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Coples Expanding into a Defensive Multi-Tool

Posted by Randy Lange on May 2, 2013 – 3:20 pm

Updated, 4:35 p.m. ET

“The plan” was hinted at by Rex Ryan a few months ago and has been referred to a few times since then.

And today, with the Jets veterans working out at the Atlantic Health Training Center during a Phase 2 practice of their offseason program and then meeting with reporters at midday, a little more of “the plan” was revealed in the locker room:

Q will be playing some OLB.

“Yeah, I definitely think it’s going to open up opportunities for me,” the always affable Quinton Coples said with a bigger smile than usual of rushing the quarterback from a standup position. “It’s going to help me get to the quarterback very efficiently.”

There are questions with “the plan,” of course. Coples thinks he’ll still play in the range of 280 to 285 pounds. While that’ll be a load for opposing tackles, tight ends and backs to handle, will it be too big a load for him to carry for 60 minutes a game? Will it take too long to get familiar with playing the run or playing in coverage from a two-point stance? Is Q permanently a ‘backer or will he be a hybrid?

All these things remain to play out and work on throughout the offseason, next month’s full-squad minicamp and Cortland training camp. But one thing Coples repeated today was that it didn’t seem to him that “the plan” was just hatched by the Jets this year.

“I think he had a plan for me, not knowing if he was going to draft me,” Coples recalled of the predraft workout that Ryan put him through at North Carolina’s pro day in 2012. “The workout he had for me at Carolina, I think he had a plan for me as far as playing outside linebacker from there. I think things worked out well. I fell down to 16, he picked me up, so it worked out perfect. Last year was a trial year to see how things went, and now we’ve got more depth on the defensive front, so it’ll be a perfect time.”

To be sure, Ryan and coordinator Dennis Thurman are not declaring a position change. Ryan has reminded that the Jets coach a multiple defense with multiple roles for many of the players in that unit, and Coples, with his versatility, flexibility and athleticism, is one of those players. Coples said today he will still be putting his hand in the dirt quite a bit, depending on the call.

But Ryan gave a greater hint of his thinking during his February remarks at this year’s combine.

“I see Quinton as a guy that can maybe be more of an edge presence than he was that first year,” Ryan said then, “but having him go through that, putting him over a guard, putting him over tackles, even over centers, I think it’s good because when you put him over tight ends, it’s a lot easier to knock those guys back and you have a lot of confidence when you face those double-teams. That was kind of what we did with him, but I’m expecting big things from him. Like I said, I think he’s just now scratching the surface.”

Coples had another way of talking about the implementation of “the plan.”

“Things,” he said, “are starting to develop.”

Hayden’s Continuing Higher Education

Hayden Smith made it through year one as a “cross-training” athlete, someone who wasn’t changing positions but whole sports. The tight end who hails from “Down Under” as well as “a Mile High” and “from Across the Pond” said he’s getting more comfy with the surroundings in this neck of the woods, even though in his second year in the NFL he’s already learning his second offense from new OC Marty Mornhinweg.

“I feel a lot more comfortable the second time around,” Smith said. “I don’t have to spend so much time on the details of the game itself, so at least all that’s kind of taken care of this time so I can just focus on the offense itself. There’s new things to learn there, but there’s a lot of common threads, and that’s just knowing football. So there’s a lot less on my plate from that standpoint.”

That was apparent to at least one interested observer this afternoon.

“Hayden looks sharp for a second-year football player,” QB Mark Sanchez said. “He looks awesome.”

Helping Smith with the transition is coach Steve Hagen, who comes to the Jets this year off of his four-year stint as Cleveland’s TEs coach. He’s in his ninth NFL campaign (the first eight came in two four-year hitches with the Browns) and spent two decades in the college coaching ranks besides.

” ‘Details make you dangerous’ — that’s one of his sayings,” Smith said. “He’s fantastic. The tight ends room is already littered with quotes from him. He’s a very intense guy with a great message and he’s delivering his message well.”

Familiar Voices, New Choir

Mike Westhoff, the Jets’ venerable special teams coach who just retired after last season, and Ray Lucas, the former Jets QB who’s been a mainstay of SNY’s Jets postgame shows for five years, have been added to ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s pregame show, joining host Don LaGreca and analyst and former Jets LB standout Greg Buttle.

“Our radio broadcast is an integral part of our fans’ game-day experience,” said Jets president Neil Glat. “We’re confident that adding two veterans, Ray Lucas and Coach Westhoff, to our already strong roster of on-air talent should enhance our fans’ knowledge and enjoyment of our games.”

Westhoff and Lucas will also make regular appearances on ESPN’s studio programming throughout the season, and Lucas will continue in his role with SNY.

Holt from Downtown … Colorado Springs

Speaking of a Rocky Mountain high (Smith played college hoops for Denver’s Metropolitan State) reminds me we want to wish a fantastic career to John Holt, who was our intern and reporter for most of the last year.

John had a great sports background and writing experience from North Carolina and Ole Miss, and he put that to good use from last year’s training camp all the way through doing the lion’s share of the work on our eight-part predraft position-by-position series. But John’s love is basketball and he’ll get the chance to pursue that goal with USA Basketball’s Web site. Hopefully, he and his dad have safely and successfully concluded their two-thirds-of-the-country drive from Newark to, yes, snowy Colorado Springs.

It wouldn’t surprise us to find a great rivalry spring up in the next few years between John and Nick Gallo, our previous intern/reporter who for the last two seasons has been working with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

All the best out West, Holty.

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99 Responses to “Coples Expanding into a Defensive Multi-Tool”

  1. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    I feel that Couples has great talent. But to play OLB I also feel he will have to shed about 20 pounds. It’s a good move for he has the talent to play OLB….

  2. By GaryC on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    It is only a manifestation of not finding quality outside backers.

  3. By RONBO on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Randy, thank you for bringing some clarity to a shall we say turbulant post draft period.Like Ira I have reservations about this move but it certianly makes the Richardson pick a lot more palatable. As I’m sure you knowI wasn’t a fan of the Richardson pick mainly because I thought we squandered an opportunity to draft a great G in Warmack at pick 9, and assumed we could get a corner at 13. Many here are convinced Winters will be that G and if that works out it will make the whole draft a lot better. Again, I am not convinced of anything at this point but remain open to the possibilities this move may resolve a lot of issues.Thanks for putting up with all the gripeing.

  4. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    “The plan” was hinted at by Rex Ryan a few months ago and has been referred to a few times since then.” — thanks for leading with this, Randy. It’ll remind some of the folks on this site whose unthinking negativity becomes so tedious that yes, billion dollar-backed enterprises like NFL teams do have a plan, even if it isn’t immediately obvious to the naked eye within 5 seconds after a player is drafted. And even if there are no guarantees that the plan will work. (There’s one guy on this site who keeps talking in terms of guarantees and I keep trying to tell him there are none, in life or football, so I guess he’ll have to learn that elsewhere.)

