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Pace Surveys the New Defensive Landscape

Posted by Randy Lange on May 30, 2013 – 3:12 pm

Sometimes all you can do when hit by the shock of the new is just smile, thank your lucky stars that you’re still around, put your head down and plow forward.

Kind of like Calvin Pace.

What’s different on these Jets, CP?

“Bart — definitely Bart,” Pace said of the departed Bart Scott. “It’s funny not to hear Bart’s mouth for two or three hours at a time.

“Revis … Eric Smith … Sione … you look at guys who are wearing their numbers — oh, that’s not Bart, that’s not Revis.”

No. 97 in green and white is still Pace. Even though he was released on Feb. 19 along with Scott and Smith and shortly before Po‘uha, he was re-signed two months later. He was asked after today’s OTA practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center what kind of a pitch that head coach Rex Ryan made to bring him back.

“It wasn’t really a pitch,” Pace said. “When I got released, people asked me, where do you want to play? Really, I didn’t know. This is where I’ve been the last five years. Rex said he wanted me back so I just signed back. Put it behind me and keep moving.”

Pace is a rare old bird these days. He is now the man wearing the mantle as the most experienced Jet, now entering his 11th NFL season. In fact, he’s the only Jet with double digit in years of experience, with recently signed G Stephen Peterman entering his ninth year and a handful of players starting their eighth seasons.

This gave the thoughtful pro a scary glimpse of the NFL of the future.

“I just think this is the way the NFL’s going to become now,” he said. “I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of guys playing 10 years. I think my generation is the last. It’s funny because I don’t think these young guys see that. So it’s going to keep getting younger and younger, to the point where you’re going to look at a guy playing five years, and he’s a veteran. I just think that’s the way of the business.”

But there’s still a place in the business at the moment, if the price is right for team and player, for a pro like Pace. He surely doesn’t have the giddyup he did when he arrived as an unrestricted free agent from the Cardinals in 2008, but he can still contribute to a defense and in particular to the Ryan/Dennis Thurman defense that he’s been playing in since ’09.

And it’s been mostly in that defense that Pace has racked up his 28 sacks as a Jet from ’08-12. That’s not a monster number and yet it is still the best in a five-year span by a Jets LB since Mo Lewis totaled 33.5 from 1997-2001.

For that aspect of Pace’s game and more, Ryan is glad he’s back.

“That was a big signing for us — he’s kind of like the glue out there,” the head coach said at his news conference this afternoon. “We’re doing a lot of different things with him, moving him all over the place. He was even playing corner for one play. He had plenty of depth, though. We threw an incompletion in the flat and that was good to see.

“But we’re taking advantage of having Calvin. We’re using him Some of the techniques you’re teaching, he knows. You don’t have to say anything. And that’s reassuring, no doubt.”

Pace has the credentials to provide leadership and pointers to his younger teammates, be they second-year man and new OLB contributor Quinton Coples or returning OLB Garrett McIntyre or recently signed eight-year vet Antwan Barnes.

“The addition of Antwan, Garrett playing well, Demario [Davis] playing a bigger role this year, I think it’s going to be a good mix,” he said.

As for his own evolving role, Pace said he also likes the mix of some new wrinkles and some of the same old same old.

“I feel good,” he said. “I can play as long as anybody wants me.”

Right now, this 11th-year man is wanted.

Grabbing a Headline

Many tweeting beatwriters were chirping this morning about the “catch of the day,” TE Hayden Smith’s high fingertip snare over the middle of a blitz-beating Mark Sanchez throw.

“I got lucky on one,” said Smith amiably, explaining that the play “was kind of an all-go for the wide receivers, and I had the option to go across the middle. Mark threw it up and down over the linebacker. It was thrown fairly high.”

Asked if it was reminiscent of anything he might’ve done as a lock forward for Saracens or the USA Eagles, he said, “Yes, it was quite similar to a lineout with no lift.”

In Smith’s case, rugby continues to translate well into the NFL.

