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Since Bye, Jets Have Improved at Flag Football

Posted by Randy Lange on December 6, 2012 – 4:53 pm

Earlier in the season, at Pittsburgh, Miami, New England and against Indianapolis, penalties were a big issue for the Jets.

Lately the yellow flags have become an issue again, but in a good way. As head coach Rex Ryan said on Wednesday, “There are some things that we’re really doing a great job at right now. A thing we’ve emphasized since the break was penalties.”

It shows. Since Nov. 1, the Jets are No. 2 in the NFL in fewest penalties, 4.3 infractions marked off per game, behind Atlanta’s 4.0, and the Green & White are No. 1 in the league with 27.5 yards per game.

“It’s about paying attention to details,” said NT Sione Po‘uha. “When you’re playing an opponent, you don’t want to be an opponent to yourself.”

“There’s a lot of different facets to a game,” added Mike DeVito, his next-door neighbor on the DL. “Sometimes you overlook some of them or forget about some of them.”

But since the bye week, the turnaround has been dramatic after the Jets, through the first eight weeks of the season, were tied for 21st in the NFL in penalties and 25th in yards.

First Ryan put the teeth back into the flags being thrown by Joe Yacovino and his crew of practice officials, telling them to tighten up all their calls. Then he returned to a practice practice that he and the Jets instituted in 2010.

“Every time there’s a penalty at practice, everybody does 10 pushups,” said Mike Westhoff, who’s coordinated the Jets practice officials since he arrived on Herm Edwards’ staff in 2001. “All the players, all the coaches. Everybody except the guy who committed the penalty.”

Said LB David Harris: “We’ve gotten our triceps a lot stronger the last month or so.”

Some Jets have always had a knack for playing clean. Harris has gone 29 games since his last penalty, a facemask on BenJarvus Green-Ellis in the 2010 AFC Divisional triumph at New England. DeVito, who arrived in 2007, has never had a major penalty called on him in his career, just four 5-yarders. LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson has gone 38 games, since mid-2010, without a holding call.

And imagine this: Po‘uha’s played in 108 games, including playoffs, in his Jets career and he’s been flagged exactly once for a penalty.

“Knock on wood,” said Big Bo. “I remember the encroachment but I don’t remember who it was against.”

As luck would have it, Po‘uha’s penalty came against Jacksonville in 2009. Perhaps Jaguars center Brad Meester had something to do with influencing the nose tackle to encroach. If so, it looks as if Sione could get some payback on Sunday at Jacksonville, now that Meester’s foot injury seems to be coming around.

“Penalties can hurt you,” said LB Bryan Thomas, who’s been whistled for a mere five penalties in his 11-year career and has had no majors in his last 60 games. “They can come on the last play of the game and give the other team one more play. They can keep drives going.”

“You definitely do not want to take steps backward,” Po‘uha agreed about the hidden yardage of penalties that the Jets have recently turned back in their favor. “They say it’s a game of inches. Don’t hurt yourself by setting yourself back yards.”

One More Thing on Penalties

Except for the occasional downtrend such as in the first half of this year, the Jets have been the state of the art when it comes to not committing penalties. Since 2001, 12 seasons combined, their 1,026 penalties and 8,346 penalty yards both continue to lead the league.

Thursday Injury Reports

Three Jets players were DNPs today — WR Clyde Gates (concussion), who Rex Ryan said is a week away from returning to action, TE Dustin Keller (ankle), and S LaRon Landry (heel) with his usual Thursday reduced load.

WR Stephen Hill (knee) was limited, as was QB Tim Tebow again (ribs). NT Damon Harrison became the 23rd Jet to be listed this week. He’s also limited, with an ankle.

For the Jaguars, their two top offensive threats, RB Maurice Jones-Drew (foot) and WR Cecil Shorts (concussion), again did not practice. A report out of Jacksonville said the Jags are likely to go with their “last back standing,” Montell Owens, at tailback vs. the Jets, although RB Greg Jones (thigh) was limited today after being a DNP on Wednesday.