  5. By scjoe on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    The only thing that makes sense to me is if Rex moves Coples to OLB from his DE position on sure passing downs, but to leave him out at OLB for 3 downs just don’t make sense. BUT, I will give Rex the benefit of the doubt given his knowledge and his knack of putting his defensive players in the best position on any given down or any given play. I know that theory hasn’t ALWAYS showed up, but I think that was a personnel matter as opposed to a scheme matter.

  6. By Frank on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Ok…let me see. We still have Rex and Sanchez. Sanchez says he will win the starting QB job this year thats great because there is zero competition. You have Rex moving a natural 4-3 end in Coples to OLB in a 3-4. We draft Richardson a natural one gap tackle in a 4-3 and I guess he will now play DE since there is no way he will be a nose. Lastly we have Smith a read option “pistol” QB who spent 90% of his time in shotgun and we are going to teach him to be a pocket “west coast” QB. Geez this is great isn’t it???? Gotta love the Jetsies sticking square pegs in round holes sounds like something Magini used to do…doesn’t it? Lastly you got Idzik saying there is no pressure to play Smith…WHAT???? You just lost half your roster…

  7. By Frank on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    are ranked dead last in the NFL have 3 pciks in the top 39…hello…..you better pick 3 STARTERS!
    If you picked Smith because he is supposed to be so great how about naming him the starter and better yet DESIGN AN OFFENSE WHERE HE WILL EXCEL!!!!
    Ira you still want to tel me Rex is not involved or has no say on the drafts???? Its obvious now he is still calling the shots on personell and Ricahrdson is proof of it. I said it before until Rex and Sanchez are both gone this team will never change. This is a nit a true rebuild untilm we get a new coach who chooses his own QB its that simple.

  8. By ScfromNY on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    After watching Coples I think after a few lost pounds he will make a great pass rusher. I am concerned about coverage. I think the truth is closer to the Jets trying to emulate the Giant’s feared front 4. They would never admit that. The Giants won 2 SBs recently with an awesome front 4 and average back 7. I am not concerned that mith may sit. Yes you hope for starters in the 2nd round but QB is different. Rodgers sat for a while he turned out OK. Plus I think Smith needs some maturity and a realilistic view of his skill. He is not RGIII. I still want to see a TE unless Hayden’s growth is uncanny. Plus a coverage OLB would be nice.

  9. By IRA on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Sorry my friend you are way off with Rex calling the shots. he said right after the draft they were not his picks. Richardson was ranked on most boards right where the Jets took him at 13 which by the way is my lucky number. Richardson is going to be a stud. Rex does have input of course but not what you think.
    Still think Rex is looking at Coples and wants to make him into another Adalius Thomas hope it works but I think he will struggle a lot.
    Ronbo, Hey you know I wanted Warmack bad but Winters will be a starter from day one and he reminds of a tough son of a gun old school football player so I loved that they took Richardson and Milliner. The OL will be better along with the entire offense. To me one of the biggest keys besides the QB will be Hill stepping up and becoming a real number 2 WR.

  10. By RONBO on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    FRANK, where the heck have you been? Great post dude!

  11. By TONY GARCIA on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    JET FAN since 1969.
    Lets wait until training camp starts and our new additions the coaches and players get together.Everyone relax its a game.

  12. By since shea on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Well said Frank. Square pegs-round holes. Why force fit players to positions they really dont know how to master? That is how NOT to set people up for success. These athletes have God given gifts and abilities. A company, a team, a coach, must capitalize on those abilities. Exploit those gifts. Hone and sharpen those skills. Coach them to play to their strengths. NOT REINVENT THEM. Who knows, maybe they think Coples isnt that good. Maybe thats why he didnt play that much last year. Thats why they re-filled the position again this year despite so many other holes to fill. I hope they are not setting up this dude to fail. Maybe we should ask TT or MS?

  13. By Mike Jet Vet on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Frank Let me try, and explain I may be wrong, Sanchez has proved nothing pertaining to performance, stats, pretty much bottom of the NFL he’s a great kid just not NFL material. Rex has proven he can get us a defense worth having. so I believe Coples move made turn out to be a good one, Tom64 as well, smartest move Idzik and Woody made finally Hiring a proven OC not one banished from a former team or rookie OC like the 3 Pryor to Rex..MM having west coast genius proven he can get it done to go along with Rex the DC say what you want, he is excellent DC ask Ray Lewis and Ed reed they will complement each other on both sides of the ball, offense other on defense, and that my friends makes for good things to come,

  14. By MIKE on May 2, 2013 | Reply

    Don’t look into this too much. Basically Coples will primarily be used as a pass rush specialist similar to last year. And instead of being spotted over a Guard he will either stand up or have his hand down on the outside edge of the Tackle.

    After a week to let the draft settle, I think the Jets made some smart moves. 4 or 5 starters in one draft sin’t bad. Milliner, Richardson, Winters and Ivory are all capable and probably day one starters on this team. Geno Smith could possibly be the 5th starter, we’ll find out in September.

  15. By joeydefiant on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    I totally don’t understand the hate directed at Rex Ryan. The team has 4 wins in the playoffs in the 4 years that he’s been here. Thats more playoff wins than the Patriots and puts us up there with the Steelers, Packers, Giants, Saints, 49ers, and Ravens. Rex has been more successful than every coach who has ever coached the Jets besides Ewbank and perhaps Parcells. You can argue he is either the 2nd or 3rd most successful coach the Jets have ever had. No way you can put him any lower than 3rd. There are at least 24 teams that would love to have Rex and the success we have had under him. It’s great Idzik works well with him. Successful teams don’t switch head coaches every few years. You stick with a system with proven success (4-2 playoffs

  16. By joeydefiant on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    The Jets got 6 probable starters out of this draft. Milliner, Richardson, Geno Smith, Winters, Ivory, and the 7th round pick FB Bohanson. All these reporters and commenters talking about how Geno Smith does not fit in Marty’s system. Why? Watch the interview with Marty on this site. He loves Geno and thought he was a perfect fit and wanted the kid. How do people presume to know more about Marty’s system than the man himself??? Geno is smart, accurate and can move around if needed. Sounds like a perfect fit to me. Santonio and Kerley are similar to Austin and Bailey. The success this year really hinges on Holmes coming back healthy and Hill developing. If that happens we are in pretty good shape.

  17. By joeydefiant on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    As far as Geno Smith’s attitude. It was his mother’s birthday the day after Round 1 so his family had made plans. He was upset with his agents because he wanted to play in the Senior Bowl but they talked him out of it guaranteeing he was going to go in the first round. They did a bad job. Why shouldn’t he fire them? Every account of him is that he is a good kid who stayed home studying on weekends and was incredibly smart picking up football and playbooks. Sometimes I really believe all the criticism is because he’s not white. People here are bashing him and praising McElroy. McElroy already showed he is a backup at best and that’s giving him credit.

