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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Hayden Smith Earns the Hampton Award

Posted by Randy Lange on January 15, 2013 – 4:13 pm

Tight end Hayden Smith got a lot of help from a lot of teammates and coaches in his newest sporting endeavor.

But Smith had a good base of his own to build on. Playing basketball in Australia and on the U.S. small-college level, moving on to professional rugby in England and to the U.S. national rugby team, and then graduating in April to an NFL roster shows he knows how to cross-train. And he was a football rookie who certainly knew how to act like a pro in the Jets’ locker room this past season.

That last is in fact one of the requirements for the Bill Hampton Award. And Smith this week was informed that he was the ninth winner of the Hampton Award, presented annually by equipment director Gus Granneman and his staff.

“It feels good. We have a great group of equipment people, and I guess they were happy with me in the locker room this year,” Smith told me today. “I didn’t know specifically about Bill Hampton, but I had seen Josh Baker’s jersey hanging in the equipment room, and I wanted why that was. Now I know.”

Hampton was the former longtime Jets equipment director who retired to Florida in 2001. Clay, his son, took over running the equipment room then, and remains with the club as the senior director of operations. Granneman has been with the team since ’94 as well and has run the equipment room since ’06.

Gus said this year’s final vote, taken among the five-member staff and the three previous award-winners still with the team — Darrelle Revis, Matt Slauson and, last year, Baker — was the closest since the award was first presented to S Erik Coleman in 2004, with Smith edging rookie DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison by a single vote.

“Hayden had a built-in advantage, being an older guy that had played a professional sport already,” Granneman said. “We try to take into account how they are with their teammates, not just the support staff, and a lot of times rookies coming in don’t realize that. Hayden was the kind of guy that worked hard and had a positive, friendly attitude every day, whether it was first thing in the morning or he was walking in from the practice field. It’s always nice when you have several guys that are deserving of the award, like Hayden and Damon.”

Smith, 27, acknowledged the hard work it took to make the transition from rugby to getting that all-important toe- and handhold on an NFL roster.

“It was, I guess, quite a big transition to make, probably mentally more than physically. I had a lot to contend with in really learning the sport and its intricacies, learning the different techniques and coming to terms with exactly what was required,” said Hayden, often the last player off the practice field during the season. “Slowly but surely, I became more comfortable as the season progressed.”

Smith looked like a big (6’7″, 245), raw rugby player in his first OTA practices in May, but he quickly made adjustments and began looking the part on into training camp. He was a final cut on Aug. 31, cleared waivers and was signed to the Jets’ practice squad the next day. In late October he was signed to the active roster.

He got his feet wet with four plays in the home game against Miami on Oct. 28, was inactive the next four games, then played in the final four games, getting in 32 plays for the season. His most noticeable contribution was his 16-yard reception on a behind-the-line throwback from Greg McElroy to convert third-and-9 in the second quarter of the final home game against San Diego. But he said the Jacksonville game two weeks earlier, when he got in half his plays for the season, was quite meaningful to him.

“I got to get in that game and get a little momentum,” he said. “It definitely makes a difference, being able to have a few plays on special teams, then a few more on offense. That also gets you to stop overanalyzing things and just getting into the flow.”

The Jets, like all teams, occasionally take an extended look at players from other sports. Pete Carroll brought in U.S. World Cup goalkeeper Tony Meola as a potential kickoff man in 1994. Eric Mangini invited college heavyweight wrestlers Cole Konrad and Tommy Rowlands in for tryouts at the 2007 rookie minicamp. Cleveland State basketballer J’Nathan Bullock got a look in Rex Ryan’s first offseason as head coach in ’09.

Most of them wash out quickly. The fact that Smith has survived through an entire NFL season indicates that the Jets like his prospects and he just might be tougher to run off. But he knows the hard work has just begun. After taking a few weeks to reunite with his old Saracens rugby mates in England, he is now back in Chicago to begin his personal training and will return to North Jersey when the Jets’ offseason strength and conditioning program commences in a few months.

“I think going into any of these situations, you have to make a conscious decision that you’re going to be a success with it,” he said. “If you’re not willing to do the work that’s required, you have zero chance of success. Obviously, even with the work, it’s not guaranteed. Going into it, I knew I had to work as hard as I could physically and academically to give myself any sort of a chance. I felt I’ve done that this year, just to be in the position where I am now. But it’s the same dilemma. I’m going to have to work as hard as I can in the classroom and on the field to continue to progress and get where I want to go.”

There are clearly a few goals ahead for the one of the first Aussies to stick in the NFL at a position other than punter. One is to make it onto the Jets’ active roster for a full season. And if he’s done that, at this time next year he’ll get an added bonus. He’ll get to vote on the 2013 Hampton Award.

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93 Responses to “Hayden Smith Earns the Hampton Award”

  1. By sal cottone on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply


  2. By IRA on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    Congrats to Smith. An injury that nobody talks about is Baker’s season ending one. He was having a very good camp and it sure looked as if he was going to be a factor in the offense this past year. I think Baker could be a player given the chance. Hope the new GM will bring him back as long as he is fully recovered from his injury.
    Shurmur seems like an interesting candidate for the OC job. I would not mind him getting the job.
    Maybe they are trying to hire a cap guy along with a GM to get this team headed in the right direction.
    GO JETS!!!!

  3. By Jack on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    I want either Pep Hamilton from Stanford OC, to be the Jets new OC, or Eagles OC, Marty Marrnhinweg. let get it done before next week please!!!!!…

  4. By Jersey Rich on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    In a year where there weren’t too many things to feel good about. Hayden Smith is a “Feel Good Story”. Hopefully he becomes a legitimate tight end for us for several years to come.

