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    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Camp Coordinator Fiedler Still Has NYJ Connections

Posted by Randy Lange on April 8, 2013 – 11:34 am

Jay Fiedler had a short career as an AFC East opponent of the Jets and an even shorter stay as a Jets quarterback. He’s been out of the game for seven seasons.

But Jay’s never left his Long Island base and he never stopped keeping tabs on the Jets. And he continues to teach the game to Jets fans and their kids as well as those who wear colors different than the green and white.

Fiedler’s latest endeavor in the football camp field is the Prime Time Football Offense and Defense Passing Skills Camp, which will be held on Sunday, April 28, at Randall’s Island Field No. 8, with former Jets Bobby Jackson and Bruce Harper serving as coaches. We’ll provide more details on the camp a little farther down in this blog.

“My dad, Ken, has been running summer camps for 50 years,” Fielder told me. “My brother, Scott, took over the Prime Time sports camps seven or eight years ago, and I’ve run my own Brookwood football camp for the last 15 years in Glen Spey, near Port Jervis, N.Y.

“Just these past couple of years, I’ve expanded and done a lot more year-round stuff, local clinics, quarterback/wide receiver clinics. I started talking with the people of the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association and they wanted me to come in and do something for them. So we came up with the idea of running a one-day clinic out on Randall’s Island.”

Being in the heart of the city is right up Fiedler’s alley. He grew up in Oceanside on the Island and starred as a quarterback, point guard and decathlete at Oceanside High. He stayed in the Northeast and had an outstanding Ivy League career as Dartmouth’s QB, then moved on to the pros. He actually coached receivers for a short while at Hofstra, the Jets’ former HQ, before stringing together seasons with Minnesota and Jacksonville and then a five-year stay as a starter with the Dolphins.

Jay’s Short Stay in Green

Fiedler came to the Jets as an unrestricted free agent in 2005 and made it to the third game of the regular season. That, of course, was the disastrous affair against the Jaguars, when he and Chad Pennington suffered devastating shoulder injuries within two second-half series of each other. Despite rehabbing the shoulder well enough to get consideration from several teams, he never played in the NFL after that.

“No doubt I wanted my Jets stay to be much longer,” he recalled. “Being a local guy and having the opportunity to play for the team, even as brief as it was, I still made some connections with other guys I played with and other alumni. Also, just being involved in the local football market, I’m involved with a lot of former Jets and see them at a number of events.”

Fiedler talked about his post-football pursuits, among them owning a minor-league basketball team and a concert-promotion company. These days he handles a regional market of the energy service company started by Pro Football Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas.

“As much as you hated Thurman as a Jet, he was some back,” Fiedler remembered. “Probably one of the smartest players I came across in my 10 years in the league.”

Fiedler, needless to say, has the smarts, too, to earn his degree from Dartmouth. And if you recall that school from recent Jets stories, well, yes, it’s true that he is a fellow Green Wave alumnus along with current Jets GM John Idzik.

“I didn’t know John from Dartmouth, but when I was coming out as a player, he was with the Tampa Bay organization,” he said. “My coaches put me in touch with him and he was definitely helpful throughout the process when I was being scouted, going to the combine. We weren’t in close touch but when we played against teams he was involved in, we made it a point to reach out to each other.”

And Fiedler, like many longtime fans of the Green & White, likes what Idzik has been doing in his first months on the job.

Moving in Right Direction

“For him it’s just about getting down to business, building the team from inside the locker room rather than on the sports pages,” he said. “I think they’re doing a good job of refocusing the organization and how they want the team to be run. We’ll see how it plays out over the next couple of years. There’s definitely a few holes they have to fill, but I think they’re moving in the right direction, and I’m excited to see how things progress.”

As for the progress of Fiedler’s April 28 camp, it’s designed for teaching age-appropriate fundamental passing, receiving and coverage skills and drills. Fans of all NFL teams are invited, although the staff has a Jets alumni flavor. Harper, the Jets running back from 1977-83 who easily remains the franchise’s all-time kick-return yardage leader, will coach offensive skills. Jackson, the team’s 90-game left cornerback starter from ’78-85 who was a top interceptor and a defensive team captain, will work the defensive side of the passing game.

“Bobby and I over the past couple of months have been working on some weekly clinics throughout Long Island. His son, Ashun, who was a college wide receiver, comes in and helps out along with Bobby,” Jay said. “And everyone loves Bruce from his days as a player. I’ve gotten to know him at events the past couple of years and I love the way he interacts with fans. Certainly he can teach people a great deal.”

Additionally, Fiedler has invited other former NFL players to coach and make appearances. All the former clinicians will be supported by experienced high school and youth coaches from around the area.

The afternoon schedule has been set up for three age groups. The Pee Wee Clinic for Grades 1-4 ($50 advanced registration/$60 cash only at event) will run from noon-1:30 p.m., the Youth Clinic for Grades 5-8 ($75/$90) will run from 1:30-3:30, and the High School Clinic for Grades 9-12 ($99/$120) goes from 3:30-6 p.m. Youth and high school quarterbacks can receive a video analysis of their footwork and technique for an additional fee. All participants will receive a T-shirt courtesy of Modell’s.

Click here for more information on the clinic and here for a helpful set of FAQs for the afternoon.