  18. By joeydefiant on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Anyone who actually watches the Jets and has an inkling of what is going on knows that Rex does not run a vanilla 3-4. 4 Lineman(using one Rush LB who can be a DE or LB) 2 Linebackers and 5 Defensive Backs was the most common personnel grouping. There is plenty of room for Coples, Richardson, and Wilkerson. Rex even runs the Amoeba where everyone is standing up sometimes. With more teams using the hurry up having guys that can move around is necessary to be successful in this system. That’s why LB was not important in the draft. LB’s are not as important in today’s NFL. If you aren’t a lineman you need to have the speed to cover WR’s and today’s TE’s due to teams running at least 3 WR and 2 TE sets. Most LB’s can’t do that.

  19. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Sure you should ask the Jets to get starters out of this and any other draft, Frank, but you’re missing a few pts. One, while Idzik isn’t gonna say it, the pressure’s on Rex, not Idzik or any of the new coaches, to make the D scheme work this yr. And if Idzik will trade Revis to rebuild the team as he sees fit, he certainly won’t cry any tears when he lets go Ducasse, Wilson, Ellis, and every other player that was picked under Rex whom Rex couldn’t get results out of. The other thing is, Idzik said what he did about no rush to play Geno because in a non-Mr T move, he didn’t shred the rest of the draft to get him. At 39 and with the Jets at least another draft from competing, Idzik will be happy to let a new HC pick another new QB next yr.

  20. By kw65fan on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Love the move…will make him more of a terror. OLB’s Ware, Mario Williams and Aldon Smith…ever see them drop in coverage…NO. This will be perfect for Coples. we used him near the end of the year in OLB position and he put more pressure on QB especially in the Titan game. And who has any rushing game in our division…only see the Bills with Spiller and Landry will be watching him closely.

  21. By kw65fan on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Boy, somebody has a chip on his shoulder. Not the usual interview by Sanchize. Maybe after 4 years someone is finally matured…but QB skills still as always big question. All these articles on Geno is certainly concerning. Don’t know much about his attitude but if he doesn’t mature Press here will eat him alive. People saying another Ryan Leaf. Oh boy, hope not but he better get his act together.

  22. By Allan O'Dane on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Rex wants Coples to play OLB?…can anyone say ‘Adalius Thomas”?…

  23. By Mike Jet Vet on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    JoeyDefiant. you hit it on the head pertaining to Rex , most Rex haters refuse to understand our Defense since Rex has arrived hasn’t been the problem it’s been very good no matter the personnel, even with the slow old guys they love to complain about , Offense has been our main problem which usually falls on the OC.. so as a result we tried Rex calling some offense, firing and hiring OC’s .. let me also remind the thinking heads here changing coaches historically is not the answer. look at elite teams all have same coaches for many years don’t hire and fire them every 2-3 years…Joey I really don’t think our thing with Smith is him not being white it’s been his immaturity sorry bro, Hope he pans out I do

  24. By GaryC on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    JoeyDefiant,do not play that card with Geno,I said the guy could have Ryan Leaf syndrome being adverse to criticism,nothing to do with texture.We have revolved from that I would hope.

  25. By scjoe on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Congratulations to joeydefiant! I have been reading and posting here for about 6 years now, and today for the very first time I see the “race card” being used. How sad is that? JoeyD, take a real close look at the ethnic diversity today in all sports (except the NHL) and ask yourself if you should retract that “statement?”

  26. By JetBlu on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Joeydefiant: You’re not really comparing the Jets playoff success to the Ravens? C’mon now. Look at the past TWO yrs, not the last 4. These are the years that most reflect Rex’s influence on the team. Poor decisions on the field as well as off. Claiming Rex to be maybe the 3rd best Jets coach isn’t saying much, given their history. He’s been more like Kotite or Walton than Parcells or Ewbank. The man knows nothing about offense, is still in love with MS (but in denial), and believes that by not admitting defeat, that somehow makes him a winner. Rex is desperate as he knows his days are numbered. Nobody really takes anything Rex says or does seriously anymore – like his bold SB prediction. That’s not hatred, just the truth.

  27. By JetBlu on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Tom64: I must commend you. It must be exhausting trying to defend your postion every day. There are some really good Posters here with insightful opinions, and then there are the others – bringing their emotionally-charged, bone-headed logic, laced with name-calling and half-baked facts. But you take them all on, always using a refreshing combination of an asssortment of references (history, music, movies, etc). I don’t now how you do it but were it not for you, many of these posts would die on the vine. As Jets Fans, we all want to win. We just have different opinions of how to get there. I’ve not yet attained the same degree of comfort others seem to have for being laughed at by fans of other teams for the last 40 yrs, and I never will.

  28. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    MJV, I’m okay with Rex proving himself this yr but he’s got a lot to prove, he did a lot more with Mangini’s Jets than he did with his own. And I’m even more into MM becoming HC next yr if he does more with his half of the game. It’s only good to hold onto HCs for yrs if they deserved the job in the first place, DEN wasted no time getting rid of McDaniels and I doubt Bronco fans are upset that they did. Most of all, I totally agree about Sanchez, of course. joeyd, dream on about Rex, if he’s fired next yr I doubt he’ll ever come close to another HC job in the NFL, maybe in 10 yrs in a scenario like THE NATURAL like another terrible Jet HC, Pete Carroll, had to do. Ira, Hill and other Mr T guys are toast if they don’t step up big this yr.

  29. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks, JetBlu, I don’t care about being laughed at, especially by folks who can’t think or even read well, but I don’t like seeing wrong-headed thinking become the norm at a franchise that’s been setting records for it of late. That’s why I refer folks to columns like Johnette Howard’s, in which she told it really straight about how under Mr T and Rex we’ve often done the opposite of anything that makes the slightest sense, i.e. renew Sanchez’s deal when he shoulda been let go at no cost after 4 yrs, get Tebow when MS has never even proven he can keep a drive going after coming out for the Wildcat, etc. As for history, music, movies, it’s called LIFE! Those who’d rather we live in an Iranian-style dictatorship might wanna get hip to it.

  30. By JETSFAN44 on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    I see a lot of people stressing over the potential move of coples to an olb spot but in all honesty he will not be an olb he’s going to play de most of the game and push outside on passing downs or kick inside depending on the package. I was confused by the richardson pick myself bc he doesn’t fit a traditional 3-4 scheme but let’s be real here rex doesn’t run a traditional scheme and this kid is versatile even rushed standing up a bunch in college. I say relax with the defensive side of the ball if there’s one thing rex can make the best of it’s creating opportunities on d. The offense is another story, there’s still a lot of question marks as far as if younger guys like hill, powell and winters now stepping up and developing.