  5. By DKM on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    SINCE SHEA …….. im going to call you out here on you salarycap post, a 130 Mill. CAP for every NFL team where did you get that number from, and how do free Agent count against the Salarycap, you guys posting about this stuff need to go read up on it and do your research before you write about it, YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.
    After your calculation with 20 Mill under the cap, we wouldnt be looking that long for a new GM, and by the way, WHAT ABOUT the Draftpicks shea they cost another 5 Mill to be signed we are not in good shape and the current salarycap for NFL teams is a little over 120 Mill with almost no increase this year, you need to go back to your drawing board, cause THAT AIN’T MAKE NO SENSE.

  6. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    Good for Hayden but I don’t think he’s the answer at TE. And I don’t think the answer at TE is anything close to the answer for this team, considering we have one of the worst coaches and most likely THE worst starting QB in the league. (Don’t take that from me, Spicer, take it from Serby, Lupica, Cimini, Lombardi, and others who’ve written that of Sanchez or pretty damn close to it in the football press.)

  7. By Antonio H. on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    I was so excited when Hayden was brought in to get a better look. Maybe Sporano wasn’t able to use him as much as he maybe wanted because of the turmoil the offense was going through. I hope he becomes a force in the next year or two and really shines. We Jets fans need something to help us manage through these hard seasons. Mark Sanchez if you read this buddy, I want you to know that you are the reason I started watching football and I was looking at your high school games and college games last night and I thought to myself, man Mark is a baller and what ever it was that hindered all your potential these last 2 seasons is left in your rear view mirror. I know that you have it in you man, show everyone it’s your team, show that fire!!

  8. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, other sites report that Popp is still in the running, that Angelo is no longer in the running, and that Rex hasn’t been in the early meetings with GM candidates. So as you so rightly acknowledge, it’s very hard to say with any certainty what’s going on in terms of the hire. What we can say is that when Caldwell turns down a million bucks to move to New York and work in the biggest media market to go to JAX, which has even less talent than us, something’s rotten in Florham Park. Like I said to Ira, it’s looking like next yr will be more smoke and mirrors while Woody sees if the new GM’s worth keeping before he makes the big changes. Doesn’t necessarily mean a thing that Woody SAYS he loves Rex — he also said we were gonna keep Tebow.

  9. By Karan on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Jet fan 64, are you really going to sit there and defend Tom Brady?? Really and your a Jets fan? I know he’s one of the best but for christs sake, your a Jets fan. You don’t have to stand up for Sanchez but at least don’t call Brady the greatest QB ever. Your going to keep calling me a 14 year old girl for standing up for Sanchez. There’s still guys who stand up for him because they understand the situation he’s been put in and at the same time understand he needs to improve a lot, they are just not all on this site. Not saying that you are, but the way you talk about Tom Brady would seem like you are a Patriots fan deep down. I’m sure that will get you worked up.

  10. By since shea on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Call me crazy but I like the Montreal GM, Popp, for us. He just lost his HC to da’bears. He is the top gun in the CFL and could bring some out of the box thinking. The cap man, Kahn from Pitt, is another one who can straighten us out PROVIDED he can bring some draft/personel saavy people with him. Tbomb left us in a mess, talent wise and financially. You rather have the in house choice, Cohen? “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.”

  11. By Karan on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Randy, so Tom Gamble is not at all anymore being considered for the GM job?

  12. By Randy Lange on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Karan, sorry, we don’t and can’t handicap the GM search. My partner Eric Allen has done a few blogs summing up the candidates as others are reporting on them. Otherwise, you’ll have to go with the outside reporters to find out who they think is in, who’s out and who’s the leader in the clubhouse.

  13. By Byrdman on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Great ! Jets will develop this kid into a viable NFL TE just in time for the Pats to swipe the guy off our BLOATED salary cap!
    Anyone have any news on the GM position? OC?
    Pat Shurmur (yawn) Look up his stats – his BEST offenses were ranked 20th in the NFL – is this the DANGEROUS offense Rex is blubbering about ?

  14. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Best quote of the day so far, from Cimini on the possibility of the Jets hiring a salary cap guy at GM: “To that, I quote former longtime GM Bill Polian, who told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King: “Football teams need to be led by football men who know how coaches think, how players think. You can’t learn that in business school or law school.”

  15. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Hayden Smith is a two year project. Will we even have a decent TE coach to help his development? All of the coaches are jumping ship. So now we are going to hire bottom of the barrel coaches. Great…I wish Woody would just open his eyes and see that just the mere presence of Rex Ryan is scaring off potential coaches and players. Ryan should see that he is hurting this franchise and just step down. Every team is filling up their open coaching spots…while the NYJ still 3 weeks later have no GM. It’s a sad, sad time being a fan right now. It’s hard to stay positive. This team has a coach and 2 QBs that no GM wants a part of. Whoever mentioned that Mangini would make a good GM right now that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

  16. By since shea on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Hey DKM, I dont make the stuff up. Log on to jetscap.com for yourself. Click on current 2012 cap page and see where the cap was a tick over 130 million. The 2012 cap was $130 million NOT $120 million. Next years cap will be slightly higher than this past year. Now, our current players under contract for 2013 are projected to earn $147 million IF they all stay on the team. There will be cuts. My no brainer cuts (and there will be plenty of others) will take $35 million off the 147. That leaves $112 against the NEW cap of about 132. There is my 20 mil under the cap. Yes, whoever you sign or re-sign be it draftees or FA’s will be added to the 112. So you see, IT DOES MAKE SENSE. What doesnt make sense is how Tbomb left us.

  17. By scjoe on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    64, I have read the exact opposite, in that Popp was never granted a formal interview and that Angelo is being brought back for still another interview. I don’t know! What I do know is it will be at least a year before we can pass any kind of judgement on the new GM. I like Kahn from Pit, cap guy or not. If he works in cohesion with the scouting dept and the HC I think he will be a real find. Time will tell my friend.

