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Obomanu Flips Coasts, Seeks Fresh Opportunity

Posted by Randy Lange on June 10, 2013 – 2:26 pm

Updated, 6:08 p.m. ET

The Jets’ wideout field is getting crowded these days, mostly by guys that not many have heard of just wanting to get a fair shot at making the roster.

Just the way Ben Obomanu likes it.

“That’s what every player wants, an opportunity to earn his keep,” Obomanu told me last week, “to have that open competition and have the ability to come in and make a play or two and not have a stigma placed on them before they even get started. I feel the same way.”

Obomanu has overcome that situation before. He was a seventh-round pick of the Seahawks in 2006 and gradually worked his way into decent playing time in 2010, when he caught 30 passes for 494 yards (16.5-yard average) and four touchdowns. The yards, average and TDs were all career highs.

“I think that season I finally got a chance to play,” he said. “For the longest time, I think, as a seventh-round pick, I kept getting overshadowed, overlooked. I think 2010 was my first real good chance of getting some starts and I actually did pretty well, made a lot of good plays, got a contract extension.

“I’m trying to get back to that point. I’m trying to get that opportunity again to show that what I did in 2010, when I was a legit starter, those same plays I made there, I’m still capable of now.”

He was a salary-cap casualty this three months ago and so started the searching process for a new team. Perhaps it didn’t hurt that one of Seattle’s front office members, John Idzik, is now the Jets’ GM, but as Obomanu put it, “There was a connection with John, but I had to come in and work out with a couple of other guys before I ended up being the guy they signed. I had to earn it.”

Even though Obomanu knows he’ll have to step up and earn a roster spot this summer, he won’t mind a bit of an inherited cheering section. When he came to the Jets, he wore uniform No. 9, but after a few days he swapped numbers with undrafted rookie Zach Rogers for No. 15.

Yes, Ben knows Tim Tebow wore 15 in green and white last year.

“In Seattle I was No. 87. I kind of wanted to do something different here. I was trying to figure out with family and friends what kind of number I wanted,” he said. “Tim’s a good guy. I understand that a number is a number. But it’d be neat, if I did come in and could keep 15, I’m pretty sure there’s some leftover 15 jerseys out there and I can have a little fan base from the start.”

Brick’s Bash

From the sounds of things, D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s fifth annual Building Communities One Brick at a Time dinner gala and auction was a sturdy success.

“It was a great event and we raised a lot of money for our youth, aiding the Long Island area,” Brick told us. “We’re thankful for all the support.”

The gala, held June 4 at The Swan Club in Glenwood Landing, N.Y., honored Mark Sanchez, former N.J. Secretary of State the Rev. Regena Thomas, and Philip Castaldo, president of UFOLI, the United 7-Eleven Franchise Owners of Long Island and New York, which also performs great work in the community.

As Ferguson stated in a printed message to the dinner guests, the goal of the D’Brickashaw Ferguson Foundation is to be a strong support system to young people before and after they enter college.

“The Skills and Drills conference is a vehicle that helps foster growth by peer-to-peer mentorship, team-building exercises and the sharing of experiences by seasoned professionals,” Brick said. “Programs like these are needed in order to help encourage and inspire our youth. With your support we will be able to grow and change more lives. Thank you.”

No, thank you, Brick, for continuing to be a role model and mentor to young people as you work your good work off the field in with your good work as the Jets’ starting left tackle.

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24 Responses to “Obomanu Flips Coasts, Seeks Fresh Opportunity”

  1. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Brick keep up the good work on and off the field. Your character is an asset to the JETS. Obomanu yes you was a 7th round pick and when you finally got some playing time you proved you could play this game with confidence, stability and as a receiver. The competition is tough this year and I feel you as well as Rogers are going to surprise a lot of people. Good luck to you and Rogers….

  2. By russ on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    “but the days grow short, when you reach September…Good luck….

  3. By GaryC on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Tell Nick Folk to give him number 2,the number he wore at Auburn,might bring some luck.

  4. By SCfromNY on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Yes I know I harp on stuff but here goes anyway. Imagine a 7th round pick doing well. I will imagine McElroy doing well until he is at least given a chance and fails. Or is traded and becomes a winner which I will then say,”I told you so.” over and over. I hope a lot of the lower draft picks and undrafted FAs get a chance especially now that the offense actually has an OC who realizes it is 2013.

  5. By IRA on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Brick does a great job on and off the field. One of the best drat picks for the team for sure.
    Well Obomanu will sure get his chances with Holmes not ready and other players hurting. I just don’t see him to be anymore than a 4 though.
    OK as expected Tebow signs with the Pats. Well IF he makes this team I wish him the best except when it affects the Jets. he deserves it and BB will find places for Tebow to contribute and not just on the punt return team.
    Don’t be surprised when the Jets sign T Jackson.
    GO JETS!!!!

  6. By Walt on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    I believe that the tight end position could be a big positive for the Jets.In the case of Konrad Rueland we must not forget that he did not join the team until last year until the season had already started.A year with of OTAs minicamp and preseason should make a big difference.The same can be said for Smith.He makes a very tempting red zone target at 6foot 6inches.Cumberland has to be one of the fastest Tight Ends in the NFL and almost certainly the fastest Tight End at 260 Lbs.Everyone is worried about losing Keller but no one I know has ranked him better than average.I think if the Jets make the playoffs it will be from better tight end play.

  7. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Tim Tebow is now with NE. Looks like he went from the coal into the fire. Looks like every time we play NE this year TT will be looking across the field smiling.