  31. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Now I KNOW Smith is starting this year — Rex just said he hopes to coach the Jets “for another twenty years.” He’ll be lucky to make it for another twelve months with Sanchez starting…

  32. By Frank on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Really Ira…you think Rex didn’t tell Idzik he is moving Coples to OLB opening the door for Richardson? You think drafting all these defensive players in the first round since Rex got here is not his doing? I will tell you what is going on Idzik has become the voice of the Jets but Rex was heavily involved in the draft and you are naive to think not! His big mouth cost us Austin who I would much rather have than Milliner.
    Drafting Jones at 13 would have been the smart move not putting Coples at OLB and drafting Richardson.
    Gee wiz an article chronicaling the bizarre behavior of Smith. “coddled and imature” gee who does that sound like? Maybe he can come up with something better than “hot dog gate” or “butt fumble”. This was aMAJOR MISTAKE

  33. By Mike Jet Vet on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    Jetblu I’ll be happy to debate you on REX anytime, since now you as well as Tom are Slamming what has been the best defense 4 years running since uhhhhhh ever you saying it means nothing he’s been our top coach I’ll say best since weeb no second not even Tuna period, prove it wrong with fact not opinion, he will get our Defense rolling without a doubt I’ll agree he isn’t much on Offense that’s why MM is here. So as you jump on the Tom64 wagon get your facts straight or your comment about Rex is just as bias as Joey defiant’s towards Smith…

  34. By scjoe on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    .From my good pal 64 Tom’s favorite sportswriter Rich Cimini (well, when his views line up with 64s anyway) a quote from an NFL scout speaking on the condition of anonymity, re: “Geno” “He is going to have a tough time in NY, right now he is coming off as a pampered spoiled brat!” Well, nothing “ambiguous” “ambivalent” OR “equivocal” about that, right 64? But wasn’t I lambasted for making a similar comment immediately following the draft? Maybe if it had come from a “Johnette Howard” column it would have been more credible. Now, is this cause to sound the alarm at this point? I don’t know, 64 tom doesn’t know, Joeydefiant don’t know, but we will all find out.

  35. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    As for Couples move, “NOTHING WRONG WITH IT”. In college he was very versatile on the defense. He is a smart player with good moves and can be used as a DE or OLB., he is very capable and although he did not really start coming around aas a god defensive player until the last 5 games last year, he did come around and got better with each game. I feel he will do very well as OLB or DE…

  36. By SCfromNY on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with most of the stuff said about Rex, good and bad. My biggest problem is that his ability to evaluate and improve talents is very weak. He is too busy liking his “guys” and comparing his picks to HOF players. That said a coach many here clamored for, Cowher, was very defensive minded and a big fan of “ground & pound”. You even see it today on the pregame show. Rex needs to stop being a fan and emotional coach. Plus he needs to admit mistakes and move on instead of refusing to admit a player is bad at his job.

    Just musing, how come the Jets hardly ever get the right guy? Brady, Montana, Wilson, and the list goes on with IMO the biggest whiff; Marino!

  37. By RONBO on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    TOM 64,Thanks for the heads up on the Jeneatte Howard article.Probably the best assessment on this team I have seen in a while. Please remember before the draft i was completely with you regarding Idzi’s f/a signings and more importantly his non signings. Although I wasn’t crazy about the draft I do see value in most of the picks and I’m looking forward to the mini-camps & training camp. I’m still onboard with Idzik’s over all approach and like I said weeks ago,I believe we now are led by a man with a plan. That said, the continueing Gino Smith drama is starting to concern even his staunchest supporters.His hissey-fit after day 1 of the draft,followed by the fireing of his agents,and the recent news about his team visits is troubling.

  38. By RONBO on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Joey defiant, I’m not sure if your simply trying to live up to your nickname or what the deal is but chill out bro! You dont need to call out everyone who disagrees with you.Oh, bye the way, you can add me to that list! I dont know where you think were gonna get 5 or 6 starters this year from this draft but good luck with that!Milliner is clearly the only sure thing.Richardson will also likely start with the revamped D but Winters will likely start the season behind Colon & Peterman.Obousi & Cambell will struggle to make the roster as will Bohanan who in case you missed it ran a 4.95 at his pro day.Dude, thats O- linemen speed!.As for Gino, he has a ton of talent but apparently only an ounce of maturity as he has a lot of growing up to do.

  39. By RONBO on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Joey Defiant, i did want to compliment you on the work you did showing Gino’s body of work against good competition. I dont think anyone here questions his immense talent.I myself said here on Randy’s blog that I would not be shocked or bitterly dissappointed if the Jets took him at pick 9. Sanchez has been a major contributor to this teams struggles the past two seasons so some type of change is clearly needed. If Gino can get his recent maturity issues behind him I agree he has the ability to play at a high level in this league. I actually like a lot of the stuff you bring here and dont want to make a big deal of it but I do think you could perhaps be a bit more subtle in your critiques of others.But good job bro!

  40. By GaryC on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    JoeyDefiant,don’t know your age,but do not discredit the legacy of Jackie Robinson,if you think these guys come anywhere near what he went through,time to look up real history.

  41. By scjoe on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    MJV, couldn’t have said it better. We are all about opinions and speculation here on this site, yet there are those who for some strange reason, that is incomprehensible to me, feel that their “opinions” are somehow etched in stone, even when they are proved wrong in time they STILL think they are right. And when those opinions are anything but consistent it makes it that much more incomprehensible.

  42. By russ on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Measuring leadership takes many forms, job skills, attitude,demeanor and most of all stability under stress. This measurement is not color based, but human based, to say other wise is ignorant and shows no depth of analysis by those who do. Saying that Geno has much to prove this year if he wants to be in the spotlight as a starter. As for Coples if he can be utilized in different sets it add much more to opponents game planing which makes Jetsa more uncomfortable team to plan against..NFL is not fantasy league football and requires more creativity in scheming to be successfull, and it is especially true with a team trying to fill many vacancie in one year..

  43. By scjoe on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Ron, IMO you are being way to generous, on a couple of levels. But more importantly, I think your recap of the draft mirrors mine to the tee. Milliner “may” get the start over Wilson. Richardson “may” get the start if what we are hearing about Coples is not only true, but “if” it works out. Winters will probably begin by watching Colon and Peterman, but I like that pick and I think he will be a real find. Smith? That is the wild card, some already have him in the pro bowl, some have him penciled in as a bust. Which one he turns out to be depends on him. The others? If they do make this roster it is probably the only roster they would have made. Thus, the C grade. Right now!