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87 Responses to “Camp Coordinator Fiedler Still Has NYJ Connections”

  1. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Up for the Downstroke on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Fiedler sounds like a really good guy and a very smart football man — one who knows something about OFFENSE! I’d take him over Rex at HC in a Long Island minute…

  2. By IRA on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Always was a Fiedler fan and i thought the Jets made a great signing when they got him to back up Chad. But then came that jags game and we all know what happened. Funny how you remember certain things. If i recall Jay came in in the blowout to KC and he threw a TD pass to Chris Baker i believe. That was his Jets highlight and last career TD pass. Knew about his fahter’s camp and glad to see Jay give back to the kids.

  3. By uncle joe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    It’s pretty fishy to me that no body is talking about QB Mike Glennon. Seems the Jets are looking at every QB in the draft except for him. He is by far and away the best QB in this draft and I think the Jets are making sure before they pull the trigger on him. Would’nt be surprised if they use Revis to get him!

  4. By SQUIRREL on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Ira, was that the game at home where Chad was struggling so they pulled him, put in fielder who then got hurt. I believe we then put chad back in who also got hurt again. then we played out the season with brooks Bollinger. That was definitely not a season to write home about,

  5. By kleckofan on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    I remember going to Namath’s summer camps at Fairfield U (CT) (as a spectator not a participant) and seeing D Herman and Winston Hill etc. Later the camp was at Quinnipiac and I actually got to speak w Joe and Winston for a bit. Good memories.
    There is a good read today on the SI site in P. King’s Monday Morn’ QB; pay particular attention to Gruden’s QB comments and later Mayock’s. No way should we take Geno, no way, no how.
    Most mocks I’ve seen now have us firmly in Jarvis Jones camp. No argument.
    MJV- fans who move west stick w their team, call us what you will, but West Coast Jet Fans is accurate. Why all the hate?
    Also, on ESPN and SI, read what the Raiders have had to do to get back to being competitive; it should sound v. familiar.

  6. By IRA on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    uncle joe,
    hard to argue about Glennon but from what i see, read and hear, Manuel has the most upside of any of them.

  7. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Up for the Downstroke on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Give me your take on why you think Glennon’s the best QB in the draft, uncle joe, that would interest me greatly. I do think the Jets may surprise people — especially those obsessed with “what Rex wants” — by taking a QB 2nd or 3rd. I see reports just now about Smith visiting the Jets this week, too.

  8. By MIKE on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    If reports are true about Bucs willing to give up 1st, 3rd and 5th rounders, than why wouldn’t Jets counter that with 1st and 3rd plus a conditional round pick for next year which could end up being a 2nd based on Revis playing time. I should’ve submitted a resume for GM after Mr.T got canned.

  9. By IRA on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    The KC game was on the road and was the 05 opener and the game was over in the 1st qt. Chad was pulled in the 4th because of the blowout. Nugent also had a bad start to his career when he lined up for an early FG and got his foot caught in the grass and fell down and blew the kick. Another highlight was D-Rob getting into a fist fight with Vilma and Hobson I believe.
    Can’t make these things up and I knew right from that game it was going to be a very long season.

  10. By IRA on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Now that Tampa has offered their 13th pick for this years draft I believe this trade will get done very soon. I say by the start of next week this will be done. I think the deal goes down with the 13th this year, a 6th this year and a conditional 3 rd for 014.

  11. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Up for the Downstroke on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Yeah, klecko I just tried to make the same point about the hate to MJV on the story before this one. I don’t know what his problem is with Jet fans who don’t live in New York anymore. It’s not like I get on him for having a mayor who’d like to tell him what to eat, drink, and smoke. Oh well, maybe if the Jets get any worse they’ll move out of the tri-state area entirely and MJV will be forced to change his perspective a little. In that sense, I’m very old-school and conservative — I just want ‘em to build a stadium in Queens, Brooklyn, or Nassau and get the hell out of New Jersey!

  12. By IRA on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    I would like to get the pulse of everybody here on which game will end up being bigger. The 2000 Bucs Game in Tampa after the Keyshawn trade or the Tampa Game in the Meadowlands after the Revis trade? I am on the fence with this one but will choose the Revis game because its at home.

  13. By Jetfan74 on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Ok it’s being reported that the Bucs are offering picks in the 1,3,6 rds in this yrs draft and we still haven’t pulled the trigger on this Revis deal??? I say unload him now and take the ammo!!! Sounds like the I-man is a tough negotiator with Revis and now 2 guards not signing after visits. This is what this team had needed for quite some time now. Anyone wanna take a flyer on Rolando McLain???

  14. By Uncle Joe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Glennon is 6’6 and has a Cannon for an arm. he is on a team with terrible WRs that can’t catch and an O line that can’t block. his D is terrible so he is always playing catchup where the opposing D knows he is throwing. Yet watch his YouTube video, when I first watched it I thought I was watching Peytton Manning,,,,yeh I said that!!! Plus he is a really smart kid in school and has that no emotion personality like an Eli,Matt Ryan type.

  15. By Uncle Joe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    These days everyone is looking for an RG3,Russel Wilson,Kaepernick guy. They don’t last. The Big fish are the Eli,Peyton,Flaco Brady, pocket passers. Watch Glennen work the pocket on YouTube. Constant pressure and his eyes are always down field. I would take him at 9!!!! You want a Franchize QB? He is right there for you.

  16. By Uncle Joe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    And then grab Tavon with Tampa’s pick

  17. By Fran'scan on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    IRA and JF are right on again. Glennon the top QB ? Hardly. Tall with a strong arm, yes but very erratic and streakish. I also wouldn’t trust his body to a full NFL season with suspect OL. Manuel does have the edge on all QB’s, just hope we don’t waste a first rounder on any of them. They’ll be plenty left in round 2. Revis deal seems to be a 1 and 3 rounder this year. How nice would 1 first round pick plus a trade back for either the 1/9 or 1/13 to get more picks for this deep draft.
    2 more weeks and we’ll see how much draft pull RR really has, I doubt very much and that’s a very good thing !

