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  • Mon., Dec. 29, 2014 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST Inside the Jets

    “Discuss the team’s gameday performance and the Jets’ match-up for the upcoming week. Hosted by Bob Wischusen,“Inside the Jets Radio Show" on ESPN New York 98.7FM is aired weekly the day after every game throughout the season.”


Steve-O App-lies Himself for NFL Fans Everywhere

Posted by Steve Overmyer on December 22, 2011 – 8:59 am

Our good friend and former newyorkjets.com blogger Steve Overmyer has developed an app for fans of the NFL and all its teams. You can check it out at season-pass-football on itunes. And here’s Steve to tell you a little about how it all came about:

My quest to find the most knowledgeable football fans has led me to this realization. The Jets fans actually have the most football smarts. The stats prove it!

The story starts way back in August when I was arguing with my cousin in Indiana about which fans know the most football. His contention was that the Colts fans keep up with more teams because they used to play in the AFC East and now the AFC South (along with their proximity to the Bears and their rivalries). I felt that with so many teams in the Northeast along with the biggest TV markets, New York would be my pick. I mean, we argue about sports all the time and use historical references to back it up.

How do we settle this argument? I was surprised to find out there WASN’T an “app for that.” So my friends and I decided to make one.

We had to start by creating a database of football trivia questions. But the questions had to be fun, unique and engaging. We got a team of friends to help research and write more than 800 questions ranging from NFL History to Stats to Memorable Plays to Films About Football.

The first 100 were easy, because they were off the top of my head. Let me tell ya, I have a lot more respect for those who write questions for a living. The questions have to be worded so that there can be only one possible answer. And they have to be relevant!

I could take you through the amazing process of creating an app and explain how our team at Square One worked together in the most collaborative way, but that’s for another time. Let’s just pretend we’re on one of those cooking shows, and the pre-made cake was magically baked in 10 seconds. With app fully completed and in hand, we had tailgaters from all over the nation play Season Pass.

What we found was that while fans in each city knew their team very well, fans in New York had the best overall knowledge of the league. Most of the Indianapolis fans remembered that Peyton Manning shared an MVP with Steve McNair but couldn’t tell you who took back the fumble in the ’78 Miracle in the Meadowlands. Jets fans not only knew all four of their team’s 2000 first-round draft picks but also knew who was the son of “Huggy Bear.”

I had a feeling the Jets fans would step up to the challenge, but the numbers were staggering. After Sunday’s tally was complete, here are the rankings based on fan points:

1. New York Jets fans — 230,254

2. New York Giants fans — 84,165

3. Houston fans —- 55,680

4. Indianapolis fans — 40,585

5. Chicago fans — 33,297

As the number of people playing the app has increased dramatically, the numbers are bound to change. For now though, the Jets fans are at the top of the heap. So leave your comments and tell us why you think Jets fans know so much more about the NFL at itunes.apple.com/us/app/season-pass-football.

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STEVE-O: Army Arrived, Jets Didn’t Blink

Posted by jetsstaff on January 23, 2010 – 7:14 am

While the Jets are preparing for their first AFC Championship Game since 1998 and a battle with the Colts, there’s another team that already invaded the Jets home this week — the media horde.

Armed with pens, digital recorders and cameras, this swarm of press arrived from all corners. Azteca TV in Mexico was here for Mark Sanchez, Nippon TV in Japan was here to cover Rex Ryan (who I understand is big in Japan).

Denver, Philly and even Boston papers were here — though I think Boston is still trying to figure out who they hate more, the Jets or the Colts. Judging by the fact that most former Patriots have picked the Jets to win, it makes me think there’s actually more hatred for Peyton than the Jets in Beantown.

Of course every local press outlet was well represented. The Daily News had eight people at the facility every day. In all, the Jets issued 115 press credentials for Wednesday’s big media blitz. That’s more than Brett Favre’s arrival press conference.

Now it’s tough to make that many reporters happy, but two things can do the trick: great sound bites and vittles. While I’m on it, I have to say I was very impressed with the cuisine. We’ve had parmesan crusted chicken with a mango salsa, three-cheese pasta, and a fantastic garlic bread that required two pieces of Eclipse gum to mask its strength. (Thanks for the gum, Dennis Waszak … the Jets players I interviewed are also appreciative.)

