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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Mike T Issues a Parting Statement

Posted by Randy Lange on December 31, 2012 – 2:43 pm

This is a tough day for us who work at the Atlantic Health Training Center. It’s another one of those days that comes around every so often before or after New Year’s Day on which the Jets begin to tear down and build back up again.

I’d been a part of these periods on the outside as a beatwriter in 1995 (Pete Carroll out), ’97 (Rich Kotite out), ’01 (Bill Parcells regime comes to an end) and ’06 — Herm Edwards to KC, Terry Bradway back to scouting, Mike Tannenbaum ascending to the GM’s office.

And today Mike T is cleaning out that office after owner Woody Johnson said he won’t be back for the ’13 season.

Here is Tannenbaum’s statement to the media, issued a short while ago this afternoon:

I want to thank Woody and his entire family for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime — serving as the General Manager of the New York Jets for seven years.

I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of rebuilding a winning tradition for Jets fans over the past 15 years. My days with Coach Parcells through my years as General Manager of the team that went to back-to-back AFC Championship games have been the fulfillment of a dream I have had since I was a little kid and I’ll always be grateful to Woody, the two head coaches, Rex and Eric, as well as all of the players, staff and the entire organization for this opportunity.

While of course it is disappointing to not achieve the ultimate goal of winning a championship, I am incredibly proud of our overall winning record and success. I feel very fortunate to have been the general manager who drafted cornerstone players during a period that yielded four playoff victories and 22 Pro Bowl appearances.

I appreciate that it is rare for someone to stay with one organization with such a wide range of responsibilities for so many years. My time with the Jets will always be special to me and my family and it has prepared me well for whatever comes next.

There are champions on this team that haven’t been crowned yet. I am confident that the base we’ve established will allow the New York Jets to continue a winning tradition for years to come and I wish everyone in the organization the best of luck.

As D’Brickashaw Ferguson said today in the locker room, “What happens now? I’ve only been here under one GM.” I could say the same: I’ve only been a Jets employee under one GM, who had a hand in welcoming me to the organization back in March 2007. But I know what I’ll do: More of what I’ve been doing the past six seasons, which is chronicling the people in the pads and the people upstairs who keep trying to rally all the champions on each team to bring home another championship trophy.

There were reasons for Johnson to make a forceful move concerning his GM’s office with an eye on the immediate future. In seeing certain developments over the past year or two, the owner’s in line with the many we’ve heard from over that span. Fans, beat reporters and columnists have all formed and expressed strong opinions about Tannenbaum’s seven-year tenure, and I won’t add to them now. But I do feel Mike should leave with a few positive words about his years on the hot seat.

For a while it looked like he might be the new model for NFL general managers of the new millennium. His creative salary cap management was often stunning, as were some of his draft-day trades. As assistant GM, he signed and brought in “the Four Aces” on time to 2000 training camp. His first two drafts as GM in ’06-07, the Jets picked Pro Bowlers Ferguson, Nick Mangold and Darrelle Revis and a PB-caliber LB in David Harris. At the start of the ’11 camp, he was able to keep Harris in the fold as the last of the re-signed “Core Four.”

There were some trades and signings and non-signings that I as a fan of the team wished Mike T didn’t make, but that’s been the great thing about working for T and Woody Johnson, where a diversity of opinions was welcomed, from inside and especially from outside.

On a personal note, that was the best part of coming to work for the Jets. Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini had to sign off on the decision by then-EVP Matt Higgins and then-SVP Bob Parente to recommend bringing me, a former beatwriter and critic of the team, on board in ’07. Maybe T swallowed hard once or twice, but he welcomed me to the team from the start and never once suggested we take a particular point of view on newyorkjets.com. He accepted the consequences of making the Jets one of the most open teams in pro sports.

Revis was asked in today’s “baggie day” locker room session about Tannenbaum’s dismissal. At first he sounded hardened to the situation, but he quickly segued to the humanity of a departing leader.

“Everybody gets evaluated. In this business we get evaluated every week. It’s just the business side of it,” Revis began. “He did great things here for the last couple of years. It is really sad. You do not want to see anyone get fired or any players getting released in this manner but it happened. He had a great speech that he wrote in the team meeting. Guys clapped for him afterwards and felt sorry for him.”

Mike also crafted the statement above, which included unconditional thanks to the man who decided to end his tenure. And around the time media members were reading that first graph, Tannenbaum went from his second-floor office to the first-floor media room not to do a formal interview with the beats — that would have to wait for another day — but to thank the reporters for their coverage of him and his team ever since he arrived as Parcells’ “cap guy” back in ’97.

Does all that make Mike Tannenbaum a great GM who was done wrong today? No. As Laveranues Coles, T’s third-round pick in that famed 2000 draft made popular around Jets locker rooms, “It is what it is.” Tannenbaum is what he is, a football administrator who made some great moves and some moves that didn’t work out. He was dismissed on “Black Monday” but he’ll move forward, find a new job and start a new legacy. And we wish him the best.

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179 Responses to “Mike T Issues a Parting Statement”

  1. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Well Randy, I refuse to be as sympathetic as your comments were.Mike Tannenbaum as far as I am concerned was not “BILL PARCELLS” nor could he manage like Parcells. Lets take a look at Sparano, here is a perfect example of a bad move. How about “TT” that was another bad move. How about “MS” I can not remember the last time he passed for a TD, but then I am getting old my memory is not what it use to be. How many quarters did the JETS go with out a passing TD prior to MCELROYS passing TD, YES!!! we had rushing TD’S and they were far and in between.. I hope he does get another job in the NFL, but that’s like saying MS is a tradeable asset and some other team is going to pay the money the JETS have to pay him for his total let down

  2. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    performance. No excuses can be made for bad performance. I hate hearing injuries cause a team to lose. Why doesn’t it effect NE when there players get injured, becasue they have depth just like every other winning team out there. Now we have a chance to start building, we have the 9th draft pick and there are some good big, quick OT coming out of college this year. I am dis-appointed in our 2012 season. BUT, I will remain a “JET” fan til the day I die. Johnson, please get us a good GM and Coach as well as an offesive coach….

  3. By Karan on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Read an article about how Bill Polian is not the same GM he used to be or how most of his success was really due to #18 as was the whole teams. The article made some excellent points, I have to find it again and hopefully will remember to notify others of it. Anyways, Polian is an old school guy and his franchise dramatically declined once Manning was injured and their drafts have not been as good as they were before. Now there is a report saying Polian reportedly not interested in coming to NY which is not surprising knowing most people try to avoid this team nowadays. I’m also a little glad he’s not coming here, don’t know if he’s the right man for the job. Maybe I’m just gullible or maybe thats the truth, but its not at all a bad……

  4. By Karan on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    …….thing if Polian is not the next GM of the New York Jets.

  5. By Bennett on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Spicer are you really going to go from telling us Sanchez was such a great QB for the last 31/2 years to now putting down RG3 ? Just of the best. most explosive young QB’s to come up in years. Are you really serious ? Are just trying to stir up some dialogue cause you get bored like I do ? Whats the deal man

  6. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    I have very little good to say about a GM who trades away draft picks to beat the band at a time when they’re more important than ever. And who forces mediocre players like Sanchez and Ducasse onto coaches just to save his own skin. Let’s move on to this: “I think Rex is a great coach,” DeVito said. “He’s a guy that has that intangible quality that people want to rally behind him. He’s a great leader and he’s a guy that you love and a guy you want to go out there and play for. That’s what you need in a head coach.” If that’s true, THEN WHY DID THE TEAM GIVE UP ON HIM 2 YRS IN A ROW? WHO EVER HEARD OF 11 SACKS IN A GAME? WHAT A BUNCH OF LAZY, EXCUSE-LOVING LOSERS!

  7. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    As far as DeVito and these other players who claim to love Rex goes, they should claim Judy Collins’ “Hard-Lovin’ Loser” as their theme song. Karan, the question now is whether Woody and Rex will find that lots of folks like, say, Peyton Manning still don’t want to come here, not just Polian. If Woody hires some obedient neophyte or friend of Rex as GM, I hope we go 0-16 next yr and every yr after that since only that will convince this owner to either get serious or sell the team. Heck, DET was 0-16 and that only got ‘em one decent yr. The only scenario I like is the one in which the new GM tells Sanchez and Rex to stop talking about SBs and “playing a little better” and tells them that the losers’ madcap butt-fumbling ball is over!

  8. By Bennett on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Couple reasons Mr. Johnson hired an executive search firm to find a GM. First of all the most likely people are not interested and he is going to have to really SEARCH . Second he wants this done right, doesn’t have the time and feels an executive search firm will be the most effective to find the best canadiate. I vote for #1. And forget that Polian guy a 70 yr old, fired GM who presided over a one man team and when he lost that one man found out he didn’t have a team and went 2-14. Seen him on the TV and when the turn the lights on he has said his share of idiot things. Let him stay on TV bad Idea. Mangini doesn’t have the numbers background for a billion dollar franchise, would be great in a top personel /draft/ scout role

  9. By Bennett on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Whats the deal Spicer?

  10. By Another Tom on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Surely a new GM will want to choose his own coach…hopefully the new guy will be very convincing ..please. We ve all had enough of ” Mark’s my guy” and “he gives us the best chance to win “…blah, blah, blah..Why stick with Rex any longer? Just to can him next year ? several better coaches are getting fired throughout the league..

  11. By SCfromNY on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    How can any GM take the Jet’s job knowing he has to keep Ryan? If nothing else Ryan has proved incapable of evaluating talent, has a stubborn ground & pound policy that is not revalent in 2013, offense is another launguage that he does not speak, and far too enamored of declining players who he thinks will become stars again playing for him.

    I am concerned we will NOT hbe able to hire the best canidate and be stuck with another out of touch has been.

    Rex’s father was a great DC but a horrible HC. Look at history carefully so you do not repeat it.

  12. By Another Tom on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    The players simply have not perfomed / executed for Rex..His ideas, decisions and judgement are mostly a joke..fodder for the media

  13. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mr T was a weak negotiator in the face of big (Revis) and little (Sanchez) talent. When Revis had that 1st great yr, he shouldn’t have rushed to give him a new deal, injecting him with an entitlement complex to rival a politician’s, he shoulda said, “Great, that’s what we expected when we drafted you, let’s see how you look in the last yr of your deal.” Right after the PIT playoff, he shoulda told Sanchez, “You largely lost that game for us, so don’t expect any guarantees next yr.” Instead he gave him this wacky upgrade after his NEXT terrible yr. As screenwriter Robert Towne (THE LAST DETAIL, CHINATOWN, SHAMPOO) once said to me of a movie producer, “I don’t want to work for someone who’s that bad a bettor.” No one in the NFL does either.

  14. By MIKE on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Wish everyone would get off Sparano’s back. As was Shottyy before him, the Jets offensive coordinator was the fall guy for a bad Jets offence. Maybe the offensive problems might lie with the personal, such as a below average QB, no playmaker at RB and a lack of depth on the o line. Even the best known coordinators would not of had success in NY. Jets haven’t used a 1st round pick on an offensive player since Sanchez and haven’t drafted a lineman in top 2 rounds since Brick and Mangold other than Vlad who doesn’t count anyway. At least the the biggest issue is gone with Tanny.