  18. By scjoe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    Who can ever forget that infamous day against the Jags when 2 QBs went down in almost record time. I always like Fiedler, a smart football player and a smart man off the field.Wouldn’t mind seeing him in some capicity with the team, maybe a QB coach at some point.

  19. By scjoe on Apr 8, 2013 | Reply

    I just can not envision the NYJ selecting ANY QB with the 9th overall pick. I can envision them selecting one in the 2nd round, especially if Manual is still there. I wouldn’t even be shocked if they traded down to the bottom of the 1st round to select Manual. If they consummate the trade with TB, and trade down one of the 2 first round picks, the possibilities are limitless in this draft. With any luck they can come out of it with a starting QB, OLB, S, AND OG.

  20. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Up for the Downstroke on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Jets visiting with both Smith and Manuel, with Dysart to follow, some sportswriters (Cimini, for what that’s worth on these matters) say the guy we’re really interested in is Nassib, and then some of you guys are talking about T. Wilson and Glennon being sleeper candidates. So I ask you, do you think any of this would be going on if we still had Mr T instead of Idzik? No, we’d be talking about “Mark’s the starter,” “You really gotta give a QB half a century,” etc. On the basis of this sea change on O alone the Idzik regime is off to a good start.

  21. By SCfromNY on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    I have been saying for weeks that I like Glennon. I feel he is just beginning his skills and the sky is the limit. I hope Dion is there when the Jets pick. Besides liking him better over Jones a I am concerned about Jones possible injury.

    If we get some picks from the Bucs I would chance a QB in the 2nd hoping some the high potential QBs are available. If the picks are for 2014 we could trade some, NOT #1, to move up some to take a QB. I am NOT advocating taking a QB with the 1rst unless we get extra picks.

    Notice the “Skins picked up Pat White to help back up RGIII, a QB who hasn’t played in years. What should have been a good fit for Tebow. No one wants him.

  22. By GaryC on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    A couple of more reasons why I like Warmack,being 6’2 he can get under the defensive tackles pads for leverage,also he will not allow penetration by the tackle so the quarterback can step up into the pocket,teaming him with Mangold,is a pretty good one two punch.Maybe the jets won’t fall short on so many third and shorts this year if Warmack is selected.

  23. By Ronbo on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    IRA,TOM64 & UNCLE JOE, I make it a point to never dismiss anyones opinion when it comes to evaluation of potential draft picks. But, at some point the eyeball test must come in to play.From what i’ve seen of Glennon he would be an ideal back up for the Ravens who have demonstrated an understanding of how to feature a Q.B. with Glennon’s abilities and limitations.Glennon needs to play in an offence that has a great O-line, W.R’s who can stretch the field and T.E’s & R.B’s that can make plays underneath. Does that sound anything like our current Jets?Remember,Rex’s has stated he wants a versatile offence perhaps even including some pistol & read option? E.J.Manuel would make a lot more sence if he’s available with pick at #39in rd.2

  24. By GaryC on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    It is time for this Revis deal to go down,find out how many picks you actually have,potential of moving down the draft board,acquiring more,hoping that a team falls in love with a quarterback,so jets can move out of the ninth spot,Having someone take Ansah,Mingo,Smith,so I don’t have to hold my breath that the Jets might take them.This is setting up as ARTE JOHNSON used to say,as a Very Interesting draft.

  25. By GaryC on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    JetFan74,I also had the same thought on McClain,a high draft choice who hasn’t worked out for the Raiders,who can in that circus,maybe Rex can bring him in and do for him what he couldn’t do for Gholston,Davis,McClain,Harris and drafting Arthur Brown can be a speedy linebacking core,something that hasn’t been seen here in ages.

  26. By scjoe on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Ira, to me, the most memorable Bucs game ever was the one where the Jets blew them out after TB ran up the score in the game prior to that with the Jets. I think they posted something like 62 in that game. Don’t remember the year, anybody?

  27. By IRA on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Manuel will not get past the eagles in the 2nd rd and may not even last to the 2nd rd. If the Jets want him they will have to grab him in the lower part of the 1st rd. Like i said whether its 9 or 13 trade down take Jones with the other pick take Manuel later in the 1st and get an extra 3rd. In the 3rd you can take Bell and Winters to take care of your RB and OG needs. 2nd rd grab Ertz. Not a bad haul.
    GO JETS!!!!

  28. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    I got this from Rotoworld. “Jets re-signed restricted free agent TE Jeff Cumberland to a one-year, $1.323 million contract.
    Cumberland, 26 in May, recorded 29 receptions for 359 yards (12.4 YPR) and three touchdowns last season, starting 12-of-15 appearances. He’s the in-house favorite to replace Dustin Keller, although GM John Idzik is said to be high on second-round prospect Zach Ertz. Cumberland is an upright, stiff receiving tight end with a limited ceiling”

  29. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Citing multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Profootballtalk.com reports the Bucs are indeed willing to trade the Jets the No. 13 overall pick in exchange for Darrelle Revis.
    To this point, the trade hangup was believed to be Bucs GM Mark Dominik’s unwillingness to surrender pick No. 13. That’s no longer the case. Tampa Bay appears to have placed the 13th pick on the table, but Jets GM John Idzik “wants a lot more,” per PFT’s sources. Yahoo’s Jason Cole reported late Sunday that Dominik has offered the Jets first-, third-, and sixth-round picks for Revis and is open to paying him upwards of $16 million annually. This trade is clearly heating up as both sides continue to posture through the media

  30. By uncle joe on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    And all the QB visits could just be a big smoke screen to force the first eight teams to reach on a QB so our guy falls to us.