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59 Responses to “Pace Surveys the New Defensive Landscape”

  1. By Dr. Frank on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Our wide receiver problems have been solved!! Psyche! Ben Obamanu, really guys? There has to be someone better out there! I guess we just have to wait and see who gets cut during training camp. There has to be a more proven veteran out there than this guy. I don’t even think I would have bothered signing him now. The market out there for him must have been unbelievable, LOL! I guess we will have to wait and see who our savior at WR as well as TE will be this season until after cuts are made….

  2. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Glad to see “PACE” is back. He will bring leadership to a young defense. Pace has always been a good player and his 11 years of experience will be needed. Good luck Pace….

  3. By scjoe on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Dr Frank, I hear ya about the WR position, but you know what? I have more of a concern with who will be throwing the ball then who will be catching the ball. I think a healthy Holmes, a hopefully improved Hill, Kerley, Gates and whoever else wins that # 5 and 6 spots will be just fine, “IF” the play of the QB, no matter who, is somewhat efficient. I am a big believer in the theory that a WR is only as good as the QB he is playing with.

  4. By IRA on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Pace never lived up to what I thought he could bring but he was a solid player for the Jets since 08 and his sack numbers would have been more if he didn’t lose time to an injury one year and suspended for some games another year. I think Davis alone will improve the LB core. They should have given him more playing time last year. They went to long with Scott.

  5. By Charliejet on May 30, 2013 | Reply


  6. By Dr. Frank on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, I agree with you. However, I don’t have any confidence that Holmes will be back at the beginning of the season. or if he is, will be 100%. Those Lisfranc foot injuries are kinda funny sometimes. Some people who are not athletes can take more than a year to recover fully, even without complications. So, it could be a nagging type of injury which can be prone to complications. That is why I am not expecting much from him. As for Hill, his knee keeps swelling up after his surgery. Not a good sign for him, either. Another nagging injury that may require additional surgery, etc., if it continues to swell and not allow him to run. So that leaves us with Kerley, a slot receiver, who is fine. Gates is fast, but can he “get” the new

  7. By Dr. Frank on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    offense? He has been in the NFL for 2 seasons and hasn’t shown too much, although last season was a mess for the NYJ all season. Maybe he can improve? After that we are left with Jordan White, Obomanu, Collins, Davis, Hazelton, Mayo, Rodgers, Ryan, Spadola and Stroud. Maybe a couple of these guys can step up to the plate, but I am not optimistic about any of them. Still think we really need to get a proven veteran WR at some point to help out our QB’s. I think a good WR and TE can help make the QB better if they have great hands, range, size, speed and run good patterns as well as comprehend the offensive system. We are also sort of barren at TE, which is not good. Gotta hope that the Eagles cut Celek and we can get him!

  8. By SCfromNY on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    I have to agree with scjoe. If we had a Jerry Rice and Randy Moss in prime it wouldn’t matter if most of the balls thrown are off target, Perhaps we are unaware of the WRs talent we are signing. They may be great at tackling after the ball is intercepted.

    Spicer; I find it difficult to understand the fact that you give so little hope to McElroy. I have said before that I am not sending him to the pro bowl I just want to make sure he doesn’t do it for another team. After your Sanchez love in face of horrible QB play much unrelated to his WRs I would have thought you would have been more open minded. The ability to read defenses and lead your target is more important than the occasional deep ball.

  9. By russ on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    Wide Receivers are missing in most teams this year and not an easy fix..change of Off in using 1 wide out and 1 slot with Double TE or swing pass out of backfield..reminiscent of old Colts and Vikings…obsessing on one type of player shows lack of imagination in Offense..WR is not a Jet problem…Thats a San Francisco Ny Giant problem…

  10. By Mike Jet Vet on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    Glad Pace is back, Good point scjoe, most understand, receiver extraordinaire,or receiver with no talent, equals no difference when the QB throwing is not on the same page, or planet for that matter.. I don’t understand what the problem with BE. I don’t care how bad anyone says he is, all I know he still has experience enough to get the job done, period. it certainly can’t hurt to sign him to a one year deal, I’m willing to bet he will make more a difference then most of these guys, not to mention he can coach the potential of the few with talent.

  11. By kw65fan on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    Happy Birthday Joe ‘Willie’. 70 years old…man years have flied by. Your birthday helps me because it is also my wedding anniversary…so it helps I don’t forget that one…LOL.