  18. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Karen, I read your post all the time. You have great passion for this team…and you seem to stick up for Sanchez quite a bit. Which of course you are entitled too. But I have to call a spade a spade. Tom Brady is ONE of the greatest QB’s to play the game. Is he the best ever…if he wins another superbowl it would be hard to agrue that.
    Right now my list would go..Brady, Peyton , Rodgers , Brees and Eli. And the scary part is, Brady could possibly when 2 or 3 more titles. I think 64TOM..and I’m not speaking for the man, is just simply stating a fact. He’s a diehard Jets fan, and just like everyone here would love to have a Brady-like qb on this team. Love him or hate him you have to respect greatness when you see it on the field.

  19. By joe-retired li/fla on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    hi everyone!-long time-no post! i liked alan o’ danes’ post. bring back mangini as gm! we had a verry good team with him. he took the fall because Favre got hurt- and wanted to keep his streak going-should’ve sat out 2 weeks! but we had a great defense & a pretty good o & special team unit.-so i feel he can judge talant very well. lets see what our “brain trust” comes up with. i’am stll embarassed from this season.like all you fans!

  20. By SQUIRREL on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    I have a question for all of the knowledgeable contributors here, regulars etc. Would you have been happier with Woody seeing this organization for what it is and completely cleaning house. Think about it. Cut holmes cut sanchez cut all the old dead weight this year. take all the cap hits you can THIS year so nect year we have the cap room to go out and get some young veterans in free agency and good drafts and build this team up the right way. we know this year is going to be a dud. why not take all the kicks while we are on the ground now so that when we stand back up we are that much stronger. just a theory. why dealy the pain. thoughts

  21. By Byrdman on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Squirrel – I for one was in favor of NUKING this thing – 2009 and 2010 was our window to win the SB – that window closed and it’s time to clean house and rebuild around a core group of players which a NEW GM tells us are worth keeping.
    It’s becoming more apparent that Rex has taken Woody for a long ride here.
    I’d bet my house that Rex is constantly telling Woody “We’re so close I can smell it… If Revis and Holmes didn’t go down, Blah Blah… We’re gonna hit the jackpot in the draft…All Mark needs is a little good QB coaching…We’re gonna put the BAND back together… I just got off the phone with Leon and he wants to come back, we can talk to Faneca, hey I heard Kris Jenkins is down to 550 lbs and his old jersey almost fits again”

  22. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    SINCE SHEA ……. once again i wouldnt write anything about you figures if you would be right but you are dead wrong and need to check your sources comming March the cap for every team in the NFL will be slightly more than a 120 Mill.not a 130 or 132 or 140 or whatever number you can come up with, im also aware of what nyjetscap is posting and it is NOT the money you claim, you need go read up one more time to get your facts straight.
    And you right MT left us with a mess ……….

  23. By SCfromNY on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Allen, I agree with your post but as of late I am not comfortable with Peyton being so highly regarded. He is a great QB but he won the same number of SBs as Trent Dilfer. His best accomplishment is the number of playoffs he took his teams to BUT I beleive he is only 10-11/12 less than a 50% success rate. Looking at that winning percentages in playoffs Sanchez is better. THIS IS A JOKE!

    Squirrel: Great post! I have been saying that since the season ended. The Jets need more than a bandade. Otherwise we will contine on our current course forever. I can’t hear, “Mark gives us the best chance to win” one more time.

  24. By IRA on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    If Cohen does not get the GM job and Idzik does I can only hope he makes Cohen his top man on personnel or Bradway. Letting Idzik take over and make personnel decisions would be a huge mistake. Idzik might be good to clear up the cap problems but you can not have him making roster moves he is not fit for that at all. Woody has to get this hire right or it will set back the team 5 years.

  25. By cgb on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    the jets desparately need to hire a personnel GM. IN THIS POSITION . Those of you who follow what little amount i do write on this post, know i have had my moments with the player movement over the last 4 years. And the lack of a vision and game plan for how this org. should be run My fav. for this new GM and OC. positions from the current list of possible candidates is sunquist, and pep. Hamilton.

  26. By Karan on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Allan, I undertand what your saying and also appreciate your honesty. I don’t like Tom Brady but respect what he done in this business. I recognize he is one of the greatest to the play the game. I don’t think he is the greatest though, top 5 or 3? Yes. I personally prefer Peyton Manning over Brady.

  27. By IRA on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    If Idzik gets the job I guess the speculation that Flynn is coming to the Jets makes a lot of sense. This is going to be a vey interesting offseason for sure.

  28. By MIKE on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Jets set to hire a cap specialist. Was’t Tanny a cap specialist?? Does this mean Sanchez will get another extension with more guaranteed money?? I really hope not.

  29. By MIKE on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Round 1 O line
    Round 2 DE/OLB
    Round 3 RB
    Round 4 LB
    Round 5 O line
    Round 5 S
    Round 6 LB
    Round 7 O line

  30. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    since shea ………….. let me break it down for you, the 2012 salarycap was 120.6 mill. plus the carry over from the uncapped year in case of the Jets about 9 mill. thats how we ended up with a limit of about 130 mill.
    Of those 130 mill we spend about 126.5 on the Team wich left us with about 3,5 mill under our cap remember other teams had bigger carry overs or lesser. For 2013 the Leauge Cap will be slightly hihger about 121 Mill determent by the end of March.
    Now this will be the last year where teams can carry over money saved from the previous season, after that Teams need to meet the minimum Cap requierments set in the new CBA wich was i believe 98%. In case of the jets the carry over for the 2013 season would be 3.5 Mill. contin.