  31. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    “We’ve heard all about the endless upside of players like Barkevious Mingo and Ezekiel Ansah, but let’s be realistic here. Rex Ryan doesn’t have time for projects. He needs production — now. Jones recorded 28 sacks and 44 tackles for loss in just 26 games! That’s over 70 plays behind the line of scrimmage, and he did it while playing OLB in a 3-4 defense. He’ll walk in the door as a starter and an immediate impact player, which is what the Jets need more than anything else. Our information tells us Jones should be medically cleared by most doctors and will be a player who can dictate protection schemes. He’s the best pass-rushing linebacker in the draft.” This is from a story on this site & I could not agree more. This is the pick at #9!

  32. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    I read the Bucs are willing to give a 1st, 3rd & 6th round pick for Revis this year! If this is the case my question is this WHY HAS THIS DEAL NOT BEEN DONE ALREADY?

  33. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    I read the Jets signed Dawan Landry so there goes 1 of our starting saftyes. In the story on this site it said “In 2012 he started all 16 contests for the Jaguars and registered a career-high 176 tackles.” That tells me 2 things 1 the Jags are REALLY BAD! 2 this guy can tackle.

  34. By Carolina Jet Fan on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Hey- i’m proud to take my JET loyalties to Fort Mill-I did not know their is an issue rooting for the JETS once I left Smithtown, in fact, if anyone from this site wanders down here- Iwork in a grill @ a golf course- the first beer is on me. Aside from that. I just want to register my approval for the way Idzik is handeling FA and the Revis thing–you cant spend money you dont have and he’s got the Bucs bidding against themselves–I love it.

  35. By scjoe on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Well, the Dawan Landry signing certainly makes me feel a little bit better about the safety position, not a whole lot, but a little bit. My question to all of my debate partners on the free agency subject is, what do you think about the move? Would you rather have 2 low round draft picks from 2012 (one which was previously cut, then brought back) starting, or just one of them along with Landry. Be honest now!

  36. By scjoe on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Jetfan74, re: the compensation you posted above by the Bucs for DR, what is the source? Where did you read, or hear, that TB offered it’s 1st, 3rd and 6th round picks “this year?”

  37. By kw65fan on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Landry part 2on board. Needed a strong presence in the defense backfield. Happy with this signing. Now lets make strong showing in draft. After we trade Revis, look for strong DB to take his place if we get the extra picks from TB. I would go OLB, DB, OG, WR, RB, DL, OT…Fill the holes and get back-up support any where possible.

  38. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    If that Revis deal goes down & Idzik drafts well the Jets can compete next year. We would have 2 1st’s (9th & 13th), 1 2 (39th), 2 3’s, a 4, a 5, 2 6’s & a 7. We really would put ourselves in a position to load up this year if the picks hit & I think with all of the free agent loses we will get multiple compensatory picks next year. So we will have alot of picks in 2014. Plus we will have money in free agnecy to spend next year.

  39. By kleckofan on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Above I asked you to read some of the articles on ESPN and SI. I know, who am I to ask you to do things…anyway here is my take from those articles.
    Gruden, who has become somewhat of the preeminent QB guru, likes Nassib and Manuel. He likes their leadership, quick decision-making, and ability to move and make plays. I, for one, plan on watching the whole series of QB Camps on ESPN w Gruden. It may directly affect us, and its just great TV.
    Mayock said he wouldn’t take Geno anywhere in Rd 1. Those are guys who have credibility w me.
    Glennon’s physique scares me to death. Tho I agree w some posters that the pure pocket passer w some ability to move is still the standard bearer in the NFL.

  40. By Tom Spicer on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    If the Jets pull of this deal they could walk out of the draft with Jarvis Jones at 9 & Kenny Vaccro at 13 & the D would be set (with the new Landry addition). Then in the 2nd round take Ertz. With the 3rd round pick take Marcus Latimore & the best QB to compete with Mark (Nassib, Wilson or Barkely cause I think Glennon & Manuel will be gone in the 2nd round). At that point we would be a guard away from having a good team.

  41. By RONBO on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, I’m good with the Landry signing.We realy need a vetern back there to babysit the 2 kids. I dont think he will have the physical impact his brother did,but he will be better in coverage. SPICER,I’m with you on Ansah & Mingo.I dont think either are ready to provide immediate impact. Truthfully i dont see how anybody can predict how effective either of those guys will be because neither of them has proven anything over a reasonable time frame? Yes they both have the physical stature & speed, but Mingo was a major disappointment last season & is only 240 lbs. As for Ansah, he has only one year as a starter. IRA, your above draft stratagy is excellent! I would be thrilled if that happaned! Carolina Jet Fan, what golf course are you at?