    So it looks like a 2 man competition at QB. hear nothing on Mac and Simms. way to open it up Marty. Will know better at Cortland and see for ourselves. Seems they are just burying these guys.

  12. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    SCfromNY, SCJoe, I agree with both of you on this subject. MS will falter he has proven he can not read a defensive scheme. Under pressure he goes into a panic mode and just throws the ball regardless of where it goes and who catches it (usually a defensive p-layer). As for McElroy he should and will get more time behind the ball during training camp and pre-season. If you read some of my previous posts I always liked this kid. He had every right to speak out and that’s what cost him some playing time as well as his concussion. Although I feel we have improved defensively and offensively it’s going to depend on our running game and passing game as to where we go…

  13. By scjoe on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    Dr Frank, point well taken. That is why I always specify the “if” because at this point we just don’t know how the injuries to Holmes and Hill will play out. What’s more, I don’t think the NYJ FO or medical staff know either. That complicates things, as far as who to sign and when to sign them. I still think signing BE at the vet minimum (with incentives) is by far the best option right now, all things considered. But again, and I know that you know this, it is all going to come down to the QB, and that is not a field that I am in love with.

  14. By kleckofan on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    love that WR tackling skills comment, sad but true.

    Happy BDay to Joe Willie…reminds of Mantle’s “had I known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”.

    Nothing to add to the true football thread…is there really a relevant thread in June?

    Hope all the “Regulars” have a great summer, you know who you are. You too Randy.

  15. By Dr. Frank on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe, I think there are a few reasons why the Jets haven’t signed BE. First of all, I think his knee injuries are a part of it. Secondly, his history of a bad attitude, although I never really saw it with the Jets. Thirdly, I don’t think he is an accomplished route runner. Next, he has had legal trouble in the past and I don’t know what that status is right now. Lastly, I am not sure he is a student of the game and knows how to play in a WCO. I did, and still do actually, think he has lots of unfulfilled potential. He has let his life and other things get in the way of his career. Last year he couldn’t even get on the field with SFO, and they didn’t have a great receiving corps and they had lots of injuries. Some team out there is

  16. By Dr. Frank on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    going to have to let a good veteran WR go for one reason or another. We will sign someone by the start of the season, I think, unless these “kids” are really special. We also need a TE, probably another RB if Goodson gets cut, another OLB, more help at safety and ANOTHER QB! I am not a Sanchez fan, and I don’t want to throw Geno to the wolves too soon! Can’t we just find a good veteran QB to play until Geno is really ready, or if he is not, someone to play until they draft or trade for a better QB? I think a guy like Matt Hasselback would have been a perfect fix, but the Colts got him. Not too many of those grizzly old time veteran QB’s around to groom a young QB anymore.

  17. By scjoe on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    Dr Frank, re: BE, some of those things you mentioned above are/have been true in the past, although, as you said, I haven’t seen any of them materialize as a member of the NYJ. I think he played well at the end of last season, all things considered. But sure, I would think something is wrong somewhere if he hasn’t even gotten a look see from anyone so far. Problem is, there just are not that many options out there at the WR position. There will be some veteran cast off’s available during camp, but most will be cast off’s for a reason.

  18. By scjoe on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    64Frank, personally, I am getting more and more worried about the possibility of Mark Sanchez emerging as the starter for game #1. That would be very telling re: Geno Smith. I know you, along with quite a few others are pulling for McElroy to get involved in the competition, again, personally, I just don’t see it happening, politics will prevent it from happening. I was pretty excited about Garrard starting and mentoring Smith, but that is now ancient history. So, lets all wait and see where it all goes.

  19. By scjoe on May 31, 2013 | Reply

    MJV, agree with you on BE. But as Dr Frank pointed out, it may be injury related, of course we are not privy to that information. But that would be the only reason I can see as to why he hasn’t gotten a look from anybody, including the NYJ. “If” healthy, he is far and away the best option “short term” anyway.

