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Po’uha’s Back, Ready to Rumble with DL Mates

Posted by Randy Lange on November 7, 2012 – 7:49 pm

Sione Po‘uha is back in the mix. And “back” is the operative word.

“I’m feeling well. I’m feeling like my old self,” the Jets’ veteran nose tackle said in the Atlantic Health Training Center locker room following today’s first big practice of Seahawks week. “I’m just glad to be able to contribute to the team again and to be there for my teammates.”

More than a few of us speculated if that might ever happen again. “Big Bo” came up with his sore lower back in August during the Jets’ Cortland training camp. He was inactive for the opener against Buffalo, started the next three games at nose, then was deactivated for the next three, before starting again two Sundays ago vs. Miami.

He has spent every practice day this season on the injury report, including two-plus weeks when he didn’t practice at all. And when he was seen around the Atlantic Health Training Center locker room, it was usually to say, “I can’t talk today. Got to get rehab.”

When all of that happens to a 33-year-old man who’s spent much of his previous seven seasons getting into three-point stances and crashing into opposing offensive linemen and running backs like a 325-pound bighorn sheep, well, I asked him this afternoon if he ever worried during this season if he might have reached the end of the line as an NFL player.

“Nah. It was just another challenge, another obstacle in the road,” he said with a smile that didn’t seem to be derived from pain shooting up his torso. “Everybody’s road in the NFL is never easy. A lot of guys have physical, emotional, spiritual things they just have to go through in this league.”

Yet when I asked him if this was possibly the toughest physical challenge he’s had to endure in his distinguished, still maturing career, he didn’t disagree.

“I think it is,” he said after a pause. “I missed some significant games. But I accepted that challenge, I accepted the journey. And one of the things that keep me going is that at the end of the day, it’s all about helping my teammates.”

It’s always been about more than just Big Bo for Po‘uha. He’s become a steadying influence, a big-brother-figure on the D-line. Certainly Muhammad Wilkerson and Mike DeVito have becoming reliable defenders, rookie DT Quinton Coples has shown flashes, and NT Kenrick Ellis was and is on his way to that same status except for his knee injury. But missing his presence in the middle hasn’t helped the line move along smoothly this season.

And now Sione’s back, seemingly ready to rock and roll in the second half of the season. First up is a tough test with Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks. Po‘uha said his and his teammates’ approach this week through Sunday will be simple.

“It’s all about executing, each of us doing our part,” he said. “Seattle’s got a great running back but it’s all about the game plan we’ve got from Rex and Coach Pettine. It’s all about preparing and getting out there and making it happen.”

And Bo is back with his Bros to try to make it happen for the Green & White in Seattle’s hostile environs four days from now.

Rex Cetera

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked his reaction to being ranked the most overrated head coach in the NFL in one of those Sports Illustrated player polls. Rex laughed.

“My first thought was I saw who was second and I said, ‘Hey, I finally beat Bill Belichick,’ ” Ryan said of the rankings, which listed the Patriots’ head coach as the second-most overrated HC in the NFL.

“Like gollee, it hadn’t been a tough enough year,” he said, turning serious. “Nah, I wasn’t offended by it. You know what? The overrated thing, it is what it is. At the end of the year we’ll see who’s overrated.” A few sentences later, he added: “As long as they want to come here and play and I’m overrated, that’s fine. But I want ‘em to come here and play.”

Regarding the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, Ryan said their homefield advantage extends beyond this year’s 4-0 record and the ‘Hawks’ 52-24 home mark since ’03, fifth-best in the league in that span.

“You think it’s an indoor-type atmosphere, with the noise level when you get there, even though it’s an outdoor stadium,” he said. “I don’t know the exact number, but since ’05, I believe there’ve been 113 false-start penalties on opponents when they’re playing games at Seattle. That shows you it’s a tangible thing. That talks about the noise and how much that 12th man gets involved there in Seattle.”

The 12th man was in effect for the Jets’ last visit to the ‘Link in 2008, then known as Qwest Field. Besides the fans throwing snowballs at anybody in Jets green that day thanks to that rare Seattle snowstorm, the officials threw three flags for presnap penalties on the Jets that day — two on offense, one for a Damien Woody false start and one for an illegal formation, and one on then-punter Reggie Hodges for a delay of game.