  15. By Another Tom on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Rex is a passionate guy for sure, But He’ s not good at shopping for groceries..OR cooking! One more year of Rex / sanchez will result in improvement in one area at least.. Our 2014 draft position..no doubt- top 5

  16. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Well I guess REX will be back next year as the head coach. I am bit surprised at this but “SO BE IT”. Now, lets get a GM who will start rebuilding and lets get an Offensive Coach that will build up the offense and also bring in a play book that will build a winning team. REX, cogradulations on staying. Make your defense better and teach them how to tackle. Don’t get me wrong, our defense is great we just need to improve it in some areas…

  17. By IRA on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    I think Mr T gets a C as a gm over his 7 years as the GM. He and Mangini had the right idea of building a team and my belief is when the new stadium came into play going into the 08 season he had to change his ways and produce an instant winner so they could sell PSL’s. I was against getting Favre but that almost worked and then they traded away draft picks too and they had a window in 09 and 010 and missed out. After that the damage was done and the roster was left with no depth and some older players with big contracts. Too bad its come to this. I want to thank Mr T for a good run and wish him the very best in his future in whatever he decides to do.
    Everybody have a Happy and Healthy New Years and be safe.
    GO JETS!!!!!

  18. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Here’s how Arte and I just broke it down on the phone: (1) Woody hires a neophyte who listens to Rex’s bad ideas, the team gets even worse, and Woody finally fires Rex next Nov or Jan (2) Woody finds he can’t get a decent GM without giving him the power to bring in a new QB and fire Rex if he wants to at any time he wants to, and that GM gives Rex till next Nov or Jan to prove he’s a HC (3) Woody caves all the way and hires a GM who fires Rex immediately, bans the magical thinking in Florham Park that advances the preposterous argument that Sanchez is a starting QB in the NFL, and starts a true 1-3 yr rebuilding process. You all know which route I’d prefer but it’s up to you, Woody. Hire Arte and he’ll make sure you take the right path.

  19. By cgb on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    i have been saying for a while now how mike T. was letting this team down with not retaining certain players ,or not drafting the right players,basically his lack of football vision. You know you have to assimilate a team with a vision and a plan,that never really happend in the years he was here. Mike T. is a good man,and has made some really good moves for this team in the past and i respect what he tried to do for this organization.I am also glad at this point that woody see’s it is nessesary to change the GM . We need to have a vision and a plan going forward rex will certainly be a part of that. Sparano’s days are short, as soon as the new GM comes in, the first order of business will likely be to revamp the offense.

  20. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    2nd-best news of the day is this, from Cimini: “1 hour after e-mailing the Tannenbaum-is-gone press release, the Jets announced Ryan’s end-of-the-season news conference — scheduled for 4:45 p.m. — was cancelled. By doing so, they invited speculation about Ryan’s future.” I was dreading a video on this site of Rex talking about the big vote of confidence Woody has given him, making SB predictions, talking about his next 10 yrs with “Mark,” etc. This is much more to my liking: Rex is on extremely thin ice, may actually be on the way out, and will finally have to work for this team under someone who knows something about personnel, O, and winning. A more deserving fate for Rex, who’s skated by on luck and bluster, can hardly be scripted.

  21. By Byrdman on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Randy – do you think they fired the wrong guy? Mike T. could be the nicest guy on the planet, maybe too affable and agreeable for that position. Rex was all smiles, cracking jokes and goofing around on “Hard Knocks” I thought to myself “wonder how well the team will respond once they fall on rough times and the laughing stops”
    From my perspective all the coaches we’ve had have been likable losers, except for Bill Parcells and Eric Mangini. Give me a SB – If our coach and GM happen to be fun, easy going guys and great family men… GREAT. on the other hand if the guy is Al Capone but wins a couple Lombardy’s here :D
    I’m Fine with that too!

  22. By Byrdman on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply



  23. By Tom B. on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    “Don’t bother to negotiate for Peyton Manning. We’ll just extend Mark Sanchez’ contract and put all of our confidence in him, and then we’ll get Tim Tebow for his backup and put no confidence in him.”
    How’s that for the genius of New York Jets’ front office? Who needs Manning or Tebow when Sanchez “gives us the best chance to win”?
    Rex Ryan is just as culpable in the Jets’ demise as Mike Tannenbaum is. He shold have been fired too. He is not the kind of leader that can take a team to the Super Bowl. As a head coach he is sophomoric at best.

  24. By Mike Jet Vet on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Mike _T… thanks for helping to rebuild this Jets organization 15 long years , I do regret seeing anyone lose a job , But Mike as anyone will tell you this is a performance business, 15 long years, 13 more than most literates would tolerate …Time to move on…Good luck in your New career. Sparano, was here one season to long…Sanchez 4, Yet Sanchez and Rex will be back giving us our best chance too win. Woody take a memo AS LONG AS SANCHEZ IS RUNNING THE OFFENCE WE WILL BE RIGHT WHERE WE ENDED in 2012 no matter who we add. Rex will still be Rex, although I believe his days of predictions are at an end

  25. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    My humble assessments of the Jets problems: QB: M.S. who i have defend over the years only because he lead us to 2 afc camp games, but I know realize I was wrong, he is just not very smart, he doesn’t understand football situation, like you don’t take chances in defensive struggles, and turning the ball over is the worst thing you can do on a team that is built on defense. I was also wrong about Greg M, he is a very smart, very capable QB, and if we do draft a QB, it should be late, very late, 5 round and below, he best option at QB is a trade of Alex Smith, but not a first rounder! but i will not be upset if Greg is our QB next year, he won’t turn the ball over! We have no problems at RB, we have 3 capable back, and if JM stop fumbling…

  26. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    …he should get more carries, about 10 a game, I think Green should get 20-25 a game, BP should get about 10-15, and JM should get about 7-10, yes that about 50 running attempts per game, needless to say I am a huge fan of running the football. WR, we have no problems, Edwards and Steven Hill on the outsides and Kerley at slot…we don’t need Holmes, i maybe alone on this but Edwards and hill are more than capable in a run and gun system, and Kerley and Keller can get on 1st on third and short. As much a the media bash our skill players, they are not the problem…we’ll get to the problem…and obviously i like our TE. Now the o-line. LT, the brick had a terrible year but he is a pro bowl talent, he just need to get back in form! LG….

  27. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    We NEED to draft Barret Jones, I know at 9 that is not the sexy pick, but if Jarvis Jones not there, which he should be, Barret Jones is the best lineman this year, he can play just about anywhere on the line, and we need a LG. In any case, we need to draft 2 “ready to play” lineman, Howard is not the answer at RT, if we are going to be a running year, we need a PRO BOWL o-line, that is, every player on our offensive line has to be a pro bowl talent. Center were good, same with Mangold as with the brick, RG, Moore is fine, RT, we need to draft a NFL ready kid. Our o-line is, should be, the number one concern in the off season, if we focus only on the QB position, or even worst, the skill position, we will have another 6-10 season…..

  28. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The defense was 2 against the pass, 26th against the run, and 20th in points allow. The defense gets an “OK” grade this year. Cro turn into a great corner, maybe top 5, hopefully Revis comes back in his 2009 form. I like Kyle Wilson only because we drafted in but we can do better at slot, i would like to see us draft a corner in the 3rd and 4th round, corners that are BIG and fast(Seahawks). We made a mistake giving Sione Pouha a new contract before the season, he is no Kris Jenkins, he is “decent” on his good days, but ends up on the ground allot on his bad days, NT is the most important position on a 3-4, 46 defense, Sione Pouha is a C+ at best, we cant do a C+ at NT, that’s how you end up 26th against the rush. I’m not a huge fan of….

  29. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Devito either, he is too inconstant to be trusted. Elis, Coples, and Wilkerson are perfectly good players on the d-line, Elis is no Kris Jinkins either but he is a soild B on his good days and with more off-season strength training be can be a really good nose tackle. Bart Scot can no long be a inside linebacker, he is too slow! but he is a perfectly good pass-rushing outside linebacker, that should be his position, either we draft a inside linebacker or let DDavis play there, he can be our coverage inside linebacker. Landry is a great strong safety, we need a free safety, but if Bell is here next year, I won’t be too upset, but again I cannot be the only one that notice Eric Smith lack of speed to cover anybody…cut him please!!!

  30. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    If you are still reading, you have notice i have went through every position, obviously resign Greene, 25 mill over 5 years, no more than 5 mill a year or let him go, obviously resign Laron L, no more than 5.5 mill a year over 6 or 5 years, we owe him nothing, Rex rebuilt his career, Ybell, less than 2.5 a year, if not, let him go, Devito, just let him go, Resign Edwards, no more than 4 a year, resign Moore, no more than 5 a year or let him go, let Thomas and Slauson go fast! Now to coaching, PLEASE convince our Special team coach to stay 1 or two more years, I want to see him win a super-bowl, yes! I believe in JETS 2013, always will, I will do an whole blog on Rex, but first the O.C. in early 2011 the raiders had a powerful running game..

  31. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    With MBush and Mcfadden, and Campbell at QB in early 2011 i think, the raider had a bruising running game, powerful! so much so that, there was a stat that showed teams records after playing the raiders, the very next week, and it is something shocking like 1-5 or something like that…as a fan of the ground and pound, it was something beautiful to watch…well whoever that O.C. or offensive line coach, or head coach was, we should look at him for the Job at O.C. or anybody on the Alabama offensive coaching staff, have you guys watched their run game this year, and over the last 6 years? Rex need a O.C. who understand Defensive football, who understand ground and pound. Who won’t put the QB in bad situations…now rex!

  32. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I love Rex, and I unlike most people I think he deserves at least one more year, however I do realize he has weaknesses , one of his key weaknesses is he does not recognize talent, he is a really bad scout! he believes too much in his system, so much so that he thinks anyone can excel in it! Eric Smith, although there are many others examples, is a example of Rex being a bad scout, in week 16, Eric smith was line up one on one with Antonio Gates, which is a hard assignment for any free safety but against Jim L. or any other “good” free safety, the most Gates gets on that play is a 9 yard catch and a first down, but when gates catch the ball, which he didn’t really run a great route, he just ran across field, he had Smith beat by 3 yard….