  20. By RONBO on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.JOE & DR.FRANk, you guys make a lot of great points. Interestingly although on some you differ, i think your both correct.Obviously if T.Brady were throwing to last years jets recievers their #’s would have been more impressive.On the other hand, i recall the great Dan Marino when faced with heavey pressure would on occassion basically just throw the ball in the direction of Duper or Clayton who would make some rediculous catches. You cant discount the importance of play makers at either posisition.I agree with the good Dr. about Holmes condition(not to mention the fact he is blowing off the OTA’s and will be way behind) and Hill’s knee is a concern as well. As for braylon, keep in mind he was with Seattle last year with Idzik and that-

  21. By RONBO on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    cont.- badly! I doubt the I-Man is a big fan of his so I dont see a reunion as likely.IRA, I think you are so right about Pace’s Jet career.He was about 28 when we signed him and had played well in Arizona when they converted him from D.E to OLB. he was a good signing as he was productive. The suspension and injury robbed him of valuable portions of his career with us or his numbers would have been a lot better. I dont think he has a lot left physically in the tank as he looked slow last season as teams exploited his lack of quickness in the passing game and he was constantly blown up at the point of attack as well in the running game. Now, as a mentor and back up he might be able to contribute but if they put him in a full time posisition

  22. By RONBO on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.JOE, I think as fans we cant help but to sometimes look at things with “rose colored glass’s, as Jet Fan Frank and several others are doing Re:McElroy. Obviously he had a nice career at Bama but when we consider they had two first round runningbacks and a bunch of NFL O-linemen around him there. (Not to mention Julio Jones.) Basically he was a “game manager” at Bama. Now thats not meant to be critical as again, he had a very good career.The fact that he was drafted so late should tell us he was not highly regarded in NFL circles and his play against S.D. last year is likely a better barometer than the 6 plays against a lousey Arizona team last year in relief of a pitiful M.S. No way is he a contender in this so-called Q.B competition.

  23. By scjoe on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    Ron, you are so right! While living down in S. Florida during ALL of the Marino years I watched way to many of his passes thrown “in the direction” of Clayton or Duper, and Mat Moore as well, only for one of the three to come down with the ball in some dramatic fashion. BUT, that is not something you can count on time after time, I also saw many INTs in that scenario because Marino, even more then Brady, refused to take a hit. As for BE? That is a mystery to me. I tend to go with the Doc’s theory that he is still rehabbing his knee. It may still happen.

  24. By SCfromNY on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo; I keep saying that I do not have McElroy as the next Tom Brady. But in rare instances players like Brady and Hasselback were drafted very late so i would like McElroy to be given a fair chance. He may be only a quality backup but lets find out before we make a mistake and trade/release him. I loved Simm’s father but based on his college career I don’t see why he is even in the mix.

    ESPN had a decent article on QBs and coaches combining for greatness. Rex should read it. However Sanchez is not the only player Rex stayed with too long. One of the main reasons IMO why Rex is destined to only be a DC. A good one but not HC.

  25. By jRhoaDes on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    I really think Sanchez can pull it out this year. The kid has talent. Look what he has been thru. He is on his Third OC, no RB, no #1 WR last year, a TE that couldn’t stay healthy. Name one other QB in the league that has done well with those same things. This kids is a fighter and he showed us that in his first two years. The whole team, not just him, fell apart the last two years. Mark out played Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Tony Romo and many other QB’s during their first year. Just something to remember guys!

  26. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    jRhoaDes I am not one who likes criticize but the one thing you are over looking is: pressure under the center. MS has never been good under pressure. YES, in his first 2 years he did make the playoffs. But lets take a look at his statistics over the 4 year period.
    Interceptions Fumbled Sacked Rating Year
    20 10 26 63.0 2009
    13 9 27 75.3 2010
    18 10 39 78.2 2011
    18 14 34 66.9 2012

    MS had the lowest rating of any QB in the NFL since 2009

  27. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    to the present day. An average QB usually has from 85.5 rating. My opinion is he can not handle pressure. Would I like to see him be successful, “OF COURSE I WOULD”. I just don’t see that happening. I feel McElroy is the better of the 2 as far as GS remains to be seen. I feel we have received a gift in Rogers as a WR as well as Bohanan as a TE or HB. I am looking forward to se how the QB competition is going to work out and if MS proves to be the better of the QB’S then so be it. I just do not see that happening. His best overall rating was in 2011 at 78.2. You do not make it as QB with these low ratings…