  31. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    The Jets as of right now with all the Salary’s kicking in with no cuts for the year, have a Team cap of about 147 Mill.
    IF the new leauge cap is about 121 Mill. plus the 3.5 Mill carry over from last year the jets would have a limit of about 124,5 Mill. wich is far from the calculation you been making since shea…………
    Further more if the Jets decide to cut the Players you mentioned it would leave them with about 35 Mill in savings wich brings the team to 112 Mill and whole lot of POSITIONS to fill plus the 5 mill you spend on your draft picks….. yeah and not much room to do anything in FA or bring back your own.

  32. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    since shea ……….. come April the most the jets will have to play with come the new leauge year is at best 9 Mill and that is not much considering where the tags are now these days and the needs we we have to adress with all the cuts we are planning, and no hometown discount ( Landry) for certain players.

  33. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Allan O same here would love to see Mangini in some sort of role with the jets, im still convinced that he would have done a good JOB here, but i think the NFL wont give him a another chance they just dont like whistle blowers and with the power the Krafts are curently wielding in the NFL, i dont see him ever to get a job again, to bad what a shame.
    Dont anybody tell me he didnt do a good Job in Cleveland, nobody does and he got a raw deal there, not even BB and Holmgreen did and both won a SB.

  34. By DKM on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    This can only go 2 ways to rebuilding next season, cause way 3 is REX is right wins and we are all just Fans and dont know any better.
    Way 1 we get cap guy and he makes it work this year so we can at least field a Team with enough players, so we dont look totaly inept, and come next season we start new OR
    way 2 we get a Football guy and the team tanks next year and we start fresh with a new coach either way we start fresh next year.

  35. By scjoe on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    SQUIRREL, Here is my question, what guarantees do we have that just because they cut all of these players this year and take all the cap hits this year, that there will be any significant upgrades next year? It is going to come down to who the new GM is, and how he, along with the FO and the scouting dept proceed going forward. It COULD be better, then again, it COULD be worse. Going young doesn’t necessarily mean upgrading.

  36. By BillsJets on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Squirrel, This is the NFL not a youth soccer league, Fans want to see a winner now, not later, no one wants to wait 3 to 5 years to finally have a winning football team, Fans want it now, and so do the owners, This is New York Baby, I for one can’t wait, It’s that football mentality, it’s now or never, bring on a winning team next year make the playoffs, even if we don’t make the Superbowl at least make the playoffs that’s all we ask, Go Jets

  37. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for lining me up, Allan. Karan, I played QB and it took me quite awhile to accept that I wasn’t big enough (or good enough) to get too far. I’ve watched QB play for over 50 yrs now. In fact, I just sent my Raider fan pal a clip from youtube called The Mad Bomber: Daryl Lamonica in which my favorite non-Jet player ever, deep-threat extraordinaire Warren Wells, shines like the gifted player he was. So believe me when I tell you: Anyone who can watch Brady week in, week out, year in year out, and not simply be awed in the face of how well this guy does everything at the position is foolish or biased or just plain nuts. And he rallies his team like Sanchez never will ours, right down to shaking his fist at Rex on the sideline after a TD.

  38. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, today they’re saying Angelo’s not back for a 2nd int. But I just got off the phone with Arte, who hopes and think it’s Khan because he thinks he’ll be tough with Revis, Holmes, Sanchez, and everybody else we can’t afford to overpay, and I have a somewhat positive take on the situation. If it’s Cohen, he’s easy to fire in 1 yr if things get worse. If it’s Idzik or Khan, they’re not taking the job unless they’re given a 3-yr deal or so, so that works. Younger guys like that, rather than older guys like Polian or Angelo, will have no problem waiting a yr to fire Rex and cut MS, and they’ll barely know their way around Florham Park by the time we’re 3-7 next fall. That said, I’m all in with SQUIRREL’s view that we go scorched earth NOW!

  39. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Defectives on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Welcome back, joe-retired. Sorry there’s no good news for you yet, like Rex retiring…

  40. By Karan on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    I hope the new OC will be the Eagles former OC, Stanfords OC or even Hue Jackson and I hope they can fix Mark Sanchez and get him his confidence back. I bet Cam Cameron will get the job knowing the Jets, they’ll probably hire another another Baltimore or Miami leftover. Seeing how the Ravens offense struggled at times under Cameron, I really hope we don’t fall into that same category. Those miserable years of Schotty as the OC were enough.

  41. By Karan on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    Heck even Ken Whisenhunt would be a good candidate for OC, he has a pretty good offensive mind. I would love to have Tom Moore most of all but think he will be going to Denver if not retiring for good. I mean the guy is great, the Jets were the number one Red-zone offense in the league last season under his belt, and even with MS at QB. Thats just a little indication that even if the QB plays bad or not, coaching still counts a lot!

  42. By since shea on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    It doesnt have to be crash and burn next year. If we add a good OC, O line, TE and OLB to our mix, we could be ok until we get a real QB. Re-sign Braylon on the cheap along with Keller. Then, if the O line can protect and open running and passing lanes, our so-so RB’s can do ok and even our headcase QB might be able to do something if he is still here. Otherwise, McElroy can move the team if he isnt getting his butt kicked in. Dont waste resources on bringing in Alex Smith or somebody like that. Get Teddy Bridgewater next year and learn from your Sanchez mistakes. Develop the dam kids!!!!

  43. By scjoe on Jan 16, 2013 | Reply

    DKM, Shea, Spicer, etc. Here is a pretty accurate account of the 2013 cap figures from what I can see. The Jets are at 147 mil, the 2013 cap is expected to be about 121 mil. That’s about 26 mil over. They can easily cut about 35 mil off the top just with cuts of players that no one will really miss. That will put them at about 10 mil under. More then likely, but no guarantees, there will be some restructures to free up even more. What does all of this mean exactly? It means, to me anyway, that this 2013 draft, (and undrafted FA signings) will be more critical then any other in recent memory. There is not that much room for any significant FA signings. Want to get even more depressed? NE is 19 mil UNDER! Hardly seems fair, does it?