The sound bites have been quite tasty, too. It all started with Marques Douglas calling out the Colts for chattering about gifting the Jets the Week 16 win. Bart was colorful saying "To be the best you have to beat the best" on this Website. I think he borrowed that from Ric Flair.

And Ryan never disappoints. He’s talked about everything from his 7,000-calorie diet to championship T-shirts not coming in 4XL to his final words of wisdom for Mark Sanchez: "I mean, just because every kid in the world dreams about this spot, don’t let it affect you."

Speaking of Mark, did you see the shirt he was wearing on Friday? It said "Wonderboy" on it with a lightning bolt. At first I thought he was a big fan of Tenacious D, but I asked about it afterward and he pulled off his hoodie and showed me the back that read "Don’t play me if you don’t expect me to play my best." It’s from "The Natural."

I don’t think that’s as inspiring as Tenacious D’s song. How much better would it have been if the back of Mark’s shirt said "That’s levitation, Holmes"? See what I mean. That song has the power … to move you.

I was curious to see how the Jets responded to the crush of media. They weren’t affected one bit. They joked with out-of-town writers as much as with the beatwriters who are out there every day.

This is a loose locker room. And as they get set to head to Indianapolis for one of the biggest games in franchise history, they are amazingly relaxed and confident, unfazed by the extra media sessions and barrage of rapid-fire questions that came at them.

And they answered them honestly. Indianapolis reporters were almost giddy with the quality of material this team provides. Compared to a Colts team whose strongest statement was about Sanchez’s beard, you can understand why it’s fun covering the Green & White. When you’re exposed to the cameras as much as the Jets, it’s hard to put on a facade.

Those of us who have been in that locker room the entire season have seen a range of emotions. This team has shown us brash talking, frustration and embarrassment. They’ve had discouraging losses and inspiring wins. They have not been robotic. They’ve been human. They’ve been straightforward. And they’ve answered all questions.

Some teams shrink in the spotlight, but the Jets seem more like a group that stands tall on the biggest stage. Maybe along the way they’ve said stuff they regret, but they’ve all been themselves and that freedom with the media mimics the latitude they’re given on the field to play the game.

This week they’ve been as relaxed as a team preparing for a championship game can be, and if they keep that same mentality on the field, they’ll be meeting a much larger media army in two weeks.

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STEVE-O: Back After a Month of Sundays

Posted by jetsstaff on October 6, 2009 – 4:08 pm

Standing in the Jets locker room for Monday’s media period, we were all waiting for players to come out of their video study and corrections meetings. Most players rushed in to grab their belongings before hustling out. But one man seemed to be soaking in every minute in the locker room.

Calvin Pace.

It’s been a month since Pace has seen the inside of a locker room and it’s been killing him. Banned for the first four games for violating the NFL’s Policy on Performance Enhancing Substances, his first day to return to the Jets Training Facility at Florham Park was Monday and he was the happiest man in the building.

He was all to eager to share what time away from the game does to someone. It made him appreciate every aspect of being an NFL player. For some, the Monday film review is one of he harder days of the week, spent in classrooms reviewing what went right and wrong the day before. For Pace it marked his return to a defense that’s been having a lot of fun without him.

This defense was built to harass the quarterback and has been doing that rather effectively the first month of the season. Now they get their best pass rusher back. Pace was second on the team last year with seven sacks and there’s no reason he can’t surpass that mark in the 12 games he has left in the regular season.

His last four Sundays were being spent like most fans … on the couch with the family watching football. The days of the week were a little more rigorous. He spent one week in Las Vegas working with an MMA trainer to improve his hand speed, footwork and leverage. The outside linebacker playfully boasted that his ring record while in Vegas was a perfect 14-0, but it’s clear his training was meant to improve his football skills. Pace hopes the training he gained in the ring will make him a better pass rusher when he hits the field once again.

Pace says this experience humbled him. This past weekend humbled some of the Jets, too. So Pace is on the same page mentally right now. And physically he’s not been beat up for four weeks. Still, the time away made him reflect on how much he and maybe all the players need to appreciate the charmed life of an NFL player these days.

Back in the 1920s, football drew crowds because it was almost a novelty sport. Red Grange took the league by storm in that decade, making an astronomical $12,000 a game. That averages out to $2.3 million in modern era money. Ironic that Pace chose to train with an MMA fighter because like the MMA, football back then was a barnstorming tour of violent collisions meant to make the fans ooh and ahh. Since then this has turned into the biggest sport in America. This nation can’t get enough of the NFL, and Pace is one of the current players who gets that.