  28. By RONBO on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    jRHoads, Come on bro, you gotta be kidding right? First of all mark was nothing but a game manager his first 2 years so his turnovers were lower but so were his attempts as well as the length of his passes.Even if his numbers were even comparable early, there is no way you can excuse the 54 turnovers the past 2 seasons including 5 or 6 interceptions to def.tackles. if you go by the amntra that experience is the best teacher mark should have gotten better each season.How do you explain what we all witnessed the past two years.You cant bleme it all on the lack of talent as others have stated here,do you think if T.Brady were throwing to last years recievers the numbers would be comparable?

  29. By RONBO on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    SC from NY, please understand, my intention was not to be critical of Mac’s fans. I was just pointing out how i felt about what I’ve witnessed so far.I believe it was SPICER who coined the nickname “Sackleroy” and frankly I felt that was appropriate as most of those sacks were on him. Last seasons O-line was unfairley maligned as all five starters graded our in the top third of players at their posisitions.Nobody was more critical than I was about the line in 2011.They were terrible.Last year was not the same situation as the change at R.T made a hugh difference.I’m not saying they were the NFL’s best unit but there was a big difference from 2011.So mac must bare his share of the blame for that debacle in S.D.

  30. By jRhoaDes on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO, yeah, i think most if not all should fall on the GM, that is no longer there. two very bad OC. In each case of good or great QB’s, the team built around the QB. Mark hasn’t had that. different WR each year, different RB, crappy TE. What the team failed to do was build on sucess of his first two years and tear down after each year. no one can or has thrived in that.

  31. By jRhoaDes on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    Oh, and to add to the Tom Brady comment, no! Brady would have been killed behind that line. successful teams build continuity, chem, relationships between players. Mark has had none of that. and also don’t forget he is only 26 years old. this team set him up to fail. no question each and every year. The first two years with Rex’s mouth, and the last two with injuries, chem, and total lack of having any kind of talent around him.

  32. By RONBO on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    JRHoades, if you have been following Randy’s blog for any length of time you should remember that i was one of the M.S supporters for all the reasons you mentioned today. But, at some point you have to look at the facts.First of all if you think the jets would not have fared better last year with Brady over Sanchez I’m afraid nothing else i say will matter. If by chance your open top conversation please read on. As I mentioned above to Carolina Jetfan, last seasons line without wayne Hunter was much improved from 2011. i agee about the lack of recieving talent but some of Marks passes were so off target Lebron James could not have caught them.And the fumbles show just how bas his pocket awareness and ball secutity are.

  33. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO I am with you all the way on your post. The fact of the matter over a four year period MS’s rating was 66.5 and that is not good at all. I broke down the stats on an earlier post over a 4 year period on interception, fumbles, sacks and ratings. MS had his shot at improving his “RATING” but instead always finished last even in his first 2 years. Naturally JRHoades is entitled to his opinion I just do not agree with it. QB competition will get under way next month I just do not see MS starting.

  34. By Frank Verde on Jun 3, 2013 | Reply

    JRhoaDes, Bravo! People tend to scapegoat the QB when they lack experience executing precise, real-time muscle memory tasks. Next man up—Baloney! Fine, if the WRs have the schemes, reads and routes down cold with an entire pre-season of reps. A merry-go-round of WRs, TEs, and RBs is sandlot football. Timing & rhythm? There wasn’t any. Every NFL defense was licking their chops. Cover Kerley and JC, watch the others for obvious “tells” and it’s a route.

    Did anyone see how Brady reacted when Ocho was running around the field like a chicken with its head cut off. Now put 3 Ochos on the field at the same time and watch Brady go on IR. Can a smart guy like Mark stop doing dumb things if his offense isn’t dysfunctional? MM will decide.