  42. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Actually, scjoe, I was about to post to you see, you happy now, we got a mediocre S who won’t be here in 2014 and who’ll do little in 2013 but take reps away from the rookie S and 2nd-yr guys we should be playing. But I agree with you on the high-score TB game. Thanks for your takes on Glennon, Uncle Joe and SCfromNY, and Spicer, I TOTALLY agree with you on Rex and projects, especially on D. The Jets have largely drafted projects while Rex has been here — Wilson, Ducasse, Hill, maybe even Coples and Davis and, now it can be told, Sanchez. It wasn’t brilliant in many cases but what was worse was doing it with a HC who expects to watch a guy in 2 snaps and say, “He reminds me of Sammy Baugh, I like him!” Love Idzik working the Revis deal…

  43. By kleckofan on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Spice- I like the J. Jones & Vaccaro scenario you mention.
    Well, the deal isn’t done yet for Revis, but its funny all the love the I-man seems to be getting now. Slow and steady, baby, slow and steady.

  44. By Carolina Jet Fan on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO– Regent Park

  45. By Jetfan74 on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    SC Joe I read it right on nfl.com. Believe it was Rappaport throwing it out there.

  46. By IRA on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    I think Landry signing was the best move up until now. He will be the leader back there for Rex like Leonhard was even though he is more an in the box safety. Now they can focus on drafting one safety to roam the back end.
    I have to say they need to release Tebow after the draft and I would have done it already. Hey if they somehow get a team to give up anything Idzik should be GM of the year but really after what they did to him last year and the type of guy he is they should suck it up and let him move on. It’s to fair to him.

  47. By scjoe on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    64, take reps away from the rookies and 2nd year guys? Fact is they have about the same chance of being here next year as Landry does. Neither one of those rookies showed me anything last season to suggest they will be here long term.

  48. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 9, 2013 | Reply

    Spicer, I like your take on the early rounds of the draft and yeah, scjoe, like Spice says we could have a good team if all those guys worked out. But we’d never draft this way if Rex was still bloviating (everybody — at least everyone who wants Rex gone — seems to like that word for what he does) about how “close” we are and Mr T obediently trading away half our draft picks to serve that cracked vision. Like your take on the draft too, Ira. I highly recommend Banks’ piece on SI about the inevitability of the Revis deal. Though he has warnings for Idzik, the fact that he testified to knowing the guy personally adds credence to his view that this is going down soon.

  49. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    “NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport said Tuesday on “NFL Total Access” there’s no buzz connecting Tebow to another team at this time. This is an unfortunate reality for the Jets, who sunk two draft picks and $2.5 million to obtain Tebow from the Denver Broncos last year.” Call me when Idzik commits a blunder anywhere near as big as this one that Mr T committed, scjoe, and which I’ll bet he did with Rex’s full support. It’s Rex’s ludicrous enthusiasm for every QB approach but the one that SB winners adhere to — classic drop-back quarterbacking by big, strong, smart QBs who don’t rest their heads on their WRs’ shoulders on the way off the field after throwing a game-losing pick — that suggests this to me.

  50. By IRA on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, That 62 pt game vs the Bucs was in Nov 85. Boy oh boy that was a long time ago. Tickets were also 15.00 or so. We pay more to park now. Who would have ever thought?

  51. By Tom Spicer on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    As per Rotoworld. “West Virginia QB Geno Smith will be visiting the New York Jets on April 10 and 11. The Jets are in desperate need of a quarterback and it’s been rumored in the past that they really like Smith. He would bring deep ball accuracy and a strong arm that allows the team to stretch the ball in tough weather conditions, which they currently don’t have with starter Mark Sanchez. There’s been a lot of criticism recently but he might be a quality selection for the Jets at No. 9.”

  52. By Tom Spicer on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Jets agreed to terms with S Dawan Landry, formerly of the Jaguars.
    He’ll replace his brother, LaRon, who moved on to the Colts after turning in a Pro Bowl season in 2012. Dawan has been a full-time starter since coming into the league in 2006 Primarily a run-stopper, Dawan should benefit from his reunion with coach Rex Ryan, who served as his defensive coordinator with the Ravens from 2006-08.

  53. By Mike Jet Vet on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Klecko fan. Hate! no way Brother I have no hate for any of my comrades in arms when it comes to Jet fans. You being a Jet fan whether on east coast or west should know this.. so if you’re offended then maybe that west coast air has softened your outlook some. I know it has affected my buddy Tom 64.. they are mostly liberalized on that side you know. far as this side, we have a ways to go.. Ha Go Jets

  54. By Allan O'Dane on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Scjoe..Landry will be great in the box..but his coverage skills are suspect. He can mentor the young kids…but at some point you have to let Bush/Allen play time to take the training wheels off..Because of the loss of Landry/Bell the NYJ will go back to having issues with covering the TE. This my opinion…I can see why everyone wants the Joneses..the Mingos…But I still believe the NYJ should draft Oline 1st. If somehow we get (2) picks in the 1st round (from Mevis deal w/Bucs) draft Waramack/Mingo would be awesome..but if we drafted Waramack/Fluker I wouldn’t be mad either…then like Spicer said go after Ertz in 2nd..Lattimore in 3rd..