However, the Seahawks didn’t take full advantage of their HFA that day. They got three false-start penalties called on their O-linemen as well.

Wednesday Injury Reports

The 15 players on the Jets’ injury list to start this week may sound like a lot but it’s the fewest players they’ve had on any daily report this season. NT Kenrick Ellis (knee) and RB-KR Joe McKnight (ankle) didn’t participate in practice, while limited players besides Po‘uha were LB Bart Scott (toe), TE Jeff Cumberland (wrist), C Nick Mangold (ankle), G Brandon Moore (hip), RB Bilal Powell (shoulder) and S Eric Smith (knee). You can find the Jets’ full injury report here.

The Seahawks are listing 11 players, with seven of them not practicing in Seattle today. Among them are former Jets WR Braylon Edwards (knee) and former Jets twice-annual foe RB Marshawn Lynch (back/wrist). Other DNPs were DE Red Bryant (foot), G James Carpenter (concussion), S Kam Chancellor (quadriceps), DT Clinton McDonald (groin) and LB K.J. Wright (concussion).

DE Jason Jones (ankle) was limited and WR Doug Baldwin (ankle), G John Moffitt (knee) and C Max Unger (finger) were full-go.\

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26 Responses to “Po’uha’s Back, Ready to Rumble with DL Mates”

  1. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 7, 2012 | Reply

    I’m Glad Sione is back at practice, working, looking forward to playing.. I’m not that excited, he’s as durable as china during a bar room brawl , Usually one hard hit and off the IR thanks but no thanks, Same go’s for the Jenkins lovers, tired of hearing how he is missed, if you mean missed more games than played than I agree, he spend 70%of his time injured, ,same guys calling for paces head. Pace is a gamer who’s time has come is how I would like to put it,he’s one of Jets remaining tough guys a trooper,never a word out of him, my kind of player, Let me say yes in his heyday Jenkins was the Man on the nose to deal with, both were Monsters with Panthers…

  2. By IRA on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Yes getting Pouha back at 100% will be much needed to stop Lynch. Hope the Jets can turn that 12th man and the Hawks into Sleeping in Seattle. This is will take a maximum team effort to get this game. BTW the snowball throwing was a disgrace last trip out there and the stadium security did nothing to stop it. They started throwing the snowballs at the team at about the 5 min mark left in the game and continued until they left the field. Marty Lyons got hit in the face with trying to walk off the field and even though S. Ellis was wrong i understand his frustration as i watched this garbage take place. Would love to see the Hawks and their fans walk off the field and leave the stadium with their heads hanging low because they lost.
    GO JETS!!

  3. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Wow…did anyone read what Broadway Joe said about Woody Johnson/Mike T.and Rex Ryan? ( Jets blog on ESPN ) Wow….well somebody won’t be invited to the Johnson’s Thanksgiving day dinner that’s for sure!….Well said Joe, well said. And I’m glad Joe Willie was the one who called out these guys….

  4. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom GONE on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    So long for now, Jet fans, I think you’re all terrific! Given the avalanche of disastrous news that I got only a single day after the election on both health care (my two primary doctors are both closing their practices re Obamacare) and business (major companies predicting even less work next yr), it’ll be a long time before I have a spare minute to go on the site, much less post. With all I’ll have to do now to stay afloat in the face of still more taxes and bureaucracy, I’ll be lucky to find time to watch the games. Maybe once I establish an additional business presence in La Paz or Rio my schedule will loosen up and I’ll check in with y’all again. And maybe by then Woody will have sold the team — or at least Sanchez won’t be starting!

  5. By Byrdman on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    I’m wondering if a front four of Wilkinson, Ellis, Pouha and Coples could work out? Seems like Mo and Coples get doubled inside in the 3-4. Hope Jets grab 2 or 3 of the best LB’s next draft, anyone seen that kid Te’o at Notre Dame he’s a beast? Great pass rushing teams get sack’s and force int’s, get pressure from all over the place, not just the DE’s

  6. By JetBlue on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Best Jets/Seahawks moment had to be Vinny T scoring that phantom touchdown to beat Seattle back in 1998.
    Worst Jets/Seahawks moment had to be going to Seattle to play the 3-11 Seahawks with the Jets needing a win in 2008 and putting up 3 pts and losing. That game ended all playoff hopes as the Brett Favre led Jets ended 9-7 after starting 8-3, costing Mangini his job. I remember thinking when they got Favre that all the Jets needed was a good QB and they’d be able to beat anybody. Unfortunately, Favre was hurt and not mentally engaged. It became obvious the next year when he lit it up for the Vikings. More bad karma.
    So many ups and downs for this team. It would be so nice to have a good 10 year run.