  35. By jRhoaDes on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    Frank, you hit the nail on the head. . . Blame one guy for the dysfunctional team?. All these people know darn good a well that no matter who the QB was, one guys could not have fixed the last two years. Had Mark had one, just one WR that he could count on thru the whole season, a RB that could do better than 3 AVG, they would be jumping on the Sanchez wagon holding him high. Manning had Harrison, Wayne, Clark there all the time. Mark hasn’t had the same guys there for a full season since the AFC playoffs. COME ON MAN! Geno isn’t the answer. trust me on that!

  36. By RONBO on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    jRHoades * Frank Verde, if you guys seriously believe all that nonsense, well, o.k, its been fun chatting.Again, i feel bad for Mark as much of what you say is true.The 2011 o-line was a disaster. The recieveing corps last season was not NFL caliber and Kellers injury issues did not help either.And Tony Sparano as an O.c was a disaster..So lets say we all here agree to grant you those points. How do you explain all the fumbles? The O-line was ranked in the top 3rd of the league statistically so dont go there.How do you explain Marks accuracy issues? Even when he completes a pass there is rerely any YAC as many of his passes require circus catches forcing the reciever to contort his body reashing back for the ball.

  37. By carolina jet fan on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    I read last week on another site (I’ll get the article if anyone wants) that in Big Bens rookie season he could only comprehend routes of 2 of his receivers– the Steelers went to the SB that year. RG 3 and Luck did not have a world of chemistry with their respective receivers last year and still made good things happen. We all understand most of the problems as we watched the Jets implode last season.I don’t think anyone blames MS 100% but as Jet Fan Frank points out, a rating of 66.5 (thanx for the stat Frank) and leading the NFL in turnovers for 2 YEARS, not a fluke its time for a change.

  38. By jRhoaDes on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    carolina jet fan, i’ll address this one at a time. What did Ben have that Mark has not? I’ll list them for you, Willie Parker (4.7avg) & Jerome Bettis. 21 rushing TD & 200 first downs rushing. Ben Threw the ball only 268 times. The team didn’t need him to do it all. Jets stats 2012: 12 rushing TD, 162 rushing first downs, Sanchez threw the ball 453 times, yes thats right 453 times to who? wasn’t Hines Ward or Heath Miller. So who was there to catch all those? A whole bunch of nobodys. RGIII, ready for this? Alfred Morris (4.8 avg) 13TD 1600+ yards, And RGIII himself (6.8 avg) 7TD 800+ yards. Again, more rushing TD’s. He didn’t have a WR over 50 rec or over 700 years…again all done on the ground.

  39. By jRhoaDes on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    running the ball, controling the clock and defence wins championships. History tells you that. Even the great Manning couldn’t win one until he got a running game and the D stepped up…Look it up if you think i am wrong. One, only one team has won the big game based on offense only. The Rams. Give this guy the same chance that other successful QB’s have had.

  40. By RONBO on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    CarolinaJet Fan, thats an excellent point about Big Ben. Its important to remember football players are just people.Some are more intellegent than others thus the disparity in compareing one QB to another.Obviously Ben was not exposed to NFL style offence in college but his physical talent allowed him to succeed.When watching Ben’s NFL career a lot of that still applies. One of his stregths is his ability to extend plays by breaking tackles.Where he has improved is in his ability to recognize coverages,pocket awareness and decision makeing. Sadly, that is where Mark has not improved Again, its not all Marks fault as been discussed ad-nasium here.But sooner or later Mark needs to step up and own it.He is the one throwing picks & fumbling.

  41. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    Carolina Jet Fan, reality is hard for some to understand. The reality is a 66.5 rating is terrible and that is over a 4 year period. How about interceptions over a 4 year period 69, and fumbles over a 4 year period 43. I wont go into how many times he was sacked it is embarrassing. Unlike jRhoaDes and Frank Verde I just do not see this kid as a started even if he is 26. I do not know how anyone can compare him to a Brady or a Breese or any other QB for that matter. On there worste day they have over a 90.0 rating. Brady, Breese, both Manning’s make stars and starters out of unknown players. MS does not have that ability. QB competition will be interesting in July and August… If MS wins the job, I will and keeps it, I will

  42. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    (continued) the first to say I was wrong… “LETS GO JETS”

  43. By JetsJerry on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    I really like the new, faster, stronger additions, particularly the lines, that they’ve put together around MS. Hopefully, he’ll have a few receivers that he can spend time getting on the same page with, and MM not producing the predictable offences that preceded him. MS’s confidence could soar and the defense will keep them in the game — I really believe that he could be effective — and MM made some good comments about him. With Tebow and the leaks apparently gone, and none of us privy to what’s going on in practice, let’s let the coaches pick the starting QB, and root FOR, not AGAINST the starter.