  44. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Here’s a post from Cimini’s story on ESPN about Scott that I like: “The true measure of a fan is when they don’t support stupidity and demand better from their team. Could this year be any more ridiculous? So we say “Good job guys, we’ll get them next yea.r” Are you kidding? Hammer them, make them think they have seen the last dollar from you until they fix it. Keeping Rex was not a good start.” Couldn’t agree more with all that as it goes back to the quote I posted last week that “Power never cedes anything without a demand.”

  45. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    since shea, I agree about not wasting time or money on Alex Smith, Vick, or anyone like that, though Flynn intrigues me if he can be gotten cheap. And of course I agree about using and developing the kids. But the way the NFL works these days — and the way a lot of things work in America these days, with the top, the bottom and not a whole lot in the middle — the second you’re out of the playoffs you may as well unload the bench and not care if you win or lose. 8-8 or 6-10 is worthless, you may as well go for 2-14 and draft higher. And I don’t want to hear how that might depress the team because the team is at least 25% different every yr anyway.

  46. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Smart stuff from Heath Evans on the NFL site: “If we’ve learned one thing this season in the NFL, it’s that you can’t expose your franchise QB to vicious and violent hits. I’m sure the RG3 phenomenon is adding to the Chip Kelly hype but Robert Griffin III was knocked out of a game three times — once by concussion, once from a brutal hit from Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata, and a final time in the playoffs that required surgery and puts his NFL future in jeopardy. The game is constantly changing in small ways, but the basis of championship football will always be physical and mental toughness in the NFL, not gadget offensive schemes.” The only guys who don’t seem to know this are Rex, Bennett, and all those Brad Smith fans…

  47. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Karan, sorry I mis-spell on your name. I would say Brady is the greatest qb playing right now. Greatest ever? In my opinion that title goes to Montana. But if Brady wins 2 more SB’s then the torch will be passed on.

    Joe-Retired- good to have you back brother! When the NYJ went to those 2 AFC championships games alot of those guys were mangini picked players. So the man can evaluate players and his attention to detail only rivals Bill Belichek.

    Squirrel- Blowing everything up is the right way right now. Clean slate. Get rid of everyone involved in this debacle. Woody/Mike T./Ryan/Tebow/Sanchez/Holmes. The bad taste has to be totally removed. 64tom will tell you, get Curtis Martin and co. to own the team and build the right way.

  48. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    By the way, Thomas Jones’ ego — which is infinitely larger than his brain, much less his talent, much less his ability to run laterally — is what he should be donating to science.

  49. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    I can endure 2 years of rebuilding if I saw all the right players in place. If I saw a young qb with all the talent in the world to be great. A WR that teams will have to double team at all times. An Off.line that will bury you and pound into submission (like Bama did to ND) sorry ND fans. A TE that defenses will have no answer. A defense that will cause Off.Coords. to lose sleep. I will tolerate rebuilding just the way 49ers fans did and look at the product now….

    ScFromNY..Peyton should be #2..by his accomplishments alone. Look at that Denver-Ravens game. When the most cerebral QB to ever play the game puts up 35+points..it was Denver’s defense that couldn’t come up with the big stop. The D let the denver fans down.

  50. By Karan on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Actually hoping they hire John Idzik out of the now 3 candidates. Omar Khan would be second on my list and Cohen last. Be smart Woody, fix this franchise!

  51. By scjoe on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    I understand that this means absolutely nothing, but Mel Kiper put up his first mock for 2013 and have the Jets selecting Barkevious Mingo (6’4″ 242lb DE, LSU) I have always had respect for Kiper, and the research he puts into his process, but he is actually talking about Mingo as a DE! not to be converted to a 3-4 OLB. Mr Kiper, helllllo, with Wilkerson and Coples the last thing this team needs in the 1st round of the draft is a 242 lb 4-3 college DE to play a 3-4 DE in the NFL. And please, new Jet GB, don’t get any ideas of picking this guy with the intention of turning him into a 3-4 OLB (see Vernon Gholston)

  52. By scjoe on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Just a follow up on that last post. It may be in the Jets best interest to go with a conventional 4-3 in 2013 and either move Wilkerson inside THEN go with a guy like Mingo to play outside along with Coples, OR, stay with Coples and Wilkerson outside and go with an OLB like Jarvis Jones or Arther Brown in rd #1 then RB/QB and OL in 2,3 and 4, add that to a competent OC and everything else will fall into place (somewhat) 64, Gary?

  53. By Stevesc on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Bills Jets, your point about win now baby is exactly what is wrong with this franchise. How did the last four years work out for you? If it takes four years to build a championship caliber team with smart drafting and less over the hill fa signings, than what is the difference? At least the team would be younger, faster and more competitive than what we’ve seen the last two years.

  54. By Byrdman on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    All the Matt Flynn fascination here baffles me – There’s nothing remarkable about the guy, 7th round pick, pedestrian arm strength, not big or fast or athletic. He had ONE (1) good game a couple years ago against the worst pass defense in the league. He’s a system guy, GB had too many weapons for a depleted Lions defense to deal with and Flynn has parlayed that ONE game into a sort of NFL myth. Greg McElroy is probably better than Flynn – though in my opinion G-Mac was hopelessly exposed for what he is – a national title winner in college who didn’t quite have the GUN to play in the NFL.
    Flynn is one really bad game away from the NFL Trivia Board Game
    Who was Aaron Rodgers and Russ Wilsons former backup ?