  33. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    and Gates walked right into the end zone, now I have been calling for Eric Smith “resignation” for awhile and I know I am not alone, Rex has a great defensive mind but he doesn’t realize that he need the right players to play in his system, Bart Scott also has, or should has one purpose now, blitz and stooping the rush, which is a great at OLB, he is too slow to cover me! Rex also has no offensive clue, those weakness I can live with, the GM should have a hold of scouting the right players for his coach, which mean the GM should understand the coach system, the GM job is to get the coach what he needs. Also, Rex is a defense guy, he doesn’t need a offensive clue really, the GM needs to hire a OC that has one. I have a bigger with rex…

  34. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    My biggest problem with Rex is systematic, when rex first came in here he was a 3-4, 46, gang up and stop the run guy! now on 3 and long, he blitz 3 and drop linebackers in coverage??? after the many two playoff defeats to smart QB’s that figure out his blitz heavy defense, Payton especially, he has given up on what he believed. We are not built like the giant on defense, we do not have the pure pass rushers to only send four or 3 on third and long, and we do not have the defensive tackles to play the 4-3 defense. Every time a team goes into a 4 wide look, rex “counters” with a 4-3 looks, that means bart scott or/and Cavin Pace are covering receivers in open space, which also means Cro is not matched up man to man, its nonsense….

  35. By Ablity on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    if you are still reading my book, god help you…again prefect example 3 and long against Rivers and the chargers, on a key 3rd and long, we show a inside bliz, and drop 8 rush 3, of course, Rivers just waits it out, and after about 10 seconds finds a receiver behind the linebacker. Rex, go back to what you believe in, we have two pro bowl corner, and a future 3rd and 4 round pick corner, you can man up and blitz like we know you want to do, and we don’t need to try to trick QB’s, just man up, run your 46 and your 3-4, stop the run, and blitz, I love this system, you brought it here, it got us to two afc camp games, don’t change, just get the players to play it…in sum…2013 JETS SUPERBOWL, HAPPY NEWY3ARS!

  36. By sal cottone on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    First off What was Coles doing around locker room, didnt even know he was still around? We are all outsiders looking in, thats all we are. Will never know what is really going on except from what we hear from the beat guys. You cant believe anything Rex say’s, Thats why Magini never spoke, polite way of saying none of your business, or I cant tell you anything. With that said seeing Mangini get fired for staying with Favre, which killed the last season w/ Farve, after that great start, Got him fired, so it should of been done to Ryan..Mr. T and Magini built the playoff team (started by Parcells) that Rex & Mr.T dismanteled. Which is mess,to say the least..Fire one you fire both. This wont be fixed in one year. Not with Ryan involved.

  37. By sal cottone on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I hope Woody is Happy with the Tebow Circus and all the press coverage he wanted. I know the Giants are, this has taken the spot lite on how bad the Giants were last half this year (which may have hurt them), there is only a few games that seperate the teams in win loss, but other than record is all Jets, the embarresment of a organization that they are, and have become in the past 4 years. Woody Its embarresing to be a Jet Fan, thats how bad it has become, this is on you as a owner. Even Mr. Hess would not let management get this bad/

    Happy and Healthy New Year Randy

  38. By punchie on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I don`t care who our next GM is aslong as they stop all the media rush c#@p we need someone who will tell the media to go jump. because i for one am sick of letting every other team in the league into our players mindset and giveing the media a set to broadcast from practis sessions i mean C`MON MAN ……I would be happy if i did not hear anyting about our team except who we drafted who we released and who we signed in free agency security security security.

  39. By JOHN on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply


  40. By Bennett on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    HEY JOE.. YOU LISTENING… YOU UP YET MAN… Trent Dilfer – Brad Johnson – Doug Williams – Jim Plunket – Jeff Hostetler these are JUST SOME non “elite ” QB’s who WON A SUPER BOWL… YES JOE WON A SUPER BOWL… I repeat TRENT DILFER… want a list of non “elite” QB’s who got to the big game but FAILED TO WIN IT ? It’s long…. VERY LONG JOE… YOU HEARING ME MAN ???? I know WHAT YOUR GOING TO SAY… things have changed since then… I have two words for that TRENT DILFER

  41. By Bennett on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    HEY JOE.. Trent Dilfer played for 14 yrs he never, I mean NEVER broke 3000 yards throwing in a year…. not once in 14 yrs JOE. He had some really good ratings a nice 36,3 one year. One year he got sacked 47 times and he never I MEAN NEVER in 14 years had a completion rate of 60 % or more IN 14 YEARS NEVER BROKE 60 % JOE. He was also a human fumble machine and even beat Sanchez’s 40. HE WON A SUPERBOWL JOE…. won it Joe.

  42. By Bennett on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    HEY JOE ( Jimmy Hendricks ) HEY JOE WHAT YOU…. anyway how in the heck did Dilfer not only get to a Superbowl but win a Superbowl ? A strong, dominant, killer, scary, hairy, defense did it…. hairy, scary D. bro…fierce, relentless, hardhitting, make you pay when you make the play kind of defense. Who built and coached that D you skeptics ?

  43. By Bennett on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Whats the real deal Spicer

  44. By Jack on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Karen I don’t think there any preson out there that would be the right guy for the Jets GM job. Its just not easy to be a part of the New York Jets Executive Staff. The only preson that a good hand on what he was doing was Bill Parcells I would love to have him back as the GM, Executive Vice President just have him have totally control. What about Brain Billick . Billick and Rex Ryan works together in Baltimore and have win a Super Bowl together. MMMmmmm Mr Johnson are you reading my post?

  45. By Bennett on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Spicer not to beat this to death..but you conviently forgot to mention a few things about RG3. Along with “only” 20 pasiing TD’s he only had 5 interceptions and 3 fumbles. Also you failed to mention he rushed for 815 yards and had 7 rushing TD’s. How could you forget to include these facts in your post? Don.t you want to be fair ? How does this compare to the QB you championed for 31/2 long years in face of overwhelming evidence he was just plain bad ? Lets see 52 turnovers in 2 years versus a rookie I repeat a rookie. Come on man…. what are you doing…just when you started to make some sense in your posts you start again

  46. By rpetrulsky on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The Jets looked lethargic all season. They seemed slower and more confused than their opponents. They need to pick a GM that is opposite of Rex Ryan. Someone who is not a players best friend. It seems that we need to do a better job in the offseason preparing and conditioning our players. Rex’s bunch has not adjusted well to the new offseason rules since the bargaining agreement and the last 2 years have shown this lack of governance. The new GM must be the bully puplit and push Ryan into being a better coach, on and off the field! I do not see how much we can do in ’13’ with player personnel. The next GM needs to trade down and stockpile picks for ’14’.

  47. By Tom Spicer on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The 9th pick doesnt look so good when 7 of the 8 teams in front of us need a QB. Plus everything you read says this is a weak QB class coming out.

  48. By Tom Spicer on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I read the Jets asked for & were granted permisssion to speak to Marc Ross Giants director of college scouting & Tom Gamble 49ERS director of player personnel. They also have already spoke to Mike Maccagnan Texans director of college scouting.

  49. By Tom Spicer on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    3 big bowl games today South Carolina & Georgia are loaded with talent. Also the Wisconsin vs Stanford game has Montee Ball & Stepfan Taylor both good RB prospects for the Jets.

  50. By nytitan on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with you Karan I don’t think Polian would be a good fit. What concerns me is the fact that the HC is in tact, that’s not a slam on Rex but i’d think any legit GM whats to hire his own guy. Hope they look at Norv for OC and Charlie Joiner for wide receivers coach. Also there’s a tight end out of SDSU ( Escobar ) who can be had in the later rounds who is an absolute stud. Glad the season is finally over!
    Happy New Year to All!!

  51. By BillsJets on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Taking a look at the JETS 2013 schedule, If the JETS don’t go 10-6 or better, it will be another disappointing season. JETS please improve the O Line and pick up some good WR’s, and pick up someone of the Caliber of a J.J. Watts on Defense.

  52. By Anthony from Yonkers on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I do feel bady for Mr T, no questoin but I also feel its unfair as the Jets had needs and they were under the cap and yet they didnt spend any money to fix the team. Now if you were the GM and coach you want to do anything you can to get your team better but if your owner doesnt allow you to then how can you succeed? Prior to Rex getting here and the first 2 years they made moves to get better through free agency and did things to help Mark, LT, Holmes, Edwards but then in 2011 they did nothing but lose Edwards bting in Plaxico who couldnt get off the line of scrimmage and kept an aging LT. Although Mark S had his best statistical year he still wasnt as good as we needed him to be as our D also got old.

  53. By Bitter Blinka on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Listen folks I must repeat this point because I feel it is simple and true.

    Sanchez is woeful. If he plays like a 16th rated QB instead of a 30th QB, the defense is better, they are in the playoffs and no one is fired.

    One could say that Mr. T was responsible for picking him and should be held accountable, but I think Sanchez with the talent he had should have played much better. I have seen him play better. And he is capable of being a mediocre QB, not a poor QB.
    If Sanchez looks at himself in the mirror today and does not feel responsible for the people being fired…….shame shame shame.

  54. By Anthony from Yonkers on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I dont know how you can fault Mr T and not Woody. The nfl is every changing and when you have needs you need to spend and draft well and not bring in Tebow as your main acquisition. As for Rex, people say he is not a good coach well if we can get another coach to get us to 2 straight afc championships with a qb who has the most turnovers in the nfl I will sign up for that right now. Dont be so quick to throw Rex to the curb, imagine the Pats bringing him in a the d coordinator he will haunt us for years to come… One interesting landing spot for Rex if he did get fired after a new gm comes in is with the Eagles. How much fun would that be to watch him have to play the giants and try and finish the job buddy tried to finish…

  55. By Howie D on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Releasing T’baum is the right decision. Let’s hope his replacement is better, unlike the Sparano for Schotty move.

  56. By bill on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The one thing I hope the Jets franchise learns from the Mike T era:

    Don’t ever trade up for a qb again, unless he can throw it out of the stadium, is at least 6′-5″ and can scramble. Outside of that, you stay put and take what the draft gives you. Anything else is a bad decision. Period.

    Bill Belicheck never trades up and they got their franchise in the 6th round.

    College players are extremely difficult to evaluate, because they don’t play against nfl players and they are not finished growing or developing. Players that have peaked in college have good odds of not becoming stars. Tom Brady is the perfect example of this. So trading up for a stud is almost always a mistake, and if you are going to do it, he better be a god

  57. By Howie D on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Rex is still not out of the woods, and at the very least he should consider his reprieve a warning shot. He’s a great defensive coach, but very little in his record, to date, suggests that he has the qualities to be a great HC. This has to be a big learning experience for him and I think he’ll grow to be a better coach, but a new – objective – GM might arrive at a different conclusion.

  58. By MIKE on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Who the heck would even want the Jets GM job anyway? Usually GM’s taylor the team around what the GM wants as far as talent and coaching directions. Jets have a lost locker room, millions of dollars of guaranteed contracts to players whom they would normally try to cut or trade, amongst many other issues. Just don’t see the appeal to that position for the blue chip GM candidates.

  59. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    From Adam Schein’s utterly honest and brilliant column on the NFL site on why Rex should be fired, which I recommend to all: “Ryan worked hand-in-hand with Tannenbaum on shaping the Jets. He had more power than most head coaches. Ryan was convinced Sanchez had the talent and personality (which is laughable to think now, after Sanchez’s postgame press conferences this year) to handle New York and thrive. He wanted to draft Sanchez. He pushed for Tannenbaum to give him that contract after speculation arose that the Jets wanted Peyton Manning.” And there’s much, much more in this great piece.