  44. By JetsJerry on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    PS — I remember watching a game last year, with Drew Brees throwing FIVE or SIX interceptions. Willie Joe never won four away playoff games in his first two years, and he had some good players around. Give MS another chance — let’s see how he plays THIS year, and let the coaches and Idzik make the decisions.

  45. By Frank Verde on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO & ‘64 Frank, Teams are made of interdependent components. Mark’s potential as a QB or the talent of the merry-go-round WRs is a mystery. The coaches tell us Mark is smart. Idzik is excited about Hill and Gates. “There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics.” The coaches know: If the ball goes where the WR was supposed to be, it’s on the WR for blowing the route. A QB needs a still mind to maintain timing, rhythm, & muscle memory. Dysfunction at this level has a domino effect and instills panic. When guys blow the schemes, reads, & routes consistently, the QB can’t trust them and is left to fend off 300lb gorillas. MM knows he needs to restore order and he’ll go with the QB who can exploit it.

  46. By carolina jet fan on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    jRhoaDes– we agree on more points then you think. I’m with you on running the clock and defence. Also cannot blame MS if Von Miller gets around the corner before Hunter gets his hand out of the dirt–that is not on MS. However he is responsible for his lack of progress in reading coverage, lack of pocket presence, lack of accuracy both short and long and how many times has he made a decision to run the ball only to fumble upon being hit. Throw it away if you can’t protect it. I’m not asking for or expecting greatness aka Brady or Manning, mediocraty would be a step up. Right up there with defence and clock control is not turning the ball over.

  47. By RONBO on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    FRANK VERDE,JETS JERRY&JRHoades, As its been nearly 6 months since our last game(and Marks latest debacle) I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you have not fallen into some type of Twilight Zone episode.The problem you are failing to recognize is you have the order of success completely backwards. The great Q.B’s make the recievers!Its not the other way around.Look around the league and there are low draft pick & undrafted f/a recievers who are now stars: Marcus Colston from Hofstra(N.O.)V.Cruz(U.Mass)Giants, W.Welker &Danny Woodhead Chadron St.)(who was a nobody with us)Damarious Thomas & ED Decker in Denver were unheard of with Tebow but pro bowlers last year with Payton.Your fighting a loosing battle boys.

  48. By jRhoaDes on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    i Find 1964 Frank’s comment about those QB’s making stars and starters out of unknown players….COME ON MAN. Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark were all first round picks…your not a “unknown” player being drafted in the first round…the last WR drafted in the first round for the Jets was in 2001. i just hope Mark wins out as QB and shows everyone what he truely can do with a healthy team around him…

  49. By jRhoaDes on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    Give Mark tools like A J Green and Julio Jones and a TE like Jermaine Gresham and see what Mark can do…But noooooo, Mark gets guys like Chaz Schilens, Jeremy Kerley,Jeff Cumberland. Kerley may be the only guy that would make any other NFL team as a starter. and that was a big maybe.

  50. By RONBO on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    On a different topic not directly involving Mark Sanchez, a couple of note worthy observations from yours truley; While its to early to have any first hand observations it appears Hayden(the rugby player)Smith is progressing nicely and may infact be a player this year.According to recent stories written in the local papers plus Bleacher Report & Fan Sided Dailey he is really catching on(literally!)On the other hand it appears Stephen (Rock hands)Hill is not! It appears he is again missing valuable time due to more swelling in his surgically repaired knee. Take it from a guy who has had 11 knee surgeries,that is not a good thing.Especially this close to mini-camp.This kid needs all the reps he can get. Not good news!