This week was a reality check for some Jets players who believed they were unbeatable. At least one Jet got a month-long reality check and is grateful for every minute spent on the field.

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STEVE-O: Small Town, Big Intentions

Posted by jetsstaff on August 9, 2009 – 8:53 am

When you arrive in Cortland you get the immediate sense of home. It’s a small town where people always say hi and pick up your wallet when you drop it on Main Street.

They’re primarily Bills fans because of their proximity to Buffalo but since the Jets announced they were coming … the town has turned green. Signs are up everywhere, people are talking about the Jets in camp and genuinely proud the Jets made that move.

Nearly all the Jets personnel and media I chat with are really impressed with the facilities and can’t believe this is a D-3 school.

This town really rolled out the red carpet for the Jets. You should see Doug’s Fish Fry — the owner is a longtime Jets season ticket holder and proudly displays it with a sign in front of the restaurant displaying his seat number in section 137. We ate there one night and a Little League team showed up after one of their games. That’s what makes that town special. Family-owned restaurants like Doug’s and Hairy Tony’s and Dark Horse have a connection with the community.

That’s why the Jets were brought to a town with the population of 18,000 some 3½ hours from the city: to get away and focus on football. I know it’s not the most convenient place to watch training camp, like Hofstra, but it’s about the team coming together. This team has a new coach with a clear new attitude. The swagger and the camaraderie we’re seeing in camp is helped by the fact that they’re cooped up together away from any distractions.

Make no mistake, this team believes in itself and we’ve really seen some guys come out of their shell. How about D’Brickashaw Ferguson proclaiming on newyorkjets.com that he’ll go to the Pro Bowl and already talking Super Bowl? Outstanding. When Brick walked off the field after Thursday’s Green & White Scrimmage, he was hamming it up for the fans and getting them pumped up. Great to see that from a guy who’s just put his head down and worked hard the past three years.

I know it’s not fun when the location makes it harder for fans to come up from Long Island to see their Jets, but if it makes the team better, I’m sure fans will take it. The intention is to help this team bond quickly and buy into the new system.

Those first four games are not easy. Many experts see the Texans as an up-and-coming team. The Patriots are back at full strength. The Titans are always tough and now on a mission. And the Saints are another team with a lot of weapons and one former Jet (Jonathan Vilma) dying to make a statement.

The Jets have to come out strong and learn quick. It’s been five years since they had a winning record over the first 4 games of the season. Four straight mediocre at best starts to the season really digs a hole. And changing location and putting these guys in an environment to connect, it only solidifies the team.

Yes, Cortland may be a bit of a trek for fans, but it’s worth it for you … and hopefully worth it for the Jets.

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The Tough Times of a Flight Crew Judge

Posted by jetsstaff on May 10, 2009 – 12:19 pm

When I was first asked to be a judge for the Jets Flight Crew finals, I thanked my lucky stars for the opportunity. What red-blooded American guy wouldn’t love a day like that? But it turned out to be a very difficult day … OK, who am I kidding. It was AWESOME!

This was the first time I’d visited Pacha on 46th and 12th during the day. Walking in to the six-level club by The Intrepid, I was greeted by a room full of beautiful dancers doing pirouettes and practicing their routines. I knew immediately this was going to be a tougher competition than last season. Last year I chronicled the entire Flight Crew selection process from day one, with 400 ladies at the tryout, all the way to the end. Even though we knew this year’s team was expanding, I could tell the challengers in the room were going to give the incumbent crew a run for their money.

Flight Crew director Denise Garvey gathered all the judges around to explain the process and what the girls would be judged on. They had this decision-making process worked out to a science with boxes for notes on all categories. I believe this is exactly how Rex Ryan and his coaches start their evaluations on the players, though I’d imagine dance technique is not a high requirement for the Jets. (In case you were wondering, Leon Washington would be the best dancer on the Jets judging by his showmanship doing the "Crank Dat" dance in practice.)

I chose this time to tell Kerry Rhodes that we’ll put a mic on him for the competition so we can do a story on his judging method. "No, you will not!" was his response. OK, that’s the last quote I’ll use from Kerry in this report. (You’re welcome, Kerry.)

The competition was fierce. The first group came up and one of the girls winked in my general direction. After conferring with Kerry and CBS sportscaster Sam Ryan, we were sure that was not a wink and had to be just a bit of dust in her eye. She still got my vote.