  60. By Jet Fan Since '64 Ready for the Dream on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    What a marathon, Ablity! Good to hear all of your well-thought-out ideas on how to revamp the team. Bennett, I like your dissection of Spicer’s curious need to denigrate RG3 in favor of, of all people, Mark Sanchez. But I think beating Joe over the head with a terrible QB or 2 who’s won a SB is not only ahistorical but the very essence of Jet fans aiming low. It’s as if it’s beyond your imagination that the Jets could ever build a team the right way, like that guy said yesterday about doing it with an elite QB and thru the draft, resulting in a dynasty. Oh well, GaryC has trouble seeing that ever happening too. But I can remember when it was the Pats who were a joke and we were thought of as a perennial challenger for the SB…

  61. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The big problem with a new “GM” is going to be his relationship with “REX” as “HC”. I do not believe any new “GM” is going to allow REX to make any calls when it comes to Draft Picks or even free agency. If the new “GM” has the power to demote “REX” to “DC” and bring in a new “HC” that would be a good thing. But the way I am starting to see it we may have a hard time getting a decent “GM” because of MS and REX…

  62. By Jack on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    They said they will be looking for a Rex Ryan guy? So what better then to being in Bill Billick as the GM, They both coach together in Baltimore AND they win a SuperBowl together. There isn’t only good QB’s coming out it not even worst it take one in the 1st Rd’s. I have a feeling they will stick with Sanchez for more year or make a trade for one or in F/A. Jets really need to rebuild the offensive lines Jake Matthews OT/RT Texas A&M, Chance Warmack OG, Alabama, Jets could take a WR, with the 1st pick too Robert Wood USC, Keenan Allen Cal, or WR, Terrance Williams Baylor. TE, Tyler Eifert Notre Dame. Others DE, Barkevious Mingo LSU this guy is good, LB, Manti Teo Notre Dame. 2nd Rd OT/G, Dallas Thomas. Jets could take a QB in the 2nd

  63. By Jack on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Jets could take a QB, in the 2nd or 3rd Rd’s, J.A McCarron or Collen Klein But I think Jets should stay with Sanchez and hope to get the 1st Pick in 2014 drafts and take QB, Johnny Manziel or they will need to trade up for him that if Manziel come out early.

  64. By GaryC on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Jetfantom,Maybe now the jets can build through the draft that Tanny is gone,no more trading of picks,going for that one big over the hill name that’s out there,I will believe more when the jets chuck Scott,Pace and others out.

  65. By IRA on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    There is no reason why the Jets can’t get back to being a winning team in 013. IF they make the right hire for GM and through free agency and the draft add 5 or 6 players in positions they need they will get back on track. Biggest key is the QB spot and unless they can trade for an established QB i would bring in M Moore and let him battle it out with Sanchez IF they can’t move Sanchez. There is a lot of work and questions to be asked but if this years team won 6 games its not a stretch to get back to 9 wins.
    GO JETS!!!!

  66. By Byrdman on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Seattle employed the same firm Woody is using for his GM search.
    Looking at how fast that team turned into a “machine” should encourage us here. I’m thinking a bright young rising star in one of the 6 best teams scouting dept’s could be what the doctor ordered for Jets future.
    The #9 pick this year is perfect, we should shop Cromartie, Harris and Wilson around for several additional picks. Trade Cro? Yes, his value has maxed out this year. Harris has almost disappeared after getting paid Ray Lewis money! The great NFL GM’s find Hall of Fame caliber talent in the 3rd,4th and 5th rounds – lets stock up on these draft picks that Tanny used to give away like party favors!

  67. By SCfromNY on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    A new GM can either become “evecutive of the year” in 2014 or the shortest tenured GM in history.

    Ability: WOW you think a lot of yourself. 11 full posts unless you are secretly Parcells no one cares that much.

    I thought we stopped with the great Rex and his two AFC Champ. games. He inherited a great D which even he was unable to mess up, an all pro OL, good WRs, and all he did was stand back and make jokes. When he had to evaluate and replace players it all fell apart. he is not a HC at this time. Hell, Bellichick failed at first. Maybe next time.

  68. By Byrdman on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    The way I see it Rex is on parole next year – He claims to be a bigtime D coach… I’m saying PROVE IT Rex ! Cut all your’e old buddies draft 3 new starters on defense and coach em up ! If the new GM hires a creative, well organised OC who wants to bring our offense into the 21st century just STAY OUT OF THE WAY Rex. If we draft a QB (not in 1st rd) and bring in a journeyman – If your OC tells you either one of these guys is a better QB than Sanchez, BELIEVE HIM, you don’t have a great track record with that position, you’ve said it yourself, you don’t know much about offense! Jets could be a contender with an innovative OC, 3-4 exciting, play-making rookies and if Rex will just focus on the Defense.

  69. By GaryC on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    I will throw a name out there that no one has thought about,What about Mark May,he has won with the Redskins as a player,knows the college football players being that he has the Espn gig and seems to be pretty intelligent.If nothing else let him head up the college scouting dept,couldn’t be worse then what we have now.

  70. By Jake on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    Stefon Taylor out of Stanford is a kid to watch. Living in the northwest I’ve seen a lot of him this year in pac-12 games. I don’t know if he is worth a 9 pick but if we can back into mid/late first round to take him I think he might be the answer at RB. We’ll have to watch his pro-day and combine. I hope this off season doesn’t disappoint, I (as do most) want to see sweeping changes to this whole organization. The first step was accomplished though. Mr T. you had some good years, but as the cliche goes “what have you done for me lately?” and lately you’ve really left this team in a horrible spot.

  71. By Stevescs on Jan 1, 2013 | Reply

    As I read some of the comments on this blog re: MS not having the talent to throw to, I have to say it ‘s not the problem. If a receiver is open, and I don’t care if he’s Mickey Mouse, and you can’t get the ball to him, then that is the QB’s fault. How many times has MS completely missed open receivers by under throwing, over throwing, throwing behind them or not seeing them open? It was countless times during the season. And in my opinion, the first thing that needs to be addressed is the offensive line. I don’t care who the qb is, or who the rb’s or wr’s are, they will not be successful if your O line can’t run block or pass protect. Like many of you, I hope the Jets decide to build through the draft and give this team more youth.

  72. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Heading for the Light with George Harrison on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Cimini tries to make a big deal over 51% on ESPN saying Rex should be fired, but that includes folks across the country who hope he’ll stay so we’ll stay awful. Here’s more telling numbers from the DAILY NEWS: “As for Rex Ryan, his Broadway star has faded. Even after the coach insisted that when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, News readers have evidently grown tired of his shtick. A full 58% will be disappointed that he’s keeping his job. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine didn’t fare much better at 57%, while legendary special teams coach Mike Westhoff is being sent into retirement with 53% cheering his departure.” Let’s see how thrilled a new GM is with Rex and for how long — if Woody can find one worth hiring, that is.

  73. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Another pt from Schein’s NFL site column that supports my belief that Rex could still be gone early in 2013: “What legit general manager candidate would take this job and inherit Rex? Think about the dynamic for next season. The Jets aren’t close to competing with the New England Patriots and winning the AFC East. This off-season calls for the Jets to be re-shaped while the cap ramifications of Tannenbaum’s bad deals are handled. The new GM should want to stockpile talent and build the team smartly. Ryan, on the other hand, will be coaching for his job; he’ll favor band-aid-type solutions, even though surgery is what the Jets need.” Make that MAJOR surgery, Adam!

  74. By Bennett on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Firing that GM was a very necessary first step however this does nothing to improve the preformance of what is on the field. Dumb penalities, poor basics, missed assignments, same dumb mistakes week in and week out, poor blocking, “grab ” type tackles all signs of a poorly coached team right down the line. Fundamentals are where you have to start, the team needs a lot of basic work

  75. By Bennett on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Shoone Greene 276 attempts 1063 yrds 3.85 average – RG3 120 attempts 815 yards 6.8 average. You want to use an example than use some other QB just sounds dumb. The Skins made the right move. You think the Rams ( ? ) wish they had it back ?

  76. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    It would take the NYJ to mess up on getting a GM. What GM in his right mind would want to take Ryan as his coach? The New GM must start from scratch. Rebuild the staff with people that have the same insight. Woody Johnson / Rex Ryan cancelling interviews? what the heck is going on here? I don’t get it. Maybe Woody just doesn’t have the heart to fire Rex and will have the new GM do it? This team needs to start looking at bright Offensive and Defensive coaches from teams like niners and texans.

  77. By Jack on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    This team needs to start looking at bright offensive & defensive coaches from teams like 49ERS not like Texas more like the Packers and the Pats

  78. By GaryC on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    JetFanTom,just remember,you were one of the first guys who wanted Nnamdi here to team with Revis and you were on board with Plastico also,I for one have always been for the draft,and this isn’t revisionist history,the fans don’t have the patience in most cases to build and maybe Rex,Tanny and Woody didn’t either,I do not follow these college games and throw out names because I do not want to see Jets build threw draft.

  79. By FL Uncle Joe on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I wish someone would conduct a Dump or Keep poll on the Beat Writers. I listen and watch Ryan and other interviews and then read the Beat Writer’s reports andt hey alway’s manage a negative spin. They’ve got it made covering Ryan. Try covering the Patriots and Billy B.
    Woody is a great owner he gives the team everything.

  80. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    It is going to be very hard to find a good GM when the owner says we are keeping Rex. Most GM’S are going to want to hire there own coach. Also even thou Sparano should be gone he probably wont be because he has 2 years left on his deal. The owner is to cheap to get rid of him & eat his contract. Now that I think about it that is probably the reason that Rex is coming back as well he has 2 years left on his deal.

  81. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Bennett, To answer your question (I guess you did not read my post in the prior story) Jet vs Bill first half tweets) I am not comparing RG3 to Sanchez never have. I was saying as an example that numbers wise RG3 has not done much this year he only had 20 passing TDS. You said I forgot his 7 rushing TDS I did not forget them. I was told repeatedly on this site by Tom 64 that rushing TDS for a QB do not count. So if Sanchez 6 rushing TDS dont count for him last year than RG3’s 7 rushing TDS dont count for him this year you cant have it both ways. Either they count for both guys or they dont count for both guys. RIGHT TOM 64?

  82. By harry-o on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    if the new GM does not make a statement by replacing some coaches and dumping some players because he listens to Rex and Woody then it will be another weak draft and a 6-10 season in 2013.
    cancer surgery means removing all of it.
    Rex’s mind set is still there, he ‘s not changing.
    replacing the GM and not the HC is like changing your cars oil but not the filter.
    and as we all know when it’s time to find a new HC coach it will be slim pick’ns
    cuase they waited too long.