  44. By Mike Jet Vet on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Maybe I should change my name 60 times to get my follow ups posted. . Jetblu . Rex hasn’t had a healthy nose tackle in 4 years, old slow LB’s average DE at best As you guys put it QB rated lowest in the entire NFL , GM trading away 50% of our high picks Revis Holmes, keller all injured out, lost key players like LT B-E Plax, Smith T-Rich like them or not they were the core offense. which took us to back to back AFC games. NO receiver or TE to speak of, next losing Callahan Schotty and now Westy.. and you want to Blame one man for all these problems, Give me a break.. Shame on you guys. let him work with a core of good players like when he coached with Ravens.. you know the rest, he should be here and will be

  45. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, the ability to read a reporters’ stuff with a critical eye and not assume brilliance or ineptitude automatically is, I admit, tangentialy related to ambivalence and ambiguity. But it’s really more about being older than about 12. My take on Cimini is that he’s mostly about stirring up trouble where it doesn’t exist — he’s admitted, after all, that he’d rather not see the Jets evolve because “I prefer the circus.” On sources, he’s curiously weak, often reprinting the gist of others’ scoops. On actual football analysis, he can be surprisingly effective, though he doesn’t engage in it nearly often enough. So all in all I thnk his columns should be read and considered on a case-by-case basis just like I’d do with anyone else’s work.

  46. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo, I’m glad you like the Howard article because that lady put a lot of the nervous nellies on this site to shame. Watching grown men lose it over Geno did this or that is truly hilarious. But one reason I like Idzik’s approach so far is because he pays attention to none of this stuff no matter who it’s coming from. scjoe tried to claim powers of pattern recognition a few wks ago but I see little evidence of it to date. Otherwise he’d see that while the Cimini/O’Conner-led press harpies fret about “offending Darrelle,” “getting enough for Revis,” he quietly got the job done, just like he got Smith at a low round, just like he calmly says there’s no rush to start GS, and so on. Clearly, some Jet fans are too hysterical to appreciate calm.

  47. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Who Agrees with Rex That "Change Happens" on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    JetBlu, re your post the other day, if you look on the “Draft Notes…” story, you’ll see an exchange that might give you some insight. I criticize scjoe for failing to make specific distinctions in analyzing situations relating to the Jets, then give instances of those failures. scjoe responds with a purely personal attack, just shy of the vitriol that might get him censored by Randy. He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s bringing a plastic fork to an automatic weapons barrage by responding this way, but that’s his problem. That’s why when faced with that kind of low-information post, I just state a few facts that the person in question would do well to investigate, maybe throw in a joke to get him to stop foaming at the mouth, and move on.

  48. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    I just got back from a weeks vacation I took the kids to Turks & Cacios. So what did I miss? I saw about 700 new posts I am not going to bother to read them all. Anyway this is my to cents I think the Jets did really well in the draft they got some really good players. They said they took what they felt was the best player on there board I think they did. The 1st 2 picks were a corner & a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE. I think everyone will agree those were not there biggest need positions going into the draft. I was looking at mock drafts for months everyone I saw had Millner going no lower than 6 to the Browns we got him at 9. Every mock draft I saw also had Richardson going no lower than 14 to the Panthers we got him at 13.

  49. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    According to the Jets they got 2 of the top 4 players on there board with there first round picks. Also every mock I saw had Geno going no lower than 8 to the Bills we got him at 39 & to us he was our #1 rated QB. Winters will probably beat out Ducasse & start at right Guard. Oday had a solid career at Virginia he will push Austin Howard.

  50. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Kurt Warner & LaDanion Tomlinson said Geno Smith is the perfect fit for Marty M west coast O. Bucky Brooks said the Jets got the steal of the draft by getting Geno at 39.

  51. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Like I said I was on vacation I did not know we signed Peterman but even with that being said Winters will make the team he will be at least our #1 back up guard. If anyones roster spot is in trouble it is Ducasse. Also Obousi is a lock to make the roster we cut Jason Smith Obousi is our #1 back up tackle.

  52. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    This team is still a Saftey, WR & TE away from making a playoff run. We all knew we could not fill all of these needs in 1 draft. If Stephen Hill steps up this year between Holmes, Kerley & Hill. I would say we are only a Saftey & a TE away. How about for WR either Braylon Edwards or Brandon Lloyd? TE Kevin Boss & Free Saftey Charles Woodson? I think a combonation of these guys could be had for cheap short term deals & put us in a position to contend this year.

  53. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    I want you guys to go to the store & buy USA todays draft guide there is a 4 page story on Geno Smith (Geno Smith & Matt Barkley are on the cover) if you read this story & you dont come back to this site & say this is the type of kid that you want on your team. Put your hand on your chest to see if your heart is still beating!

  54. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    I dont understand the ripping of Geno Smith can the guy play a down BEFORE we start to rip him. First with the new rookie wage scale this guy is not maikng boat loads of money where we will be handcuffed by him for years. 2 he was a 2nd round pick so he is making even less than a 1st would make. 3 Because of that if he does not do well within 2 years he will be gone! For the level of talent that he has it was a no brainer to take him at 39. I was shocked that he was still there.

  55. By Tom Spicer on May 4, 2013 | Reply

    Geno Smith is a big pocket passer with good arm strength. He has the athleticism to escape & keep zip on his throws while on the move. He is 6’3 220 lbs & ran a 4.5 40 at the combine the fastest time of any QB. He is a strong armed passer with good touch & great accuracy. Geno started 3 1/2 years & has been super productive & ultra accurate short, medium & deep. He shows good acuracy both vertically & horizontally. He has a quick release he snaps the ball out to perimeter WR’S after setting his feet. He is ready to pull the trigger at all times. He is right on target with his passes. He has good vision, touch & smooth athletic ability. He is a pure pocket passer who can run if he has to.

  56. By IRA on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    I will say it again stop getting on Geno the kid made a bad mistake that doesn’t mean he is what all these reports are saying about him. The Jets i am sure did their homework on him and know they couldn’t miss with this 39th pick because there were plenty of other needs they could have got so its clear they wanted Geno and a QB. I have a good feel for this kid and expect him to become a good NFL QB. How good only time will tell but it will all start this Thursday.
    GO JETS!!!!

  57. By SCfromNY on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Recently the 49ers have again become a force to be feared. The Steelers were in bad shape for years until the last 10 years. The Giants had a 20 year gap between SBs and fans that paid for banners saying 25 years of bad footbal before that. Before Brady and even Bledsoe the Pats were poor teams. The Bucs and Raiders grabbed a SB and then they both went down again. The Cards after a long period of losing made the SB. The Bears waited 20 years between SBs. How come the JETS are waiting over 40 years to make a splash? Some can be attributed to draft choices, QB in particular. Coaching can make a difference, look at Gruden. I am just frustrated that we always seem to make so many wrong decisions. When will it end?