The competitors came up in groups of five and did the same routine twice each. Everyone knew the steps, which made it incredibly difficult distinguishing between the good and great dancers. What should I look for? Balance? Leg kick? Smile? And boom, the song is over. Do you know how tough it is to watch five beautiful girls at the same time and only have 30 seconds? Honestly, it was nearly a system overload.

I sat between Kerry and Sam and while Sam’s notes were precise and well thought out, Kerry’s were a simple yes or no. We only knew the girls by number, but I won’t be able to look at the numbers 27 or 43 without my heart skipping a beat from this day forth.

In the judges’ chambers we gathered for the comments. I was impressed by the practicality of Lilian Garcia. The singer and ring announcer for WWE gave a qualified voice to the celebrity judging panel. She was easy with the praise and matter of fact in her opinions. She and Sam agreed on nearly every girl in the competition. Great minds.

Ben Lyons from E! was hilarious. I think entertainer Donnie Klang voted yes on 90% of the ladies! I think 99% of them would vote yes on him. You should’ve seen how they swarmed him after the competition. Good on ya, Donnie!

Denise brought shrills of joy from the group of competitors when she said they’d be taking 30 girls to Flight Crew training camp. Name after name, she announced the group, accompanied by screams and tears. I was watching one girl crying so much that when her name was announced she could barely get out of her seat.

Compare that to the shock and dismay of the returning Flight Crew who didn’t make it this season. In the end, 15 of last year’s crew and 15 new faces were added to the Flight Crew. This year’s team is full of incredible dancers and they’re all absolutely stunning.

When I did an informal poll around the Jets locker room to ask what they wanted from the Flight Crew, I got one word … distracting. One player told me about how the Redskins cheerleaders were lined up as the Jets walked on the field in the 2006 preseason and they actually distracted the Jets. If you can get a Flight Crew that distracts the other team, they’re helping the Jets win.

This year’s group will be more than distracting. They’ll command your attention for every timeout and will add a great deal to the fan experience. I expect a louder Jets crowd because of them this year … I also expect an autographed copy of the Flight Crew calendar.

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STEVE-O: Sanchez and the Day That Was

Posted by jetsstaff on April 26, 2009 – 9:08 am

Draft, day one … short and sweet. I can’t believe I bought a PSP to kill time for what was sure to be a long day. I didn’t even get to create my own player on MLB The Show before we started hearing rumblings the Jets were moving up in the draft.

At first, we heard it was a deal with the Jags at eight if Mark Sanchez was there. But because that was so public, the Redskins could’ve jumped in front of the Jets to take him if they wanted to mortgage their future. But just as I was complimenting Daily News Jets beatwriter Rich Cimini for predicting three of the top four picks correct, the buzz surrounding the Browns making a trade with the Jets started.

It escalated quickly. I mean, within a matter of 30 seconds from the time a trade was reported, cameraman Mike Kenney and I busted out of the press room running to the auditorium. Woody Johnson was about announce the pick to an audience of suite holders and club seat owners in the new stadium before the commish read it to the world.

We arrived just before the Jets owner and just in time to get the shot of the fans explosion when he made the call. This might be bigger than Brett Favre. You knew Favre was only going to be a one-year addition. This is a franchise QB the Jets believed in from the first time they saw him.

All of a sudden, the Jets season just got a lot more interesting. Remember when the Browns drafted Brady Quinn? Derek Anderson blew up that year and gave that team a great problem to have. Who knows? Maybe everything clicks for Kellen Clemens this year and he lights it up, never giving Sanchez a chance to start.

Funny thing is, Jets fans can thank Eric Mangini for this deal. Had he not been fired and taken the job at Cleveland, the Jets might not have gotten Sanchez. They were perfect trade partners because Mangini needed certain players familiar with the 3-4 defense he and Rob Ryan (Rex’s brother) are going to run.

The Jets swap players for the pick, the Browns get players familiar with the defense and the Jets get a franchise QB … who will be making a ton of money.

I asked Calvin Pace how the California Kid with the big paychecks ahead would be welcomed. He joked that he expects the rookie to buy dinner for the entire team … on every road trip!

I expect day two to be just as fun. We’ll be out there early in the morning and I promise to update my Twitter page often … http://twitter.com/snysteve.

