OLBs. He had the ability to make very good OLBs into elite OLBs. There are many differences between the D now and that D with Jenkins being healthy and tying up 2 to 3 blockers on every play, but none compares even remotely with the loss of Jenkins.

  118. By Byrdman on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe and MJV / The points you’re making actually support my position that Lewis and Ryan were excellent D co’s who’s careers were boosted enormously by that legendary Ravens D. Both men were not considered head coach material by Ravens front office. Lets face it Cincy is a coaching graveyard, the Bengals play Steelers and Ravens twice each season (that’s 4 loses for Rex) The Bengal-Jet comparison is small sample size, Lewis has done a decent job in 10 years there considering that division. Bengals draft position over 10 years is very similar to Jets so the idea that Lewis has better talent than Rex to work with is false. Don’t get me wrong,, I wouldn’t trade Rex for Lewis, just think BOTH these men are GREAT D coaches and MEDIOCRE HC’s

  119. By Michael P. Centanni on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Just got power on here at the Jersey Shore! Did the Jets trade Tebow????

  120. By JetBlue on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    JasonWright: Are you for real? Come down off of whatever you’re on and join the reality club. Lucy in the sky……..with diamonds. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

  121. By jake on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Jason Wright, the people who post on this blog are not “lost” as you say. They are probably the most informed, passionate, and knowledgable Jet fans you’ll ever come across. They like me (since I’m not a consistent writer, just a reader) have had enough of this organization’s failures to put a product on the field that is worthy of people who pay to see it. This team, and the NFL are driven by us; the fans. I am sick and tired of being ingnored by this franchise when we are the ones who they should be listening to. With out the fans there is no money, just like with out tax payers their is no government. And like the government this franchise has forgotten who they need to be listening to. That includes not wasting money on… (continued)

  122. By jake on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    … (continued) bad investments, and cutting off those bad investments in a timely matter to minimize loss. This Franchise has not addressed any of the real problems on this team, instead they through smoke screens like Tim Tebow at us in hopes that it will distract us from the reality of what this current team actually is. We are not lost Jason Wright, just fed up with what is happening to the team we all care about so much. Believe me, we all “bleed green” here. Sanchez could have been a great QB, I truelly believe that but this organization kept that from happening wiith poor decision after poor decision about his supporting cast. That includes the Coaching staff.

  123. By Howie D on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Jason Wright: I suspect you’re toying with us. If not, you should buy a Powerball lottery ticket and use your optimistic powers to cash it in right after the drawing.

  124. By Another Tom on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    I m sure that Rex thougt Dennis Byrd would fix this team…hmmm, not so much. I wonder if He had a game ball burying ceremony this week ? I wouldn’t be suprised if He tries the throw back uniforms next …He is clueless.Sadly I predict the only coach that will be fired in the off season is Cavanaugh..

  125. By kleckofan on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    T’Lips- amen, Jenkins was the man that drove the Defense (at least the front seven).

  126. By kleckofan on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Earlier I pointed out that the Jets (Sanchez) ranks 15th in QB hits, middle of the pack. He’s not getting abused.
    According to ESPN Stats the Jets have had 15 drops in 211 targets (7%), which stinks, but is not the worst. Assuming that every team will have some drops, lets say that the number gets reduced by 2% to 5%. Then we add 5% more completions to Sanchez’s completion percentage of 52.9% result 57.9% or 27th best in the NFL. Another myth debunked.

  127. By scjoe on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman, agree to a point. I think you are dead on with Lewis, on Rex however, I think the jury is still out as to what type of a HC he is, or can be. Lewis has been the HC at Cincy for about 8 years now. Rex had 3 full seasons here and 2 AFC championship appearances. Consider what he had to work with at QB, and many of the defensive components and you can make the case he has done a pretty admirable job. Bottom line for me though, as I stated above to MJV, 99% of the time, a HC is as good as his personnel. With that other 1% being those very few “Elite” HCs who are not available to the NY Jets. Here is something to think about, Open the check book to Parcells?