  83. By Viveca on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    We’re overlooking the biggest problem…Woody Johnson and his terrible leadership of this team. He pressed for Tebow and then watched as his man
    never was given the oppurtunity to play.The Tebow experiment added to the circus atmosphere surrounding this team. Now we’re looking for a GM but keeping the HC. Isn’t that a red flag for any competent GM? My hope is that he sells this team to an owner who cares more about winning than making a splash with the media.

  84. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I can see Keller going to NE…..Greene going to Pittsburgh…..Scott going to Detroit…Pace going back to Cards/NYG. B.Thomas going to NE or Chicago. That’s my take…

    Would like to see on Off. M.Moore/QB – R.Bush/RB – J.Cribbs/WR/PR. All cheap.
    Def. S.Phillips/OLB chargers. Re-sign Laron Landry / Maybe Osi/DE/OLB?

    Draft Future QB in later rounds. Draft RB in 1st rd. Lattimore?

  85. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Also again for those like JOE CAPS. Sanchez was terrible this year no doubt. We need to find a franchise QB for the long term to lead this team. But Sanchez was / is shell shocked from the beating he took last year. He is significantly worse this year than he was in 2010 & 2011. You dont get worse at 25 you either stay the same or get better. The reason he has gotten worse is because the team around him is worse. In 2010 he had 13 total turnovers for the year. That is a VERY good number so he can do it he just needs the talent around him. Last year he had 26 passing TDS 6 more than the already ELITE RG3 according to some. He also had 6 rushing TDS or 32 total TDS (rushing TDS dont count for a QB according to Tom 64) so we will stick with

  86. By GaryC on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    JetFantom,as an appendage to my first posting,remember when you said that Rex being here would bring a lot of free agents here with the added endorsements that they would recieve,as if the jets had signed Gina Lollibridgida .

  87. By GaryC on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Bennett,the rams already had Sam Bradford,ANOTHER ELITE YOUNG QUARTERBACK,what were they going to do with him.and stop giving running stats about a quarterback,they don’t last long if they keep running.Look at Vick.

  88. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    the 26 as his number. So again he can do it the problems are as follows 1 the team around him is significantly worse 2 he has gotten no better he keeps making the same mistakes. It is clearly time to move on from him but I thougth he would have gotten better over time similar to other QBS which he did not. I never said he would be ELITE but I did think he would get better & that we could win with him. With Kerley as your #1, Schielins as your #2, Cumberland as your TE & Greene as your #1 RB. You could be Brady & you are not going to the Super Bowl with that. To put it in perspective. Kerley our #1 WR this year in 2010 would have been our #4 behind Holmes, Braylon & Cotchery. That is how bad the talent has gotten at the skill postions.

  89. By JetBlu on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Check the box for getting rid of woeful GM. Hopefully Woody hires a GM with insight enough to convince him that Rex has to go. The way a team plays on the field is a direct reflexion on the HC. Rex didn’t prepare this team to play the good teams early on, and did even a worse job preparing them to play the soft schedule down the stretch. Certain players may say they love Rex, but you won’t hear that in NE about BB. You’re not supposed to love your HC, you’re supposed to play hard for him, and for the team. This team is fractured and that’s on Rex. He’s got no game plan other than to stumble his way thru a press conference as if it was a eulogy – which it kinda was. Any respectable GM will want to show the door to Rex & MS.

  90. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Allen O’Dane, If your looked at my posts you will see I am in total agreement with you… A new “GM” is going to want to pick his staff including a “HC”. Johnson said “REX” would be back next year. If you read Johnson’s post he does not say anything about him being a “HC” which makes me wonder if his intentions and meaning are “REX” being the “DC” which I am totally for. “REX” as “DC” is excellent. That is why I feel the new “GM” will demote “REX” to “DC”. Lets look at some of the offensive players coming out this year. OT-Luke Joeckel, OLB-Jarvis Jones, OLB-Barkevouss Mingo, OT-Jake Mathews. This is just some to mention. I am all for trading some players to get draft picks. Every time I look at Indie and the Vikes and how they

  91. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    built there teams into winners it was through the draft. It’s time the “JETS” did the same. So lets hope we obtain a great “GM”. I know this is dreaming but bring in “GRUDEN” and make him “GM and HC”…

  92. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    San Franciscos Tom Gamble is a good candidate …Considering the talent he has gathered for the niners . We can trade Santonio immediately and Tebow , Sanchez all are on the table … But not Braylon , Keller , Revis , Mangold they are not to be traded …

  93. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Tannenbaum lost me when he took that corner over Gronkowski in the draft ..An All American , sure fire , Tight end …And Sanchez I personally didn’t think was going to be tough enough for the AFC East . ( I was wrong ) he was tough enough , just not smart enough .

  94. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Bill Parcells for new GM ..If he only has 1/ 10th of what he used to be …

  95. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    We better spend this whole next draft on Offense . And we better not go for another stinkin corner …

  96. By stu on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Draft Clowney from SC if hes available, Sign Kiawanuka. Go to a 4-3. Move up in the second to draft Monte Ball, and in the later round, Logan Thomas of VT. he had a terrible senior year but could be the steel of the draft. Has Rothlesburgers size and arm.

  97. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Some very ,very important decisions have got to be made or that billion dollar stadium is going to sit empty… Because what we have now is sickening , and unwatchable …

  98. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Famous coach once said…” If you want me to cook dinner, you have to allow me to buy the groceries”…..

  99. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I HOPE TO GOD WE DON”T BRING IN NORV TURNER FOR OC …That would just be the icing on the cake …I would rather have Kotite back …

  100. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    What is Jay Cutlers deal with chicago maybe we could score him for a cash and trade deal ….

  101. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I would trade Sanchez and tebow to raiders for lienart …

  102. By Karan on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I couldn’t care less about Greene, Scott, Pace and Thomas returning, hope they will not. Not being rude to those guys, just saying its really time to move on from them. I would however, like to see Keller return and love to see Landry be re-signed. The Giants and many others including NE will pursue Landry, he is an incredible talent, Jets MUST re-sign this guy.

  103. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    This team needs a complete re-vamp . The chemistry is just not there . That includes players , coaches , everyone . Get rid of even the ball boys , and security guards . Repaint the walls … We don’t want any reminders of this cursed mess . We need a whole new attitude . And anyone that doesn’t like it can hit the door …..

  104. By Karan on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Jets to interview Ex-Browns GM as a possible GM candidate. I’m just shaking my head on this one.

  105. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Of Rex’s failure to speak to the press since Sunday, Cimini writes: “Clearly, something fishy is going on.” And he speculates: “What’s going on at One Jets Drive? Two possibilities: Management is muzzling Ryan until a new GM is hired or Ryan is so ticked off at the current situation (Tannenbaum fired, Tony Sparano status, etc.) that he refuses to speak.” The irony is almost too rich and while the best I can say is I hope Rex isn’t having some kind of health problem, I certainly am glad to see him stop talking. And if he’s upset enough at the new situation to actually resign, I’m all for it. The irony in that case would be Woody having to be dragged with wild horses before realizing that there is no way to truly rebuild without losing Rex.

  106. By Karan on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Agree with JetFan Tom 64 that next season will most likely be a rebuilding mode talent-wise. The Jets have MAJOR problems and they need to fix it. That process could take a while, perhaps one season. However, I also agree with IRA at the same time that don’t rule out a possible playoff run if the talent can get good enough next season. Only reason I possibly agree with the latter is because the 49ers have done it. Even though it was Harbaugh’s leadership that took them to the playoffs, they still invested in a lot of talent. And Rex has bought this team to the playoffs before. What the Jets need now is time and a lot of investment. They need a lot more talent at the right positions and then they are set for takeoff like they were in 2010.

  107. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    GaryC, Ira, and Byrdman, I agree with you about turning the team around thru the draft and a few smart pickups, but it all starts with getting real at the QB position. Moore or somebody like that as a stopgap, OK, but that certainly won’t fool me (much less Joe CAPS!). GaryC, I don’t claim my record is perfect — after all, I let Rex talk me into Sanchez on draft day! But wanting Aso or tolerating Plax is nothing compared to wanting or tolerating Sanchez after his pitiful showing in the PIT playoff, and contrary to Spicer’s terrific memory that’s when I started making noises about another QB. So overall I sleep well at night, especially since I also advocate really changing Jet culture with a new owner such as Martin and moving back to NY.

  108. By 40 year fan , John on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    64 Tom – It’s open heart surgery , and the heart is not beating at all …The monitor audio BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….

  109. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Absolutely right, Spice, in my view. They can talk all they want about read-option QBs but the talk will stop when they end up like Vick, beat up at 33, while Brady and Peyton are still MVPs into their late 30s. There was a great piece on the NFL site where a NFL exec said read-op QBs will take about 160 more hits than pocket QBs in only their 1st yr or 2 so how do they drive the franchise for long? Allan, congrats on your remark about Woody letting the GM fire Rex, as we all know (all of us who’ve worked for large corporations or other such organizations) that kind of thing happens all the time. Even Obama let Susan Rice and Lisa Jackson hang themselves, which is what politicians in DC and elsewhere do. Viveca, love your entire post!

  110. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    GaryC, I stopped with the Rex-will-attract FAs angle in his 3rd yr, which is also the yr I started seriously questioning Rex and Sanchez. At this pt, it’s obvious no one will want to come here as long as either are here — I’m not sure anybody wants to come here as long as Woody is here! Spice, there’s no doubt Mr T didn’t help MS enough the last 2 yrs, you’ll recall my 2-yr running tirade about a RT, backup C, etc. But it’s not just numbers and roster, those of us who WATCH THE GAMES CLOSELY, which you say you do, have also been ticking off the flaws in MS’s mindset and game for 2 yrs now. I don’t have to see any more to know this guy isn’t going to ever be close to elite. Mr T and Rex deserve to be fired for peddling that nonsense alone.

  111. By Byrdman on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Spicer – Agree with your point about Woody keeping Rex around, it’s ALL about the money! In regards to whether a great OC/QB coach can “fix” Sanchez provided the GM acquires all the right O-line and skill positions – Disagree, those playoff teams were loaded, 09 and 10 was our window to win it all – Sanchez couldn’t get it done. The O-line was a top 5 unit and MASKED many of Marks deficiencies, zero pocket awareness is the kiss of death for an NFL QB. We can’t “PUT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER” from 09/10 – maybe Sanchez can resurrect his career in Cleveland or Arizona, I’ll believe it when I see it :D

  112. By GaryC on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I made a statement awhile ago about Rex’s insecurity issues and it seems to have come to fruition with his disappearing act.Seeing that Sparano and Tanny are gone,he feels he is now surrounded by those who want to do away with him also.

  113. By GaryC on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Allan O’Dane, if those are the guys leaving for other teams I just got an added Christmas gift.