  51. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 5, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO you created a new stat name that I like ‘SACKELROY” jRhoaDes that is exactly what MS has created a new stat name. How many QB’s have been sacked over 100 times in 4 years, besides MS, under pressure he does not know what to do with the ball. I will give you an unknown player who became a super star under JOE WILLIE how about Chrebet. I can go on and on with such teams as NE, 48ers, NO and even GB and if you would like to challenge me on that I would be glad to give you the results. TRUE some, let me reiterate the word “SOME’ first rounders turned out to be bombs but most made the grade. A star can come from anywhere ‘s whether he is unknown or a 1st rounder….

  52. By jRhoaDes on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    Throw NE out of that and i say that only because no other team could go 11-5 without there “great” QB. But that team did with a guy that hadn’t started a game since high school. Its a system, not a QB there. Oh, and just to correct you, Chrebet never caught a single pass from JOE WILLIE. COME ON MAN! get a grip on football just a little bit please. the 49ers had the greatest WR ever in Rice. Colston isn’t great, good but not great. Damarious Thomas was a first rounder, duh! 1964 Frank you continue to show just how little you really know. You sit back in your chair and throw blame out without looking at the root cause of things.

  53. By carolina jet fan on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo-I need a change of topic- love to hear Marcus Colstons name mentioned.My son was a teamate of his @ Hofstra- I watched every home game his senior year. He was your proverbial a man playing amongst boys. I was very dissapointed the Jets (living and working @ Hofstra in 2006) did not think he was worthy of a 6th round pick as the saints picked him in round 7.

  54. By carolina jet fan on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    Also– I know were thin @ TE but for a positive buzz ( I feel that is what june is good for, before the reality of november & december set in) check out “A tale of two Cumbies” @ gang green nation. Maybe, just maybe we have somthing there.

  55. By Frank Verde on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    RONBO, we’re talking apples & oranges here. Chrebet (and others like him) is an apple: a tough, determined WR; well coached; with great instincts & preparation; knows exactly where he has to be. I’m speaking of oranges: Mason didn’t pick up Schotty’s system. Plax didn’t play for 2+ years then spent pre-season on the sidelines. In 2012, injuries had the Jets adding WRs and TEs ad hoc. It takes months to learn the schemes, reads and routes. With so many injuries, you’re throwing the new guys and your QB to the wolves. Sure, a great QB with great coaching can help a modest WR be productive but not by magic. Ocho didn’t master NE’s system and Brady couldn’t do anything with him. Let’s keep our guys healthy with proper reps and wait.

  56. By RONBO on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    JRHoades, interesting in your attempt to critisize Jet Fan Frank you chose to only bring up the name of Demarious Thomas as you noted he was a 1st rd.pick.The point was not neccessarily where he was drafted but rather that his career in Denver did not literally take off until he united with Payton.Yes he is now a star, but no so much before Payton’s arrival.You also neglected to acknowledge the success of many previously unhearalded recievers who are now stars as a result of playing with top fleight Q.B’s. Hey, you have apparently chosen to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich as is your right, but when Marks falls flat on his face again this year,please be man enough to come here and admit you were wrong.

  57. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    jRhoaDes your right I ment to say Maynard who was cut by the Giants and went to a SB with the JETS. But you can also place Chrebet into the status of becoming one of the best WR’s of his time in the NFL. As for NE lets talk about 2 unknowns that became stars Wes Welker for one, how about Larry Izzo for 2. What about the Colts Dominic Rhodes. I can most certainly go on. I will say this if MS makes the roster as a starter now that the offense is improved and if Hill and Rogers do well as well as Bohanan and MS has a good year (which I do not see it happening) I will be the first once again to say I was wrong. But the stats say it all and being sacked as many times as MS has been sacked over 4 years has to have a toll on you.

  58. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    the offense has been bad the last 2 years, but a lot of those sacks were due to MS not knowing what to do with the ball. Go back and look at how many times he was sacked in 4 years over 100 times. Even in his best year his rating was lowest among active QB’s. He had the lowest QB rating each year for 4 years check it out for your self then do the math. Do I want the kid to fail if he starts, heck NO. I just do not see it happening.

  59. By jRhoaDes on Jun 6, 2013 | Reply

    Very well said Frank Verde…

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