  55. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Which one of you guys was it who once said that some of these alleged NFL analysts are little more than glorified fans and that their picks on things like the draft aren’t necessarily to be taken all that seriously? Probably more than one of you, and Kiper’s prediction that the Jets will pick Mingo supports that view. That’s not a rap on you, Karan, for singling out Mingo, a solid player, a few weeks ago, and I’m sure he could work in someone’s scheme. But if there’s anything we’re not gonna do, it’s pick another undersized DE who has to be converted to LB, and I’d think Rex would be particularly wary of doing that. I hope he is, anyway, since his record for developing all these D guys he’s picked is nothing to write home about.

  56. By SQUIRREL on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    thanks for the feedback folks. the point i am trying to make is that if we take all major cap hits this year, we won’t be handcuffed next year (2014) come free agency. and when i say clean house i mean it figuratively speaking. and more along the lines of the team philosophy. there is obvious players you keep but certain guys you get rid of now. if anyone thinks we are getting to the Superbowl or playoffs with this team next year then you are just not being honest with yourself. ii guess we shall see what happens.

  57. By SQUIRREL on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    saw an interview with Jason Taylor. he made some great points about the jets and rex’s system. he said Rex is a players coach. he doesn;t really discipline and doesn’t take the role as the head honcho especially with teh players in the lockerroom. his system is specifically designed to have the veteran guys fulfill that role. while i don’t agree with that philosophy, the way this team acted is so opposite they got rid of the standup vets (woody, T-rich, faneca, cotchery, and so forth and brought in problems like holmes and Burress. is it me or does just sound like no one really was at the helm. it certainly looked like it the last 2 years.

  58. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    There’s a story today on the NFL site about Aaron Rodgers saying that the read-op thing will pass but the athletic QB will stay. I actually like these posts to that article even more than I like what Rodgers said: “Injuries will be too much to handle at the QB position for the salaries. The running QB’s will be extinct again in about 2-3 years.” “I think they’re already figuring it out, and it’s quite simple. Hit the Quarterback. I know that sounds dirty, but that is exactly what teams will do and have done.” Yes, as I said when Rex had the brilliant idea of lining up Sanchez, who’s had two knee operations and one on his shoulder, at WR…

  59. By since shea on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    We are trying to figure out how much cap room we have, who we can draft and sign as FA and whether or not we should crash and burn. What we really havent talked about is REVIS!! I dont see us having the money to sign him or rework his deal. So he is gone? Or do you cut Santonio (saving $1 mill on the cap but Woody pays big dead money out of pocket to him) and give Santonio’s salary to Revis? Tell you what….. Woody better make the hire of his life here. A GM who can manage this cap mess and add talent. Who is that? Kahn and another real talent guy working together?

  60. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Driving Nails Into Love of Rex Theory, GaryC, just for you: So Turner goes to CLE and Whisenhunt goes to SD. Is anyone really that surprised that the best OC candidates aren’t too interested in our awful team with its outdated HC, overhyped and overpaid bust of a QB, and woeful neglect of the WR position for yrs? Ira, the franchise would not be the same without your support of it for decades. But when you casually said two yrs ago during the Holmes/Edwards/J-Co crisis “I don’t think the Jets will pay that kind of money for a wideout,” as if “a wideout” is a ball boy, I knew how behind the times the Jets and some of their fans are. Without QBs and wideouts, my friend, you may as well not even bother suiting up in today’s NFL.

  61. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Sanity Alert: Gang Green Nation has a piece today saying that Ted Sundquist is a sleeper GM candidate. But what’s really interesting is the column they link to on Sundquist’s own website from March 2012, in which he sounds the alarm about Sanchez and Tebow no later than a lot of us did. Particularly interesting is how he says in no uncertain terms how Sanchez has not measured up — again, that’s Sundquist talking BEFORE this yr’s debacle — how every aspect of his game is questionable, and how the Jets haven’t developed him very well. All the stuff I cite all the time about why Rex must go — and sorry, I’m not gonna stop doing that till he’s gone, Spice.

  62. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Allan, I always like the big-picture guys and you consistently show yourself to be one. Oh, I understand that football fans can get worked up over some obscure CB on a Division 2 team that we absolutely MUST pick in the 7th round. But how anyone can fail to see your pt about how “the bad taste has to be totally removed” is really beyond me. Rex, Sanchez, Holmes, Revis, none of these guys are gonna be part of a great Jet team. Rex is all clueless chatter, MS is a bust, and Holmes and Revis will be on the way down before we have the nucleus of even a good team. Along these lines, Stevesc, your post to BillsJets is on the money, Jet fans have to stop acting like it’s only a yr or 2 after we won the SB, Joe’s knees are okay, and we’re close…

  63. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    we will end up with either the,BIRD BOWL,THE REVENGE BOWL,THE HARBAUGH BOWL OR THE DYNASTY BOWL.if not it is the patriots-falcons

  64. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Scjoe,on the draft,if it is Mingo the jets will play him like the chiefs did with Justin Houston,about the same size, in a 3-4,if they go 4-3,they could opt for Bjorn Woerner of Florida state,he is in the 260-270 pound range.

  65. By GaryC on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    If the jets need an advisor,track down Gil Brandt the architect of the cowboy dynastys,he is always at the combines looking at the college talent,the jets could pick someone worse then him and probably will.

  66. By IRA on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    The more you look at the Jets situation this offseason the more you realize how much work they have to do. Besides the QB spot they have OL, RB, TE, WR to deal with and that’s just on one side of the ball. This is clearly a 2 year project to get this back into the mix for a WC spot.