Also not practicing were C Michael Brewster (hand), RB Rashad Jennings (concussion), CB Aaron Ross (calf) and DE George Selvie (concussion). Meester (foot) and CB Derek Cox (hamstring) were both full-go today.

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36 Responses to “Since Bye, Jets Have Improved at Flag Football”

  1. By GaryC on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    And now Antonio Allen is back,what is this,the third time for him,the yoyoing continues at the bottom of the roster.

  2. By GaryC on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    How long before Jason Hill is brought back again,you are on the clock.

  3. By MrJetGreen on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    Word is Sanchez is on a short leash…… If he throws any more than 5 interceptions this week he will be pulled immediately!

  4. By Bennett on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    All Brady needed was a chance? So true. A 6 th rounder who the pundits said was way to slow and arkward for the NFL. Bill B. saw something and carried him as his 4th QB. Why ? Beacuse he didn’t want any one else to get him. Only by injury did he get a shot and knocked off a darn good QB. McElroy is a winner,who came in and in his FIRST SERIES IN THE NFL led a sustained drive and threw a TD. Like a young rookie in baseball hItting a homerun 1st at bat. The Jets are just full of politics because of T-baum who doesn’t know how to do the right thing. As a side note …. I’am the only poster on this site that ever got KARAN mad…. and that is not easy to do….. I feel bad now.

  5. By Bennett on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    As a side note to my side note I may suspend myself for it. I have to think about it..

  6. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    This is from Greenberg’s column on this very same site, so I guess it’s safe to post it: “Our guess is that a quarterback consistently doing rookie things deep into year four already has run out of time., not because of one abject clunker against Arizona but because it demonstrated once more that Sanchez lacks the innate feel required of a quarterback who can be relied upon. He doesn’t read defenses well, holds the ball too long, and has little instinct for danger. Sanchez can, as Ryan said Wednesday, make all the throws, but too often he doesn’t know where to throw them, something no team with Super Bowl aspirations lives with into a fifth season.” AMEN!

  7. By scjoe on Dec 6, 2012 | Reply

    I hope that someone mentioned the effect of what penalties can do to a teams chance of winning to members of the Jets secondary, particularly Cromartie, Landry and Wilson, oh, and lets not forget Smith either. There have been games where this dynamic foursome had more penalty yards then Sanchez had passing yards. OK, sarcasm maybe, but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear it is actually a fact.

  8. By AK_Jet on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Jet Fan 64, and SCJOE- As my handle indicates I am a fan who lives in Alaska… I flew down to watch the JETS @ Seattle as a gift from my wife, front row 50 yard line right behind the Jets bench… after watching the inept Sanchez saunter off the field after the goal line interception I snapped and yelled some unpleasent things to Rex about his quarterback… A fellow Jet fan sporting a Sanchez jersey turned and told me to not turn on my team, I then replied that anyone wearing a Sanchez Jersey is not a true fan of the Jets, because if they were they would of watched this pathetic excuse of an offense hold us back for four years, and it all starts with #6. Who are the people that say they are Jet’s fans yet support Sanchez… it’s would…

  9. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Speaking for myself, I don’t think these guys have any right to start dropping an attitude when they’re doing as terrible a job as Sparano is: “We haven’t done a good job of it,” Sparano said. “I’m assuming that’s the answer you’re looking for. I’m giving it to you so you can write your article. I just gave it to you.” Yeah, now try giving us an O that looks like it belongs in the NFL, Tony. For the amount of money you get paid to coach a kids’ game, I’m not up for hearing your bitterness about how tough the press and the fans are on you in the face of your pathetic track record. Let’s see how much bitterness you’re allowed someday when you’re out of pro sports and have to actually get, you know, like, a real job…

  10. By IRA on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Nice to see that they have got better with the flags. Brick’s and Pouha’s #’s are excellent.
    I had posted this after awhile back i just don’t understand how the top three RB’s have only 23 catches this year. Thats is unacceptable for a team that has a QB that is prone to make mistakes. 011 LT-42, Greene-30, McKnight 13- 010 LT-52, Greene 16, T-Rich 5 this year Greene 13- Powell 9 and McKnight 1 thats right 1 catch for the best open field playmaker they have. This is a real red flag in my books. I would love to hear why?