  55. By Allan O'Dane on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    64Tom…I agree 100%…the Tebow era should be over in NY…time to move on. No more distractions. I like the kid…I believe Ryan/Mike T and Woody johnson did Tebow wrong. If we are going to change the identity of this team the distractions must go. He needs to go to a team willing to build the offense around him and his skill set. What’s your take on Kirk Cousins? do you think we make a run for him being that pat white signed with the redskins?..this move is for next year of course in case we have another poor qb draft class…

  56. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    As a 60 year old Met/Jet/Knick fan I’m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel! The Mets & Jets appear to be on the right trac as they appear to be led by men with patience & vision who actually have a plan. i realize there are no pennants or Superbowl trophies coming our way this year but both Alderson & Idzik give us hope as they upgrades over their predessors.While Omar Minia brought us such disasters as Jason Bay @ signing Ollie Perez to ludicrous contracts, Alderson was able to resist mortgaging the future by tradeing Zack Wheeler of either of the upton brothers or giving up a 1st rd pick for Micheal Bourne. hey, those guys all could help us this year but would not put the Mets
    in the -

  57. By Tom Spicer on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    To all Jet season ticket holders like myself. The Jets are having a draft party at the stadium on Thursday the 25th for the 1st round. The tickets & the parking are free you just have to download them from this site. You can watch the 1st round on the big screens & multiple TVs. You can go on the field & tour the locker room. They are giving away free Jet T shirts. 1 winner there will get to announce the Jets 4th round pick at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday the 27th. Mo Wilkerson, Qeuton Coples, Kyle Wilson, Stephen Hill & Kenrick Ellis will all be there you can take photos with them & get autographs. I will 100% be there with my Namath jersey on.

  58. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, there’s a weird sort of perspective among some Jet fans whereby “Mark” can show ineptitude in every possible situation year and year and he’s still one comeback win from elite status but when McElroy walks into a few sacks in his only start he’s instantly worthless. I don’t suffer from this illness so I’m not ready to write off Bush and Allen when they’ve never had even a fraction of a chance to “show anything.” Ira, making a big deal about not cutting Tebow yet is just more of Cimini scraping the bottom of the scandal barrel. If Tebow’s such a great guy, he can put up with the rules that everybody else does. The Jets, particularly the new Jet org run by Idzik, don’t owe Tebow a damn thing.

  59. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    MJV, if there’s one thing I WON’T do on the site, it’s comment on politics in any overly partisan way. That’s just too sensitive an issue to go ruining people’s football fun with and besides, I rate all politicians only slightly above HCs who know nothing about O. You’ll have to come out here someday to hear what I really think — that is, if there’s any “here” to come out to after Governor Moonbeam gets done with the place. But I will say these two things: Hate speech laws are moronic, unwriteable, unenforceable, and a threat to the First Amendment, I was only using klecko’s chosen word in a tongue-in-cheek way. And liberals from back in the ’60s are to today’s liberals aka “progressives” as Joe Namath is to Mark Sanchez.

  60. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    64, you are hilarious! Your obsession with Rex Ryan has clearly clouded your vision. What WILL you do if the NYJ finish 10-6 or so, and Rex is declared coach of the year? I bet that little tid bit would be quite the humbling experience. Let me try to pick your brain for a minute, I can see it now, “if” the NYJ win 9 or 10 games you will give all of the credit to Idzik because unlike Mr T before him, Rex did not “lead him around by the nose” therefore, Idzik should reap all the credit for the 2013 draft, the roster, and the entire off season. Does that sound about right 64?

  61. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    cont.- playoffs or word series.Wheeler combined with Harvey & Neise gives the Mets a solid big three for the future. By acknowledging the financial restraints forced on us by Tannenbaums wild F/A splurges and ineffecient drafting Idziks patience may well turn out to be his greatest attribute. from what I’m hearing on N.Y radio and reading in the N.Y.papers the consesous says most fans are onboard with his early moves. We as jet fans need to be patient and not expect unrealistic results this year. I’m reading post here that infer we can be contenders if we get Tampa Bay’s 1st,3rd & 6th pick? As much as that would be welcomed by all of us here, I dont believe that is realistic.A great draft this year(4 starters)would put us in posisition to-

  62. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    cont.- possibly contend in 2014. as for the Knicks, hey when was the last time a Knick team won 50 games? I’m not as optimistic about there long range future but its nice to see them at least relevent again!

  63. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Alan O’ Dane, the way I see it, Landry, and all his mediocrity, is far and away the best game day safety on this team “at the present time” what does that say about the rest of the field? I am not sure, based on what I seen last season, that either Bush or Allen are the long term answer back there, heck, I am not even sure they are the short term answer. As for that 1st round? Sure, a G is a huge need, but so is QB, S, OLB, RB and TE. But the unwritten rule, which I agree with, is don’t take a G or a TE in the top 10. I honestly think you will see that transpire. Dion Jordan would be my pick, but I know he will be long gone.

  64. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Now this is funny, just looking on NFL.com at the 5 best and worse 5 draft picks by the NYJ. Really can’t argue with the best 5, Joe Willie, Revis, Klecko, Gastineau and Mangold. Sure some may want to add or subtract one or the other, but the 5 worse is where I have a problem. They have Kyle Brady as #1, this guy went on to have a long NFL career. Nugent, who as far as I know is still playing and playing well. Gholston? A no brainer! But where is Mark Sanchez?

  65. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Ira, if memory serves me, in the NYJ-TB game prior to the one in 85 where the Jets ran up the score, TB made every effort to have their top RB, which I believe was James Wilder, could be wrong on that, but they made every effort to feed him the ball for some sort of Buc record, even though the score was way out of hand. The Jets simply retaliated in that 85 game. Can you shed any light on that Randy?

  66. By Randy Lange on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, I don’t know about a TB record for James Wilder. He carried only six times in the fourth quarter of that game for 8 yards. But one of those carries was for a 4-yard TD with 1:21 to play to make it 41-14, TB, after which the Bucs tried three straight onside kicks (two were nullified by penalties). My guess is that this endgame scenario was a factor in 62 points by the Jets the next year.