  8. By Walt on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    With all the worries about injuries at the wide receiver position I think it would be a good idea to keep six receivers on the active roster and two on the practice squad and wildcat two or more players so that they can play wide receiver too.Perhaps Cromarte or Mcnight.there can be no excuse for the lack of scoring we had last year.

  9. By 41 Year Fan John on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    I completely agree with Dustin Kellers assessment of the Jets ” Too Much Nonsense”….That’s it, in a nutshell….,

  10. By 41 Year Fan John on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Get ready for last place people.,,,I wish things were different

  11. By 41 Year Fan John on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    The luckiest ones are Tebow and Dustin …They don’t have to suffer this mess any longer …..

  12. By since shea on Jun 10, 2013 | Reply

    Will Tebow really be a backup to Brady with mallard around? Interesting signing. I wonder what other positions TT has agreed to play for Belichik. TT got screwed here. Am glad to see him get another shot. I hope Belichik isnt selling TT the “Bill” of goods that we did. The ex-GM from the cards is another interesting move. Idzik the cap guy and now a football personnel guy with GM experience along side. Some 90 days to kick off.

  13. By Paul N on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    The Jets need a legitimate WR on the roster! Holmes is hurt and a question mark at this point. Hill injured again, the guy is a walking band aid with rocks for hands so far! Kerley is average in the league, but the best we have at this point! The rest are long shots, late round draft pick, aging vets, and misfits from around the league! I love my team, but we are going no where with this bunch! QB competition? Put out some tires and let them try to hit the target!

  14. By Allan O'Dane on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    So…Tebow signs with the Pats…I wonder if Belichek will want to embrass Ryan yet again with a former player….mmmmmm….Nahhhh…can’t see it happening….LOL

    Vonta Leech FB will be released from the Ravens: Note to NYJ..if you want your run game to improve sign Leech…one helluva blocker!

    T.Jackson cut by Bills…look for him to be on roster before training camp

  15. By GaryC on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    Hear Pacman Jones is in trouble again,that is why Goodson should be gone,it is in these guys DNA,no matter what trouble lurks behind every corner,they can’t help themselves.

  16. By RONBO on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    GARY C, Amen brother! Goodson should be history! The Circus is still in town!

  17. By SCfromNY on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    Walt . . . “No excuse for lack of scoring???” No WRs to catch, No QB to throw to otherwise we are golden.

    We do not need Jackson. We need to give a fair competition to who we have before we go looking somewhere else. Remember when we cut Pennington and he led Maimi to the division title. Don’t be so quick to release players until you are sure of their worth. On the other hand Sanchez can leave anytime.

  18. By Mike Jet Vet on Jun 11, 2013 | Reply

    It’s Obvious with both TE,s for NE coming off surgery and banged up betting TT will be use some at TE forget backing up Brady

  19. By scjoe on Jun 12, 2013 | Reply

    Re: Tim Tebow, I was always a fan of Tim Tebow “the person” not so much Tim Tebow the pro football player, that said, I think that anywhere Belichek decides to put him it will be a downgrade to what he already had there. I.e. at QB, at TE, at H back. Anywhere! So, it is going to be very interesting to see what his roll is on that team. “If” he makes the final cut.

  20. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 12, 2013 | Reply

    Belichek will definitely try to put Tebow into a game against the JETS and he will do so in a spot that will give Tebow a chance to try and score against us and have a big spiteful, hateful smile on his face and so will Tebow.

    As for GOODSON, I go along with releasing him even if he does not go to court, but I do have a selfish reason. I want to see Mac get more reps at QB. RONBO I just feel he needs reps to either make it or break it once and for all. I don’t see Sims or MS beating Mac if he is allowed to get a fair share of passing time especially in pre-season….

  21. By carolina jet fan on Jun 12, 2013 | Reply

    scjoe– i agree- not only a downgrade to his rooster but I’ve have discussed his transition to HB or TE with NFL alum and they maintain it would be an insult to those position players who have been working on their skills since high school to suggest that TT could out perform them at the highest level after 1 or 2 traning camps. I recall a game last season where a pass to TT bounced off the back of his helmut. BB has nothing invested in this signing so to cut him before the seaon, they lose nothing but reps to someone else.

  22. By RONBO on Jun 12, 2013 | Reply

    Carolina Jet Fan, I said the exact same thing last year when guys here were saying TT could be a running back or WR. That is indeed an insult to guys who have played those posisitions their whole careers.The whoe reason he was a good runner was there was always the threat of the pass.You had to proceed with caution rushing him because he could always pull up and throw to a wide open reciever left uncovered by the run threat. S.C.Joe, you are 100% correct. The Pats have 4 or 5 T.E’s on the roster way better than Tebow could ever hope to be.Ditto R.B as they are good enough there to let Woodhead walk.He does not have the speed to play W.R. so forget that.personally i dont get Bilacheats thinking on this one?

  23. By punchie on Jun 12, 2013 | Reply

    If you guys really believe our D players are gonna let TT score on them you are deeply mistaken. TT will be lucky to make it back to the line of scrimmage if recieving the ball out of the backfield . and if he catches one over the middle even i will say a little prayer that the guy doesnt land on his head. As i`m sure the HITMAN has got a liitle resentment over a season lost. only wish we still had larron landry that guy would send him to heaven

  24. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    TT is now Belichek problem, let the NE circus now begin. I most certainly agree with carolina jet fan and Ronbo’s post on a total downgrading no matter what position they put him in….

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