  7. By Tom Spicer on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    SCJoe, From the prior post I said the Jets are 2 or 3 players away from being consistent playoff contender & you said no. If they Jets had anyone of these guys (by the way all not considered elite QBS) Ryan, Schaub, Freeman, Griffin, Luck, Dalton, Rivers, Flacco, Cutler & Romo & 1 of these guys doug martin, marshawn lynch, steve ridley, alfred morris, frank gore, willis mcgahee, ahmad bradshaw, reggie bush, cj spiller & trent richardson (again all not consider elite) yet still if we had 2 of the guys I listed this team would not be totally different. Do you still not agree with that statement?

  8. By Tom Spicer on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    It is good to have Pouha back he is a good run stuffer but I will be more excited when Kenrick Ellis is back. He is our future at NT or at DT if we eventualy switch to a 4 – 3. He was our best player in the pre season & against the other teams 1′s cause Pouha was hurt in the pre season as well.

  9. By Tom Spicer on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    I have gone over what the Falcons did for Ryan. What about in Tampa the Bucs had Freeman who had a terrible year. They go out & sign Vincent Jackson, the best free agent O lineman out there & draft a RB in the first round. Does everyone not see how other teams are putting the QBS in a position to do well. As the Jets ignore the O side of the ball!

  10. By Charliejet on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Tom64 – you kidding! We had our disagreements – but it wont be the same without you. Good luck.

  11. By GaryC on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    jet fan since 64 tom gone,If you strike it rich in South America,maybe you can buy a franchise seeing that London is on the table and your’s can be a precursor to South America expansion.

  12. By JR on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    I did see what Joe Willie said about the team…I think he was spot on. I am glad someone had the intestinal fortitude to come out with the obvious. THE WRONG GUY IS ON THE BENCH….FIX IT!

  13. By SCfromNY on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Just watched McElroys interview. I understand that we have no real body of work for him so everything is conjecture BUT; He certainly came off as intelligent, articulate and a great attitude. We really need to see what he can do. I can not beleive the season is half over and more ink is spent on Tebow than anything else. ENOUGH ALREADY! If we won the SB they would probably ask Tebow how he feels about Sanchez going to Disneyworld. He would be “excited” and ready to do what he has to when called upon. At some point the “good soldier” routine besides being boring becomes unbeleivable and insulting.

  14. By scjoe on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    64, good luck to ya bud. Watch your @#$ in Rio, there is an element there not quite what we see in travel brochures. Don’t know what the next 4 years will bring, but don’t think it will be beneficial.

  15. By scjoe on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer, that is a tricky one. I would say as far as the QBs you listed, Dalton, Schaub, and Luck in that order, and the RBs, Richardson, Bush, Spiller in that order, along with that 3rd player (Maybe an Aldon Smith)and yes! That would make them competitive, maybe not quite as competitive as my “A” list posted earlier, but competitive. But it is a moot point. None are available, none will become available anytime soon. The NY Jets have to go out and find their own Dalton’s, Richardson’s and Smith’s. That is where the problem lies.

  16. By MIKE on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Nothing against Coples and what he has done this year. He is playing solid DE and is playing much better against the run than I would of thought. But lets say the Jets take a non injured David Decastro instead. With the Brick and Mangold playing beside him and the emergence of Howard at RT with a vey solid Moore at RG and that mediocre OL looks pretty darn good. Ground and pound seemed to work much better when Faneca was at LG. Just saying.