  67. By Byrdman on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    Allan – In the Denver/Ravens game Manning only put up 21 pts. Remember they got 2 TDs on a KO and Punt. I would argue that the game manager Flacco
    actually outplayed Manning that day, throwing for 3 TD’s No Int’s including that huge 70 yard TD to send the game to OT. Flacco stock skyrocketed after that performance – Manning is developing a reputation for epic meltdowns in the heat of the playoffs.
    Squirrel – Yes, I agree with Taylor’s assessment of Rex Ryan. Sadly those types of coaches wear out their welcome when losses pile up. All the legendary HC’s were tough, hard-core discipline men that knew when to Cut a player and when to pat the guy on the back! Rex tries too hard to be their “Buddy” IMHO

  68. By since shea on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    I am tired of listening to these media types saying nobody wants the jet GM job. “They cant give it away”. Give me a break you dam windbags. Who in his right mind would turn down a $4 million per year or more job just because you might have to live with Rex for a year? Are you kidding me? An assistant somewhere, a cap guy somewhere, a former GM looking to get back into the game, a guy from Canada who wants to get into the big time? I am sick and tired of the jet bashing all over. Anybody on this site willing to work with Rex for a year and pick up EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK? Lets not believe the crap. Woody has to be careful on this one.

  69. By MIKE on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    SQUIRREL, blowing up can be taken a lot of ways. I for one think there is still a strong foundation of players here with Mangold, Brick, Revis, Cro and Harris. But unfortunately this is a QB league and that is just not good enough. The GM decision is huge. GM ultimately makes the choices if the owner stays out of it. The Jets have drafted poorly in last 5 years and are suffering now because of it. They made foolish contract negotiations and bad FA pick ups. If Jets finish below 500 again Rex will be gone and it will be new GM’s team to mold. To answer the question, NO but Sanchez has to sit. I would rather start Tebow or G Mac at this point.

  70. By stevesc on Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

    According to NFL Network, Jets to announce Idzik as the GM on Friday.

  71. By Ronbo19 on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    T64 &S.C.JOE, I was one of the guys who said Kiper is over-rated to say the least.I was also the one who suggested the Jets at least speak with Dave Gettleman who was recently hired by the Panthers.Dave spent the past 15 years in the Giants organization as a scout,Pro-palyer personell director and finally in a job they let him make up in an effort to keep him around as he was a tremendous asset to their organization. And yet, here was a guy in their own back yard who they never called?As for Kiper, his picks tend not pan out as he predicts.If you go back & check his moc’s they tend to differ greatly from his predictions. I would not be concerned with Mingo’s ability to make the switch to OLB. He has all the physical ability to do it.-

  72. By Ronbo19 on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    cont– On the other hand, as I posted earlier, the knock on him is he tends to play out of control. Some guys are just undisaplined and have problems playing with in a specific system. I do believe with proper coaching and reinforcing from his peers he would be fine.He’s actually a lot like the kid N.E picked last year Chandler Jones. My guess is Mingo wont be picked until the mid-1st rd as other players will move up as the draft process progresses. An example of this would be Deon Jordan from Oregon who at 6-6 255 is another guy who teams could play at either OLB or DE. I also like the idea of playing more 4-3 on D as it suites our personall.BYRDMAN- agree 100% about Flynn or even A.Smith.

  73. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    64tom, the big picture is what everyone should look at. It’s the future of this team. Where is it going? Are the NYJ going to be competitive in the years to come? This is why I admire teams like the steelers and NE because they are always in the mix. They draft well. They don’t tolerate mediocrity. Players on NE get hurt..next guy up, don’t miss a beat, Why is that? because BB knows how to evaluate players. He gets men who WANT to play football…not me first players. And most important..his entire staff is on the same page as him. Some may say I have a little NE envy…I do. Because that’s the future I want for this team. I admit I drank the Rex kool-aid, but the way he has handled this team as of late, I’m ready for a new flavor.

  74. By Mike Jet Vet on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    cont. all these stats, all good trivia, great conversation, Kudos to all who have taken time to present the facts..Some of it sounds like sour grapes as I am guilty in the past no denying.. Now that our season is over and had time to reflect.. here’s my opinion .looking back at games played, Worst GM and QB in the league injuries,amount of turnovers, bad draft picks, spoiled players, Do you really want to take it out on only person who has had some success in this organisation a coach who is batting better than 550% with this bunch of keystone cops, I believe when he learns to be a disciplinarian sits Sanchez this team will be much better

  75. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who's Ready for Even Taylor Swift at GM on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    No, Ira, the more YOU look at this team the more you realize how much work they have to do. I’ve been sounding the alarm since we were down 24-0 to PIT off the Sanchez fumble, whereas you’ve started both of the last 2 yrs saying, “Let’s see how the season plays out.” Let’s try to be AHEAD of the curve of misery this time, okay? Instead of worrying how Leon does on his next KO? Hear ya on Kiper, Ronbo, the guy’s in another universe if he doesn’t think what counts is getting this team an O that averages at least 30 pts a game. I agree, SQUIRREL, which is why I’m mildly optimistic about anyone but Cohen. Idzik or Khan won’t even take the job unless they can start looking to dump Rex and Sanchez whenever they want…probably before Halloween…

  76. By Byrdman on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    MJV – about Mangini, I think we tend to forget how devastating the whole Favre fiasco was to the Jets. If Brett doesn’t have that injury, I think we go to the SB either in 2008 or 09 under Mangini. Never underestimate how POWERFUL the Patriots owner Kraft has become in the NFL. Once the smoke cleared and NE got their wrist slapped for Spy-Gate, sports pundits started to paint Mangini as the BAD guy for “snitching” on his former boss.
    Had Ryan started slow here in NY, say he went 6-10 his first year, then progressively got better each year and we hit the AFC champ. game in 2012 – most rational Jet fans would agree – “Yeah look how Rex is building this team in his image, with his kind of players” Sadly – the opposite happened >>

  77. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Jet Vet..from what I see Rex is a guy who delegates everything..ST teams..no problem westy will handle it…Offense…no problem..sparano got it covered..Defense…mike pettine knows my system. It seems to me and it’s my opinion is that Rex has the title of HC but doesn’t fully understand that to be a great HC you have to know every facet of your team. I remember one game he said “I didn’t know we called that play”? Really?? Rex doesn’t pay attention to detail like this for the WHOLE team. He had no clue what was going on in HIS lockeroom? That’s inexcusable for a NFL coach. Especially if he had “HIS” guys in there. Rex is doing the samething to sanchez as woody has done to him..coodling him and not making him to take accountability