  11. By Bennett on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Do you think Tebow wishes he went to Jacksonville ? The Jets said to him ” Yeah were going to put you in and out of the game so niether you or Sanchez can develop any rythem. Than we want you to pack on 20ilbs so we can use you on special teams and you can fracture your ribs. Once you put on 20lbs you’ll be so muscle bound and unbalanced you won’t be able to throw with any accuracy at all.. Then our teamates are going to insult you in the media and your coach will shun you as #2. By the end of the season no team will want you and your days as a legit QB will be over, ypu may be able to land a #3. “So what do you think ? WOW !!! WHERE DO I SIGN ?

  12. By SCfromNY on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Glad for the reduction in flags. I would be curious about the percentage of flags that resulted in giving the opposition a first down instead of 4th. Good to hear that Sporano feels we are “moving” in the right direction. Perhaps he will have it figured out by the 16th game. last week must have been devestating to him: No field goals. Being a Jet fan has always been difficult. But this years imcompetence from the scouts to the GM hits a new low. We need a new start starting with Tanny, Rex, and Sporano. There is no way we can tinker to become a winning team. Besides the fact we have too many holes I am sure very few FAs will want to come here especially since we can no longer overpay them.

  13. By russ on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Its a business, I understand that. You can’t invest a number 1 pick, pay him over 50 million and then abandon him without losing face and your job. With that said, the decisons post Sanchez are more worrying. Keeping Mcknight over Woodhead, thinking Slauson, Duccasse and Hunter could replace Faneca, Kendall and Woody. Thinking that Cotchery and braylon Edwards are expendable. Over paying Holmes a selfish player for performances predicated on othe players being more dominant around him. Thinking that Green was a total package at running back, Wilson was worthy of a high draft pick…those are the clear reasons for the failure of this team to progress

  14. By scjoe on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Now this has to be the funniest line I have heard in weeks….A quote from OC Tony Sparano re: his offensive unit….”there are a lot of things they are doing well that people don’t see” helllllo, Tony, you are exactly right, what we don’t see is points on the scoreboard! How bad has it gotten?

  15. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    AK-jet,one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed at the Captain Cooke in Anchorage,me and my lady still talk about this one when we toured the inside passage of Alaska.

  16. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    the hot quarterback that everyone is talking about is Russell Wilson,all 5’11 of him,tell me what McElroy doesn’t have that he has.I will tell you,Marshawn Lynch,a better defense who gets after the quarterback,the head coach who we let go.BUILD AROUND A QUARTERBACK WHO DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES,and the playoffs are there.

  17. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Russ, I nominate you for the post of the year. This “Its a business, I understand that. You can’t invest a number 1 pick, pay him over 50 million and then abandon him without losing face and your job. With that said, the decisons post Sanchez are more worrying. Keeping Mcknight over Woodhead, thinking Slauson, Duccasse and Hunter could replace Faneca, Kendall and Woody. Thinking that Cotchery and braylon Edwards are expendable. Over paying Holmes a selfish player for performances predicated on othe players being more dominant around him. Thinking that Green was a total package at running back, Wilson was worthy of a high draft pick…those are the clear reasons for the failure of this team to progress” may be the best post EVER!

  18. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Guys MR.T, Rex & Sparano may all get fired. We may get a new RB, WR & pass rusher. All of these things are possible. BUT there are 3 things that will 100% NOT HAPPEN so please lets STOP talking about them cause they AINT GONNA HAPPEN 1 Woody is not going to sell this team so forget it. You are wasting your time writing it & you are wasting everyones elses time who reads thru all the posts. 2 We are not moving out of MetLife stadium anytime soon Woody just spent a BOAT LOAD of money there is ZERO chance of us leaving there. AGAIN You are wasting your time writing it & you are wasting everyones elses time who reads thru all the posts. 3rd & final point there are $8,000,000 reasons why Sanchez is starting over McElroy this week & there are

  19. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    In Tebow and Mcelroy,you have a god fearing individual and a guy who was up for the Rhodes Scholar,two guys who I guess don’t fit the jets criteria when seeking employment.We will stick with individuals like Scott,Holmes,Cromartie,who would back you in a heartbeat,yeah,right.