  128. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    If you look at the completion ratio of MS he has come near a 50% passing ratio, in fact it is more like 28%. All the excuses of dropped balls are a myth. You either have to dive, jump or be plastic man to catch a MS ball. There is an exception Hill has dropped passes that should not have been dropped. YET. excuses are mad for a sloppy defense, a sloppy offense a no running game. Like I said once I want to see a Jet SB before I croak. But with the awful management and mis-handling of the Jets. It’s not gonna happen. 44 years is long enough to wait for all of us. I notice Rex isn’t doing much talking lately and as far as Sparano, well what can I say about a Miami Reject. Miami will probably make the playoffs, why because of a young

  129. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    (*Continued) a young team a QB that keeps improving a 2nd string QB that blew the Jets away. Bring in Gruden or Cower and do it soon…

  130. By Byrdman on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Nice work Kleckofan – doesn’t surprise me that the stats back up what Jet fans are seeing with their own 2 eye’s. I just looked at the espn 2012 QB stats…Forget all the ELITE QB’s out there who hit 7 out of 10 passes, the (average) players ranked #16 to 20 all post a completion percentage close to or over 60%. Mark posts the lowest in the league 52.9% GROAN :( The franchise QB’s throw their receivers open, so to speak, guys like Rodgers turn decent players into Fantasy Football studs! Jet fans would be happy with a QB that could just FIND the open guy once in a while!

  131. By Roger Muller on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    What is wrong with Mark Sanchez’s legs. He stands in the pocket too much. Even Peyton Manning scrambles when he sees trouble. Changing Quarterbacks at this point is not a good idea because it will only cause confusion but i believe they should leave Tim Tebow in the game and have Sanchez fake a handoff or quick pass to Tebow and let him make the decision whether to pass or run. Is Rex Ryan afraid of Tony Sparano that he lets him call such a predictable offense. Santonio Holmes would’nt make a big difference the way this offense is set up. The defence is fair at best. They can turn it around in the the second half though if they stop getting penalties. Leron Landry looks like Ronnie Lott and plays like him too.

  132. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    Jason Wright, OK I’ll be numb between my ears for your insightful observation, but at the risk of sounding logical. let me ask have they improved any , have they beaten one team with a winning record in over a year, has Sanchez improved all his abominable fumbling and int’s , has Sanchez ever and I mean ever brought this team back while losing a single game ever, or Has his 50% or under pass rating improved since pop Warner, So statistically us Jet fans have woken up long before you have,

  133. By Byrdman on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    scjoe – Hopefully 10 years into the Ryan HC career those AFC champ games won’t be the highlight -know what I mean? He took mostly Mangini’s team in 09 and 10 to playoff games but, the needle is pointing south now. In 2011 Rex admitted he “didn’t know much about the offense” and “he wasn’t aware of the locker room rift’ Those are 2 embarrassing, some would say damning details that Jets fans have learned about Rex. I’m still willing to be patient (not forever:) I want accountant T-Bomb fired and a legit football man hired as GM. The picture in Jet nation would look brighter had Rex won 6 games his first year, then 8, 10, 11 then playoffs and SB. Instead it’s the reverse, the teams closer to undisciplined laughingstock than SB franchise.

  134. By chris long time jet fan on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    i think mark is 5 3 inches tall cause thats how he see things ..hes so terrible at best …whats taking so long… i given up going to the games …even when they wi n you dont get a chance to enjoy it….rez says jets football and we have mark ..its a joke ….you ever see marks eyes during the game you know the elevator doesnt go to the top…

  135. By jake on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    Mike Jet Vet, Sanchez has brought them back from losing. It was against Houston in the ’10-2011 season at home. we were down four with under a minute and a half and he hit Braylon for a 50 yard gain which set up the game winner with 4 seconds left to Holmes. That is the only time a can remember though.

