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Kyle Wilson Wraps Up Best Offseason as a Pro

Posted by Randy Lange on June 13, 2013 – 3:23 pm

Updated, 3:38 p.m. ET

There’s something different about Kyle Wilson this offseason, and it’s a lot more than the absence of the trademark dreadlocks the cornerback wore his first three seasons in green and white.

“I’m excited about where Kyle is,” head coach Rex Ryan said this morning before the start of the final practice of the Jets’ full-squad minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “This is the best [offseason] he’s had, and its not close. I’ve been proud of the way he’s come into these OTAs, the way he’s competing.”

Wilson said there are no big secrets to the offseason he’s had.

“I’m just using my experience to my advantage,” he said. “I know exactly what to look for, I know why we’re calling stuff in different scenarios. I try to use that to think like a coach out there so I’m not having rookie mistakes. But you can see things and understand what we’re trying to do defensively to put myself in a better position.”

Wilson has a couple of things going for him in the Jets’ post-Island world. When Darrelle Revis went down for the season at Miami in Game 3, Kyle moved into Revis’ left corner spot for the last 13 games and 14 overall opposite Antonio Cromartie, giving him his most playing time as a pro — he averaged almost 60 defensive snaps a game playing either outside or in the slot.

The other element is the drafting of Dee Milliner ninth overall. Many assumed Milliner, the Alabama corner, was taken to plug into the starting lineup after Revis was traded to Tampa Bay the week of the draft.

“That’s wrong,” GM John Idzik said at the time. “It may be perceived that way, but the reality is Dee was one of our highest-ranked players, regardless of position on the board, so we took him.”

And the offseason reality has been that Milliner has been sidelined by his shoulder rehab as expected while Wilson has been picking up where he left off.

Motivation? “Yeah, it’s going to do something,” Wilson said in the locker room today before he and his teammates split for their last extended downtime of the year before the start of training camp. “But me just staying focused is going to help me out and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Certainly there’s going to be competition for that spot,” Ryan said. “Dee will have every opportunity to compete for that as well. You take a guy with the ninth overall pick for good reason. We’ll see how it goes.”

“Right now my focus is it doesn’t matter to me who’s here and who’s not here,” Wilson said. “I don’t think anything is going to change the way I go out there and perform on the field. That’s really my focus of getting better, doing my best personally to help out the team.”

Geno Comments a Day Later

Rookie QB Geno Smith clarified his no-comment responses to several questions at the end of his Wednesday locker room news conference regarding his attending Jets West, the independent get-together of Jets skill players that Mark Sanchez holds back in his Southern California stomping grounds.

“When you guys asked me about Jets West yesterday, myself and Mark, we hadn’t met to discuss that,” Smith said. “It kind of caught me off guard because it’s not on my schedule. Basically I didn’t comment because I was always taught if you don’t know what you’re answering, not to comment on it. We hadn’t talked about it.

“But from my understanding, it’s something that’s done annually, all the guys go out there, and it’s been a great event. Mark hasn’t officially extended the hand to me, but I’m pretty sure there’s no problem there. I’m more than willing to go there, get some work, and work with the guys, because it helps team bonding. I fully support that.”

Rex Cetera

Ryan on the minicamp and offseason: “I’m happy where the team’s at. Clearly we have a long way to go in a lot of areas, but we threw so much at our guys. I’m really proud of the preparation our guys showed, and obviously I think we made a lot of strides in our strength and conditioning. We’ve got a ton of stuff to improve on, we know that. This is just the beginning of the process.”

Receivers’ hands showed up better today. Stephen Hill had a nice go-route, wrong-shoulder grab of a Geno pass over Josh Bush during the final practice inside the Jets’ fieldhouse. Veteran tryout WR Mike Sims-Walker also had a nice grab. … Demario Davis and Aaron Berry had nice aggressive interceptions. … Ryan on the possibility of signing tryout WR Kellen Winslow: “I’m not going to discuss that now but I see exactly what you see. … You can certainly feel his presence.” … RB-KR Joe McKnight tweaked his ankle Wednesday but finished that practice and worked today.