  67. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    TOM64,S.C.Joe & the gang, heres my take on the 2013 Q.B’s as fits for us.
    1-Gino Smith- is simply the most NFL ready in terms of physical talent,experience,
    and proven ability.He will work hard to succeed!
    2-E.J Manuel, has the size,arm and running ability to be great.Not as experienced as G.Smith but more upside.needs to improve downfield vision,not lok on to 1st read.
    3-Tyler Wilson,think Andy Dalton. has all the tools to succeed but is not as nimble as todays Q.B’s need to be.Not a threat to run.Has taken a lot of hits.
    4-Mike Glennon- he is not the 2nd coming of T.Brady or even Joe Flacco.He is the least athletic,least mobile Q.B in this draft! I do not see him in green & white.at least I hope not!

  68. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    2013 Q.B scouting reports
    5-Tyler Bray- physically a lot like Glennon.A little more athletic& mobil but when you realize he played with 4 NFL W.R’s as well as an NFL T.E you have to wonder why he didn’t win more?He’s a lot closer to Brady talent wise than Glennon.so-so?
    6-Ryan Nassib, Frankly i dont get the hype about this guy? He’s got o.k arm,o.k size,he’s not fast and locks on to his primary target too long?I would take him in Rd4,but no higher.
    7-Matt Barkley- has more in common with Sanchez than USC.About the same size,arm strength & less mobility?He will be picked late rd.1 or rd.2 but I hope not by us.
    8-Landry Jones-has all the tools,size arm some mobility but always comes up short when it counts.Kind of reminds me of Tony Romo

  69. By RONBO on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    2013 Q.B’s
    My late round sleepers; 1-Zach Dysert, has the size,can move around to by time(not a runner!)but not a great arm? Not sure he’s a great fit for us but in rd.7 I might take a chance?
    2-Matt Scott, probably has a better chance than Dysert as he can really run.He’s a lot like Sanchez in terms of experience(only 12 college starts) so there just not a large body of work to judge this guy. At 6-2 215 with a good(not great) arm he has a shot because he can really run.
    3-Sean Renfree,Duke at 6-3 220 size is good but not a great arm.Relies on antisapation.
    4-Jordan Rogers at 6-1 200 size is a ?.He is not his brother Aaron

  70. By Tom Spicer on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Also on Saturday 4/27 from 12 to 4 the Jets are a Jest family fun day at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Admission is free to all but you have to sign up at nyjets.com. Mo Wilkerson, Kendrick Ellis & Kyle Wilson will be there for for autographs & photos. You can tour the players locker room & there will be a Jet fest for the kids. I will be there with my old lady & my 2 little ones!

  71. By Tom Spicer on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    According to Profootballtalk’s Mike Florio, “some league insiders” believe the Bucs have already worked out the parameters of a long-term contract with Darrelle Revis’ agents.
    It would be blatant tampering, but the Jets are turning a blind eye despite not granting formal permission for the sides to talk. Revis has the same representation as Vincent Jackson, who signed a five-year, $55.6 million deal with the Bucs on the first day of free agency last year. The evidence that Revis will be taking his talents to Tampa is bordering on overwhelming.

  72. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks Randy, I am almost certain there was one attainable record for Wilder, or maybe another TB player, either Yardage in a season or career or TDs in a season or a career,not quite sure, but I think that was the basis for TB running up the score. Thanks again.

  73. By kleckofan on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    MJV- generalities about state populations are just ludicrous. Oregon could be two states East (Blue, Portlandia) & West (Red, where I am), but in line w those generalities, if you’re on either coast you’re dominated by liberal thinking (how many NYC mayors have been conservatives? Rudy, and he’s not exactly way right). No biggie, we are all after the same thing for our Green and White.
    Ronbo, I share the same loyalties, Mets and Jets, and am equally thrilled about the direction of our GM’s.
    I just want Garrard to start, play out the season and draft a QB next yr. Please, no QB’s from this crop.
    I’m good w Allan’s strong OLine strategy or JJones & Vaccaro

  74. By IRA on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    No surprise you know a contract is all done just waiting for him to sign. This has been in the works for quite some time. That’s why I have to laugh when they talk about tampering. It’s an insult to our intelligence. every team tampers. In the past how in the world at 12 midnight when free agency opened did players sign right away. Sure no tampering by anybody. Guess what it happens all the time and they all do it.
    I have a gut feeling Revis might not even have to enter the building maybe a deal goes down this weekend. Only hold left for me is Revis taking a physical and showing Tampa he is right on schedule to come back 100 percent and I woudn’t be surprised if he has seen some of their doctors already.

  75. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Just Plain Ready to Rebuild on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    How much credit will YOU give Rex this yr if the Jets score any pts, scjoe? Scoring pts being, as Rex has yet to learn, what you have to do to win games. “The past is the best indicator of the future” is a saying I agree with in many cases and certainly in this case, when Rex is likely to have less to work with than ever with us. Nice rundown on the QBs, Ronbo, thanks. I agree, Allan, Tebow seems like a stellar team player and if he believes he can play QB in this league, more power to him. But he was always wrong for this team at this time and then the team wronged him by talking about 20 or more snaps a game and never using him. I guarantee the next young QB we add to the roster will be different and get treated differently.

  76. By scjoe on Apr 10, 2013 | Reply

    Ron, you want a QB sleeper in the later rounds? Remember this name, Matt Brown QB, Illinois State. 6’4” 227 lb senior 4 year starter. He has all the tools.