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STEVE-O: The Calm Before the Draft Storm

Posted by jetsstaff on April 25, 2009 – 2:30 pm

It’s 10 a.m. and we just arrived at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center to an empty press room. This is going to be a long day … but it’s exciting because few days shape a franchise like NFL draft day.

This is gameday for Mike Tannenbaum and the scouting department. The Jets visited 232 colleges this year and wrote a total of 5,650 reports on 1,375 players. That homework all culminates in this final exam today.

Given that fact, I would’ve expected the staff to be a little tighter. We were escorted to the second floor of the facility to talk with Mike T and Rex Ryan. We were actually allowed to go into the Jets Draft Room! It’s all white with wall-to-wall dry-erase magnetic boards. One wall shows the entire rundown of the draft. Another breaks down each teams draft…

And then there’s the Jets’ Draft Board. That was hidden. Actually locked behind a pulldown screen. I expected to be zapped with a neuralyzer from Men in Black after seeing the inner workings of the draft room.

It was an interesting conversation with Mike. He says even though he has a seat, he spends the entire draft on his feet, always walking around and reading the draft. It’s always been easy for the Jets GM to find trade partners and sometimes those deals are done before the draft has even taken place.

Take, for instance, 2007 when they traded up for Darrelle Revis. Tannenbaum told me that deal was done three days before the draft. It was set that if Revis was there at 14 the Jets would move up to get him. It makes you wonder if they’ve got a deal like that in place right now.

It was a surprisingly relaxed vibe with the draft just around the corner. I asked Mike how he’s so calm with so much riding on the draft? "The hay is already in the barn," he said with a smile.

Now he’s talking my language. My Grandpa back in Indiana used to say that when we finished up a project and there was nothing left to do but wait … and wait.

In fact, cameraman Teddy Aviles and I will be spending the day waiting. I took a picture of him napping but snuggled up to his camera showing the true dedication to his job all employers love. It’s time to wake up sleeping beauty and head upstairs for a bite to eat. I’ll have more for you in a bit.

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STEVE-O: One Very Important Business Trip

Posted by jetsstaff on December 2, 2008 – 11:50 am

The Jets are about to embark on a key road trip and its importance is not lost on the team. The players I’ve spoken with are all very aware of what this week means and for what to prepare. A five-hour flight is no fun for any team. Players’ body clocks are shifted, energy is low, and the team’s timing is off.

All of these things affected the Jets on their last trip to Oakland. The result was a loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Now, that one surprised the Jets, but this trip can’t.

After what happened Sunday against the Broncos, the Jets are in a tenuous position now. In that game their weakness against the spread offenses was exposed and every team in the NFL knows it … if it wasn’t apparent already. Even though the Jets have Pro Bowl talent at safety and corner, changes will have to be made on the defensive side to adjust for that hole in the defense.

Life is good in the NFL after wins and sometimes mistakes are less noticeable, but now that a method of breaking their stout "D" has been discovered, the Jets must find new ways to attack. The ball-control method seems to be the best. Continue to run the ball and get first downs with screens and low-risk passes. Keep the chains moving. Work the clock.

It’s not sexy, but it wins games. You’ll take that, won’t you? Do you realize coming into the Denver game the Jets led the NFL in drives of 10 plays or more? They were also No. 1 in most drives lasting more than five minutes. That was because they focused on getting first downs and not trying to force a long pass or get too cute with a reverse … in below-freezing temps … with a slick ball … in the freezing rain.

Of course you do realize Cotchery takes that reverse to the house if the exchange is clean.

At any rate, the true test of a team’s will is how it responds to an adverse situation. The Jets got a break with the Patriots losing to the Steelers because that keeps the Pats off their backs. Think of how much more pressure is on the Jets this week if the Pats had beaten the Steelers. That would’ve put the Pats in a tie for the division lead and right back in the thick of it. As it stands, the Jets still control their own destiny and still have a shot at the second seed and a bye week.

First things first — the players have to remember what got them to the top of the AFC East.

Executing a ball-control offense with an effective rushing attack combined with quick-hitting passes to slow down the pass rush. It keeps the Jets’ defense fresh, and at their best they can neutralize any offense by making them one-dimensional and forcing third-and-long situations.

Time to tighten things up.

We’ve seen great seasons slip away. The Jets only have one shot with this team intact and can’t afford to let this golden opportunity pass them by.