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44 Responses to “Kyle Wilson Wraps Up Best Offseason as a Pro”

  1. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    Kyle Wilson and Dee Milliner who will win the spot? Kyle has a great attitude and also has experience and coming into this season has the right attitude. Dee on the other hand is injury prone, however, this kid has moves and knows how to extend his body to make plays. He is fast, has great hands and will tackle a receiver. This is one position that is up in the air depending on the doctors saying Dee is fit to play and how well he does in training camp as well as pre-season speed goes to DEE and experience goes to Kyle. The competition between Kyle and Dee should be good. As for Geno going West, lets see what happens, I feel he should go west and get all the reps in that he can.

  2. By RONBO on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    For Wilson there’s no where to go but up. Although he did play better last season after the Revis injury, his play had been nothing short of the 4 letter word beginning with b_st. If the light has in fact gone on for Wilson it will be a major plus as Cro in addition to becoming a team leader has really picked up his game.Add in Milliner and Trufant’s return from his injury and thats 4 pretty darn good guys at the C.B. posisition. Now safty is another subject altogether? As Ira would say, I’m not sure at least one of the starters is currently on this roster?

  3. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    Denver released Willis McGahee, Idzik bring him in if you can….

  4. By Chicago Bob on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    This would be huge if Wilson finally turns into the player the Jets envisioned. Even though Cromartie had an outstanding season last year, I think we would all like to see more consistency and if Wilson has turned the corner (so to speak) we do have some protection in the event they decide Cro’s $15,000,000 cap hit (ouch) in 2014 is worth it. When you look at the money Sanchez and Holmes are scheduled to make this year and how much Cromartie is scheduled to make in 2014, you have to wonder why it took so long to throw Tannenbaum out the door. For a guy who supposedly was a master of the salary cap, he sure had a strange way of showing it.

  5. By uncle joe on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    They should try Kyle at Safety. He doesn’t cover as good as a corner does but he was always an agressive above average tackler,sounds like a safety to me!

  6. By uncle joe on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Milliner wins this competition as soon as he is cleared to play and Trufant is a good slot cover guy. I always said Cromartie is just as valuable as Revis, if not more,,, which he is proving now. So glad Revis is gone. even Holmes is saying all the right things this year. Can’t wait for the league to sleep on us this year. #1 seed playoffs the road to New York stays in New York.

  7. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    “Jets coach Rex Ryan said free agent WR Mike Sims-Walker hasn’t stood out at minicamp. Sims-Walker is attending the Jets’ minicamp on a tryout basis. His inability to jump out from a receiving corps currently featuring Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill as its starters is concerning”

  8. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Not good news “Coach Rex Ryan and QBs coach David Lee acknowledged that Geno Smith has had some difficulty adjusting to the West Coast offense.
    “His system at West Virginia, there’s no similarities there whatsoever,” Lee said. Ryan agreed with Lee and said that Smith wouldn’t be able to play in an NFL game if one was tomorrow. “He came from a system that this is not a surprise,” Ryan said. “He came from a system that primarily was in a shotgun system. His steps — dropbacks — his mechanics footwork wise weren’t dialed in the way they’ll have to be at this level. I think some of that is your five and seven step drops, it’s all new to him. I think when we get out to training camp and we have that time we’ll see if he’s ready or not ready.”

  9. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    “Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley were two of ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini’s three “duds” of minicamp.
    Coach Rex Ryan has expressed his discontent with the Jets’ receiving corps multiple times throughout OTAs and minicamp, and on Thursday he simply said “it has to get better.” The Jets need to add a veteran receiver, especially with all of the uncertainty surrounding Santonio Holmes, but the free-agent market is awfully barren. S Antonio Allen was Cimini’s other “dud,” while OLB Ricky Sapp, TE Hayden Smith, RB John Griffin, and CB Aaron Berry were the “studs.” “

  10. By GaryC on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    He lost the dreads,dramatically improves the speed.

  11. By Jet Fan since 1964 Frank on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Dr. Frank looking forward top your next post on what you witnessed at the camp….

  12. By GaryC on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    How long before we move McElroy to number two behind Sanchez,Jets are trying to push Geno even though he is not ready for prime time,to prove he was a good selection at number 2.

  13. By scjoe on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Ron, you took the words right out of my mouth. There is nowhere for Wilson TO go but up, further, I will have to see it to believe it. Looking at the roster, he should win the slot by default, not good. Then we have the “receivers” led by Stephen Hill who took up right where he left off before the injury, dropping everything thrown to him. With the state of the WRs, I would have to think Braylon Edwards is confined to a wheelchair!