  58. By Fran'scan on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Joey Defiant – while I can agree on some of your comments, the race card not being one of them, It will take a mature, rational brain [not the skin surrounding it] to handle the NY media and that I am not sure GS has. You also pointed out a typical RR comment that shows his true intelligence… re. playoff wins vs. NE. If you win the division and get a bye, you don’t HAVE to play the extra game, regardless of if you eventually win it. RR is a great D coach but just not that intelligent a HC. Take a look at the NE playoff history, there are 3 wins and oh yeah…a SB appearance, something any NYJ fan under 43 was never even on this earth to see.These comments are why I don’t believe we’ll win a SB with him at the helm. I sure hope to be wrong

  59. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    All the RR critics (including me) for get one thing. RR since 2009 has a winning record 34 wins vs 30 losses (not great but still over 500). His defense was #8 last year and as far as I am concerned he just improved the defense this year. As for Couples, what position sid he play the last 3 games in 2012 OLB and came on strong. Now he added Milner, Richardson and Cmpbell, not a bad selection to ad to the defense, we also have the following undrafted players such as: Zach Rogers (6’0″?, 172 / Tennessee / Nashville, TN) — Ryan Spadola (6’3″?, 200 / Lehigh / Howell, NJ) — KJ Stroud (6’3″?, 205 / Bethune-Cookman / Brooklyn, NY) — Antavious Wilson (6’1″?, 198 / Marshall / Pahokee, FL) — Offensive Linemen Dalton Freeman-6’5″?, 285

  60. By Tom Spicer on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    As I had said in a earlier post I just got back from vacation. Can someone please tell me what Geno Smith did off the feild that was so wrong that everyone is talking about? Cause I have heard nothing also prior to him coming to the Jets the guy was squeey clean, clean cut, quior boy like. What happened?

  61. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    CONT) Trey Gilleo (6’6″?, 280 / Northern Arizona / Kingman, AZ) Mark Popek (6’7″?, 299 / South Florida / Plant City, FL) Tight Ends Chris Pantale (6’6″?, 255 / Boston College / Wayne, NJ) Mike Shanahan (6’5″?, 225 / Pittsburgh / North Huntingdon, PA) Defensive Linemen Spencer Nealy (6’5″?, 277 / Texas A&M / San Antonio, TX) Roosevelt Holliday (6’3″?, 297 / Eastern Illinois / Bolingbrook, IL) Jake McDonough (6’5″?, 290 / Iowa State / Urbandale, IA). Not a bad crop of players to chose from.Who knows you may have another Lawrence Taylor or how about a JET Undrafted player by the name of Wayne Chrebert you never know where a great player can come from. IDZIK continue what your doing.

  62. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Amused by the Anhedonic on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Remember that Glen Frey solo album NO FUN ALOUD, MJV? No, of course you don’t, since references to music or anything else that might be fun are punishable by envious attacks in your book. Just for that, I think I’ll start waxing nostalgic about the great jazz the band used to play on the sidelines at Shea. Spicer, thanks for your posts on Smith and why we shouldn’t be catastrophizing about him quite yet. It’ll have no impact on certain folks who think it’s about the Whine-Loss Record instead of the Won-Loss Record, but you made some great pts about his potential. Same to you, Ira, the problem is for some posters it doesn’t start on Thursday, it starts the minute any real changes are made and they line up to start predicting disaster.

  63. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Amused by the Anhedonic on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    MJV, I don’t think anyone would say Rex isn’t a good D coach in some ways, but a lot of your defense of him ignores problems of his own making. He had to be dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming with respect to how the game is played on O these days. He was surely a big part of the decision to pressure a rookie/green QB about a SB win, a move that many in the NFL called ludicrous. He wouldn’t know what to do with elite players on O, as proven by his inability to get results out of the O players he’s had. And I’m sorry if you think going to the title game and losing both times because your team only played one half is so great. That kind of settling for mediocrity has been the trademark of this franchise for far too long.

  64. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Empathic for the Easily Pleased on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    I’m changing my name as many times as possible and using words over a 6th-grade level as often as possible, MJV, so that you see that when Randy doesn’t print some of my posts, it has nothing to do with the name I use but what I say about turning this team around. SCfromNY, I’d suggest that one of the reasons we haven’t done much in 43 yrs is because there’s been a mindset, in the FO and among fans, that “rebuilding” is some kind of dirty word, that if you’re a season ticket-holder you have the right to insist on an annually strong team. I guess it’s back to “The world’s a mystery if you don’t read history” — or weren’t there to witness it — since all of the teams you mention only became strong by rebuilding patiently thru…the draft.

  65. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Empathic for the Easily Pleased on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Just for the record and in the interest of more specificity, MJV, Rex drafted a NT, one from a nothing school. Who was in danger of being deported for off-the-field antics. Whose first yr at least and maybe second were messed up by having to wonder if he was gonna be on the boat out of the country any month. And who Rex still doesn’t seem to have much confidence in. Whose fault was all this? Two of the best things about the Idzik hire are (1) He doesn’t have to care much about picks like these and can unload ‘em as soon as he sees fit, which re Ellis also goes to the Richardson pick, and (2) He’s changing the policy on problem chilldren, as seen by the immediate, no-comment release of the two guys who were arrested on drug charges last wk.

  66. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Watching the Projections on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Before you waste any more breath on anyone else’s need to be right, scjoe, you’d do better to take a look at whatever need of your own is operating to make you say something like Milliner “may” get the start over Wilson! If I’m Wilson — another #1 draft choice that Rex gushed over, quickly got cold feet about, and then seemed to drastically lower expectations of across the board — I’m more worried about getting cut loose after this season than I am beating out Milliner for the starting job. Even Rex — or maybe that should be especially Rex, given the precarious state of his job — immediately said that Milliner and Richardson will make “a big impact” this yr. Wilson’s had 3 yrs to make a big impact and it sure ain’t happenin’ yet!

  67. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom and The Persistence of Memory on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Then again, ,scjoe — and MJV — who knows what planet Rex is on when it comes to CBs, since he’s the guy who actually said when Revis held out in 2010 — and I quote — that “there’s not that much difference” with Wilson at corner than with Revis!

  68. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Bringin' the Bad News on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    I know it’s anathema to some, quoting a sportswriter that one doesn’t think is all good or all bad, but here’s an observation from Cimini that’ll no doubt frustrate the fantasy-fueled win-now crowd: “One thing we’ve already learned about Idzik: He doesn’t rush into big decisions. He let the Darrelle Revis soap opera play out for three months before pulling the trigger (in the end, a good move) and he held on to Tim Tebow until he exhausted all efforts, however futile, to trade him. You can bet he’ll take his sweet time to sort out the QB situation.” Good luck with that, John, we’ve already got folks on this site saying things like, “Smith won’t work out in New York.” Cimini also offers a revealing breakdown of QB snaps on SEA last yr.

  69. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Bringin' the Bad News on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    And just to show you I’m an equal-opportunity Cimini basher, scjoe — though I admit, the ambiguity of this might be too much for you — today he says that “something that got lost” last week “in all the QB talk” was how Idzik shored up the O and D lines with picks during this draft. No, Rich, that “got lost” because hysterical harpies like you couldn’t stop talking about how Smith improperly folded his napkin at dinner with his mother, exploring Tebow’s chances of starting in the Alpha Centauri League, and other time-wasting nonsense that took the emphasis off who the Jets drafted, on what basis they did so, and how they’re gonna use these guys.

