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Some Old, Some New for Bradway, Bauer, Scouts

Posted by jlholt32 on April 17, 2013 – 5:02 pm

The month of April always brings a level of buzz and excitement to Terry Bradway and Jeff Bauer.

Bradway, the Jets’ senior personnel executive, annually informs reporters on some predraft statistics. He did so once again this afternoon.

“We have 1,426 players we’ve evaluated,” Bradway said. “We visited 271 schools. We wrote over 5,000 reports, conducted over 300 interviews at the [Senior Bowl] all-star game, combine, our 30 visits and also our local day. So we’ve spent a lot of time with these players, getting to know them not only as players but as people.”

Bradway described the entire process as beneficial and said that his staff has narrowed its big board down to 220 prospects.

“I think this is a draft that is very deep in the mid-rounds, especially,” he said. “I think there’s going to be some players late in the draft and good quality college free agents that will be available to us as we go through this.”

Bauer is approaching the one year mark from when he was named director of college scouting last May 18. For the prior 11 years, he had served as one of the team’s college scouts, covering the Midwest region. From his perspective, it’s been special establishing a relationship with first-year Jets general manager John Idzik.

“When John came here, he stressed that it’s the group, every scout has a voice,” Bauer said. “I think we’ve had healthy discussions about all the players, everyone.”

Bradway echoed Bauer’s remarks.

“I think the thing that’s been impressive with John is he’s respected our process of the evaluations in the fall, the all-star games, the crosschecks, the February meeting, the combine, and so on,” he said. “He’s been able to add a lot to that also. We’re excited about that, because any time you have change, I think you get invigorated. We’re excited about what we’re doing, and we’ll get a chance to keep building on that as we keep moving forward, too.”

At the present time, Idzik said he and his staff are finishing the detailed evaluations and developing final alternative plans and “what-if” scenarios. He also credited head coach Rex Ryan for the head coach’s input since he arrived in January.

“Obviously, Rex is the head coach,” Idzik said, “so he’s very influential in what we do, especially when it comes to acquiring talent through the draft, free agency and what not. you want your head coach feeling good about what you’re doing and the decisions you make. By his involvement and his staff’s involvement in what’s been going on so far, we’re completely confident that’s going to happen.”

With the first round just eight days away, Bradway, Bauer, Idzik and Co. are prepared to select the best player available when the Green & White get on the clock with the ninth pick.

“I think all of us, as a group, the whole staff is excited for next week,” Bauer said. “We feel we’re going to get good players and we’ve done a great job researching and getting in the right spot.”

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31 Responses to “Some Old, Some New for Bradway, Bauer, Scouts”

  1. By MIKE on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    It’s not that Jets need a WR or RB or TE it’s the fact that they need a playmaker. Tavon Austin fits that mold perfectly. The Jets don’t have that player on offence that can make something out of nothing, and are in desperate need of one.

    The same goes for D. Thats why taking a pass rusher at 9 make the most sense.

    Keep in mind that most certainly there will be a player that slips to 9 if one or two of the 8 teams drafting ahead of the Jets make a play for a QB or anybody high on the draft board.

    If Revis gets dealt and Millner is sitting at 9, take him.

    P.S.no QB’s in 1st round please.

  2. By MIKE on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    My opinion, Joekel is the only player that will defiantly be gone by pick 9.
    My draft l;ooks like this.
    1) Joekel
    2) Jordan
    3) Floyd
    4 )Millner
    5 )Fisher
    6) Cooper
    7) Johnson
    8) Ansah
    9) Werner
    10) Austin

  3. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready to Draft Smart on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    This, my friends, is what you call a Draft and a Half, one that changed the Jets’ course almost overnight: “1. 1977 (Coach: Walt Michaels) Notables: T Marvin Powell (1), WR Wesley Walker (2), RB Scott Dierking (4), DT Joe Klecko (6), RB Kevin Long (7), G Dan Alexander (8), QB Matt Robinson (9).” You younger folks, look up these guys and what they did. Roll tape. Study it. Look for analogies of relevance to our time, e.g. Robinson, a lowly #9 pick, TRULY “pushed” Richard Todd, a somewhat pampered #1 pick with many of the same flaws as our last #1 QB pick, because he was given the chance to by a HC who was as tough on D as they come but still understood YOU WIN BY SCORING PTS! scjoe, it seems like you’d do well to review this draft yourself.

  4. By IRA on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    Terry Bradway is one of the most underrated personnel guys the Jets and the NFL have. Terry knows football and has been around this game a long time. He did an excellent job as GM from 01-05 and if not for 03 and 05 losing his QB he would’ve made the playoffs all 5 years he was the GM. Was he perfect? No nobody is in the NFL especially the personnel guys but it seems that things for now are settled down there and i expect them to have a great draft.
    GO JETS!!!!