  14. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    While I think the D will be as good or better then last year with the additions of Millner, Richardson & Dawan Landry. I also think the o line will be as good or better than last years with the additions or Colon, Peterman & the 3 drafted o linemen. I think this years running back group is better than last years as well. For the first time under Rex Ryans tenure we also have our 1st proven OC who knows what he is doing & knows how to develope QBS. So I am not as down as everyone else is for this coming season. It all depends on 2 things cause we are good everywhere else. 1 The play of Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith & 2 does Idzik do anything to improve the skill positions we are STARVING for WR’S & TE’S!

  15. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    I have read so far that Hill & Kerley can not catch a cold let alone the ball!

  16. By Jet Fan Frank Since 64 on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    I do not believe Geno Smith will be ready until next year (if he is ready at all) according to REX he can not adopt to the being under the center. SO that leave MS and McElroy, I am not making any comment on who I would prefer if this happens. Time will tell…

  17. By GaryC on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    this will solve the jets receiver woes,let go Sanjay Lal,Bring in Fred Biletnikoff,he must still have that stick’em some place around,If the receivers still can’t catch,time to run the flying wedge.

  18. By IRA on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Lets just wait until the summer camp to really name a starter at QB. Did you really think Geno was going to win the job in the spring? Sorry it usually doesn’t work that way.
    Glad they signed Winslow its an upgrade if he can stay on the field. I am very concerned about the 2 spot at WR. They have to sign somebody.
    Kerley had a bad week in June. No big deal he did catch 56 passes last year. He will be just fine.
    Wilson is a better CB than most fans give him credit for. Sure he does lose track of the ball at times but I also think he has gotten better even last year and will thrive more once he is put in the slot when Milliner get back on the field.
    GO JETS!!!!

  19. By markus on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    It´s good to have them all Cro, Kyle and Dee. I do like a lot the competition stuff at all areas…it´s not only reduced to this media QB 1 competing with QB2-neverending story…the only real concern I have is the WR troup that still seem to struggle. I hope Kellen Winslow stays healthy and may succed to fill the gap TE Keller left in Jets offense. Best regards from Jets Nation Munich

  20. By Mike Jet Vet on Jun 14, 2013 | Reply

    Kyle Wilson give me a break, are you guys numb or what., if he was any good at all we wouldn’t have had to waste a # 1 on Milner unbelievable.. He should have been traded already.. Has it gotten that be in being a Jet fan you can’t see the forest through the trees

  21. By RONBO on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, I’m not there so I dont know but from what I’m reading & hearing Wilson appears to be catching on.It will be interesting to see first hand.SPICER, While I agree the D should be better I think I feel a lot better about the T.E posisition as I think Winslow is the most talented guy at that spot we have had since Rich Caster ot J.Barkum.Physically he is a big upgrade.I also think some of the other guys may be better than we give them credit for as Smith seems to have made big strides and may be a factor. I honestly dont know what to make of Cumberlin as his body of work is just too small ? I like Reuland as he is a good blocker,decent speed and catches everything thrown his way. The two undrafted F/A’s actually have potential as well.

  22. By RONBO on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    SPICER, I wouldn’t worry about Kerley catching the ball as he is usually reliable in that regard.With all the new stuff thrown at these guys I’m sure he’s just a little distracted and not concentrateing on looking the ball in. As for Hill, his problems are all about fundamentals as he tries to catch the ball with his body rather than his hands. If he is still makeing those mistakes thats a poor indictment on the coaching he’s getting.But I agree with you the WR pos. is shaky at best.The O-line is a lot more of a question to me as neither Colon or Peterman were ranked any where near as high as last years starters. i wouldn’t count on at least two of the draft picks as they may not even make the team.One is weak,the other learning a new pos.?

  23. By RONBO on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    IRA, I caught you on the FAN with Mike yesterday after noon. Dude, how do you get on so much? I hear you still thinking we will run a lot but I just dont see it. I get why you think that but from where I sit I think defenses will stack the box and force us to beat them with the pass like Houston & S.F did last year.Also M.M is a pass happy coach and thats why he was brought here. If he cant get Mark to step up Geno will be the guy before long. Its obvious he has a long way to go but theres no way Rex can afford another year of Mark throwing picks and butt fumbling the season away.If that happans Mark will not be the only Jet looking for work next year.