  70. By Mike Jet Vet on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    SCfromNY I have a theory pertaining to your comment on why we haven’t had much success in over 40 years,1st case in point NY fans are tough, No patience guilty as changed I admit, lets take our success in 2009 -2010, We had a good, granted not great core of players, with # 1 defense make it to AFC Championship Had a very good core of coaches Rex Schotty Callahan Westy, Now after a very good 2 year run instead of replacing our QB like San Fran did adding a player here or there Like NE does build on what we had, like Steelers do we broke the whole team up and went in the opposite direction.. Seems to me prosperity just doesn’t go hand in hand with the NY JETS , in my opinion

  71. By scjoe on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    SCfromNY, I feel your pain bro, I really do, but welcome to the NFL. There are just so many elements of the game, and so many different factors & ingredients involved in how a specific team is built, that your dynamics almost half to be foolproof to enable your team to be a SB contender EVERY year. Even that may not be enough. That is why I question this latest faze called “rebuilding” if you think that simply by turning over your roster and getting the people YOU want as opposed to those who were already there will give you a heads up on the rest of the field, you are only fooling yourself. With free agency, injuries, contract expirations etc. it is a very formidable task.

  72. By scjoe on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Fran’scan, my compliments on your very rational and well thought out analogy. The only point of disagreement for me may be the fact that I would place a little more of the blame (for lack of a better term) on the personnel as well as the deficiencies in Rex’s expertise re: the offensive side of the ball. I think this season will be very telling with MM as the OC.

  73. By SCfromNY on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    The good thing about 2013 is the Jets come in “Unbeaten”. How long will it remain is the question. Game 2 vs NE is not a bad thing. NE is less feared at the beginning of the season. I want to give the draft choices a chance but really important is that we have decent backups at the OL. You don’t need to draft OL in the first to get a quality player. Remember any draft pick is one of 224 players taken out of 1000’s of college players. I would have preferred a TE but perhaps they are waiting to get a decent older TE to “hold the fort”. Safety I am less concerned about. We have 2 leftover draft choices from 2012, Landry, and this kid Miles. I don’t follow a lot of college so I don’t know his negatives but the film I have seen he looks great.

  74. By SCfromNY on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Smith, IMO can go either way. i wanted a QB taken in later rounds and preferred Landry and Glennon. Time will tell. I guess my biggest concern with our log jam at QB my favorite, McElroy will not get enough reps. Smith will get a huge number of reps to see what we have. Garrard will get enough reps to make sure he is healthy and still sharp. Sanchez, well is Sanchez, we have said enough. I think the DL is set up to try and emulate what the Giants do. Still a true OLB is needed.

    Teams have surprised everyon to come from poor to a playoff. It would be nice to surprise everyone but at least be respectable not laughable.

  75. By IRA on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    SC, Thats right we have been waiting 44 years and counting for another SB title. But you have to take a look at the Jets since 1997 and even though they have not won a SB they have been one of the more successful teams during that time. Sooner or later we will get to the SB.
    GO JETS!!!!

  76. By Allan O'Dane on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    My son came up to me and said “Dad…Is it true that Mark Sanchez threw Tebow a going away party and no one showed up because it was intercepted??”…..good one Allan Jr…..good one…

  77. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Alan O’Dane, it’s amazing what children will say, but that was beautiful…

  78. By GaryC on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    JetFanTom,seeing that Rex is always thinking stone age football,methinks,what he sees in Coples,is this decades,MAD STORK,Ted Henricks with his size and wingspan,also a guy who played end in college only to develop into one of the great outside backers,As they say,DREAMS COME TRUE,IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

  79. By scjoe on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    64, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter what I think about how Geno Smith “folded his napkin” at a family gathering, it matters even less when you anoint him as the next Joe Montana, because as I have said, more then once, the boom or bust is entirely up to him. Time, and ONLY time will tell. So if you want to continue “trying” to cast me in the villains roll and as being the most negative SOJ fan on the planet for making that statement you are fooling no one but yourself. As for Idzik being patient about who the starting QB should be, you really believe that should be HIS call?

  80. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    At the start of the 2012 season the Jets had the biggest distraction of any team in the NFL and that was the TT vs MS situation. It is hard to believe that this situation was caused by RR. The reason I am saying this is RR never wanted TT on the JETS this situation was caused by Mr. T ., Tony Sparano and Matt Cavanaugh. Sparano with his so called Wild Card and Cavanaugh with his poor training of QB’s. RR never started TT for a reason, but I do blame RR for not placing McElroy in as QB 6 games into the season because of the steady drop-off of MS’s playing ability. I am not a great fan of RR as a HC, as a DC, I feel he is one of the best in the NFL. Drafting “GENO SMITH” is still a question mark in my mind, but looking back at Geno’s

  81. By scjoe on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    A little bit on the consistency front 64, you raved at just about every move Idzik has made to date, you absolutely raved about the draft as if it were the best ever by the NYJ, but THEN, you call those who believe the team may be able to compete THIS season “if” everything breaks right “The Fantasy Fueled Win Now Crowd” even though complete turnarounds have been accomplished so often in this league. Do you really believe Idzik, Rex, or WJ have no interest in being competitive right now? A little more consistency would go a long way toward your credibility. You can’t have it both ways.

  82. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Continued) ability is College, the man is “GOOD”. From I am gathering he has a photographic memory and will come into Camp knowing the play book. We have a chance at building an offensive line right now with some of our draft picks as well as several of thye undrafted players with the JETS right now that will help Geno and MS. If MS came back and played they way he played in the 2010 season when we was 11- 5 and make less mistakes, I am all for it. I do not see it happening, but I would say “WOW” nice comeback. Do I feel Geno Smith will start, NO, I do not, he will start only if MS fails within the first and second games. As for being impressed with the draft, I feel IDZIK did very well, but I also believe REX had some see on the

  83. By By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Continued) had some say so on defense. As for the offense Mr. M. also went after the players he wanted in the draft as well as in the Free Agents and Undrafted Jets. Bohanan is one pick I truly liked and drafting for Ivory was one giant step for the JETS for it gives them Goodsen and Ivory in the backfield. The JETS have one tough schedule this year and how do I feel about it, I feel we could be winners and I have not felt this way in a long time. LETS GTO JETS….

  84. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Bringin' the Bad News on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Agree totally about the lack of patience after 2009 and 2010, MJV, and of course agree that the emphasis should’ve been on getting a better QB. scjoe, maybe you’re fazed by Idzik’s turning over of the roster but I don’t think it’s a phase and I don’t see any evidence that he’s doing it simply, I think he’s doing it very thoughtfully and heck of a lot more intelligently than Mr T did when, to touch on MJV’s pt, he failed to keep together the J-Co/Edwards/Holmes WR corps. GaryC, the best news about Rex’s living in the past is that it will come to an end after this yr if he can’t get results out of certain players. In other words, he’ll go from Tull’s “Living in the Past” to their “Living in These Hard Times.”