  5. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    Very well put Randy. I enjoyed reading it…

  6. By kw65fan on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    Whoopy Do…ho-hum…same ol same….of course not much insight into anything. Wouldn’t show their hand anyway. IF we get the 13 pick…and that’s a big ‘if’ I would go with Warmack as #9 and seeing Jones from Ga is dropping…getting him at 13. 2 new starters right off the bat. But this if thing…hopefully doesn’t blow up in Idziks face with trade of Revis. I can just see Bucs telling Idzik ‘No Thanks’. Total mess-up for waiting too long to close the deal.

  7. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready to Draft Smart on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t think QB coaches should be playing “Can You Top This?” with each other in public, whether they’re working with the Jets’ QBs or anyone else’s. But I gotta say, if I could pick two words that go to the heart of why, on the very deepest level, I believe Mark Sanchez will never be a great NFL QB…”fragile-minded” might be those two words.

  8. By IRA on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    There is this perception out there that the Jets have been terrible in the draft over the years. Sure they have had their blunders like VG, not taking Favre, passing over Marino and Sapp. But i have said all along they are one of the tops in the NFL in the personnel dept for over a decade now. Well guess what i saw an article in ESPN’s Magazine that rates teams drafts since 1994. Well the Jets finished in the top ten at #8 and they are the only top ten team that hasn’t made it to the SB. Can’t kill them for that since they were knocking in the door in 98, 09 and 10. Ahead of them in order GB, Pitt, Indy, Balt, NE, NYG, Sea, followed by Den and Philly. Not a bad group and it shows the Jets are a much better run team than most fans think.

  9. By RONBO on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    IRA, I enjoyed your conversation with the schmoozer on the FAn Tues p.m. as for your thoughts on the Jets being one of the better front office teams I can only say if we are #8 I believe the voteing panel must have consisted of Terry Bradway,Mike tannenbaum and mabey Stevie Wonder? i don give a rats behind what happaned before 2000 because it has no rlevence today. But if we go bak 12 years to 2000 I think our draft record is abysmal at best.Heres a look back for those of you that can stomach it.
    2000-7 picks,3 a’s 1-S.Ellis,J.Abraham,C.Penneington 1B-L.Coles 1-c,A.Becht, 3 busts Hayes,Seals&Scott
    2001-6 picks-S.Moss A,L.Jordan R.B c-K.Mckenzie O.T= B,3 busts
    2002-5 picks #5 pick Goodwin all pro for the 49ers,T.E C.Baker=c,B.Thomas C+

  10. By Mike Jet Vet on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Ira. then maybe we should blame it on all our impatient fans over the years not giving these great men of football you so graciously put it, enough time to develop us into a 10 ten winning team, Joe Walton, Rich Kotite, Herm Edwards, Mangini all come to mind .. BTW are any of these great men still coaching ? or can you give us Bradways, statistics under his direction lets totally forget his Scouting expertise in the way of, you know division titles Playoff wins SBs under his guidance, No disrespect Ira just for My FYI you see I’m not as smart as you

  11. By Allan O'Dane on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Let’s get this straight about Sanchez once and for all. Mark was the product of a superior offensive line and a great running attack. Mark was a “game manager” a Trent Dilfer type..Rex’s plan was to build a mini-version of the Ravens. Run..score 14-17 points let the defense do the rest. Almost worked…but then the wheels come off the “Sanchize”. Now he had issues reading defenses…turnover prone…lack of leadership…can’t put the team on his back and win the game with his arm. The 09-10 teams protected Mark. Just like USC did when they had superstars across the board. You are “fragile minded” if you let competition scare you. It’s like watching nascar..it ain’t the car…it’s the driver. Mark is not the answer and neither is Tebow.

  12. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom for a Smart Draft on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Ira, I reacted almost physically to your use of the words “Was he perfect? No, nobody in the NFL…” Please try not to do this again, this has been Rex’s, and Mr T’s, signature line for yrs whenever they’ve needed to make excuses for someone who’s terrible, as in, “Is Mark perfect? No, but…” We’re moving out of that kind of thinking and talking and a fan with your yrs on the board should be moving with it. Also, draft ratings that don’t assess WHO’S ACTUALLY ON THE TEAM AND PLAYING WELL, like the one you must’ve seen, are utterly meaningless. All any fan has to do is look at our last few drafts and see what happened to the picks — and to consider THE NUMBER of picks — to know that this team has been drafting poorly in recent yrs.