  17. By punchie on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    Jets fan since 64 tom`s gone ?………………………….. It must be time to party ……….. Keep your political views to yourself unless they are to do directly with football. And the way we have been playing you won`t have missed much EXCEPT for the second halve of the season playoff run. YES you read me right

  18. By Frank on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer how many times over the last several years did I say how unbelievably stupid the Jets were for not trading for Cutler instead they draft Sanchize-Not. I screamed loud and clear that I wanted Cutler and then later Marshall when he was available and instead we have Holmes.
    Had we traded for Cutler we would have won a championship instead we have a lousy QB and certainly one you can not build a team around.
    Sanchize-Not has numbers of futilty that match some of the worst numbers for a starting QB in the NFL over the duration of his tenure. So for the apologists who keep supporting him you are getting what you ask for.

  19. By Allan O'Dane on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    64′Tom one of the best bloggers on this site. I know Frank will miss you..LOL…anyway good luck 64′ see you next year when Mike T / Rex Ryan / Sanchez are all gone!..So the colts are 6-3 with a rookie QB..sub-par o-line and def…MMMMMMM….Is this coaching?,,,Is this talent? All I know is when your QB is mentioned in the sentence with BROWNING NAGLE it’s bad. I remember when a Rex ryan def. would have ate and spit out rookie qb’s..Whatever happened to that swag? that swarming Def. that confused the all mighty Brady…Rex needs to bring that back.

  20. By Mike Jet Vet on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    Tom 64, I don’t believe you man you’ll be back, I believe your not a quitter, I know where your mind set is at right now, I We’ll just call it a time out for now, like mine last year, Punchie, name appropriate. comes to mind, Yes you’re right, just passed laws in a few states you can party until
    you pass out, especially if you’re one of 23million out of work

  21. By Byrdman on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    SCNY – I disagree with your characterization of Tebow’s “good soldier routine” as being unbelievable or insulting. THIS is who he is! I’m not a big Tebow fan – not Tebowing at my PC right now while typing – my reaction to his arrival was (YAWN) how does this guy help the Jets? After watching the meltdown last season which we’ve learned was the result of too many Jets concerned about personal stats over team wins, Tebow is a huge bleeping breath of fresh air. His upbeat winning attitude and work-out regimen are legendary. If the Jets had more Tebow’s and less trash talking Holmes, Wilson, Scott types Less pampered girly china -doll Sanchez types – this team would be undefeated! McElroy = nice kid, NFL caliber brain, Pop Warner arm IMHO

  22. By JetBlue on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    T64: Thanks for all of your imsightful posts and spirited banter. Good luck wherever you end up. Drop back in when/if you can.

  23. By ELI RODRIGUEZ AKA (RUSS BALL 4 GM) on Nov 10, 2012 | Reply

    Just like MJV said TOM 64′ it’s a time out. The GREEN BLOOD running through our veins will keep us away but for so long. Handle your business, we’ll hold down the fort. Good luck man and a better year to all…..OH YEAH FIRE MIKE T.

  24. By Jersey Rich on Nov 10, 2012 | Reply

    JFS Tome GONE – will miss your posts!! Good luck!

  25. By anthony from yonkers on Nov 10, 2012 | Reply

    You know, its amazing how fast people forget.. Rex in season 1 got us to the afc championship team with a rokie qb, number 1 defense with no stars other than Revis… Same in year 2….. Year 3 we are 8 and 8 as our qb just looked lost and our OL was beat up ans Hunter was bad….. This year we are old and slow.. Look at our key guys… Bryan Thomas, Sione, Pace, Brandon Moore, Bell, and then Harris is a very slow Linebacker, Bart Scott is done and 30 plus…They waited a year to long…. That is on MR T…. As for this year, we lost our best playmaker in Holmes, lost our best D player in Revis, lost our best run stopper in Sione…. Also our qb has not played well at all he shows flashes but he is not accurate

  26. By anthony from yonkers on Nov 10, 2012 | Reply

    As for Tebow, well think about it everyone said we had a bad locker room… So we bring in a guy like Tebow who is probably one of the best leaders and best character guys in the NFL.. Problem is it appears that they never wanted him… how do I know that? Think about it if the coaches wanted him wouldnt he be involved more on offense.. he is playing less than Brad Smith did….. I like Tebow he is one of the great leaders…. He could give this team a spark but I dont think Rex wants to go there…. Not sure that Sanchez could ever recover from being benched which he should but I think they feel he cant

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