  77. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Two Weeks from Today on Apr 11, 2013 | Reply

    I can’t remember who asked about Cousins but I think it’s not happening with us for a few reasons. For one, I don’t see Idzik in any hurry to give Rex, who’s going to be gone next yr anyway, another QB to ruin. For another, with all the emphasis on this yr’s QB crop vs next yr’s, I don’t see how trading for someone’s allegedly promising back-up fits into a long-term rebuilding scheme. Fact is Cousins might be the new Matt Flynn, someone who’s shown a little potential at the pro level and is then wildly overrated by teams that are NOT rebuilding long-term and are desperate for a quick-fix QB. (My Raider fan pal is disgusted with the Flynn trade.) We got Garrard because he doesn’t fit into long-term plans as a starter. A draft pick does.

  78. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Two Weeks from Today on Apr 11, 2013 | Reply

    Very realistic, clear-eyed view of the Revis situation, Ira. Like I just posted on the story before this one, Jet fans are used to Mr T saying the most absurd things about players ranging from busts like Sanchez to non-entities like Schlauderaff and Rex telling us some undrafted back-up S that we just picked up in December (T Wilson) is suddenly “the hardest-working guy on this team” and that that’s why we suddenly let go a S we’d put 2 yrs of work into right when we needed more help at S, not less. By contrast, a guy like Idzik who just does his job quietly and stops the hysteria by simply not responding to it, looks like a creature from another planet. And so he is, a planet on which teams try to win rather than merely grab headlines.

  79. By RONBO on Apr 11, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, thanx, your guy brown is really more of a sleeper than the guys I listed as practically no one is familuar with him. I’ve seen very little film on him so I cant comment either way but he certianly has the size & experience teams will look for. He could be one of those guys like Phil Simms kid we signed last year after the draft? SPICER, the 27th sounds like a possiblilty? I’ll talk to my “ole lady’ (I actually call her the “warden”) and will let you know if I can make it.KLECKO FAN, yeah, its been pretty tough following our team the past few years as most of my friends are Giant-Yankee fans. I grew up in a house in Brooklyn w’Italian mom (Dodger fan)& an irish DaD.(NYPD)19th precent.So I’m not a yank or Giant hater.I root for both!

  80. By scjoe on Apr 11, 2013 | Reply

    64, let me ask you this…If the NYJ had Tom Brady as their starting QB last season instead of “Mark” do you think that in itself would have turned Rex Ryan, (who in your words knows nothing about offense or QBs,) in to an offensive genius? Consider, we are talking about replacing just 1 (ONE) player. Do you think the offense (in which Rex knows nothing about) would have looked just a little bit different? Would YOU have continued this charade about “Rex knowing nothing about QBs and offense?” Could it be, just replacing ONE player could have that kind of effect on a team and it’s HC? You tell me!

  81. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Knows Rex Must Be Kept from All QBs on Apr 12, 2013 | Reply

    Your question isn’t even worth answering, scjoe, anyone who’s listened to Rex’s nonsense on O the last 4 yrs knows he’d get sub-par results if he had Brady, Foster, and Vincent Jackson and Mike Wallace at WR. You act as if it would ever be possible to score pts with a guy who gets the most excited about one block from some FB on a nothing school who reminds him of Jim Brown or Jim Ray Hart or whoever…

  82. By scjoe on Apr 12, 2013 | Reply

    64, you have made some really outrageous statements over the past few months about Rex Ryan, but this last one has to be 1A on the list. Thing is, I don’t really know if I should take that remark serious or not. I don’t think any knowledgeable football fan would. I still believe it is obsession gone wild.

  83. By Tom Spicer on Apr 13, 2013 | Reply

    Tom 64, You have lost it at this point you just said the Jets would not be better if they had maybe the greatest QB of all time in Tom Brady just because Rex was the coach that is NONSENSE!

  84. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Two Weeks from Today on Apr 13, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe and Spicer, I’ll admit I’m partly trying to get a laugh a lot of the time when I comment on Rex because he’s truly a laughing matter. The sight of veteran, knowledgeable football fans like yourself struggling to prop him up after so many of his obvious flaws as an HC have been repeatedly exposed is baffling, to put it politely. But why in the world you think he’d know what to do with more talented O players is equally baffling. This is a guy who in the Era of the High-Flying O says things like, “If it was up to me, I’d just run the ball” and not once but yr after yr. As many have pointed out, “running to set up the pass” is as dated as the Dred Scott decision. Wake up and smell the pathetic approach to O of our last few yrs under Rex.

  85. By scjoe on Apr 14, 2013 | Reply

    64, so that is what you are trying to do, “get a laugh” God knows you have accomplished your mission! LOL. But back to that little thing called reality, and I will try to put it politely, like you have, for anyone to believe that if you were to give Rex Ryan (and his OC and offensive assistants) a pro bowl caliber QB, RB and WR and the results would be just as they were with “Mark” at QB, with Shonn Greene at RB, and God knows who at the WR position is either hallucinating, living in a dream, or living somewhere in fantasyland!

  86. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Seeing the Future Clearly on Apr 15, 2013 | Reply

    …lots of the same words about what might happen with better playmakers, scjoe, but still no dealing with “If it was up to me, I’d just run the ball” said with a straight face by an NFL HC in the 21st century…

  87. By scjoe on Apr 15, 2013 | Reply

    64, do you really believe that the “NYJ” NOT Rex Ryan but the NYJ would resort to strictly “running the ball” if they actually did have that pro bowl QB, and WR? I would say a definite NO, and that is whether Rex has a straight face or a crocked one. But I know that you KNOW that as well.

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