  13. By RONBO on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    cont.- 2002 Jon Mcgraw always hurt,D.T A.Harper=BUST
    2003-7 pic’s)D.Robertson D.T Bust,V.Hobson=C ,B.J Askew,D.Pagel,M.Walters,B.Bollinger
    &D.Yanovits were all busts
    2004 (10 picks )J.Vilma B+J.Cotchery=B the rest made no contributions though Derrick ward spent 4 years with the Giants as a back-up
    2005-(8 picks)only K.Rhodes & S.Pouha made a significant contributions as K M.Nugent was so-so& T.E.J.Dressen who we cut was a decent player for Denver
    but 4 of the picks were busts
    2006(10 picks)-2 A’s,Brick & Mangold a B for L.Wahiington,a C+ for E.Smith &B.Smith a C-d.Coleman & 3 busts
    2007-(4 pic’s)D.Revis-A, D.Harris B, J.Bender-F,C.Stuckey=C
    2008 (5 pic’s)Gholston=Z- argueably the wors pic in Jet History,Keller=C+,Lowrey=C+ 3 busts -

  14. By RONBO on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    cont. 2009 (3 picks) M.Sanchez-only gholston offers comp as the worst pick ever? S.Greene =C+ had some moments but not worth the draft picks we spent to move up? M.Slauson decent player but this is one of our worst drafts ever as we traded 4 picks for 2 guys who never worked out.
    2010 (4 picks) K.Wilson & Ducasse went 1 &2, need I say moore =2 F’s! J.mcknight a good kick returner but not much else.J.Connor=Bust!
    2011 (6 pic’s)Mo Wilk=A,K.Ellis & B.Powell=C+’s,Kerley=B Mac=inc and Scotty McKnight was drafter to be Mark sanchez’s room mate/
    2012 originally had 9 picks,traded 4, aquired 2 back(wound up with 8 total pic’s)1-Coples=C+,Hill=D+,Davis+C+ the rest ere cut with Bush & Allen brought back to practice squad. Need I say more?

  15. By scjoe on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    64, I really don’t feel the need to “review” the draft of 1977, or the players it produced because I know them all very well. I know exactly what each has done, so I don’t have to review anything that happened in 1977. Besides, anything that did happen in 1977, good or bad, is totally irrelevant in 2013. That said, when did you officially place me in the “no need to score points club” I have been one of the most outspoken critics of the QB and the inability to score points that you can find, and now you are lecturing me on the need to score points? Do you have me confused with someone else, OR, are you confused?

  16. By Tom Spicer on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Mike, Nice draft but I dont see Cooper going 6th & if the Jets take Werner over Jarvis Jones I am going to have a heart attack!

  17. By GaryC on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Tom,do not have that heart attack,Werner has that not stop motor ala Chris Long,the jets should be so lucky to draft Werner,as for Jones I lump him with Ansah,Mingo,Patterson,all boom or busts.

  18. By RONBO on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    SPICER, Mike listed his top 10 picks, that wasn’t a moc draft.(iff it was I’ll sign up for it now! I agree Cooper going 6th is not likely and Werner is not a great fit either as he’s too light to play end and too slow to play OLB in a 3-4.ALLAN O, as usual,you are spot on concerning game mgrs. I believe most of this years Q.B’s will amount to “game Mgrs as well.E.J.Manuel strikes me as the most dynamic Q.B in this class. I believe he has the most upside but I am a little worried about his low side as well.I dont think he will be a bust but that is always a concern?

  19. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Although I can go back in to the past and mention a few more busts that RONBO has not mentioned I will not. The Past is the PAST. Now I want to look towards the future> Now it is on IDZEK’S shoulders to build a team and “DRAFT SMARTLEY” this year with players that will carry over into next year that will not be busts. Next year ad to the picks of this year’s crop and become true contenders in 2014. We start by drafting smartly. My choice is Chance Warmark, Shariff Floyd, Jonathan Cooper, or Jarvis Jones. If by chance we get the 13th pick one of the above in this spot. In the later rounds there are going to be some very good offensive players players available. So lets “DRAFT SMARTLY” you can’t bring back the past but you damn sure

  20. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    can prepare for the future. Believe me I would like to see us win a bunch of games this year and even makie the playoffs. However, 2014 can be a reality and a possible AFC Championship…. LETS GO JETS…

  21. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom for a Smart Draft on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    As the Monty Python guys would say, scjoe, “It’s a fair cop, but society is to blame!” Seriously, no, I don’t put you in the No Points or Pro-Sanchez crowd, that’s why your name is mentioned only in the last sentence. What I did see as relevant to what we’rve been takling about is how that draft showed you can get value players who can become starters many picks deep into the draft and thus don’t have to go overboard on FA’s when what you need is a youth movement of quality. I’m not counting on the 7 starters IND got out of last yr’s draft but Idzik has a much better chance getting ‘em than Mr T ever did, “mainly” (as they used to say in MAD magazine) because he managed to hold onto 7 picks!