  114. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    JetBlu, nice clear-eyed post on Rex. NY football fans are so into Pacino, DeNiro, THE GODFATHER, etc. that it amazes me that no one on this site has ever quoted A BRONX TALE with “Is it better to be respected or loved?” THIS IS PRO FOOTBALL, FOLKS, NOT A TOUCHY-FEELY SUPPORT GROUP! WHAT DO I CARE HOW MUCH A BUNCH OF OVERPAID QUITTERS “LOVE REX” IF THEY WON’T PLAY HARD FOR HIM IN THE BIG OR LITTLE GAMES? Jeez, this is so un-New York I can’t believe it! I assign a bunch of you to go to VIPizza on Bell Blvd, then the White Castle on Bell and Northern, grouse about the Jets all day, and emerge as true New York sports fans! And then go to the Vanguard to drown your sorrows in a night of more food, drink, and good jazz. (Wish I could do all that!

  115. By Byrdman on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    JetBlu – Yeah, I think you’re right about Rex. He won over players who were here under the stern disciplinarian (Mangini) and in 09&10 he was able to motivate a middle of the pack assortment of talent into the playoffs. I speculated on radar that Ryan’s glory days here and in Balt. were mainly with talent that someone else acquired. The depth and overall talent in NY peaked in 2010 and now we are all coming to grips with who and what Rex really is. Woody is a business man, he looks at the bottom line dollars – I’m sure that’s why Rex and Sparano (I’ll Vomit) won’t be fired by Mr Johnson himself. – It would KILL Woody to pay Ryan to shine seats with his butt on the ESPN or NFL network.

  116. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    40 year fan, your post with “Repaint the walls” is the funniest one I’ve read on this site in months! (Talk about taking a comedy notion to the end of the line!)

  117. By Byrdman on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Is anyone else here getting tired of the ENDLESS “Elite” QB debates. (groan)
    This blog is interesting and fun to read when we’re responding to Randy’s articles or the latest Jet debacle :D but, Boring and Monotonous to read the same argument 1000 times over; IT TAKES AN ELITE QB TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL vs A GOOD QB can win it all with a GREAT TEAM around him.
    Does anyone here think Eli Manning is better (more ELITE:) than Tom Brady? I don’t think Eli could carry Brady’s lunch, BUT he beat the Pats in 2 SB’s because he and the other 10 players on his offence were slightly better THAT DAY than the competition. The 11 determined (couple pro-bowlers) Giants D players were slightly better than arguably the best QB ever and his team!

  118. By Byrdman on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Lets make a New Years resolution or two here on Radar,,,
    Before you post a comment – Proofread It :D If it doesn’t make sense to you the author of the thing, it probably won’t make any kind of sense to us either!
    Don’t post the SAME exact comments more than 10 times over – WE GET IT!
    If you or your best friend is a former player/coach/trainer/Jet locker room janitor that’s FANTASTIC, CONGRATULATIONS!! Just don’t assume it gives your point any more validity than mine does, or any of the other opinions on Radar. Is that fair?

  119. By Jack on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    My mistake I meant to say Jets should make a run at Brian Billick for the GM, job for the Jets. I heard Jets are interviewing Tom Heckert browns ex, GM, God I hope they don’t get him. Others on the list that could be a good fits for the Jets GM, job are. Brian Billick because he a Rex Ryan guy. Mike Holmgren, we know he a good HC, Eagles ex GM, Howie Roseman, Chicago Bears ex, GM Phil Emery, Kansas City GM, Scott Pioli . There 5 Ex, GM, that Woody Johnson should be interviewing.

  120. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Gary C, Unless you know something that we all dont Sparano is still the OC

  121. By Tom Spicer on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    JOE CAPS, I am glad you can name some good RB’S but the problem is this for every great RB that did not win a title. I can name a great QB that did not win a title. I am not going to list the many MANY of them but I will give you 1 Dan Marino 1 of the greatest QBS of all time did not win the Super Bowl. Now if the QB was the only thing that mattered I am pretty sure he would have won 1.

  122. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Well..it looks like Atlanta maybe in the running for Keller. Makes sense. He’ll be a superstar with Ryan throwing him the ball. He’s got close ties to Georgia area. Tony Gonzalez to retire. Might be a better fit for him there anyway. I like Fred Davis or the kid from Tenn. Jared Cook. It’s simply time to move on from Sanchez/Greene/Keller.
    40yrold fan, I like Jay Cutler…but I don’t think he will be able to handle NY media

  123. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    The greatest Linebackers to play this game. Butkus – Taylor – Lewis……Nuff said
    One of the greatest LB’s to play the game is going to retire. I said it once…and I will say it again….when Rex was hired as HC for NYJ he went to the wrong house at midnight…the door he should have been knocking should have said “MR.LEWIS”….Patrick Willis you are up next…..

  124. By the former ron alexander now Ronbo19 on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    ABILITY, Please think a little before posting so much nonsence! Your talent evaluations are off the charts as there is just about nobody you suggested we keep worth anywhere near the money you suggest.

  125. By Byrdman on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Allan – To me Ray Lewis is the best LB of the modern era.
    The fact that Ray did not follow Rex to NY, in my opinion suggests that Lewis had more confidence that the Ravens under Harbaugh could win a SB before the Jets under Ryan.

  126. By Bennett on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    Gary C Where did the Rams finish ? What are the Skins doing this week ? I will post any stat I feel like anytime I feel like… just skip mine… I always skip yours.. just happened to see my name otherwise no interest in what you post

  127. By Rickie New York on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    2 words: WAYNE HUNTER! The guy led the team in sacks allowed AND penalties in 2011 and Mike T did NOTHING to improve the position – until his incompeitence was put on display on national tv this pre-season! RT was a GLARING weakness he IGNORED. Remember Hunter had the fight w/ Santonio – wonder what Holmes said: “what are you doing?” “Youre getting our QB killed”, and they make him look like the bad guy, please! Rex can only coach what he has just like Sanchez can only throw to whos there. Sure T got us guys like Revis and Harris, but he aso used 1st rounders on V Gholston and K Wilson (yes i said it). This team needs O line, WR and LB help fast. The lack of sacks is DISTURBING. We need some new pieces.

  128. By Rickie New York on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    First thing they need to do is RESIGN Keller!!! Next thing is to fire M Cavanaugh – you know, the QB coach that has helped Sanchez (not) develop. I’d like to see our top 2 FA moves be a real FS, L Delmas from Det ( watch the way he stayed with Julio jones double move step for step – we NEED a safety that can cover like that AND hit hard), and another really good TE to run some 2 TE sets with Keller, top choice being Jared Cook, if not then F Davis or maybe Finley. Build the rest thru the draft and pleeease let Davis replace Bart Scott already, he has slowed WAY down. Resign Braylon and with him Keller and Holmes you have GOOD players that have CHEMISTRY with Sanchez – the constant turnover at WR is a problem – no continuity – which is HUGE.

  129. By JetBlu on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    T64: Good call on the “A Bronx Tale” reference. Exactly what I was thinking.
    Byrdman: I live in MD and can tell you that Ravens Fans know who built that defense (Marvin Lewis) and who who kept it going over the years (Ray Lewis). All Rex did was keep what was already in place. His forte, if he had one, was coaching the D-line. Hard to believe now but that was what he did most of his “career”.
    Jack: You don’t want Brian Billick as a GM. He got run out of Baltimore for the same reasons Rex should be fired. Horrible talent evaluator. Big ego. Won’t admit when he makes a mistake. Billick was brought into Baltimore to boost the offense. He did just the opposite and was exposed as a fraud when it came to QBs. Sound familiar?

  130. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Thank you Mr.T for another faux-pas during the draft. I know there were a few supporters and a few nay-sayers on Vontaze Burfciet. But I was one of those guys who said this kid just needs the right coach. Looking at this young man play in AZ he reminds me of a young Ray Lewis but he had some issues. Now…Marvin Lewis picked him in the draft. Why?…mmmmm…maybe because he also reminded him of a certain player. So right now…Vontaze leads the bengals in tackles and is getting high praise around the league. Ok…Now..In this years draft NYJ should pick offensive skill position players only! QB/WR/RB….in the first 3 rounds..I say take a chance on this kid Lattimore in the second rnd.

  131. By the former ron alexander now Ronbo19 on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    KLECKO FAN, as usual,well done my man. You make a great point about the ‘cap” issues. Like you I believe an astute G.M. can manage this problem well enough to compete. IRA, as always I love your optimism, wish I had as much as you do, but yeah, a few good moves plus a capable Q.B would make a lot of difference. Dustin Keller is not nor will he ever be a difference maker at T.E. He is simply too short at 6-1 1/2 and his recent injury history indicates a player in decline. like Cumbrerlin he was originally a college W.R who shifted to T.E as he was not fast enough. BYRDMAN, you have made so many great points here today i dont know where to start.The endless “Elite” debates do need to be retired! Enough already!

  132. By GaryC on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Bennett,you need to take a chill pill,don’t know about your affection to RG3 and could care less,and don’t read my posts,I could care less about that also.I have only posted on this site for about three years and have good back and forth with some of the posters,but this isn’t my life,if it is yours and you take this that seriously,good luck to the rest of your life.

  133. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Allan I agree with you that we should re-vamp the offense. But I feel we should start by drafinting offensive linemen such as: Jarvis Jones- OLB – Georgia; Barkevous Mingo – OLB – LSU; Jake Mathews – OT – Texas A&M; I can name a lot more that will be available including QB Gino Smith of West Virginia as well as RB Giovani Smith from NC… Some of these players will be available in the second round. I hope yhe new GM is smart enough to make some trades to bring in some of these draftee’s. As for McElroy at QB he really has not had a chance at playing. However. The new GM should bring in someone to compete because “MS IS NOT THE ANSWER”. I honestly do not believe he is even tradable based on his performance. But if we can get some

  134. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply


    second round draft picks for TT, MS, and another 1st round pick it sure would be nice….

  135. By JetBlu on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Rickie NY: You could bring back Don Maynard, Jerome Barker, Wesley Walker & Al Toon in their prime and Sanchez would make the same mistakes. Good QBs work with WRs in practice so that they have a rythym. Payton Manning has a whole core of new receivers and he seems to have found a way complete passes to them all – most of whom we never heard of before. MS cannot play QB in this league. He has too many flaws, most glaringly his low football IQ. Top that off with Rex who has no clue how to run an offense and we’re looking at the same results next year. Unless we replace Rex with a real HC, and MS with a real QB, we won’t be seeing any continuity on this team – or free agents wanting to play here any time soon.

  136. By JetBlu on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Seems like some of us are getting a little heated over what others may or may not have said in the past….or what they meant…..or who said it first. If we had a team to be proud of we’d be posting (and boasting) about all the great things our team was going to do in the playoffs. But we can’t do that because we are tethered to a team with long-standing issues of incompentance that revert back to the SOJ syndrome. Those of us who got to experience that SB victory against the mighty Colts know what it’s like to feel that exuberance. But it’s now been too many years of frustration since we felt it. This organization needs to change. Just look at the teams that are climbing. You won’t see a bumbling HC & a mistake prone QB. It’s time.