  24. By RONBO on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, On todays ‘fan sided dailey” another couple of articles from writers who were also at the jets mini-camp, every single one says Winslow was the best reciever on the field so I have no idea what the good Dr is talking about. I heard absoloutely nothing critical regarding Winslow? And bye the way, nothing positive (or negative) regarding Mac.

  25. By Jet fan Frank 1864 on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    According to “YARD BARKER NEWS REPORTS”, The Jets have added three new backs making the total seven on the team. I see the odd man out being FB Lex Hilliard. He will be replaced by a younger, more versatile player in FB Tommy Bohanon. Offseason WR acquisitions, Zach Rogers and Marcus Davis, have good shots at making the team. If they make the team someone is going to have to go. I’ve never been a big fan of Clyde Gates, who didn’t do much for Gang Green (18 receptions, 243 yards, 0 TD’s) in his 2012 acquisition/audition, but his performance in Courtland will determine whether he remains on the team. Actual Report.
    RONBO, one of my likes Bohanon is included in their summary.

  26. By Jet fan Frank 1864 on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    “YARD BARKER” also listed who they feel will be cut, here is that list:
    Wide Receiver: Joseph Collins, Thomas Mayo, Ben Obomanu, Titus Ryan, KJ Stroud, Ryan Spadola Tight End:Chris Pantale, Mike Shanahan, Offensive Line:
    Trey Gilleo, Mark Popek, Caleb Schlauderaff, Defensive Line: Junior Aumavae, Lanier Coleman, Linebackers: JoJo Dickson, Danny Lansanah, Sean Progar-Jackson, Travis Tripucka Defensive back: Royce Adams, Eric Crocker, Mike Edwards, Donnie Fletcher, Bret Lockett, Jaiquawn Jarrett. They further stated SIMMS will beat out McElroy and Mac will be released… Guess we will have to wait and see… Either way… “LETS GO JETS”…

  27. By SCfromNY on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    I am reading all over that Sanchez is having the better camps. Probably true. But remember last year Seatle did not choose Wilson till deep into camp. Wait till they put on pads. Pressure Sanchez for interceptions, fumbles, poor passes, and the ever present “duck & chuck”

    I still want TO SEE McELROY!!! If proved wrong I will gladly shut up. I feel under pressure my grandmother could beat out Sanchez. A tough old lafy.

  28. By IRA on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    They will have to keep defenses honest by calling a lot of screen passes, bubble screens, option plays, WC and a short quick slant passing game. They will take their shots down the field but MM is going to have to be very creative to move the ball. And I am not convinced at all that Geno won’t be the opening day starter. Have to see how they look in Cortland.
    GO JETS!!!!

  29. By GaryC on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    Ronbo,did you forget Johnny Mitchell when it came to talented jet tightends,too bad he was part of that wayward youth that couldn’t keep his nose to the grindstone,but definitely more talented then Junior Winslow.

  30. By IRA on Jun 16, 2013 | Reply

    Mitchell was one of the most talented players the Jets ever had. He was an athletic freak for his size during the time he played. If only his head was into it he could have been one of the best TE’s we have seen for awhile. What a waste of talent.

  31. By danny on Jun 16, 2013 | Reply

    GaryC I loved Johnny Mitchell he was explosive but he did not have all the abilities of Winslow. Just look at Winslows stats and who his QB’s were ? He is very athletic for a big man and is bigger then Johnny Mitchell. Winslow has caught some tough breaks with the injury bug but if he stays healthy he can be a BEAST for us. He can catch 80 balls and 8 TDs easy when healthy for full season. That’s awesome production from the TE position. I love the Winslow signing I think Idcik is gonna get a lot of props this yr for taking a shot with Kellen

  32. By RONBO on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    GARY C, excellent point about Mitchell.Your right as usaul. Physically one of the better athletes we’ve had. Obviously the production never matched the talent.Ira’s right too, what a waste. IRA, you could be right about the offensive stratagy as well as who eventually emerges as the starter. SC from NY makes a good point about when the bullets start flying it will be interesting to see who actually starts at QB. I dont care how good MS looks in schorts, the Patriots, Steelers and Ravens wont be wearing shorts and Mark wont have his red vest on when those bullets start flying. i think he’s got to overwhelm the coaching staff to be the starter.