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STEVE-O: Time to Smash Some Mouths

Posted by jetsstaff on October 29, 2008 – 9:48 am

Before the Jets were blessed with a Hall of Fame quarterback, they had a plan to be the nastiest smashmouth football team in the division.

That’s why they went out and got Alan Faneca and Damien Woody and added Bill Callahan as the offensive specialist. Adding to that, Thomas Jones is a between-the-tackles runner who can burn the clock and get to the second level. No matter the results this year, you have to appreciate the fact that a "plan" was in place and successfully implemented.

Now, it clearly changed once Brett Favre joined the team, but this team was built to run the ball. Don’t get me wrong, Favre makes the Jets ten times better. Still, he took a little focus away from what is clearly the strength of the team: the rushing attack. It’s something Faneca has been talking about all year: "Cultivate the ground game."

Against the Raiders, the Jets averaged 7.3 yards per rush by sticking with the run. I know it was in a losing effort, but I think the critics were too quick to slam the coaches for staying conservative in overtime. The holes that line was opening looked like something you could walk a pachyderm through.

Against the Chiefs the number dropped to 5.6 per carry and that was helped out greatly by that sensational 60-yard run by Washington. There is the belief that the pass can set up the run, and maybe the Jets can be successful that way. But it’s becoming clearer that the balanced attack can rely a little more on the ground game.

The Jets need to become the kind of team that can run the ball when it matters most. In the red zone, running out the clock, and when they’re facing eight-man fronts.

I’m not saying smashing your head against a brick wall repeatedly will get the job done, but you have to run to set up the rest of the offense. It slows down the pass rush, keeps the defense on the field, shortens the game and gives your own defense a rest. It also sets up Favre’s most dangerous weapon: the play-action pass.

From the first day Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum took the reins of this team, the message was clear. Build a smart, tough team that excels in the cold weather of the Northeast. That starts with a running game. Considering the fact we’ve busted out our winter coats for a trip to Buffalo this week … that starts now.

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STEVE-O: One of This QB’s Best Qualities

Posted by jetsstaff on September 26, 2008 – 8:21 am

Brett Favre never ceases to amaze me.

I mean, coming in, some thought he was a former MVP at the end of his career, but his heart and competitiveness are shining through as his best attributes. Here’s a guy who has proven to earn the respect of his teammates through his dedication to learning the playbook, knowing all that’s required of him while trying to get back into shape.

This past Monday in San Diego, he hurt his ankle trying to lead the team back from a big deficit. As recently as Wednesday he was still noticeably limping. But by Thursday the limp was nearly gone. At this rate the pep will be back in his step by Sunday.

We’d probably give a 38-year-old QB a pass if he wanted to take his recovery a little slow, but that doesn’t seem to be Favre’s way. Some will say, "That’s just because he has a high tolerance level for pain." But I imagine a rolled ankle on him hurts as bad as it does me, and it’s pretty painful. I know I sure wasn’t up and running around in a matter of days.

You know he’s been given credit for all of his on-field accolades, but I think his best attribute is his competitiveness. He’s proving that the desire to win can outweigh the pain and the hatred for studying, and can sometimes even push away Father Time.

All the while you never got the sense he even imagined he wouldn’t play on Sunday. He’s been through bumps and bruises before and knows how to heal them and get back on the field. This is why the Jets got Favre. He can get dinged up and still play through the pain and that characteristic can lead a team. This is why I now have a new found respect for his games-started streak. The fans in Green Bay know all of this already as he played 253 straight games for them through the worst conditions — a thumb injury and countless nights in the ice tub.

Jets fans have only had a glimpse of what has turned out to be a true tough quarterback. I know past QBs have been tough and played through pain and so on, but they’ve also missed games. Favre hasn’t. He admitted this week he would never play if he felt he was hurting his team and has pulled himself before. Last year, against Dallas in December, he got hurt in a loss and pulled himself from the game. He came back the next week and threw for 266 yards and two TDs in a 38-7 win over Oakland.

This is an important time for the Jets. After losing two straight, they’re in a position where they need a victory to feel like they’re moving in the right direction. Right now they’re in a state of flux, not sure if they will fall prey to the pitfalls that trip up the teams that fail or will show the heart to overcome the adversity and self-inflicted wounds to become stronger.

I know Jets fans want this team to bring it all together for a game to prove they are more than just a team of potential. If they follow the lead of a man who’s been there, the turnaround can begin with the Cardinals.

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