  137. By Byrdman on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Allan – I was sitting here on draft day screaming for Jets to grab Burfict in the 5th or 6th rd. You know- the rounds where T-Rex typically pick some fat stumble-bum lineman nobody ever heard. I could be wrong but I think Burfict was an undrafted free agent? The primary reasons why he plummeted – He was labeled a “malcontent” and looked out of shape at the combine, You don’t want a QB or RB who you’ve got to bail out of jail :D They miss too much practice – BUT, give me a mean sob LB with some behavior issues any day -those guys take their anger and frustrations out on your opponents QB’s and RB’s
    Heard Lattimore is a HUGE risk – I’m thinking he’ll still be on the board in the 7th round.

  138. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Yeah, JetBlu, part of what irks me about Rex is that while he talks big, he’s one of the weakest HC’s we’ve ever had when it comes to speaking the truth, being honest about players, and getting results. For those of you who are posting about who goes well with Sanchez and Rex, please stop, they’re not remotely the future. MS is just an overpaid bust that we’re trying to figure out how to get rid of. Rex is just the poster boy for an outdated approach to football that has utterly failed and Woody, a few steps behind the rest of us, hasn’t figured out how to catch up with the times yet. As soon as the real GM candidates start telling him that they won’t take the job until he gets real, Woody will wake up and do so.

  139. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo, the elite QBs posts will continue, including from me, until we get one. JetBlu nails it on saying how Sanchez couldn’t execute unless you had the best Jet receivers of all time and yeah, if Rex had Lance Alworth, Warren Wells, and Wesley Walker in the slot, he’d still be giving press conferences after 28-9 losses and saying, “If it was up to me, I’d just run the ball…” I’m not surprised that he’s not in town and FINALLY not talking to the media. He’s terrified at the prospect of Woody venturing out of this cocoon that Mr T and Rex built for him and coming back next wk to say, “Whaddya know, folks tell me the NFL is about O these days!” After which Rex begins his exodus from the NFL and good riddance!

  140. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    1964Frank, I am right there with you. I like all of those players. Hopefully they will draft players that we NEED instead of the sexy pick. Byrdman you are correct Vontaze was undrafted…Cincy gave him a $1000.00 sign on bonus ( Not kidding ). All he wanted was a chance. So lewis picked him as his on personal project with little risk had him drop 15-25 lbs. Gave this young something to focus on. Now he is on a VERY good LB corp in Cincy. Lattimore maybe a huge risk because of his leg injury…but man-o-man can this kid run! Just watch his highlights on youtube…it may change your mind…Jets would be foolish not to pick him up if he falls that late on draft day.

  141. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Mr.Johnson, Good luck on finding a GM that will want Rex as his HC. and having to keep Sanchez. He will ride the bench like Matt Flynn and 2014 he will be gone. We can’t afford to cut him and if we trade him the NYJ will have to take on a majority of that contract ( way to go MR.T ). So the NYJ will have to do the samething seattle has done and keep a very expensive #2 on the bench. This team does not need another qb to play game manager. Good luck on trying to find good players to come over here while this team is looks like a laughing stock. I don’t want a players coach. I want a coach who wants to win and could care less about hurting your feelings. You have a job to do. Do it…if you can’t, someone else will…it’s plain and simple.

  142. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Either Bell or Landry must be re-signed. NYJ can’t lose both. Devito deserves to be back…but I can also see NE swooping in on him. BB likes players like Big Mike. This team lacks leadership letting a guy like Devito go won’t do the lockeroom any good. We need guys like him. It’s good to have at least 1 solid vet at each unit. Revis for secondary…Harris for LB corp. Devito for the DL and Mangold on the OL. Edwards is the only WR that I see is at least trying to mature.

  143. By Byrdman on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    When you think about all the pampering, rose petals, hugs and guarantees Mark received from Rex with respect to his security as the starter Consider this…
    Bruce Smith was asked once what motivated him each training camp (Yeah BRUCE freaking SMITH) “Every year a dozen young hotshots come in here trying to take my job, I don’t want to sit down long enough to give the coaches time to think, that rookie who went in for Smith looks pretty good” Think about THAT!
    If this was how Bruce looked at it, one of the most amazing DE’s of all time, felt he was replaceable – Why should Mark Sanchez be given a sense of ENTITLEMENT to his job?

  144. By Dr. Frank Falcone, Jr. on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    and a good pedigree. Maybe we should see if he is worthwhile and not draft any QB this year. We need OL badly! We need LB’s badly! We need another TE that can block and catch passes as well as a breakaway RB. So many holes to fill, we may need to trade draft picks and stockpile them for next year’s draft and chalk 2013 as an evaluation of existing talent year. Yes, I said it, clean house this year, evaluate talent and clean out the rest of the crap next year to get draft picks. Also, we need to trade some of our talent for picks. Dare I say we trade Cromartie or even Revis for a boatload of picks? How about trading Harris or Kyle Wilson? McKnight?, Holmes(we don’t need him anyway)? We need a plan and must follow it. Pats have

  145. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Offense linemen are what we need, we also need an inside/outside RB like Giovani Smith from NC or Eddie Lacey from Alabama. The 2012 Season is over, it’s time for management to start building for the 2013 season and the way I feel about free agents vs. DRAFTEE’S is this. FREE AGENTS are looking for high salaries and most bomb out on another team. Keeps the salary cap down and above all brings in young players and depending on what round they are drafted in lower salaries. To accomplish this we need a “GM” and a “HC” willing to rebuild…I am in agreement with KAREN, get rid of Green, .Scott, Pace and Thomas, for draft picks as well as TT. As for MS maybe he will do better on another team, but with his performance who wants him is the

  146. By Dr. Frank Falcone, Jr. on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    been good for years following Belechick’s system. We need a system like that in place to keep us at the top for a while.

  147. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    is the big question. AS for REX, I am not sure of any person coming in as “GM” is going to want him to be a “HC”. This is going to be interesting. I know if it’s someone like Gruden or Cowher, there is “NO WAY”. So REX you may be demoted to “DC” which would be a good thing. From watching over the years new GM’S coming to a team they want to bring some of there own staff with them. So this is going to be interesting to see how it pans out with a new “GM”.

  148. By scjoe on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Byrdman, yea, I am right there with you on Burfict! For the life of me I can not figure out why they didn’t invest a 5th, 6th, or 7th rounder, OR a compensatory pick on this guy. Just consider who they DID invest those picks on! I thought early in the process he would be a 1st rounder, but my son, who is a die hard Bengal fan never lets me forget the fact that the Bengals got this guy as an undrafted FA and he is not only starting, but tearing it up. As for Lattimore? It is so unfortunate what happened to him, I watched this kid tear it up from his soph. year at Byrnes high school. I would love to see the Jets pick him up with a mid to late rd pick, they will not regret it in 2014.

  149. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    You nailed it on all the big points again as usual, Allan!

  150. By Rickie New York on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Okay – I admit Sanchez has regressed. As I said they should fire the QB coach whos been developing him (NOT) M Cavanaugh. However it is NOT just the QB, they put in G.M. and he got sacked ELEVEN TIMES, and a concussion. 3 pro-bowlers on the O-line and the other guys are so bad ( Ducasse too ) that not only have teams identified it as a weakness – they have expolited it…. REPEATEDLY. Jet-Blu – not every QB is Manning but I get what you mean, but the fact we have an entirely different wr corps each year is NOT helping this team. If they keep Braylon around – like they should of all along, and Holmes and Kerley are both healthy – then thats a good group. The Jets need a RT, 2 OLBs that can RUSH THE PASSER, LG & a top knotch RB.

  151. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    64Tom, What’s your take on this guy Tom Gamble? Heard he would be the perfect fit. There’s alot of rumors out there about trading Revis for future draft picks….I’m 50/50 on this one….

  152. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    Yeah, Rickie, they played a QB named McElroy who got sacked 11 times and withstood it better than Sanchez can deal with a single pressure, whereupon he throws over the middle into ten guys for a pick 6. The pick 6 he threw in the BUF game — into three Bills when Kerley wasn’t anywhere close to open — is indicative of how little he’s learned over 4 yr. That kind of mistake should absolutely not be in his game at this pt, so give it up on it’s not Sanchez’s fault. He’s not a starting NFL QB, much less an elite one, and never will be.

  153. By Jack on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    Jets will needs to fixs that offensive lines starting with RT, & RG, B, Morre getting old and some good back up at LT,LG. Jets will need a TE, I think Keller will be gone. LB’s WR, I think Powell and McKnight will be the starter next season Greene should be gone. It time again to rebuild the offense.

  154. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    64 Tom. I am with you all the way on MS. Problem is he will be around next year, he is not tradable. We could never get a draft pick for him,and “NO” team will pay the money that is owed to him by the JETS. As for Revis being traded for a draft pick it better be a first rounder. But I personally do not see him being traded. I feel he will be back stronger and faster. We need offensive lineman and an inside outside running back. Now if the Vikes give us Peterson for Revis that would be a good thing (which will neve happen)….

  155. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Still Hoping for Real Change on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    Allan, let me say with respect to my Romney/Obama post to Eric Allen, I don’t admire politicians, I admire artists, athletes, war heroes, and other champions in life. If I could put Romney’s command of business together with Obama’s command of history, that MIGHT be a president I could get excited about. No, what I get excited about is the possibility of a true champion like Curtis Martin buying the Jets and changing the culture by way of his championship skills, mindset, and work ethic. If HE was the owner, I think we might get Gamble. With Woody telling Gamble he has to keep Rex for a yr, which opens the door to Sanchez starting again, I think Gamble will just quote Dylan and laugh “I just said good luck.” That’s what I’D do for sure!

  156. By Adam Douglas on Jan 4, 2013 | Reply

    Public sentiment will push Rex out the door and/or the inability to find a GM that will want to co-exist with him. Let’s face it the J-E-T-S will always be considered the bridesmaid and never the bride. Print it. Go Bills!!!!!

  157. By Ronbo19 on Jan 5, 2013 | Reply

    ALLAN “O” I agree with your Devitto assessment. He is a keeper as he is not expensive,provides solid play and is lockerroom guy tto. I would be sick if he went to the Pats! tom gamble would be my choice from the names I’m hearing he has the most experience and appears the most highly regarded. I think Bell will be back but landry has already said he will follow the money. As we have cap issues I cant see how he fits here.The kids(Allen & Bish) we drafted will have to be ready. Please, no more E.Smith! BYRDMAN, I loved your post about Bruce Smith. The work ethic of many oftodays players is just not the same.

  158. By Ronbo19 on Jan 5, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe & Byrdman, I was right there with you guys last year regarding Burfict. I just couldn’t see how the guy fell so far so fast? On the other hand, while he has done well this year there is no guarantee he is gonna be able to keep it up. I’m rooting for him as a Jet fan I’m used to rooting for the underdogs! IRA, I have as much respect for you as anyone here on Randy’s Radar but no way I want anything to do with the current front office leftovers like Cohen or Bradway! We need a different way of thinking here and thats not gonna happan with the same cast of characters calling the shots. I realize Gamble may not want the job but its time to move forward,away from the past.