  78. By Allan O'Dane on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    cont. That’s why as long as Rex is headcoach and sanchez is the qb they will be mirror images of each other. Laid back…no worries…sun will always shine the owner / coach has my back and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I look at it this way..2009 9-7 , 2010 11-5, 2011 8-8 , 2012 6-10. How can you get a raise and ext. by having a sub-par season in 11′ and a losing season in 12’? Now Sanchez has been the worst QB in the past two years and yet he gets more $ and an ext.? This is crazy you don’t award mediocrity. I listened to Rex ryan in his press conference and said to myself “He sounds lost…he is lying to himself..the fans.even his boss” He’s trying to convince himself that he can do this…well he lost the battle right there.

  79. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    I know this will make you all happy.

    The Jets are interviewing former Browns coach Pat Shurmur for their offensive coordinator opening on Friday.
    Shurmur would bring a West Coast system to the Jets, a departure from Tony Sparano’s spitball offense. Mark Sanchez’s inaccurate passing would be a poor fit in Shurmur’s system. The Jets will almost certainly pursue a major quarterback upgrade in the spring. Rex Ryan is guaranteeing Sanchez nothing for 2013.

  80. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    The Jets interviewed Saints quarterbacks coach Joe Lombardi for their offensive coordinator vacancy on Wednesday.
    Lombardi also interviewed for the head-coaching job at Southern Miss “a few weeks ago.” He’s been on the Saints’ staff since 2007, coaching quarterbacks for the past four seasons. Joe is the grandson of Vince Lombardi

  81. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Jets hired former Seahawks VP of Football Administration John Idzik as general manager.
    Although Idzik dabbled in personnel evaluation under John Schneider and Pete Carroll in Seattle, his primary strength was salary-cap management, similar to old Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. The Idzik hire means coach Rex Ryan should have almost complete control over the Jets’ roster, which will be viewed in many circles as a risky proposition. Ryan is a football coach, not a scout. And Idzik isn’t a scout, either. The Jets’ roster has deteriorated so suddenly over the past 3-4 seasons because they’ve struggled mightily with player evaluation

  82. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    I will reserve my judgemant on this guy until a few years pass. But doesnt everyone think we need a personnel guy & not another salary cap guy?

  83. By Karan on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Man, why is Cimini so negative all the time? I seriously need to stop reading his blogs. Idzik hired and all this guy can see is the negative. Gimme a break, Cimini, but on a more serious note, I’m happy with this hire. I just hope he will a be smart talent evaluator for this franchise.

  84. By Karan on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Whoaa, Marty M., former Eagles OC looks like he is hired as OC as well. I like this hire! Eagles offense when healthy was pretty darn good and explosive at times. Bring in LeSean McCoy!! That won’t happen of course but could this mean Mike Vick will be the next Jets QB??

  85. By SCfromNY on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Congratulations on finally signing a GM. Let’s hope for some fruitful coach and player signings.

    The only sad part was when Woody introduced him and named all the great coaches he was associated with. He is in for a shock and disappointment.

  86. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Jets hired Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator.
    Mornhinweg spent the past seven seasons as Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. He will replace Tony Sparano’s spitball offense with a West Coast, pass-first system that will be very different from what the Jets have run in recent years. Mornhinweg’s hire will be less impactful than the offensive roster moves the Jets make this offseason. They need better players. If Michael Vick is released by the Eagles, as expected, it will be interesting to see whether he reunites with Mornhinweg in New York. The NY Daily News reported in mid-December that Jets head coach Rex Ryan “loves” Vick.

  87. By Tom Spicer on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Jets hired Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator. I like this hire unlike Sparano & Schotty this guy has experience as a OC & has some very explosive O’s under his belt.

  88. By Byrdman on Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

    Looks like it’s going to be the Marty (wierd name) Morninweg show on offense.
    He’s been associated with two high power offensive systems over the years – SF 49ers and Eagles -That’s Encouraging BUT… those teams had more talent and speed then they knew what to do with! It doesn’t take a genius OC to score a lot of points with those rosters – Just hand them the football and get out of the way!
    The good news is Danny Devito’s gone Hoorah !
    How would Randy’s “Radar” nation feel if Vick comes to town?

  89. By Mike Jet Vet on Jan 19, 2013 | Reply

    Spicer, Marty Mornhinweg was our OC long ago, just in case you didn’t already know, without much success… Allan O’dane, it’s still all opinion yours or mine, I still say give him another year, without Sanchez was my whole point in giving him that year.. with Sanchez it won’t matter who the coach, we will repeat last season.. Who would you have replace Rex ? another rookie Head coach .. no thanks

  90. By Stevesc on Jan 19, 2013 | Reply

    PLEASE, do not even think about bringing in Vick… He is not the answer and will only hinder this organization in finding a qb of the future. How long does anyone think Vick’s career will last? Bringing in a veteran on the downside of his career, and who by the way is injury prone, would prove that the Jets have not changed their philosophy on how to build a team. The thought of Vick coming to the Jets makes me ill.

  91. By Tom Spicer on Jan 19, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Jet Vet, When was Mornhinweg our OC in the past?

  92. By Jack on Jan 19, 2013 | Reply

    ( Hey Mike Jet Vet ) Went was Marty Morninweg the OC, for the Jets? Becuase I sure can’t remember went to was ever a OC, for the NY, Jets. What year?

  93. By Zoe Annett on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    Sooo super stoked for my big brother! Congrats Hayden!! All our love and support from oz!! Xx

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