  20. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Bennett,smart comment on the misuse of Tebow,typical of the blunderheads running the jets,He added the weight because the jets had no idea how to use him,I guess he would be their do everything and his elusiveness was negated by the added weight and he was brought here on a Woody whim.

  21. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    $8,000,000 reasons why Sanchez will be at least the starting QB at the start of next season. Really the only positive thing I have to say is unless he makes a total turn around 2013 will be his last year on the Jets. Unless all 5 of these things happen there is no way his turn around will happen 1 Holmes comes back healthy 2 Kerley develops from a #3 to a #2 3 Hill learns how to catch & becomes a NFL #3 4 We resign Keller & 5 We sign a difference making RB someone who is clear upgrade over Shonne Greene. But honestly these are the Jets we are talking about so what are the chances of all 5 of these things happening?

  22. By Byrdman on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    WOW – I feel better about this team already (insert sarcastic smile here:) This statistic doesn’t seem to pass the eyeball test. Jets may in fact have the lowest penalty yardage but, I’ve lost count of the TD’s wiped out from false starts, holding or O pass interference. Seems like every game our D makes a crucial 3rd down stop – only to be nullified by penalty, then a score wipes out any momentum our defense had. Watch closely… The very next game after a nice Radar Blog singing the praises of STS this season – the WHEELS fell off ! They gave up KO return TD’s, Fumbles, Folk started missing routine FG’s, punt’s blocked etc. Randy if Jet penalties sky-rocket starting Sunday… IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT lol

  23. By Tom Spicer on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    And the hits just keep on coming “Dustin Keller (ankle) missed another practice Friday and is listed as doubtful for Week 14 against the Jaguars.
    Jeff Cumberland will stand in as the Jets’ starting tight end, further depleting perhaps the league’s weakest skill-position player corps. Keller didn’t practice at all this week. Rex Ryan says he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain. “

  24. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Less Penalties, here we go . Rex’s almanac, lets call it book of excuses .OK we dropped holding penalties, Sanchez get sacked, ,We dropped pass interference calls , we get scored on, WE dropped delay of game, Sanchez throws red zone int or fumbles, We dropped bad clock management,still can’t make percentage of our 1st downs, Rex Please stop the diversionary tactics as a cover up for this nonsense. No redemption for what FO has put on the field… I can’t remember the day I COULD COME ON A BLOG AND BE PROUD OF THIS TEAM. or at least have a normal discussion on how we’re at least making improvements, without being negative. Stinks to be a Jets fans, don’t see it changing any time soon

  25. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    AK, thanks for coming all the way down from Alaska to tell that loser that blind loyalty to something that isn’t working is the mark of the loser. Spicer, stop trying to make yourself feel better by saying that nothing will ever change on the Jets, whether it’s Woody selling the team or us getting the right players, that’s loser talk too. Russ, I love your post too and GaryC, all your posts today are great. But Ira, you actually wonder why our RBs haven’t caught more balls? Have you forgotten that our mistake-prone QB panics at the first sign of pressure, can’t step up or out of the pocket with any consistent skill, can’t see open receivers anywhere, and, as Arte always says, HAS NO PERIPHERAL VISION? Jeez, what games are you watching?