  33. By GaryC on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    Danny,the problem with Mitchell was he was with a running offense at Nebraska,while Winslow was in a passing offense with the U,so Mitchell’s talents were very under utilized at Nebraska,that being said Mitchell would have been more productive in the pros and proven more of a threat if his college team developed him more.

  34. By scjoe on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    Ron, hope your right re: Winslow. He will fill a huge need, but personally, I don’t think he makes it through the season with his knee condition. I think he will be used sparingly, as opposed to being “thee guy” out there that some are expecting. As for McElroy? No surprise there, I never expected him to get many reps, in fact I am now wondering if he stays at 3 or if he becomes the odd man out. I sure hope they know what they are doing and that they take politics completely out of the equation.

  35. By scjoe on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    I see a couple of remarks about Johnny Mitchell, wonder how anyone can even take that player seriously, after all, he was here for a short cup of coffee, during which time he did showcase a little of “what could have been” had he any level of common sense OR maturity at all.

  36. By SQUIRREL on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    I am glad to hear good things about Aaron Berry. I was wondering where he was hiding. looking at the cornerback position, as long as Dee pans out we could be pretty solid. safety is a bit of a question mark but maybe we can convert one or 2 of these guys to safety. the D and O line should be better this year, running most likely better as part of its own as well as a result of better o line. l

    ill put money that mark wins the job and at this point as much I am not a fan it probably is the best thing that could happen. If he plays well this year we may be able to trade him next year and actually get a pick for him while losing some of the salary cap hit.

  37. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    ILB David Harris expects the Jets to blitz more in 2013.
    “There should be a different brand of football than you were used to seeing the last couple of years,” Harris said. The Jets sent five or more rushers just 34 percent of the time last season, down from 52.4 percent and 44.7 percent, respectively, in their stellar 2009 and 2010 campaigns. Coach Rex Ryan is reasserting his control over the defense after former DC Mike Pettine accepted the same job with Buffalo. Ultimately, the success of the Jets’ revamped secondary will determine how much they can get after the quarterback.

  38. By Tom "Section 124 Row 20" Spicer on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    Santonio Holmes recently shed light on the details of his 2012 Lisfranc foot fracture, and it was of the most severe variety.
    Holmes said the fracture was “grade four” in nature — the most serious kind — and included a muscle tear in addition to a joint separation in his mid-foot. Holmes required a followup surgery to remove a plate and screws from the foot in March, but two screws will stay in permanently. Holmes still can’t run or cut, and his status for Week 1 is very much in question. ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini suspects the Jets may have to add another receiver

  39. By Frank on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    Spicer are you really surprised Smith can’t operate the west coast O? I pointed this out when we drafted him. Square pegs in round holes. Its just like asking Tebow to run the same offense as Sanchez. Smith needs a spread O if he is going to MAYBE succeed especially if he is going to play this year which with the 39th pick and a team as bad as the Jets should be the starter!!!!
    Then again I hated the pick we wasted it and could have had another starter.

  40. By Jet fan Frank 1864 on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    From what I am hearing and reading, Winslow looks solid as a TE…

  41. By RONBO on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    S.C.Joe, As i said in my earlier post, no question in my mind Winslow is the most physically gifted T.E on our roster. I agree with you 100% the question is how much can we get out of him before his David Garrard impression kicks in? As usual you make a great point.Knee injuries never completely heal.(ask Stephen Hill)
    FRANK, I dont think we know yet what Geno can or cant do? Like you I wasn’t in love with that pick (or any of our picks for that matter) but I do believe the kid has talent. You cant throw for 8 t.d’s and over 800 yds in a game unless you have talent. I think this will be another long season for us Jet fans unless a lot of players up their games beyond expectations so hang in there bro.

  42. By Julian on Jun 18, 2013 | Reply

    As to the Geno Situation I think you could easily adjust the system to him just a little if need be. If he is turning the ball over less in practice than Sanchez and throwing more accurately then ease him into the under the center approach. I’d rather have the better player on the field even if he needs technical work.

  43. By Jet fan Frank 1864 on Jun 19, 2013 | Reply

    I believe that Geno will not start. More then likely MS. will start. There is my question mark position… On how well we do. Defensively we will be in the top 10 or higher. But I am with Ira and Ronbo, the defense can not do it all…

  44. By Mike on Jul 3, 2013 | Reply

    You hear about Wilson having a great preseason every year and this guy is the worst football player i have ever seen on the jets since the 1960′s. he has no business in pro football.

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