  85. By Mike Jet Vet on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    There you go spinning again Tom 64,.. So what you’re going to try and let Fans believe it’s Rex’s fault we lost both AFC games, Nothing to do with QB right running game right, no TE right ..again NO NT to work with Big Jenks couldn’t hit the field his last 2years , Pouha, Injured constantly No offense at all last 2 years Stop the dishonest spin just to to be right, no song on earth can change the facts, again your opinion holds no weight under the weight of fact.. NY Fans know they are very educated on what go’s on with their team..

  86. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Rex to Step Up or Step Out on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, I see no villains on this site. But if somebody who says ONE DAY after the draft “Smith won’t work out in New York” isn’t at least in the Top Five MOST Negative, I’d like to know who is! I don’t think the QB should be Idzik’s call in the coaching sense. I think his take on the QB situation is important in the GM sense because he’s the guy who’s gonna fire Rex or not after this yr and draft another QB or not after this yr. Sure I’d like to see us compete as soon as possible but I don’t think you can count on a Wilson-like surge at QB as a rule. More importantly, SEA had been building smartly for yrs while we’d been flailing dumbly. And just to connect the dots on that one for ya, Idzik’s one of the guys who’d been building at SEA.

  87. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Rex to Step Up or Step Out on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    New York fans or fans anywhere else know how to spell “goes,” MJV. But with similar sloppiness, you accuse me of blaming Rex entirely for anything, which nobody on this site has ever done. I just say he’s made a ton of incredibly bad decisions, lacks key skills, has failings of character that affect his performance, and all kinds of other things that too many people have said too many times to review them for you. Anyway, he’s not in the position he’s in, a HC in danger of getting fired this yr with the worst O in the league, because he’s any sort of genius. I’d refer you to that Johnnette Howard piece as well because she gets paid to write about all Rex’s weak spots, I don’t and don’t have all yr to do so.

  88. By SCfromNY on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t think Rex is a bad coach. There have been many D minded coaches that were successful as long as they left the O to the O coaches. It works the other way too. Bill Walsh was a O genius but on D not so much. Rex’s problem is that he “thinks” he can handle the offense. He also sticks to long with “his guys” especially the over the hill crowd. I don’t think there is another coach out there who would have stayed with Sanchez because he felt they were joined at the hip. Rex needs to recognize his shortcomings leaving most of the offense to the OC. Luckily we have many new and younger players and Rex will not have to stay with his oldies. Hope the competition at QB is good and Sanchez is traded. We might be able to convince the Raider’s.

  89. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Rex to Step Up or Step Out on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    By the way, MJV, I have time to post a lot but not to post the same thing over and over. Read my post on how Rex picked Ellis despite a number of red flags as far as NT’s go. If you really think Ellis from that little nothing school with deportation hanging over his head was THE BEST POSSIBLE NT PICK we coulda made…well, then I got an overrated bust of a former USC QB to sell ya…

  90. By russ on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    Both losses in the AFC championship and the Jet Giant game were by the defense not the offense…..

  91. By scjoe on May 6, 2013 | Reply

    OK 64, it is getting pretty boring for me too, so lets just agree to disagree on all of the same ol issues, you can continue to call it “rebuilding” and I’ll just continue to refer to it as the norm, just like most every other team does every off season. Same with the draft picks, given the fact it is way to early to see who’s “opinion” is right and who’s is wrong anyway. Ditto with the scribes, since all they do is pretty much what we all do here, and that is give their opinion. At the end of the day there is just one common denominator, and I really don’t care how they achieve that goal OR with who, as long as it is accomplished sometime soon.

  92. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Rex to Step Up or Step Out on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    Talking in boring terms and waiting to see what happens may not be terribly exciting, scjoe, which is one reason I try to throw in other stuff. But the fact is, you can’t draw any brilliant conclusions from three months of a GM’s tenure or three days after the draft. I just say that Idzik’s doing stuff that never woulda happened had Mr T stuck around and you can see that most clearly with Rex, who’s been “neutered,” as Howard put it in the column you said you didn’t read. On the story ahead of this one, I talk about Idzik remaking the scouting department and reprint a good ESPN post from a guy about that. I don’t care if you call it rebuilding or not, but you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone what we’re doing is the norm for all teams.

  93. By scjoe on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    64, I really didn’t want to get in to this with you again, but then I read your post on the story following this one, (in it’s entirety) the only point I will comment on is your quote on what the NFL means to you (Not-For-Long,) which I happen to agree with, but my question is, if you refer to it as Not For Long, that means that YOU feel there is a pretty good chance of a roster being turned over at pretty steady intervals, couldn’t that be called “rebuilding?” Or are you saying that quote applies ONLY to the NYJ. Do you really not see the point I am trying to make, or do you just choose to ignore it or debate it? How many new GMs and HCs were there just this off season alone?

  94. By scjoe on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    Once again I agree with one of your statements 64, the one where you say “you really can’t draw any brilliant conclusions from 3 months of a GMs tenure or 3 days after the draft” the reason I agree with that statement so whole heartedly is because that is exactly what “I” have been saying the past few months. I assume that you were sincere in making that statement, but on the other hand it does appear that you already have made conclusions.

  95. By RONBO on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe & Tom64 Can I get an Amen?

  96. By Jet Fan Since 1964 Frank on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    I see Vinny Testaverde will be nominated for the College Hall Of Fame. Vinny has always been one of my favorite players. Good Luck to you Vinny…

  97. By Jet Fan Since '64 Tom Ready for Rex to Step Up or Step Out on May 7, 2013 | Reply

    I’ve made modest conclusions, scjoe, and among them are these: The Jets as they ended last season were a terrible team across the board. Mr T was a terrible GM. Rex is a poor coach but he’s getting another yr to prove himself, so I’ll go along with that even as my preference is to can him. And what Idzik is doing is much more and much better than anything anyone on this site expected to happen.

  98. By scjoe on May 8, 2013 | Reply

    64, I made a few modest conclusions myself, a couple are even in line with yours, Mike T was a terrible GM, (agree,) the NYJ were a “bad” team not quite a terrible team, as so many have made them out to be, remember, they went 6-10 not 1-15, (agree to a point) and Rex, minus some of the ridicules distractions that were forced on him, plus the addition of MM at OC will be just fine (disagree). And Idzik? I give him a C so far in his short tenure as GM, simply because I haven’t seen anything totally negative or anything extraordinary, so far. (disagree)

  99. By DTatge on May 8, 2013 | Reply

    Rex is just bringing the 46 defense from back in ’09, so he needs bigger guys on the outside that comand a double team so the safety can blitz and get a free look at the QB. He has done it before with great success just needed the right pieces in place and right now if every player progresses like Rex is hoping this defense could be top three.

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