  159. By carolina jet fan on Jan 5, 2013 | Reply

    Hey-i’m somewhat weary of bludgening tanny &rex and scapgoating OC’s but i have not heard enough about their scouting dept. In 2006 they worked @ Hofstra,four players from that Hofstra team have started in the NFL. Three have SB rings. All 4 players were FA or low draft picks My son was on that team- he told me the eagles, steelers, saints and others had scouts there all season-THE JETS LIVED THERE-what were they thinking?

  160. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Big Changes on Jan 5, 2013 | Reply

    Frank, it wouldn’t be so bad if Sanchez stuck around next yr as a backup so that we wouldn’t lose all that $ but he’s done as a starter here and probably in the league. He’ll never take the field in NJ again without getting booed, the other Jets are tired of that, no one believes a word Rex says about QBs or O, and over 50% of the folks on this very site say we should draft a QB. If Woody’s ready to ignore all this, he’s probably ready to sell the team in a yr or 2 as well. carolina jet fan, many of us regulars on this site have lamented the Jets’ inability to spot talent in our own backyard and at positions at which we’ve been awful for decades, including Colston and Austin, so your post is very welcome. Play a round at Hilton Head for me!

  161. By Jack on Jan 5, 2013 | Reply

    Jets should soon have a new GM hopefully by sometime next week. I seen that Tom Gamble from the 49ers is on Woody Johnson top Choice for the GM, job. I think it a goos pick too

  162. By By Gubster333 fan for life. on Jan 7, 2013 | Reply

    After reading this articles, I sence more negativity, Why? Get real people! Here are the real facts! Polian was not the reason the colts tumbled down, there coach is Hand pick by dungy! Polian is the main reason they have talent then and Now. It was he who got Luck to the Colts! Do your research. Know who his son is? Look at players he has in the NFL R. Wayne, P. Garcon, great guy’s and WR’s, because he gets it. Brains and speed is what you need to win championships. Running back are a dime a dozen even having the best one can help you win a championship, A.Peterson! Look at what Polian was about, Knowing the change that Passing offense driven teams fair better than running. The most important pieces you need are a QB and WR.

  163. By By Gubster333 fan for life. on Jan 7, 2013 | Reply

    Continued: Bill walsh knew it and Polian did to. The Jets need to Hire offensive minded personal in the office especially on the scout team. Have an offensive minded coach that understanding todays offence. The little tweeks that can make a play work. Look at the playoff teams the last 5 years. Great qb and wr! Offensive line so/so. Defense so/so. Score enough points and control the clock. Teams : The Manning Brothers Colts/NYG/ Green Bay/Falcons(This years soon to be champions) N.O./Denver/New England/CINN/Pitt and now put Seattle, Washingtion and S.F. all teams that will be playoff contenders in the coming years. What do they have in common Qb’s that make there players great! Communicate the offense to give there guys an edge.

  164. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom and Still Bringin' It on Jan 7, 2013 | Reply

    Gubster, I haven’t seen your posts before but you woulda liked the exchange that me and Ronbo had a few days ago about how QB and WR are the most important positions in the NFL today. Anyone who thinks otherwise, like Rex and a lot of folks on this site who’ve accepted losing as the Jets’ inevitable fate, is just on another planet.

  165. By Ronbo19 on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    GUBSTER, Nice job dude, obviously I ditto my man 64’s sentiment. I’m reading people here advocating takeing an O-linemen with out #9 pick. I’m trying to get people to see that no matter how good one O.T is he is only one 5th of a line. Better to have 5 good o-linemen than one stud and 4 so-so guys.Playmakers make plays! Runningbacks have short shelf lifes and are prone to injuries.Give me a guy who can stretch the field and open up the running game and i will give you a difference maker. The Jets need these types of guys now! I’ve seen all the “groung & punt I need to see!

  166. By scjoe on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    hold on 64, I take that personally! Because although I agree that the QB is THEE most important position on the field, I do not think a WR is as well. You could make the argument that both a RB and a LT are just as, or even more important then a WR. How efficient can a QB and WR be with a turnstile LT? As for the RB, how do you think an Adrian Peterson would have helped Jamarcus Sanchez and the NY Jets offense in 2012?

  167. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    TOM 64, I know this is wishful thinking but this is how I would like to see the draft go…We have the 1st round number 8 pick. In this spot Jeff Mathews OT, Texas A&M; If we can get another 1st rounder in a trade then Geno Smith QB, 2nd round Terrance Smith WR, Baylor, Geovani Bernard RB, NC after these players somewheres in the 3rd round DJ Fluker, OT Alabama and after wathing him play last night he would fit right in. We need offensive players and maybe 1 or 2 defensive players. But this is going to be a good draft for offensive players. It’s too bad the Jets are not talking to Gruden’s son. Sure would like to see that also, imagine the advise Jon Gruden would give his son….

  168. By Jack on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    Just seen that Bill Cowher is thinking about Coaching again but most likely it will be next year this way that will give time for Rex Ryan to mess it up next season went he should be fired then this way Jets can hired Cowher as the HC, and the GM,.

  169. By Jack on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    64 Frank, OT, Jeff Mathews is thinking about staying for his Sr, year. I do agree with you that the Jets needs OT/RT and a RG, But there are to many good defensive players that going to be taking with in the 1st 10 Rd’s. Woody Johnson said today that they are going to take the best available players that are there went the Jets picks. Jets needs LB’s real bad here are 3 top’s LB’s that are going to gone within the 1st 15 picks. OLB, Jarvis Jones Georgia. OLB/DE, Damontre Moore Texas A&M and ILB, Manti Te’o Notre Dame may fall some after a bad game with Bama. DE, Barkevious Mingo LSU, IF all of these players are gone then I can see the Jets taking a OT/G Chance Warmack Georgia who i really like the best others Taylor Lewan Michigan OT,

  170. By Jack on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    Continued OT, Luke Joeckel Texas A&M and I wouldn’t be surprise if the Jets take CB, Dee Milliner Alabama or WR Keenan Allen Cal, IF All of those others players are all gone. 2nd Rds OT/G Dallas Thomas OT/RT Ricky Wagner RB, Marcus Lattimore, QB, A.J McCarron 3rd WR, Kenny Still Oklahome.

  171. By Mark F on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    My concern is if Ryan stays Sanchez will remain QB. Why does he hold on to players that have failed him. Wayne Hunter is another example and one of the reasons Sanchez is a mess.

  172. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Playin' Those Mind Games Forever in Jetland on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    Nice to see we’re still on the same page re QB and WR, Ronbo. scjoe, one can obviously scheme to produce a bad outcome (how would Tom Brady do with Gates and Schilens — the answer is a lot better than Sanchez!), and you’ve been trying to make this pt about Peterson for a wk. But I guess you saw how a MIN team with JUST Peterson and no QB has zero teeth vs anybody good. I don’t say you still don’t need good RBs. I just say Jet fans are so used to Rex’s nonsense that they can’t even envision, say, a Brady throwing to a Fitzgerald, a V Jackson, and a A Gates in green and white. 64 Frank, that’s a clever strategy for getting a top OT and still adding some top playmakers on O but unless you can pull off ALL those picks, it’s a bit risky, no?

  173. By Ronbo19 on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    JET FAN FRANK64 Pretty much everyone you mentioned on your draft wish list is a first rd. guy? As we only have the #9 pick in the 1st Rd how are we gonna draft all those guys? As much as I agree with you that we need offence, its looking like the following 10 guys will be available to us.Keep in mind, if we take an O.l in the 1st Rd there will be no playmakers like these guys available in RD.2
    1-Star Lotuleli D.T Utah- 2.Damontre Moore OLB Tex.A&M- 3.Bjorne Werner D.E,OLB Fl.St-4. Luke Joekel O.T. Tx A&M- 5-Jarvis Jones OLB Ga. 6-Dee Milner C.B Bama 7-Keenan Allen W.R. Cal. 8-Barkavous Mingo OLB LSU, 9-Taylor Lewan O.T Mich. 9-Deon Jordan OLB Oregon 10-E.Reid S LSU Now, this will change by April & teams will surley reach for a Q.B cont.-

  174. By Ronbo19 on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    JET FAN FRANK, please keep in mind there will be very good O.L we can get with the #8 pick in Rd. 2 like; D,.J Fluker from Bama,Oday Aboushi O.T. Virginia,Possiably Barrett Jones from Bama,Jonathan Cooper o.g from Ga. Larry Warford OG Kentucky,Lane Johnso O.T Oklahoma,Dallas Thomas O.T Tenn.or even Kyle Long from Oregon. As you can see there are plenty O.linemen, but few pass rushers after the first Rd.In Rd.3 we could take a chance on a Q.B like Zack Dysert from Miami Ohio or Mike Glennon N.C.State or Tyler Bray? Stay with me on this stuff Frank, I have no life so I’m all over this stuff!

  175. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    Jack, YES, there are some good defensive players coming out this year. But I feel we have a pretty solid defense, all we need is DT like WATT. With Revis coming back and by adding a DT as good as WATT, they will even be better. What we do not have is big offensive linemen that can block for a GOOD QB and open holes for RB’s…

  176. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 9, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO I am with you on some of your choices, but my choice for the number 8 pick would be OL – Talyor Lewan of Michigan – he is 6′ 7″ tall and 310 pounds. But you have some great picks up there… In the second round I like OL Oday Aboushi of Virginia – 6′ 6″ tall and 310 pounds…

  177. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo19.. I really like your list of draft picks. But after the RG III incident, I feel a lot of teams that do not have good pass protection are going to go for big, fast offensive linemen, especially our JETS. Prime example, McELROY concussion, MS, how many sacks and rushes (I am not a MS FAN), and how about McElroy 11 sacks in one game. YUP, we need a good playmaker on Defense. Bit our offense is BAD…

  178. By Ronbo19 on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    JETFAN FRANK, Yeah, a lot of players are gonna rise up the lists & of course a simular number will fall. Heres the way i see it. Our pass rush is the only thing holding us back from being a top level defence. As there are only 5 or 6 guys in this draft that are really good passrushers and worthy of a top 10 pick.But there are at least 10 to 15 O-lineman that will be picked in the top 50 picks I think we need to go OLB as we get a top guy in RD.1 plus a really good O.L in the early 2nd rd.Also, Taylor Lewan is not coming out this year anyway.With C.Pace & B.Thomas hopefully not coming back we have no starting calaber OLB’s on the roster(unless you think Guy McIntyre is the answere?)

  179. By Ronbo19 on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    J.F.Frank, I see your point about R.G.III but keep in mind his injuries are more a product of his coach running him on designed running plays which in todays NFL is Q.B suicide.I dont care how big & strong(like Tebow) or fast like Russell Wilson Or R.G.III a Q.B is, if they insist on running the ball they will get hit & they will eventually get hurt.As has been stated here by others like TOM64, S.C.Joe,& Joe Capps, pocket passers win championships!As I have been trying to say, tying up big money on O.lineman is not a goodidea when you have salary cap issues plus a lack of play makers like we do.Especially when we already have 2 guys makeing big bucks like Brick & Mangold.

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