  136. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Sure glad the Jets are not playing today. Once again NE brought in another WR this past week. Bellicheck is not afraid to take a chance on a trouble player, for some reason when they get to NE there attitudes their changes. WHY? Because they know they are playing for a winning team and a no nonsense coach. I am not a NE fan bhut you have to give credit to their front office and coaching staff. You would think that after these years playing against NE the JETS front office would wise up and “TRY” and figure out what makes NE so successful. Now Miami has a first year coach and they are becoming a winning team. The ownership is to dumb to open there eyes to what makes a team a winning team. MS has got to go. TT has got to go. Put

  137. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    (Con’T) Mac in give him a shot at QB, play the younger players. I am sure glad the election will be over Tuesday. Maybe the owner will start paying attention to his team instead of politics and start rebuilding. WE need a coach like “GRUDEN or COWER”, gonna have to pay for either of them and they both are excellent coaches, I lean towards “COWER”. But either will step in and possibly lead this team to a SB before all us older fans pass on….

  138. By scjoe on Nov 4, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman, I don’t think we are that far off on most points. Yes, Rex took “mostly” Mangin’s team to the playoff’s, in 09 and 10, BUT, he did it with a rookie QB and not a very good one at that. By the way, I am a Mangini guy, I think he got a raw deal by Tannenbum. Also, you make a great point about fan perception had Rex gone 8-8, 10-6, and 11-5 in that order, I honestly believe he would get a lot more slack if that were the case.

  139. By IRA on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Everything broke right for the Jets except for Pitt winning yesterday. Do the Jets have issues? of course but i am not ready to throw in the towel and still think they can be in the mix.
    I am going out and thinking Sea is overdue for a loss at home and i will call for the Jets to pull off a major upset this week and beat Sea. Last year they played their best game of the year coming off the bye going up to Buffalo and beating the Bills who i believe were 5-2 at the time. They get to 4-5 they will be 6-6 with 4 to go.
    GO JETS!!!!

  140. By GaryC on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Like I said,when will the fans start saying if this happens,if this happens,already Ira is the first to say it,why did I doubt him.

  141. By Andrew on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Hello Jets Nation, I’ve been a Jets fan since 1992. I watch this team closely and probably as passionate a fan as IRA, scjoe and most of the other “regulars” on this board. I’ve been reading Randy’s radar and the great comments on this site for years. Now that the introduction is out of the way. I have to agree with the often gloomy but true conclusion of Sanchez’s terrible inconsistent play. We can all talk about what if’s, could of, should of. The focus needs to be on, what can the Jets to be good enough to win on Sunday with their current roster. Having Sanchez on pace to record most passing attempts of his career is NOT the answer. Mark is not an going to win games throwing over 40 times with the offense almost entirely dependent on him

  142. By Andrew on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    *Continued – Historically, Sanchez has almost exclusively excelled with a run first, pass off play action, roll out of the pocket type offense. The Jets need to RUN most of time, I don’t care if Greene/Powell/Tebow/McKnight average 2.5 – 3 yards per carry. That puts Mark in manageable 3rd down’s with much better odds to get first downs. Keep his attempts 25-30 a game. This strategy by no means makes him elite or even probably a top 10 QB but it I think it gives the best chance for the Jets to win. At the end of the day as Jets fans, that’s all we really care about regardless of who or how its being done.

  143. By Joe on Nov 11, 2012 | Reply


  144. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Nov 12, 2012 | Reply

    After yesterdays beaten by Seattle and watching how good the Rams are playing who by the we play next week at St Louis the Jets should be 3 and 7. Now if the Jags, KC, Cleve and Carolina win a couple of games we should be in a great position for the first round draft pick. YES, I am now looking ahead to the draft, new Coached (hopefully Gruden or Cower) a new QB, some running backs, etc…I sure hope Woody opens his eyes to what this franchise needs.

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