  22. By scjoe on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Well, Ron certainly got to the heart of the matter re: prior NYJ drafts. There were certainly more busts then booms. With no disrespect to Ira, you have to wonder who puts these results together and what state of mind they are in when they do it. Bottom line, at least in recent memory, there have been way to many high round busts… Sanchez, Duccasse, Clemens, Gholston, Greene, to name a few, together with all the insignificant mid to late round picks which are to numerous to mention, you have the current state of the NYJ.

  23. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom for a Smart Draft on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with your post about Bradway and these other Jet org “greats” who’ve given us such a great team all these yrs, MJV. And yeah, it’s nothing personal against Ira but when I see drafts like that one in ’77, and when I see us contending every yr, I’ll start thinking in terms of the word “great,” not before. Ronbo, I like your breakdown of our weak recent drafts, too. But I think the ’77 draft in particular is relevant because it shows that this org once knew how to pick and develop quality players on both sides of the ball — and then wasn’t afraid to put them on the field. Those who think it takes forever and requires an elite QB to produce a great WR, for example, obviously weren’t around for Walker’s 2nd yr in the NFL!

  24. By scjoe on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    64, agree Idzik has a better chance of being successful in the draft then Tannenbum. That is a no brainer! And that is even before his initial draft. Also agree that you can get value players capable of becoming starters deep in to the draft. BUT, you can also get busts, both at the top and at the bottom of the draft. Now, for your theory that “if you were to get those value starters deep in the draft, there would be no need to go overboard with free agency” Sure! But what if you don’t? Where do you turn then? I go by the “almost factual” assumption that there is no science associated with the NFL draft. It is more of a crap shoot the deeper you get in to it.

  25. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready to Draft Smart on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    Looks like the tide is turning on the 64 Tom/scjoe front, scjoe, I agree with your comments on Jet busts almost completely! And while I wouldn’t go so far as to call Greene a bust, I’m impressed that you’re willing to hold him — a guy we traded up for in a yr in which we had only THREE picks — to such a high standard. Crazy as it may sound, I still think he lost something — maybe not permanently, but certainly temporarily — by way of that IND playoff game rib injury, he just hasn’t looked like the same RB in terms of burst since that day.

  26. By SCfromNY on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    I am anxious for this years draft to see how Idzek does. However, I am not very excited over many of the “top” draft choices. We are in desperate need of a pass rusher who can also cover decently. All the top canidates have a question mark and could be busts or have physical issues.

    I read the excitement of extra draft choices for Revis and it makes sense to anticipate how we could stock up in a draft year where there are many good players in later rounds.

    BUT, when we trade Revis and get 3 picks one will be spent on a CB so initially we have traded Revis for a lesser CB and 2 mid round picks. I would rather extend Revis in the 10-12 million range with hold out penalties.

  27. By GaryC on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    finding a good jet draft is analogous to finding a blemish on Gina Lollibrigida,few and far between.

  28. By Mike Jet Vet on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    My next insertion. pertaining to this drafts importance, position, needs,I hear all our Jet genius, intellects, Historians, Statisticians,bicker, mostly stating the obvious . BORING I keep hearing OLB D/L O/L DE RB TE DB’s Receivers, YES< e I agree 100% BUT whats lacking in theory here is BRADY< MANNING< FLACCO< LUCK< WILSON< all these positions you all rant and rave about have players on either side to pick up the slack, SO again without a top Notch QB Which BTY are alone on an Island is all null and void Period. Taking a QB is just as much a crap shoot as any other only more Important QB @9 or @ 13 con't

  29. By Mike Jet Vet on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    cont, then listening to ridiculous theory’s all while fans pay thousands suffering though cold weather games Owners pay players millions,giving them a free pass, sitting out 2013 remain lame ducks in 2013 fire coaches, throw in a fossil at QB this year then draft one in 2014 is the most irresponsible bates motel way of thinking I believe I’ve heard in some time. QB @ 9 or @ 13 get it going this year not next.

  30. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready to Draft Smart on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    I feel for you season ticket holders, MJV, but if the Sanchez experience didn’t convince you that it’s not worth forcing it by picking the wrong QB, I don’t know what will. I gotta think it’s worth waiting a yr if the difference in QBs in the draft is as great as a lot of people on this site and off say it is. I mean waiting a yr to pick a QB #1 — I’m all for picking one #2 or after.

  31. By kk on Apr 21, 2013 | Reply

    Well I waited to see what the new gm would do before I decided if I would waste another $2700 on season tickets. He made it easy trading Revis for a one and a conditional 3rd or 4th rounder next year was the best they can do than adios. This team won’t be out of the basement for a long long time. I’ve had my tickets since 74 and what have we gotten? A couple of home playoff games in 39 yesrs? Now you give away your best player yeah I know he’s coming off the ACL but Woody can’t keep his mouth shut and is totally inept. Telling everyone he has no intention to pay him what little leverage they may have had was gone. I’m done good luck selling my seats!

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