  26. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    And Byrdman, your sarcasm is exquisite. I really feel sorry for Randy and the guys, who deserve a much better team to write about than one that we’re told is “doing a lot of good things” despite our curious inability to put points on the board. Only in Jet land does such bizarre thinking hold sway. Kimberly Jones, who writes on this team with more courage than anybody in the media, has another great piece on the NFL site today about the unreal world the Jets live in, in which Mark is always somehow one game away from elite status…

  27. By Byrdman on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    GaryC – Wilson is off the charts physically, and can accurately fire the ball downfield while on a flat-out sprint, running to his right or left. Watched every game this kid played at Wisconsin, his athletic ability jumps off the screen – He’s a 5’11” John Elway. If Wilson was 4 inches taller he’s the #3 pick last year. The ONLY question any scout had was in regard to his height – it wouldn’t surprise me to hear he could throw farther than Andrew Luck or RG3

  28. By SCfromNY on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    Ira, I’m surprised about your comment that McKnight was only thrown 1 open field pass. I will preface this with I know he is injured a lot. McKnight is probably the quickest, elusive RB we have. Perfect for screen passes. OOPs, Sporano doesn’t call them and Sanchez can’t throw them. He can actually get to the edge given a chance but Rex sticks stubbornly with his “bell cow” Greene. Greene is not a bad back. look at the Steelers who have a bunch of RBs. Greene would be a good complement RB in a mix not a #1. Rex seems reluckant to ever change players and for that reason his success as an NFL coach will always be limited. Ira you may be missing another point. Rex shuns “Mc”Knight and “Mc”Elroy. maybe he doesn’t like “Mc”s.

  29. By GaryC on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    byrdman,it helped that he had my guy Montae Ball in the backfield with him,but please don’t make comparisions to Elway with Wilson,He also transferred from NC State before he got to Wisconsin.For some reason I believe if he was Elway the NC state boosters wouldn’t of let him go.

  30. By russ on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply


  31. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    No, SCfromNY, it has to do with Rex’s view of O being stuck in the mid-1960s at best. He’s still probably trying to figure out why Joe Kapp and the Vikes got crushed by the smarter, faster, modern-football-playing Chiefs in Super Bowl IV.

  32. By ron alexander on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    SPICER,good job on noteing Russ’s excellent post.But also cudo’s to you too as you had a couple of goodies your self. I enjoy 64’s intellectual insights a lot but you are right this time. There is no sence wishing for a new owner or stadium when the present owner doesn’t even realize what a disaster his organization is.
    Its too bad few posters today are talking about Randy’s post. Instead we are all talking about the terrable state of this organization. MIKE JET VETs post is right up there with Russ’s Excellent! BENNETT, dont worry, KARAN is too nice to hate you. Besides, your too funny to be suspended!

  33. By GaryC on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    Byrdman,here’s one for you,you praise Russell Wilson,tell me who was rated higher,he or Michael Vick,stature,arm strength,elusiveness,there both kind of close but no one would compare Vick to Elway.

  34. By Byrdman on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    Gary – I’m making the comparison based upon what I see on the field, how Wilson played in Wisconsin and at the NFL level. Not hypothetical scenarios, Vick makes more bad decisions than Sanchez does. DID you watch the Seahawk/Bear game last week? Bears defense is scary good, better than anything we’ve had in NY, Wilson marched the “Hawks” 97 yards to send the game into OT, then drove down and threw the game winner to Rice. You asked what does the 5’11” Wilson have that McElroy doesn’t – I answered, G-Mac is average in all physical tests (actually kind of slow even for a QB) he makes Wilson look like Usain Bolt :D Only time will tell who wins more NFL games but Wilson is certainly off to an AMAZING rookie season.

  35. By Jet Fan Since We Had an Elite QB Tom on Dec 8, 2012 | Reply

    ron a, much stranger things have happened than Woody selling the Jets and moving back to New York…like Goodell considering the elimination of kickoffs. As for any intellectual insights, I shudder to think that it takes any brains to see what’s been wrong with this franchise for so many years.

  36. By ron alexander on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    TOM64, Hey, dont get me wrong, I would love for Woody to sell the team to Curtis Martin and for the Jets to move back to N.Y. I’m with you 100%. I just dont see it happaning in our life time. Woodie appears to see himself as a latter day George Steinbrenner in terms of publicity seeking. I’ve mentioned this before but I will never forget Woodie & Tanney hamming it up on Hard-Knocks. I think Woodie sees the team as a way to get noticed by appearing on T.V.

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